Parvo puppy home remedies

Rottweilers are unfortunately very prone to get Parvo

Amber Technology Paxxin Digestive & Immune Support for Dogs, 1 oz
Amber Technology Paxxin Digestive & Immune Support for Dogs, 1 oz

An aid for Parvo, vomiting, diarrhea (bloody), loss of appetite, gas, bloat and intestinal cramping. This formula can also be used as a preventative to stimulate and support the immune system when a dog may have been exposed to any health threatening condition (rather like an all natural "herbal immunization").


Treatments or palliatives?

Let me start off by saying that Parvo is a disease that needs not to be under estimated, it is highly contagious and very deadly. This article is for those that have already tried treatment at the vet's office or that couldn't afford all the costs of inserting an IV line along with hospitalization. Please be advised that home treatments may have poor results when compared to hospitalization and fluid replacement. Please be also aware that there are many other conditions that may resemble Parvo, so it is best if your puppy gets a Parvo test by the vet as soon as symptoms arise. A Parvo test is a quick fecal test that can be performed at most vet's offices and the results are immediate as you wait.

I have personally had a dog diagnosed with Parvo and $1300 dollars later I felt and still feel the heavy burden of the two night hospitalization at an emergency room. My pup did make it but only because it was caught early and he had a good dose of luck. Parvo is highly contagious in my area and the below information is not to be considered a substitute for medical advice nor has it been proved to successfully treat all cases of Parvo. There have been cases of success but again, this is relative on a case by case basis.

Puppy Parvo Home Remedies

We must first recognize that the real cause of death in puppies is not the Parvo virus itself but the dehydration that folllows the copious vomiting and diarrhea that takes place. The puppy may not be able to hold down any water thus, keeping his chances of staying hydrated very slim. In such severe cases, fluids need to be administrated subcutaneously or through an IV at a vet's office.

However , before arriving at this dramatic point you can try to help the pup hydrate by offering a bowl of half water and half Gatorade or a dropper-full of unflavored Pedialyte to help replace the pup's electrolytes. For more dog dog dehydration read: how to re-hydrate your dog after vomiting.

Hydration levels can be checked by trying to lift the skin above the shoulder blades or back in a tent. If the skin snaps promptly back into place, the hydration levels are fine. If it takes a while or remains lifted then the pup will need to be hydrated ASAP. Pedialyte and Gatorade may help to a certain extent but if the pup is unable to keep liquids down the only solution is subQ or IV fluids by the vet.

If the puppy seems able to keep some food down without vomiting, substitute the dry food with canned food. Water it down and offer it. If he/she refuses you can try to fill a dropper with the liquid mix and dropper feed a little bit at a time. However, the sad thing about Parvo is that puppies suffer from terrible nausea and most will refuse to eat or drink. This further brings energy levels down and puts a higher burden on the already sick puppy. Try to rub the pup's gums with some pancake or Karo syrup to bring back his glucose levels and hopefully some energy and will to eat.

A dog's gums are a good sign in helping distinguish a stable dog from one in critical condition. Pink, rosy gums are a good sign while white, grayish or dark red gums are signs the pup's life is in danger and needs a vet ASAP. Other signs to watch for are gums that if pressed upon with a finger (capillary refill time) do not turn to their normal color within seconds. This again needs vet's attention ASAP.

There are then some special products that offer some homeopathic remedies, one of them is Parvaid offered by Amber Technology which has a long list of reviews on their website suggesting it has been successful in many instances. Another one offered on the market is PetAlive Parvo-K, this as well is a homeopathic remedy that may benefit some puppies. Parvoguard is another promising looking product. These products can be found in large pet stores or online.

If your pup should make it or not, please be considerate and try your best to prevent other puppies in your surrounding areas from being infected. Parvo can survive several years in dog's waste and other areas . It can easily be transported to other areas and spread by your shoes, clothes etc. Please try your best to clean all areas and disinfect with special products. Parvo Lan is a product that may be helpful and effective in this.

It is hard to tell if these products will really save your puppy from Parvo however, they can be used as a last resort knowing that all that can have been done was at least tried.

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A puppy with parvo treated by vet

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anonymous 7 years ago

I hope this will work. I've been searching for home remedies for my puppy. Thank you so much

alexadry profile image

alexadry 7 years ago from USA Author

My best wishes for your puppy. If money is an issue please consider there are many financial institutions to help out owners.

ralo 7 years ago

My Mastif has all vacs to date he 6months , within 4 days his eating habits have lessened and appears to be weak, he takes to cooked ground beef@rice well,..3 other mixed chow pups recentlt passed away due to Parvo could my Tyson be in danger?

alexadry profile image

alexadry 7 years ago from USA Author

It's hard to say.. there have been cases where dogs have contracted parvo even if fully vaccinated, however, these instances are not that common. I would have a vet check him out, at 6 months he should not be acting weak. There are however, several other conditions that may mimic Parvo such as gastroenteritis, parasites, intestinal obstructions etc. The fact he is still eating is a good sign, is he vomiting or having diarrhea? In any cases, a lethargic pup requires a vet's attention.

Amber Robertson 7 years ago

My 8 month old chihuahua just got diagnosed with parvo yesterday. We took him to the vet and they gave him ivs to hydrate him and they gave me two antibiotics. I have been giving him pedialyte every half hour since 2 o'cloch yesterday.. and ive had barely any sleep since. i cant stop thinking about it. The vet told me that he would only have a 30 percent chance of living with at home treatments. I have no more money to get help for him. but he is still alive and sometimes he gets up and moves around. The vet told me not to feed him anything but pedialyte until saturday. Im really scared this has never happened to me before and i want to know what else i can do at home to help him?? Its driving me crazy!!!! Please Help!!!

alexadry profile image

alexadry 7 years ago from USA Author

Hello, sorry I was unable to respond earlier as I was out of town. Sorry to hear about the diagnosis. How is your pup doing at this time? Are you able to get some Parvaid from some local suppliers?

Amber Robertson 7 years ago

Thankyou but he made it. He started getting up and moving around like crazy a couple of days after i wroted that message. hes doin great. Thanks for the help anyway

alexadry profile image

alexadry 7 years ago from USA Author

So happy to hear that! He is one lucky guy! My best wishes, thanks for the update.

brenda 7 years ago

Pleae help? My 9 yr olds dotson ( dashhound) was what the vet wrtoe on the papers today whe I had to take him in because I came home this afternoon to a sick lil fella. I rushed him to the vet he wasn't or hadn't been vomiting nor diareahha ( how ever u spell it) The vet told me about the parvo tests and the different types of womrs which can cause the same symptoms, then said he thought doing blood work would tell him if its that or not he didn't see any need to do the actual test because it cost more than just the blood work. I said ok. So he did blood work and said his white cells were low which means he was dehydrated not severely but he was bad. I bought antibiotics and nausia meds from him. I brought the puppy home and gave the gatorade and meds as directed. He moves around. he just wont eat or drink on his own. Anyway I spent 100 dollars at that visit today and i want to try to save my sons puppy is there anything else i can get that's cheap to try to help hijm along during this 7 to 10 day period? I read on the site that sells the parvo meds that it last that long and if the make it 72 hours they should live.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 7 years ago from USA Author

Parvo typically causes vomiting and diarrhea, so I am a bit puzzled since you state he did not have any of these. In any case, you can purchase a tube of Nutrical from a pet store, this is a high calorie supplement that helps sick pets that are not eating properly. Rubbing some maple syrup on his gums may give him an energy boost. Try to freeze some gatorade and offer it, since most pets that are nausesous will readily accept to lick ice cubes. Have you tried yet to water down some canned food and offer it? If you microwave it and warm it up, it may be more enticing to eat.

Parvaid can be found in some large pet stores, you can call around and see if somebody carries it. The most important thing is to keep the pet hydrated. Did the vet actually diagnose him with parvo? I am not sure what the conclusion of the visit was.

I really hope this pup gets better, if he is active, walking around it is a good sign. But watch him carefully for signs of getting worse. Watch his gums, they should be a nice bubble gum pink, pale gums that are white, bluish or very pale are not a good sign. Gently pull the skin between the shoulder blades or on the back in a tent, does the skin spring back promptly? good! if not he needs fluids by the vet injected under the skin.

My prayers go out to this pup! Keep me updated if you wish!

Bethany 7 years ago

My husband brought our dog back from parvo by giving him puppy formula and water with a medicine syringe. He's happy and healthy, the only thing is he begs for food all time :)

Alley Levario 7 years ago

I think my 8 week old pitbul puppy has Parvo. She's been sick for 4 days. She was puking every 1/2 hour and not peeing or pooping at all. I gave her a 7 in 1 shot and a shot of penicillin to help and she stayed the same way for about a day. Now she is peeing (but not as frequently as normal) and she is only puking now about once every 3 hours. I have been giving her water mixed with chicken broth through a syringe and she's been keeping that down kinda good. But tonight I took her outside and she urinated but then she got this funny look on her face and pooped out some very bloody diareha. I took her to the Animal Emergency center but they told me they couldn't even look at her without the money up front. I was balling hysterically and even tried to offer my wedding ring as collateral until I got paid which was two days later. But they still refused. I am very desperate and I don't know what else to do. Someone PLEASE HELP ME!!! E-Mail me at if you have any advice. Anything to help me get my puppy through this. Your prayers will be appreciate beyond comprehension. Thank you. =(

alexadry profile image

alexadry 7 years ago from USA Author

I really cannot think about anything other than the above tips given and trying to get your hands on some Parvaid. Nutrical, a supplement found in pets stores may provide some nutritional support. Have you tried to get approved by care credit? They usually are able to help in emergency situations as this. You can try to google care credit for pet owners and this should yield some results.

My prayers go out to this pup!

Erika 7 years ago

Our 7 month old Lab was just diagnosed with Parvo, she got it from birds eating out of her food bowl, We have spend the money and got the take home IVs and tons of Rx, she still will not drink or eat anything, they also gave me tamiflu, I tried the syrup and pedilyte still nothing. Is there anything else I can do, this dog means the world to my Husband and I. I believe she is on day 3 of the symptoms, how much longer does this go on? Please help, I'm scared to fall asleep, I'm scared if I wake up she will have passed away.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 7 years ago from USA Author

I am so sorry to hear your dog is so ill! Can you get some Nutrical to provide nutritional support and rub some on her gums? Can you dropper feed her very slowly (don't go too fast to avoid aspiration pneumonia) with a dropperful of canned meat baby food diluted with water ( make sure there is no onion or garlic in it) given at 2-3 hours intervals?. Can you try to entice her to lick some ice cubes or lick some frozen gatorade?  Are you providing subcutaneous fluids as directed? How long has she not be eating? Is she currently vomiting with diarrhea? How does her skin respond to the dehydration test? Are her gums still pink? I know you already did so much already but any chances of having her hospitalized? My prayers go out to this pup! 

alexadry profile image

alexadry 7 years ago from USA Author

Want to point out not to force feed the baby food diluted in water if it causes her to vomit as this may make her further dehydrated.

Devon 7 years ago

My pup zeus was just diagnosed with parvo 2 days ago i didn't have the money to hospitalize him so i bought all the medicine and am doing home treatment. I give him IV's 3 times a day and have him drinking pedilite. I started him first with just water but he was not holding it down but with the pedilite he has been holding it down and he drinks it on his own. He has still not really eating food but when he does he throws it back up. he seems to have energy sometimes he runs around, barks, growls and trys to play and he is still attentive so i think he is doing better but anything i can do to get him to eat or should i just keep him on the pedilite until he is ready to eat on his own??

alexadry profile image

alexadry 7 years ago from USA Author

Well, this fellow looks like he is a fighter! His willingness to play, romp around are all good signs. The fact he is drinking is vital as dehydration is the most common cause of death in parvo puppies. If you feed him and he throws it up this may make him more dehydrated because he will vomit the food mixed with important fluids. How long has he refused food?

Can you buy some Nutrical and try to rub some on his gums throughout the day? Some pancake syrup on his gums can also help keep his blood sugars up which is very important. Have you considered trying Parvaid? You can visit their website for ditributors near you.

When you try to feed him do you give the food very slowly or do you put it in front of him and he gulps it down? Providing food very sloowly is key. A little bit of meat baby food diluted with water (with no no onion or garlic) licked off a finger every hour or so will be more likely tolerated than being fed all at once. But you want to stay away from giving food if this causes him to vomit it right back up. His stomach may not be ready to deal with food.

However, this pup needs food if he is very young and getting weak. If money is an issue and you notice he is not improving care credit is always an option, you can google care credit, they are a financial institutin that helps pet owners that need financial assistance.

Hopefully he is on his way to recovery, keep a watchful eye on the skin on his shoulder blades (as the hydration test described above) and make sure his gums stay nice and pink. Sending best wishes for a speedy recovery your way..

Devon 7 years ago

Thank you very much for the helpful advice... From what you said i think i was just maybe feeding him a little too fast, i stopped with the chicken and rice and started with some powder baby formula and canned recovery food mixed and he seems to be wanting to eat it on his own and he has been holding it down... His activeness has picked up he is awake more than sleep now but i do have another concern he has been sniffing around a lot in the house and outside what are good ways to make sure that he will not get parvo again?? i did give him a set of shots in the morining the day i found out that he had parvo but not sure if i will need to give him another one after he gets better??

alexadry profile image

alexadry 7 years ago from USA Author

That's wonderful, keeping the food down is excellent! However I am a bit concerned about baby formula (is it the one for human babies?) as it may cause diarrhea due to the lactose in it. Can you find canned baby food like Gerber baby with no onion or garlic in it?

Parvo shots are usually given 3-4 weeks apart until the series is complete (usually a series of 3 are given, however, consult with your vet for better guidelines as each place is different ). If given for less than 2 weeks in between it was found  that the shots suppress the immune system rather than making it stronger. You can read more about this here:

You need to keep picking up after his feces and keep them out of hand since the feces contain the virus. However there are claims in this link:

that state: Quoted:

''Dogs recovering from natural infection are typically immune to reinfection for up to 20 months and potentially for life. It is still highly recommended that they receive their regular immunizations, as the disease is easily prevented with proper vaccination."

This is good news, however it is never too bad to err on the side of caution. I made a hub about how to clean up Parvo puppy households:

Hope this helps and best wishes for a speedy recovery!


Home Remedies 6 years ago

Excellent and very nice hub here, and i agree that, A dog's gums are a good sign in helping distinguish a stable dog from one in critical condition.

stars439 profile image

stars439 6 years ago from Louisiana, The Magnolia and Pelican State.


Ian 6 years ago

VERY informative. Alexa, your help to everyone who has posted is invaluable. I wanted to add a couple points, collected from things I've read and what the vet has told me.

Our 12 week old pit mix started showing symptoms this morning, we got her from a shelter who told us there had been a dog diagnosed late last week with parvo and they were fostering out all the healthy dogs, we were in the process of adoption so we got her early. Lo and behold she started throwing up last night, and this morning followed with diarrhea so we took her to the vet where they confirmed with the test that Lily had parvo.

She was still active and alert, playful and energetic. The vet did 6 subq injections, three on each side of her spine, each the size of a marble. She was resting with my family when I got home from work, we gave her unflavored pedialyte 3 hours after her vet visit as instructed, she drank a bunch and held it, napped for another hour and got up, reasonably alert and tail wagging. Drank some more, went potty outside, it was a good light brown color fluid. Careful though as to not let your pup drink too much that they throw it back up and furthur dehydrate themselves. 6 to 10 laps at a time at 10 minute intervals for as long as they want to, otherwise use the hydration test and decide whether or not you'll have to give them the liquid in a dropper.

After my reading and what you've mentioned, hydration and antibiotics are key. You MUST get antibiotics so the pup does not suffer secondary infection from the CPV virus. Hydration is equally important so the pup's immune system can fight and flush the virus.

Using a 1:30 bleach to water ratio, spray down your entire back yard, clean the floors, anywhere the dog could have reached to prevent reinfection if unvaccinated. In our case she wasn't due for another shot for another 4 weeks.

This is our first parvo puppy out of several we've owned, and hoping she pulls through.

Best of luck to the other readers for the speedy & healthy recovery of their pups.

JO 6 years ago

Hello Everyone,

I have a 4 month old pit bull who has parvo, I've been giving him pedialyte but he doesn't seem to be keeping it down. This has been going on for 2 days. It started yesterday night he's been doing fine with no problems and all of the sudden he's just laying around. He'll get up and lay back down so fast. Please!!! I really need help does any one of a good home remedy?

alexadry profile image

alexadry 6 years ago from USA Author

There are really no miracle home remedies for this serious disease. You can try to purchase Parvaid from a local pet store that carries it. Go on the Parvaid website for a distributor near you. If he cannot keep the Pedialyte down then I would have him seen by a vet ASAP as he can become dehydrated quickly. Did you do a skin hydration test as suggested in the article? Did a vet actually diagnose him with Parvo? There are other conditions like gastro-enteritis that may mimic parvo. Did you try to give the Pedilayte very slowly? Giving it too fast can cause vomiting. Any chance you can buy Nutrical from a pet store? Keep in mind that home remedies may not work for severe cases. Hope he gets better, sending best wishes your way...

nikki 6 years ago

i gave him a shot 2 months ago just 2 days ago started vomiting was right on it started giving him antibiotics from home and take a droplet and give him water though it a vet told me peptobismal helps so he gets that to did the syrup on the gums and everything he takes in he gets with droplet but not to much are we doing everything right

maggie 6 years ago

my mom had two puppys one just die of parvo the other one looks fine but just got diarrhea what can i do to save it do u think it will make it ???

alexadry profile image

alexadry 6 years ago from USA Author

All the remedies I could come up with are listed in the above article. A bland diet of rice and boiled skinless and boneless chicken for a few days may be helpful. But the best bet is to have the pup seen by a vet if it starts to go downhill. Parvo is very contagious, so very likely this puppy is sick too. The sooner the vet is seen the best the chances of survival.

Karen 6 years ago

My 4 month old puppy just died two days ago. I guess it was parvo. She had all of the symptoms. I was laid off from work and have not been able to find a job, so did not have the money to go to the vet. If she had just gotten sick a week before, I wouldn't have paid my bills and would have been able to take her to the vet and she may still be alive. I read every article I could on home remedies and tried all of them to no avail. I was up with her for three days and nights, giving her pedialite through a dropper, putting Karo syrup on her gums, I purchased medicine to help stop nausea and throwing up and I did purchse Parvaid. I felt so helpless, and so sad. She didn't deserve this, and I feel like such a failure. I'm scared to ever get another puppy. I don't ever want to see another animal go through the agony that she did. She was the sweetest puppy in the world. My 6 year old daughter loved her so much, and I feel like I totally let my daughter down and the puppy. I feel like a member of our family has died.

michaeldon 6 years ago

Anyone know when to start a puppy back on liquids if you are using an IV? Mine has been throwing up for 3 days now. Less frequently today. I have him on IV a few times a day but he is obviously thirsty. Whenever he sees water he tries to go for it. But my vet said not to give water until he has not vomited for 24 hours, and that he gets adequate hydration from the IV.

I can see he's still dehydrated. He pee is very dark and concentrated, and I don't think he has anything in his stomach to throw up even if he does vomit, so my main concern is not that he will lose more water, but that the water might slow down the healing of the stomach lining. Any tips?

alexadry profile image

alexadry 6 years ago from USA Author

We used to recommend giving ice cubes to dogs that were vomiting. Ice cubes allow dogs to lick them which helps thirsty dogs but without making them gulp down water in large amounts (which is notorious for causing vomiting) as if offered water. Or how about freezing some Gatorade or unflavored Pedialyte and offering these electrolyte rich ice cubes a bit at a time? Are you giving the right amount of IV fluids? I would check with your vet since he knows best your dog's medical history. Best wishes!

michaeldon  6 years ago

The vets say he shouldn't get liquids until 24 hours after he stopped vomiting.

Nobody seems to agree on the right amount of IV fluids too. He's been to 2 vets and one said he should be on/off and the other said they have their dogs on IV the whole time.

Last night he hadn't been sick for 4 hours so I gave him a few drops of water and he's been throwing up ever since. Today he's severely dehydrated and I wouldn't dare give him water again for fear of making it worse.

I can't help wondering if giving fluid only by IV is the best method. It must be very taxing for the body as all the other systems in the body will extract water from the blood. I am no vet but I would have thought it would be best to give water in as many ways as possible directly into each system of the body that needs it (stomach, colon, blood, skin).

alexadry profile image

alexadry 6 years ago from USA Author

Sorry, I was unable to post lately. I hope by now he is doing better. The best way to determine the amount of hydration needed in my opinion is having him seen by the vet. The vet may be able to tell from the skin how hydrated the dog is and determine the correct amount of hydration needed. Hydration levels can be checked by trying to lift the skin above the shoulder blades or back in a tent. If the skin snaps back into place the hydration levels are fine. If it takes a while or remains lifted then the pup will need to be hydrated ASAP. I am not sure if you are giving SubQ fluids or IV fluids. Usually IV fluids are given in a hospital setting, with a catheter placed in the vein. So I believe you are giving them just under the skin? A good way to determine the right amount according to petplace. com ''If the skin becomes tight, stop giving fluids in that area. If your pet is due for another dose of fluids and you think you can still feel fluids under the skin, do not administer more fluids until you consult with your veterinarian.''

IV fluids can also be administered in the abdominal cavity in emergency situations.

Hope this helps, best wishes.

michaeldon 6 years ago

Thanks Alexadry. Actually I have all the IV equipment at home. The vet gave it all to me so I could give him 24/7 attention. I would highly recommend this option to anyone who can share the burden with other family members of keeping a 24/7 watch. The last 2 days the vet was saying I should put him out of his misery as there wasn't much chance for him. The more dehydrated he became, the more he would vomit when we tried to rehydrate him. The faster the rehydration went the quicker his stomach would fill and the faster he would vomit. Catch 22.

Not only that but the intravenous nutrients we've been feeding him swell up the area around the vein and it's damaged the veins on 3 of his legs so we are feeding him through his last good leg. If this one fails it's real emergency surgery to keep him hydrated. I tried a subcutaneous injection but it's really hard work for him and for me, as to make it comfortable for him it takes 45 minutes to put enough fluid under the skin and he has to be watched all the time not to move.

So to solve the vomiting I decided to put him down to maintenance level on the IV to try to stabilize his stomach. This is about 3ml per hour per kilo of the dog the books say. It actually worked - he stopped vomiting but in the morning he was extremely weak and dehydrated. I sped up the IV and he vomited again. Then the vet visited and saw he was now incontinent and said he had nearly no chances.

So we've been taking it easy with him. Slow hydration and trying to increase the time between vomiting and it's worked well. It's been 18 hours since he last threw up and he has kept down a few ml of oral fluids now. We had to give them or the vet said he would die today.

Since then he's been full of life again although he has to wear diapers because of his incontinence, so I have fingers crossed he won't throw it all up in the morning like he did the last 2 days. It's 3.40 am now so I have plenty of time to write and tell you the story :)

Thank you very much for your kind attention. The world needs more people like you.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 6 years ago from USA Author

You sure seem to have a fighter and I hope he is able to make it through this. Your level of attention and care dedicated to this fellow are impressive. You are really doing the best for him and the IV equipment at home is a wise idea since as you may already know, most animal hospitals remain without staff during the night, where for a sick animal this can be a very long time. Keeping my fingers crossed as well for this fighter, that seems to want to live. Thank you for the updates, they are really appreciated. Keep me posted if you wish.

michaeldon 6 years ago

Hi Alexadry

Just to let you know he recovered. He's still not 100%. Today he's crying about something. Maybe a bellyache form all the food he's been eating :)

The vet says he might have heart/lung problems later on as it's the second phase of this nasty disease, but for now he's much better.

I would recommend to anyone to have the IV at home. You need to watch it all the time as the dog twists and turns when he changes position and the IV falls out. If it comes out and you don't notice the Catheter will dry up and the vein cannot be re-used. The dog has only 4 legs/veins so if you used all 4 then it becomes very difficult and dangerous to continue IV. That means someone needs to be with him on the IV all the time. I think it's important to give him fluids slowly rather than in faster short bursts. I noticed the fluid built up in his stomach when he had fast fluid delivery and it made him throw up - back to square 1. Therefore, it's essential to have him on a slow IV drip nearly all the time. I didn't sleep much for 7 days.

I would also recommend to anyone to ignore the vet's advice about euthanasia. My vet told me 3 times that it would be kinder to put him down but I saw no point in doing that until death was certain. Until he's in cardiac arrest with kidney and liver failure there is still a chance, so keep fighting. To say my vet was survived by his survival is an understatement. To be honest I think most dogs don't survive either because the vets put them down too early or because the owners aren't dedicated enough to stay up all night watching the IV.

And one more thing, you commented on my level of dedication. I found this guy on the street 1 day before he came down with parvovirus. I hardly knew him, so shame on anyone who has had a dog at home as a member of the family for some time, and who would not do the same.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 6 years ago from USA Author

So happy this little fellow recovered and has a good appetite! You really need to give yourself a nice pat on the back for being so dedicated to a pup you didn't even know! I know for a fact that vets often give the easy way out and recommend to put pets to sleep too easily. I have seen so many pets put to sleep who still looked they had a good amount of life in them that I felt like intervening and telling the owners ''Wait! You are giving up so easily?'' Thanks for posting the valuable advice for the IV, I am sure it will be helpful for any owners of Parvo puppies out there! Best wishes!

michaeldon 6 years ago

Thanks Alexadry.

He's fine now. Tough little bugger. He's taken to eating his own poop now but that is another matter :)

Best of luck with your website!

alexadry profile image

alexadry 6 years ago from USA Author

Hurray! Tough little fellow indeed. Best wishes to both of you. Enjoy your new friend!

michaeldon 6 years ago

Incidentally we worked out what he was crying about. He would just start screaming for no reason usually when he was lying about or sleeping. This was going on for a few days, 10 or 20 times a day. I'm pretty sure it was cramps from lack of nutrients. I gave him a few doses of magnesium and it stopped almost immediately. Best that people know after a dog recovers from an illness where he hasn't eaten for a weak or more, it will be nutrient poor and you can expect other kinds of disorders.

Here is the RDA for minerals for dogs:

Incidentally the supplements I bought for him had a woefully inadequate magnesium dosage so I ground up a 100mg tablet of pure magnesium supplements for humans (22mg per kg of body weight) and put it in his food. As I say, the problem cleared up immediately. He cried one more time and that was it. Maybe you might want to repost this message on a more appropriate part of your site as it's not really parvo connected :)

alexadry profile image

alexadry 6 years ago from USA Author

Thank you for sharing, this may be very helpful for owners of dogs recovering from serious illnesses as Parvo. It's funny you wrote this as I just picked up an RX for myself for magnesium to treat the general weakness that gets me in the spring and it states ''good for treating muscle cramps''. Happy you were able to help this lucky pup once again!

Elizabeth 6 years ago

my 5month old chihuaha just got diareah today and just threw up what do i do!!

alexadry profile image

alexadry 6 years ago from USA Author

elizabeth 6 years ago

i got a baby pudddle on sunday she was perfectly fine all she like to do was play and jump everywhere until yesterday she started throwing up and direah i got scared didn't know what to do i took her to the vet and they said she had parvo but that it was reaaly light to detect..

i dont know what to do i cant afford all the vet visits..

what can i do i need help pleaaseeee!

Jennifer 6 years ago

My older brother's puppy has been diagnosed, so my parents asked me to search everything I could, I found this site, and I am trying everything you suggest, thanks for putting this up. if there is anything else I can do for them, or you find new info I would be glad of it

Irene 6 years ago

How long is a puppie usually sick ith parvo? I have two puppies that are 9wks one was diagnosed with parvo a week ago and i opted to bring her home with all the recommended treatment. After 3 days the diareaand vomiting stopped. I thought that was the end of it but yesturday the diarea started again and today she doesn't feel good again. Is this normal do they relapse afterwards? She had been eating and drinking well, now w she doesn't want to eat and her tummy feels hard. She doesn't seem dehydrated she's moving a little and her brother has had diarea for three days but no vomiting, he eats small amounts of food. Do you have any suggestions?

Merilee 6 years ago

OK this may be a long one. Lolli is my 6 mo/old Yorkie. Sunday, my 2 year old grandson picked her up and threw her down. Yes, I should have been watching more closely. Please don't make mean comments. Believe me, I feel bad enough. I rushed her to the ER and they kept her overnight.

$600 later, they sent her home. Basically stating that she just got "her bell rung". OK fine. I bring her home and although she's not her perky bubbly self, I think she's doing much better. I give all the meds as subscribed and suddenly she takes a turn for the worse. I rush her back in and he says I gave her a heat stroke by allowing her to go for a walk although it was just a few blocks. He gave her fluids under the skin and a shot of antibiotic.

While I'm there, the girl up front tries to re-sell me the same meds I already have at home for her. When I told her I already have these, she looks into the computer and her eyes get really big. She excuses herself and went to talk to the vet. When she comes back, she tells me we need to change the dosage. So come to find out, the bottle I had at home said to give her 3cc of reglan (2.4 lb puppy) 3 times a day. That's 9cc a day. Well they suddenly change the dosage from 3cc to 1/4cc. RED LIGHT RED LIGHT! Thinking I'd inadvertantly overdosed her, I looked it up and to me, all the symptoms she was showing was an overdose of reglan. So I stopped giving it to her.

We woke up this morning and she was lying there only able to look at us without picking up her head. I immediately rushed her to ANOTHER VET. He took one look at her and said "that puppy has parvo". WHAT!?! Keep in mind that this puppy HAS NEVER ONCE since the day she came home with me been around another dog until we went to the first vet. Also, please keep in mind that the other vet that claimed heat stroke took a stool sample. And, had he not been so concerned about blaming me for her deteriorating condition, might have diagnosed her a day earlier and given me 24 hours extra to try and save her.

So Vet 2 gives her an IV for a couple hours. A shot of antibiotic, some glucose and very explicit instructions. 1 TBSP pedialyte & 1 TBSP of chicken baby food every two hours. NO WATER. Along with this, he prescribes amoxicillan and reglan (only 5 drops) so many times a day.

Since he brought low blood sugar to my attention, I added a quarter cc of honey with the feedings. She WILL NOT EAT OR DRINK ON HER OWN. This all has to be forced down her. I also added 1cc of pepto bismol every 6 hours. The first couple of feedings she vomited. So I had to do it all over again. Since then, she's stopped vomiting. But her condition still appears to be worsening. About 10PM (3 hours ago) I called him and told him that I was getting more and more concerned. At least earlier today, she would walk (very unsteadily) and get up and move around her crate. Now she just lays there staring at me and pooping on herself.

The poop went from tar/like blood red earlier today to more of a light brownish/green. It's still very liquid though. I have her on training pads in the crate for easy cleanup. My largest concern is that even with all the feedings and she is holding it all down, she seems to still be worsening.

He told me to mix sugar water 1/2 and 1/2 and give her 3cc every hour on top of everything I'm pumping down her already. He also told me that everything I am doing is exactly what would they would be doing if she were in his office.

If she lives through the night, I am to take her in for another couple hours on IV as soon as his office opens.

He keeps re-assuring me that I am doing everything that can be done. But there has to be something I'm missing. Please tell me what to do. I can't lose her.

Merilee 6 years ago

Another thing. She hasn't slept at all since this morning. She just lays there with a very blank stare. She will follow me with her eyes everywhere I go, but she just stares.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 6 years ago from USA Author

I am so sorry you are going through all of this. It must be extremely frustrating having a dog diagnosed with heat exhaustion, overdose and now even Parvo! I hope the dog was diagnosed with Parvo by running a Parvo fecal test and not by just looking at the dog! You are really doing a lot but I think that nothing at home can really beat an IV done at the vet. If your dog indeed has Parvo dehydration may be the worse enemy..

According to Petplace:

''It is often not possible for an ill pet to ingest sufficient water to correct dehydration. Fluids are typically administered as an injection. The most efficient method of rehydration is through intravenous fluids. This requires hospitalization as well as an intravenous catheter. ''

It is good your dog is able to keep fluids and food down but the drawback of IV fluids is the cost which can be tremendously expensive.. sending best wishes your way.. keep me posted if you wish..

Here is a link:

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alexadry 6 years ago from USA Author

So sorry to hear deepest condolences.

Thanks Alex 6 years ago

The vet never offered the option to keep her on IV. He told me that she'd do better in her home environment and if I followed his regimen, she might have a chance. Knowing everything I've learned about parvo in the last 24 hours, I'd have stamped my feet and made him keep her on it.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 6 years ago from USA Author

You really did a lot to try to save your dog. Just want to point out that some vets may recommend home treatments because they find some dogs do better at home in company of their owners. This is true to a certain extent. Parvo is a terrible disease which may have very low survival rates...On the brighter side, even if it does not help at this moment, your dog passed in the comfort of your home rather than in a cold hospital setting among strangers...again so sorry for the loss, we would wish in the 21st century a cure for Parvo would be found...

Ravi 6 years ago

My pet massi, has been diagnosed with Parvo, the vet gave him a 100ml IV and said that this will continue 2 times a day until he recovers and its best that we take him home. He also gave him some antibiotics. My puppy is a labrador just 45 days old. My vet says that we shouldn't feed him or give him any liquids. The thing I wanted to ask was that should I offer him some water or ice cubes? or is the IV enough for him? and also he isn't moving very much, he's just too lethargic, is that normal?

Looking forward to your reply, Thanks.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 6 years ago from USA Author

I am thinking if the vet said no liquids, it is because the IV fluids are enough. Giving liquids by mouth may risk your puppy to vomit and with Parvo this may cause serious dehydration. This is why giving fluids with an IV is better for parvo puppies. If you are unsure,call your vet and ask for confirmation.

Do a hydration check as my hub above instructs every now and then, if the skin is elastic very likely he is well hydrated. When he can be given fluids per your vet's recommendation, then ice cubes are a good place to start so he does not gulp down too much water at once risking to vomit. If he is too lethargic I would give the vet a call just to be safe, best wishes!

Dianna 6 years ago

my 8 month old lab/pit mix got brother in law accidentally brought it to my house because his dog had it and he didn't know it.even though he had all three parvo vaccinations he still got brother in law paid thousands of dollars and his dog still died.I couldn't afford that so i got some pedialyte and a baby bottle and made him drink it.we caught it real early and i think hes ok cause after 4 and a half days of lethargy vomiting and depression he seems nearly back to normal.he ate some rice and hamburger just a little while ago and he didn't throw it up.(he didn't eat for 4 days either)Home treatment can work if you pray and remain vigilant.Im so happy my baby is ok.

taylor 6 years ago

if my puppy has had parvo for 2 days do you think he will make it? one has already died.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 6 years ago from USA Author

This is hard to say, it depends on how severe it is and your puppy's immune system. Chances may be significantly higher by seeking prompt vet attention.

Amanda 5 years ago

I got 2 dogs from a friend of mine and shortly after 2 more pups around the same age showed up. They were husky and Rottweiler mix. A week or so after wards, one of the stray pups got really ill and died 3 days later. I thought it was worms as she was vomiting huge worms. Then my pup Chloe got sick a few days later and within 4 hours she too was dead. Then the other stray pup died. Today, over a week after Chloe died, Ben who was normally fat and healthy, got sick. I knew it had to be parvo as we are very exp with this from other dogs. But unlike Chloe where I had no idea what to do, I started searching home remedies. I cannot afford a vet or even $40 for meds. He's a bit dehydrated and vomiting some. So i mixed some syrup with his water and have been giving him water thru a syringe for the past hour and a half. I really don't know if it will do any good but I won't let him just die like the other pups He's my baby and I care for him. Anything else you would recommend me doing for him?

ashlie 5 years ago

I have had a couple differnet pups with parvo and it can be quite expensive. I had one pup already and my yard was clean so a few months later I got a companion pup and that night it got sick. I immediately started giving her one tbsp of unflavored pedialyte every thirty min. But if the pup doesn't hold it down try doing a smaller dose every 15 min. Also I would give her one tbsp of baby food every two hours just to give her something but she wasn't far off since we caught it early on so she was better after 3 days and back to normal. Now my rott mix got it and I've been doing the same thing but I've included vibactra and parvaid and the first day it seemed to have worked great then the next morning we woke up to an even sicker puppy. We have been able to keep her hydrated for three days but she started vomiting even more so we had to take her in. Our vet is great and will help us out since she knows its expensive and we can take the iv bag home and do it our selves for a third of the price. So try asking around if you can afford a small amount if not just keep giving them the hydrates and try getting nutrical its like a paste and it helps out to. There's no treatment for parvo you just have to get them thru it. And it takes time and patience! I need to shampoo my carpet and haven't had a full nights sleep in two weeks. But its what we do for the pups we love.

Stackem 5 years ago

My good friends new puppy just got diagnosed with Parvo today, and I have three pitbulls ages 2, 3 and 4

I have been doing a lot of research on parvo because I am very worried that my dogs could catch it since I have been in contact with the puppy, I could have possibly brought it home on my clothing or shoes..

I am going to get the vaccines for it tomorrow morning and keep a close watch on them. I also found a good remeidy that may help others who may not be able to afford vaccines

•1 cup of Pedialyte - Used to replenish them of their needed hydration

•2 tea bags of Peppermint with Spearmint tea (e.g. Bigelow's Mint Medley) or 1 bag of Peppermint and 1 bag of Spearmint tea. (NO CAFFEINE) - Used for easing stomach cramps, nausea, and vomiting. It also aids digestion and diminishes gas and bloating.

•2 tea bags of chamomile (NO CAFFEINE) - Used to calm the pet. It helps to lower their fever causing them to feel better and increase their appetite

•1 teaspoon of honey - Used to boost the blood sugar levels to provide energy and white cell formation

•2 capsules of Echinacea (found by the vitamins in any pharmacy) - Used for building immunities.

•250mg of MSM with Glucosamine (found by the vitamins in any pharmacy) - Used for rebuilding cartilage and joints, giving them their pep back and reducing their pain.

•Syringe to administer the medicine.

Heat 1 cup of Pedialyte until it is hot...Add the 2 tea bags of mint tea, 2 tea bags of chamomile tea, empty 2 capsules of Echinacea, 1 teaspoon of honey, and 250mg of MSM with Glucosamin... Stir it well and let it cool for 20 minutes.

The tea is best if given warm so run the oral syringe under warm tap water before giving the dose.

Follow the dosing chart to ensure the proper dosing for your pet.

Give one dose, wait 15 minutes, give another dose, then give a dose every hour after that until noticeable improvement.

Keep in mind... like a child whose fever comes down after taking medicine... they will show signs of improvement and then fall ill again. Just keep with the recommended doses for at least a 24-hour span.

Animal Weight Tea

Under 3 lbs. 1 Teaspoon

4 - 10 lbs. 2 Teaspoons

11 - 20 lbs. 1 Tablespoon

21 - 30 lbs. 2 Tablespoons

31 - 40 lbs. 3 Tablespoons

41 - 50 lbs. 4 Tablespoons

Note: Add an additional tablespoon for each 10 lbs of body weight over 50 lbs.

I hope this is helpful

JES  5 years ago

My dog has Parvo about three days ago I gave her a Tamiflu pill crushed up in the water and now she's running, eating, playing, and just being her old self again. Get the pill at wal-mart or any other place that has a pharmacy, the pill is for the bird flu but it works and they are less then $7 dollars each. It worked for me and hope it works for you.

Sharee 5 years ago

my dog has parvo.. the vet did a test.. they said her gums were just changing white.. she doesn't have diarea yet.. it is the consistancy of baby poop.. she is vomiting.. the vet gave her a shot yesterday afternoon.. sent her home on pills told me to get gatorade or pedialite.. when she got home yesterday she started to run around i got her to eat a lot of baby cereal mixed with water.. today she has taken a turn for the worst..she just lays on the couch. she has thrown up everything.. i bought her some pepto and she ended up throwing it up 30 mins later.. after reading this i gave her some honey which she has moved her head and picked it up there is still no blood in her stool.. i heard about that tamiflu pill its an antibiotic..

Samantha Albers 5 years ago

Hi, I have a 9 wk old pup named smoke he is a pitt bull mixed with lab. Yesterday around 7am he started puking and having diherra. i later took him to the vet expecting the worse and the worst came true. He not only has parvo but he also has works. Im stuck in a situation into which i dont kno what to do. I dont have the money for treatment at the vets office. I got him his de wormer an he had an iv drip. I got his parvo at a very early stage they said. He will not eat nor drink. He woke me up last night by drinking sum water. Im confused I am completely against euthinasa, I think he can fight it. But then again i feel like a terrible mother by letting him be in this pain. Every time i come into my bedroom he lays there looking at me and wagging his tail an lifts his leg up for me to rub his belly. Please tell me what i should do.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

Sorry to hear about your situation, I made a hub for pet owners in difficult financial situations which you can check out:

Have you tried Parvaid? This pup must drink or at least be rehydrated. You said you have an IV drip, are you still using it? How is the skin, if you lift it up by the scruff or back, does it spring back promptly or does it delay or worse stay lifted?

stevi bassett 5 years ago

My dog erma 1 year old had parvo took her to the vet first night 150 dollars 2nd day she was a little better took her again gave her ivs died right after.

sarah 5 years ago

I have a 5 month old puppy, she had small amounts of direa that were tan in color this morning, then she had one more that was like yellow to green, she wont eat or drink anything. Does this sound like parvo & is it true dogs can get it from birds eating out of their dish?

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

It is hard to say, even veterinarians must test your puppy in order to tell if this is parvo or not. My dog appeared to have parvo but then he tested negative for it and ended up having gastro-enteritis instead. Technically, birds can transmit parvo by walking on the feces of a dog sick with parvo and then walking on your dog's water or food bowl where the bacteria are spread. Your dog then drinks or eats infecting itself with the bacteria.

mandi russell 5 years ago

On tues of last week, my Boston terrier started with bloody mucus stools and foamy vomit..he was still eating but only out of our hands...he was still I came home from work to find black tarry diarrhea and a lot of foamy puke all over the floor in his hallway... stopped eating n drinking but still somewhat active...since Thursday he has gone down hill...I'm doing subcu fluids n putting fluids in him...he drank water on his own today but is still vomiting and pooping ....poop has been nothing but projectile blood! It stinks bad but we r going on 6 days of symptoms.... idk if he will make it or if he is infact getting better or if this just the calm before the storm type long does the vomiting usually last? The rest will get better if he could just stop throwing up...he is still dehydrated but not near as bad as he was... he doesn't like anything I've giving him except water...not coke gatorade pedialite....nothing but me if u can give me some advice on other methods I can try...I am broke til Friday then I can get parvid but I hope he's better by then

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

Never try to give coke to a dog, no matter how dehydrated, it contains caffeine and can do more harm than good..gatorade, pedialyte are ok. Rubbing a bit of Karo syrup on the gums may boost energy, but I really cannot come up with any other things that can be done at home, only a vet can really help, sorry wished there was more.. best wishes..

Sara 5 years ago

My puppy has parvo (vet tested). We did one day of IV then switched to Parvaid with pedialite and colloidal silver home remedy. The thing is in the last 24 hours she hasn't gone number 1 or number 2 and I don't know what to make of this and can't find anything online. She's still really lethargic. Does anyone have any insight on this or know how much colloidal silver to give her? Her temp has gone down to normal and stayed down though.

Amber 5 years ago

Im not exacally sure what my puppy has, he wont eat he drinks water byhim self (sometimes) he just started throwing up and has runny stool, at first it was bloody now its not its gotten better. I been giving him chicken soup with pedalyte in it every 15 to 30 mins and that's when his stool changed. He is still active he plays and runs but hes not as happy and hyper. I cant really afford the vet here in town right now as i am between pay checks. I told my husband ( who works nights) to bring home baby food with chicken but not chunky food as he cant keep anything solid down. Is there anything else i cant afford any type of meds for him.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

You can try these home remedies:

best wishes

TheEpicJourney profile image

TheEpicJourney 5 years ago from Fairfield, Ohio

I really like how you make sure to point out that the vet is the best option but then are able to provide some really solid home care as well. I find a lot of hope in this article for a very difficult virus, and like you said at the end, at least you know you've done all you can to help. Which is sometimes what we need to get through ourselves as our puppy is suffering. Well done!

deborah 5 years ago

i have two German shepherds one that is 2 months old an one that is 4 months old my 2 month old gs. come down with parvo first he threw up for 2 days and had diarrhea for 2 days and he was fine after that i didn't even know that is was parvo that he had with such a good an fast recovery 1 day after the 2 month old was feeling better my 4 month old started throwing up an refuse to eat anything was still take water on his own after 3 day of no eating i took him to the vet today witch he tested positive for parvo that vet visited cost 125.00 an wanted to put him on iv an antibiotic for two day at the cost of 900.00 dollars i can not afford that..... before i left the nurse told me i could get an injectable penicillin {bactacillin g = sterile penicillin g procaine ijectable suspension} from a feed an seed store witch i got an started him today on it i also got some stuff call bounce back that u mix in water to replenish the electrolytes and i had some stuff for children called emotrol it an oral suspension to stop vomiting call my vet an said i could give it to him seem to be working he has stopped throwing up an i am giving him the electrolyte mixture every 1/2 hour threw a syringe hoping with the bedside vigil he will start to show some improvement ...i tried to find the parvaid at local store with no luck an could only find online an i didn't want to wait for it to come Threw the mail to give him some kind of treatment ..if there is any thing else you could think of that i could do to help him please let me know .......continually praying that my babies life will be spared ...

missy 5 years ago

my puppy sophi, mastiff pit mixd, is 6 months old. i gotta at 5 monts offa craigslist. the day after getting her her shots she had diarea. week later, last friday, the vet said PARVO and gave me meds. 3 days of antibiotics left. im scared shitless to say the least. im in love with her. looking online i see how long parvo lives in the yard and house. i feel hopeless.

im gona bleach the yard, i been shovling it up. im gona bleach the carpet.. what else should i do. will she realy be sickly her whole life.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

Let the bleach sit for at least 10 minutes to give it time to work. Not much left to do after that, hoping you covered all areas. Don't forget to disinfect shoes.

Mel 5 years ago

our 10 months old puppy just one day started having diarrhea and now a day later it is sort of bloody, i am worried to say the least but she will drink lots throughout the day today she had some yogurt and pepto she seems more energetic now and we have to keep changing her food to get her to eat anything more i can do? i really dont want to lose her neither does my fiancée

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

You can try feeding bland food like diluted meat-based baby food with no onion or garlic in it, ask for a product called nutrical, it is a paste that provides nourishment for sick dogs, warm up canned food to make it more appetible. If there is vomiting do not feed for about 4 hours and give ice cubes instead of water.

blood in stool does not automatically mean parvo, even though it could be. Have your vet run a fecal test to rule out parasites and protozoans, best wishes!

playmytune 5 years ago

I offered to foster a puppy coming from a shelter. After the organization took this puppy in, it got sick and was taken to ER. The puppy was diagnosed with Parvo. My question now is if this puppy survives and I take it into foster, what precautions will I have to take in order to protect my dog. He is around 5 years old and is up to date on shots but he was heartworm positive at one time (he is also a rescue). Also, I heard that the parvo virus can last years in a area unless taken care of. My house is all carpet. If the puppy has accidents on the carpet, what can I use besides bleach and water to disinfect the area.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

Vets say there are no vaccines that are 100%. If I were you I would call the vet and tell him when your five year old dog was last vaccinated and ask if a titer test would be necessary. The best product to use to disinfect against parvo is a bleach solution on all surfaces and left for at least 10 minutes. Better to kill grass in your yard than risk the life of another dog. Parvo can live six months or more on surfaces. Best wishes.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

FOrgot to mention, there is a product called Parvosol, I do not think it contains bleach but check the label to be sure.

Amy 5 years ago

My sons 3 month old Pit has been puking and having the runs. I believe that she has parvo. Unfortunately I dont have the extra money to take her to the vet. We are giving her pedilyte and the vets assistant said to give her like 2-3 cc's of pepto to help settle her stomach. I believe that we may have caught it in time but would like to know if the pepto is ok or will it hurt her?

Rosa 5 years ago

My 5 mon old chihuahua Chico was looking sick and skinny. He wasn't barking or eating. I took him to the vet and they told me that he had Parvo (thursday eve) I didn't have the money to take him to another place to get treated. I came home and cryed my eyes out... in the middle of the night/morning 3 am I saw this page and started giving him pedialyte every so often..(saturday) while I was at work my mom called me to give me good news.. Chico was up and somehow found a little ball of dog foodand was playing with it. lagter that day he was also barking :).. Please have faith and keep hydrating your dog.

Dominick 5 years ago

I have a 3 month old silky terrier, I purchased Roxie through a pet store 5 days ago, immediately after bringing her home I brought her to the vet the next day for a check up, and was diagnosed with kennel cough, she is on antibiotics, since I brought her home she also has diarreah for the past 5 days, and I found blood in the diarreah, is this a sign of parvo, she eats 3 to 4 times a day and drinks a lot of water and is very playful

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

Dominick, blood in the stool is not necessarily parvo but it needs checked out by a vet as it could be caused by parasites, coccidia, giardia, gastro-enteritis and more. If she he is eating, drinking, playing normally I don't think it would be parvo as parvo tends to be very aggressive. But having diarrhea for such a long time, she can dehydrate and get really sick. I would have a vet check her stool and rule parasites and parvo out for safety sake. the antibiotics however may also be causing diarrhea. Here are some home remedies for diarrhea:

Melanie 5 years ago

I have two sick pitbull puppies. They have been seen by a vet and she said to give them IV treatments at home and some anitbiotics. My question is how can I give them their pills without them spitting it back out?

Jana K. 5 years ago

A week or too ago... this puppy showed up on my porch. Long story short...I kept him. Yesterday I notice he wasn't as playful as usual and notice this morning he had trown up a few times. Then it was more like a foam. Once I realized it could be parvo...I immediately bought some pedialyte. I have been giving it to him every hour or half...he has thrown most of it up. I am going to keep giving it to him. My biggest issue is now...I cant afford to get any Parvaid. Any idea how much it is? Any other suggestions on how to get him to drink more pedialyte? I have been using a surrenge. This is heartbreaking and I dont want to lose him. What else can I do?

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

Melanie, you can put them in ''pill pockets'' found at the pet store, or use a pill syringe your vet may sell you. If they are eating and keeping food down, place them in a hot dog. best wishes

jana, parvaid is about $40-50 if puppy is throwing up you can freeze some pedialyte in ice cube tray and offer the ice cubes to lick slowly

AnitaSoltero 5 years ago

Do you know of any organizations that can help with the costs of hospitalization for animals. I just had to take my sons puppy yesterday and she was diagnosed with parvo.. The vet was really nice and allowed Moka to stay despite the fact that I had NO money. I am supposed to bring them 200 and the he will allow me to make payments on the rest.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

Maybe this hub will help, best wishes:

Jana K. 5 years ago

Puppy is doing much better. Keeping liquids down and finally starting to walk...wag his way more responsive. Now he seems hungry...looking for his food bowl and climbing the counter...what should I feed him after him being so sick? He is very skinny. And I dont want to upset his stomach.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

Try a very bland diet like the one suggested in my article and go very slow, make small portions during the day.

Best wishes!

Puppy Owner & Caretaker 5 years ago

To cure Parvo give your dog/puppy 1 mg of Tamiflu per every 10 pounds. EX: your dog may be 50 lbs so u would give him/her 5mg. This method will cure PARVO in about 2-4 days.

Lily 5 years ago

I just found out that my next door neighbors puppy, Tiny, is very sick with some type of flu.

He is a pitbull/rottweiler mix and he's the most beautiful dog you would ever meet. He is usually extreamly hyper and loving and everyone (including the kids) in the neighborhood loves him. The vet said he has a 30% chance of living at home and they can't afford vet treatment ($3000). I researched something similar to the 30% chance living part and it said it could be parvo. He also doesn't eat or wants to drink anything, is there anything I can do to help out?

Gina 5 years ago

I had a puppy that died last friday. We also have two more from the same litter. One is sick now and one is ok. I took them to the vet and I cannot afford the IV so she sent them home with antibiotics after giving them three shots. One to help them not to vomit, and two antibiotics. The at home instructions are 3mg pepto as needed for vomiting. As far as feeding and hydration, do not feed any solids for 24 hrs from the last episode of vomiting. My puppies are 25 lbs. Every 30 min to 60 min feed one 12mg to 24 mg, depending on how much is tolerated, in this order. First feeding plain water. Second feeding Sugar water, Third feeding pedialite, and Fourth feeding chicken broth. Repeat and Repeat til they are better. So far she is doing ok.

Bryan Medlin 5 years ago

We have a 10 week old lab puppy that has been diagnosed with Parvo. Started throwing up on Monday (thought he ate a Halloween decoration so we didn't take her in till Weds). His vomiting and diarrhea has subsided but still has not gotten much better. He does not have a temperature and fear that there is a secondary infection that is keeping him lethargic and not interested in food. He has been in the hospital and vet since Weds (its now Sunday night) and we are running out of money. We are not rich and have exhausted our loans. Should be try to remedy at home. He seems to be in a constant state of lethargy. My family does not want to give up on him but want to do what's best. It will have been 8 days tomorrow and we are being forced to make a hard decision. Please advise us on what to do. We will do what it takes if we can save him.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

Dehydration caused by the vomiting and diarrhea is the main cause of death in parvo puppies. You can try to treat at home, even though ideally it would be best at a vet since the vet will supply fluids under the skin and treat as necessary. You can invest in parvaid and/or try the home remedies suggested in the article, but the chances for survival may reduce, however some dogs do best at home in company of the owners, so it is something hard to say. Sending best wishes your way.

Abi 5 years ago

Our 8 week old German Shepherd puppygirl came home with us on Friday and was a bundle of fun until later that evening she started getting depressed. We thought it was just the blues from missing her mom and litter buddies. She ate a huge dinner of kibble and canned puppy food and then had some diarrhea but I put it down to stress. That night she got progressively more depressed and I was feeling so sorry for her. I put heated teddies in her bed and a ticking clock under it to help her feel better. Nothing worked and she just whimpered and slept. The next morning after keeping a sleepless night vigil with her, everthing went "pearshaped". Vomit, blood in diarrhea. I couldn't believe that stress would trigger this and phoned my vet. Shockingly he mentioned it could be Parvo and I was horrified knowing the whole litter could be at risk. I called the breeder and 2 other puppies that had not been collected yet were already showing symptoms. I took my pup into the vet for an IV drip and an overnight stay. The other pups were seen by another vet. Yesterday I collected a much happier puppy - still has some diarrhea but is generally well and fit although very skinny. In all the breeder lost 3 puppies. We are so lucky to still have ours. My question is : How long do the effect of parvo last... ie the diarrhea, and are there any lasting side effects that I should be aware of? Your site was most helpful in convincing me to call the vet when I did - saving her life!

alexadry profile image

alexadry 4 years ago from USA Author

Unfortunately there are no real time lines. Pups may get better in hours, days, weeks..I have heard of pups recovering fast while others took longer..I guess it depends on individual factors and how fast treatments are sought. My very best wishes!

saddude97 4 years ago

Well my puppy just died like 15 min ago i will never love another dog again that's a promise

Celine96 4 years ago

my puppy have parvo. He vomit yesterday then after i give him medicine and feed him, he didn't vomit~ is this good or bad sign? (sorry for my bad english)

alexadry profile image

alexadry 4 years ago from USA Author

Yes, no vomit is a very good sign, hoping the best!

celine96 4 years ago

today is the third days, he started vomit again~ i sent him to the vet already. i m so worried about him~ (sorry for my bad english)

celine96 4 years ago

please help me pray for him~ thank you~

alexadry profile image

alexadry 4 years ago from USA Author

Celine, will keep him in my prayers. Keep me posted if you wish.

celine96 4 years ago

i had go to the vet just now... the doctor says he might not make it...i just get him for 1 week only~ why this always happened to me? i really hate myself!!!

celine96 4 years ago

ok~ thank you very much

alexadry profile image

alexadry 4 years ago from USA Author

Celine, sorry to hear that, don't hate yourself, you have no fault in this at all. Is he still at the vets? or are you taking care of him at home?

celine96 4 years ago

he had just passed away this morning~

celine96 4 years ago

parvovirus not needed in this world!!!

alexadry profile image

alexadry 4 years ago from USA Author

I am very sorry to hear this. My deepest condolences. Yes, parvo is a terrible disease. If you got your pup from a breeder I would let him/her know what happened. You will have to clean all the areas your pup has been on and wait some time before getting another puppy if you have a plan for another pup in the future. Again, I am so sorry.

Celine96 4 years ago

keep your puppy hydrated,force her to eat even she refuses

to, use bleach to clean the cage or place where she had been to make sure the virus is killed

Star 4 years ago

My 6 month old husky puppy, Loki, just survived parvo. I have 2 other adult (and vaccinated) dogs on the premisis, both of which have shown no signs. My female, however, has a litter of 10 pups who are 5 weeks old today. Both she and the pups have been kept isolated from Loki, as she was given the back yard and shed for the comfort of her and the puppies since they're birth, whereas Loki and my other male were confined to the front yard and house. My question is, because I wish to keep 2 of the puppies, how do I best make the environment safe for them?

alexadry profile image

alexadry 4 years ago from USA Author

Your concerns are legit since the virus is highly contagious. This hub will help you better understand the virus and how to attempt to contain it:

Star 4 years ago

Thank you for the link, there is a lot of good information there.

daniela 4 years ago

i need help my puppy has parvo idk wat 2 do help he is only 3 months

Celine96 4 years ago

did you bring him to vet?

Worried T 4 years ago

hi i brought home mu puppy yesterday morning she was quiet and i thought she was jus getting accustom to the surroundings during the day she jus slept, i gave her chow but she wont eat then i gave her milk and she drank that..all she did for the day was sleep and drank milk her poop was soft but not watery, she would walk around a bit then lie down and sleep, last night i gave her panacur and she just slept this morning after i gave her milk which she didn't drink much of i feed her water after which she pooped and it was bloody and had clear mucus in it.i called the vet and he said to give her glucose water cuz she has parvo i cant afford the iv..and i live in the caribbean so we dont have a lot of access to pet meds easily...i gave her more glucose water and her poop was watery and red but still had hard dark parts so im wondering if she is getting better and what else can i do she's startng to drink the glucose on her own...what else can i do....she is 6 weeks btw thank you

alexadry profile image

alexadry 4 years ago from USA Author

Definitively, do not give cow milk, it may cause diarrhea and give stomach problems. Continue hydrating her as much as you can, a little bit at a time. You can use some baby food made with meat but with no garlic or onion as ingredients and dilute it with warm water and try feeding her with a dropper or see if she will eat it on her own (you can try to put some on your finger and have her lick it). Give a little a bit at a time like every 2-3 hours, hopefully she will keep it down. Best wishes.

Michael 4 years ago

My akita/lab mix 5 month old puppy I believe got parvo on monday it is now sunday. He started with diariaha and vomiting every 45minutes. I took him to the vet and $750 and two days later he was able to come home. He has been home for two days and he is eating a lot, 4 jars of baby food and a half can of pedigree dog food in one day. I think he is recovering but I am so scared. He is walking around quite a bit and drinking on his own. How long on average does it take a puppy to recover? Please any advice will help.

Pray for Bodie.. Please I love this puppy so much I cant lose him.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 4 years ago from USA Author

Michael, I wished I could give you a clear answer! It really depends on a variety of factors, just as in people recovering from a flu, some take days, some take weeks. It depends on your pup's immune level, treatment, the severity of the disease and other factors. Eating is a very good sign! Your vet should have tested for Parvo, not sure why he did not. Give food slowly, in small amounts rather than all at once and make sure he is well hydrated (adding some water to baby food and canned food may help). Lots of love and a positive attitude can do a lot! Keeping Bodie in my prayers!

Tysmom09 4 years ago

Well I have a dog unknown of the breed but he is adorable small and cute.. The mother (Lilly) gave birth to the four pups a week before Thanksgiving three girls and one boy. Well just recent the mother passed away my nieces mentioned she was getting lazy and vomiting the next morning she was seen laying in here cage dead. It was so sad because the pups were nudging and licking her to get up.. Well I adopted one of the pups the lil boy and since then I have become attached I only have had em for four days now and my life have changed drastically he's motherless, he wont eat nor drink and now he has become lazy and vomiting clear liquids. I wondered what was going on? I called every vet in the city for a reasonable consultation price. Finally I found a clinic near home and took him to and they did a fecal test, giardia, and parvo test. I was so anxious to get the results the lady told me to come to the back room and there it was my lil pup was diagnosed with Parvo(Extreme). I broke in tears Im so hurt I never knew a dog would make you feel this way. Da doctor gave me a quote of the procedure needed I knew for a fact I was unable to pay 668.00 so she gave me some alternatives and gave him a dose of fluids till da am. I hope these meds work because I would hate to wake up to a dead pup. But my prayers go out to him I pray he get well I miss seeing him so joyful....(TEARY EYED) Someone help me cope with this situation.

cesar 4 years ago

i have a 5 month old pit puppy and he has the parvo virus. Hes been throwing up and having bloody poop for a few day and hasn't been eating or drinking until today he started drinking some gatorade on his own and is vomiting every few hours but no poop today. Does that mean hes getting better?

alexadry profile image

alexadry 4 years ago from USA Author

Cesar, vomiting every few hours is better than vomiting and having diarrhea. Go very slowly on giving fluids, offer ice cubes to lick, or freeze some gatorade. Best wishes.

Nichole Langham 4 years ago

I'd like to share my natural cure for parvo...

*1-24-12* Got some great info I wanted to share, last night around 7 or so my friend called to tell me about her friend's puppy that they just found out from the vet she had Parvo, she was in the first stages of it which is lethargy and loss of appetite... So they came over to pick up some Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth (D.E.) (which kills viruses and bacteria quickly) and arsenicum album. which is the homeopathic remedy of choice for Parvo... she gave 4 doses of the arsenicum album (2 pills placed in a 2 ounce amber spritzer bottle, hit on palm of hand 8 times before each dose) last night 1 dose per hour for 4 hours and I think two doses of the DE at 1/2 teaspoon per dose. I told her for today to give the arsenicum every 3 hours and the DE 2-3 times (she actually gave a dose of the Arsenicum and the DE both every 2-3 hours throughout the second day). So this morning at 10:30 I called to check in on the puppy and she had got up and gone downstairs TWICE to go potty already! Then I got a call an hour and a half later and the puppy was eating some chicken! She hadn't started drinking yet but already those two things are great improvements! Thank God for His perfect medicine!!! Will keep yall updated as I hear them...

*Update at 7pm 1-24-12

So far she's been eating more, going outside on her own to potty and playing with her momma, not drinking but peeing so she's still improving greatly, woohoo!!!

* 1-26-12* Ok new update as of today, she began drinking today and is eating and acting normally again!!! WOW , 3 days from start of treatment to being back to a healthy state, I've recommended she continue at least one dose of DE everyday for the next 3 weeks just to make sure she doesn't catch it again, plus it has other health benefits. This treatment had fast results and if everything was purchased new for this specific instance would have run about $15 total, that's a HUGE difference between the other two options which is to let the dog die or hospitalize it which is extremely expensive as it runs for 5-7 days time with intensive care. I think I'd rather do the natural method that's much cheaper, much more effective, and much faster for healing. : D

annmarie davis 4 years ago

my puppy all of a sudden started to throw up tonigh foist all her dog food now just clear liquids since then she has went poop 1 time and it was normal.. her temp is still at 102.3 and her tummy is gurggling a bunch.. can you help me what to do.. I DO I HAVE NO WAY TO TAKE HER IN TO A VET.. oh yea she also is still walking herself outside but wants to lay down and be left alone when she comes back in...

alexadry profile image

alexadry 4 years ago from USA Author

The article already posts a few things you can do but there is not much more you can really do at home, especially since you do not for sure if this is Parvo or not. Here are a few tips to lower the fever and deal with the upset tummy,

But really, you should see the vet as puppies dehydrate fast.

Cali 4 years ago

Just got a new puppy at 3 and a half months old and found out the next day he had parvo and worms. I took him to a vet because he wouldn't eat and kept puking. I asked the vet about giving DE and she looked at me like I was nuts. We can't afford to hospitalize, so we are treating at home by giving an anti nausea med, fluid under the skin twice a day, and an antibiotic med every 8 hrs. I had to get him to swallow pills to deworm. Since starting the meds, he hasn't thrown up at all. I gave him two small feedings of just water, now he wants nothing to do with drinking. I gave him a small dropper and a half full of ensure and water mixed- had to force it a little at a time. Vet recommended it. So far no puking, but he hasn't pooped at all since I got him, and he's only peed a handful of times. Is this normal? I'm supposed to try chicken and rice in the morning, but I'm very scared he won't eat it. He seems to be hydrated enough because of fluid under skin, and it is good he's not puking I guess. This started wed. I treated with meds 24 hrs later at vet on thurs. it's now Friday night. What can I do to make sure he eats? Does all of this sound normal? When should he have a bowel movement? When is he in the clear? Help?!

alexadry profile image

alexadry 4 years ago from USA Author

Not pooping may be quite normal if you think that he may have vomited a lot and not eating much. If there is nothing in the stomach, there is nothing to defecate. Not vomiting is a very good sign! Keep up the treatments as your vet suggested. You can entice to eat by warming the chicken and rice slightly before offering it. Go very slow, a little at a time. As long as he stops vomiting and starts eating even if a bit at a time, this is very good. I hope the best for this little guy! best wishes!

Cali 4 years ago

Thank you so much. You helped put my mind at ease about the pooping. Today (sat) he was running around giving everyone kisses. He still rested a lot, but I was very excited to see him almost playing. I was afraid he wouldn't eat the chicken and rice, but I warmed it as you suggested and he gobbled it down. He kept looking for more after I gave him just a little every hour. I'm so happy to see his improvements. I think he will pull through. He had two bowl movements that were some loose some formed. And what really impressed me was he climbed two sets of steps each time! (I think he was trying to hide). My daughter named him Diego. He's a total sweetheart. Thanks again for your help.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 4 years ago from USA Author

Yeay! That sounds like very good news! Keep up giving a bit of food at a time to prevent relapses. Sounds like Diego is a fighter, best wishes!

Hanchenf 4 years ago

My sausage dog of 7 months was diagnosed last Thursday with Pravo, he started vomiting 3am and was taken to the vet at 1pm that day, he only had one loose, bloody bowel. Visiting hours on Thursday he was jumping, excited to see us, Friday he was in pain, eyes closing and very watery, chunking and did not want to come to the cage door. Saturday was the worst, just lying there helpless, not doing anything, i pulled his blanket towards the gate and comunicated and gave some support. Sunday was no visiting hours, Monday he was standing, eyes flickering again, very thin. I actully took him out the cage and held him for 2 or 3 minutes. I will see later today what his condition is. He is only on IV drip, vitamins and antibiotics, the vomiting stopped, no loose, watery bowels, gums are white, i want to try the Parvo Guard, but im not to sure of any of these products today.......

alexadry profile image

alexadry 4 years ago from USA Author

do you mean parvaid?

Amy 4 years ago

Thanks for all the info guys!

gene 4 years ago

henry was exposed to parvo 4 28. thursday he started showing signs of parvo even though he hed a booster shot monday 4 30 sturday received parvaid at 3pm its now 1045 he has been able to keep water down now for 7 hrs but still hasn't eaten should i feel better or is it false hope

alexadry profile image

alexadry 4 years ago from USA Author

Keeping water down is an excellent sign, but until he gets an appetite and keeps food down for a few days I would not say he is out of the woods yet. Make sure you give small portions at a time and don't let him guzzle too much water at once. Go slow. I hope he recovers soon, my best wishes.

andrea 4 years ago

Currently battling parvo with my 7 wk old puppy...i consider mysed somewhat of an expert considering this is day seven for me! My vet prescribed me an anti nausea med as well as an antibiotic to prevent an underlying intestinal issue that can often develop. They suggested baby food, jar kind. Chicken and-or sweet potatoes. I use a medicine dropper to force feed her every 4 hours and do the pedialite every 2. Is working well for me so far. Yesterday she even ate some boiled chicken on her own! Good luck!

alexadry profile image

alexadry 4 years ago from USA Author

Andrea, I love happy stories! Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

Stephanie 4 years ago


My son is battling Parvo with his 10 month old mixed breed. He went to two vets today to try and get help. He didn't have enough wanted 400 and one wanted 800. Of course they wouldn't even let him buy the antibiotics. I am trying to find out what kind of antibiotics are prescribed so that maybe I can get my physician to call in a prescription for the poor puppy. Also is there something that we can give her for the diahrea? Thanks for the help

alexadry profile image

alexadry 4 years ago from USA Author

I cannot really supply you with this info as I am not a vet, but here is a helpful link by a vet:

For diarrhea, listen what the vet says in the video:

Best wishes!

Heather 4 years ago

I got my puppy at 5 weeks, the owner said themother quit nursing them so she have them there firstshot and had us all pick them up. By the next day the pup was dying in my arms, took him in, he had parvo, got him treated and now he is6 weeks, he has no energy, his brother wasn't diagnosed until2 days after mine and he was in the hospitol like 4 days, she got himback 2 days ago, he is eating wet puppy food but throws up water, the vet is tellingher its just an after effect and prescribed something for nausea.Is there anything else we can do for our pups?the brother looks emaciated. By the way these are boxers. Thanks-Heather

alexadry profile image

alexadry 4 years ago from USA Author

try giving ice cubes to lick up slowly instead of water. this hub has tips on dog dehydration:

Angela 4 years ago

Can someone please help me & tell me were can I buy medicen that is not expensive for my puppy he has parvo :(

alexadry profile image

alexadry 4 years ago from USA Author

The only over the counter product for Parvo is Parvaid by Amber Technology, you can try your local pet store, but call ahead as not all of them carry it.

swampylail 4 years ago

i have a 5 month old jack russell, she got sick thursday vomiting and some dirrehia. carried her to the vet they done blood work and fecial exam. they said no parvo and everything looks good with her. she was dehydrated they give her parvo shot and vacc shots and injected fluid under her skin. today is saturday and she want drink or eat. boiled pedilyte and pepermint tea bags and chamomile with 2 echinacea capsules. she vomits it up. she has no energy. any suggestions on what to do? please help.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 4 years ago from USA Author

I am surprised they gave her shots being sick as she was. Try to rub some pancake syrup on her gums to give her a boost of energy. Try ice cubes to lick instead of water for now. She should lick them or you can boil some broth with no onion or garlic and freeze in the ice cube tray and have her lick them. Look for Nutrical, a high calorie paste for dogs that do not eat. I would recommend to see another vet as it sounds like she may be dehydrated again and need more fluids. Best wishes.

Logan 3 years ago

i have a 4 month puppy. i noticed a few days ago she wouldn't eat. later on that day she did. yesterday she was really weak and she wants to just lay there and sleep. she will not drink on her own. we have given her some pedialite and pepto bismo but she just threw that up. and she won't eat. she acts like she is unresponsive, like she can't hear us. i would say this would be the 3rd day. is there anything we can do? i am scared she won't make it.. but we don't have the money to take her to the vet. please help.

logan 3 years ago

and her throw up is like a cloudy brown, it looks mucisy.. earlier i let her out of her cage and she walked around for a few minutes then peed. but after that she layed there unresponsive. so, i cleaned her cage out then put her back in it.. she is laying in there now. but we have a lot of animals like horses and cows. and another dog. we have had her since she was about 6 weeks, in october. but she just now got sick.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 3 years ago from USA Author

This dog really needs a vet. Try to call around, call shelters, ask for low-cost vets, try to borrow a bit of money from different people. Read this article for options: In the meanwhile, as you call, have some family member look for parvaid. I think on the parvaid website you can find how to find distributors in your area. Most parvo puppies die from dehydration. You can give some nutrical paste, pass it a bit on the gums. Any liquids need to be given very slowly a bit at a time, have you tried ice chips? Try freezing some pedialtye and offer it in chips. It seems like dogs are better able to keep ice chips down. But, please see your vet. Check if her skin springs back promptly or not, she may need fluids by the vet. Some poster above me said I believe that EMT's have been nice enough to supply expired IV fluids. my very best wishes.

nighthag profile image

nighthag 3 years ago from Australia

Thanks for a great informative hub, my puppy is sick with parvo and we can't afford to leave him in vet care, so it's antibiotics and lots of water, I have heard Gatorade is good so I will have to try that one ... Again thank you, it helps to have an understanding of what parvo truly is

alexadry profile image

alexadry 3 years ago from USA Author

Pedialyte works also well, and some dog who cannot keep down water or any fluids do better licking some ice cubes of frozen water, frozen broth (with no garlic or onion in it) or frozen pedialyte or gatorade. I hope your puppy recovers well.

danica ramirez 2 years ago

Hi my dog just got died 2days ago and got parvo my concern is my another older dog is there any chance that he might get parvo too. And what should I dog.. I cant afford to lose him too... please tell me althought he got vaccine I worried too... and all I know is I got to update his vaccine please tell me what to do im so stresss .....

alexadry profile image

alexadry 2 years ago from USA Author

danica ramirez 2 years ago

Thanks for info.. I should update my dog vaccine... but still I worried for my dog dachshun

Kathy van Vuuren 2 years ago

Hi, I am sitting with a 6 month old daxie puppy that has parvo. He has been at the vet since last week Friday. Been on Iv I think of glucose. Was given something for nausea, he has diarohea but its not bloody. I have decided to collect him and treat him at home as I dont get proper updates and when they removed the drip last night he crashed to the point of being ice cold. Vet bill at 4k and that is my limit. What else can I do to make him more comfortable and to get him to eat? His diarohhea is not bloody either. I have probiotics to get the gut working and I have clopamon for nausea, what else can I do? Thanks in advance. Tomorrow will be day 6. all she says is his very flat which I presume is listless? please give me advice

alexadry profile image

alexadry 2 years ago from USA Author

The biggest concern is keeping them hydrated, that's why it's so important for them to be hospitalized as they'll get fluids as needed, which is something challenging to do at home, as fluids by mouth may cause more vomiting, especially when too much is given at once. Licking ice cubes can help.. Here are some guidelines given by a vet. Parvo is a devastating disease.

I hope your pup makes a complete recovery.

bodylevive profile image

bodylevive 2 years ago from Loachapoka, Alabama

Years ago we lost a pup to parvo because we didn't know what was wrong with him and he died. During that time, we had never heard of this devastating disease, it wasn't until about 10 years ago that we started to hear more and more about it. Thankfully we have found out about it and if it ever happens again, we'll know what to do. Thanks for sharing. 2 years ago

My pup got parvo and I'm proud to say that i gave him pedialyte and keopectade and half of a penicillin three times a day and some homemade chicken vegetables soup and he is doing so good now I'm glad I was able to find these comments on this site

alexadry profile image

alexadry 2 years ago from USA Author

Happy to hear your dog was able to overcome parvo!

riley 2 years ago

My 6week old rescued pit bull mix puppy has parvo, and he is so weak he cant even walk he cant keep liquids down and I was wondering is premature baby formula would help? I live off of my ssi check which is not a lot and I am doing everything I can think to help him, like bird feeding him water and mixing can wet food with water and helping him eat but he can no longer walk on his own and is skin and bones despite everything I do I am losing my mind and haven't slept in three days trying to administer care for him but im terrified of losing him. I cant find a vet willing to do a payment plan and im doing the Best I Possibly can. Please if anyone knows of a vet or anything helpful in the pittsburgh area PLEASE let me know it would be appreciated beyond belief.

thank you have a great day.

petsaver 2 years ago

I tried everything and learned the costly way and my pet died. I had anoth dog with parvovirus and this time i spent $10 and he is up and running around. Try Parv-gone and see it work in 1 day. best stuff on earth for parvo, dont be fooled with the bull crap time and costly vet recommendations. Your pet is dying! stop taking advantage of us pet owners and charge us an arm and a leg to save our loved one.

caroline 15 months ago

Please someone help me.... My 8 week old yorkie has been diagnosed with parvo.. my vet sent us home with a strong antibiotic some nausea medicine and some flea medicine. The first day he was up jumping, eating and drinking..... That was yesterday. Today he is down again. We have been having to force water and baby food. We are also are trying to give him Pedialyte . I have been doing a lot of research and I keep reading about colloidal silver. Someone please tell me how much. The one I bought is 250ppm. Please someone help me help my tiny baby.

Shauntell 10 months ago

I got a puppy about a week ago named him Ivan and got his shots around 3pm 12/8/15 and as soon as we left he started throwing up.

I thought he just wasnt feeling good from the shots and by midnight i brought him to the emergency vet 12/9/15

They tested him for parvo and it came back positive. Only one light blue dot (if that says anything)

They gave me two options, one to be hospitalized and they treat him. Or i treat him at home.

I didnt feel comfortable with how they kept saying the chances of survival even with being hospitalized is a very veey low chance. They gave him a fluid pouch in his side, some 24 hr nausea medicine, and some other stuff.

They gave me "metronidazole suspension 100mg/ml"

.3 ml every 12 hrs for 7 days and "reglan solution 10Cc" .5 every 8 hours for 3-5days.

I have been giving him raw eggs, pedailyte, and childrens pepto. The first day(12/9/15)he was just sleeping alot. I did alot of praying and stayed up all night looking after him making sure he was okay. The next morning i gave the meds as directed and from looking on sites i read to give the eggs, pedailyte and pepto.

All day yesterday (12/10/15) he was very active running around, playing, chasing my feet, no throwing up (he had diarrhea 3 times since the hospital)

Around 3am he threw up, i gave him more pedailyte etc.. today he is not really holding much down..

Its only 8am but i just want to make sure im doing the right things.

Is there anything else i can give him to stop the throwing up?

I broke the childrens pepto in half grinded it up and put it in a medicine cup with pedailyte and give him that every few hours throught the day.

Just a half of a pepto pill a day.

I dont have a kennel to lock him up in but he stayes in his bed(most of the day) that i keep close to me where ever im at. Is it bad that i let him run around yesterday? Keeping the house cleaned and every time he poops on his poty pad i poor bleach in it and throw it away. Ive gave him a bath wed and just been using wipes to clean him up since. He seemed so much better yesterday than today. :'( any suggestions are very appreciated

Thank you guys so much.

-Shauntell D

purpleskies 6 months ago

hi, i took home my Sachi from the clinice after being confined for a week. i had to discharge her because we don't have any funds anymore. She has vomitted 2x is there anything that I cold do to help with the vomitting?

Thank you

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