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Pit Bulls as Family Dogs

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Read on to learn if Pit Bulls are the right breed for you and your family.

Read on to learn if Pit Bulls are the right breed for you and your family.

Are Pit Bulls the Right Dog for You?

I remember being 15 years old and bringing home my first pit bull. He was a beautiful caramel color and had the biggest green eyes. He was cold in the street, and I couldn't just leave him there. My parents told me he was my responsibility if an owner did not come forward. Needless to say, since then, my love and learned knowledge for these animals have greatly increased. That being said, I do believe (just as with any other breed) that there is a certain type of person/family to fit this breed's needs. Do you have the time and patience to work with them on socializing (with people and other animals), household behavior, and obedience? These are all specific areas that will need your attention.

Socializing Your Pit Bull

With this breed it's important to start social behavior at a young age.

  • They're Not Aggressive (But They May Be Territorial): Despite what many believe, these animals are not naturally aggressive towards people. Yet, they do tend to be highly territorial, so getting them use to interaction with other animals at a young age is extremely beneficial. This will help them to feel more comfortable and confident around other animals.
  • Give Your Pit Bull a Doggie Social Life: There are several easy ways you can begin to socialize them, but you have to take the time to do it. For a family, it can also become a great bonding activity. Daily walks, going to dog parks and setting up "play dates" with other animal friends are all great ways to prepare your dog socially. These can also become really fun activities for you and your dog.
  • Be Patient and Set Boundaries: Always remember, you want to set firm boundaries in a patient and loving way. This breed is very loyal and they should be able to trust their owners to show them how to be the best they can.

Pit Bull Household Behavior

This is a very active and energetic breed, so without the proper training and guidelines to follow, they can be hard for some people to handle. I have found many things to help with around the house issues that I have noticed.

  • Make Sure They Have Chew Toys: For instance, it's good to have plenty of chew toys. A lot of pet stores even have "pit bull" strength chew toys now. These dogs do enjoy to chew and if they get bored it could end up being a shoe or even a piece of furniture.
  • House Breaking Is Likely a Standard Process: House breaking I found to be pretty much the same as any other breed, so you might want to read more on "dog potty training."
  • Be Consistent: You want to catch any puppy habits like jumping (on people or furniture), nipping or anything you notice that could turn into an issue later and work on correcting it early. Be consistent when you are correcting but also give praise when they are giving you the appropriate behavior.

Pit Bull Obedience

  • Take Obedience Classes: Of course, I do always believe that obedience classes are always a good idea for any dog breed as well as owner. The more knowledge and understanding of these amazing animals, the better.
  • In My Experience, Obedience Works: I have four beautiful children and currently own two amazing pit bulls. One Red Staffordshire Terrier and one Blue Bull Terrier. Different breeds, different ages and yet they are our family's best friends. They have never bit anyone or anything. We can take them with us on outings and know that we will not have any behavior issues (with them) Lol! We love and trust them and they feel the same for us.

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Pit Bulls Are Good Family Dogs

Are pit bulls a family dog? Just make sure that you are a pit bull type of family and that you're willing to put in the time, patience and love. If you feel confident that they are the breed for you, trust me when I say, your family will never find a more loving, loyal and trustworthy friend.

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Mike on July 22, 2020:

I made a typo in my previous post. Pits are NOT good pets for weak willed or type A personallity people.

Mike on July 22, 2020:

Alfa male and female pits are born to kill just like anyother pack leaders, their instincts cannot be changed. They are not house pets, they are hunters and must be avoided as pets. Pits are almost human and must be treated like childern that are loved, they must never be locked away like an abused child. Pits understand every word you say and feel your emotions, they crave praise and are emotionally hurt by rebuke. Pits are large high energy children and will chew on the legs of your precious antiques. They are good pets for weak willed and unstable people or type A personallities.

Anne Fry on June 28, 2020:

I'M A VERY PROUD PIT BULL MOMMY!!!!!! My Boyfriend and I Rescued, Mowgli from the Shelter!!!! HE'S OUR SON!!!!!!!


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