Pros and Cons of Owning Beagles

Updated on November 2, 2009

Why are Beagles so popular and much loved? Ask any Beagle owner and they will be happy to say it all! Indeed, Beagles can bring lots of joy to the household of many dog lovers. This breed is known for its irresistible floppy ears, expressive eyes and merry, happy-go- lucky character that transmits happiness and joy. Among one of its greatest qualities is perhaps the fact that Beagles can be quite low maintenance if we compare them to several other breeds.

Beagles are categorized by the AKC under the Hound group. These are dogs that have been bred for their great quality of being able to detect smells. This has made them ideal hunting dogs allowing them to accompany humans for several years in hunting sessions chasing rabbits. 

Temperament wise, Beagles are social beings that enjoy company and children, yet they can be independent at times, allowing their owner's space. They may follow their owners and stick to their sides but without being overwhelming. However, they are far from being aloof. They should be kept in a friendly home and raised underfoot.. Confining them to the yard or large outdoor kennel does not meet their needs for companionship and may cause them to feel isolated.

One of the most intriguing behaviors of Beagles is that they may be quite mischieveous. It is not unheard of some Beagles that like to steal some objects from their owners. They may then take off and hide their treasured object.

Because they have a history of hunting down rabbits, Beagles are quite energetic beings for being a small sized dog. They require brisk daily walks to keep their energy under control. This works as a great incentive for lazy owners that need to get more exercise and fresh air. Also for those owners that are not too fond of grooming,  the good news is that the coat of Beagles is pretty easy to maintain, requiring some grooming, but not as much as many other dog breeds. 

Of course it would not be correct to only list the many qualities of Beagles and sugar coat the down sides this breed may bring along. Following are some things prospective Beagle owners should know about this breed.

-While the coat is pretty short it is still capable of triggering quite bothersome allergies. 

-Belonging to a hound family, Beagles have inherited the characteristic of being quite vocal. Their bark may be quite sharp and their howling may be more than one hoped for. For this reason it may not be too wise to allow a Beagle to live in a small apartment where neighbors may enjoy Snoopy's howling sessions.

-Obedience training as with any dog, is a must. The Beagle must be trained to not jump on guests, not be possessive of food and toys and proper manners. Some Beagles may develop quite stubborn personalities and may require firm leadership from their owners. Being a fair yet, firm pack leader will help raise a balanced dog that knows its place in the household. 

-House training is reported to be challenging in Beagles perhaps because of their stubborn demeanor. However, there are those thattheorize this occurs because they are able to detect spots where they have soiled before even when the strongest odor masking products have been used. Indeed, a Beagle's nose really ''knows''!

-The life expectancy of Beagles is around 10 to 14 years. This makes the choice of choosing a Beagle quite a responsible one: are you committed to dedicate care, time and exercise for over a decade?

Obviously, the Beagle remains a quite popular dog in the USA despite the above negatives. Why? Perhaps because the Beagle is so irresistible and cute that most owners end up forgiving just about anything!

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      • profile image

        Jack 21 months ago

        Yeah those are the "good" things but Im looking for a dog and saw the beagle the conditions i want for his cons like health.....

      • profile image

        Adom 2 years ago

        Yea It's True

      • Jaspal profile image

        Jaspal 8 years ago from New Delhi, India

        Oh, you are so right .... Beagles are amongst the most lovable and friendly dogs. Always up to some trick or activity, rarely sitting quietly, they enjoy spreading happiness and can be often be quite the clown of the family.