Signs Your Dog Is Pregnant

Pregnant or Not?

When it comes to canine pregnancy there are two different types of owners: the "hopeful" and the "concerned."

The hopeful owner is the one that is keeping his fingers crossed in hope that his bitch is pregnant and that she will soon have a litter of cute, healthy puppies.

The concerned one hopes the bitch did not get pregnant when she accidentally slipped out the door and came back two hours later. Regardless of the owner's state of mind, there are some specific signs that may help suggest or rule out a pregnancy.

Pregnancy Fast Facts

—The gestation period ranges between 57 and 65 days, with an average of 63.

—Abdominal ultrasound is the preferred method for detecting pregnancy. Scans performed after day 28 are reliable. Blood tests can be done at day 30 and are also reliable.

——An X-ray performed during the last two weeks of pregnancy (around week seven) is the most accurate way to determine litter size. It should be done for all pregnant dogs.

Early Signs

Early pregnancy signs may be hard to detect, especially by an inexperienced owner and breeder. These signs may be misleading because dogs can go through a false pregnancy which can mimic all the signs of a real one.

Generally, early signs of pregnancy can be observed as early as 30 days after mating. Here are some of the symptoms:

  • Some dogs may lose their appetite in the first weeks, similar to what women experience when they get morning sickness.
  • Other dogs might have an increase in appetite and start gobbling their food more than usual.
  • A slight decrease of activity may also be seen as the bitch goes through hormonal changes.
  • Nipple growth is an early sign as well. The nipples will appear slightly larger and may be slightly darker. Taking a picture after the mating and comparing it later on can help you see if there are actually changes taking place.
  • The abdomen starts swelling and the dog starts gaining weight.
  • A pregnant dog may become more needy and clingy or have other behavioral changes.

As mentioned, there is also a chance that your bitch is exhibiting false pregnancy symptoms. Every dog actually does this after they go through heat and displays pregnancy symptoms for about a month. Therefore, your vet is the best person to confirm or rule out a pregnancy.

Ways the Vet Can Test for Pregnancy

  • Your vet may palpate your dog's abdomen as early as 28 days post-breeding to feel for possible embryos. However, an ultrasound may be a more accurate test. It may even help determine how many puppies your bitch is expecting.
  • Relaxin (a special substance produced only during pregnancy) can also be detected as early as in the first 25 - 30 days after breeding through an endocrinological test. This may be available at your vet's office, or you could also find a kit online. However, the kit may be challenging to use unless you have a way to separate the plasma in order to be tested.
  • X-rays may detect puppies' skeletons 45 days post-breeding.
  • Puppies' heartbeats can be heard via stethoscope 25 days post-breeding.

If your dog ends up being pregnant and you are a "hopeful owner," congratulations! You can start celebrating and counting down 63 days!

On the other hand, if you are the "concerned owner," keep in mind that accidents do happen and get her spayed ASAP!

If Your Dog Is Pregnant

Or if you suspect your dog is pregnant, schedule an appointment with the vet as soon as you'll be able to get a reliable test. Until then, give her good nutrition and moderate exercise, keep her environment low-stress, and provide her with a nice place to rest.

Vet Explains First Symptoms of Pregancy

Fertility Cycle of Dogs

The heat cycle is divided into phases which when combined, average about 21 days.

Phase One: Pro-estrus

  • You will be aware of this stage because it is when vaginal bleeding and vaginal swelling occurs.
  • This phase lasts about 7 to 10 days.
  • If male dogs are around they will be interested in the bitch but she will be reluctant and will not let him mount.

Phase Two: Estrus (Fertile Phase)

In this phase, the female is actually fertile.

  • The bleeding has stopped and it is replaced by a yellowish vaginal discharge.
  • This phase will last about 4 - 13 days.
  • She will be more tolerant and will keep her tail to the side. She will allow the male to mount at this point. If you witness "a tie" where they are both stuck together for a while, then it's possible puppies are on the way.

Third Phase: Diestrus

The female will again be reluctant to mate, because she is no longer fertile. The male, however, may still try to mount.

The Estrus Phase Is the Most Crucial

The estrus phase is the fertile one and therefore the most important. It usually occurs between the 8th and 15th day after bleeding has started. This is the time you should be looking for if you are the "hopeful breeder." Alternatively, this is the time you hope she didn't go out if you are the "concerned owner."

Each dog is different, however. The only way to be sure whether or not she is pregnant is a pregnancy test by a vet.

Being in a "Tie"

It also appears that being in a "tie" ups the chances for pregnancy in dogs. A tie occurs when the male and female dog are stuck for some time. However, some dogs have also become pregnant without a tie, and some dogs don't get pregnant despite tying, so it's not a guarantee.

Increasing the Chance for Pregnancy

Breeding every other day from estrus up until the female allows it may also increase the chance for pregnancy since the male is allowed to rest and the sperm has time to refresh.

However, there are really no reliable days. This is why some professional breeders have their dog's hormones checked by a vet to ensure breeding on the most fertile day.

Again, even this may not be sufficient. Therefore, there is no way to guarantee pregnancy, but by monitoring the phases, you may be able to heighten the chance of it happening.

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Jasmine 4 weeks ago

My dochshund/chiwawa bred and is do on the ninth. She is pretty full of milk but we have only felt a little bit of movement and arn't sure if she's actually pregnant. She has had 6 puppies in 2 litters and 4 in another litter and they have all turned out very healthy. Does anybody have a way to get a better idea if she's pregnant that we can do at home?

krimmley 5 weeks ago

hello can i ask why my female shih tzu having vaginal discharge after she's been matted 2 weeks ago, now there are some blood but not bloody

jenna 6 weeks ago

Hi. My dog is a girl and her stomach is turning dark and I don't know if she is starting her period

Euna 4 months ago

Up to. What age can a husky be pregnant?

Nariah 5 months ago

Hi. I have a dog who is lazier and is always eating anything that we give her. She has gained some weight but I don't know if she is pregnant. She likes to sleep very long and is a lead tired. She seems to breathe more heavily and waddles. I need help and advice. Also my male will not leave her alone. Everywhere she goes he follows. I don't know what his issue is, but he is driving me crazy.

Bryce Roderick 6 months ago

Hi. My nine year old red bone coon hound seems to be lactating,has stopped bleeding,is lazier,and eats more.she is my life and soul.will she maybe be able to go through with birth or should we have an abortion?

Help please 6 months ago

Please help me with my 10 month old female boerboel. Shes in heat and her bleeding stopped. Iv seperated the male and female but by mistake the male got to the female and mated with her. They mated only once and shes only 10 months old. Im afraid she might die because shes to young. Please give me advice. Il appreciate it.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 7 months ago from USA Author

Yes, not that easy, yet not impossible. There are dogs who get pregnant without a tie.

Evelin 7 months ago

I have a cheweenie she mate with a chihuahua today is it possible for her to get Pregnant without his area being stuck inside her?

alexadry profile image

alexadry 8 months ago from USA Author

Wow, Holly, that's quite surprising! Thanks for sharing your story about your pregnant dog.

Holly 8 months ago

Alexadry, Would just like to say that NO you cannot ALWAYS rely on the Vet to confirm preg?!?! Last July my Female Shih Tzu went into heat, I also have a Male for breeding them. Well I was told 3 times my girl was NOT preg & having a False preg. Xray showed nothing either. He gave her meds to stop the "false Preg" (Ovaban)Well she cont to grow & behave as if she was really preg which happens in false preg as well but being exposed to my intact male I just found it hard to believe this in fact was a false preg. so I did take her back to the vet & she was about 6 weeks into her preg or false preg. Vet still said no babies. a week later I began to feel movement in her belly. gathered everyone & anyone I know to feel because I surely thought I was just going crazy.. well they all felt the movement. Then I read that you can hear the heartbeats through a stethascope, so I got one & for sure I was able to detect 4 separate heartbeats. At this point she was going into her 8th week so I decided to wait it out & knowing at this point there def had to be babies & she delivered 4 VERY healthy babies on Sept 22/23. 3 boys & 1 girl.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 8 months ago from USA Author

Only way to no for sure if your dog is pregnant is to see the vet, I would see the vet also especially since you are seeing a discharge.

Bhupender 8 months ago

my fem is concieve 32days but I cant understand she is concieve or not she give 3 time delivery but now I cant her activities are slow nd she eat food high she give some white dark liquid 5 to 6 time how can I know

alexadry profile image

alexadry 8 months ago from USA Author

Consult with your vet please. Your vet may recommend spaying her if she is at risk. Some dogs can deliver with a C-section if the pups are too big.

Diana Warner 8 months ago

I have a very tiny Yorkie. She weighs about two pounds and is 1 1/2 years old. I was working on the yard and I turned around and she was tied with another Yorkie 3 times her size. What should be done? I do not want to lose her to this mishap. Can you help me know what i should do?

alexadry profile image

alexadry 8 months ago from USA Author

Sounds like this dog needs to see the vet, not normal at all to pee that often.

Josie Garner 8 months ago

Hello I found a lost Boston terrier in my neighborhood and I toke it home with me and it had huge dark nipples and it was peeing like every 5 it pregnant?

paul varghese 9 months ago

hlo sir i have a rottie and now she is 10 month old which age she is to be pregnant?

alexadry profile image

alexadry 13 months ago from USA Author

Juanita, hopefully she's near, any puppies yet?

Juanita 13 months ago

Hello my pom was stuck a couple of times .... Its past 63 days no pupies but seems she is lactaiting and she seems tired..

sueg 14 months ago

hi my bitch had a scan at 30 days , to find that she had 3 puppies ... she has really sagging titties and producing milk she is now 60 days today , but i dont feel or see any movement , and she seems to be quite small in the tummy .... she sleeps nearly all day and when she is awake she eats normal and still runs around like normal...i can feel what seems to be 2 puppies , 1 either side but they dont move ...she is forever cleaning herself ..but just worried there might be something wrong ...

alexadry profile image

alexadry 16 months ago from USA Author

It's hard to say, just as in humans, only a pregnancy test can really give accurate results and in dogs this often means seeing the vet. What's for sure is that a tie isn't necessarily a guarantee of pregnancy, therefore a dog can get pregnant without getting stuck.

Daniela 16 months ago

I have a cane corso female almost 11 month old,and she just got her first season on wednsday,and the next day she was found with a male dog in the yard,but they were not been i was wondering if it's possible for her to be pregnent after a mating on the second day of the bleading,thanks.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 16 months ago from USA Author

The only way to know for sure is having the vet determine it. Getting stuck is not always a guarantee of pregnancy and false pregnancies may look like the real thing

wanda 17 months ago

My female Chihuahua got stuck by my male Chihuahua an I didn't know she was in heat an I woke up bcause I heard her yelping an I came in the dining room and they both was stuck don't know how many times she got stuck but I only know once an it was sometimes in may an her belly is a little bit big and her nipples r pink an big an hanging but no milk yet can she b pregnant

alexadry profile image

alexadry 2 years ago from USA Author

It's hard to tell what is happening. Your best bet would be a vet visit. Consider though that signs of pregnancy wouldn't develop immediately, you'll like usually see the most subtle ones give or take after about 30 days. These articles address signs of pregnancy and signs of false pregnancy:

ahm11 2 years ago

The sagging was immediately. And its been several months ago since ahe was in heat though. And she was but I tried to supervise her. I never saw anything

alexadry profile image

alexadry 2 years ago from USA Author

How many days after bleeding for a week have you started to notice this? Has she been around males?

ahm11 2 years ago

I have a pit that is 2 years old and she seemed to have had a rough first heat cycle. She bleed for about a week and her tits started to sag. I have heard this was normal ao I blew it off but now they seem to be more swollen and I squeezed one nipple and a milky substance came out. I figure she is pregnant but her belly has not grown any, if anything ot looks slimmer. She has not shown any mood change or anything like that. What could this be?

alexadry profile image

alexadry 2 years ago from USA Author

The tie or duration of the tie is not a guarantee of pregnancy. Sounds like you let her mate on the correct days as around that time she was likely in estrus. Good that you mated her twice with a day in between, so the male's sperm can be "renovated". Chances should be good, but there's no way to know for sure. Even breeders with years of experience who test their females, get those chances of females remaining "empty" despite all their effort. So hold on, wait a few weeks and then see your vet to determine if she is actually pregnant or not. Good luck.

Meghna 2 years ago

I got female golden retriver of 2 years and got mated on 12 and 14 th day of her heat and the tie was only about less than 5 mins

and I am very tensed about her pregnancy..what is the chances of her pregnancy and yes she got mated on her 3rd heat!!

Help alex...I am worried :( :(

alexadry profile image

alexadry 2 years ago from USA Author

You might be seeing signs of a false pregnancy, read more about it here:

nichole 2 years ago

I have a 1 year pit bull and she was tied with my male in the middle of January and she still did not have puppies. I checked her and she has clear liquid coming out of her tits she has not been eating as well she does not look big. What is going on

alexadry profile image

alexadry 2 years ago from USA Author

Some dogs "practice" their mothering skills, so to say, before giving birth. They'll carry the toy around, lick it and even sleep with it. While mostly seen in false pregnancies, mothering a toy during pregnancy is not unusual behavior. You can read about it here:

Fitzy 2 years ago

My dog is 53 days pregnant we had her checked by the vet, she is nesting all the time and a lot quieter. Lately. Tonight she has started to carry around a soft toy with her and she is very protective over it, is this normal ?

alexadry profile image

alexadry 2 years ago from USA Author

It's hard to tell, it could also be a false pregnancy which begin about four to nine weeks after the heat period, and mimic the symptoms of true pregnancy.

me 2 years ago

Hi my dog came in on heat in December and our knowledge is she didn't mate with any males, but you never no. She has been very sluggish and quite also has put on wait all over and her nipples have never really give back to being small after being on heat. This morning I saw a milky/ clear discharge. Do you think she is pregnant she is mine months old

bunty baba 3 years ago

My pet bull 10 months when she was in heat, but he had not performed his meeting Prgnet ox stomach is not good that will come when the next heat

alexadry profile image

alexadry 4 years ago from USA Author

While a tie will up the chances for pregnancy, there are also cases of dogs getting pregnant without a tie; so I would not completely rule out a possible pregnancy. Best wishes!

Geri 4 years ago

my dog is really clingy and jack my boy dog is all over her she is very tired and she is always asleep on me my parents don't have the oney to take her to a vet. jack has 3 legs and we want them to breed but he doesn't aim right. we have been watching him very closely and he has been right on but were not sure if the got me!!!!!

alexadry profile image

alexadry 4 years ago from USA Author

Have them spayed and neutered ASAP,

lexib123 4 years ago

i am worried i just found my dogs (brother and sister)stuck what should i expect to happen next?

PetCollars profile image

PetCollars 4 years ago from Saint Augustine, Florida

If that the case, then i guess its better off to check a vet. As what we always say, it is still best to ask an expert.

savans 4 years ago

My dog mated and locked 30 days ago. She doesn't look pregnant, but in the first 3 weeks she threw up a few times. We expected she may be pregnant. But then about a week ago we noticed her having blood in her urine. Could she be having a miscarriage. A family members dog had pups. She brought her pups to my house when they are six weeks old.Could puppies that are not hers make her loose her babies if she is pregnant.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 4 years ago from USA Author

You're welcome, puppies are born around 57-65 after breeding. best wishes!

Adrianna 4 years ago

Thank u so much for the help. Hopefully she will have it or them soon.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 4 years ago from USA Author

If you cannot afford a vet all you can do is just wait and see and watch for more obvious signs. Best wishes.

Adrianna 4 years ago

Hey, im 15 years old and I have a 2 year old jack russel. She was in heat 2 months ago and I wasn't home. Idk ifshe tied or not and we have a neighbor whose dog gets out a lot. She's showing a lot of signs and I don't have any money to take her to the vet. Im worried about her cuz she is my life. I was feeling her tummy and I felt one lump. Oh ya and this is also her very first litter.

PetCollars profile image

PetCollars 4 years ago from Saint Augustine, Florida

Thanks for the well written hub. I also do appreciate that you post idea like this. Perhaps, there were enormous pet owners that don not even know that their pet is pregnant! Can't wait for your another informative hub.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 4 years ago from USA Author

Yes, a dog can and the result is puppies from different fathers. This is called a multiple sired litter.

dijealjo 4 years ago

Can a dog get pregnant by more than one dog during the same heat cycle?

alexadry profile image

alexadry 4 years ago from USA Author

Here is a link about mastitis, best of luck:

dixie 4 years ago

thank you for your answer though i have never heard of mastitis i will look it up, i rubbed her teats with a warm rag and put some neasporin on her nipples where she has been chewing. i have been trying to reach my vet since 5 pm yesterday when i got home and still trying as of 6 am this morning, i was just learrie of putting anything warm on her titts was not sure if it would make her milk drop faster or not! but thank you again!!

alexadry profile image

alexadry 4 years ago from USA Author

Sounds like mastitis, even though I find it quite unusual before nursing. Warm compresses may help give relief if she allows you, I would have her see the vet as soon as you can.+

dixie 4 years ago

i have breed many labs before and never ran into this problem, my bitch is 40 days today, upon me getting home today, her teats are swollen, hot to the touch and now hard to the inside and she is trying to chew them off, what could this be if anything, i have never ran into this before!

jaidaa 4 years ago

i think my dog is pregnant what should i do?

alexadry profile image

alexadry 4 years ago from USA Author

She is young to have pups, if she is out of the heat cycle you can have her spayed and this will cause abortion. There is an abortion option with estrogen but it may cause complication and should be done within a certain time-frame. Ask your vet about it. I understand the pedigree and all, but breeding should be ultimately left for the pros, here is a helpful hub on seeing if your dog is breeding material. It takes an experienced breeder to ultimately breed and improve the breed. Best wished.

Jedda 4 years ago

Hi my 9 month old kelpie was at my aunts getting babysat while I was on holiday for 2 weeks and when I got back they told me she was on heat and they'd found her with a male pit bull looking dog in their yard 5 days earlier. They never kept record of when she first went on heat and they never even texted me or rang me to tell me when the other dog got in I really don't want her to be pregnant only cause she's so young and is really fine built and so I'm worried about her ability to give birth to them since pit bull kind of dogs are so much stockier build is there a way to abort pups after 6 days? Also the reason I'm worried is that her mum was the same build and when she had my dogs litter she had troubles giving birth and ended up at the vets in the end she had 10 pups but 9 alive as number 4 got stuck really bad and vet had to cut it up to get it out. I don't want my dog spayed cause she's a pedigreed dog with working dog bloodlines and we might be breeding her when shes older. Please help! What's the possibilities of her having trouble giving birth? Oh signs she is showing is she's barely eating and she's really lazy when she's always been super excitable.

shae 4 years ago

I rescued amy neighbors to pits bout 2 wks ago. The female is about 7 yrs and due any day. She is fairly healthy but shows signs of eary stage of mastitis in one of her teats. Her last litter August 2011 she developed mastitis with a gaping hole on side of the teat. He treated it at home. Now she looks like she has it again. I made appt to vet but what can I do aat home until she sees vet? I clearly googled everything and. Know the basics but feel I need to hear it from someone else. She is still pregnant but show signs that labor is around corner. Once she has the pups she will be spayed..

alexadry profile image

alexadry 4 years ago from USA Author

You usually can notice slight change in the nipple appearance (getting darker, slightly bigger) after the second week of pregnancy. So sounds like you are about that time.

Ashley 4 years ago

Hi, my two mini pinschers got stuck 1/18/12 & 1/19/12 I'm hoping she's pregnant and I feel like her nipples are a little bigger but can't tell exactly. Is it to soon to notice signs? Please write back ASAP thank you!!!

alexadry profile image

alexadry 4 years ago from USA Author

Kyla, dog should never be separated when in a tie, this could cause serious injuries. My article posted signs and symptoms, there is really no way to know for sure unless you have the vet confirm it, best wishes!

Heyitsme, same goes with your dog, I wished there was a way to know for sure, false pregnancy and real pregnancy are very similar, the only way is to have the vet diagnose pregnancy, best wishes.

heyitsme 4 years ago

its also her first time being in heat. i'm thinking its a false pregnancy from what i've read but i don't want to rule everything out.

heyitsme 4 years ago

My dog's nipples are HUGE right now! she went into heat on christmas, and she lives with two other female dogs. she used to live with another male dog, but he was fixed. at least we both hope so. i moved her out about two weeks beofre she went into heat. is it possible she's pregnant? or is it a false pregnancy? she got sick yesterday and i'm not sure if she got sick today yet. but my friend said she got fatter lately.

aguilar7 4 years ago

sounds like it....

kyla 4 years ago

my to dogs got tied BUT we kinda pulled them apart but they were tied for 12minutes .....the female has gotton very big and her nipples are big and sagggie do you think she can still be pregnant ..... its been 6 weeks and she wiil only eat a little but is growing rapidley PLEASE WRITE BACK :)

jayruth 4 years ago

my dog is 12 year old how old does a male dog live his name is robot and im 12 year old tooooooo..........

can he live longer

alexadry profile image

alexadry 4 years ago from USA Author

Good to hear! Best wishes, and I would change dog-sitter next time;)

aguilar7 4 years ago

took her to vet today just to make sure... we will be having 4 pups in the next couple of days... Vet said she looks good..pups do to..

alexadry profile image

alexadry 4 years ago from USA Author

Well, at this stage you should be able to determine pregnancy simply by looking at her and you should feel or hear movements in her belly. Some dogs make milk after giving birth. You will very likely know for sure in less than five days. A temperature drop upon reading her rectal temperature is generally suggestive of puppies within 24 hours, best wishes! Here is a helpful hub:

aguilar7 4 years ago

I have a 2yr old min-pin. I left her with a sitter while I was on vacation.the lady left her with her male dog.My female was in heat.. Now 57 days later she is very big, her nipples are also big ,she eats like she is starving.want to lay in my lap . I don't feel anything moving tho. she does not have any milk.. she has never been pregnant...since i don't feel any puppies does that mean she is not pregnact??

alexadry profile image

alexadry 4 years ago from USA Author

If you are concerned, and do not want a litter of pups you can always spay her. It looks like she would be the right age for it. Some dogs do not make good moms when they are bred on their first heat.

ashley 4 years ago

my dog is a rat terrier and i really do not know if she is pregnet i am kinda hopeing she isn't we just got her like 1 1/2 weeks ago and my sister has the dogs sister and my dog lu lu has big pink nippels and her sisters are tiny she is only like 6 months old and when we got her this is how she was

emma 4 years ago

Okay so my female shih tzu .. I believe is prego.. what happened was I bought her from a lady off a classified website and blah blah blah long story short her nipples started getting enlarged and she is very sleepy.. so I email the lady I got her from and asked if there was a chance is may be prego.. She tells me AFTER i buy the dog and have her home for a few weeks that the dog tied with her male shih tzu that she had sold before I bought the female! My question is she is showing signs of pregnancy however her belly isn't as big as i would think it should be is this just because she is a smaller dog or maybe only a few in the litter? Or could it just be a false pregnancy? ..(luckily my aunt is a breeder and i grew up in her house so i have assisted her with litters before.. BUT she breeds american bulldogs and old english bulldogges ).. so my little shih tzu female is a lot different then the big american bulldogs. Should I just prepare for a litter or perhaps visit my vet? or maybe both? lmao just a crazy situation!

alexadry profile image

alexadry 4 years ago from USA Author

Loise and MelM there is really no way to tell for sure if your dogs are pregnant or not. I hoped I could help more! My article addresses signs and when your vet can detect pregnancy.

MelM 4 years ago

Hello there, I have a 4yr old Border Collie with a hint of Husky in her. I found a pure breed male Border Collie for her to mate with. I haven't seen them tie the knot. But we had the male over for 3 days and 2 nights last week and my female was in her 2nd week of her heat. I live in the country with like no neighbors and so I just let my dogs out the door and they always stay in the yard. But the stud and my female took off on the first day and came back 3 hours later, I didn't notice anything unusual about my female. But the next day the two did the same thing but were gone for 5 hours. When they came back my female had a hard time walking and seemed very exhausted. She is always usually hyper and has a lot of energy. I have never seen her like this before. Now this is her first and only time being breed. So could this be a possibility that she could be pregnant?


worried 4 years ago

my puppy is 9 mos she just got this heat stuff her nipples are a lil bigger then the norm and she sleeping a lot she went over to where her parents live and now i don't know if she is pregnant this happened the 22 and 25 of Dec or this just her first heat what do u think she started bleeding on 1 of jan now its going away

alexadry profile image

alexadry 4 years ago from USA Author

Tiffany, if she is in heat now she cannot be pregnant, a pregnant dog does not go into heat. Sounds like she is sick, worth getting her checked out by the vet if it continues.

Betty, the first signs take weeks to notice. A male should never be taken to a female in heat, they get nervous and cannot perform as at home. Females are always brought to male. In any case, I would recommend skipping the mating alltogether, as you both sound like novice to breeding dogs, no offense, but a good breeder takes years to learn about breeding dogs and there are too many backyard breeders nowadays. here's a great read:

Betty 4 years ago

my beagle is in heat we brought over a male to breed her he didn't do anything just acted nervis, so we went in side left them alone well we went back out the male went home with his owner im not sure if anything happened is it to soon to tell or should i still try again?

Tiffany 4 years ago

Hi I have a chocolate lab she is 2 and in her 3 heat. I didn't really notice it till yesterday when she was spotting and swallon. This morning she was throwing up a yellow vomit like when a women gets morning sickness a yellow yoke looking. I felt her stomach but yelped so I didn't bug her anymore. She has also gained lbs but not to where she phased. Her nipples are sticking out to is it possible this. Can be early signs of pregnant

alexadry profile image

alexadry 4 years ago from USA Author

There are no rules set in stone, just as in humans, each dog is different when pregnant. Generally, you should expect the glands underneath her nipples to swell to make room for her baby's milk in the next 3-4 weeks. She should also rapidly start gaining weight in the first few weeks. Pregnancy in dogs lasts 63 days. You will be able to feel the puppy movement during the last week of her pregnancy because that is when the babies are getting into position for birth. Your vet is the best person to determine and confirm pregnancy in your dog.

Amy 4 years ago

I have a pekingese bitch and had her mated 5 times about 2 and a half weeks ago. we have not seen any possible signs of pregnancy yet but around what time would we start to see signs?

alexadry profile image

alexadry 4 years ago from USA Author

Have your vet check her in a few days through palpation and possibly a relaxin test, best wishes.

Sal 4 years ago

i have 31 month old female Rottweiler after her period 3 days later she met with other 1 year old Rottweiler male and they met twice and stuck twice and they make that in round 1 hour so now is 25 days and there is no sign .. what can you say ?

Tracy 4 years ago

Shes a rottycross mastif cross nakeeta she got the pregnancy woddle lol

Tracy 4 years ago

I've worked it out my dog mated about 72 days ago she got milk she's got the pregnancy widely but shown no signs of labour help

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

This article will better help you understand the heat cycle:

However, I am always concerned when people ask me when to breed because it often means they lack knowledge. Breeding yorkies responsibly requires a lot of knowledge and may turn out costly, did you health test your dogs? do you have money to pay for a c-section? did you test them for brucellosis? do you have people signed up already for the pups? did you prepare seller contracts? did you attend shows so to know if your female/male are breeding material? here are 2 helpful guides:

Sincere 5 years ago

Hi. I have a female Yorkie that is 4 months shy of her second birthday. She is in heat and her nipples are a little larger then before. Is it a good idea to mate her now?

Pamyorkie15 5 years ago

My female yorkie is 16 months and it's her second heat is it to soon to breed her with my 3 yr old male yorkie? Pls help

Autumn 5 years ago

My female was on her heat in october, she came into contact with a male, he got on top of her she yelped, right after her heat went away i notice her boobs were growing,

Now as of today her boobs are really sagging, and feels like there is no milk, is she pregnant???

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alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

It is hard to say, I would recommend a vet visit, this will ease your concerns.

shiloh 5 years ago

hi please help! i have a border collie 3 years old and breeded her 14 days ago and in the last 3 days she has been very very restless and eating a lot more and to day she had a reddish brown discharge she also stopped her cycle 5 days early and the was only slip ties 4 or 5 times is she pregnant or is she ill?

RUBEN 5 years ago

my dog ??is seven weeks pregnant and the dark blood pouring waste

Jamie 5 years ago

Can anyone help me I breeded my staffy 2weeks ago and for the last 4days she's been pooping in the house is that normal for her to have week bowels

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alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

congrats Cassie! remember you can figure out when the big day comes by taking her rectal temperature, when it goes down expect pups within 24 hours, here is a helpful hub:

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alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

What breed is she? If she is a large breed this pregnancy may stunt her growth since calcium necessary for bones eventually ends up being used for nursing. Dogs bred on their first heat are also predisposed to not make good mothers,(human girls get their first period at 12 and that does not mean they make good mothers!) however this is not a general rule.I can direct you to a helpful website that can allow you some options:

cassie 5 years ago

well it was confirmed today! she is having puppies have no idea how many but the vet palpated and said yes indeed.

edward 5 years ago

Need info!

My fiancé is nervous. Our dogs got stuck but she is worried our girl hasn't fully formed to full female. She is 9 months now. Is she still able to have babies? Or will there be complications? I figured, if she's in heat than she's able to have babies. What do we do?

thank you

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alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

Cassie, You can feel puppies generally in the last week or so of pregnancy when she is on her side. If it is a small litter it may be hard to feel them. It is best however to not mess around unless you know how to palpate the abdomen without doing harm, best wishes!

me 5 years ago

I can't believe how rude some people are on this. Who are you to tell anyone or judge anyone. Some times the unforseen happens, for instance to get a dog into my vet it takes sometimes months to get an appointment to get an animal spayed or neutered. And its very possible that you could turn your back for two minutes and your dog could end up pregnant. not everyone are irresponsible pet owners.

cassie 5 years ago

Thanks for the response, the more days go by she stays looking on the bigger side. her nipples are hanging down more than normal today. Should you be able to feel puppies?

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

Gareth, the reasons for urinating may be several. It could be she is still in her estrus cycle and therefore is''marking'' so to leave urine around signaling her availability, or it could be she developed a urinary tract infection. I think this may be the case, since you say she never did this before, you should collect a sample and have it checked by the vet.

Cassie: it could very likely be, only time will tell.

cassie 5 years ago

My dog was caught stuck to my male dog in september, Her 65 day comes the wed, after thanksgiving, there are days that she looks big and other days she doesn't. She has been very aggressive about eating around the other dogs, stealing there food. Her nipples are bigger than normal. do you believe she is pregnant?

Gareth 5 years ago

Hi, we've tried to breed our dog (Cavalier King Charles) with a proven stud dog - they didn't tie, however she's been very strange since, in the week since we stopped taking her to the stud dog she has urinated in the house twice (she never does this) and one of the times she did it in her bed, is this normal? Could she have got pregnant?

Thalia 5 years ago

Can a female chihuahua get pregnant from a yellow labrador?

Benny 5 years ago

Thank you for the advice :)

Hannah 5 years ago

Thank you so much. This was very helpful!

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alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

Sounds like she is very likely pregnant, just need to rule out a false pregnancy. Your vet is the best source to confirm or rule out a pregnancy. Best wishes!

Hannah 5 years ago

I have a female chihuahua and a male chihuahua They had gotten stuck a few times, And now her Nipples are a little bigger, And her front ones are Hanging when she stands. Also she Ha sbeen wanting my attetion a lot and has been more aggressive with other dogs. She also has been hungrier more than usual. Is she pregnant?

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alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

It would be great if it was so easy to tell! The cycle will continue regardless.

benny 5 years ago

My female lab has been tie to a male lab within the yellowish stage of heat. Will she stop bleeding if she is pregnant or will she go on to finish her cycle?? Cheers.

Fran 5 years ago


Thanks again for your **links and your information**. **You have been a lot of help.** You have explained alot of things and you have done it more than once. You have made the information clear.

I have black pugs. I want to breed to a black out of black.

My Bebe was due, but has not had any.(good) She was cought on her last day of her first heat.

I am so thankful she is not having pups yet. She is still just a baby her self.

Thanks again for all of your information and links.

Courtney 5 years ago

I did not know my meltese was pregant, I took sophie to the vet and they told me that she pregant

zoe 5 years ago

Thank you for the informative hub. I have a 3 yr old doggie which I had mated twice 3 days apart. Both male and female are registered, healthchecked etc. I took her to the vets for an ultrasound which was 29 days from first mating. Nothing was found, but they said that there could maybe be 1 hiding but not likely. Has anyone had experience of this as I want to get her onto the correct diet etc within a couple of weeks if she is pregnant. Any help would be appreciated, thanx.

noeli 5 years ago

im not to sure for that fact that my dog is spayed and yet she might be pregnant. there were complictions during the spayed procedure that's what scares me.

Bea 5 years ago

Just for info. With all those symptoms my dog was/is having a fully blown phantom pregnancy. Very sad, but will try again next time and then get her spayed. Scan showed her uterus had never had pups in it....preferable to her losing some. Bea

Bea 1974 5 years ago

Hi there,

My dog (English Springer Spaniel) was mated on three occasions following the 11th August and is now on day 63 of the gestation. At 3 weeks her nipples enlarged quite significantly and steadily continued until now where she is lactating and has swollen ridges of mammory running between them. At 5/6 weeks I heard for what I was confident to be a heartbeat of around 2 beats per second and felt movement on the opposite side from a mass just beneath her left rib cage. At this point I could feel another similar mass under her right ribs and one more on the left half way down her abdomen. In the following days these 'masses' disappeared and I guessed that they were still moving in and out of the rib cage area. I went to the vet to get her palpated and she could not feel anything but said that there was a chance that she was carrying her first litter up high and that it was a small litter. About 3 days later the three masses reappeared and I felt movement once more from the top two. (She has remained very slim thoughout but is a long dog. In the last few days she has barely eaten. - what I have assumed was a sign that labour was approaching, and the 3 masses have once again disappeared and her tummy, although firm, feels empty. As I said, she is lactating and is showing normal onset signs including discharge yesterday. Her movement is still normal but then she seems to be carrying little weight if any. ....what I really need to know before I go and clock myself in to the loony bin, is, is there a chance that even at this stage, because she is not eating, therefore her stomache is not taking up any space, that her puppy/s might be merryily living in her rib cage cavity, or am I just kidding myself?? - also what was I feeling when I felt so sure there were puppies. I thought I had eliminated all other possibilities -ie digestion/ bitches own pressure point heartbeats..... Thank you in advance. Bea

Fran 5 years ago


Thanks for your links and your information. You have been a lot of help. You have explained a lot of things and you have done it more than once. You have made the information clear.


I need a new veterinarian.

Katt 5 years ago

what is palpating the abdomen and can I do that myself?

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

Cait, you will have to have a vet examine your dog's urine to determine if there is a urinary tract infection.

Staci, unfortunately, there is no way I can tell if she is pregnant. You will have to have a vet see her.

Fran, it is best to inquire with the vet first before going to the appointment as their services vary. Ask prior if they can determine pregnancy, the receptionist should have inquired more on how long ago she mated and then tell you when to take her.

According to Web Md ''Abdominal X-rays will show fetal bone structure at about day 45. X-rays are used as an alternative to ultrasonography, to distinguish among pregnancy, false pregnancy, and pyometra, and to estimate the size of the litter. X-rays should be avoided in early pregnancy, because the radiation could adversely affect the developing embryos before 45 days.''

By palpating the abdomen, a veterinarian can tell by the 28th day after the last breeding whether a bitch is pregnant. The embryos can be felt as evenly spaced swellings about the size of walnuts in the average-size dog.

Fran 5 years ago

1. I am concerned about the health of both mom and puppies, I want both to stay and be born healthy.

You stated earlier “X-rays may detect puppies skeletons 45 days post breeding. Puppies heartbeats may as well be heard via stethoscope 25(28) days post-breeding.

I went to the vet today, and they told me they could not tell me… if my dog was PG or not.. I would have to come back for X-ray when she was 55 days… ??? An ultra sound would cost $$ but would not tell me how many. Puppies.. they acted like they did not want to do that either.

So I still do not know if she is PG.. and at 55 days!!! I guess I will.. know soon enough..( I’ll save the $200.00+) and wait and see.

I gave them the date she was caught Aug 31.. She is due on Oct 29- Nov. 2.

**So I left the same way I went in, only a little lighter in the wallet. **

Staci 5 years ago

i think My pitbul/rat-terrier is pregnant.

her nipples have enlarged.

and she has loose skin in the lower part of her stomach and i can feel kind of a sack there...? can she possibly be pregnant? she likes to be in the backyard but ive never seen any males by her..

Cait 5 years ago

My 6 1/2 old shihtzu had been in heat and was past the bleeding phase, when our young male got hooked up with her. Now 3 weeks later she has to pee every 2-3 hours, not like her at all. She's been peeing all over the house.. and when she goes outside she pees multiple times, even though I don't think she is really getting anything out at that point. My question is : is this common after a dog gets hooked up? Is it a symptom of pregnancy? Or is it more likely a urinary tract infection?

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

There is really no way for me to tell if your dogs are pregnant, the signs are listed in my article, but really only a vet could tell by palpating your dog's abdomen as early as 28 days post breeding to feel possible embryos by ultrasound or by a relaxin blood test. Best wishes to all!

tina 5 years ago

i have a little dog that was in heat she got with my male and they got tied 3 time but each time it was only for a min. or two could she still have gotten preg. thanks

Latrisa W. 5 years ago

By our calculations she is due to whelp around 10/11/11.

Latrisa W. 5 years ago

Hi. I am a first time breeder, who up until recently was almost totally reliant on my mentoring breeder who has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. With her help, I recently bred my female yorkie to another male yorkie from the breeder. However,I am having a hard time detecting a regular pregnancy or phantom pregnancy. She's showing all of the signs, she even has a small bulge in the abdomen, but she is not as big as I have seen some pregnant yorkie bellies. they were bred on 8/8/11-8/13/11 with a number of ties. my question is could she still be pregnant even if her belly is not super large?

Jane Higgs 5 years ago

Hi there, my black labrador (Lexie) was mated on the 6th October with a lovely stud dog (Duke) they had two slip ties and a tie lasting around 25mins. We took her to the vets on 3rd September for an ultrasound, but they couldn't see anything. Is it two early to tell? I honestly thought that because of the tie she would be pregnant, so it was dissappointing that they didn't see anything. The vet has asked us to take her back in two weeks as she may be a slow developer. She hs changed since the tie, she has become much calmer and seems to rest a lot more, her appetite has increased also. Should we be optomistic?

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

Penny, how do you know she is no longer in season? no longer interested in the male? no more discharge?

Abon, repeated ties with a few days in between (during which the male's sperm regenerates) offer good chances of pregnancy, best wishes!

abon26 5 years ago

so my maltese was in heat and i caught her locked w/my toy chiwawa on her 8-10th day of bleeding and then again 2-3 days there a big chance she is pregnant?

penny 5 years ago

hi iv a v health 2 and a half year old rottie ( she is my 8 stone baby )i bread her last wednesday on the 15 day of her season they only tied once 4 about 7/8mins but as of thursday afternoon she is no longer in season is this because the matting was sucsesful of do i need 2 pop 2 vets with her she has had 5 seasons b4 and each lasted 21/23 day so 4 her just 2 stop on her 16 day is v strange plz plz help

Fran 5 years ago

I have not seen any one ask about nutrition for the pregnant female, for health puppies,

taym243 5 years ago

my dog is a 2 years old female chihuahua which mated with a 5 years old male Pomeranian they stayed tied for 6-7 times each 2-3 minutes do u think my dog will get pregnent

taym23 5 years ago

my dog is a 2 years old Chihuahua which mated with a 5 years old male Pomeranian they stayed tied 4 to 5 times each 3 to 4 minutes do u think she can get pregnent

Yelhsa 5 years ago

I was wondering if you could help. I have a two year old chihuahua and jack russell mix. She was in our year yesterday and when I when to let her in I found her locked with another. I didn't know what or what not to do. They ended about 10 minutes later ( it felt like in hour). I brought her in and now she is acting so different. She ended up peeing twice on our sofa and all over the house. She looks sleep but kinda on edge. What is going on?? Its now 4:30 and she just had another accident on my bed. Is she in some kind of pain?

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

A tie is not a guarantee of pregnancy so as a lack of tie or short tie is not a guarantee of not getting pregnant. It is therefore possible she is pregnant.

trey 5 years ago

my dog got stuck with my friends dog, but they was only stuck like for some seconds, but they where mating for like 2days before they got stuck, so is it possible that she maybe be pregnant?

Tina 5 years ago

My dog ran out a couple of months ago and with a two year old running around the house, I didn't think much of it once she was home safe and sound. However, we came home tonight and she's got a dark red/clear discharge and she's definitely pregnant. The discharge has me concerned but, knowing from her size that she's pregnant I don't want to panic just yet.Is this just the starting stage or should I call the vet now-was hoping not to have to call until we got a little further along.

Heather 5 years ago

This was informative but not helpful for me. I believe my dog is pregnant it was not a planned pregnancy if so but no regrettable either since I should have kept a better eye on her, but she is very good and keeping herself clean when in heat and for a while she was running off when let out. Now she eats and drink in large amounts often, her stomach is growing larger, and she seems to struggle to breath like she is always trying to catch her breath, I thought she went into heat a few weeks ago but am unsure, beside going to the vet is there any other way I can tell if she is pregnant. I don't want to do anything that may harm possible puppies like her biweekly flee bath and monthly treatment.

jess 5 years ago

My dogs hooked up for good amounts of time overtime. But she leaked sperm is that normal or no?

Jen 5 years ago

My dog is in heat and tied about 4 different times but the ties did not last very long what's the likely hood of her being pregnant

Tams 5 years ago

Hi Alexadry - This is a health question regarding a Jack Russell bitch given to me by a friend who was shipped overseas with the Natl Grd. The dog is now 2 years old, but became pregnant as a puppy in her first heat. I was told that she gave birth to one very large stillborn pup and left it at the back door on the porch. The male was a large basset/beagle mix. I mentioned puppy rape to my friend, but he thought the mix (when she was grown) would result in a cute litter. Now that I own her, I am having the poor girl spayed. Doc says she's fine now, but would you please mention some of the pitfalls of allowing 'cute litters' from very small/young bitches and huge bogs, and her future health as a result of going through with it? My friend swears he didn't even know she was preggo until he found the dead puppy on back doorstep. I didn't buy into that and sent him off to war with a guilt trip.

anthony 5 years ago

Ok my dog wass in heatt and she gott tied twicee with my malee dog and her nipples got a little bigger and her stomach a little bigger then usuall what do this mean and she sleeping alot

steph 5 years ago

My sister's english bulldog is pregnant by her american bulldog will the english bulldog b ok?!!!!

Ami 5 years ago

My bitch got stuck with a male 3 times whilst she was on heat she's one and half years old and a staff. I'm thinking if she's pregnant she's around 4 weeks she's not put a massive amount of weight on but her nipples are bigger and look like they have milk forming. She had a fake pregnancy on her last season but she didn't go near any males. Her nipples look like they were in her fake preg but she isn't leaking milk like her fake preg. She's eating n drinking well but is sleeping a lot but apart from that shes her usual happy self. Iv Hurd that they don't put a lot of weight on until their 7 week of pregnancy does she sound pregnant to you? Thanks

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

First of all, females should go to a male's home because males perform better in their own surroundings. Second, if he left it is most likely because she went out of heat but usually when a female goes out of heat the male still stays a while even though the female will not allow him to mount. If they were introduced at the best time, the male would try to mate, while the female prefers to flirt and play, after playing then the actual mating takes places followed by a ''tie'' where they are stuck to each other for several minutes. A tie makes pregnancy often more likely. I would suggest some good books about breeding as it takes a lot more effort than just planning a date. Males and females especially great danes, need assistance during mating as they may encounter difficulties and panic when stuck, this can be very dangerous for the male. It is really too early to tell if she is pregnant yet, but I would have her see a vet if she is still not eating. Loss of appetite is often seen in females in heat but it should only be temporary.

Jordana 5 years ago

My great dane recently went in heat and we decided to attempt to breed her with our neighbors dane. We have treated it like if it happens then great but we were not going to go out of our way to make it happen. Well when she came in heat he moved to our house on his own. He had been there for about a week and then all of a sudden he just left. I haven't seen him around for two days now and my dog has been acting strange. She is not eating normally just kind of pushes her food around with her nose and she seems to be sleeping all the time. I did not wittnes them doing the deed but I am wondering could this be a sign that she may be pregnant. I know its really too early to tell and we were looking at this like a if it happens it happens sort of thing but now Im so excited by the idea its killing me. Is it normal for him to just lose interest once he got what he wanted or could she have done something to make him lose interest. Is her sleepiness and loss of appetite part of her heat cycle or could it be a sign of pregnancy. I know i should be patient and wait and see but like i said Im just dying to know!

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

I personally think she may have a health problem that may require medical attention more than anything else. How old is she? There are always risks of pyometra in dogs that are not spayed. However, it could also be a fake pregnancy. Can somebody have her seen by a vet to be on the safe side?

jls07 5 years ago

i just noticed my dogs stomach getting a little bigger and it feels like underneath her nipples it is swelled like getting milk pouches of some sort, but theres no milk. Shes alos been having diahrea and dosent seem to be feeling very well. She constantly wanting to be near me as close as she can get. But i am also pregnant and expecting any day now. Could this have something to do with her behavior or could she possibly be pregnant herself??? -jls07

lulu 5 years ago

we are unsure if she got stuck as we left her at a kennels to be mated. we can always try again when she next comes into season

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

Sounds more like a phantom pregnancy. Did she mate and got stuck in a tie with another dog? A tie makes pregnancy much more likely in dogs.

lulu 5 years ago

she is collecting toys and growling at the cats when they are near. She is due today, so unless she is late, i dout she is pregnant.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

What signs are you seeing? What makes you think it is a phantom pregnancy?

lulu 5 years ago

i think my do is having a phantom pregancey, does this mean that there is still a chance of her being pregnant as she has been mated.

ausker 5 years ago

My dogs were tied almost five weeks ago towards the end of the female's heat cycle. Up until a few days I couldn't tell any difference in her physical shape, then she suddenly popped out. Her belly is now noticeably swollen and her teats a little pinker than usual. Everyone on here seems to mentions that their dog sleeps a lot during pregnancy. Mine is just the opposite - she has more energy now than she did before. Is this normal?Also, she seems to have forgotten her house-training. I would expect her to have less control over her bladder, but her bowels too? Please tell me this will pass.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

It is hard to tell as there are no guarantees. Keep an eye on her for the first potential signs!

daisy 5 years ago

Could my dog be pregnant because she got stuck twice

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

These are not signs of pregnancy these are signs of a sick dog. Yes the weight increase may be due to pregnancy but her vomiting blood and sleeping all the time is not related to pregnancy. please have her seen by a vet. One concern in unspayed females is pyometra.

macy 5 years ago

hey, my yorkie is acting weird we lett her out during the day but i don't know if she did or not. last night she volmited blood and sleeps a lot she has weighd 3 pounds now she weighs 5 pounds any sugjestions ??

kelly 5 years ago

hi i have a male and femal shihtzu they was stuck 3 times 30days ago she just sleeps allthe time and keeps licking me and her nipples have got bigger do you think she might be having babys :)

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

Sue, dogs like to do some role-playing, it is normal for female to hump the male playfully before allowing him to mount, if the tied the chances are good but there are no guarantees.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

Chev, mating every other day may up the chances for pregnancy. A tie ups the chances too.

Sue 5 years ago

What I meant was she would stand for him and then she would get on him a hump him. She let him tie with her. they tied for 10 minutes.

are her chances of being pregnant high??

sue 5 years ago

My dog tied a week ago. She was still bleeding a bit when she tied.

Could she still get pregnant while bleeding?

she stood for the make and was humping him, weird. Was she telling him she was ready by trying to mount him??? please help me!

Chev 5 years ago

Hi I have a Staffy and she was has just been put with another staffy and they have locked on they where with each other for 24 hrs, this only happened a day ago but a friend of mine said coz she is still bleeding a little bit that we might have to do it again. Is there a good chance that she will be pregnant? they have locked on and been with each other. Any help would be great cheers.

jackie 5 years ago

Hello can someone give me their opiniin i bred my german shorthaired pointer she had tied and i know she has pups because i feel movement she is 8 weeks today her nipples are huge and she has gotten bigger(she is normally very thin and musular) but she isn't huge is that common for her breed i was told her breed the pups carry high in the ribs

neoyyf profile image

neoyyf 5 years ago from UK

Nichola and Gillian - Go for an Xray. Vets can sometimes miss heartbeats on ultrasounds. An Xray will ALWAYS show if there are puppies or not if done at least after 45 days of gestation (otherwise nothing will show up because puppies will not have developed bones yet). I would recommend doing Xray after 50 days though so that the bones comes up more visibly. At 45 days the bones are a little faint. All the best.

gillian 5 years ago

my gsd bitch is on her 49th day from mating. all signs of pregnancy, from morning sickness to weight gain and udder/nipples reddening, appetite increased a lot this week and sleepy and very clingy. glowing with health so I know she is not ill. ultrasound showed nothing at 41 days, so if a phantom pregnancy i am worried that she may go into 'fake' labour - how will i know the difference, and could ultrasound be wrong, several breeders have seen her and believe she is pregnant? any others experienced either phantom pregnancy or wrong ultrasound?

Sabrina 5 years ago

@Sam - Yes she can get pregnant, no it is not ethical or moral to breed a dog in the first heat, they are still babies themselves. Separate the brother and sister until she is out of heat. You do not want inbred puppies either. HTH

Sam  5 years ago

My Chihuahua is in its first Heat period! She is 7 months old and I have her chihuahua male brother with her ? What should I do ? And can she get pregnant

nichola 5 years ago

Thank you neoyyf. That's the bit i don't understand she is quite a big yorkie but has got all the signs of being in pup she has bulked up and her udders are forming really dnt know what to think

neoyyf profile image

neoyyf 5 years ago from UK

Nichola - She should be showing now, as in her belly should be hard and swollen (do not poke her belly at this time but you can feel gently with palms). If she is a small yorkie she should show 2 weeks before birth even if there is just one puppy. I don't like ultrasound scans because they are not accurate, I only do Xrays after 45days of gestation so that their bones show up and then you can count the number of skulls. However, an xray wont tell you if a puppy is alive or not, but at least it gives good indication of sizes each puppies to minimise caesarean. It is a must for first time bitches and breeds prone to caesareans.

Nichola 5 years ago

HI my Yorkie bitch was served on the 12th of june and again on the 14th which was her 11th and 12th day.She was also caught by a bichon on the 15th day. She went for a scan 2 wks ago but the vet said she couldn't make out if it was pups so did another one today, for the vet to once again tell me that he couldn't find anything she is showing all the signs of being pregnant from gaining weight to having udders forming is there any chance of her being in pup dispite the vet not being able to find them???

Gary 5 years ago

My female staff has saggy teats can anyone answer it as she has not been near a male dog and not got out once we have a 15 week old male staff pup but hes to young

Jayson 5 years ago

Tiffany,There is a huge chance that your dog is pregnant.

a dog will only allow a male to mate with her if she is fertile. the only thing you need to do is take care of your dog for now, visual signs of pregnancy occurs after 6 weeks.

don't worry just continue to take care of your dog and be prepared. :)

shell 5 years ago

I let my 8 and half month dog who is in season into the garden on her own last night while i was in the kitchen she came into season on tues my vet told me to let her have her 1st season then get her spayed so she was in the garden 4 about 20 mins and i heard her barking and jumping abut i went out and a dog had got in i don't know how because i have a 6 foot fence around but i shouted at them and my dog came in but how will i know if they mated or not i have been so careful when taking her 4 a walk and this happens in my garden i am going to ring vets tom but just wondered if anyone could give me some info she had a prolapse at 7 wks old and had to have 2 ops and she was really ill vets didn't think she would pull through so this is really worrying me.

darren 5 years ago

Thanks for the balanced non-judgemental article. Too many these days are willing to persecute and judge people without thinking. Very balanced and informative.

tiffany 5 years ago

hi can someone help me out. my labrador tied on the 11th day after her heat began. they were stuck for about 15mins. that was 30 days ago, she's showing a few signs, her nipples are a little bigger, she's sleeping a lot more, she's swollen and today she had a long stringy clear discharge.. is she pregnant and should i be worried?

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alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

I must admit I am not a breeder, I have worked for a vet but have never really bred. I can quote you though what I have found from an expert veterinarian on the topic.

''The average bitch is most fertile from days 8 through 15 of heat, counting day 1 as the first day vaginal bleeding was noticed. Many dogs may be successfully bred by introducing the female to the male when she has been in heat about 7 days, and allowing breeding every other day while the female allows the male to mount and the male is interested.''

The day in between helps the sperm rebuild and therefore more likely to impregnate.

Here is the link:

Keep in mind though that every heat is different..

Hope this helps, my very best wishes!

Jayson 5 years ago

thanks alexandry.. :) yey! puppies are so adorable

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neoyyf 5 years ago from UK

Hi Alexadry thank you for your hub, its absolutely brilliant! I am an experienced breeder, but I have come across something unusual in my bitch this season and was wondering if you could add some of your thoughts about it.

Everyone knows that the female swells and bleeds at pretty much the same time when the heat cycle begins. When I bred this particular bitch the first time 3 years ago, I used a stud service and just took her to the stud's house on the 13th day of swelling, and the result was 4 beautiful puppies. That was my first canine breeding and so I don't quite remember how she bled etc...

Last year I decided to get my own stud and he is absolutely brilliant because he only mounts when they are ovulating and never before or after (unlike some stud who will pester and chase the bitch relentlessly). This meant that I did not need to count the days until my other bitches were ready and let them get on with it, and obviously when tied, I would hold the bitch still to stop them doing crocodile rolls. (Please be aware that I only allow the bitch to get pregnant at the right age and only once a year).

The litter last year was again 4 puppies but I did not get the colours that I had hoped for (I was going for white puppies).

Now this year I want to try another stud so I have waited a whole year (in the meantime bringing her health to optimum) and the long awaited heat arrived.

I noticed swelling and noted this on the calender and waited until she was ready. But something strange happened. She was swollen but did not bleed at all until the 7th day of swelling! When she did bleed, it was quite heavy and stopped today on the 12th which is the pinkish tan colour. There is no way that I could have missed her bleeding because for these past few days I have been checking and rechecking and having her on my lap constantly so that she doesn't mate with my own stud.

I had booked the stud for the 9th day but had to cancel last minute. She was very receptive to my own stud, and actually tied with my other male for 5mins (who was neutered last year -a first for me!) 3 days ago.

So my question is, should I have taken her to the stud on the 9th even though she was bleeding heavily and then again on the 13th, or what I am doing now is fine which is taking her on the 13th and again on the 16th? Bear in mind I can only take her for 2 visits as that is what I am paying for..

I was going to buy ovulation test strips for dogs, but my laptop charger was chewed up by a visiting dog and I couldn't buy it time! But I cant really blame that dog because it was silly of me not to have bought it well in advance!

Any thoughts on this would be extremely helpful and I hope that sharing my experience would help others too!

Sally 5 years ago

Thank you for all your help, my dog was in pup, she had 5 little girls and 1 boy, 6 all together. she is being a good mum!

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alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

Congrats! saw your message only wishes!

Jayson 5 years ago

my dog gave birth already with 3 adorable healthy puppies.. :) good luck to all of us

Jayson 5 years ago

The puppies inside my precious dog is moving a lot this days.. then suddenly my dog just lay down on the couch could this be a sign that she's going into labor already? BTW its the 59th day of her pregnancy from the first stud

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alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

Yes, all you really can do is wait and see, as only tests done by your vet can be helpful at this point. You should work on the stress part, as she may need to see the vet after whelping or any other time for shots and health checks. Here is a helpful link:

Jess 5 years ago

my bitch should be around 7-8 weeks into pregnancy. im a 1st time breeder. planned matings a week apart. her 1st was 6th april on her 11th day of heat. shes a 3yr american bully will be her 1st litter. her 4 back nipples are saggy but these are the only changes in her. shes always been a picky eater etc so no appetite changes. she gets really, really stressed. continuous panting vomiting and constant salivating etc when travelling so im not keen on taking her to a vet and cause stress to her or pups if she is carrying them! do you think she is judging by her nipples or am i just getting my hopes up? (she and the stud are totally health checked registered etc hes won top male 3 years running with great lines. they're from the same breeder, not related from 2 different dams and sires. he has produced a litter or 3 before) Do i just wait and see? i have had her on the diet her breeder uses since 4 weeks with scrambled eggs chicken rice beef etc and have her whelping box in place. should i just hold out and wait?

Jayson 5 years ago

My baby is no 39 days pregnant and now her tummy is starting to get huge.. ^_^ I'm so excited to see her puppies.. I want to ask again what could be the signs that she's going to need a c-section? She's a Chihuahua that's why I'm a little worried for her safety thanks.. :)

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alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

Pregnancy can cause some behavior changes but she sounds more sick than pregnant if she is so lethargic. A male that age MAY be fertile but his sperm count would be lower than a fully mature adult.

brownenufftoo 5 years ago

I have a pitt bull 1 1/2 yrs old. she sleeps all the time and not as active as she normally be. we have a male pitt bull but he is only 6 months? Can the 6 month male get my female that's 1 1/2 yrs old pregnant. My female have gained weight her nipples have increase and she vomits from time to time... no food comes out just a fluid vomit form. the nipples in the back hang low and they are pink and look like a white tip. I can't afford a vet bill at this time.

Goldi 5 years ago

Please, concerned and hopeful dog owners: if you think your bitch is pregnant, take her to the vet to confirm it. A very serious uterine infection called Pyometra can have similar symptoms to pregnancy. If it is not caught in time, it is almost always fatal. Pyo, as it is called for short, usually occurs at some point after the bitch is finished ovulating. It can happen whether or not the bitch is pregnant, and can also occur after she has whelped a litter. If you want to own an intact (un-spayed) bitch, do right by her and educate yourself about the canine estrus cycle, whelping, genetics, and especially, Pyometra. Google it and you will find plenty of important information that may save your bitch's life someday. Knowing the pittfalls, you may want to choose to spay her, which is a very sensible choice if you don't have to breed her.

Don't take chances with your bitch's life. I have an intact female and take her to reproductive vet for an ultra-sound after every season regardless of whether she tied with my male dog or not (and I am extremely careful that she doesn't even get the chance unless I ever decide to do a planned breeding), just to make sure she is neither pregnant nor has pyo. She is precious to me and I would never risk her life over the cost of a visit to the vet. Please be sensible and remember to use the internet as just a starting place for advice and information, but never use it as a substitute for quality veterinary care.

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alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

Veronica 5 years ago

Yes it wasn't planned but if she I will do my best to comfort her. She is a new addition to our family and this was so unexpected. How long before she will show signs of pregnancy if she is pregnant.

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alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

Yes, there are still chances for pregnancy no matter how long a lock lasts for. If these are unwanted puppies I would suggest to get her spayed, Chihuahuas are prone to difficult births and c-sections, here is a helpful article:

Veronica 5 years ago

My chihuahua is in her 7th day of heat and I found her locked with a male. She was not locked for long less then five minutes is there still a high chance she can get pregnant.

Jayson 5 years ago

thanks :) I will take my dog to her vet this week also to help me about my dog's diet during her pregnancy. ^_^

Good luck to all breeders and pet lovers out there :)

Sally 5 years ago

Thanks heaps for the help, i will let you know if my girl has puppies or not! i hope she dose as she and he are both wonderful dogs and we already have people lined up for a pup!

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alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

Jayson, Your vet may palpate your dog's abdomen as early as 28 days post breeding to feel possible embryos. However, an ultrasound may be a more accurate test, actually this test may even help determine how many puppies your dog is expecting.

Relaxin (a special substance produced only during pregnancy) can also be detected as early as in the first 21-25 days through an endocrinological test. This may be available at your vet's office or you can find a kit online. However, the kit may be challenging to use unless you have a way to separate the plasma in order to be tested.

X-rays may detect puppies skeletons 45 days post breeding. Puppies heartbeats may as well be heard via stethoscope 25 days post-breeding.

Call your vet and let them know you want to test for pregnancy, they can give you more details, best wishes!

Jayson 5 years ago

when should I take my dog to her vet? She mated 21 days ago.. but I'm confuse because she is still energetic and playful but not as much as she usually do. she's a 2 years old chihuahua, I'm a first time breeder, we all treat her as a baby around here that's why we are all very concerned.

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alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

It is difficult to say, just as it is almost as difficult to say if a woman will get pregnant after a night of passion. Of course, if she mated at the right time of the heat and tied with the male, the chances are higher. Some breeders find that mating every other day from the 7th day of heat until the female is interested heightens the chances, here is a helpful link: Best wishes!

Brittney 5 years ago

My dog mated with a male yesterday. We witnessed a tie for about 20-30 mins. What are her chances of being pregnant?

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alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

LBKmom4life, happy you have a new mom, best wishes and thank you for the update!

Sally, chances are high if you witnessed a tie, the changes may really suggest she is pregnant, but there are no ways of telling for sure, unless she sees a vet to confirm it at the early stages, best wishes!

LbkMom4life  5 years ago

About 9 weeks ago I first asked about my dog being pregnant. It turns out she was and she had her babies today. She had 3 and two passed away which I named Precious & Starla they were girls, the 3rd puppy is still alive and doing great. His name is Grayson. Both Kloe and Grayson are doing fine. Just thought I'd give an update. Thank you for your help Alexadry.

Sally 5 years ago

My dog got tied with my male around 20-25 days ago.She has only been eating a little bit and her nipples have got a bit bigger and she may have even lost some fur round them. She has also got a bit different in her behavior. She has got more clam and loves a pat, instead of playing with the other dogs. Shes also gets tired easy. She i was just wondering, do you think she is in pup?


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alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

No offense, but do you have money to possibly pay for a Cesarean section? A high amount of Chihuahuas require a C-section to deliver. She may be pregnant, but not even professional dog breeders are able to ensure this, only time will tell. Why would you breed a Chihuahua with a Yorkie? Mixed breed puppies have a harder time to find a is a helpful link;

jessica 5 years ago

ihave a minature chichuha she is 2 she got hooked for 25mibuy then 15min then 5min then a fewmin so i think she is pregnant what r my chanches and she was willing to let the male toy yorkie how many puppies do u think shed have

chibi718 5 years ago

i really don't know what will happen to my dog... her nipple is bigger than usual and but still in menstrual stage ...but her vagina is also bigger than usual.....what does it mean?!....pls...i really need help!

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alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

I am having a hard time understanding what the question is. Are you asking if she was in heat? If she allowed the male to mount with no much fuss, she very likely was in ''standing heat'' the time dogs are most fertile. The fact you have not noticed her bleeding could be she was overly clean and licked the blood away. When dogs are most fertile, their bloody discharge will become a light pink to straw color. Here is a hub about the heat cycle:

Most male dogs will still be interested in the female once the heat is over, but the female will be disinterested.

Nia 5 years ago

Also this was only 8 days ago and all the other boy dogs hang around her cage when they are in the run. they did this too our last dog, who was definitely on heat, but we didn't breed her.there has also been lots of dingoes at night, with happens when we have dogs on heat, but don't worry, they can't get to her as we have a run around the dog cages and she is locked up, but ran with the other girls when i am there.


Nia 5 years ago

we own working dogs and one of our male got out with with our girl, who we thought was on heat. she was not bleeding, but was swollen, and the boy dog got right on, which he dose not do to any of our other dogs. they got tied too. We were going to breed them, so it is ok that they breed, but was she on heat. we have people who want the pups, so we aren't over populating the world with dogs. i just want to know if she was on heat, she is around 2 and it is her 4th heat.

kirstypompom 5 years ago

thankyou ever so much ill keep u informed of how i get on and i would like to breed pomeranians but am weary as they r a toy dog i already have 1 that's not pure i want to get her a female pure ped to be friends with as dogs live in packs and its unfair when i pop out and she left alone x

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alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

And you are right to be concerned with the pet over population problem and ill breedings causing temperamental and health problems to perpetuate. There are ample books out there covering the subject, but unfortunately a book will not suffix if your goal is to breed responsibly. Choose a breed you like, attend dog shows, purchase a show quality dog from a reputable breeder that can mentor you along the process. I would say it takes several years to learn about genetics, hereditary faults, etc. Even myself as a dog trainer and owner of Rottweilers would love to breed but still, I think it takes a lot of time to learn the ropes, so will wait until I have a full understanding about how to better the breed before even thinking about it seriously.

These hubs will give you an idea of what it may take to breed responsibly:

I believe should sell some good dog first aid kits, best wishes!

kirstypompom 5 years ago

i am actually very worried about a lot of ppl on this site good job alexadry is available to help, i am wanting to become a breeded and i want to do it properly if there are any books available that you can recommend as i want to know all the facts i have read every post on here and its alarming ppl are getting there dam pregnant then asking questions later hope not to offend anyone as i aint going to have ago but surely they reasise that a lot of care and attention need to be payed to the soon to be mother and her babies i do not believe in aborting the unborn pups i think its great that you are available to help i am not worried about my dams health but would like your advise on the best way of learning about breeding properly i have found so much info on the internet but i don't think its enuf as i want the best for my dam and her puppies and help you offer will greatly be appreciated also i was wanting a first aid kit complete if you no where i can purchace one thankyou for your time and good luck to all the other ppl on here and i guess everyone has to start somwhere x

carley-d- 5 years ago

hi can anyone tell me if a small amout of yellowish dis-charge 15 days after a "sucsesfull" tie is normal?... shes happy n healthy otherwise although off her brekkie slightly today but this is somethimes normal (she likes to eat when She wants 2 eat :)

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alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

A dog's pregnancy last 63 days more or less. She may have had her babies and is keeping them some place she feels safe. The gold ball thing you have seen may have been the placentas. I really cannot tell where the babies may be, could a predator have gotten to them? in some rare cases, if the babies are unhealthy she may have eaten them.

Worried 5 years ago

My dog was reciently pregnant but when I wine up one night at 4:30am I noticed a lot if bleeding, and my dog was scratching the bedroom door trying to come in. But we never let her In, she knows better but hen I acually looked at her her stomach was back to normal, she wasn't pregnant anymore, so when I tried to look for the babies all I found wan a lot of blood and A mucousy thing that looked kinda like a little oval size golf ball or something. What's wrong with her? Did she have her babies alread, or did she have them before they were suppose to be born. She was pregnant for about a month or two by the time I noticed.

darbs 5 years ago

please if anyone can help i have a 2yr old westie who just sleeps all the time next to the heater has ate very little in 4 days, pees a lot more we took her to the vets and he said she is fine and healthy it's worrying me as she never done this before and was sick yesterday just bile though as she not eating any help would be great xx

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alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

One of the best way to tell what breed your puppies are is to have them undergo a Heritage tests, you can read more about this below:

yankandreb 5 years ago

Oh I forgot... Other than being pure black with tan on mussle, eyebrows, and has a white shaped star on his chest and the other one has a whte shaped double triangle and he has on one foot 5 whitish tips on his tippy toes. :)

yankandreb 5 years ago

My little female 5 yr old Minature Norwegian White Spitz was stuck (tied) to my less than a year pure bred Yorkie Male (we were planning on getting her fixed; cause she sometimes runs out the door or digs under the fence and comes back a few hours later). Anyway after they were stuck,..2 weeks or so later she got out for 2 hours.

She just dropped 2 puppies on March 2nd. We had absolutely no idea she was pregnant. she did not get fat and her nipples didn't get big. Even now that she is producing milk they aren't big or look swollen.

I'm concerned if she got pregnant from our Yorkie (they look exactly like baby yorkies. but if you look up 4 week old rotweilers they look the same.

The only difference is from what I've read is Rotweiler puppies have teeth at 3 to 4 weeks and are able to eat puppy food. Our little ones don't have teeth at all at 4 weeks old.

Is there a way to tell what bred, can't take them to a vet until next month when I get my disability check.

Anyone know how to tell?

Carolyn Graves 5 years ago

When my female 5 lb Yorkie developed mastitus [harden milk glands with red streaks while nursing]after 3 weeks nursing, I gave her an echenachia pill sprinkled on her food. I had read that the American Indians used echenachia to heal wounds [clean, moisten and sprinkle on would] and for infection in the human & dog bodies. I had a vet appt scheduled for next day, but mastitus [hot, hard area] cleared up in 24 hours.

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alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

There is really no way to be absolutely sure that she is pregnant 9at least in its earliest stages) without having her see a vet. You can have a vet determine it for you, but from your description it very likely sounds like she may be.

Problems is dogs should not be mated on their first heat. They are not mentally ready to be mothers and some may reject the pups. Also, with the pet overpopulation problems, it is at a point that only purebred dogs should be bred by professionals only. Do you already have people interested in the pups? Reputable breeders have long waiting lists of potential owners even before they schedule a mating... not want to give a lecture here, but owners should spay their dogs or at least possibly keep an eye on them, to avoid unwanted pregnancies as such..

Tania 5 years ago

I think my 5 mouth white westie is pregnant, i have a white westie dog aged 2 as well and he got to her, so i need to no if she is pregnant? she is more loveing, she is wanting mor food and her belly is getting bigger so are her nipples, but i need to no if it will corse her any harm

Shiloh GIrl 5 years ago

We have a beautiful 2 yr old English bulldog, whom we bred 4 weeks ago. She has been championed, health tested, etc. and was AI with fresh semen on 2 occasions.

She is exhibiting every symptom of pregnancy, but when we had the ultrasound done, the vet said he could not see any puppies. Is it possible that it's too early, or that she may only be having one or two? Where would they be hiding if they're in there? She sleeps all day, has vomited a couple of times, and is following EVERY sign of the canine gestational calendar to a "T" Her progesterone testing was done to the letter and we did everything right. Where could the babies be, or is she just "thinking" she's pregnant? I don't want to continue giving her folic acid supplements if she's not in whelp. Has anyone else heard of an ultrasound being wrong or too early? Could the puppies still be in there, but not visible yet? Please help.

Sarah 5 years ago

FIX YOUR DOGS, be a responsible pet owner!!

Mel 5 years ago

1> Just say you found a stud. It's funny how everyones dogs find a pure match to their breed, and if not, something crazy like a boxer/chihuahua hook up. How unresponsible are you? 2> Poor dogs, the shelters are over crowded, you will never truly know what happens to those pups once sold. It's sad. JUST SPAY YOUR BITCHES. 3>People have rights to bare children, pets I love em, but they don't have a say with what happens to their offspring, they don't want pups, they want to get laid. We don't need more unwanted dogs in the world.

Tammy 5 years ago

Hi i have a dog that when he mates he just slips out of her does not get stuck and i wonder why also can she still be pg thanks

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LbkMom4life 5 years ago from Lubbock, Tx

I know this afternoon my youngest daughter let her out and she ran across the yard and got under the fence to my neighbors house and every time I had the door open she kept whining and yelping and my 3yr old accidentally let her out and well now she's over there eating dog treats.

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alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

The chances of them successfully mating are higher if she was mated the right time of her heat. This hub explains when dogs are more fertile:

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LbkMom4life 5 years ago from Lubbock, Tx

If she does get pregnant, but since I dunno if they did anything or not, but I have about 6 friends wanting to get a puppy from her if she does have a litter.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

Sorry I have been away training has been a very busy week..I just started replying now giving priority to health questions first.

It seems to me that your intention was getting your dog pregnant. I do not want to sound like I am lecturing but breeding dogs should only be done by professionals. Are you ready to find homes for all the litter? Are you aware that your dog may likely require an expensive c-section to give birth? Chihuahuas are notoriously known for requiring c-sections to give birth. If you do not know anything about how the heat cycle works and do not own a purebred dog you should not breed. There are two many homeless dogs in shelters to further propagate the pet overpopulation problem. Also, dogs mating should never be left alone in a room. The male ties up with the female and the female may get distressed and injure the male in trying to get him loose. Please read my hubs about responsible breeding:

LbkMom4life profile image

LbkMom4life 5 years ago from Lubbock, Tx

well that was the day before yesterday that I posted that, and that was the same day that I had her and the little male dog from my neighbor. Then tired after an hour after I took him home..

Roy 5 years ago

i had a GSD she had mated a week ago with LUCKY, my dog lost her appitite and always sleep is this one of the symtoms of being pregnant.....

LbkMom4life profile image

LbkMom4life 5 years ago from Lubbock, Tx

I have a question, my little part chihuahua part pomeranian girl dog is in heat, I let her meet my neighbor's boy dog and put them in the back room for a few hours.. She was playful and everything after I took him home but I don't know if they did anything because I put them back there so my kids wouldn't ask what they were doing if they did something in front of them. Now she's just acting like she's tired. I'm not sure what to think.. This is my first time with a female dog, I've had male dogs when I was younger so I don't know much about a female dog. I had female cats and they never acted this way when they got out when in heat.

isaura profile image

isaura 5 years ago

okay thanks :)

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

Detecting early pregnancy is difficult for the average dog owners but a vet can palpate the abdomen and detect embryos as early as 28 days.

isaura profile image

isaura 5 years ago

can you tell if a dog is pregantby 2 weeks only?

Daniel Lopez 5 years ago

My dog has recently mated with a male dog and got tied. The third week after the in incident and I have yet to see any changes. Does this mean she is not pregnant?!

Daniel Lopez 5 years ago

My dog has recently mated with a male dog and got tied. The third week after the in incident and I have yet to see any changes. Does this mean she is not preganant.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

Amanda, this sounds like mastitis, an infection of the mammary glands,your dog may need antibiotics and the puppies may need to be weaned, please read more about this in this link:

Amanda Briggs 5 years ago

My dog just had puppies two weeks ago. I am concerned because her nipples are swollen and her sacks are swollen as well. its hard for me to explain but below her nipples is swollen and hard what is wrong does not seem normal?

Nadyne - english bulldog owner 5 years ago

That is why it is very important to know when your female dog is in heat. So when you see some symptoms, you'll know immediately she is pregnant and have her check up right away.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

Thank you for posting such an interesting question! A tie generally lasts on average 15-20 minutes but from 2 to 30 minutes can be normal. What is most important is not the duration of the tie itself but that the dog actually ''ejaculates'' you can read more at this link, best wishes!

drbrooke 5 years ago

So, I have a weiner dog and I am a "hopeful" breeder. She tries to be the dominant one so we had to "help" them hook up. They hooked up twice once on a Sunday and once on a Tuesday because we were told to try every other day. The thing is, he didn't stay hooked for very long, maybe for only 2-3 minutes before he slipped out or stopped and then came out. So we don't know if he actually spent enough time in there, how long does it usually take? We were under the impression they would be hooked for awhile. Our female is acting more affectionate to both myself and my husband (who she normally doesn't pay attention to)and her nipples were always kinda big so I'm unsure. Advice?

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

Ants babypooch, while it is unlikely since he is young, there have been cases of males siring litters at that age..

ants babypooch 5 years ago

can some one please answer my question

Bailey's Mommy 5 years ago

I have read several of the comments on this page & the information on the page very helpful. My question there anyway to tell if my puggle is pregnant without taking her to the vet? She was in her heat cycle a month ago (she is now 9mo. old) and her swelling has gone down on all of her "parts" except for her nipples. She is always with someone & nobody witnessed her be locked or stuck by another male. The yard is fenced in and the only other dog that she has been around and carefully supervised while around is my boyfriend's family's lab mix male who is not fixed. I was told that it's best to let a female have one heat cycle before having her fixed. Like I said, she is closely watched...but I know accidents can happen and it only takes about 20 seconds for a male to lock a bitch. She doesn't show any of the other early symptoms so I'm hoping that her nipples will return to normal or perhaps that this is her mature new figure. Finances are a bit tight and I was hoping for more information as to figure out if she is preggo or not. She started bleeding on the 21st of December and all other signs & swelling of her vagina were gone by the 5th of January. The only swelling left is her nipples. Is this normal? Am I over reacting? Please give me some other advice.

Thanks :)

claire 5 years ago

antsbabypooch i don`t think a 5 month old dog is fertile enough to get your bitch could always call your vet to ask advise.

antsbabypooch 5 years ago

can some one please help me with my question

claire 5 years ago

Thanks for the reply

I took her to the vet & she rescanned 2 weeks after the first. We saw 2 live pups this time so the pregnancy is continuing normally according to the vet. But she did state she has never really seen a dog so full of milk this early, & we`d just have to wait & see. She said the pups seemed a little bigger than exxpected but as i`m sure of dates, again see what happens.

She didn't really answer my questions but she should be 45days now from mating & seems well in herself, though still full of milk.

antsbabypooch  5 years ago

my nxt door nab just got a puppy he is 5months and my bitch is 2 i went in to the garden this morn and some how he was stuck to her is my baby pregs with the age that the male dog is 5 month

chantelle 5 years ago

Basically my blue staffy bitch is suspected 7weeks pregnant, her rib cage is massive and her tummy is firm and like a football, her nipples are large and pink and saggy and shes eating a lot. I was just wondering what's the chances of her being pregnant or false?

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

Claire, have your dog seen by a veterinarian. Milk is not produced until late in pregnancy right before delivery. Generally the mammary glands can fill with milk, as early as one week before delivery but your dog sounds way off chart..

Akviasdream 5 years ago

My German Shepherd bitch we are hoping is pregnant she locked 4 times with our male. i would say people instead of complaining about your dogs getting pregnant get them spayed or neutered it decreases their chances of getting problems with their reproductive organs and it dosent change male dogs. Fact 90% of all police K9's are spayed and neutered and ask anyone who had them after them if it slowed the dog down or made them less protective.

lallierlabs 5 years ago

My beautiful Chocolate Labrador Storm is 2 years old (3rd cycle) she is currently in her Estrus Cycle and has accepted our male Black Labrador Thunder 3 times with a successful lock. We are hoping to have a healthy litter aprx 2/23/2011. Both dogs are currently Pheasant training and hope to continue as long as we can safely for her.

claire 5 years ago

my dog had an ultrasound to check for pregnancy...before the scan the operator stated they didn`t think she was pregnant as she has a little milk..that it was more likely phantom pregnancy. However on the scan we did see at least 4 pups. After this i am concerned that producing milk 28-30 days gestation may be cause for concern as i understand in most cases this occurs 7-10 days before whelping. should i be worried that something is wrong?

Lacey M 5 years ago

Thank you for your help. I brought her to a vet and had her tested. She is not pregnant, just having a fake pregnancy is all ^_^ Thank you again!

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

The only way to know for sure is to have her seen by a vet. Just as in women,there is no way to tell early pregnancy for sure without running some test. Call your vet and tell them how long ago you suspect she may have gotten out, they will tell you if pregnancy can be detected via ultrasound, relaxin blood test or by simply hearing the pup's heartbeats with a stethoscope.. best wishes!

Lacey M 5 years ago

Im having trouble telling if my dog is prego. I have read many articles about it but she may not be.

She is a solid dark brown pitbull chowchow mix, 9-10 months old around 60lb. She had her first heating little over a months ago, my father and i had her on a leash(and we stood with her) when she goes outside. But i have a feeling that my father's room mate let her free once or twice. There are 2 male dogs i know of that are breed-able and are normally loose. A Bulldog and a young saint bernard. I was planning on fixing her soon when i noticed that she was vomiting everywhere for a week and her nipples got a bit bigger. She also gained some weight but i think it's the change of diet that she gained weight(i hope it is)

It says that they get clingy but she was already clingy and whiny as it is, her behavior has not changed and she is still energetic/hyper.

I changed her food that may be why she puked, also after their first heat is it possible that their nipples might get a bit bigger in size? Cause for women when they mature they get breasts and all.

Please answer me soon i really need some help. I can't afford puppies right now and she is too young for a littler.

Lacey and Coco

jenniebbe181 5 years ago

my 9 month old rottie has just had her first season, all went well however her nipples are still large and the area behind them seem to be getting chubby. she hasn't been near a male while on heat. could this be a false pregancy and what do i do?? help :-/

alex 6 years ago

My little maltese got out of the fence two weeks ago sense then shes been eating more her belly is bigger and be for she got out she was in heat do you think that my dog could be pregnant.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 6 years ago from USA Author

ok, good, some people force them to separate and this can cause serious injuries. females tend to get stressed when the male ''locks'' but if owners calm them down they will -un-tie naturally. There is no way of telling pregnancy at this time other than an ultrasound by your vet done after 30 days.

Nicole 6 years ago

Hahaha I did not separate them when they were stuck after all that I put them both into separate rooms until her eat cycle was finished because I did not no from the howling I heard if she and him was in any pain from doin it, I would never pull them apart if they were stuck could cause damage to her or him... Once the deed was done then I separated them...

Sue 6 years ago

My Chinse Crested

Is 45 day's today,i can't wait,we are so happy. She is three year's old and this is her first litter.Hopefully she'll be a good mamma.Pony is a hairless so i sure do hope we have at least on hairless baby.Good luck to everyone that is having babies,and don't let your nerves get the best of you everything will work out fine.They know what to do just like we did when we had our children.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 6 years ago from USA Author

The fact she was howling is very likely she was ''stuck'' with him in a tie. You should not have separated them, doing so could cause harm to both. You should have tried to calm them both down until it was over. The tie makes it likely she may be pregnant but with you separating them, the chances may be lower.

Please read my hubs on why people without experience should not breed dogs, no offense, but it takes a lot of knowledge and responsibility to breed dogs and there are too many unwanted dogs in shelters.

Nicole 6 years ago

I'm breeding my dogs that I own for the first time and the bitch was bleeding for a couple of days and accepted the male the mated for 5 days and she stopped bleeding not one peep out of her she was fine , one the 5th day of mating they did it again n she was howling like get it out and I have separated them the male still wants her and the bitch is still accepting but now she is bleeding again Red dark blood? Would she or would she not be pregnant? This is too confusing

asia 6 years ago

my pitbull her chest just start sagging sand bout to have her pupppys

annie 6 years ago

my 12 month old mia is pregnant. if she has trubbel with this litter (her first) should i not let her breed aging?

hannah 6 years ago

ty i don't like getting dogs spayed are get her a cage

for the season if she has pups my friends will have 1 or 2 so ty P.S she has have pup befor so ty ty ty

hannah x

alexadry profile image

alexadry 6 years ago from USA Author

I am not sure of what your are exactly asking me. If the question is if the male is still able of successfully mating, this depends. Some male dogs mate successfully up to 10 to 12 years of age, but a 13 year old male may still be capable of producing a litter of puppies if he is healthy enough. About knowing if the female is pregnant: have you witnesses and actual tie (where the female and male are stuck together? This heightens the chances there will be pups on the way. Other than that there is no way for me to predict if she is having puppies or not. A visit to the vet will help you. Heartbeats may be heard with a stethoscope starting at 25 days of pregnancy. If she has not gotten pregnant, please get her spayed as soon as possible, she is getting rather old to be bred and you do not sound like an experienced breeder (no offense but with thousands of homeless puppies out there all the world needs is a new batch of puppies).

Here is a helpful hub:

hannah 6 years ago

i need help i don't know if my dog is pregnant i have 2

male dogs but 1 male dog is 3 years old was not been with her and my 13 year old dog has been i was going to

breed the 13 year old befor but he not get my female

pregnant so P.S my male dog the 13 year old he was

9 i has going to breed him P.S my female dog is 6 years old

alexadry profile image

alexadry 6 years ago from USA Author

If you are seeing these signs it may likely be but I cannot say for sure. Have an ultrasound done if you really want to know. A dog's pregnancy lasts between 59 and 65 days, so you may know very shortly. It would be best if she was not pregnant though because dogs should not be bred on their first heat..

brandi 6 years ago

Okay.. me and my fiancé have a 8 month year old female pitt.. she was in heat about a little less than 2 months ago.. she has gained alittle bit of wieght and her nipples have gotten biggger... and look like they are starting to produce milk.. what do you think..

tezza 6 years ago

there is aload of stupid questions on here, if people aint got a clue then dont breed

mcarr001 6 years ago

I agree to bellala, maybe its because I have the same feelings as humans. Obviously we are totally different, but when someone wants to breed a dog responsibly, I do not think any one has the right to judge whether they are wrong. I saw my first dog mate and give birth at the age of 10 and what an amazing site. It was such a learning experience and I have never forgotten. Back then, we did not take pregnant dogs to vet, the dog's instincts take over and delivered her babies with no help(due to the fact she went under a bed to deliver even though we set up an area. But she cleaned her pups, even when they would poop, she knew how to take care of her babies. We got homes for all puppies and then had her spayed. Even though it was an accident she got pregnant, it was an awesome experience. You do not have to be a "professional" breeder to breed a dog. Some so called professionals are doing this and not being responsible. I wanted a teacup yorkie and a breeder wanted $2500.00 for her, The dog came and two days later I was rushing her to ER-she was dying. What a horrible experience.This was a death caused by a breeder and they offered another puppy, which I declined. I goy my money back and eventually I bought my teacup from a great breeder. My 5 pound teacup yorkie is 5 years old. She is a wonderful dog!To breed or not? It is nobody's choice but your own. Hopefully it is done responsibly.

bellala 6 years ago

as far as im concerned,if a dog gets pregnant a dog gets pregnant...who said we hav the right 2 stop her from being able 2 hav pups!!!!!!!!!

mcarr001 6 years ago

We found a dog(14 lbs) roaming street so my daughter checked around and the owner said they did not want it. So I got another dog. Right away, I could not understand why she was peeing everywhere and could not hold it.We took it to vet and vet said there is a possibility she could be pregnant or it may be the heat cycle. She was not bleeding but something wet was coming out of vagina. It stopped about a week after we got her.We never thought about her being pregnant, until about 4 weeks after we found her her "boobies" got real inflamed, she was very sleepy all the time but again we did not know how she behaved since we only had her a month.Her boobies were real inflamed for about 2 weeks and now they are inflamed, yet not as much. Could she be pregnant? Is her nipple size always real enlarged until delivery?I cant afford vet fees and hope for no pregnancy, but I do want to make sure she is taken care of properly if she is pregnant..not that we would not care for her well! Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

hopeful 6 years ago

i AM a registered breeder-this is just my first litter Cooper.

mandy 6 years ago

My 3 year old staffy got out 5 to 6 weeks ago and i found her stuck to another staffy.Her belly is massive and her tits are full and we have also felt lots of movement in her belly. She hasn't started making a place to lie yet but she had the clear sticky discharge for a few days but that seems to have disappeared now and she goes through stages of follwing me everywhere. This is my and her first litter and i am freaking out in case something goes wrong and i cant tell. I haven't got the money to take her to a vet and iv also got kids one i need to take to school and pick up so im not always in the house and im getting really scared now that i know its getting closer for her. I just don't want anything to go wrong because how do i know if she is in trouble and what can i do to help her? I have a partner and i hope she goes into labour when he is here but he isn't here all the time because he works.

small dog love 6 years ago

i think my dog is pregnat what do i do

Pit bull love 6 years ago

I have a female & male pitbull. She went into heat ealry last month and even though i have not witness a lock together she has been getting larger nipples and red around them. They just produced milk if you squeezed them and she had a clear mucus come out of her volva all day yesterday but seem to stop. Her belly has not gotten big but she looks like she has 2 large utters now. Her belly is tight however and i did feel a lump in her stomach. can she be pregnant or are these the signs that can be from a false pregnancy after the 1st heat?

cooper 6 years ago

What amazes me about all these postings is that we are all people trying to get a little advice from others (whether we are well informed, breeders or not)yet there always seem to be comments about not having the right to breed your dog unless your a registered breeder because of puppy overpopulation. I wonder do these same people people look at the statistics on people overpopulation and how many children that are homeless or aborted regularly?? These people don't necessarily know your situation and/ or how educated you are about your dog and the breeding process. Last time I checked, even experienced breeders didn't know everything, except how to charge a crap load for a puppy , then get rid of them when the can no longer produce litters. Ask breeders where those retired bitch's go?????

KKJ15 6 years ago

Ahh. i guess this kind of helped, im the inexpierienced and hopeful owner. My dog got out of the house about a month or so ago. She scratches up the blankets and makes a bed behind our couch. Shes also not been as hyper as she usually is. Help! i need to know if she is.

Hopeful 6 years ago

im not sure,its hard to tell with small breeds.Usually she's dominant but she started becoming receptive,They tied 5 times in my presence and then she started rejecting him and he no longer shows any interest in her.She has become quite sooky refusing to leave my side,i don't know when she goes to the toilet but she must be fast.He totally ignores her now.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 6 years ago from USA Author

It may be hard to say. At what point of her heat is she? In other words how many days have passed since she stopped bleeding?

Hopeful 6 years ago

My toy poodle bitch and dog have been in the tie at LEAST 4 times in the past 2 days. She now teases him but screams and runs away when he tries to tie, Could she just be sore or is the deed done?

Worried 6 years ago

I think my shit-zu is pregnant. She was in heat for just over four weeks and we kept an eye on her but a couple of times I had to go get her. There are only female dogs in our neighborhood but I know she could have come across a male. Her tits are reallly getting big and swollen. She was 9 months and this is her first heat.

leann 6 years ago

wht's wrong with my dog? she is sleeping often and follows me aroud where ever i go she is producing milk crying often still eating and drinkin well has been around a male who has supposd to of been done i have never seen them locked together but they spent time alone in the garden that was about 3 to 5 weeks ago

Sarah 6 years ago

Sorry, i should'v mentioned that Hayley is a 2 &a half year old Bull Mastiff.

Sarah 6 years ago

My dog Hayley is supposedly due in 10 days, her stomach is hardly any bigger at all, her nipples are slightly bigger and they are hanging (by loose skin) a lot lower.

She seems less interested in food these last few days and had a stringy clear discharge.

She had a phantom pregnancy last heat after being with a stud dog also, and seemed more pregnant then than she does now. Im really hoping for puppies, do you think she could be pregnant and may get fatter in the next week?

Melissa 6 years ago

Thank you! This helped me alot!

Danni-Elle 6 years ago

Hi i have a bitch that i think she might be pregnant. She is a large breed, Great dane cross Bull arab who is 14 months old. She was mated with a smaller breed and by my calculations she is due in a few days but her stomach is still very small that u cant even really tell, but her nipples have swollen. Is it possible that she is pregnant with only a couple and i just cant tell?

vicki 6 years ago

i have a staffy bitch and she is preagant she is 63 days 2day will she have them 2 nite hope so i took her to the vets and they did a scan on her and they found she was preg so i no she is coz i got a scan pic of them i just don't have a cluewhen she will have them hope some 1 can help me coz i am so scared don't want anythink to go wrong.

pregnancy timeline 6 years ago

Not too much different than us women then!

melanie 6 years ago

i had a rough collie and i found another male collie mounting her when she got out on me and den they were in some sort of tie with there back legs and then i brought her home and a couple of weeks later she started to get really skinny and was eating twice as much and 63 days later we had 8 pups hahahahaha ............

Sidd 6 years ago

Very imformative but I do have afew questions...

-My dog had gotten bigger, she's about 5 now & is sleeping irregularly... but she is still very active though not as much. Her nipples have gotten just a bit bigger, but I'm not exactly sure how she could get pregnant. The only dogs I know around my dog and I are 2 male chihuahuas. I do not know if they are neutered or not, but could you help at all....?

cook 6 years ago

thank you. this information was very helpful. i have been suspecting my dog might be pregnant.

Lorenzzo 6 years ago

My Dog Was Mounted With ANother Dog But Im Not Sure If Shes Pregnant After He Hit That Another Dog Tried To Stick Her two Dogs GotStuck With Her

Sam 6 years ago

Hi great work in the hub.

I am like confused ma alsatian heat period was due and she was crossed but never saw ehm lockup togeda,but i tink she's preggo but neva knw,i wonder if a male dog mounts the female dog and there's no lockup will the female get preggo atlast?

alleymom 6 years ago

I have an 8 month old (male) boxer and a 4 year old (female) shi-tzu. They are home together during the day so as far as... have they gotten "stuck", I'm not sure. My question is can a male puppy whose testies haven't dropped impregnate a female? We have seen him mount her, but then she snaps at him. Over the last 2 or 3 weeks we have noticed that she is getting a little plumper and her nipples have started getting bigger. Should I be concerned for my little dog? And if she is pregnant by a boxer should we even let her have them or terminate the pregnancy?

alex 6 years ago

The info in this article is informative but it is a concern that so many people who have commented are letting their bitches mate without giving it much thought as to where these puppies will end up. If you are not a registered breeder or someone with a well thought out reason to breed then you shouldn't be doing it, if you own a pet dog then that's exactly what she is a PET not a puppy factory, do the right thing and desex your dog.Personally anyone contemplating letting their PET dog have pups really shouldn't be allowed to own PETS.

leigh 6 years ago

my bitch got out on the 10th day of her bleed,she was with a male & i had to wait 20mins to take her home as she was tied to him. This was 25 days ago, i have noticed she is much more affectionate & not as playful as she was, the only physical change is her 4 back teats which are usually black getting patches of pink on them, oh yeah her vulva seams as though its still very slightly swollen still. do you think she maybe in whelp.

Mamelody profile image

Mamelody 6 years ago

I never knew it was this complicated when it comes to dog pregnancy. Usually I never spot any signs. I just come home one day and find the bitch's had babies then I freak out and get rid of them and have her fixed! Great hub xx

alexadry profile image

alexadry 6 years ago from USA Author

Right, and there are always chances that signs of pregnancy may be in reality signs of a false pregnancy, a common occurrence in dogs who go in heat and do not get pregnant.

Tams 6 years ago

We have a rottweiler who has gone in heat once and was around my daughter's two male dogs (one is a pug and the other a weiner). We never actually saw them "lock up" or get "stuck", however we were nervous that she was pregnated by one of them. Our finances were not the best at the time, but my vet informed me, because of her size, they would have to do x-rays to confirm anything. This procedure costs $150-$200. We chose to go ahead and have her spayed, which was not in our budget at the time, but we did not want puppies. Roxy showed signs that made us concerned, such as larger nipples, and weight gain. It turned out that she was not pregnant. She is now recovering from her surgery and doing fine. Just a little information for those of you who aren't sure if their dog is pregnant or not, those symptoms don't always mean they are.

dazyy 6 years ago

ok my dog is well half of of her is down and half is up it is weird is whee almost ready ???? help

kiki 6 years ago

i don't know if my dog is pregnate but we mated he about 3 weeks ago and her titties are swelled up and her vagina can antone help me?

alexadry profile image

alexadry 6 years ago from USA Author

Sounds to me this dog needs to see the vet. A pregnant dog is not a sick dog. This dog is hardly eating sleeping a lot and dislikes walking, sounds something more than being pregnant, a vet visit is in order. Best wishes!

alice` 6 years ago

our rottwieler has been super lazy and sleeping a lot these past four maybe five weeks, she hardly eats if at all and doesn't like her walks like she used to. Her nipples are a little larger than normal and she seems to be hanging low. We have noticed that she has what looks like small sores around her back nipples. I have had major surgery and my medical bills have really got us swamped to where we haven't been able to take her to the vet on a regular basis like we used to, can you tell me what this sounds like to you?

dbtyon profile image

dbtyon 6 years ago from TEXAS


rdelp profile image

rdelp 6 years ago

I hope my dog doesn't get pregnant...

shawty 6 years ago

well there are some of them semptyoms but im not exactly sure if she is prego or not she is a half chow and black lap so i have no idea

Holly 6 years ago

Thank you alexdry

alexadry profile image

alexadry 7 years ago from USA Author

Not being ''at it'' for very long does not mean anything as long as she mated during the right time of her heat. If they got ''stuck''' chances of pregnancy are much higher though.

Sometimes I wished I had a crystal ball that would allow me to know if a dog is pregnant or not. Bu from the signs you are seeing, larger sized nipples and increased weight, it could very likely be. However, it is wise to keep in a corner of your mind that false pregnancy is always a possibility. The umbilical hernia may appear a bit larger because she has put some weight.

At this stage, if you really want a straight answer, you can have the vet palpate the abdomen or do an ultrasound to confirm.

Holly 7 years ago

My shih tzu mated with a jack russell about 50 days ago. they weren't "at it" for very long while she was in heat.

Her nipples are huge and the 4 at the back (udders i think they are) sag when she stands up. She's put on a few Lb's but she doesn't look much bigger.

she's been sleeping a lot and wants a lot of attention from me and curls up on my lap and sleeps. this isn't normal behaviour for her.

what are the chances she's pregnant.

she also has an umbilical hernia, which has gotten a bit larger.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 7 years ago from USA Author

I would have her checked by the vet. Has she been around any males? Do you know at what point of her heat cycle she was back then? Did you witness a tie? (when male and female remain stuck) Your vet may palpate your dog's abdomen as early as 28 days post breeding to feel possible embryos. In any case, pregnant or not, a dog acting out of the norm should be checked anyway. Best wishes!

owner 7 years ago

hi , my dog has been tired ,barking weird,sleepy,.. what should i do?is she pregnant?

daisy3323 7 years ago

im realy nervos that she pregnted because she been slepping all week.

Brezz27 7 years ago

My dog is 45 day pregnted and is still small in the tummy she has got biger but not as big as she shoud be her tits are biger and she is verry need will not leave my side she locked up two times is this normel or can she just not be showing much yeat

Sexy jonty profile image

Sexy jonty 7 years ago from India

Very well written hub .....

very much informative ......

Thank you very much for your great hub, for good advice, good wishes and support. Thanks for sharing your experience with all of us.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 7 years ago from USA Author

If she was found stuck, chances are pretty high she may be pregnant. If she is acting normally, I doubt she may have sustained substantial damage to the fetuses to cause them to be knocked loose. Best wishes!

MagicStarER profile image

MagicStarER 7 years ago from Western Kentucky

Great information - some I never knew before. Thanks for sharing! I didn't know dogs had "false" pregnancies. My little beagle mix "Annie" was found "stuck" 3 1/2 weeks ago. However, she was severely injured 2 weeks ago, and was hurt on her lower inside of her belly and outer right thigh, when she was hit by a car, the poor baby. She is fine now from the injuries. But I am wondering if her newly forming fetuses were knocked loose or not? I'm hoping they were. But I'm seeing the loss of appetite and nipple swelling you mentioned. Puppies in a month or so? Probably.... My poor little baby. After this, she must be fixed, she is just a baby herself.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 7 years ago from USA Author

Well, dogs generally start producing milk a day or two before giving birth. If this time frame seems odd, I would suspect a false pregnancy. If this time frame makes sense instead then you can try taking her temperature and if it's below 100 (normal is 101-102) then pups should arrive in the next 24 hours.

Also, please keep in mind that false pregnancy can be just like a real one, dogs may even pretend labor and will be found 'nursing' toys as if they were pups.

The only way to know for sure is through a relaxin blood test done by your vet.

john 7 years ago

hey i have a dog but i don't know if she's pregnant because she is a small weiner dog [ dachshund]. and her belly is a little bit small and her nipples sag. milk seems to be coming out and she hasn't been carrying this around like it is a false pregnancy. my dad felt a lump in her belly but there wasn't anymore than one lump. also she has been really protective of her cage when someone come around it she is agresive. is she pregnant or not [ please help for some advise]

SampleFan profile image

SampleFan 7 years ago

Very well written hub. I guess it's better to be informed and know the signs than to wake up one morning with a few little yelping surprises! :P

tara 7 years ago

you would know if your dog was preggo the last 2 weeks, she coulda had a "false pregnancy" or your mind can be the one "stuck" on that scince sissy just delivered, you may be overlooking the fact she could be ill....take her to the vet!

alexadry profile image

alexadry 7 years ago from USA Author

Happy to have helped! Best wishes!

Great Photos 7 years ago

very informative hub and will help to care my pets thanks.

byee profile image

byee 7 years ago

Thanks...forwarded this to a friend who is suspicious about a pregnant Maltese!

Susan 8 years ago

Ah, help... about 2 1/2 months ago our dog was in heat. We found her 'stuck' to a male dog and it took awhile to separate them! Our dogs sister was pregnant a few weeks before our dog got stuck. Buddy (our dog) didn't seem to get real big or anyting, only seemed to look as if she were maturing (she is about 11 months now).

This morning I noticed that she was suddenly really skinny!!! She has been very lethargic all day, even on our walk, she didn't pull on the leash at all to get ahead. The kids even said she looked sad. My husband got suspicious tonight and let Buddy out, she went straight away to two trees in the very back of the yard and laid down as if to nurse. But there were no puppies.

Also, just before then, there was a big puddle of mucus on our kitchen floor. My husband suspected she was in labor, I dispelled that because she already had suddenly got small. Anyway, we could barely move her from behind the two trees. We took a flashlight around the yard and found lots of little holes she has dug most recently around the yard... but have found no pups!

Is she IN labor, even tho her body suddenly appeared small? Or did she possibly give birth to a few stillborn pups who somehow disappeared? Did a visiting male dog eat them? is she depressed because she misses her babies. Was she ever really pregnant and would we have noticed?

Her sister dog had puppies 2 1/2 weeks ago, it would be the right time, but it may have already happened.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 8 years ago from USA Author

Great! Best wishes!

Gina Fernandez 8 years ago

very informative YIPPIE!!!!! IM SURE MY BABY IS IN PUP.Gina xxxxx

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