70 Spanish Dog Names: Male & Female

Updated on February 6, 2017

All over the globe, dogs are common companions for families, and if you have a breed originally from or commonly associated with Spain, then you are probably here looking for some Spanish dog names. Of course, Spain is not the only Spanish-speaking country, so we must also add some Mexican dog names into the mix, or whatever Spanish-speaking country you have in mind.


Common Breeds

The language of the moment is Spanish, but what dog breeds are associated with this language? Some of the common dog breeds in Spain or breeds that originated from Spain include:

  • Catalan Sheepdog

  • Andalusian Hound

  • Cantabrian Water Dog

  • Spanish Water Dog

  • Spanish Mastiff

  • Great Pyrenees

  • Spanish Greyhound

  • Spanish Pointer

  • Chihuahua

  • Mexican Hairless

  • Havanese

If you have a Chihuahua, be sure to check out: Chihuahua Names: Male, Female, Cute, & Mexican.

This list does not include only dog breeds that are the most popular in Spain, but also those that originated there or are commonly associated with the area. Thanks to Taco Bell, one of the dog breeds that is most often pinged as a Spanish dog breed is the chihuahua. As with any country, most any breed is accessible and can be found anywhere! It’s all a matter of personal taste.

For a bit of a geographical reminder, Spain is located in Europe, not in South America as many confuse since it is a Spanish-speaking country. Regardless of geographical location, you still need some Spanish dog names, or even some Mexican dog names.


Spanish Dog Names

When it comes to Spanish or Mexican dog names for these breeds, we have your back! Giving your dog a Spanish dog name is a good way to honor your country or the dog's country of origin. You should definitely know the meaning behind a foreign name or word before assigning it to the dog because, well, you could just be giving them a bad name! Remember, just because it sounds cool to you, it doesn’t mean it is cool.

Not only are we about to give you a great list of male and female names, but also the meanings!

Alejandro: Defender
Bebe: Baby
Burrito: Flour tortilla with meat, beans, and cheese
Elvira: Noble guardian
Diablo: Devil
Carina: Beloved
Domingo: Lord
Flor: Flower
Paz: Peace
Alejandra: Defender
Mario: From Mars
Magdelena: Of Magdala
Alonzo: Noble
Zita: Girl
Ciro: Royal
Sierra: Mountains
Armando: Army man
Lela: Dark-haired and beautiful
Guido: Forest
Lola: Sorrow
Hernan: Intelligent/brave
Eldora: Gift of the sun
Esteban: Crown
Bonita: Pretty
Poco: Little
Rosa: Rose
Pablo: Small
Elsa: Vow to God (also a Disney's Frozen name!)
Cortez: In triumph
Corona: Crown
Mango: A fruit
Dahlia: Dweller in the valley
Lobo: Wolf
Gitana: Gypsy
Sancho: Saint
Tia: Princess
Benito: Blessed
Maya: Mother
Chica: Little girl
Taquito: Mexican cuisine
Yolanda: Violet
Consuelo: Solace
Vida: Wisdom
Guillermo: Protections
Mora: Peacock
Tito: Giant
Mona: Noble one
Vito: Life
Luna: Moon
Nicolas: Victory
Savannah: Plateau
Zorro: Fox
Esmeralda: Emerald
Rico: Strong
Zelia: Sunshine
Rio: River
Eva: Life
Carlo: Free man
Blanca: White
Taco: Fried tortilla with meat, cheese, beans and various other toppings
Tequila: Liquor
Gitano: Gypsy
Frida: Peace
Carmine: Garden
Estrella: Star
Chico: Little boy
Nina: Strong
Emilio: Rival
Tierra: Earth

Deciding on a Name

Naming a dog should be a special time and not be rushed as this dog will be your companion for many years to come. Would you rush the naming of your own child? Furbabies are your babies too! Here’s some tips to help with a name:

  • Let the dog help: This may seem silly but it can work! Write some names that you like on index cards and place them around a room with pieces of dog food. Let the dog in the room and the very first card he/she eats off of will be the name it chooses!

  • Flip a coin: Have two names that you like? Flip a coin on it!

  • Draw from a hat: Put a bunch of names in a hat and reach in to pick on out!

  • Take a vote: If you are stuck between a few different names, ask some friends or family for their input!

  • Family matters: If you have a few people in the house, then ask for their input or name ideas.

Before you know it, el perro will have a name!

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        Oscar 7 weeks ago

        I need a dog name that is spanish and english

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        i love these names! i named my dog tequila, and her two pups whiskey and vodka. :)

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        I like your suggestion of letting the dog decide - I have always kept a pet for as much as a couple of weeks before coming up with a name - they always seem to come through with their character. Case in point, I had a cat once that dug in the litter box and not only covered up his stuff, but his sister's as well. He naturally became know as Digger!