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The Best Self-Refilling Water Bowls for Dogs

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Stop filling up that water bowl all the time!

Stop filling up that water bowl all the time!

What Are Self-Refilling Dog Water Bowls?

The wording quite effectively explains it all. Self-refilling water bowls fill up on their own when the water levels are low. If you are a busy pet parent that works for a good part of the day, you want to make sure your dog has a steady supply of fresh water at all times, and the self-refilling dog water bowl may be the ultimate solution for you.

These water bowls mainly consist of a jug you must fill up with water and that gradually releases water into the dishpan as the water is consumed. This allows a steady source of water available on demand exclusively for your dog. Most self-refilling dog water bowls work on the principle of gravity with a convenient flow-control valve which fills the bowl as your pet drinks, always ensuring a supply of fresh water.

The nice part is that there are different styles and models of self-refilling dog water bowls on the market to choose from. Evaluating the best features of each brand may make selecting the best one for your dog an easier task.

1. Petmate Le Bistro Waterer With Microban

This self-refilling dog water bowl is the ultimate solution for busy owners. It can keep up to five gallons of water, but comes in different colors and sizes to suit a wide range of dogs. Here are some of the main benefits of this self-refilling water bowl.

  • Features microban antimicrobial protection in order to help keep harmful bacteria away from its surfaces and fight against stains, mold, and mildew.
  • The jug can be easily removed from the water bowl for easy clean up.
  • The plastic base is made of a tough, sturdy material.
  • The water jug is clear so the level of water is visible.
  • This waterer is also eco-friendly!

Petmate does not sell its products directly to the public. The Petmate Le Bistro Waterer with Microban can be found at local pet stores or online in stores like Amazon. The price for this five-gallon automatic water bowl generally ranges around $29. This is also available in four sizes and three colors. A complimenting automatic feeder can also be bought for added convenience.

2. Van Ness Auto Water

Sometimes, the best products are those made on the simple side. This automatic waterer is pretty straightforward and priced just right. It comes in different sizes to meet the hydration needs of different dogs. Among the benefits that make this a convenient refilling dog water bowl worthy of purchase are the following:

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  • The lid is removable to make cleaning easier.
  • This waterer has spill-less valve technology to grant fast, spill free refills.
  • Water jugs are clear, so level of water is visible.
  • Water bowl features handles for easy pick up.

Van Ness does not sell its products directly to the public, but they make their products available in local pet stores or online. This waterer is available in 1.5 liters, three liters, six liters, and ten liters. The price for a three-liter waterer is about $5.68.

3. Ergo Automatic Pet Waterer

Ergo Automatic Pet Waterer comes in three sizes: small, medium, and large. This waterer produces fresh, sparkling water that should encourage even the most finicky drinkers to stay hydrated. What makes this product worthy are the following amenities:

  • Disposable eight-layer filter with activated carbon for odor-free and algae-free water.
  • Patented forced aeration system which oxygenates water continuously, preventing pet saliva contamination.
  • Anti-splash system prevents water from being splashed on the floor.
  • Whisper quiet pump.
  • Check valve granting fast, spill free refills.
  • The water jug is clear so to see water levels.
  • Handle to facilitate transporting.

The small size has the capacity of two gallons, the medium size has the capacity of three gallons, and large has the capacity of five gallons. The Ergo Pet Waterer can be purchased at Petco starting at $79.97

Pros and Cons of Self-Refilling Dog Water Bowls

Here are some benefits and drawbacks to using these water bowls.

Advantages of Self Refilling Dog Water Bowl:

  • Your dog will have access to fresh water while you are away.
  • Fresh water will encourage drinking.
  • Most water bowls are almost impossible for the dog to knock down when filled.

Disadvantages of Self Refilling Dog Water Bowl:

  • Some dogs are afraid of when the water jug bubbles once in a while.
  • Some jugs may be bulky and may not fit under a faucet.
  • Some water bowls can be heavy and messy when flipped over.

However, if you are still looking for a self refilling dog water bowl for your canine friend, then these three bowls are your best bets.

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