The Top 10 Mixed Dog Breeds

Updated on March 7, 2017

10. Morkie


Combining the sweetness of a Maltese and the playful nature of a Yorkshire Terrier, the Morkie is a cheerful and loving companion. These crossbreeds are typically small, making them ideal apartment dogs who love snuggling and napping. Their adorable faces make it easy to for you to heap all your attention on them, and they'll eat it up!

9. Cavapoo


A combination of a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel and a Poodle, this spunky little breed is a lovable addition to any family. Cavapoos enjoy exploring, short walks, and cuddles. They typically don't smell or shed much. These companions are smart, friendly, and fiercely loyal.

8. Puggle


This cheerful mix of a Pug and a Beagle is independent and adventurous. This fun-loving dog will enjoy walks outside, and being allowed to roam free at the dog park. Puggles have high energy and may take some extra training, but they are affectionate and irresistibly charming.

7. Goldendoodle

This Golden Retriever and Poodle hybrid is sweet and curious. They can be bred in a variety of sizes, and are good family dogs. Their gentle disposition makes them lovable, and with consistency, they are easy to train. Goldendoodles can be good indoor or outdoor pets!

6. Bullmation


This energetic mix of a Bulldog and Dalmatian is lovable and friendly, but can have a stubborn streak when it comes to training. Bullmations are inquisitive and strong-willed, and love to explore the outside. With a bit of patient instruction, this adorable breed can become a sweet addition to any family.

5. Beaglier


This high-spirited combination of a Beagle and a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel is a popular breed in Australia. While affectionate and even tempered, the Beaglier is also playful and energetic. These dogs are well suited for social interaction with people and other dogs, and can do well living in small apartments if they get dedicated time for playing outside.

4. Chiweenie


This tiny Chihuahua and Dachshund mix is almost all ears! Chiweenies are spritely and active, but can get all the exercise they need inside a small space. With lapdog genetics on both sides, this curious little breed is always ready to snuggle.

3. Pomchi


A cuddly little fluff ball, the playful Pomchi is the combination of a Pomeranian and a Chihuahua. They are on alert all the time, ready to bark at strangers but without the bite to back it up. Pomchis come in all different sizes and colors (though usually small a small breed), and they may require some extra training as they can be a little bit stubborn.

2. Cockapoo


A sweet mix of Cocker Spaniel and Poodle, the Cockapoo is a intelligent and loves to be around people. They are friendly and affectionate, while inquisitive and energetic. With floppy ears and curly hair, they don't shed much, and love activities like playing fetch and swimming.

1. Pomksy


The adorable fluffiness of the Pomeranian and the stoic beauty of the Siberian husky come together in this pint-sized hybrid. The Pomsky is a good watchdog and is protective of its owner. This adorable breed is an ideal companion for playing in the park and taking regular walks.

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