Top 10 Most Dangerous Wild Dogs

Updated on December 14, 2017

Dogs were domesticated from wolves, anywhere from 16 to 32,000 years ago and we have their presence in history as human companion for more than 10,000 years. But hundreds of dog breeds are yet not domesticated, which are wild or semi domesticated. You can refer this article, to know the list of the top ten most dangerous wild dogs.

1. African Wild Dog

African Wild Dog
African Wild Dog | Source

The African wild dogs are medium sized wild dogs from African region, which are very social animals and lives in a pack. They are also recognized by other names also, like, Cape wild dog, African wild dog, African hunting dog, bat-ear dogs, African painted dog and painted wolf. The African wild dogs are the most athletic and solidly built of African candles.
African wild dogs are the intelligent hunters, they can run up to the speed of 41 mph for 10 to 60 minutes. Usually male dog takes charge for the first attack by grabbing dangerous prey by the nose. Usually they kill their prey in 2-5 minutes but but some larger prey like wildebeest and warthogs may take 30 minutes to take down.

Physical Standards

Country of origin: Africa

Height: 30 inches at shoulder

Weight: 49 lbs (Adult), Average 55 and 70 pounds

Life span: 11 years


2. Asiatic Wild Dog

Asiatic Wild Dog
Asiatic Wild Dog | Source

Dhole are wild dogs from Asian countries, mainly from India and South Asian countries. They are also known as an Asiatic wild dog, Dhole, Indian Wild dog, Red wolf. They are medium sized, very athletic and sturdy dogs that live in large pack and look like a mix of dog and fox.
But their genetic study confirmed that they do not have a blood line of Dog or Fox and they belong to distinct species. Asiatic wild dogs can be smooth coated out hairy, usually the dogs that live in cold weather they are hairy like the dogs from the Indian Himalayan region and border of India and Russia but Central and south Indian Dhole dogs are smooth coated.

Indian Wild Dogs

Indian Wild Dogs
Indian Wild Dogs | Source

Dhole has many unique characters, like they are a great hunter that can take down a prey of ten times bigger than his own size, After African wild dog they are another fastest running dog hat can reach up to 34 miles per hour, they can jump to six feet high from their standing position, they use melodious howl to communicate, and they are capable to climb on tree, their females mark their boundaries by dogs mark their territory by urinating on the trunk from a handstand position, and they are very social animals they feed their pups first after the hunt and male/female both take care for pups.

Physical Standards

Country of origin: India, Asia

Height: 17 - 22 inches, Shoulder height: 50 cm

Length: 90 cm

Weight: Male: 15 - 20 kg,Female: 10 - 13 kg

Life span: Average 10 years, with Maximum longevity in captivity is 15–16 years.

3. Australian Dingo

Dingo | Source

Australian Dingos are the wild dogs from Australia, they are well described as a wolf in the form of a dog. Their origin is not clear, but many experts believe they are the primitive type dogs bought in Australia from Asian countries and possibly they mixed with wolves and created Dingo. They live in packs in wild and depends on the hunt, they even eat dead animal meat also. They are naturally healthy, athletic and sturdy dogs, even they are wild animals, but they are friendly animals and make a good pet.


Physical Standards

Country of origin: Australia

Height: 1.7 – 2.0 ft. (Adult, At Shoulder)

Weight: 29 – 44 lbs (Adult)

Life span: 15 to 20 years

4. New Guinea Singing Dogs

New Guinea Singing Dogs
New Guinea Singing Dogs | Source

The New Guinea Singing Dog is a wild dog from the wet cloud forest on the island of New Guinea which is known for its unique vocalization. It communicates by a distinctive howl, that increases at start and reaches to very high frequency at the end. New guinea singing dog is a small to medium sized, sturdy and very active dog that has many other specialties apart from their unique vocalization like, capability to climb on tree at a certain height, it can can turn its neck 180 degrees towards the back side. They hunt in pack like other wild dogs but after hunt usually they lives in pair.


Physical Standards

Country of origin: New Guinea

Height: Female: 12 – 18 in. (Adult, At Shoulder)

Weight: 20 – 31 lbs (Adult)

Life span: 15 to 20 years

5. Srilankan Yala Dog

Click thumbnail to view full-size
A Yala Dog Sitting behind Sri Lankan Golden Jackal
A Yala Dog Sitting behind Sri Lankan Golden Jackal
A Yala Dog Sitting behind Sri Lankan Golden Jackal | Source

Sri Lankan Yala Dogs are the primitive type dogs from Sri Lanka. They are slightly different from other primitive dogs of Sri Lanka. Yala wild dogs are reserved up to, Yala National Park area and possibly they are the mixed between a Sri Lankan Golden jackal and Sri Lankan Primitive dogs. Sri Lankan Golden Jackals are the only carnivores of the dog family that are present in that region. And it’s very common to locate these dogs are staying closer and together with Golden Jackals in, Yala national park.

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Physical Standards

Country of origin: Sri Lanka

Height: Average 17–22 inches

Weight: Average in Between 14 to 25 kgs

Life span: NA

6. Dingo Indochina

Vietnamese Dingo IndoChina
Vietnamese Dingo IndoChina | Source

Dingo Indochina is a primitive type Semi wild dog breed from hunting category, which were originated from mountainous areas of Vietnam. They were developed by local ethnic minority people to help in hunting wild boar and other small prey and to protect the livestock. Still, they are primitive dogs which are yet not domesticated.


Physical Standards

Country of origin: Taiwan, Republic of China.

Weight: Average, 12 to 20 kg.

Height: Approximately 15 to 20 inches.

Coat: Smooth and dry.

Life span: Average, 10-14 years.

7. Hierran Wolfdog


Hierran Wolf-dogs are an ancient breed, though their origin is not clear, but it's commonly believed that they were originated in Spain (Canary Island). That look like a small wolf and recognized as wild dog in herding category. They are medium sized, healthy, sturdy and very active and athletic dogs. Though Hierran Wolf-dogs are loyal and intelligent, but they are reserved with strangers and other pets.


Physical Standards

Country of origin: Spain (Canary Island)

Height: male: 54.7 and Female: 52.6 cm

Weight: 18–22 kg

Average life: 12–14 years

8. Amazon Short-eared Dog

Amazon Short Eared Dog
Amazon Short Eared Dog | Source

Short-eared dogs are a rare dog breed, which are less known. They are available in the rainforest region of the Amazon, South America, and also known as the short-eared Zorro and small-eared dog.
But many breeders believe that they are a separate canines that are dependent on hunting and fishing. But their social structure, mating habits, and life span are like a dog. The German biologist Sigi Weisel and a native Embera nation Panamanian were the first people who studied with them in 1984 at the Darien region of Panama.


Physical Standards

Country of origin: Amazon rainforest region of South America

Height: Head-body length: 72 - 100 cm
Shoulder height: 35 cm
Tail length: 24 - 35 cm

Weight: 9 - 10 kg

Rare Capture from Amazon

9. Tanuki or Raccoon Dog

Raccoon Dog
Raccoon Dog | Source

The history of Tanuki is not known. But a study based on fossil deposits found in Tochigi Prefecture in Japan, its predicted they have a presence since the Pleistocene era (between 2,588,000 to 11,700 years ago).They look very similar to the raccoons found in North America, but they do not have a link to them. Though raccoon dogs are wild animals that are never domesticated, but they make a good pet.

A woman in England, June Lincoln, adopted a four-month-old raccoon pup, which turned out to be a perfect family pet.

Below, Reference is from - Daily Mail ( report -
“He is a dog but his most close relative is a type of fox, so stealing is in his nature,” Lincoln told Daily Mail.
"While he is generally well behaved, it has been impossible to teach him not to steal.” Bandit walks on a leash like a dog, and seems to get along with June’s two pet dogs.


Physical Standards

Country of origin: Japan

Height: Head-bodyead-body-length of 50-68 cm

Weight: Approx 4-6 kg in summer, but can reach up to 10 kg before winter hibernation.

Average life: NA

Raccoon Dog

10. Bush Dog

Bush Dog
Bush Dog | Source

The bush dog is a small, rare, wild dog, which is less known. Their origin is not known, but they have had a presence in from Panama in Central America, through much of South America east of the Andes, as far south as central Bolivia, Paraguay, and southern Brazil.
Bush dog has a very rare, unique and different look than other dogs that has short legs, a short bushy tail, a rounded muzzle and small erected ears and squat body. the rare behaviour of these dogs is that the female dogs mark their territory by urinating on the trunk from a handstand position like Indian wild dog Dhole?


Physical Standards

Country of origin: Central and South America

Height: length: 57 - 75 cm: Shoulder height: 20 - 30 cm.

Weight: Around 5–8 kg (11–18 lb)

Average life: NA

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