The Top 10 Ugliest Dog Breeds in the World

Updated on September 8, 2017

Which Dogs Are the Ugliest?

There are a number of ugly dog breeds out there, but which are the ugliest dogs ever?

Here's the countdown of the top 10 ugliest dog breeds!

10. Bedlington Terrier

Believe it or not, the Bedlington Terrier's coat doesn't naturally grow in this bizarre formation, but for the many people who force their dogs to display this atrocious hairstyle they are making their Bedlington Terriers one of the least attractive dogs to look at.

9. Borzoi

Borzoi a member of the sighthound family, are not only one of the tallest breed of dogs, but they are also one of the ugliest dogs. It's needless to say that Borzoi are quite bizarre-looking canines.

8. Caucasian Mountain Dog

The Caucasian Mountain Dogs are one of the tallest and ugliest breeds. It's like the Chow Chow's oversized and obese cousin.

7. Irish Wolfhound

Irish Wolfhounds are sighthounds which, on average, are the tallest breeds, but they're also without a doubt one of the ugliest.

6. English Bull Terrier

English Bull Terriers are the dogs that are well-known for having egg-shaped heads (as well as for being the brand dog for Target stores).

I think that all dogs are cute in some manner, including English Bull Terriers, but that doesn't mean that they can't be ugly in another sense, too. Looking at this picture, I question whether or not this is, in fact, some alien species instead of an actual dog breed.

5. The Puli

This Hungarian dog breed the Puli is an animal that seems to have dreadlocks. Like many people I prefer for my dog to look like a dog rather than a huge pile of hair. If it wasn't for their atrocious dreadlocks these dogs would be a whole lot of cute canine.

4. The Komondor

Just like Puli, Komondors are an ugly breed that have matted dreadlocks. Generally though Pulis are black and Komondors are white; this is why Komondors are often referred to as "mop dogs."

3. Neapolitan Mastiff

Neapolitan Mastiffs resemble a mixture of an English Mastiff, Bloodhound, and Shar Pei gone terribly wrong and inbred. This is the obvious reason why they are included on this list of the top 10 ugliest dogs.

2. The Mexican Hairless

Just look at the photo; Mexican Hairless dogs are definitely an eyeful with their uneven splotchy skin and with their dingy, patchy hair. If any dog deserves to be on this list it's the Mexican Hairless.

Perhaps this is the ugliest photo in the whole bunch, but on average many people would consider the Mexican Hairless to be the second worst-looking breed when compared to the half hairless versions of the dog breed ranking number one as the world's ugliest breed of dog.

1. Chinese Crested

First place goes to the Chinese Crested. If any individual dog is famous for ugliness, it's this one. Personality certainly makes a dog adorable, but if they were only rated on their physical appearance, the Chinese Crested would win (or lose, depending on how you look at it). I mean, there isn't one attractive thing about this dog.

Of some breeds (like Pugs) it is said, "They're so ugly that it makes them cute." And when it comes to Pugs yes they are in a way ugly-cute, but for many people the Chinese Crested is in no way so-ugly-it's-cute; many people would claim that the Chinese Crested is just a straight-up ugly dog. If it wasn't for the fact that dogs usually have great personalities and how they are man's best friend, it would be hard for many individuals to find these odd looking pooches adorable, but in the end isn't it the personality that truly makes the dog? All in all beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


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    • profile image

      uglydoghater101 4 days ago

      every single one of these dogs are really ugly dont even lie to yourself

    • profile image

      me 2 weeks ago

      these dogs are not ugly i don't really like bull teriers that much but they are not really ugly

    • profile image

      sfhysYGTW7EGFS 2 weeks ago

      English bull terrier is kinda ugly

    • profile image

      Dog lover girl 2 weeks ago

      OMG! Not true girl. I love every breed of Dogs equally and there r u no problems bout these dogs dude or dudette. I only find the Mexican Hairless kinda weird but luv em all!

    • profile image

      Doggo 4 weeks ago

      Agreed except for the Irish Wolfhound

    • profile image

      Anonymous 4 weeks ago

      BIASED!! These dogs are beautiful.

    • profile image

      Fuck all of this. Whoever wrote this article is a horrible person. 7 weeks ago

      All dogs are amazing. None of them are ugly!

    • profile image

      hi 2 months ago

      i love all these dogs

    • profile image

      Ben the husky 2 months ago

      I love the mountain dog because it is so helpful when you go hiking.

    • profile image

      Phil The Corgi 3 months ago

      I think all these dogs are beautiful to me, because I love all dogs. Bedlington Terriers remind me of Poodles.

    • profile image

      Skye 3 months ago

      I disagree with you on almost this entire list. And the Chinese Crested is adorable. Also the second photo is a Crested Chihuahua cross. And of course you had to go out and find one of the worst examples of the Xoloitzcuintli that I've ever seen. Very bad breeding indeed. Here is a list of truly ugly dogs; 10. Dogue de Bordeaux 9. Bichon Frise 8. Yorkshire Terrier 7. Chihuahua 6. Dandie Dinmont Terrier 5. Japanese Chin 4. French Bulldog 3. English Bulldog 2. Pekingese 1. Pug. And no I do not mean that they are so ugly they are cute. I mean that they are just plain ugly. And in many cases annoying to boot.

    • profile image

      Bob 3 months ago

      I love all dogs equally. All of these dogs are super cute and I would take all of them in (not at the same time though, something tells me that might cause problems)

    • profile image

      oof 3 months ago

      I find not one of these dogs ugly. They're all nice in one way or anotherr.

    • profile image

      boppy 4 months ago

      puppy ugly as cheese

    • profile image

      OMG 4 months ago

      Borzoi! Mountain dog! Irish wolfhound! thats just crazy but i argee on all the other dogs all the others are ugly as

    • profile image

      YOUSUCK 4 months ago

      These dogs are just as cute as any other dogs! You are just as bad as bullies. SHAME ON YOU! I just cannot see how these adorable creatures can possibly be ugly! How dare you take these cuties and tag them ugly! I beg to differ with your blasphemous opinion. I'd as gladly own any of these as I would any other breed! I am greatly offended.

    • profile image

      YOU ARE IDIOTS 4 months ago


    • profile image

      Mdickie 5 months ago

      I would happily have any of those dogs. I think you should not be saying things like that about dog and if you do it again then you should not deserve a dog

    • profile image

      misty 5 months ago

      I can't see why they say the Caucasian Mountain Dog is an ugly breed!!??

    • profile image

      I H 6 months ago

      I have a pug and a mexican hairless. Both are gorgeous. our Comment...

    • profile image

      Trinity 6 months ago

      what about the pug?

    • profile image

      Trinity 6 months ago

      hun it is u who needs to get your eyes checked!

    • Miss Lil' Atlanta profile image

      Miss Lil' Atlanta 7 months ago from Atlanta, GA

      I wrote this article with intention of being funny, and it doesn't literally express my personal opinions of these dog breeds. I just used a poll from people I know who voted on this top 10.

    • profile image

      Tracey and Sophie 9 months ago

      Wow, that is true!

    • profile image

      fghgrjkshkgnltjh 11 months ago

      pugs need to be on here

    • profile image

      Derek Ives 12 months ago

      Who ever said that Bedlington terries are ugly, needs to get their eyes tested.

    • profile image

      Cerina 13 months ago

      Yikes. All these dogs are ugly as f**k. My dog, who is a lab/retriever mix is the most beautiful dog ever! She has smooth, soft, straight shiny black fur and bright brown eyes. She is neatly structured and proportionally correct.

    • profile image

      iop[ 15 months ago

      i like the chinese crested it is my favourite dog breed!!!!!! :(

    • profile image

      Alexander hamilton 15 months ago

      this was a great list I agree that these dogs are all really really ugly.

    • profile image

      Alexandre 16 months ago

      I have a Irish wolfhound and she beauti

    • profile image

      mgibson5702 19 months ago

      Neapolitan Mastiffs? Rely? My friend has one. And komondors? I say that they are rely handsome dogs.

    • profile image

      Andy 22 months ago

      No pug?

    • profile image

      mintrubber 24 months ago

      Irish Wolfhound and Borzoi ugly? They are two of the most handsome breeds.

    • profile image

      Shaibe83 2 years ago

      Pug must be in the list.

    • profile image

      jack 2 years ago

      Dave, you couldn't be more wrong.

    • profile image

      Anna 3 years ago

      Caucasian mountain dog is awesome!

    • joedolphin88 profile image

      Joe 3 years ago from north miami FL

      There all kind of cute in an ugly way lol, two of them look like mops

    • profile image

      Jo 4 years ago

      It is hard to believe that all these dogs are descended from wolves! It is quite grotesque what breeders have done but at least it is proof of evolution!

    • profile image

      ignugent17 5 years ago

      Even they are ugly but still look cute. Dogs are really such adoratble animals even how ugly they look. Thanks for sharing . :-)

    • idigwebsites profile image

      idigwebsites 5 years ago from United States

      Some of these dogs look like damp and smelly mops. But you know, their ugliness actually makes these canines really special. :)

    • Derby Deals profile image

      Derby Deals 5 years ago from Jeffersonville, Indiana

      Poor pooches! :-) Yes, they are not the prettiest dogs ever, but they sure are interesting!

    • profile image

      barbieque10 5 years ago

      so many different breeds in the world,oh!my god!..............But,then to i lyk fav. is Golden Retriever.........:-D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • afriqnet profile image

      Joe Njenga 5 years ago from Nairobi Kenya

      Interesting Hub :)

    • profile image

      Renee McCartin 5 years ago

      eye of the beholder, I'll put my zoi up over whatever you want any time. ..

    • DrMark1961 profile image

      Dr Mark 5 years ago from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil

      Great minds think alike! I was actually thinking of writing this list on my way home today and of course would have to put the Chinese Creseted as numer one, although of course I disagreed about some of the others (wouldn´t you just love to hug that Caucasian Mountain dog?). Oh well, back to my ferocious dogs. Voted up and I tweeted this!

    • Ari Lamstein profile image

      Ari Lamstein 5 years ago from San Francisco, CA

      Wonderful Hub! This made me and all my coworkers laugh a lot. You should include some videos!