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Top 5 Best and Worst Dogs for Children

Updated on February 22, 2016

Finding the Right Pet

I am writing this article based on my own experience searching for the right dog to adopt with small children. While researching online, I quickly realized that not only was there a lot of information to go through, but there was a lot of different dogs. So after researching what felt like a hundred sites, this is the list that I have come up with. I hope that this article will help you in your search for the right pet for you and your family.

To start, I will go through the best dogs and then the worst dogs. In the best dogs, I will discuss the temperament, health and grooming of each breed. I will also include other sites that will give you more information on each breed. In the worst breeds of dogs I will tell you about their temperament and why I think that these dog make bad pets for kids. I will also include other sites so you can make a more informed decision about your next family member.

5 Best Dogs for Kids

These dogs are great with kids because they are kids at heart. They all have loving personalities and are loyal. They will please you in more ways than you can imagine. Please do remember, though, that this my personal opinion. I am basing this off my research, but you should also do some of your own.

Beagle portrait.
Beagle portrait. | Source
Muddy beagle.
Muddy beagle. | Source

5. Beagle

The beagle was originally breed to be a hunting dog, but with its friendly, happy-go-lucky attitude this breed is hard to resist. Beagles love to play as well as work and are happiest when with its human. With a life expectancy of 10 to 14 years, you will have a life-long partner in this dog. This dog will work well with new pet owners or experience ones. The beagle's playful but loving nature is what makes it a great kid dog, but there are some things that you need to watch for:

  • Beagles are hard-headed at times and training is a must.
  • You should also make sure that you are consistent with your training. If there is a gray area, the dog may become confused and will act accordingly.
  • This breed should also be put on a tight feeding schedule, because it loves to eat and will act like it is starving just to get what it wants. Beagles are prone to obesity because of this behavior.
  • They take food seriously so you might want to teach children not to mess with this dog while eating or feed it outside just to be safe.
  • The beagle is also a scent dog, meaning that its nose was meant for tracking. Its nose can get it into more trouble. Once they get a scent they are hard to detour from it, so it is usually best to leash walk them.
  • This dog will also dig and climb fences when left to their own devices or become bored. Regular playing and walks can help keep this behavior to a minimal.
  • Grooming this animal it is pretty simple. Beagles have short hair that should be brushed a least once a week. The down side is that they shed year around. This breed is also prone many health problems.

All an all, this is a well-rounded breed who is always eager to please its owners. It has a great temperament and is fairly easy to care for.

A black pug.
A black pug.
Tan and black pug.
Tan and black pug. | Source

4. Pug

This outgoing animal is a great kid’s dog that is just as loyal as can be. With its small size you won’t have to worry about this breed knocking your child to the ground. You will have to watch and make sure that your little one doesn’t play to rough with this dog, though.

  • Pugs are extremely smart animals that respond well to positive praise. There are times when this breed can be willful during training, but if you're determined and calm and this dog will excel.
  • This is also a lazy breed, so it is important to exercise it often or you will have an obesity problem on your hands.
  • Pugs will often get irritated when they feel ignored, and is very sensitive to the tone of your voice. A lot of yelling will only make this breed nervous.
  • Grooming the pug is fairly simple job. With their short coat, they only need to be brushed once every two weeks. The folds in there face and their ears need to be cleaned regularly.
  • With a life span of 12 to15 years, this will be a loving pet for a long time.
  • There are some health problems associated with this breed. The biggest is breathing problems because of their short snout. There are some cancers with this breed but that is better discussed with the breeder or your vet.

Overall, this is a great compact dog that has the loyalty you would expect from a larger breed. With its eager-to-please attitude and loving disposition this little dog is sure to hold a big place in your family.

Yellow lab.
Yellow lab. | Source
3-month-old black labrador.
3-month-old black labrador. | Source

3. Labrador

This is a familiar breed that almost everyone has heard about. It's has been the favorite dog in the United States for about 10 years, and with its versatility it is easy to see why. Labs are patient by nature, and will tolerate being hanged on by little kids. This dog is loyal to the bone. Its only goal in life is to please its human.

  • Training needs to start early in this animal, or training will be more difficult. Consistency is a must with this breed along with a firm stand on the rules. This dog is happy knowing its place in the pack.
  • You must be careful on how you discipline this dog because it will get its feelings hurt and they don’t forget.
  • Labradors come in three basic colors: black, chocolate, and yellow.
  • They are relatively easy to groom but do shed year around. They are mostly short-haired so brushing once a week should cut down on the hair being shed. Bathing should only take place when it is needed so as not to lose the undercoat.

This is a great companion that is smart, loving, loyal, and easy to care for. They do have some genetic health problems to check for. Overall, though, this is a fairly healthy breed.

Golden retriever puppy.
Golden retriever puppy. | Source
Golden retriever.
Golden retriever. | Source

2. Golden Retriver

This is another breed that is familiar to most people and is often compared to the lab. The two breeds are a lot alike, but there are some difference between them.

  • This breed is very high energy, so training is a must to help control it. This dog can become over-excited around other dogs if it is not well socialized from a young age.
  • With this breed you want to watch play time because its pleasing attitude will cause it to over-exert itself.
  • Training this breed is a real treat, some dogs have been known to learn up to 240 commands, words, and phrases.
  • This breed also does not do well as a back yard dog, as it prefers to be with the family.
  • Grooming this dog is relatively easy even with its long hair. Bathing should only be done when it is necessary so you don’t risk losing the undercoat. This breed does have long hair so you will want to watch and make sure that your little ones don’t pull on it.
  • This breed is also prone to skin allergies and other skin problems.

This is another breed that has a lot of energy and will want to play for hours on end. Golden retrievers are intelligent, loyal, and with a life span of 10 to 12 years will be a long-time family member.

Black poodles.
Black poodles. | Source
White poodles.
White poodles. | Source

1. Poodle

Did she say poodle? Yes, a poodle, but not just any poodle, the standard poodle. This intelligent dog that excels in training, is hypoallergenic, and is very patient. This dog is also very easy to potty train on either a pad or outside.

  • This dog is likely to take up with everyone in the family instead of just one person like many other breeds.
  • It is a people-oriented dog so will not do well as an outdoors pet.
  • This is a very active pet so be ready to take long walks and to play ball for as long as you can. If not properly exercised, this breed is known to become destructive and high strung.
  • Grooming of this pet can get expensive because of the need to be professionally groomed. The up-side is the hypo-allergenic coat that cuts down on allergies. This does not mean that they won’t shed some.
  • Bathing can be done once a week or as needed.

All around the standard poodle is a great dog. With its pleasing attitude, loving disposition, an amazing patience this dog makes a great kids dog. You also will have this pet for a long time with a life span of 10 to 12 years. Even with its size this breed will be right by your side and gratefully so.

German shepherd, husky, and chow mix.
German shepherd, husky, and chow mix. | Source
Terrier mix.
Terrier mix. | Source

Mixed Breeds

This is a dog with mysterious ancestry, particularly because little is known about the father or fathers. A single little of dogs can be fathered by more than one dog. Sometimes where you live and the type of dogs that are popular can give you some idea of what it might be mixed with. The only way to tell for sure though is a blood test. Still, even knowing this information you probably are not going to get a good look at this breeds temperament. There are some things that make mixed dogs tempting. First, they don’t come with that pure breed price tag. Second, when gotten from a shelter they are usually already ready spayed or neutered.

When considering this type of dog it is important to have its temper tested by a professional. They may be able to determine if you are going to have problems in the future. So this breed is a toss-up: some dogs can be the best and some can be the worst.

5 Worst Breeds for Kids

Now I’m going to talk about the worst breeds to have around small children. I’m not saying that all these dogs are going to make good family house pets. I’m just stating what my research has determined. Most of these breeds probably make good pets if you go to a breeder who is dedicated to keeping the breed to exact standards. Most of these dogs are mean due to bad breeding and poor treatment.

Dalmatian on the beach.
Dalmatian on the beach. | Source
Dalmatian from the side.
Dalmatian from the side. | Source

5. Dalmatians

Yes, these beautiful dogs can be dangerous to your little ones. Even the best-behaved dog has been known to bite without notice. Must of these incidents are from dog who was going deaf and was startled. This breed is very known for deafness which can make it jumpy. It will also respond negatively to harsh training, so calmness is a must. Most of their aggression comes from its breeding to get those lovely spots.

Chihuahua lying down.
Chihuahua lying down. | Source
Chihuahua head tilt.
Chihuahua head tilt. | Source

4. Chihuahua

Not only is this breed bad for young kids, young kids are bad for it. This is a small breed, and, lets face it, kids want to pick up small things. It's just what they do. This is also a nervous breed that could nip at anything. They're territorial and may even attack the adults in the house when they try to sit in a spot the dog has deemed it own.

White pit bull hiking.
White pit bull hiking. | Source
Brown pit bull.
Brown pit bull. | Source

3. Pitbull

Breeding is the only reason this dog can be aggressive. Add that to the fact that when they bite they go for the throat an don’t let go. Yes, this dog has a high tolerance for pain but it has little patience for kids. Dominance is a big thing with this breed, so you must always hold that spot or this dog will walk all over you. You can get lucky, though. There was a reason this was the most decorated dog during World War I, also at that time a popular dog to own. This is a loving breed that loves to please, and it now has bad reputations because of what humans have done to it.

Rottweiler | Source
Rottweiler. | Source

2. Rottweiler

Between the years of 1979 and 1998 this breed held the number-two position in fatal human bites as reported by the CDC. This breed can be completely unpredictable. One minute it’s laying there being part of the family, the next it has bitten someone. So it is best not to have this dog around young kids. Once again, though, breeding has lot to do with its bad attitude.

Chow chow puppy.
Chow chow puppy. | Source
Chow chow in autumn leaves.
Chow chow in autumn leaves. | Source

1. Chow Chow

This breed is number one because of its quick temper and the enjoyment it gets out of bullying. If you show any fear, this dog will act on it. A strong hand will not work on this dog and it will not hesitate to give you a bite to let you know that is not acceptable. This dog has long fuzzy hair that young kids might pull and cause an unwanted response.

Please remember that this is my own personal opinion based on research I did. This does not meant that all dogs are good or bad. The most important thing to remember is to find a respectable breeder who is dedicated to keeping their dogs to the highest standard. Training is a must; a good dog is a well trained dog.


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    • Reynolds_Writing profile image

      Reynolds_Writing 8 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      Good information for families considering a dog.. I would also recommend Rat Terriers as "good for kids" if you want a very small dog with a great, kid friendly personality.

    • LondonGirl profile image

      LondonGirl 8 years ago from London

      Some of the breeds you mention (such as pugs and retrievers) are very genetically inbred, and suffer a lot of health problems. While I think your lists are great, and very detailed, the health of hte dog needs to be thought of as well, I think.

    • Pam Roberson profile image

      Pam Roberson 8 years ago from Virginia

      Very good job! :)

      The only thing I would warn people about is that Labs tend to be very high energy dogs. Once they become adults, they frequently don't realize how big and bulky they are because their brains are still feeling very puppish. ;) So, I'm not so sure about a lab with very small children, like toddlers. Not that a lab would ever intentionally hurt a small child, they are far too loving to do that. They simply get excited and can easily knock them down.

      I have a two year old lab, and she still acts very much like a puppy always wanting to climb in your 80 pounds that isn't very comfortable! lol! She has frequently brushed by me in her excitement and nearly knocked me off my feet.

      Once labs settle down, there's no doubt about them being one of the best dogs for kids. :)

      Of course, this is just my opinion. :D

    • NickieE profile image

      Nickie 8 years ago from Hernando

      Thank you very much everyone! I appreciate the comments. You also make some good points that I will revise over the next few days.

    • helenathegreat profile image

      helenathegreat 8 years ago from Manhattan

      In my experience, pit bulls have INFINITE patience for being pulled on/pet roughly by children.  I agree that you have to be careful about the type of dog you are getting, but pit bulls as a "breed" are not, on the whole, bad dogs.  You have to judge them on a case-by-case basis.

    • amy jane profile image

      amy jane 8 years ago from Connecticut

      Very helpful information! I have a lab (and three small kids) and she is the sweetest dog! She loves the kids and so tolerant of everyone in the family - including the cats and bunny!

      I understand why pitbulls are on your worst list, but I grew up with them and know that with the right owner and the right training, a pitbull puppy can be a delightful and safe pet.

    • trish1048 profile image

      trish1048 8 years ago

      I too, owned a pitbull.  He was the sweetest, most affectionate dog, although not too bright LOL.  The only complaint I had was that he loved picking things up around the yard, such as running around with a rake in his mouth, and for some reason, loved yanking the drain spouts off my house.  Other than that, he was a love.

      As far as the pug goes, I found it to be extremely affectionate.  The only reason I would never own one is because it sheds profusely, all year long, not just a seasonal shed.

      Great list, and thanks for sharing.

    • dana825 profile image

      dana825 8 years ago from Chicago

      It's interesting to read your advice because I work at an animal shelter and some of this I agree with and some I don't. I think beagles are by far the best dogs that any child can have. The second may be a golden retriever or a goldendoodle. However, labs can be difficult until they hit about age 5 or 6 and if you have kids, you want to be focusing on raising the kids, not the dogs too.

      I've never met a purebred rottwiller but in my experience, I've never found a bad mix. Also, if you get a young pit bull, aggression generally isn't too much of a problem unless aggression becomes part of the way you interact with the dog regularly.

    • achilles5a profile image

      achilles5a 8 years ago from New York

      I don't agree with your choice of pitbull as a bad dog for children. I myself was raised with two pitbulls and never were they aggressive towards me. I own 3 pitbulls, when with my son(4 years old) they're fully submissive. Pitbull breed is one of the mosy loyal breeds. Even though bred to be in pits, they were known to be giving to families to take care of the house and the children. I personally never met a pitbull that was aggressive to children. I understand the media has slowly put this breed down the drain. Any one that has owned a pitbull would support them as a good family/children dog.

    • NickieE profile image

      Nickie 8 years ago from Hernando

      I just want to remind everone that this is a peronal opinon article. Also there was a lot of research that went in to this article. Agian not all dogs are bad, find the right breeder, and the right traing can make any dog a great dog. With small kids though it is hard to train them how to treat the dogs so it is just safer to get some animals when the kids are older. thank you for looking at this site.

    • profile image

      Katri Leigh 8 years ago

      I train pits for rescue in memphis, TN.. MORONS! pitbulls are unwaivering in their loyalty, and if you train ur pitty fully, there is absolutely no reason for aggression. Daschunds however are notorious biters.. how come they're not on the list?.. Saying all dogs of a specific breed are bad or aggressive is just a stupidd and baseless as saying all people of a specific race are bad or aggressive! It's this kind of thinking that breeds hatred for big dogs and mistreatment of animals due to their genetics. It's not their fault what breed they are.. but it is the owners fault if they are not fully training their animals. It's like kids.. if they're not in school learning.. they're probably getting into trouble!

    • Gin Delloway profile image

      Gin Delloway 8 years ago

      ohh!! great hub! and very useful! We have a puppy of labrador at home... it's so funny and kind.. I like this purry very much!!

    • profile image

      animal lover 8 years ago

      you are not an expert on any thing you say.i owned a chow-chow that you so decribe as bad,he was the most sweetest dog i ever owned and loved by all young and old.went to school to pick up my kids everyday and every child would run and hug him every day,and now i have this other so called your opinon as bad breeds you discribe as Bad.a rotti mix and a pit mix and they adorn every one that comes to my house young and is how you train your dogs and how you teach your children to respect an animals,as the #1 dog for biting is a golden some more research on it you just repeating what the media reports because it sells news,and why do dogs attack kids?it's because morons get a dog throw it in their yard no human interaction what's so ever and a child walks in and what happens?the child gets's not the dog at fault it's the stupid human that does this to a dog.

    • ThePioneer21 profile image

      ThePioneer21 8 years ago from Liverpool

      I think this hub is great:-)

      We have weimerarners, which aren't great for kids (as they're very big dogs and a tad too hyperactive), but they are the most loveable and adoring dogs I have ever known. Plus, there is no chance we'd ever get burgled!

      I know a rotwiller mix, and she's the most daft dog I've ever met- shes so friendly, however very aggressive to those who she doesn't know, and very overprotective.

      Thanks for the great insight into family dogs. They're all adorable!

    • Whitney05 profile image

      Whitney 8 years ago from Georgia

      Pit Bulls and Rotties are WONDERFUL dogs to have with children. They can be very gentle dogs.

      Any dog is dangerous around a child if the dog is not socialized with children and if the children are not socialized and taught how to act around dogs.

      This list is mere opinion and not based on facts and truths about the dog breeds by any means.

      Standard poodles can be VERY aggressive, and the labrador is on the US humane society's list of dangerous dogs as they have more bites than APBTs in the past several years.

    • katyzzz profile image

      katyzzz 8 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      I think this is a wonderful hub, I have many friends who swear they would not have any dog other than a Beagle, I saw one of these puppies in a local pet shop being "loved to death" by a prospective owner, it was snuggling in close to her,  I do hope she bought it they seemed great together.

      I've never had any problems with any dog but they were trained well, naturally, within the family, no classes, people seem to have lost these skills nowadays, much as they have with rearing children.  More's the pity.

    • Eternal Evolution profile image

      Eternal Evolution 8 years ago from kentucky

      Even though you have listed links to sites i don't think you did adequate research on the breeds. Pit Bulls actually make great dogs for families with children. They are surprisingly gentle and paitent and can tolerate a kids not so gentle petting and playing. You must supervise any dog around children, I'd be more worried about the pit bull accidentally knocking the child off balance than actually biting or showing aggressive toward one. Again ANY dog must be watched around kids, i think it's unfair to place pits on he worst list. Based on the research a done i would place them on the top list.

    • profile image

      hannah 8 years ago

      my dogs name is tuxedo

    • profile image

      Karen Connell 8 years ago

      I would just like to fly the flag for the retired greyhound.

      Most of these dogs are the perfect for a family home. They are much mis-understood due to always being seen on photos in 'racing mode' sporting muzzle and wide open mouth.

      I have never met an aggressive greyhound (of course, there are the exceptions) except maybe with cats and small dogs.

      Contrary to popular opinion they don't need much exercise - they are content to sleep and be loved!

      Anyone considering getting a dog please do not overlook the retired greyhound - they are usually only about 3-4 years old when they retire.

    • profile image

      eaasi3574 8 years ago

      Great Hub! Very informative with lots of sound advice. Works for me!

    • Lady Seren profile image

      Lady Seren 8 years ago from UK

      I was surprised to see pit bull listed as one of the worst dogs around children. Pitbull have a lot of bad press and yes there are still idiots who breed for fighting. But generally they are one of the most tolerant and loyal breeds around humans.

      It's worth noting, all dogs can bite and never leave you dogs and kids unsupervised.

    • profile image

      meepee 8 years ago

      I was raised with a rottie & i loved her. She was a very very sweet dog! The only problem was she didn't like hispanic people i dont know why though. I have dark skin & she was nothing but sweet & gentle to me. Ha but anyways they are good dogs & so are pitbulls i have never met one or the other of those breeds that were mean. It all depends on how the animal is raised if they know that there is small kids around or other small pets & they are raised to be gentle. They will be! Its all on the owner but thanks for the information but if you truly want to know how a dog can act get it & see just because a site says that they are all bad & mean & shouldn't be around kids...well that's just dumb to listen to. But that's just me:)

    • profile image

      OldManHenry 8 years ago

      This is a misleading hub and you need spellcheck as well.

      There's a reason why pit bulls are called "nanny dogs"--they have an INNATE tolerance for children. While it is true that humans have done terrible things to the breedS (as there are more than one type of "pit bull"), you can raise a perfectly sweet and loyal "pit bull". It's articles like yours that continue to mislead the public and draw fire from the pit lovers (I am NOT a pit lover, BTW, but I do exercise common sense--never leave a child unattended with ANY dogs, but as for pits, don't leave a child alone with two intact females [in fact you probably shouldn't have two intact females to begin with]).

      The same can be said for Rottweilers, BTW. They are fiercely loyal and gentle with children when trained properly.

      I would take pits and Rotts off your list and replace them with wolf hybrids (far too unpredictable and you never know what kind of content you're getting) and Chinese Cresteds (for the same reason you listed their breed siblings, chihuahuas). Or any other small breed that needs gentle handling (yorkies, maybe).

    • profile image

      notorious_HAI 8 years ago

      Great hub. I'm a great fan of the rottie though. My family had one when I was going up as did our neighbour and both were very loyal and gentle creatures. Na would lick my tears when I cried. It's disgusting and endearing all at once. However, I know what you mean by bad breeding. A badly bred, badly trained or neglected rottie can unleash a lot of unpredicted aggression people and other dogs.

    • profile image

      Charlie Tuna 8 years ago

      I think NickieE did a good job with her article. It gave explanations of the different dogs and listed them. She listed them according to her I think, and as anyone who would buy a pooch, we'd tend to do the same.

      Now several commenters have stated that any dog can be raised as a loving member of the family. But Fido can also be a terror if negected, improperly trained, or even trained for destruction. So, in all fairness all dogs should have the same, leveled, playing field.

      Sure, some dogs that weren't preferred by NickieE are obviously preferred by you. Good for you and more importantly great for your dog! Be a good owner and role model and bust those negative stereotypes that some people or the media have of your dogs.

      Me, I am enjoying the most wonderful company of a 10 week old Maltese-Pikanese mix. Talk about wanting to please! WOW! This dog loves to train, play, and just be your friend. Gentle as a butterfly BUT he can rough house if you let him. Soft voice, love, oh and a clicker for training- and you can have a great pooch for your family and you. Now let your dog give you a kiss and you give it a treat!

    • profile image

      Alina 8 years ago

      Any dog will retaliate if annoyed enough. There are individual variations within a breed. A lot also depends on how you have socialized the puppy. Having said that, I think the Cavalier King Charles (despite all their health problems) are sweet little dogs who are generally friendly toward everyone. Labs are generally a great family dog as well, but also have many health problems. I agree with your top 5 worst chocices.

    • profile image

      justin 8 years ago

      In my experience working at a shelter, I think this is a fairly good list. While rotts and pit bulls are two excelent dogs, I would be wary of adopting one to be around children.

      Almost every dog breed can be aggressive, it depends a lot on the owners. Unfortunately, it seems the people most likely to mistreat dogs are the ones to pick up Rotts and Pit Bulls, and to some extent Chiuahuas. It's important to point this out, a lot of perspective owners choose to adopt.

      The one exception might be pugs, I have never seen a dog less prone to agression. In fact, I have never even heard of an aggressive pug. They are excellent companion dogs, however they have a tendency for health problems that can make them a bit more expensive than other breeds.

    • HWP profile image

      HWP 7 years ago from my own world

      I think it is so important for kids to grow up with dogs. Not only do they have a permanent best friend and guardian, but they learn to be responsible by looking after it. I also think it gives them a great confidence, which is so important when you are growing up. I will definitely make sure my kids have dogs, and while some breeds are a bit unsuitable for small children due to their size or strength, I think it is so much more to do with the way the dogs are raised and the attitude of the owner that determines the temperament and child friendliness of a dog.

    • profile image

      snoe 7 years ago

      I think this list was a little predictable and left out the importance of choosing the right individual dog, rather than yet again stereotyping a breed and setting a family up for disappointment.  An ill trained golden retriever can be just as threatening as an unsocialized rottweiler.  Asking 'what breed is best for children?" is not the right question.  It is much more important to ask: What dog temperament is going to fit in MY family? What do I need to do to prepare the dog and the children for living together?  How much time and info do I have to commit to making this a positive situation? Where will I find support when a behavior arises that I can't handle?

    • profile image

      Been there, done that. 7 years ago

      While an interesting read, I really with you wouldn't list your idea of what the "worst breed" of a family dog is. While you're certainly entitled to your opinions, you accomplish nothing but further spreading of FUD about certain dog breeds based on faulty data. While some breeds are able to inflict fatal wounds due to their size and strength, ome of the most vicious ankle biters I've ever seen are in your "top choice" list. Most poodles are so high strung and borderline neurotic they'd be last on my list of having around children.

    • profile image

      JAF 7 years ago

      The pit bull is a "bad" breed because of the media? Are you kidding me? These dogs are only on the news because they attack -- and in many cases -- kill kids. It's not the media that gives this breed a well-deserved reputation as an aggressive dog -- it's the tombstones of many children.

    • profile image

      rp 7 years ago

      I absolutely disagree with your information regarding dalmations. We have three children and have had three dalmations- and I have trusted our dogs completely with our children. Our dogs will protect their property and have kept us safe from robbery twice.

      Dalmations' biggest downfall is that they think they are people- so they want to be inside with you whenever you are home. We like that trait- so haven't had any issues with our dogs. They are loveable, loyal and bond to all familiy members.

      We have always fed our dogs fresh vegetables and good food- so they have not had any issues with skin disorders. They are not prone to hip disorders like many other large dogs- and they live long lives. Our first Dali lived 13 years.

      These dogs are not for everyone- they have lots of energy and like long runs or walks. They need to be with people, and they like to sleep inside. Our 4 year old male likes to ride the tube with the kids behind our speed boat, and our 3 year old female loves to cuddle, and thinks that she is a lap dog.

    • profile image

      mic 7 years ago

      Another great dog for a family is an old english sheep dog they are great to bond with and very smart and kind dogs.

    • profile image

      Eileen 7 years ago

      Wow, the Chow beat out the Pit Bull for #1?? On what planet? We bought a pedigree Chow puppy a year before our first child was born and he was a loyal and wonderful pet for 12 years (& 1 more child). Do you have to be a responsible owner? Yes. Do you have to know your breed and what you are getting into? Yes. Do the research and buy what you feel is right for your family and what time you can give the pet for training. I can't say that I have ever heard of the neighborhood Chow mauling a child. Can't say the same for a Pit Bull. Enough said.

    • profile image

      Monica_Steven 7 years ago

      Beagle --cute,wish to have one. Well everydog have different traits, but the best is dog's are too loyal to their master/s.

    • profile image

      Celestin 7 years ago

      I have to say that I disagree with you about the Pit-Bull Breed being one of the worst for a family with kids. You are right about the breeding issue, when the dogs are inbreed, or breed from aggressive lines, then of course they will be aggressive. However if you do your research and get a puppy from a responsible breeder, then this is a perfect breed for families and children. Before getting name dragged through the mud by bad owners and breeders, this breed was the perfect family pet; Loyal, Friendly, Protective, with a high tolerance for pain, as you mentioned in your above article. I have 5 pit-bulls, all have came from good lines; breed for their good temper and positive attitudes. When you get a pit-bull; Staffordshire terrier or American-Staffordshire terrier; that comes from good breeding, you get an animal that will do great with your kids, they tolerate small children well; ear pulling, biting, getting climbed on, the are protective of their families; if an intruder came into your home, the animal would die to protect you if you were in danger. They are extremely loyal; constantly looking to you to make sure they have not disappointed you. It is this attribute, however, that caused people to use them game (fighting) dogs. They made the dogs think that the behavior required for a game dog to be successful was what made them happy, anything else disappointed them. I have a 10 year old, and a 4 year old, and have pit-bulls since my oldest daughter was in diapers. I have never had a problem, with a dog being aggressive towards humans. In fact the only problem I have encountered is dog and animal aggression and that came from the dogs I have rescued, re-habilitated, and re-homed. Not from my family pets. Like you said above this article portrayed your opinion, and this comment portrays mine. I just whish people would give the breed a chance. I also believe there should be laws regulating who can own the breed and who can breed the animals’ period in order to ensure safe, happy animals, and to change people’s opinion of the breed itself.

    • profile image

      sryan944 7 years ago

      I think Golden Retriever are the best.

    • profile image

      sryan944 7 years ago

      Thanks for the good articles about Golden Retrievers good traits.

    • profile image

      #1 animal lover 7 years ago

      I disagree with a lot of your article because I know some people think pit bulls are aggressive but they were once known as the nicest dogs known until pit fits and after rescued from fighting most of the time get good homes, and poodles can be very nippy I'd say a great kid dog is the siberian husky and labs are really hiper and can knock children down. shih tzus and toy fox terriers are dogs kids can cuddle

    • profile image

      Erick Smart 7 years ago

      I agree with the Poodle, they do really well with kids. But I have had excellent luck with Border Collies and Australian Shepherds with them as well.

    • BetsyIckes profile image

      BetsyIckes 7 years ago from Pennsylvania

      Although, personally I never had any trouble with Pit Bulls, I have seen while working in a hospital what can happen to children that have met up with a Pit Bull. Also, we had a bad run in with a Rottie when my daughter was five. The Rottie was only a nine month old pup but was still able to inflict harm to my daughter and practically ripped her ear off.

      Good hub with a lot of info! I give you a thumbs up!

    • profile image

      dog lover 7 years ago

      i have a golden retriever and a labrador and 4 kids and i think thy are the best dogs u could ever have i have a very young child and she goes up to the dogs and hits them and they will not thouch her they will not touch a fly and i think they are the two best dogs for kids

    • profile image

      wrong all the way across 7 years ago

      check out American Temperment Test Sociaty. according to there research the pitbull has out performed the golden ret for many of years now. The golden ret has attacked more children then the pit, and rottie combined. the golden ret was rated as one of the worst 7 to have with kids. truth be told any dog breed and raised right can and will be the greatest dog in the world.

    • profile image

      the pitbull, worlds highest decorated dog in military history. 7 years ago

      support your vets!! this breed fought for your freedom and yet you condem it. EXTENCTION IS FOREVER AMERICA

    • profile image

      truth be told this chick is a moron!! face the facts 7 years ago

      get your research right before you go bashing a breed.

      you rated the Dalmation at 5th and research on temperment shows:DALMATIAN 321 tested 263 passed 58 failed passing rate 81.9% you have the CHIHUAHUA being a 4th and research shows:CHIHUAHUA 38 tested 27 passed 11 failed 71.1% passing rate you have a pit as 3rd and research shows:AMERICAN PIT BULL TERRIER 665 tested 567 passed 98 failed 85.3% passing rate a rott 2nd and research shows:ROTTWEILER 5097 4,228 869 83.0%and you also had the Chow Chow at 1st and research shows:CHOW CHOW 94 67 27 71.3% you also said the beagle was you 5th for best but it has a worst passing rate then your 3rd worst dog BEAGLE 63 51 12 81.0% you rated the golden ret as your 2nd best but statistics show GOLDEN RETRIEVER 720 609 111 84.6% it worst then a pit bull. need i go on? see for yourself at AMerican Temperment test sociaty. her rating is way off the truth. how does a dalmation score higher then a chahwawa but she rates it better, please what a dumb ass

    • profile image

      pit bull owner 7 years ago

      This is all obviously based on one persons opinion. And unfortunatly, opinions aren't always correct. Pit bulls are great with kids, I know this first-hand, as are Rotts. It's all about how you raise them. This goes with any breed. Just know your facts and do your research before you rank just the dogs that you like/dislike. And if you ever watch The Dog Whisperer, what about Daddy?

    • gracenotes profile image

      gracenotes 7 years ago from North Texas

      Interesting hub. I have no children, but I think it is important for all puppies to have some exposure to kids, if possible. It helps with their socialization. I rescued a miniature schnauzer 6 months ago, and it's obvious she's been around little tykes, and does well in that area.

    • profile image

      Thomas Beckman 7 years ago

      I am a 62 yr old grandfather with 4 children and 14 grandchildren. We were all raised with pit bulls and have never had more than the occasional unintended bite, never more than a scratch. My wife and I have bred, trained, and rescued pits forever. Unfortunately, we sometimes have to put a dog down because of the way the dog has been treated by stupid jerks. Your blog is nothing but your own opinion and it is a not very informed one. I have nothing against any breed, but a lot against poor breeders. One must cull out and not breed ANY dog that has a bad temperament. Every owner should either train and socialize their dog or hire a reputable handler to do so. It is not the breed, it is the owner.

    • AshleyNikole profile image

      AshleyNikole 7 years ago from Virginia

      I hate it when people leave me nasty comments. This is not meant to be on of those comments. I just disagree with your choice of the Dalmatian. I think this is in the wrong place. Dalmatians are actually very good with children. Other then that, I love your hub!

    • profile image

      B.C. BOUTIQUE 7 years ago

      Some of this I disagree on, but most you read my mind..Chihuaha's are horrible pets for children, they tend to get very territorial with one person, usually an adult and they are viscous for such small dogs ( I have never been bit except by a chihuaha, a pooldle, a dalmation, and a bischon freize..

      I raise German Boxers and my best friend raises Mastiffs..we talked and discussed this and my list on the dogs I have been bitten by , he has had the same problem with them and heard the same from others..So I must add my 2 cents and say the 4 dogs we have been bitten by , I have jnown the owners very personally, are my top "WORSE" DOGS to have around or get for your children..

      this is just my oppinion, please take no part of this personally against your post.

    • profile image

      victoria 7 years ago

      Everyone saying pitbulls are great pets... yes, some of them can be. As a little kid I had a friend whose family had a pitbull, and it tried to bite me several times. My moms face was ripped up by a kid by a rottie. I've also known amazingly sweet pitbulls. I know you're defensive because of their bad rap in the media, but just because yours is a doll doesn't mean all the other dogs are.

    • profile image

      Lisa  7 years ago

      I owned a registered Chow Chow for a few years and I raise my animals, train and certify them as Delta Therapy Dogs as well as K9 Crisis Responders for FEMA/RedCross. The Chow I had was a very sweet dog for 3 years when suddenly he wouldn't let anyone in the house but us. He started getting hostile towards my kids and the neighbor kids even in a friendly, controlled environment. He was also very, very well socialized as a puppy. We eventually had to put him down when he was around 4 years old which was the hardest thing I've ever done. I had to protect my children.

    • katemerart profile image

      katemerart 7 years ago

      Proper training of a dog is key to working with any breed. I have a lab mix that was a bit 'shy' and got frightened easily when he was younger and we had no children. We went through extensive training with him and he is a great dog with our kids.

    • dogluver1 profile image

      dogluver1 7 years ago

      I have a lab 2 she is exactly the same way my baby cousin kept tugging on her as hard as he could she never said a toot! :) check out my hub about labs!

    • dogluver1 profile image

      dogluver1 7 years ago

      great hub!

    • profile image

      Greta 7 years ago

      We have three young boys (all under age 4) and we own a "mutt" :) He is a lab-husky-border collie mix. I think the most important thing to consider when choosing a family dog is: how much training/exercise does the breed require and will you have the time to meet those needs AND care for the children at the same time! Most well-trained dogs can be fantastic around children, but if you don't have the time to work hard on obedience it's important to choose a dog that is naturally gentle around children. (our dog obviously required quite a bit of training, given his high energy breed cross!)

    • profile image

      Snoopy4ever 7 years ago

      Pit bull owners are MORONS, period. It's just a matter of time before your sweet, lovable dog takes your kids face off. Have fun.

    • profile image

      Sunshine 7 years ago

      Om my hell,

      she repeated that this was all her opinion based on what she read....stop getting your undies in a bunch and actually read what she wrote. Some of you have the audacity to call her an idiot because she stated her opinion and I think it is you people who are stupid and ignorant.

      I think it is great that those who raised well behaved "aggressive" breeds are posting their postive experiences. As some people have posted it is in the training and socializing that dogs learn proper behavior.

    • profile image

      Corey 7 years ago

      You can raise pits in the best of environments with the best training. That's not going to change their faulty hard wiring to potentially snap at any given moment. It's great to love and defend your own dog, however it's just as ignorant to claim an entire breed is safe to be around children just because you've convinced yourself of your own dogs sanity. If you have a pit bull around a child (regardless of current temperment or training history) you're rolling the dice. I can't speak for anyone else but I love my kids too much to take that risk.

    • profile image

      Lisa 7 years ago

      If you think it's an opinion on pitbulls being mean and aggressive towards kids, then read on them anywhere. They have killed and maul countless kids, and some adults as well. Even from owners who "trusted" their dog. One of my kids was bitten by one. Just look up the statistics on them. Blame the owner/the dog, Even if kids teased it, a bite is one thing, a horrific mauling is another. Here is a tidbit on Pits.... "Pit Bulls: Deadly Breed Most Responsible for Death and Maimings of Humans and Other Animals

      "On average about 27 people will be killed by a dog each year in the US, 19 of the homicide victims will be children under the age of 15. The dog that causes 3 out of 4 attacks on kids will be the "loving" family dog, such as the "friendly companion" pit bull with the wonderful disposition. Children attacked by these breeds are literally torn apart with horrifying injuries that are almost beyond words. Those that survive are often maimed for life."

    • profile image

      john 7 years ago

      why the hell isent there a german sheperd they are the best bloody dogs in the world better than any other dog

    • profile image

      amandaaaa 7 years ago

      Where is my BOXER?

      They're so good with kids, not that I'm biased at all (I have one).

      But she's the sweetest thing, there's a 3, a 6, and an 8 year old in my house at this point, and she's so great with all of them. The 3 year old will sit on her like shes a horse.

    • profile image

      Jane  7 years ago

      I love Beagles! They are so cute to me. I have two dogs and one is mix beagle.

    • profile image

      jessica 7 years ago

      go to google and type in bad rap. there is information about pit bulls there. everyone who thinks pit bulls are just mean dogs for no reason listen to this and tell me what you would expect any dog to do????? people who fight pits dont just fight them these are some things that michael vick did to the 60 dogs that he had not including the 30 that were found dead in his yard. he would hook jumper cables up to a car and the other end to dogs ears, then just after being shocked almost to death he throw them into his pool that was not full so they could not just out they could only drown after trying to stay up for however long. he would throw them into brick walls until their skulls were crushed. he had dog rape stations that you can see pics of and are covered in blood. he had over 30 dogs burried in his yard! what do you expect dogs that are going through that amount of torture to be like? what would you be like? i have a 20 month old daughter and a 4 year old pit bull who i trust my daughters life with. he would die before he let a bee sting my daughter. my daughter sees him and runs to his wraping her hands aroung him and kissing him. she has napped on his belly. he would not ever hurt her but be damn sure to hurt anyone trying to get to us and especially her. i will make sure i always have a pit after seeing how loyal and playful and protective he is! who wouldn't want a dog that would go between you and someone trying to harm your family. they will have a hard time trying with my pit in the house! so to everyone who thinks it pit bulls get your shit right and realize its what humans are doing to them!

    • profile image

      josh 7 years ago

      were are my saintbernards they are fluffy and cute.they should be the 1st not the stupid poodle yuk!

    • Dewey Cheatem profile image

      Dewey Cheatem 7 years ago

      Great Hub. I am going to agree with you about the Chow being a bad dog for children. I wrote about the behaviour in one of my Hubs. I would never recommend a Chow for a family with small children. They are adoreable as puppies. Fluffy and cute and all the things a kid could want in a dog but after six months our Chow was aggressive to the point of snapping and stealing food off the kitchen table.

      Great Job. I am now a fan.

    • profile image

      mark 7 years ago

      my pitbull dunt harm anyone

    • profile image

      whitney 7 years ago

      i really liked this.. and as she stated this is just her opinion.... altho my experience growing up was quite the opposite of what her best and worst wer,e every dog is different tho.. wen i was 2 i got a chow chow who let me use him as a pillow, we eventually had 2 and they were the most loving, calm dog ive ever owned by far!! my mom was attacked by 2 standard poodles wen she was about 13...but i had a pit myself wen i was 16 and she was the sweetest thing, great withmy baby cousins, but they have a lot of energy and could possibly end up knockin them over, same as the rott, there was one who wanted to jump all over me all the time then there was the one who jus wantd to lick me! and the beagle, could be bad for a sleepin baby as any one ive ever been around barked a lot! not to mention jumped all over everyone!!

    • profile image

      Kerith 7 years ago

      My Rottie is superb with children, no matter what age and whether or not they accidently pull or poke him. They are also fantastic guardians amongst many other things. A bad Rottie is due to a bad owner, and in my opinion they make a wonderful family pet to an experienced owner.

    • profile image

      Claire Sweeney 7 years ago

      My Mum said that Staffordshire Bull Terrier's are meant to be the best but this is your opinion and I respect that.

    • profile image

      Mr. Foster 7 years ago

      This list is hilarious. Why don't I see Siberian Huskies on the negative list? These are notorious kid biters. Those statistics they are using are way off, and the rottweilers stats have included mixed breed dogs. As for pitbulls, this is a generalization and those stats do not represent the AMERICAN PITBULL TERRIER, the fatalities and number of bites include up to 5 different breeds of dog including the American Bulldog, which is no pitbull at all. This is probably one of the worst lists i've ever seen.

      This list of "worst dogs for children" should have been filled with dogs that are purposely bred for human aggression. Not dogs that are culled when they show human aggression such as Pitbulls. Temperment tests conducted by the American Temperament Test Society show that nearly 85% of pitbull terriers pass and can be functional members of a family. The average of all breeds is only 77%... you do the math and stop relying on witch hunt media outlets to get your info... 68% of the time a pitbull bite is reported it has been confirmed that it was not actually an american pitbull terrier.

    • profile image

      Chris 7 years ago

      I am confused. The beagle makes the top 5 best?

      A chow is more dangerous than a pit bull?

      I am so glad you added a disclaimer that this is your opinion. It is surely not based on truth.

      I am sorry, but your article is full of half truths and erroneous information.

      You did not bother to edit spelling and grammar errors as well on a published article.

      This tells me you may have also not bothered to research the topic fully.

      Let me give you an example:

      Golden Retrievers, Labs, and Beagles will eat your furniture, carpet, and most other belongings without hesitation.

      Beagles and mixed beagle breeds are notorious for urinating and defecating inside, climbing on furniture and guests, and tearing apart your home while you are out. Beagles usually must be crated, then when they are, they howl all day.

      Beagle is NOT a good first dog, and on top of it all, they bite kids!!!

      I have had three Chow-Chows. My current dog is 14 years old.

      When I had my first daughter 10 yrs ago, then 7 years, then 4 years ago. Each time a child was born, the chow had to accept the new child as part of the pack.

      My chow just loved and cleaned my babies as she would her own pups. My chow(s) NEVER chewed on my belongings, defecated or peed inside, tore anything up, and lastly, NEVER bit one of my kids. They are loving, sweet animals that just need love like us.

      I can tell you for sure, put side by side as pups, the chow will be the best first dog for training, and all other categories.

      Good luck with those beagles. (chuckling)

    • profile image

      kay kay 101 7 years ago

      Labs are the best dog in the world they are very good with kids because they play . my dog is a lab and she is a very nice and kind my dog likes to sleep a lot. most families like that so if you want a dog get a lab but a lab can have a lot of love to give, but they shed a lot.

    • profile image

      goldylocks22 7 years ago

      I agree with kay kay 101 but I my self have 2 golden retrevers and they are protective of the family and she is old and the other one is a puppy but they are still loveable

    • profile image

      Mizza 7 years ago

      I respect the fact that this is an opinion but have you ever thought about the people that buy the dog breeds you call the 'Worst'? The people that buy those breeds do not train their dogs properly and deliberately make them aggressive or buy them as 'Fashion Accessories'. I know a Rottweiler that is probably the best I have seen because it is the most loyal and relaxed dog I have met and is incredible with children and other animals. The owners of the Rottweiler have a cat and if the Rottweiler is sleeping, the cat will climb on top of him and fall asleep as well. When the dog wakes up, it will wait for the cat to wake up and move before he does. Its all because of the owners. Also, I am surprised that you have Labs that are very boisterous dogs by nature on here but you do not have German Shepherd Dogs. They are very protective of their pack and family and get along well with people.

      You should also have corrected your typos and spelling mistakes, you should have thought that you would be slated for all these things for creating a controversial topic.

    • Doggie Devotee profile image

      Doggie Devotee 7 years ago from Danville KY

      It's not the breed that makes a dog a good or bad chice for a family or for a pet in general. It is the owner that makes a good or bad dog. We need to stop blaming dogs such as pit bulls, rottwilers and dobermans and start placing the blame where it belongs, on the owners. We as humans are so quick to place the blame on something that can't speak or take up for its self. We need to take responsibility for how we train nd raise these animals.

    • profile image

      hdnyc 7 years ago

      To echo Chris' comments above, I find it hard to take this seriously. Most well-respected canine research will not spell the name of the breed incorrectly ("rottwiller"?? don't think they're AKC-registered).

      Additionally, I've had many dogs in my life, and the most dangerous of them all was the purebred black lab that aggressively bit my 2-year-old sister when she tried to pet him while he was eating. He was scary and aggressive and couldn't be trusted around children. Best dogs with kids in my family's experience? My chocolate lab-weimeraner mix picked up at the shelter as a puppy (shy with strangers but loves our family), my maltipoo we got from the pet store as a puppy, and the 4-year-old boxer-bulldog mix that I got from the shelter. The boxer-bulldog mix is the biggest of them all, and "seems" like he would be the most aggressive based on his breed, but he is a total mushball. I live in an apartment building with tons of kids, and he lies down on the ground if a toddler wants to pet him.

    • profile image

      tasha 7 years ago

      This list is way off if you take into account temperment and high energy/high maintenance level dogs. You should do some more research

    • profile image

      RJCF 7 years ago

      This is thought-provoking, but incorrect about Dalmatians. I grew up with one, and own one now. She is lovely with children, utterly gentle and patient, and has helped some nervous children deal with their fear of dogs.

      I wouldn't recommend them for tiny children, because they are very bouncy and have whippy tails, with a serious risk of knocking a small child over. But they aren't an aggressive breed.

    • profile image

      doglover9979 7 years ago

      About labs they are not good for children because my sister has 2 kids and a lab and the lab is 32inces tall and when ever my sisters kids come in the room the lab bits them. The dog is very mean and needs loving and you have to pay attention to the lab. That is a true story so if your thinking about getting a lab well think again if you really want to get bit when ever you go by it and when ever you go in the room then think again labs aren't really so loving

    • profile image

      Mr. Mom 7 years ago from San Jose California

      Are there any dogs that don't bark and have no hair? I was also wanting one that would pick up it's own poop and maybe make dinner once a week. What kind of dog is this? Thanks for a great hub you hubberroo you.

    • profile image

      kejobo 7 years ago

      my daughter has a staffy(i got him for her and her children)

      everyone said i was mad for getting him.but now everyone loves him.and he loves the kids .if one falls and cries hes first there to lick them better.i was watching something on tv

      i felt something being put in my mouth thought it was a kid giving me a toffee,wrong he had decided to share his bone with me.also caught him picking a yoghut carton off the floor and putting it in the bin.

    • profile image

      Mimi (North Carolina) 7 years ago

      Great Hub! I think you did a great Job gathering all this information. I have read a lot of books and articles and a lot of the things you mention are just as I read. I also understand that on purchasing any dog there is always that small percentage of your dog being better than explained or worse depending on the owner, but I appreciate your hub. My family and I are wanting to purchase a Lab I read that they are the most popular dogs in the U.S.A, Canada and the United Kingdom. I am sure they are popular for a reason. But thanks for your Mom opinion, God bless you.

      To people being offended, she mentioned it was her personal opinion, if you don't agree it's a bridge and get over it. (it's not the end of the world)

    • profile image

      Anna 7 years ago

      I have a Shi-tzu called Archie and he is adorable! I got him when i was six and he has never bitten me or growled and he loves small children. He instantly clicks with other shih-tzu's and he is extremely low maintenance.He kisses me all the time and is always happy to meet new guests and places.He has soft golden hair and my child-cousins just adore him! He plays and sleeps at the right moments and he knows how to get a message across :)

      Our only problem is he can eat for england - but that's just how i like him, small, tubby and caring.

      I really do think that i have bagged the sweetest dog in the world...

    • Hugh Williamson profile image

      Hugh Williamson 7 years ago from Northeast USA

      I've read that there really aren't any reliable bite stats for any breed. A nip from a small dog is reported the same as a more serious bite from a large one.

      The breed is often guessed at, especially in the case of crossbreeds. A police dog's commanded bite on a suspect is reported the same as an unprovoked attack.

      People tend to classify popular breeds as biters because there are more of them, hence more contact & bites.

      Very enjoyable hub though and I'll be looking for more from you.

    • profile image

      love animals 7 years ago

      i respect our opinion on the matter... but i have to say that the rottie is a very good breed!!

      i have a 2 year ols rottie and he is the most gentle, kind loving dog i've ever had. we have another wee jack russell n dashhound cross and he loves her... she bites his ears and tail and any other part she can get her teeth in2, and he jus puts up with it!

      there is NO such thing as a BAD DOG jus BAD OWNERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      Bartok 7 years ago

      I would put a Rottweiler in a home with kids long before I would put a Beale or a Labrador. Two of the most destructive and high energy dogs you could ever own.

      I have a Rottie and a Lab so am not speaking out of my butt and I have been involved in animal rescue for a long time now and to this day I do not recommend yong rambunxious Labradors for homes with kids.

    • profile image

      averie 7 years ago

      i think pit bulls arent bad i have had one and they r nice

    • profile image

      Paul 7 years ago

      Great list, but I agree with OldManHenry - your information about pit bulls is completely misleading, if not wrong.

    • profile image

      Evan L 7 years ago

      Hahaha anyone saying how good pitbulls are dont realize they account for more fatalities then any other dog breed. pitbulls account for nearly 30% of all dog fatalities while every other dog species combined make up the rest. They are unpredictable and are known for turning on people with old age.

    • profile image

      Evn L 7 years ago

      correction stats says out of 29 human fatalities pitbulls were responcible for 67% 22 reported dog bite related human fatalities in the United States in 2004. 2005 - 29 human fatalities. 2006 - 26. In 2007, there were 33 human fatalities. 45% of the attacks occurred to adults over the age of 18, and 55% occurred to ages below. Pit bull type dogs were responsible for 67% of fatalities, the next closest breed was the rottweiler at 12%. But all dog breeds are potentially dangerous. In 2000, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reported that 25 breeds of dogs were involved in 238 fatal dog bites from 1979-1998. Here it is the compiled list of the most dangerous dog breeds:

    • profile image

      mariemarie 7 years ago

      i like your list but the commet about labadors and pugs so what if they have a problem breahtng that doent mean you have to make ppl not want them i know a labrador that's years old and he never had a problem

    • profile image

      Mo 7 years ago

      I agree WHOLE HEARTEDLY with you on this list. I love dobermans but no way in hell am I going to own one with a child around. Too unpredictable: like pits, like all the other dogs you can NO LONGER OWN in certain states. I live in one where people can and it's horrible. Not the compassionate, gentle owners...but the ones who train theirs to fight. It's awful and it gives these dogs a bad name. I worked in news for years and can't tell you how many times I covered sad stories that should never have happened because of maulings. I choose my child over the uncertainty of a breed. Further, i worked in a vets office and I stayed away from Chows because they always growled at me, but was bitten by a DALMATION! We have a pug mix and she is really sweet, but does shed A LOT! Love the list, THANKS!

    • profile image

      Snoop 7 years ago

      Pit bulls are not good with kids. You can go to jail or prison if you have one and it hurts someone or your own child. If you must have an aggressive breed: please be a good neighbor and keep them locked up. Our next door neighbors boxer is huge and gets out constantly. She's sweet enough, but she runs at us and I make very sure she is in her fence before I let my daughter out of our car. People astound me.

    • profile image

      girl 7 years ago

      wow, the beagle is one of the best? I'm sorry, but I had a horrible experience with one. A beagle owner will need LOTS of training and discipline to teach one. They need LOTS of exercise as well. However, if you do the right thing, they can be great dogs. Now I have a doxie, and he is the cutest funny thing ever! These dogs are good for kids as well, as long as you train them early. They do not want to run away as much as beagles, and they learn quicker. My baby learned to go on a pad the first time I showed him! He's the best, add doxies!

    • profile image

      Jo 7 years ago

      Would always have said Boxers are an ideal family pet having grown up with them. My parents always had boxers from reputable sources (ie, no puppy farms). I remember them always going to meet the parents of the puppies too.

      One major incident (I say major as it causes me such a nightmare to this day) was that due to a boxers size/weight I was knocked over and had both my front teeth smashed. Obviously not a deliberate act but with Boxers, especially the big hefty types my parents had/have you need to take extra care with any child (as you would any dog breed).

      They now have 2 boxers, one female and one male, both weighing approx 7.5 stone. The male has started to show agression towards my children (he's 4 now). It's a dominance over his toys/favourite rug etc. He is certainly not to be trusted and I will never feel the same towards this breed again because of him. Doesn't matter what the type of breed is, there will be good and bad in matter how well bought up they are. I would like to add that my parents are the most responsible dog owners but I have changed my opinion on Boxers being ideal family pets. They need to be watched 100% of the time when around young children.

    • profile image

      Ami Dorant 7 years ago

      Now on Animal Planet labs were considered one of the top 10 worst dogs for kids. So which is right???

    • profile image

      ;) 7 years ago

      You should add in west highland terriors there very friedly you will love them!!!!!!

    • profile image

      jen 7 years ago

      Well you went in the obvious direction & just named the breeds that most people are probably scared of for the worst. Although i grew up with a dalmatian as a child and she was the sweetest dog to me and my family & was good with our friends when they visited.

      on another note, have heard many good things about pitts & rotties for how loving and protecting they are! i have a 3 year old & as much as i would love to own one & have them be a wonderful addition to my family. i could never forgive myself if it happened to attack someone or even a child my daughter plays with by mistaking us being in harm. i completely agree about the whole good owner good dog thing, but the dog doesn't know EVERY person it comes in contact with as a "good owner". so people should still be warned and remembered of what the dog is capable of.

      so in my opinion i think the best puppies for children would be the smaller mini breeds. just cause they're more tamable for the young ones! we recently decided to get our daughter a maltipoo!

    • profile image

      Anna 7 years ago

      This is a fab site but are Westies and Maltease dogs good for kids aswell plz help!! My daughter wants a maltease or a Westie I just want to know that she will be safe with his dog

    • profile image

      Kris 7 years ago

      I think the statistics you were reading were sadly false.

      I am a Proud owner of a American Pit Bull Terrier and I trust him more than I do most humans! I have 2 children ages 7 and 11 and I have another dog a Jack Russel Terrier( on the top 5 worst tempermant dogs.) and we dog sit my brothers two Chihuahua's every other 2 weeks. We got our Pit Bull 8 years ago. He has been nothing but a bundle of love! When our second child was born he was two years old. He was immediately attached to her. he would sleep by her crib every single night and would actually sometimes come wake me up if she cried. When she was walking she would climb on his back pull on his eyes yes and even bite him and all my pit bull did was lick her to death! He did the same with our oldest also. When we got our Jack russell terrier he was 5. They instantly were buddies. When our Jack got older he has never been vicious towards us or our children but he has towards our Pit ( only over a raw hide bone or something ) everytime he has or Pit Bull just gives in like yeah whatever not even worth my time. Otherwise though they are buddies they sleep together with our kids every night and even share a kennel together. He is sooo gentle when playing with our kids. he never tries to even play bite he just wants them to chase him and ride on him so he can pin them down and lick them like crazy! He loves his neighbor buddy who is a male not neutered husky he has jumped the fence a few times to play with him. So you see I read these things and I just want as many people as I can tell to know.. that these facts aren't based on the good only the bad..I have a few friends that bring over their pit's as well and they are the same way as ours! They Love Kids because we raise our pit's the way they are suppose to be raised.. LIKE DOGS! not like an American Gladiator Show just to have for our entertainment purposes or to purposely train them to be vicious for some of the scum of our streets who want them to kill for their protection against other scums trying to kill them, and use them for only the simple purpose that they are strong. Yes, the are strong but only to handle anything you got for them because they are # 1 when it comes to Loyalty.

    • profile image

      CincoCeroCinco 7 years ago

      I must say all i have ever owned is dobermans, rotweillers and pitbulls. in fact as a child my mom worked for the doberman rescue and we constantly had new dobermans coming in and out. All the dogs we have owned or have come through the house have been great dogs. we had one doberman go crazy and trap my mom in her bedroom, while our rotweiler stood between my mom and the doberman protecting her. Now i have a blue brindle pitbull and she is the absolute sweetest dog you will eveer meet! Its like someone already mentioned all these dogs must be considered on a case by case basis. lastly my grandmother saved a golden retirever from a pet hoarders house and now i am much more nervous around him then my Pit pull! Case by case basis for just about any dogs, except the chow chow, only dog ive ever seen get mean for no reason. good list though!

    • profile image

      Mel 7 years ago

      Wow leave this poor woman alone man!! Geeeeez she's done a great job and I agree with the guy up there the Pitt bull and that have bad name cause they are the only dogs who have murdered more than a handfull of children!!! She never once said there not very good on a whole they are not. I have children and it makes me sick to think anyone would think an evil dog like those are getting good press again they might be ok for a while but I'd sy they were prone to attack at any one time more so than any other!! But each to there own x beagle it is for me me thinks lol

    • profile image

      Carmen SA 9 6 years ago

      Pitbulls are great dogs,in the earlier days they were used as babysitters and i have one myself.So the problem is not with the breed but with the wrong owners for such a lovely dog.You can definitely consider this dog for you and your family.

    • profile image

      blake 6 years ago

      I love the way you inspired me about the beagle. about a year ago i had a beagle i diddent know anything you told about the beagle until know.THANK YOU

      age 10

    • profile image

      Big AL 6 years ago

      I would never bring my son close to Pitbulls, Rotti's or anything like that as even though they can be nice dogs if they decide for what ever reason to attack they will kill a small child and possibly an adult . . . . . I have a Jack russell (A big Jack Russell) and although he is as gentle, soft and dopey as anything I still supervise my son when he's playing with him . . . . . . Great list but I believe that you should never let your guard down with any dog !!!!

    • profile image

      averie 6 years ago

      my family has a pitbull!! and im 11 now but we had her when i was 3-5 and it was a good dog

    • profile image

      Mother Tucker 6 years ago

      I have owned and rescued dogs my whole life (30+ years). And your list has alighned with everything I have learned over the years. One distinction I would like to make is that it all comes down to the specific dog and his/her temperment and attitude, the breed has an impact on that, but so does training and upbringing and the pups parents. One of my dearest friends owns a pit bull and my kids have played and teased the dog with no negative responses. A common theme to the comments above is that if you do not know the dog, ask the owner first and continue to supervise your kids.

    • profile image

      jasmine 6 years ago

      well can i say that a pitbull are not bad at all because i own 5 of them and they never hurt anyone at all i really dont agree with this at all...just because the news and the media say that about them does not make them bad it depends on the person that trains them all the kids in my family has been raised with pitbulls from when they were babies... i find some pugs

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

    • profile image

      Ashley 6 years ago

      I would just like to say your "opinion" of the Pitbull is GROSSLY negligent and COMPLETELY unfounded. Even if this is an "opinion" article I feel some amount of FACT needs to be interjected. There is NO GENE for aggression, ergo its genealogy is NOT aggressive, stereotypically speaking they make it into the media more, interestingly enough on top of that tid bit, over HALF the "pitbull" attacks are NOT from a PITBULL at ALL, they are from many of the look-a-like breeds. To further rip your supposed research, they do NOT go for the throat, grats for being a complete moron. Do a TINY bit of research before you post ignorant unfounded slanderous "opinions" about a breed you know nothing about.

    • profile image

      Ella 6 years ago

      Ehhh well I hope that people do not follow your list too closely, it seems as though you swapped the lists around. I wont even touch the pit bull being the list because it's clear people have already called you out on that and hopefully you've seen your error. I work in animal rescue and am a cofounder of a non profit animal rescue, based on my experience a pug and a poodle are two of the WORST breeds to have around children, whereas an American Pit Bull Terrier (note: pit bull is a generic term covering a variety of breeds), or a Rottweiler would actually rank among the best to have around children (see temperment test results ). You may want to check the breeds you list before some poor kid gets his face ripped off by a territorial poodle (oh and which type of poodle? You didn't bother to specify) or their feet bitten by an eager beagle whose chase instincts often prove to strong to subdue around fast moving little ones.

    • profile image

      arlou 6 years ago

      Well, some of this is true but most dogs personalites are from the crucial stages of puppy hood!! And nobody mention AIREDALES!!!! I breed them and they are an amazing breed especially around children and farm animals!! they are stubborn at the beginning but become a very courageous strong dog who will not let its onwer down!! Airedales are know for the humourous personalites making the kids laugh!!!! my experience with Airedales has been a great one and I continue to love every breed for there special characteristics!!!

    • profile image

      sc 6 years ago

      This is a good list to look at if you are concerned with

      dogs and children. It gives stats on breeds of dogs involved in all fatal attacks in the US between 1978 and 1998. The top three dogs on this list are Pitbulls, Rottweilers and German shepherds and it doesn'y include police dog attacks. Now I knew a rottweiler growing up that I don'think would have ever attacked someone but when I think about my children Id rather be safe than sorry. I'll defend the safety of my children before I'll defend a dog any day.

    • profile image

      manooti 6 years ago

      i just rad this while looking for information as to why beagles are horrible dogs for city dwellers. anyway, i own a pitbull and i although i want to defend the breed more on here i wont. pits are awesome dogs if they're raised right and the breeder dont intentionally aggravate the blood line. breeders are now breeding the pit for size, muscle and mass and not the way they are supposed to be. they were small agile and strong for their size. also from what i understand the original pit breeders put down dogs that were too aggressive to keep that off the breed. they wanted "obedient" dogs that would follow instructions.

      i love my dog to death and is very obedient. he will not attack other dogs and when one is too hyped for his style he sits down and looks at me with a puppy face. probably thinking "get me outa here" lol

      with kids he is very affectionate. he licks their faces and follows them around while they play almost like their bodyguard.

      i guess any dog can be affectionate but i just love the muscular attributes of the pitbull. i just hate their bad rep because of irresponsible breeders/owners.

      on another note, Akita breed is probably the worst dog for all around. overall aggression everywhere and they're known to stalk instead of bark.

      im not a pro but just throwing my 2 cents because i was debating pitbull or akita when i was looking for a dog. i ended up adopting a pitbull that was abandoned. now he sleeps under the covers with me and wont sleep unless he gets in. very friendly too likes to be petted by others at the park.

    • profile image

      jasmine 6 years ago

      i like dogs do you? ... I LOVE THE Pugs .. they are so cute

    • profile image

      david 6 years ago

      well im amazed tht labs are only number 3 they should be number 1 by far

    • profile image

      Steve 6 years ago

      Your basis, criteria, and information for this article are flawed. According to statistic's the Labrador is ranked the #1 dog to bite a human. Because of its popularity, it has been over bred, and often times, very poorly bred. This has led to very bad pedigrees in the breed.

      Pitt Bulls do not have lock jaw, nor do they inherently go for the throat. Their jaws are like any other dogs. Going for the jaw is a trait that is learned (trained) and can be said about any breed and any dog.

    • mmalaford profile image

      mmalaford 6 years ago from Western Washington

      The best dog for a family is a WELL TRAINED DOG. The worst dog for a family is an UNTRAINED DOG. Children and dogs should be taught limits and boundries with each other. DON'T allow the children to harrass the dog, don't leave the dog and the children UNSUPERVISED.

      Use common sense. Every dog can be great, every dog can hurt a person (they have big pointy sharp teeth, duh) Dogs, like people, do have personalities. Breed traits are just that, traits, not absolutes.

    • profile image

      jordy 6 years ago

      u r dumb as hell about pits.... they r the best behaved dogs ever and wanna learn and love children cause ihave 2 kids and he has never harmed them even when they tried ta bother my pit

    • profile image

      JR 6 years ago

      You are so wrong on almost every one of your picks on both lists....

    • profile image

      AussieShepherdLover 6 years ago

      When purchasing a dog, more then statistics need to be taken in to consideration, the breeds needs are very important. One should not adopt/purchase say..a border collie if you cannot provide the exercise and mental stimulation needed for that breed. That leads to a very bored, destructive dog. German Shepherds are a working breed, stimulation is vital to maintain a healthy dog, both physically and mentally. The time you have available for your dog should play an important role in choosing a breed, if you can only walk for 30 min. a day get a dog that requires a smaller amount of exercise , if your a jogger get an active breed, one that can join you. Your lifestyle should be a MAJOR consideration when deciding if you SHOULD get, and, what type of dog you should get. TRAINING is #1 and purchasing from a GOOD!!! breeder if not adopting is #2. While breeders are more know what they get what you pay for! Backyard breeders should ALWAYS be avoided!

      Pit bulls in general are not a "bad" breed, they are not being bred properly, since a lot of people will breed this dog for the purpose of fighting , aggression is important since the weaker more submissive of the bunch will not have any value. Unfortunately it is US that "rape" breeds to strive for one that doesn't shed, doesn't bark a lot, doesn't bite etc. etc. causing temperament problems, health problems and so.

    • profile image

      crystal 6 years ago


      To start with some of the dogs you picked to put on your top 5 best dog breeds I would have to agree but did you know that the golden retriever is one of the most common dogs that people get biting by every day and not just because they are trying to protect you but because research shows that given the chance to bite some one this breed will take it. Then on your top 5 worst dogs you have the pit bull now on the research that has been done on them is that they are the most loyal dogs on the planet and there not only that but they aim to please there owners that is why dog fighters tend to pick this breed for fighting!

    • profile image

      Scanlebeemsa 6 years ago

      Hi, We have just recently had to say goodbye to our family dog of 12 years. He was a Labrador cross and was around for three years before we had our first baby. We are not sure what his cross breed was but he was absolutely the most gentle loving dog when it came to the children. We had four kids over the course of his life and he was great with them all, from the 18 month old to our 9 year old. They hung off him patted, played on, put things on him and he never even once curled a lip. If you're looking for a good dog for kids i would certainly recommend the Labs. We miss him dearly.

    • profile image

      Nancy 6 years ago

      Of the larger breeds, a Vizsla is the most affectionate, people pleasing dog I have ever been around. They do not like to be alone at all as they are so people oriented. They do not do well alone in the backyard. Their short coats shed very little. They don't like to get into troube and have the saddest face when scolded. We are grandparents to a Vizsla and our "Granddog, Molly" is one of the grandkids as far as we're concerned. We only have one cat but Molly sleeps under the covers between Grandma & Grandpa when she comes to visit and we love her. Because she is large and would knock a young child over I wouldn't recommend her for children under age 5 just because of her size.

    • profile image

      Loulen2010 6 years ago

      i am confused now as to what dog to get, it has to be a dog that i find attractive. i have always liked hounds. I have had good and bad reports about Beagles, but am wondering if this is due to the owners inability to train well or bad breeding (in-breeding)lines.Also a bit like children, dogs need consistency, definate boundaries and commitment. Allowing a dog to behave a certain way, get on the couch, eat from your plate etc; one day and not the next will only lead to problems.

    • profile image

      Colette 6 years ago

      I think your full of Beans. I own two razor edge pit-bulls along with one Maltese and a Maltese mix. I have five children.

      My youngest is nine now. She was four when we bought our first pit-bull. My four year old climbed all over her squeezed her neck as the dog took her for a hours ride, while playing my daughter popped the dogs collar bone out of place my daughter also broke the dogs tail. My Pitt did nothing but walk away and we took her to the vet.

      These dogs are wonder watch dogs. Nobody can get into our home or SUV when they go for rides with them.. They are also wonderful with the smaller dogs which we bought after we owned the pit-bulls. At first they didn’t like the new puppies it took about a week and now they all play together,

      You do have to be careful with who you buy these dogs from. Meet the people and see both parents. You do not want to get an inbreed dog or ones used for fighting. Its sad these wonderful dogs got a bad rap. They do not deserve it at all,

    • btstranscripts profile image

      Bridie Jenner 6 years ago from Leschenault, Western Australia

      I'm very surprised to see Greyhounds aren't top of your list for great family dogs. They are incredibly docile and would rather walk away than ever be aggressive.

      I absolutely agree with the comments about Pit Bulls. I have witnessed first hand what they can do to humans, even adults, having seen an unfortunate guy who was walking home through the park and attacked by two that had got loose - he lost huge chunks of his face, including an ear and his nose. We also have a neighbour with a pit bull, our next door neighbours rabbit escaped and ended up in their garden, it was ripped apart in front of their young sons eyes.

      Why anyone would keep such a dog is beyond me.

    • profile image

      Nat 6 years ago

      I have 2 Jacks...and they love kids...I have also had a boxer that passed away;'o)..He was very dog aggressive but loved people and specially kids...

    • profile image

      ghjxgfn 6 years ago

      what r u talking about rottweillers are very friendly i have one and its one of the best dogs ever. they only have a bad reputation because within those years people trained rottweillers to fight so no your stament is false!!!

    • profile image

      maria 6 years ago

      is a toypom a good dog to get

    • profile image

      Heather 6 years ago

      I think you done a great job with this hub. Obviously people aren't reading the part where you say that this is something that you researched and want to blame you for articles that you found on the internet. Don't worry about such ignorant people and what they say. Everyone has their own opinion and a lot of these need to grow up! Good job though. I found it very informative and have done a lot of research on this myself and found mostly the same stuff as you.

    • profile image

      Doom 6 years ago

      Nice, a bunch a predictable "PITS ARE GREAT, BLAH BLAH BLAH" you always see when somebody says that pits are bad.

    • profile image

      doglover 6 years ago

      Some dalmatians are good tempered.. They dont even bark much!! I think top 5 should be maltese, shitzu, jack russel,

    • Dumbledore profile image

      Dumbledore 6 years ago from Somewhere in Ohio

      My wife and I got a Labradore for our daughter and my sister and her husband had two. They are a fantastic breed for children. Nice post!

    • profile image

      Na-na 6 years ago

      Interesting thread following a misinformed post. truth is I don't think one person on this 16+ month thread is an expert. I definitely am not an expert but I have had lifelong experience with different breeds. My first dog, an inbred golden retriever; was nasty, overweight and mentally ill. He attacked me when I was 10 while getting up after taking a nap with him, completely unprovoked. He chewed his own fur off till it bled and died of a stroke at just over 6 years old. You need to be careful buying this breed because they are popular and people use that in order to gain a profit and inbreed regularly.

      A faithful German Shepherd of a childhood friend chased and tried to bite me in my early teens while playing, I guess he thought I was attacking. He was called off easily but the owners noted this was a constant problem and they put the poor dear to sleep to avoid a lawsuit. In college I was attacked by a Jack Russel Terrier, yes a 6 pound dog bit me barefooted and fractured 2 bones in my foot. Now I own a beagle. Unless you will be home 24/7 do not buy this breed. They are very destructive and spiteful (I don't care what Cesar Milan says. He is very tolerant with my toddler but he is food aggressive with every member of the family. I also have a black lab mix who is super sweet, unfortunately, she was a stray from birth before I adopted her so I don't know her other mix or any other background to provide you. I do notice that she is animal aggressive with other dogs and of course, outside critters. I do have a female pit-bull who is the sweetest one of the bunch. She is the youngest but she is the most calm and even tempered. My only problems with her is that she is too friendly and at 70 pounds is constantly knocking down company and my toddler. Because they are high energy I might not recommend them to families who do not have enough time to exercise them as they can cause a lot of accidental falls. This is my second pit from two separate breeders (My last one was from NJ my current is from California)and both have shown me loyalty and high tolerance. However, like many have said every dog is different and you must always watch your children around your pets. I cannot recommend a specific breed but I do recommend families adopt or buy (preferably adopt) puppies instead of mature dogs. I know it is a hassle to raise puppies but you see the dog grow up and become accustomed to your family and children and it gives you a better idea of what the dog is capable of. Please don't go by this list or any response, or my response. Go out and do your own research.

    • profile image

      victoria 6 years ago

      tORieieiei victoria t

    • profile image

      CHARLIE 6 years ago

      I would recommend A west-highland terrier I have one and he is absolutely brilliant with adults and kids.

    • profile image

      Annoyed 6 years ago

      This is honestly the most ignorant dog breed article I have ever read. If you are going to write something like this, at least do the research yourself instead of writing whatever it was someone down the street told you about some breed once upon a time. I agree with other posters in that over the course of my life, I have NEVER had a negative pit or rottie experience, but what truly amazed me was the excuse that the reason Dalmatians don't make good pets is that often go deaf. Have you ever owned a deaf dog? I am so frustrated whenever I see these "deaf dog myths" being passed around. For some real information on deaf dogs (Dalmatian or otherwise), check out the FAQs on this page -

    • profile image

      Beth 6 years ago

      I completely disagree with your post on Rottweilers. I have had a male Rottie for 6 years, and he is an amazing, gentle dog. My husband and I have a 3-year-old daughter, and he has been nothing but gentle and loving to her. He adores her and protects her.

      Please do not take this person's opinion seriously when picking out the right dog for your family. They are obviously grossly misinformed.

    • profile image

      pitbulltig 6 years ago

      Thank goodness there are so many people who have spoken up for pits in respect to this horrible article. If you had really done your research you would know that pit bulls are fantastic dogs with children, especially when socialized correctly. It is BECAUSE of their high pain tolerance that they can endure the annoyances of children so well. Like any dog however, they should be supervised when around children. Children should be supervised until they're old enough to act responsibly around dogs anyways. Responsible parents and responsible pet owners are the key to any successful child/pet relationship. If you can't be a responsible pet owner, you probably shouldn't have children either.

      I had a pit and he was amazing with kids. I also had several friends with pits and they were amazing with kids as well.

      Pits have a bad reputation because of people like you posting uneducated fallacies like this. Did you miss high school English? Become knowledgeable about a topic BEFORE you write something about it and post it online.

      Try this site:

    • profile image

      minnie 6 years ago

      the best dogs are collies boxers and labs with children as far as i can see

    • profile image

      Andrew 6 years ago

      This article has incorrect information. The Pit Bull Terrier is commonly known as an aggressive breed, but what many people fail to understand is that the Pit Bull is one of the best family dogs. it is a loving breed that is great among children!

    • profile image

      Sid 6 years ago

      Hello, I think all dogs are great you shouldn't judge them if you have never had one of these types of dogs! My family had tons of dogs and the breeds were the ones on this list. They were all so sweet!

    • profile image

      Kell 6 years ago

      I think the list is pretty good. A lot of people on here are really upset about the pit-bull being on here but if it's a list for people with kids it makes since. I have nothing against the breed, but I also have an 11 month old kid. I'm not going to be leaving her playing with a dog unsupervised but a dog that size would have no problem really hurting a small child. Same goes with the Rottweiler, we had one growing up and she was a great dog. Still not a dog I would want around a small child. It's nothing against the breed at all, more of a safety precaution. Good list, I found it helpful at least.

    • profile image

      Nick 6 years ago

      I was raised with a Rottwiller nd he was the niced dog ever. so i think Rotwillers arnt a bad dreed at all.

    • profile image

      isabella 6 years ago

      hi! really good job (:

      one thing i think that labs are really good family/kids dogs but if not trained can be VERY ANNOYING AND JUMPY! (my mum nearly broke her wrist because her friends black lab nearly pushed her over the picket fence!!! also my friend had to go to hospital because her yellow lab jumped on her neck and broke it. what's weird is chocolate labs are as gental as a bunny!

    • profile image

      Colleen 6 years ago

      Great advise. Yes, will do my own research, but always good to read what others have to say. But will not be taking the risk of having pit bulls around my babies. Would rather 'see for myself' that they are gentle when the kids are out the house one day...

    • profile image

      Ruthy 6 years ago

      I think that your list was really quite accurate. I don't think that people realize that you need to look at the general history of a dog's breed. Just because some people have grown up with gentle pitbulls or rotweilers doesn't mean that the breed is a safe one. Yes, any dog can bite, but how nany people have been attacked or killed by Golden Retrievers or Labs, compared to the number of attacks by pitbulls and similar dogs. Not all wild animals will attack people, but that doesn't mean you would make one into a pet.

      Sure maybe pitbulls tend to be aggressive because of their previous treatment, and it's sad to see, but that doesn't change the fact that all dog breed have been mistreated in some shape or form, and some dogs are naturally better natured. Pitbulls are not one of them.

    • profile image

      Martin 6 years ago

      Great Information. Although you do mention Pitbulls, actually called American Staffordshire Terriers, are some of the most intelligent and well adjusted dog you can own. I have three, and once you own one, you will never own another dog. Just like any living creature, bad people and environments breed badness.

    • profile image

      Sarah 6 years ago

      Just come across this and had to make a point, I have two children now 8 and 6 they have been brought up by Rottweilers and I have never ever had a problem, their friends parents are quite happy for their friends to come round and play and stay the night.

      All my Rotties have been wonderful dogs and BRILLIENT with children. I believe it is in the handling of them, if you handle them wrong then your going to get a very peed off dog. I don't think Rottis are for un-experienced owners and when non experience and bad handling meets stubborn and dominence the problems start and the breed gets a bad name!

    • profile image

      ????? 6 years ago

      I LOVE pitbulls!!

      It is all wrong wat is said about them

    • profile image

      sinai 6 years ago

      the 5 deadliest dogs r cute there not the worst your dumb whoever put that picture online.

    • profile image

      dog lover 6 years ago

      i have to agree with animal lover....u r not an expert !!! do u know that most children get bitten by golden retrievers????

      its all about how u raise your children, how u teach them to handle a dog with respect and how u raise your dogs to live with your children. I saw pitbulls being gentle to children and beagels mean and dog is born mean !!! we humans raise them to be mean or good. so DONT judge any breed !!!

    • profile image

      A pitbull lover... 6 years ago

      I own 2 pitbulls and they are great with my kids!!! They are the most wonderful dogs we ever owned. We been having one for 5 years and the other one for 2 years. I just hate how people mistreat and judge this breed. Smh

    • profile image

      Ellin 6 years ago

      I would disagree about the chihuahua thing. Because my chihuahua is great with everybody,never bites and is non-aggressive, But for other chihuahuas that chihuahua article might be true.......

    • profile image

      chuck the pit lover 6 years ago

      ps and if u dont approve my message it is because u know the website is wrong

    • IdeaMorphist profile image

      IdeaMorphist 6 years ago from Chicagoland

      I am quite stunned that German Shepherds did not make the good list as I have known them to have great hearing, sight, and smell. They are protective, but never really violent to family members, run fast and can hold their own in many weather conditions....

    • profile image

      Jamie 6 years ago

      We had a Rottweiler and a Chow and both we're GREAT with my kids. I have owned Rottweilers for years and they are great dogs.

    • profile image

      Claire 6 years ago

      Just want to say that I had my first Chow Chow and I had her for 14 years. Whitney was the Sweetest little girl. She grew up with my son and his friends and our cat. She never bit, dug, barked incessantly, or had any bad habits. She loved her Mom the most but was friendly to all and was liked by all. I miss her everday.

    • profile image

      Crystal 6 years ago

      Actually, you may want to rethink ALL except the poodle for being a good children's pet. I have always been an animal enthusiast, and now have a full time job working with dogs, which I've had for over a year now...and will be my career. Beagles can be okay for children's pets... however, Labrodors, are not a good pic, pugs, although they can be affectionate with the people they bond with, in general are not good with children. Goldens are dangerous. Unless you have an exception to the rule... you will know that there are more recorded Golden bites a year than ''Pitbulls''. I had the stigmata put on my right hand courtesy of a Shepherd, and numerous bites to myself and my assitants, as well as some of the kennel technicians, from Labs and Goldens... the Goldens far outweighing the Labs in the number of bites inflicted. They are not a suitable family dog in the least, let alone with the general public. I will also note about the golden that tried to kill my Standard Poodle, and in the same day, tried to rip apart a Labrador. This is just a teeny tiny handful of examples. They are unstable dogs and should not be trusted, especially if you have a family. Pitbulls are EXCELLENT family dogs... their patience level is through the roof, and their tolerance to pain make them great for those kids who have a tendency to do a little tugging on the ears or tails. Lol. Rottweilers as well... however, Rottis can be protective of their children... so don't plan on disciplining your child while the dog is in the room. They won't allow it, they will growl and get between you, or whomever, and stand there to protect the child. Chows are not pleasant either, along with the majority of small dogs. English and Bull Mastiffs also make great family pets...the French Mastiff and others not so much.

      Make sure you are responsible and do your research and get your dog from a REPUTABLE BREEDER!!! No back yard breeders! And by all things holy, stay away from the mixes people try to fondly name ''doodles''... no reputable breeder of either parent dog would cross lines... you're getting the worst of both poorly bred parents, health and temperament wise. AVOID Springers and American Cockers. American Cockers have the highest bite percentage... and if you like, you can look up the Springer ''Rage'', as some call it.

      Please consider shelter mutts too!!

    • profile image

      bumblebaby 6 years ago

      i think that dalmations shouldn't be on the worse list becuse we have 2 named spotes and smugie.they are hiper

    • profile image

      Shauna 6 years ago

      Wowwwwww it's clear people did not get that this is your opinion. I would like to apologize for all the bashing, and thank you for taking your time to write this. If you don't agree read and keep it moving or write your own! You dont have to agree with her heck you didn't have to read the list.

    • profile image

      juicyfruit 6 years ago

      thank you so much for your information. i was so overwhelmed when looking for the best dog for our family and i was relieved to find your list. i appreciate that it is only your opinion but it was very helpful cos it reiterated what i had already found out for myself! we're going to a couple of shelters today, hopefully to adopt a beagle. PS i feel bad for you that you've got some negative comments. good on ya for having a go.

    • profile image

      juicyfruit 6 years ago

      TO ALL THOSE STUPID PEOPLE WHO WROTE NEGATIVE COMMENTS: NickieE said at the outset that she's not an expert and that it was only her opinion, so give her a break!!! (i am not a friend of NickieE's, just a concerned observer) PS the reason more children get bitten by certain breeds is cos most of these dogs are owned by families. it's not that they are more inclined to bite, it's a statistic things you idiots

    • profile image

      Dogs are life 6 years ago

      I want to say that it's not the dog breed as much as is it the owner of the dog regardless of breed. We had Rotties growing up as a young child and never did we have any dog issues. Our Rotties being female took on a "mother" out look on us and there was no rough housing around her she would get up set and protective but never crazy or aggressive. However do not think you can beat these dogs and think they will just take it. My dad was growled at after punching our family dog in the head. Yet loyal she remained and did not bite him. So Rotties being trained for aggression is a shame. The owners need to be looked at when a dog goes bad. Smaller dogs are more likely to bite and I knew a grandfather who lost his 3 month old grandson to a spaniel mix. The dog was older and became upset by the new family member and bit the baby in the face. He died of complications later that night. I don't believe that dog should have been left alone with anything young. Human or animal. Consider the dogs background and age before the breed when it comes to child companion. Any puppy could make a great family dog!

    • Altari profile image

      Altari 6 years ago from Chicago, IL

      I know this was an opinion piece, but NickieE should consider adding more information on the "problem" breeds, especially rotties. Most people run into problems with Rottweilers because they are work dogs and become anxious if not exercised properly. More important than the statistics on how much damage a dog breed inflicts is their temperament and what they were bred for. If you're looking at getting a Doberman as a family dog, for example, you may be biting off more than you can chew: they were bred to be loyal to ONE person and follow commands explicitly.

    • profile image

      sissy 6 years ago

      I grew up with a chow, me and my little sister and he was the MOST sweetest dog in the world, wouldn't hurt a fly and he was very protective over us...I love chows....I had a lot of those growing up and all of them were the sweetest dogs.

    • Hugh Williamson profile image

      Hugh Williamson 6 years ago from Northeast USA

      The problem with breeds such as Pitties or Dobies is the type of owner they sometimes attract. If it's someone looking for a large tough dog (to make them feel large and tough) they probably won't correct the dog's "dominance testing" behavior when it crops up.

      All dogs, especially big ones, need obedience training and absolutely NO teasing -- ever! (Teasing is how attack dogs are trained for security duty).

      I've owned 5 german sheps over the years -- all obedience trained. None ever bit anyone probably because I'm always careful when company comes and I'd never leave a dog alone with small children.

      Owning a dog is a major commitment ... to the dog and others.

    • profile image

      bella 6 years ago

      Great article, of course not everybody will agree, but still i loved to read it, and reading some aggressive people's opinion, i think that they are much worst than the most aggressive dog breed.

    • profile image

      Evelyn 6 years ago

      Dachshunds probably should be on the worst list. I love my weiners but I'm an adult and started getting them at age 13. They're easily jealous, they're high energy, high prey drive, and have delicate backs (and they know it and are sensitive to being played with.)--A Pit Bull however is all about people and playtime...just be careful with other dogs. Before Doxies and Boxers (which by the way, a Boxer is perfect for families), I always had hounds, Beagles, Beagle mixes, Basset Hounds and they were all perfect dogs. They never snapped, always ready to play, but a fenced in yard is a must. Overall I agree with the list. Where's the Newfies and Boxers though? They love children.

    • profile image

      carol 6 years ago

      There are different breeds of dog. They fall in to different types eg. lap dogs , sport/hunting dogs , working dogs, etc. Dogs were bread over the years to do certain things for humans. Certain traits were seen and brought through ,which is where we get the different breeds we have to day. If someone is looking for a dog

      they should take into consideration what is generally recognised as the temperment of a particular breed.

    • profile image

      Rachael 6 years ago

      This is just a generalization. Not all of the breeds up here are necessarily bad dogs. I was surprised to not see a Boston Terrier as one of the best breeds for children. i have one and he is a wonderful dog. I love him to death and he is very tolerant around children. He is not energetic like a Lab would be. Boston Terrier's are one of the best breeds for children. Look it up.

    • profile image

      painbound44 6 years ago

      rotts and pitbull are awsome dogs, was raised around them and now im raising my 5 kids around them. any dog labs boston terrier's and poddles can all be dangerous. it has more to do with the owners than the breed.

    • profile image

      sheperdnet33224 6 years ago

      I grew up with a collie and he needed lots of things that most dogs didn't need like brushing every 4 hours I mean he was a good dog but its not a dog I would recommend to a family that is always on the go.

    • profile image

      ahmad 6 years ago

      nice list

    • profile image

      13 6 years ago

      This list really shows how much you don't know, you couldn't have pegged a rott more wrong. Rotts are not known for turning on there family as you stated, there a guard dog they protect there family. Your entitled to your opinion yes but that don't make you any less of an idiot. 99 percent of experts would call this an excellent family breed. Stupid people shouldn't make a narrow minded media driven list that would scare a family away from a Pitt, rott, or any other breed you listed. I didn't know someone who works the drive through at burger king was qualified to write something like this.

    • profile image

      13 6 years ago

      By the way I'm pretty sure its spelt Rottweiler, that would at least some what help you pretend to know what your talking about. Or if how you spelt it is just your opinion that's fine too.

    • profile image

      Blarblarblar 6 years ago

      I agree with most of what you said though I thing rotties should NOT be on the list and pitt bulls are illegal any way so why have that on there (I'm from England) Akitas are often nasty dogs and (no offence to chiwawa loves) are horrid rat dogs bred for looks alone. Yorkshire terriers should have been on there. Though dalmations are not the friendliest of critters, they shouldn't be on the list!

    • profile image

      Blarblarblar 6 years ago

      Some people on this are so rude. This is a place for ideas, not an excuse for mindless nastienes. If you don't agree with what some one think, say it politely for crying out loud! Boston terriers are recemended a lot and I was surprised to see a staffie wasn't up there. I don't really agree with sterio typing breeds as they are all different but breeds like pit balls were bred for fighting and hunting vermin NOT as family pets.

      I agree that pugs should be one the list though I have to say I do not find them very intelligent at all! They are so sweet! Beagles are hard to train and keen escape artists. I think Basset hounds are great for children, so docile like lovley labaradors.

      (ps ifI have spelt any words wrong, sorry, still young!)

    • profile image

      blarblarblar 6 years ago

      This is to painbound44 I disagree with what you said about labaradors there is not a dog I would recommend more. How can you have pittballs any way? They are under the dangerous dogs act? Wait a mo, what contrie is this forum posted on? Oh!!! I have seen many heart warming pictures of babies and pittballs but I thought they could turn in an instant. Am I Wrong? I have never seen a pittball in my life!

      PS '13' should get a life!

    • profile image

      blarblarblar 6 years ago

      I HATE PEOPLE WHO DOCK TAILS AND CUT DOG EARS! I mean what century are we living in people?! Any one who does this is crule and heartless and treats the dog like a fashion assessory. I think that any one responsible for this horrific wong doing should be locked up for animal crulety or better still they should have their own ears hacked off! Labs rock mixed breeds Rock!

    • profile image

      mike 6 years ago

      Do not mean to be rude but I think the person who wrote this list is clueless, I have had two Rottweilers and they are the best dogs I have ever owned or been around. My kids were raised around them and the only time they ever showed any aggressiveness was to protect the home or the family..

    • Ascii profile image

      Ascii 6 years ago

      Er...I agree with the small dogs being bad for young children bit, but that's about it. And the common thought about labs being so great is very over-rated. I did grow up with labs, and know many people who have them. They can be extremely aggressive with strangers, other animals, and where as they are a very patient, and usually gentle breed, can bite young children if they are pushed. That's true for any dog.

      You want a dog that's good with kids, get a newfie. Heh, their size does make them daunting though.

      As for...I see you have a lot of breeds with that bad rep in the worst dogs area, that's a deffinate nono. Pit bulls, despite their reputation, do not go for the throat and hang on until they feel like letting go unless they are trained to do so, or are viewing you as food or a threat and happen to be able to reach. They usually go for the hands or whatever limb offended them/is nearest them. They are, infact, also called "Nany Dogs" and are extremely good and patient with children, though they absolutely must be socialized early on with them and other pets. If properly socialized, they make great family pets and guardians, and are even good with strangers, unless they view them as a threat, they will bark and even investigate. They need a lot of attention and training, and NO dog should be left with children unattended. Ever. Should the child cause the dog enough harm, it -could- bite them, even if it didn't mean to.

      Rotties are in about the same boat. They are "Herding" dogs. As well as guard dogs, but more for their looks and their bark. They are very good with children, and like all dogs, need to be socalized early on, with a firm, but calm trainer. They can be very stubborn and not always good with other pets. Rotties and Dobies are also known as nany dogs. But again, no dog should be left alone with young children. If you leave your kids with your dogs, you're inviting trouble and a little shock, especially if you have one of those dogs you'd trust with your life.

      As for mutts and Chows, I somewhat agree they're not the best. Mutts because you don't know. However, training and socalizing young is key to most dogs' temperment. Over-breeding them does not always mean that aggression is bred in because they went for looks instead, that's silly unless they have brain issues, and is commonly used to cover up bad ownership, or because the person didn't know how to fix it when the problem started.

      Beagles and Pugs are small, tough dogs, and very good with kids if raised with them and properly socalized, but like Chihuahua's, CAN be nippy, yappy, and can be seriously injured or killed if young children get too rough or drop them. So your comment on Chihuahua's being bad because of their size and "Dominance" is invalid if you don't add it in with the other two small dogs in your top five with real research and knowledge. Chihuahua's need more boundaries set sometimes, and if they're possessive of a certain person, or space, they need to be reprimanded because they are currently in a dominant spot, and being allowed to do so. Very visible issues like those WILL turn to aggression, and someone will eventually be bitten by the spoiled dog and he will suffer for it. Many think they're nervous and overly-sensitive, but they understand their place if you show them properly. Yelling and hitting NEVER works, it just makes them hate you and have even more potential to bite.

      All in all, any dog can be good with children with the proper training, socalizing, and supervision. Big dogs especially need to be taught boundaries so they don't knock over little ones on accident. None of them should be lumped in with "worste dog breeds to have with kids," they just need an owner that knows what they're doing. Or one that can atleast teach them to sit, stay, come and not to do certain things, it's easier than you'd think if you have patience.

      Not all dogs are true to their breeds nature either, they sometimes have minds of their own and need a firm, yet calm hand. So don't go getting a dog because the net or a trainer says they're good, same with a shelter. My mother paid for that when she got a labrador that attacked my grandmothers sleeping dog because she wanted his bed! She nearly stomped on a sleeping one year old while ripping him to pieces, and even knocked my granmother over. She was a shelter dog we were told was good with children, other dogs and pets, and though did well with a meet and greet, she instantly changed her tune when brought home. Though that may be a rare thing for the breed, it happens. Why this happened: My mother doesn't train her dogs, she thinks it's mean to make them do what they don't want to, so they're little jerks and not trustworthy with -anyone-. She has a labrador, and a pug.

      Train your dogs, do not expect great things without it because the breed has high marks! And do NOT trust the word of another in a non-home environment just because they're "Professionals." Know your dog, and do not judge it by breed, but by owner. Labeling a breed is a mistake and leads to the outcasting and death of many dogs, pets, and people for an owners stupidity.

    • Ascii profile image

      Ascii 6 years ago

      Heh, pardon my bad spelling in some of that, like Nanny dogs. lol

      If you're really that paranoid about a dog that has aggression issues because of rep, and obviously don't know what you're doing, you should not have a dog. Some people get lucky, others do not, and the dogs pay for it.

      Also, before you trash a breed because you hear in the news all this garbage over all the great things the dog has done, you just don't need to have them, really.

      @blarblarblar Pitbulls are deemed dangerous because of fighting them more than the attacks that hit the newspaper. They are infact, lovely dogs. And people, they are "Terriers." Stubborn, energetic, and very powerful with great determination. And many may not know, there are actually several breeds of dog called "Pitbull." American Bull Dogs are sometimes called as such, Dogo Argentino's as well, American Staffordshire Bull Terriers are the most commonly called Pit Bulls, they are not. They did come from Staffordshire Bull Terriers, occasionally mixed with American Bull Dogs for a bigger size/build, or smaller bulldog breeds which look pretty goofy. They now have the American Pit Bull Terrier, can you guess what that came from? The staffordshire is most commonly used, or called a Pit, but they are a completely different breed, though sometimes crossed with other things, which made the scraggly American Pit Bull Terrier. =P Look up -those- breeds and see how many people know that fact.

      lol The American Pit Bull Terriers(Or just American Bull Terrier) all over outlook is very friendly towards family other pets and people, though they have a tendency to bark at strangers.

    • Ascii profile image

      Ascii 6 years ago

      Also, just so you know, the photos you have of the "Pit Bulls" are actually American Staffordshire Bull Terriers. You want American Pit Bull Terriers. lol The so-called pit bull terriers have a much thinner, and more mutt-like appearance, and are also smaller than the Staffordshire in every way. ^_^

    • profile image

      Michelle 6 years ago

      This "article" should be removed!

      In response to those who have defended this hub writer:

      This type of misinformation causes multiple issues for responsible people who choose pitbulls or rottweilers as pets.(by the way you didn't even spell the breed name correctly in your "article")

      There are people out there who might read this misinformation and believe it-This article is just contributing to the collective ignorance regarding certain breeds. I cannot believe that there are actually places where these breeds are illegal-that type of discrimination is caused by this very type of irresponsible uneducated reporting-(remember the Salem witch trials)I personally have to pay huge premiums for my home insurance because I own 2 very large rottweilers- never mind that they both have achieved canine good citizen certificates and have been well-trained and socialized, or that they are both very sweet and loving dogs who have never been aggressive to any person or animal. My dogs are well worth it and despite the cost i wouldn't trade them for anything-We love our dogs as family members. While the author may have been well-intentioned the reason many of us are angry is because this type of nonsense creates strong public opinion which in turn affects our rights to have these magnificent animals. What is needed is stricter regulation of breeders and required education of owners-responsible breeders and adoption facilities will take the time to match the right dog to the specific needs of the family-condemning a particular breed is the same as racism - while some behaviors are breed specific each dog has his own personality. Breeding,socialization,treatment,medical history, environment and training all play a part in the general disposition of a dog, much the same as in people-it takes a calm firm leader to raise a strong breed-pits and rotties may not be the right breed for everyone but they should not be condemned on the basis of breed alone-

      apparently they will let anyone write anything on this site. -I have had rotties for years and currently have a 150 lb male and 100 lb female -all the kids in my family love my dogs and the dogs adore the kids- the children have been taught how to treat the dogs and vice versa and they are all well supervised. Also all the children in my family have been taught never to approach a strange dog-My 150 lb male sits quietly and patiently while the little girls dress him up in their princess costumes and is a sweetheart with all the kids. My 4 yr-old nephew told me that Kota is his best friend. My female faithfully laid on the couch for 3 days comforting and entertaining a sick 3 yr old. None of my dogs have been aggressive with anyone-EVER! Rottweilers do get attached to "their kids" so we are mindful of that when friends are visiting and no roughhousing is allowed that the dogs could confuse as someone hurting "their kids"

      My neighbor however has a viscous poodle who has bitten several people and my friend at work had to put down her poodle because it bit a child in the face-

      It is clear you have no knowledge of dogs -anyone who has ever really raised a dog knows that good breeding is important but responsible pet ownership and the way a dog is raised is everything -NOT THE BREED!!!

      Quit contributing to unnecessary public hysteria -You clearly have no idea what you're talking about and I am so sick of ignorance on this topic-you are spreading lies about a great breed of dog-Rottweilers are wonderful family dogs-What is dangerous is fearmongers like you-

      Next time write about something you know about

    • profile image

      jesse j 6 years ago

      chow chow my fav:)

    • profile image

      joe 6 years ago

      I agree regarding the chow chow. We had 2 first one turned on the other then us and had to be put down. then the other turned on us a few years later had to be put down. Iv known 2 people that breed and showed dogs and in both cases the chow chows had to be put down. I did own a chihuahua for 10 years that loved me to pieces but hated everyone else. My ex owned a chihuahua that loved everyone. chihuahuas can be great if you start socializing them at a very young age having them handled and around lots of people. imo a chihuahua isn't a good choice because there's a great chance of the child hurting such a fragile dog

    • profile image

      David 6 years ago

      Thanks!!! GREAT article and you are so RIGHT ..Pits and Chows really are EVIL

    • Ascii profile image

      Ascii 6 years ago

      Go ahead, take a look. All you have to do is google "Lab mauls Child" there's just as many other breeds besides pits and chows that kill people because of stupid owners.

      The six week old black lab mauled a baby and killed it when the kid was left alone in the swing by the parents. Bad parenting, bad dog owner. And also, a labrador retriever that killed a child that couldn't possibly have done anything to it, he was strapped in a swing. Play bites? Sure, still killed an eight week old baby. Fact is dogs bite sometimes, no matter the breed, puppies play, only idiots leave their kids with dogs alone. And only idiots blame the breed instead of the dog, or take responsibility for their actions.

      Oh, here, another labrador in the news that was aggressive, neighbors claimed as such, was finally given to authorities after bitting a toddler on the face.

      "3-Year-Old Savaged by Labrador

      Lucy Warren-Hill, aged 3, was playing in a neighbor's yard when the neighbor's brown labrador suddenly attacked her. According to one witness Lucy was playing with a toy which the dog tried to grab, becoming agitated the dog then attacked Lucy.

      Lucy's grandmother, Jeanette White, said when they brought Lucy in from the garden: "I noticed that her face was covered in blood and her nose and forehead were cut up. Part of her nose looked like it was just coming away from her face."

      Mrs White insists the dog should not be put to sleep because of the attack: "He is usually such a friendly dog. It must have been a one-off attack," she said. Lucy will undergo plastic surgery today and is in the Boxal Hospital for Sick Children."

      Oh my god, it's time to ban the breed! There's HUNDREDS of them. Thousands of dog attacks, and not as many of them as you'd think are pitbulls. And, other dogs can do just as much damage as pits. So don't give me that "Oh the breed is evil" bullshit, check out your own family history, you've obviously got something messed up in your common sense! Blame the deed, not the breed. That's like saying all humans are murderers because some psycho killed his family! And don't tell me it's not the same thing, because we're all capable of it, but do we all kill people? Humans happen to be animals(Mammals), and like humans, a lot of animals have self-restraint, they need to be taught, much like human children need to be taught.

      And, because a lot of people on here defending the breeds in the "Worste" section have had good experiences with such breeds, proves that it ISN'T the breed, but the human behind it. You can say that there's only a few, but it truely is the person training the dog, and only a "Few" that get the breed are responsible unfortunatly.

      No dog is gonna be perfect by anothers standards, even if they are to yours, but bashing certain breeds has got to stop. Ignorance only leads to more people getting killed, and more dogs being abused.

      Why is it ok to bash one breed because someone is afraid of it and because it's tough and idiots use it to kill others, but not another just because they seem to be less likely?

      Why is it that pitbulls get so much crap because they're forced to do horrible things by sick freaks, and they go all over the news when they kill someone, but you don't see as much hype on a lab when it rips a baby to pieces? IT RIPPED A BABY TO PIECES for gods sake! But a pit that got taunted, beaten and tortured turning on someone, even a random stranger, gets plastered all over the news as a vicious beast that needs to be killed! I'm not saying a dog that killed or mauled someone should be let out of the slammer like it's ok because I feel bad for the breed and what it's gone through, but one that bit someone needs to be rehabilitated and put with a good owner, not killed because he nipped some idiot.

      Any dog that rips someone to pieces is gonna be put down, but it is FAR from one breed doing it. And the only reason pits are the more common to attack, is because they are the ones trained to do it the most, and are abused the worst. Pull your heads out of your butts people.

      If you guys trashing the breed can prove wrong any other breed attacking people or mauling them, go for it. lol I'll laugh at you. And so will many others. I KNOW pits maul and attack people, but I also know a lot of it is "Predictable" and had reason. There's always a reason even if the news says there wasn't one. And I know that all dogs can bite, and sometimes do rip people apart. Even those sweet, awesome labradors that wouldn't hurt a flie and are great with kids! Links above proves it's the deed, not the breed. All dogs can be great.

    • Ascii profile image

      Ascii 6 years ago

      Look up some of the good about pits. You may change your mind of breed bashing. Like the pitbull stray, a STRAY, that saved some random woman and her two year old from a robber.

      Here's some more stories of heroic pitbulls:

    • Golfgal profile image

      Golfgal 6 years ago from McKinney, Texas

      Thanks great hub, i linked you my new hub about toxic foods for dogs that also included tips for watching the dog with the baby!!! I grew up with three poodles. No shedding!!! Now I have a puggle and a mixed boxer. We love our girls and that do make great family pets.

    • profile image

      dog 6 years ago

      This has all the wrong facts, sadly. Please look it up better,and don't juge a dog by its looks and its rep. Pit bulls,or Staffordshire bull terriors for example.

    • profile image

      Brian Murphy 6 years ago

      I think you need to check with recent statistics - Staffordshire bull terrier "nanny dog" is possible one of the best dogs for children - we all have opinions but if your going to publish something - it needs to be factual.Every bread of dog can bite - they all have teeth , obviously they all need to be trained , exercised and taken care of , I am a rotty owner and sadly she is old now and i fear soon she will be no longer with us - she will be replaced by a staffy as thats what i had when i was my kids age.. oh ya - and another thing - pugs at no 2 ? have you ever met a pug? you should do the dog world a favor and remove this article.. and dont write any more.

    • profile image

      nelle 6 years ago

      i have to disagree somewhat with this article pit bulls just have a bad reputation and arent bad dogs at all and are actually very sweet. i have had a chow and they happen to be very good with children. hyper but very loving and deal with children very well.

    • profile image

      Anna 6 years ago

      I volunteered at an animal shelter for a while, and during training we actually learned that poodles tend to bite more than pit bulls. Food for thought.

    • Software - Photos profile image

      Software - Photos 6 years ago from Canada

      "Poodles tend to bite more than pit bulls" -- but who would you rather be bit by?

    • profile image

      Trish 6 years ago

      I have to say, I have never seen a more gentle dog with children as I have seen with pit bulls. Like stated above, they once were called the "nanny dog"! My pits all take treats gentle out of little fingers. My nephew sticks his fingers in the pits ears and even bit the dog once. That "mean" pit bull just laid on the floor through it all wagging his tail. I don't condone letting your children bite your dog, but I was amazed that he didn't even get up and walk away! I think pit bulls are awesome dogs for children, even babies!

    • profile image

      Nickie 6 years ago

      YOU GO BRIAN MURPHY AND TRISH! I wholeheartedly agree with you both! Pitbull owners know the limits of their dogs. GOOD owners dont put their dogs in situations where they might become aggressive. Mine are wonderful dogs and I can trust them with anything.

    • profile image

      Dawn  6 years ago

      I've had several Pit Bulls in my life and they have all been perfect dogs- the reason for their reputation is people. Humans turn them into "bad" animals by exploiting their strength and their loyalty. But I wouldn't take them off the list of potential family dogs. They are extremely obedient and affectionate, and my dog in particular LOVES children. He knows just how gentle to be, and can take quite a beating.

      Just for the record, "Software Photos" just has a vendetta out for Pit Bulls. I wouldn't take any advice about what the best dog for your family is from someone who wrote an article entitled "How to kill a Pit Bull". That's pretty sick.

    • profile image

      Dawn 6 years ago

      Also- PLEASE DON'T BUY FROM BREEDERS! There are so many wonderful dogs in rescues who need homes. We have overbred them, and now millions are put to death every day because people feel the need to keep up with the Jones' by purchasing a $1500 dog when there are rescues for ANY breed you could possibly want.

    • profile image

      christine 6 years ago

      Pit bulls are known as the nanny dog. I don't know how anyone can say they have little tolerance for children. Regardless of the breed, I would never leave my young kids unattended with any dog.

    • profile image

      Aine 6 years ago

      This was very helpful!

    • profile image

      frankie 6 years ago

      Hi I'm 12 and I love your article I think that it is very informative, but I have a dalmation and have had her since I was 6 she has never gone to attack me or any member of my family or any other of dogs for that matter. But I also have a golden lab and I have to agree with you they make loyal bestfriends. :)

    • profile image

      Micky  6 years ago

      Dont forget a dog is how it is because of the owner. Any dog can be bad for children and Any dog can be good for children

    • profile image

      Tina 6 years ago

      This is a terrible list. Goldens and Labs are very high on the bite list! i can't understand why people think they are so good with children! They are also very hyper and rambunctious until they are around 5 years old. I've had both breeds and they are not the best with kids. Collies should be on the best list. They are very gentle and protective over children. They will take rough play with out snapping. They can live with a 1 year old and be very gentle and a 10 year that they like to rough house with.

      Pit bulls should not be on the worst list. They used to be known as the nanny dog and they love people! Even when used for pit fighting it was a huge flaw if they bit a person and were put down! It's all about the owner, a lot of reported bites by pits aren't even true pits. Most of them end up being mixes of completely different breeds. I have 2 friends that breed and show APBT's and they both have young children and the dogs are excellent with them!

    • profile image

      jughead 6 years ago

      Statisitics show that 70% of dog attacks (a) happen to children, (b) by known, familiar dogs and (c) and that bull terriers/pit bulls and rottweilers/dobermanns account for 70% of all dog attacks. They are bred to be aggressive, fight to the death and bite to kill, not wound. In general, dogs regard children as either pups (low on the hierarchy) or prey. Small, yappy dogs are often just as bad because they snap, but at least they are not able to kill or maim. The fact that your dog has so far not bitten a child, doesn't mean it won't.

    • profile image

      Jazmyne 6 years ago

      Yes, I agree but I had a Pitt and it never showed any sighns of agressiveness......

    • profile image

      kat 6 years ago

      its all about how you bring up your dog, i had a rotti and she was so soft she wouldnt hurt a fly, i was thinking about getting a chihuahua but i also have a 13 month on son, i have been looking on the internet and so confused of which pup is best for him

    • profile image

      Vampire 6 years ago

      Thanks to this information my moms is letting me have a poodle after so many years of wanting a dog I finally get one that will be mine..LoL.

    • profile image

      Emma 6 years ago

      Are you kidding me? Pit bulls are one of the best dogs to have with children if properly trained and socialized from puppy's. Of course I wouldn't go to a shelter and get a adult pit bull but i wouldn't get any adult dog whose history i didn't know and bring it home to a small child. If you do your research you would see am staffs and staffs are exceptional with children and have even been call nanny dogs. In temperament they come in second to retrievers. My own pit bull is a service animal to my disabled son.

    • profile image

      molly 6 years ago

      i love dogs the best breed is a westie

    • profile image

      blarblarblar 6 years ago

      yep, im back,(sad i know after 2 months). Could someone please tell me if pitt-bulls (yeah 13 whoever you are. Ok so not pittballs, haha!) are illegal where you live cos they are in England. If not, do you know why, do they have an undesurved reputation like staffies or are they as 'dangerous' as people say? I now have a dog called Lucas, he is a 5mnth black lab from stoken church dog rescue. As I see they are up on the list for the best dogs to have with children but lots of the other dogs we visited were lovley too and are not on the list. I think the list is from personal experiance and other not-so-reliable-sorces though I agree with the basic structur of it. NOT-SO-SURE if rotties should be on the list of unfriendly dogs. All I have met have been good with people but some are not so good with other dogs. Is this the case or am I just genralising from personal experience?

    • profile image

      blar x3 6 years ago

      me again. I notice that quite a few people have been posting comments suggesting that labs are not good family dogs. WHY?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Are they just trying to be different or something?! But is being wrong a good enough subsatute for indervidualistic posts??? ??? The reason there are some things stating 'lab attacks' on the news is that they are so rare in proportion to the vast number of this paticular breed. IT IS JUST STATISTICS! IT IS THE OWNER NOT THE DOG! (genraly, some doggies are harder to socilise but this does not mean they have reason to be agresive. Smaller dogs can be more agressive because they can feel more threatened by larger things if poorly soccilised though this isn't always the case).

    • profile image

      ....okay...madhousepeople 6 years ago


      can be GOOD!


      can be Bad

      yorkies chichi's spitz dashies some! not all!toydogs

    • profile image

      pooizu 6 years ago


    • profile image

      bichon frise lover 6 years ago

      pitbulls are great for kids oh just to say you should put bichon frise on good dog list they are small fluffy and loves kids only thing about them is they bark

    • profile image

      bichon frise lover 6 years ago

      look at the temperment of labs they are great dogs i used to have 1 and he was great chow chows are good to they are bouncy cuddley and funny bichon frises are the best dogs for kids they rock!!!! p.s great article

    • profile image

      allison 6 years ago

      i love the staff,s it has to be said, but the TRUTH is any dog is as GOOD AS THE OWNER,

    • profile image

      kate 6 years ago

      beagles are bad for kids so bad list but fab article apart from that

    • profile image

      cooldude 6 years ago

      yaa rottys and pitbuls and chow chows are mean they attak people and they are boring

    • profile image

      Person 6 years ago

      There's no such thing as a bad breed, it's only a bad owner.

    • profile image

      Mama 6 years ago

      I feel that there shouldn't be specific breeds that we consider when looking for our little buddies, but take it on a dog by dog basis. For example, my husband and I have 2 children, ages 6 and 2. We also have a wonderful dog who happens to be a pit bull / beagle mix. He just turned 4 yrs old and we've had him since he was 8 weeks old. We have never had any issues with our doggie. He is so sweet and loyal, loves the kids, loves other dogs, and was BFFs with our beloved cat who passed away last year. We recently tried to adopt a new dog to add to our family, and the new dog was so mean and aggressive toward our other dog that he only lasted 60 hours in our home before going back to the shelter. Our "vicious" pit bull didn't even fight back, he was so scared. He has never growled, he plays well, he's nice and sturdy so the kids can lay on him and watch TV. Honestly, I think he has spoiled me, and I will never find another guy like him. When I tell people he's a pit bull / beagle, they're shocked. That breed has a horrible reputation. In most cases for any breed, it's all in how you raise them. :)

    • profile image

      Jackie L. 6 years ago

      i think some of the people commenting on this article need to relax!! she clearly stated in the article that this is her own OPINION based on her own research for a family pet!! if you don't agree with her opinion than give your opinion nicely! theres no need to be rude! geez people! anyways.. MY OPINION: any dog could be a great family dog as long as they are trained properly!!

      I just got a King Doberman this weekend and shes a great dog with my little one. she is a little hyper and tends to knock my little one down by accident but she loves my little one and is very protective of her. my doberman gets along great with animals and is very affectionate. even though lots of people say it is a bad choice of family pet because theyre apparently "aggressive" i totally disagree.

    • profile image

      blarblarblar 6 years ago

      go you jackie!

      Oh by the way, only get beagles/bassets/hounds if you have an 100% escape free garden. Mine has a five1/2 foot fence around it. We had to put it up as the rescue home needed it. It is chain link.

    • profile image

      blar blar blar 6 years ago


    • profile image

      tubbycraig23 6 years ago

      its funny i have a mixed breed whos a golden retriver cross poodle golden doodle

    • profile image

      bichichonfrise lover 6 years ago

      hi just got a puppy dexter hes a labradoodle x golden doodle which makes a double doodles they are good to but look at coker spaniels there cool!

    • profile image

      cassidy 6 years ago

      i would like to point out that although you stated having researched these dogs, some of the information is slightly inacurate.

      first off, i would never recommend any small or toy breeds for young children. these dogs can snap, be nervous, territorial, and fragile.

      the rottweiler and pittbull (its real name is a terrior) are actually very sweet and docile depending on the indevidual.

      i would highly recommend rotties for children if its adopted at a young age.

      pitties perhaps for older children though.

      breeding has little to do with their personalities. its mostly media and valley news floating around.

      but pittbulls have it worse due to the illigal fighting rings.

      but other than that, clear simple information comes in handly for a quick look-see.

    • profile image

      Ciara 6 years ago

      The idea behind this article is good, but you're research seems very poor. Rottweilers are often used as guard dogs, so of course they will unfortunately rack up a high incident rate as a breed. However, when in a home with a family, they are no greater threat than a Labrador.

      I grew up with a Rottweiler and he was the sweetest dog ever. We had him from when I was 1 yrs old and he never reacted badly to me or my brother and sister, even when I once ate his food...apparently he just sat there whining until my parents came to see what was wrong. He was very loving and very protective, would never leave the smallest person's side on walks, and let us fall asleep against his tummy. We often ran around with him in the garden, including play fighting, and he never got wound up or aggressive.

      Also, when people came to the door, the only danger he posed was licking them to death!

      The reason these dogs get a bad reputation is due to the owners. If trained properly, and consistently, from the start, they will be one of the loveliest dogs you've ever met. And since they are quick learners they are not that difficult to train, as long as you put in the time. And honestly, if you don't have the time, you shouldn't be getting a dog in the first place.

    • profile image

      billy97477 6 years ago

      i had a female golden retriever and male pit bull. i had to get rid of the retriever because she attacked my 4 yr old and before that tore up my pit every other day. she was totally aggressive. she was the worse dog that i ever owned. i couldnt even take her for walks she would try to attack other dogs. she didnt listen at all. my son was just sitting there when she walked up and started biting him in the face.

    • profile image

      Court 6 years ago

      I don't know why I am even bothering here, because if nothing else, I have learned over the past 13 years of "pit ownership" that you can't fix blind ignorance. With the internet nowadays, research is at your fingertips. Learn before you post something so biased. I understand you saying it is your opinn, but you claim you did research, which makes it an informed opinion, which it is not. If it were, you would have come across the ATTS which tests breeds without bias. You would have found that pit bull breeds, which refer to 3 breeds, kind of like saying terriers, these breeds hold a higher percentage than some of your "top 5." I personlly, trust those unbiased more than the likes of an uneducated, unfounded opinion.

      While I am sure many will cite the crazy attacks by pit breeds, I would suggest doing your research there as well. Just because it resembles a pit, doesn't make it so. There are sights that show numerous pics of dogs and ask you to pick out the pit bull. Good luck doing so. The point is that calling it such, doesn't make it so.

      These nanny dogs were bred to be people lovers. If they showed any signs of human aggression, they were culled. That was many years ago and people have taken their dog aggressive nature and eagerness to please their owners and exploited it, yes. However, by nature, they are not human aggressive.

      As for them being dog aggressive, yes, they can be. But many breeds of dogs, or dare I say, many dogs, period, are not fans of other dogs. Especially when they are intact.

      Bottom line is this- don't spew uninformed garbage around because you have sheep that will follow and this merely creates a flock of uneducated sheep. Know your breed and most importantly, know your own dog. You can't train out dog aggression, but you can certainly manage it. As for ANY breed that shows human aggression, this is never acceptable and the dog should be humanely euthanized.

    • profile image

      S8R8h 6 years ago

      I dotn agree with Chow Chow beiing #1 worst dog with kids!! I had one and she was unbeliveably amazing with the kids! so patiente and she would get very upset if the kids would get hurt. she was a great dog and this breed is amazing

    • profile image

      Hailey 6 years ago

      I would like to know where you have gathered you info from.You need to deciffer blogs that an average citizen has written and not a professional who has actually tested temperments of these dogs.If you go to Breeders magazines for Canada Ckc(most recognized of kennel clubs) and Akc in the us.Buy these books and read up on the breeds.These magazines have true stats.Not one made up by average people.You will soon find out that the pitbull under the AKC is recomended for children as well as the am staff under the CKC.Do your research people but make sure the info you are getting is true.Remember that this is the internet and any one can say anything they want.It doesn't make it true.If you want info on Breeds go to a Akc or CKC web site so you can have acurate information.

    • profile image

      jenifer 6 years ago

      I breed and train rotties and pitbulls for my whole life and never got bitten its just the way they are risen and tooken care of its not the breeds falt....

      my friend breed standerd poodles and got bitten alot and plenty of stiches by the way

    • profile image

      show off 6 years ago

      hi well ya! rottys are bad they are mutttts and are ugly looking things chihuhuas are the best mine weres a drees all the time ya and she loves me for it ya!

    • profile image

      LuvinWifey&Mom 5 years ago

      This has completely freaked me out. My husband just bought my 9 yr old daughter and 2 yr old son a Chow. I'm not a dog lover, so I don't know too much about dogs. For as I can tell our Chow has been amazing with our kids and he is very laid back. Howvever he is only 12 wks old, after reading this article I fear that the older he gets the worst he will be.

    • profile image

      Rob 5 years ago

      I have been trying to decide between a beagle and a Golden Retriver for a few weeks now, but I'm leaning more towards getting a golden retriever after reading this. Thanks for providing such a good hub!

    • profile image

      Contemporary Htls 5 years ago

      I have a black pug and a cattle dog.... the pug must be the fittest pug around given he can keep up with my cattle dog!

    • profile image

      Kat 5 years ago

      hi all, I agree that beagles are super for kids although they do tend to be big barkers sometimes. I love the rottweiller but I do agree not great for small kids because like the lab it takes them like...3yrs to settle. I had a pitty when I had my first daughter we got him, and he was amazing with her, he would lay around her blanket on the floor and watch her playy and follow us around the house, great dog...until....the neighbours dog came onto our property one day (in the country) and he attacked him viciously.

    • profile image

      EricaW 5 years ago

      I am disappointed, but not surprised, to see Pit Bull on the "worst" list. We have had 2 pits, both raised with our young children and have NEVER had a problem with them being aggressive. They are loyal, loving, well-behaved dogs. Their sole desire is to please their owners, if their owner is "pleased" by aggressive behavior, then they will be aggressive. However, if their owner is pleased by companionship, they are the most loyal companion there is. Our dogs were very loyal and protective of our kids and were very well behaved. As others have stated, any dog can be aggressive. Small dogs being the worst. Growing up we had a poodle and it would bite all the time. He had the worst temper and was super aggressive.

    • profile image

      david 5 years ago

      most of this information is wrong and stereotypical. youd have better information from these comments than the article but yet this is al the way at the bottom of the comments section so what would i care if you see this.

    • profile image

      clansen  5 years ago

      that's bull. I have a pit bull and so do all my friends and they are the sweetest dogs ever. people like you give them bad names.

    • profile image

      R5i5o 5 years ago

      I had a beagle named Rio and he was the most lovable dog ever. He loved everyone he saw and showered everyone with kisses. He saved my family from a robbery once by barking at them which woke me up. When the robbers saw the light from inside the house they ran off. I love beagle sooo much! You have to keep a close eye on them though if left outside. That's how Rio ran off but I know now that he was adopted by another family. I miss and love you Rio!!

    • profile image

      love-a-bull 5 years ago

      I am the proud mommy of 2 beautiful pit bull girls, and 1 human little boy :) My girls LOVE my son and protect him as their own. they let him sleep on them, they love to cuddle, play, and THEY KNOW NOT TO PLAY TO ROUGH WITH A 2 YEAR OLD! pit bulls are amazing with kids, and even alerted my husband and I when our son got sick and stopped breathing.

      everybody has their right to an opinion, but you REALLY REALLY need to get your facts straight before you majorly knock on a bull...

    • profile image

      pinoy me 5 years ago

      dogs teaches us patience how far one can withstands dog attitudes

    • profile image

      sk2012 5 years ago

      Ok list. Except the rott and pit rating. The pit bull used to be and still is the baby sitting dog (not that I would really have them baby sit, but you get it). I play with pits, and rots, and children, all together, at the same time every day, wonderfully. Breeds are like races of people, there is good and bad everywhere, no specific breed race or gender. Socialize and exercise, that is key.

    • profile image

      Nicole 5 years ago

      If you want to appear credible, you should consider spelling Rottweiler correctly. I also suggest that you do further research on some of the dogs on your "bad" list as behavioral problems are often a learned behavior. Every dog is different so it would be unfair for me to slam one specific breed but I thought it was funny to see a poodle on there as they are often overbred/inbred and I have been attacked by one after hugging it's owner (extreme/obsessive protectiveness = learned behavior.).

    • profile image

      justkev 5 years ago

      Why are rotties regarded as a danger to kids i have a 3 yo rottie and 3 young kids he is the most laid back gentle giant ever, and facts show that labs have the highest recorded bites to humans

    • profile image

      Ka 5 years ago

      I have been with dogs seen I was born. Almost every breeds in my life. I think BASSET HOUND is the the BEST dog breed for anyone especially kids. Basset loves anyone, anyone can be her friend.

    • profile image

      Liz 5 years ago

      I am not here to down the article or someone's opinion, but I do disagree quite a bit. I am an owner of 3 beautiful pitbulls. I have 2 males and 1 female. They range in ages. I have never worried about my 2 year old around them, other than I am leary to leave him around them when they are eating. Which I hop most dog owners would be not because they have ever shown any thing to worry about. I feel that any BIG dog could maul and kill a child or adult. I feel this because a smaller dog is not physcially able to do as much damage. What a large dog is able to due in a matter of minutes a small dog has to take twice as long to do. I feel my dogs are loving and especially loyal to our family. I of course am always on alert, as I would be with any dog around my children. I do feel that there are "perfect" dogs, more for their personality than their breed, but I dont feel that a pitbull is a bad breed. They need boundaries that some dogs might not need. I can tell you I have tried to introduce my dogs to kittens and they will not tolerate them. But this is MY FAULT. As an owner I should have introduced them a lot younger than just recently. They are very jealous, as our other dogs, and want you all to themselves. I agree with a lot of other posts that it REALLY is the owners that make or break a dog. I do see all the news media regarding pitbulls and I am ashamed that owners would do this to their dogs. It is not in the dog from being born. Some dogs need more training than others. It would take a lot more biting to cause a death from a smaller dog. If you notice most dog killings are from large dogs. I would just like people to see the big picture. It is on a per dog basis. I am not bashing anyone here. They are entitled to their opinions, but this is what gives certain dogs bad reps. Once a record, always a record. Thank you for your time.

    • profile image

      jane 5 years ago

      staffie bull terriers?? what about them? or are they just the same as pitbulls?

    • profile image

      Justin Hardee 5 years ago

      Pitbulls are not bad dogs they are loyal and loving. All that bullshit that people say about pitbulls is what hurts pitbulls background. Top dog to own pitbull

    • profile image

      Ryan Longo 5 years ago

      There are no bad dogs, just bad owners.

    • profile image

      JERALD FAELNAR 5 years ago

      Umm..... I think the author is extremely wrong !!!!!!! There are no bad dogs,just bad owners with bad atitude! But as a 7 year old kid I recommened rottweilers as no.1 best dogs ever. I have all the dogs the author wrote here, but my pet rottweiler is still best! One time it saved my life from drowning1! NO JOKE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      Eire 5 years ago

      I appreciate the effort in putting this info together. Well done.... Have only one gripe, not directed at you, 'Please folks' check your spelling for errors. Thx

    • profile image

      Cali 5 years ago

      I think the point of putting pitties on the bad list is that if they do bite, don't they have a lock jaw? So it can be almost impossible to get them off the person? When smaller breeds bite they wouldn't cause as much damage, although I'm not a huge fan of small ones. My cousin was attacked by a rabid corgi the the other day ;D Go figure!

    • ellahall2011 profile image

      ellahall2011 5 years ago

      Quiet long conversation here. Anyway, Good hub!

    • profile image

      yourmom 5 years ago

      Lol chow chow i love those dogs! xP I think the reason we get along is cuz I like to bully them and they bully me tough luv

    • profile image

      Ash 5 years ago

      The person that wrote this is not educated at all about dog breeds. He can't even spell some if them correctly. Please don't use this as a resource for choosing a breed. There is pages online from actual breed experts that can recommend choices and are knowledgable about the breeds.

    • profile image

      Biologist 5 years ago

      Who ever wrote this is a moron. Beagles are awful family pets. They need excessive attention because they are so stubborn. They tend to have weight problems as well which is never good when little kids are around because lets face it kids drop food often. Pit bulls are not a mean breed at all either. That is rediculous. The breed is not mean its the owners and the breeders that mess up the dog. If the breeder is reputable and can trace back its lines to healthy dogs they will not grow up mean if you treat them well. not like a guard dog!

    • profile image

      The groomer 5 years ago

      I work with many dog breeds and my opinion is that .a. A lab is usually nice and friendly but if you don't have time for two long walks a day they aren't for you. Lots of my customers get this breed and find they can't Handle their energy.

      .b. Most groomers and trainers won't work with chow chows. They are good with their family and horrible with anyone else especially vets, groomers etc.

      .c. I have heard and read that Old English Sheepdogs are amazing with children. They are like having full time nanny. Plus they are know for being great watchdogs.

    • profile image

      Monty 5 years ago

      In the voice of Mr. Burns 'excellent!' I will take two pit bulls, a rotweiller, and half a dozen dalmations please.

    • profile image

      chili dog 5 years ago

      One of the most inaccurate 'top ten' dog list I've ever read. The responses say it all.

    • profile image

      dubv 5 years ago

      You can't argue with people about their pets. You could give a good reason why breed X is often a poor choice and they'll say "well, my little spot is breed X and he loves kids, so you are wrong!"

      I credit this to our poor public education and the narcissism that says your anecdote is worth as much as compiled data.

    • profile image

      Doodle 5 years ago

      I once shot a chow chow for attacking my dog for the third time.

    • profile image

      secret? 5 years ago

      I love dogs but it is impossible if i pick a big,strong,brave dogs for me because i am just a kid .

      but great dogs

    • profile image

      James 5 years ago

      Well i delivered News Papers as a kid only ever been attacked by 1 type of dog which was a damn POODLE I hate POODLES. I have two Pitbulls 1 is a Staffy and the other is American Pitbull both 9 years old. Got the Staffy when my youngest was 2 years old and the American Pit about 4 years later. Never had ANY ISSUES great dogs for family pets especially with young kids. Very patient and tolerant with agressive kids. My Staffy was JUMPED ON by a Kid weighing more then 100LBS and did NOTHING except CRY cause he was hurt. Such a mean agressive dog B*** S***. Thes are the sweetest breeds of animal.

    • profile image

      none of your bussiness 5 years ago

      never get little dogs always get big ones because little dogs get jealous and big dogs dont give a sh!#

    • profile image

      Manuel 5 years ago

      I've had pitbull's my whole life and they're the best dog I've seen with children for the fact that they have a lot of tolerance and can handle being ruffhoused with. I have a newborn daughter and am planning on getting a pitbull wen she's around a year or so because I got one for my little brother wen he was that age and she was great with him. Get your facts straight.

    • profile image

      Stephanie 5 years ago

      Pitbulls, American Pitbulls, should all be banned. They are powerhouse dogs with more than enough muscle and jaw strength behind them to kill. I get sick of hearing sob stories from owners 'but they are sooooo great with my kids, they are little softies blah blah blah' . I have no doubt they are great with your own children provided they one day do not decide to snap and lock onto your childs throat. It's little Fred down the road who is out walking one day perhaps with his own dog that I fear for. It happens wake up to yourself people. I've seen it time and time again. Oh and for those that carry on about smaller dogs such as a poodle or a daschund being aggressive..... umm yeah I'll take my chances against a sausage dog any day rather than a pitbull!!!! and to the original poster. I agree with your list, well researched :)

    • WillSteinmetz profile image

      WillSteinmetz 5 years ago

      Informative and useful ideas here. Thanks for sharing.

    • profile image

      Erin 5 years ago

      Just want to say thank you for the information. It is a great help. Also comment on the whole pitbull thing. I hope that you people with children and one or more pitbills never have to try and get one off your child!! You can tell me all you want that they are good dogs and loyal and blah blah blah. Give me a break, they "MAY" be good dogs and they "MAY" never bite anyone, but why put your kids into the atmospher and hope that nothing happens. Why be worried to leave your kids alone with the dog while either are eating. Im sorry, I am a lover of all dogs, but I would never put my kids lives before a dogs. So I just would never own one. The same as I would never own a rottie or a dalmation.

    • profile image

      natalie 5 years ago

      In all reality any dog can be a good part of the family with children , as long as the kids are taught to love their pet and treat it well the dog can be the best thing for them :) I have a chihuahua named minnie mouse and she is the sweetest loveable dog ever!! never ever has gotten out of hand with my little girl and loves to cuddle and listens well :)

    • profile image

      Neveah from Ireland 5 years ago

      I don't agree that Chihuahua are bad with kids. Being a child I have picked up and petted many Chihuahuas and all have been friendly

    • profile image

      Lou 5 years ago

      The dipshit who wrote this is RETARDED!!!! The pitbull had the nickname "nanny dog" in the 1900's because of how well it did with kids! Oh and heres a lil foof for thought... Among all breeds of dogs, as far as testing fo aggressive dogs go.. the pit bull ranked 2nd...second to last that is so people need to get there shit straight

    • profile image

      Jack 5 years ago

      You have to do a better research...

      Yes, genetically, some dog were made for some areas or jobs, fighting, guard, livestock etc...

      But we change that!

      I have 2 bull terriers, 2 neopolitan mastiff, 2 huskies and 2 dogue de bordeaux, yes i am a breeder, and they run freely at home with my 2 kids, Nikita and Nico.

      NEVER had a problem with fighting they even eat from the same plate and the only thing you hear is the crunching of the food.



    • profile image

      alexj 5 years ago

      This is very biased. American Pit Bull Terriers are FAMOUSLY known for their patience and ability to coexist with children. They used to be called the nanny dog before the media and drug dealers got a hold of them. Check your facts.

    • profile image

      KaD 5 years ago

      Good writing but you missed a few points: Collies are known to be good with kids. I have one and it's attracted to kids like a magnet. Even the little tiny ones. And it's very submissive too. Dogs not to have are the top five biting breeds: pit bulls (top breed in studies for canine homicides, serial attacks, rampage attacks, biting their owners, and dog bites), rottweilers, akitas, chows, and german shephards; or a mix breed with any of these. Any dog bred as a gaurd dog too; like the pomeranian (one killed an infant). has good information about dog ownership every dog owner should know.

    • profile image

      KaD 5 years ago

      Oh, here's some information about pit bulls from an advocacy group:

      Pit Bull Rescue Central — one of the leading pit bull educational websites on the Internet — is startlingly clear when it talks about the realities of pit bull ownership.

      It is a fact that our APBTs, ASTs and pit mixes come with a built-in fighting heritage. The majority of pit bulls will, at some point in their lives, exhibit some degree of dog-on-dog aggression … We cannot predict when or where it will happen and we can’t love, train or socialize it out of the dog. Pit bulls may not start a fight, but they will finish it. Do not bring a Pit Bull to an off-leash dog park or any other area where it may come into contact with other dogs running loose.

      Early socialization MAY help, but is not a guarantee that your Pit Bull won’t become dog-aggressive at some point. ALWAYS be prepared for it!

      Take note that a fight can strike suddenly and for no apparent reason. Warning signs can be very subtle with Pit Bulls and even completely absent.

      Pit bulls are terriers and were bred to recognize other dogs as “prey.”

      Remember that a fight may not be preceded by growling, barking or posturing. One second everything is fine and the next the dogs are going at it. Excitement and external stimulus, such as a squirrel or cat running up a tree, can trigger a fight.

      A wagging tail doesn’t mean a dog won’t fight. In fact, a wagging tail is often a signal of excitement. As explained above, excitement can trigger a fight.

      Statistically, dogs that show aggression towards other dogs are far more likely to bite people because they redirect their aggression.

    • profile image

      jmustard 5 years ago

      I own two pits and and have 3 kids (2,5,11 years old). They love eachother. My kids climb all the dogs and the dogs love it. Also, this page claims that pitbulls are unpredictable with children yet it posts a link ( that claims the exact opposite. This page supports the negative stigma attached to breeds like pits and rots. Never take advice from a source that cant spell or use proper grammar.

    • profile image

      loverbulls 5 years ago

      You need to do some more research. It's people like you that help spread hate and fear about pitbulls and mixes. Your grammar needs some work as well. I could never take someone like you very serious.Ignorance is not bliss.....

    • profile image

      mary 5 years ago

      you should mention the is the sweetest dog in the world, my little brother can tease her, step on her tail, or anythin else, and she wouldn't even budge!...she loves everyone and anyone she sees!, they dont shed AT ALL!.......look it up!!

    • profile image

      vinnie 5 years ago

      iv had pit bulls and rottys both of which were very good well behaved mention of the GSD in the good dogs one of the best dogs trusting with children

    • profile image

      Shon 5 years ago

      I have a Rottie and he is very good with children..

    • profile image

      Bethany 5 years ago

      This is the stupidest list I've ever seen...really? way to spread the stereotype MORON! I would take a Pit or Rottie over any breed to be around children. Learn from experience, not the internet, dumbass

    • profile image

      proud pit and rott owner 5 years ago

      I do not agree with this list one because I have a rottweiler, and a pit bull they are both around my children and have had no problems now my children are grown up and kids come to the house they don't know and still not a problem its how you raise dogs. First pitbulls have the bad name because people stuff them with sad to say steroids! And they fight them and make them that way. My rot I could let him lay beside my child as a baby and when he cried he was right by the crib along with my pit. I don't think its right to give these dogs bad names in count of how others make them.

    • profile image

      KENZIE 5 years ago

      and shauna or whatever your name is the internet is for use full TRUE information not this crap about bashing dogs I don't care if its her opinion she needs to keep it to her self if she didn't want people to state their opinion and duh people are going to because she's WRONG!

    • profile image

      love the pit rescue crew. 5 years ago

      god people get real if you never owned one don't judge them. You all are stupid, so if I was to go kill someone tonight then I guess all of us humans are "evil" lol I wanna laugh in everyone's face who wants to put these dogs down its the owner not the breed sometimes I think people really don't have a head. So as I was reading online dog attacks occur every day and some are the ones listed that she has for a good family dog hmm so maybe if your so scared of dogs don't get a damn dog then. People how old are we all 2 years old I shouldn't be here stating facts, if you knew anything about the "bad dogs" listed then I would consider reading this junk but you guys have not a brain pit bulls were nanny dogs because they are so good with children if raised and breeded with the right owner and dogs and as he girl listed above isn't on steroids or was taught to fight. Rottweilers sweetest ever again owners responsibility to make them a family dog. Chow chow I've had 3 along with a pit and rottie, sweethearts with kids. And I've never had a dalmation but my neighbor had 2 sweethearts again. Don't slander these dogs unless you have had one and it has done something to you because for pits rotties chow chow and dalmation for them to bite they usually have a reason like being abused or raised this way. Yeah the news says for no reason hmmm think people because dogs can't talk they can't tell you a reason. I work for a pit rescue and everyone brought in goes to a good home and we get nothing but good reviews back so please don't slander our babies they don't deserve it stop think and rescue one they need love just like any other dog and most won't get it because of people like this.

    • profile image

      Felicia 5 years ago

      It's not true that pits aren't good family dogs it's actually the total opposite they're wonderful nanny dogs and also have the second best temperment.

    • profile image

      Aimee 5 years ago

      Thankyou for some great info i have a 2 year old child and am looking to get a dog, and just dont know what to get and what will be correct for our family. I have to say with having a rottweiler in my family for 11 years i would definately not list it as a bad dog for children, as always it depends on the way the dog is reared, Even on the last day of his life my brothers rotty (when poorly) allowed my 2 year old to curl up next to him and didnt once get cross or short tempered, beautiful dogs in the right hands :)

    • profile image

      Chow 5 years ago

      I found lots of Americans think Chow Chows are aggressive breed, however people in any other parts of the world just think the opposite. I lived in Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore. In all these countries, I found Chow Chow are just lovely, calm and peaceful, and my Chow in New Zealand plays with kids of all age, he doesn't care about his hair being pulled at all.

      My conclusion would be Americans did too much with this breed, most of the Chow chow I have seen from the US were over weight. Crossed with Sharpei brought lots of trouble to Chow Chow's eyes and skin problem. The original Chow Chow was not a fat mouth at all, they were hunting dogs back in China. Look at what Americans did, yes, they look cute now, but they are suffering from these man made problem as well.

      I am not criticizing all Americans, just those who breed Chow Chow into such a bad shape, and trying to tell everyone in the world Chow Chow is aggressive with kids, your research result would only apply to the US

    • profile image

      aaaa 5 years ago


    • profile image

      James 5 years ago

      Regarding your comments on Springer "rage". A neurological condition in any dog can cause "out of the blue" behaviour and this isn't by any means restricted to spaniels, in addition, a recent study in Canada researching dog biting on children, actually shows the labrador as the no.1 culprit. It really is down to the responsibility of the parent/owner, as any resulting attacks on children from poor dog ownership in my opinion is the fault of the parent, not the dog.

    • profile image

      john 5 years ago


    • profile image

      Tammy 5 years ago

      I had a chow chow and he was the sweetest thing ever! Pit bulls are not mean unless you train them to be.

    • profile image

      shocked 5 years ago

      Isn't it funny how someone tries to help others yet so many people can knock her down, if you dont like what is written here just move on. This page was not created to offend people or breeds of dogs, yet people cant help but to get there claws out

    • profile image

      Alison H. 5 years ago

      I strongly encourage that you should put shih tzus for number 1 on BEST, because my family and I are getting a new dog and everyone says shih tzus are THE BEST! I have had my kids walk our neighbors shih tzu and he is REALLY friendly and active. I think a Golden Retriver should be #2 because they are really friendly and don't EVER bite! They are the best with children and are known to protect!

    • profile image

      iggie lala 5 years ago

      this is great infomation

      hopefully i can now encurage my perents to get me a dog

    • profile image

      Eusebio 5 years ago

      I'm ten and I have 6 pit bulls and I can put my hand in their food bowl while eating so they are great for kids just show it love because they need it

      Feed it while it's a puppy out of your hand and eventually u can feed out of your hand while it's an adult please put on good side

      P.S makes me furious put pit bulls on bad lists

    • profile image

      whatz up 5 years ago

      I think that a dalmation is a good dog for kids. But if I had a dog that bite my kids I would put him down thats what I think I would do.

    • profile image

      Kati 5 years ago

      All that I have to say :)

      I think honestly, anyone who has never raised or been brought up around a certain breed, should keep your opinion to yourself. I LOVE Rotties, German Shepards, and Pitbulls. My family breeds all three and they're all amazing, why? Because they've been raised correctly. Regarding to people saying "I'm waiting for the Pitbull to attack its owners face, anything rude about them or Rottweilers." You need to mind your own business. Unless you've personally raised the animals correctly or have had them attack you, keep your OPINION to yourself; thanks. For the people who've been attacked by these breeds; not every dog is the same. And yes, the people who had the Rottweiler who killed their child, even stated that not all dogs should be blamed for the mistake of another or having bad owners. For instance, how not every person is born to kill people. A lot of people get these breeds and train them to do things for all the wrong reasons and they end up getting turned on. Yes, bigger breeds are reported the most. Because if a 20 pound dogs bites a person verses a 160 dog, which dog will create the most damage? The bigger breed and no, Yes, this lady has made this site due to her 'opinion' is it right? No. Full of facts? No. In my opinion, children shouldn't be around any HYPER breed, period. Any accident can happen with a hyper dog. Any dog can turn on its owner, but no dog is born aggressive.

    • profile image

      Naive NewHomeOwner 5 years ago

      Thank you so much for your article. I am glad I read it along with the comments. I am moving to a new neighborhood and one of my neighbors has a rotweiler. They were concerned when I told them I have two young children. They told me their dog is a family dog and doesn't know anybody else. This article has help me understand why my neighbor is concern. I should be too! We are building a fence as soon as we move in.

    • profile image

      Lauren 5 years ago

      This makes me very angry... You're adding to the stereotypical bullshit about pitbulls. I've never owned one, but I'm pretty sure I had a German Shepherd, Husky Pitbull mix when I was younger. Sweetest dog ever. As soon as I'm done with college I'm buying a pitbull, I'm not a dumb, ignorant fool that listen's to the media smearing it's own shit around. I can't wait to rescue a pit!

    • profile image

      Kelly 5 years ago

      well actually my landlord has a big rottie like the size of a pony & he is amazzing with her kids she has a 4 year old & a 3 year old & iv never seen this dog bite or attack. & iv known this dog for like 5 years now. but thats my option & also with the pitty iv had pitbulls when i was young & never were they aggressive its not the dog its the owner how u treat the dog. if you treat it with respect then the dog will do the same . iv had dogs since the day i was born & im 17 now. so iv had like 7 different breeds trust me i know ALOT about dogs.

    • profile image

      DogsRgreat 5 years ago

      I would just like to mention that "mixed breeds" are not a breed. Mixed breeds can be anything! A Pit/Rotti is just as much a mixed breed as a golden retriever/ poodle .

    • profile image

      Sarah 5 years ago

      I have a pug and even a lab they aer not to good or bad they are differnt from all dogs for me

    • profile image

      barry grannell 5 years ago

      Ok here is my little input...We have two staffordshire bull terriers Frankie(son) and Molly (mum) they are the most fantastic dogs i have ever come across.We also now have our grandaughter Lexie who is two and a half years old..We love our dogs to bits , but we would never leave her in the room with our dogs on her own !! There has never been any aggression form the dogs towards Lexie or any other human being but as responsible dog owners we are not prepared to ever take the chance , mainly because of the horror stories you hear of kids being attacked by dogs..So why take the chance. When all said and done we cant read a dogs mind so we dont really know what that dog is thinking. Im sure more kids have been hurt off humans than have been hurt off dogs and when all said and done no human knows whats going on inside another humans mind. Digressed a little there :0).....So back to our Staffy's ( not sure how staffy's) compare to Pitbulls but reading all the posts on here tell me that they must be very similar in temperement..They are devouted dogs and have a fantastic personality and loyalty. I have met many other dogs who i just wouldnt have for a gold clock , but im not going to upset other owners by naming certain breeds..I do know one thing we walk our staffs twice a day and i mean proper exercise off the leads running and playing across fields etc etc , but once again if other dogs appear on the scene we put them straight on the lead as we feel this is protecting our dogs as well as others because i have had many other dogs come running up to ours on the lead and snarling and being aggresive (Labs are always the worse) our dogs when they see other dogs in the distance have never gone running after or up to them , but others many many times have run up to ours. If our dogs where off the lead when this happened and a fight happened which dogs would get the blame ? ( ours because people have this misconception of the breed or type because of the breed and bad press) which is unwarrented. We had two cats for 18 years when Molly came on to the scene ( Molly was our sons and after my wife taking her for walks she decided she would prefer to live with us)So we addopted Molly and she got used to the cats very quickly and relised that the cats had been there longer so she fell in line and had respect, then Molly had six pups and we kept Frankie from the litter ( broke our hearts when we had to let the others go, all to good homes)So frankie as a pup used to wind the cats up but he always knew where he stood in the pecking order as he started to grow up. (they never took to other cats outside the home) funny how that worked really. Sadly we lost both cats now Lucky having to be put to sleep at 22yrs old.....Now our Staffs our 10 + 7 and we will miss them so so much , the joy these two dogs have given us has been immense and even friends have ended up with Staffy's after seeing how good Frankie + Molly are. So Staffordshire Bull terriers are Children friendly , Human Friendly and very very Loyal to their owners so if you want a dog ...No need to look elsewhere.Barry Grannell Winsford Cheshire England

    • profile image

      Elize 5 years ago

      I have a short hair German Poiter x Rottie the most loveable dog with such a great nature with kids, but boy do not enter the gate if she does not know you then the Rottie comes out

    • profile image

      Chantal 5 years ago

      I find this all very interesting. Some of it true, some of it a joke - but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Unfortunately, many people would read the "article" and then just assume that is 100% correct. Personally, there is usually nothing wrong with ANY breed of dog, unless you're an irresponsible pet owner. Having said that, if you want a pedigreed dog and you are not prepared to pay the high prices of the animal from a reputable breeder, then be prepared to receive a dog which could have temperament issues. Bearing in mind large breed dogs are supposed to have no aggression due to their size. I took have owned an American Pit Bull Terrier who was a sweetheart to my son and our family. I would never have left her alone with my child under any circumstances. I had 2 daschunds whom I also never left alone with my son. Animals and young children do not mix - they must be supervised all the time - no matter what dog you own. We now own a Jack Russell cross and a Long Haired Daschund - my son is 7 years old and he is still supervised around the dogs. Most families I come across have never bothered to teach their kids how to behave around an animal, and the warning signs to look out for. Dogs do not attack for no good reason, there is always a trigger. That same Pit Bull we owned grew up with 7 cats, and after 2 years, she turned on one of them and broke its neck. This was our fault. My ex and I had split up, we had moved to a smaller house, the dog was not getting as much attention as she was used to - so she became anxious and the cat she killed was one who used to screech at the dogs. We created the situation and we have to live with it. By responsible pet owner, I mean many things. Responsible pet owners STERILISE their pets unless they have pedigreed animals and are reigistered as breeders. Responsible pet owners walk their dogs and allow them access indoors. Responsible pet owners NEVER forget that their pets are still snimals and need to be treated as such. Jealousy is NOT an animal trait and should never be encouraged. Hitting and yelling never helps. Responsible pet owners attend puppy school to socialise their pets, and teach them obedience. Remember that dogs are pack animals, and if something triggers one dog, you'll have all the others joining in. A responsible pet owner who owns more than 3 dogs needs to have control over them. The only reason certain dogs appear to bite kids more than others is because those dogs happen to be the most popular dogs at the time. Golden Retrievers are gentle dogs, but when there is a demand for them, every backyard breeder tries to make a quick buck and breeds as many puppies as possible - resulting in health issues. An unhealthy dog is not a happy dog, and so we begin a trail of unhappiness where a child will possible end up bitten at the end, and the unhappy dog put to sleep. How many people (in SA) have heard that French Bulldogs are aggressive towards children? None. Why? French Bulldogs are exceptionally rare, and when you do find one, it costs a LOT of money. This means the breed is still safe and healthy and protected. Backyard breeders have not managed to ruin this breed yet. Spaniels, on the other hand, are found everywhere, as are Pit Bulls, Labradors, Dalmations, Boerbuls and various other very popular breeds. You have to agree with me that most of the dogs you see in people's gardens look nothing like the "show standard" of that particular breed. If you're not willing to pay the breeders prices, then opt for a mixed breed dog, as you're more likely to get a pet with a good temperament that way. No one breed is unsuitable as a pet - they all have their pro's and cons. I grew up with a Chow and he was amazing to us 3 kids and my mom, but he bit every person we knew, including my dad, who was his owner. He never bit us - luck? Perhaps, I loved him but he was not the ideal pet around children. Not necessarily the breed, more his own character, in my opinion. I have never owned a Dalmation because I don't believe our lifestyle suits it, and I would never purchase a small, fragile breed like a Toy Pom, a Yorkie or a Pincher for a small child. The only reason these dogs are snappy is because they're fragile - they don't like being handled in a rough manner, and small children are naturally rough because they don't know any better. Another really bad option for a small child is a kitten - people need to start learning to become responsible for their own actions, and we will not have so many unfortunate incidents with dogs harming our kids. Just for those people who believe American Pit Bulls and Staffordshire Terriers are bad breeds around kids - these dogs are used as therapy dogs in many places due to their patience and tolerance. There are no "bad" breeds, only bad owners.

    • profile image

      Kathie 5 years ago

      In my own personal opinion.... This hubpage is worthless information.

    • profile image

      Best Small Dog Breeds 5 years ago

      i love is dogs breed, you visit to my site article of dog link here :

    • profile image

      Doug 5 years ago

      Thank you to the author for your research this was helpful. I agree that Dog's are animals and have to be supervised around young children. I would like to thank you for your time in putting this site together and taking all this abuse. I appreciate it.

    • profile image

      DogLover 5 years ago

      I think what people are missing the point of is EVERY dog is unique and special. Each dog should be accepted into a family, especially from a young age, because every one of them will fit in all the same. Im not saying we should'nt put our opinions out there, but there should'nt be the top ten best or worst dog websites out there. If your dog is gotten at a young age they will learn what you want and what you disapprove of, simple as that. Media and bad owners have ruined so many dogs reputations and peoples opinions of them. When wanting a dog you should take in mind what you want, low-shedding or grooming, what health factors they tend to have, how large they'll grow up to be, etc. You should'nt be relying on biased websites to get an opinion, you should be out there getting the real experience, calling breeders, friends, owners, and experts, and so on. I really hope this inspires some of you to stop being biased and realize w=everyone is intitled to your own opinions.

    • profile image

      Audra 5 years ago

      Beagles are more likely to bite than Pits. I've talked to Vet techs and a pit is 1 of the least likely dog to bite them--also, I know several pit owners and their kids hang all over them with no incidence. I run a rescue. I hear of more probs w/ Labs biting than pits.

    • profile image

      greg 5 years ago

      really this article is such bull. why are you gonna discrimate against certin breeds. whatever the dog's history is means nothing. all types of dog can turn. just like all types of dog are great to have round kids. it just depends on who the owner is and how they train it. what ppl need to remember is once u show fear to your dog. the dog will take control.

    • profile image

      Erika 5 years ago

      You should really research before you post something like this. There are numerous incorrect facts. Pit bulls, raised correctly, are one of the most loving dogs I've seen. I would trust them around my kids any day. You are quite biased when trying to provide an informational article.

    • profile image

      Laura 5 years ago

      I agree that your article is missing a key feature - research. Don't begin to pretend you know anything about dogs if you have listed a pit bull as a bad family dog. You'll be hard pressed to find a more loyal, patient, affectionate dog. Ignorance at its finest! Research next time, please!

    • profile image

      angel-sophie 5 years ago

      is a dalmatian bad? coz when i was born i had a dalmatian and it was great and it wasn't even trained!i loved it

    • profile image

      JW 5 years ago

      I had a yellow lab for 6 years and he never so much as growled at anyone. I have a 10 year old and 6 year old boys. He bit my 10 year old in the face, when the dog has been such a good dog til now

    • profile image

      golden 5 years ago

      i thinlk rottwilers are great with kids

    • profile image

      Pitbull LOVER!!! 5 years ago

      Hi! GREAT artical. I would just put my imput on it. 1. Lab 2. Golden Retrever 3.if trained well, Pit Bull 4. if trained well, Rottie 5. Wemeraner. I own a lab weimer mix and a pit mix and they are as sweet as can be! other wise, dont poodles bit? I still love poodles.

    • profile image

      Van 5 years ago

      You clearly don't know anything, really, about any dog breed. And from your quasi-literate use of English, not much else, either. Any monkey can post random info to a blog these days, and you uneducated mommy-types trying to make the world "safer" for your scum children are an informational menace. Get off the web!

    • profile image

      Doggy Justice 5 years ago

      This information is useless and it's the reason why these dogs have a bad reputation. I own a Rottweiler and a pit bull and they share a home with a 7yr old AND a 3yr old. My dogs have never shown agression to anyone in the family. People like you, with your biased information make it hard for dog owners like me. Every dog is different. It's not the breed it's the owner...

    • profile image

      Jane 5 years ago

      I'm sorry but honestly this is a load of ****. It's the animal equivalent of saying Black people, or Indians are worse people. It's like racism towards animals. Yes, you hear of mean Rottweilers or a certain breed of dog attacked someone, but that's like saying a man from Tennessee attacked someone, therefore all people from Tennessee are violent. I have a friend with a Rottweiler and she's the sweetest dog ever, yes she can get a little hyper sometimes but she's never bitten anyone or been violent in any way. She's an awesome dog, real friendly. The attitude of the dog is what affects how they will be around kids, not the breed.

    • profile image

      jasmine 5 years ago

      i think you need to do more reserch... first off u said a poodle as a good dog for children?? actually i would think that poodles would be to fragile for a small child.. second the lab and golden retreiver both when older loose alot of their patience with children and tend to get mouthier with age. also for worst dogs i feel you just based what the media tells you about these breeds i mean really the pitbull as the worst breed? they were once the nanny dog, the poster child for the united states army, and just as well i guess you didnt know petey from the little rascals was pitbull either? i work in a grooming salon and have been bit by many dogs none being arotweiler, chow, and

    • profile image

      Nicole 5 years ago

      i am still looking for a small toy dog for myself and my brothers and parents and this helped alittle but i still need to search but thank you.

    • profile image

      Bigred 5 years ago

      I would just like to comment that ANY dog no matter the breed or training can bite someone. I've seen the "sweetest dog ever, wouldn't harm a fly" bite a toddler. I've also seen the "oh, don't do that he/she hates new people" befriend and grow attached to a small child. You will never find the 'perfect' breed, also you left out a large portion of the rest of them! Did you only research the popular breeds?! Personally I have a huge heart for the shelter mutts. My rescue dog have always been the most loyal and thankful :] Plus I get to spend the rest of my life trying to figure out what the heck their mixins are! Another comment when you decide to get a pet while you have children you need to train your kids also before you even bring the pup home. Your whole family should have a little understanding in how to properly pet/play/handle a dog. You should figure out if your child is able to be trusted with animals (I've seen kids that needed to mature a lot more before their parents brought home Fido).

    • profile image

      Megan 5 years ago

      You give good info for people to follow up on. Thank you for saring this. I have a Puggle (pug, juggle mix). He is the best of both dogs. Most puggles are loving and love to be around people. Thank you again.

    • profile image

      Hope 5 years ago

      I agree with the pit bull being one of the worst dogs to get. When I was a child I was attacked and I wasnt doing anything wrong. Infact, the dog was really close to me (my sisters dog). One day it just turned on me and bit my face.

    • profile image

      Tiffany 5 years ago

      Well, I think this site is just one persons point of view,young children, have had gotten dogs as pets for them since they were little and in fact, the dogs i have had were fantastic and loving dogs that were good with my kids and one dog in fact was a pitbull, and he was the best dog ever, i also had a cane corso, a shih tzu, and a english bull dog. and out of all of them i have to say that the pitbull was the most well mannered. I just had to put that out there, dogs are like people, they become how you treat them.

    • profile image

      TiffanyC 5 years ago

      1st off... i hate that there are still gonna be ppl gettin all offended (i've had that dog they're great. blah blah blah.) it's just one persons opinion that is based on FACT!!!! lol.

      2nd i just wanted to say.... I BUSTED OUT LAUGHING WHEN I SAW DALMATION!!! hahaha. i always wondered why my dalmation (when i was like 5) was so mean all the time. hahaha. & I WAS UBER NICE TO IT!!!!!

      thanks for the info tho. VERY HELPFUL!!!!!!

    • profile image

      TiffanyC 5 years ago

      i also just noticed that the last comment above mine was from someone named Tiffany also. xP hehehe.

    • profile image

      trixie 5 years ago

      I agree with your comments about beagles. I'm on my 6th and they are very loving. They are hard-headed and stubborn and will try everything to excape if only to get on the other side of the fence and look in. I agree with you about the goldens and labs also. My experience with chows (only 2 for a short time) is they hate cats with a capital HATE. This is all my experience for the past 60 years of getting mostly shelter dogs.

    • profile image

      human hater 5 years ago

      there is no such thing as a bad dog! or even best or worst breed for children! your all idiots!!!its bad owners and even worse children that need a good hiding!!!! i witnessed a labrador attack a child it was the way it was brought up and the child was not much better either!!! people should be licenced to breed children!!!!

    • profile image

      Danielle 5 years ago

      Every dog is different, you cannot make breed generalizations. I agree that small children and small dogs do not go together well, mainly because young children are careless and small dogs and esily scared. It's no one's fault in those situations. Which is why I'm not sure why the pug is considered great for kids on your list.

      Rottweilers, though, are totally fine with kids. There bite rate is so high becuase they are often trained as guard dogs. My neighbors had a rottwieler. All the kids used to play with him the same way we did with another neighbor's golden retriever. Also, I grew up with a Chow mix and she was great. Reserved and certainly not playful, but sweet and gentle.

      I think you are missing one very important dog, the Akita. Honestly, if you want a dog that's gentle with kids and will protect them with its life, the Akita is the way to go. They were brd to protect the children of noble families in Japan. They are incredibly loyal to family and gentle and protective of kids. Wary and on guard around strangers, but not aggressive if properly trained.

      We had an Akita/German Shepard mix who had long hair that I used to pull myself up on when I was learning to walk. That dog tolerated everything from me, I used to take bones out of his mouth and he would just whine and give my parents this pathetic look, like he was being bullied. He used to stand next to me when we had company, and growl if they got too loud or too close without my parents. He would lay across the door of whatever room I was in and no one could enter if my parents weren't with them. He would jump up and growl at them. Never bit anyone, but I bet if anyone ever really went after me, he would destroy them.

      But again, he was totally tolerant and gentle with me. If I started crying, he would go find my parents and run back and forth between me and them. He slept in my room and I would climb all over him as a kid. Never once bared his teeth or snapped at me. Great, great dog.

    • profile image

      cad 5 years ago

      rottwielers are the most loyal dogs i have ever seen it all depends on the owner on whether their nice or not

    • profile image

      Anna 5 years ago

      Cool, I love Golden retrievers.

    • profile image

      angela 5 years ago

      This page is a joke. They didn't even spell check and the fact that the pit bull is on the worst list is extremely incorrect. Why would they be named "the nanny dog" if they aren't good with kids? You are taking stereotyping and using it in your list. And your desription is just flat out wrong. they score higber than Labradors on temperament tests. The weren't bred to attack people they were bred to attack dogs. If the pit hurt a human, it was killed. Know your facts, don't post things based on either your opinion or biased information coming from people who judge them based on their opinions and fear.

    • profile image

      bekahthomas 5 years ago

      I find this SUPER inaccurate. Pit bulls in the top 5 worse category is Total BS. And I find it funny that you have poodles in the best! I have had a couple poodles and I currently own a pit bull, and I have found that poodles have a very BAD temperament. Every poodle that I have owned has been a little shit head. My pit bull on the other hand is very loveable and good dog. Whoever wrote this needs to rewrite this whole damn article. Pit bulls have one of the best temperaments and dispositions. Look at history, Helen Keller had a pit, The Little Rascals had a pit bull, and the best example would be Stubby the pit bull. One of the most decorated pit bulls (Dogs) from world war 2. Everyone should own a Pit! Just saying! One of the best breeds I have ever owned!

    • profile image

      pits forever 5 years ago

      the jury might still be out for me....or not? pit bull has just been put down by means of a court order for eating the face off my daughter, she is currently on life support. i still stand by my dog though, even though this has caused my wife to leave me and a huge rift in my extended family. i love my dog and my daughter. hopefully with years of counciling i will get over it, btw have just got a rottie puppy now and my 18 month boy loves him licking his face....just dont tell my wife....hahahaha

    • FishAreFriends profile image

      FishAreFriends 5 years ago from Colorado

      I think i all comes down to the specific dog, and the dog's personality, not the general breed.

    • profile image

      lamia 5 years ago

      pitbulls are actually great family pets person who wrote this i dont know if you did this outta personal prefrence or actually did some real research. but with that being said all dogs have their own personality and quirks it is how you train it and rais it that will make it mean. i was raised with both labs begals and rots as a baby well into my teen years my kids have a pitbull and a lab the lab is meaner than the pitbul and we had to get rid of the lab because it attacked the 4year old unprovoked the kid was just petting her and she outta nowhere lashed at her if i had not been sitting there the dog probly would have done worse damage than the stiches on her hand. the pitbull never bit any of the kids not even the baby and i had the pit b4 i had the kids pits are very protective of their family though. i am not saying that a pit cant be provoked any dog can be provoked to attack its all in the training though both my lab and my pit were traind my pit though if provoked will give you a warning bark but thats after like you keep playing with her food. my youngest sleeps with her because shes a baby sometimes ends up pulling on her coat and ears when we see it we stop the baby thats just an accedent waiting to happen but when we dont catch it the dog moves from the baby or pushes the baby away. i love my pitbull

    • profile image

      lindzy 5 years ago

      I love golden retrievers they are great for children they are gentle and playful and care

    • profile image

      Ryan 5 years ago

      Great job I agree with what you have said. As for these people on your case, they need to realize your are not judging individual dogs but the breed as a whole. All dogs can make great pets, however time and training are important something difficult to come by with a small child. And for everyone talking about labs and golden retrieves when they get older, please realize the child will also be getting older as the dog does

    • profile image

      Alice 5 years ago

      A touchy subject for many people, because they love the animals they grew up with or have now.

      All breeds have different characteristics, this should be a guide in looking to add a loved pet to the family!

      All dogs can be aggressive if not trained right,you are taking on the responsibility to keep both the child and dog safe.

      Everyone has had a different experience with dogs and this is what forms your opinions...right or wrong, they are your opinions, your experience.

      Whether this article or another must do your own research and be willing to be a responsible owner :)

    • profile image

      Christal Ramirez 5 years ago

      Any dog makes a great family pet. As long as you train the dog while it is young because I have two Chihuahuas that do not act the way this person article discribes. Both of my Chihuahuas are well mannered and do not get nerveous enough to bit; unless, they feel threatend, but that is not offten. They may occasionally bark at someone they do not know and might give them a worning nip, but its not like they bit down hard enough to draw blood on the stranger. All dogs are territorial not just Chiuahuas. Also when my niece and nephews picked up my dogs for the first time my chiuahuas liked their face all over and rubbed their face aginst my nieces and nephews face. It looked like my dogs were trying to give me niece and nephews a hug. So who ever wrote this is just putting their experience and stario typeing these breeds they are calling bad family pets.

    • profile image

      audrey ochoa 5 years ago

      first of all boxers should be in the best dogs with kids there very loving and they love kids they would not hurt then they would not even lay a paw on them they are the most gentle dogs ever with kids and u should have added boxer as the top 5 best dogs

    • profile image

      Joe 5 years ago

      My 2 cents on pits best dogs i ever had hands down, all my kids grow up with them best ever with my kids, I had a horse chickens ducks goats and my pits got along with all i had others small dogs raised with my pits poodle and a Chihuahua all sleep together, i will always had a pit in my life till i die.

    • profile image

      Gerbert 5 years ago

      I don't agree with how it says that dalmations aren't good for kids. My aunt has a dalmation and two kids under the age of 5. She used to have another but it sadly passed away. She had dalmations when the kids were born and they are the nicest dogs I've ever met. They will let the kids do anything and they will just sit there and lick their faces. The poodle that they have is the only problem. Although he is highly intellegent he gets very excited and knocked over the 3 year old. he had to get stitches! the only bad thing about dalmations is that they shed a TON!

    • profile image

      jaycee 5 years ago

      I had a pit bull before and she was never aggressive, my nephew would jump on her, smack her, and more and she NEVER growled, barked, or bit him. It all depends on how you raise the dog, my pitbull was the sweetest dog ever and would never hurt a fly

    • profile image

      Kristin Howard 5 years ago

      You are discriminating against numerous breeds. Please check your stats before you discriminate. There are dogs that are responsible for more deaths than pitbulls, dalmations, and chows. All dogs can be good. There is no such thing as a good breed or a bad breed. Learn that before posting articles that scare people away from wonderful breeds.

    • profile image

      booboo 5 years ago

      the kids they do stuff to the dogs like pull there tail and the dog will react so i think children under 5 should not have a pet such as a dog

      so there :P


    • profile image

      Bobby 5 years ago

      Hey angela, you might want to spell check your own post before blasting the author for not using spell check! :-)

    • profile image

      Christine 5 years ago

      You might want to do a little research before you post information like this. Ignorance like yours is the reason bully breeds STILL have negative stigma attached to them. The same goes for rottweilers! They are amazing dogs -- that just happen to be much more intelligent than you! Just because you pulled up a few websites on why you shouldn't own pit bull terriers doesn't mean all of that information on that site is accurate. Do research about pit bulls from accredited sources. I have a rescued pit and I never would have imagined owning one until I took one look into her eyes and I fell in love. She was used as a bait dog as a little puppy and you would never know now because she is the sweetest, happiest, and non-violent dog you've ever met. I guarantee that any pit you find in a loving and safe environment will be exactly like my dog in temperament. If pit bull terriers were so horrible I doubt Cesar Milan would have used his most loved companion as his head trainer. The next time you decide to post an article, do actual research, and don't just regurgitate crap you've read or heard. It ruins your credibility. Actually, after posting this article, I don't think you have any left.

    • profile image

      CeeJay 5 years ago

      I have once owned a 'pitbull' mix and he was the best dog I ever had protective but loveing I have meny nethuews and nieces who came to my house and would tug and pull at him clim on him and he wouldn't even take any notices. When my sister came to stay with her new born he layed next to the baby all night making sure she was ok. He never went for anyone. Pitbulls are not bad dogs just evil people who train them to fight make it that way. All dogs can be dangerous but it's about the way you bring them up from a puppy . If someone's mother had killed someone your wouldn't automatically say her child's going to kill people would you ? Each Tiger has diffrent stripes. So never judge a dog by its stereo type. Pitbulls are good dogs just sometimes there owners aren't.

    • profile image

      Kim 5 years ago

      Plain and simple!!! We should only judge the owner not the dog!! Nobody can say which breed is best. It all depends on the life style of the family. The people commenting that work at shelters should know better. So shame on you for judges these poor animals that have been abused and neglected! Get real people! If you want to know which breed is for you... Consider your space, time, patients and knowledge on how to train PERIOD!

    • profile image

      GodsmackeD 5 years ago

      Blame the DEED, NOT the BREED.

      just my 2 cents. :)

    • profile image

      Ashley 5 years ago

      Pit Bulls arent bad, so dont give them all bad reports. it is based on the owner of who trained that certain dog.

    • profile image

      jayla 5 years ago

      i have a chihauhua and i love her shes not never nerves

    • profile image

      Art 5 years ago

      We have a pit bull rescue, sweetest dog ever. He's currently napping with my 4 year old and 17 month old daughters.

    • profile image

      Sarah 5 years ago

      Hi there,

      I don't agree with the information you have submitted, it's very misleading for families who are looking to buy a an extra addition to their family. Bulldog breeds (pitbull, British bulldog, American bulldog etc) make very good family pets, they are very loyal, affectionate and protective of their family and home and are absoulte sweethearts with children. Pitbulls excell in many activities they are used by the American police for their intelligence, willing to please and hard working nature. Their calm, affectionate and ability to pick up on other peoples emotions and patience nature makes them excellent therapy dogs for adults and children with a variety of disabilities. There is much bad publicity about these dogs and it shadows the good as any dog can be aggressive it's all about sensible firm training along with plenty of socialisation and excersise. I had a Doberman for 8 years, she was truly amazing with my children, as babies she would sleep by their cots and check every single room in the house before going to sleep in the evening, she was a true gentle giant and never once showed any sign of aggression towards our family or any one else and I do truly believe they make one of the best breeds to have around small children but that's only my opinion obviously other peoples may differ but her loyalty to me and my children and years of taking care of us will never be forgotten. I now have a British bulldog due to having a smaller home now I didn't have the room for another Doberman. Tilly (my bulldog) is 22 weeks and is full of character and is brilliant around my children. If you are planning to buy a family dog then research different breeds and talk to the breeders, dog rescue shelters etc and gather all the information you need to make the right choice for you. Don't take advice off a list that has been randomly put together talk to the professionals.

    • profile image

      twcman 5 years ago

      I have had a chow and it was soooooo nice. Why would you put it as the worst

    • profile image

      angelo 5 years ago

      gold retrivers are awesome

    • profile image

      sophie quintal 5 years ago

      thanks for the ifo but i have a rottwhiller and pitbull plus i have a saffie

    • profile image

      Lesly 5 years ago

      This is a very interesting discussion. Very good to restore the reputation the pit bulls greatly deserve. For my own experience, I can say that they are one of the best breeds when it comes to families. They are protectives, loyal, patient with kids and the elderly. Overall,eager to please. I had a female pit for over ten years. She passed away just recently, but in those ten years she was with us before I had my boys. A great companion, a loving nanny. The best dog we ever had. We still struggling with the lost. And even when we still search for a new dog to add to the family it is not as exiting as it should be. My kids, nine and seven they dont think they will ever find a dog like her.

      Wherever she is, God bless her soul

    • profile image

      Kaleigh 5 years ago

      Coming from years of working with, researching and writing about Pit Bulls, contrary to what you wrote they have no been bred to be mean nor "go for the throat". This is a long-standing myth, and even though back-yard breeders may be perpetuating the bad repuation with fighting-rings and dogs bred for stature and stautus - if people would look beyond the shocking articles about the few dozens of vicious pit bulls you would come to find a very loving, loyal breed that has been noted to be excellent with children and as family pets. For every ONE pit bull that bites, there are 10.5 MILLION that did not. They were known for years as the "nanny dog" and were actually used as herding dogs in early 1800s Spain.

      Unfortunately people pay little mind to truly getting to know the breed, and only mind the stigma that popular - and rather ignorant- culture has hand-fed them.

    • profile image

      Ricardo Barron 5 years ago

      I noticed there was a mistake on this website. Chows were mistakenly put in the number one worst spot. they are great dogs.

    • profile image

      Sarah Youell 5 years ago

      I came across this article while looking for information on small dog breeds best around children then I saw the worst section and let me tell you all I own a pure bred German Rottweiler and she is the best dog I have ever owned! I have a 2 year old and an 8 month old and she is so good with both of them and would do anything for them. I rly think that any dog could be a great dog If they have the proper care and training!

    • profile image

      Kamii 5 years ago

      Yes. Even I would agree that the Pitbull breed is a perfect family dog! I've had about 5 or 6 throughout my lifetime, Becuz my dad just loves them! And me and my 4 siblings fell in LOVE with them too!Their not aggressive at all and they Love being around their family and anyone else the family comes in contact with! One of my pitties even cried when another dog wouldn't play with him in the park. Their just to adorable

    • profile image

      carol 5 years ago

      I just wanted to let everyone know that chow chows are not bad dogs at all. My chow chow sophie was an excellent dog and great with kids. She loved to cuddle, loved to play and although always barked when a stranger came in the yard would never attack. She even loved the new baby in the family. She was very popular in my town...everyone new her and loved her and she loved everyone. we were far from perfect pet owners but she still loved us and never once bullied us or attacked. I could put my hand in her mouth and she wouldnt even think o biting down. Sadley she was hit by a car early this week and will always be loved and missed!

    • profile image

      lily 5 years ago

      let me just say that Pit-bulls and Rottweilers r not all that bad they love 2 be with family so u people NEED 2 do your homework cause not all pit-bulls and Rottweilers are big,bad and mean.Get It, Got It, Good.

    • profile image

      kelsey 5 years ago

      ive had a few Dalmatians and when i did the dog had puppies. they are great dogs. like any other dog if you play them and love them they will give you the same back, but your are mean to them they will be mean back. BUT Dalmatians are wonderful pets.

    • profile image

      kate 5 years ago

      its to long

    • profile image

      Caporale 5 years ago

      ok so The most horrifying example of the lack of breed predictability is the October 2000 death of a 6-week-old baby, which was killed by her family's Pomeranian dog. The average weight of a Pomeranian is about 4 pounds, and they are not thought of as a dangerous breed. Note, however, that they were bred to be watchdogs! The baby's uncle left the infant and the dog on a bed while the uncle prepared her bottle in the kitchen. Upon his return, the dog was mauling the baby, who died shortly afterwards. ("Baby Girl Killed by Family Dog," Los Angeles Times, Monday, October 9, 2000, Home Edition, Metro Section, Page B-5.)to support my statement.....

      I also talked to my Vet, and a few animal shelters... More Collies, Labs, Spaniels, and Terriers get put down more than any other dog... Don't believe me? Talk to your local Vet or Animal Shelter, THEY actually know about that more than the ignorant press who post stupid bs. But it's ok, I understand how small minded people believe what they want to instead of knowing the truth just because it's in the "paper." lol. I have Rottweilers, and all I can say from actually socializing my dogs, keeping them fixed, and putting them through obedience training and always watching my kids no matter what, my dogs are the most amazing ones. I feel bad for people who buy them from backyard breeders, most of them are inbreed. But it's ok, every child born is a "racists", just like every dog is born "aggressive." I thought Racism was over, but now it's dealing with dogs, too. Pathetic how people have turned to believe what a few people tell them... And for people saying the Pitbulls mauling children, most of the "Pitbulls" that attacked the kids weren't even Pitbulls. But you were there right?.... You saw EVERYTHING, correct? Good, because otherwise if you didn't you're just as stupid as people who can't even say the breed of a dog correctly.

    • profile image

      michael 5 years ago

      It's people like you that tell the lies about breads of dogs. Pitbulls are very good family dogs or as they were known before the 70's the nanny dog.

      True a Pitbull that was raised poorly (like any dog) would not be good around children. but to state that they are the 3 worst dog to have for a child is hurtful and irresponsible of you as a writer. It sound like you have no idea of what your talking about. I have a pitbull and a 3 year old this dog is vvery protective of her, as are all Pitbulls of children. they are a family dog.

      Also about the Pitbull it was just ranked in the top 95% of dogs for temperament as it is year after year. You are helping feeding the frar and lies that are killing this dog bread. People like you who just set stereotypes make me sick. Find out what your talking about before you present it as true fact and not "just something you heard".

    • profile image

      Pearls627 5 years ago

      I have a king charles cavalier and her name is Duchess!!! She should be #1 on this list

    • profile image

      This article was misinformed 5 years ago

      Here Is some into. Pit bulls have forever been considered the nanny dog. Second golden retrievers bite more than pitties.

    • profile image

      Infogiverthatscorrect! 5 years ago

      Again this is proof that no dog is born aggressive! And plus, so many people get in wrecks each year from drunk driving, but would you put the car builder (Porsche, Toyota, etc) to shame instead of the drunk driver? Meaning. Will you blame a dog for its owners mistakes? Most people get Rottweilers and Pitbulls for first pets when inn fact they shouldn't! Those breeds require lots of attention and training, no beating around the bush with that. If you can't imply that don't get a dog you can't handle!! Also, Caporale I read that story from Los Angeles Times and yes, all dogs come from wolves so that's something you'd expect but I have better stories for you guys.

      Shows your precious labs, small rats, and other dogs can attack, too.

    • profile image

      Alicia 5 years ago

      This info is beyond stupid. I have had two Dalmatians, one pit,two pit mixes and a rottie...they are great family dogs. A dog is a dog. I suggest you read The Lost Dogs for the way my friends beagle chomped on my face for no reason....I hve met hundreds of dogs, start reading and stop hating.People like you fuel BSL. Or perhaps that is your motive for this moronic article.

    • profile image

      CA Girl 5 years ago

      Oh my goodness! Everyone needs to realize that the author of this article was simply giving her opinions and trying to help those of us out there, who are looking for a good dog as a pet! As she said numerous times throughout her article, she is just giving her opinion and in no way is she speaking on behalf of any dog in particular. She had done a lot of research for the right dog for her own family and was just trying to share her research and advice with the rest of us. Too many of you out there are yelling at her for absolutely no reason what so ever. You all may have one or more of the dogs on her list of worst dogs and your dog may be the best dog ever, to you and your family, she is not disputing that. Please just remember that she was only trying to help those of us that are interested in advice of others. I have an almost 2-year old and we are now definitely considering a golden retriever! Thanks so much to the author of this article!!!

    • profile image

      Funny 5 years ago

      Hahahaa. Golden Retriever? Have. Fun with your kid getting bit in the face, so many of those dogs get put down. I know since I work at an Animal Shelter :) Bad choice...

    • profile image

      aleeana 5 years ago

      I find this very interesting. Pit bulls will only EVER attack a child if it has been abused by a chid. Also pitbulls wont just attcak, its reatards like the people training them that ruin the whole breed.

      Im sorry but you clearly havent done enough research for the bully breeds. I have a pit bull rotti cross, and a pure bred pit bull, and i have a 3 year old and a baby on the way. My two pitties are the most affectionate to my baby boy.

      Do your homework before you post things like this .

      Thank you

    • profile image

      pnm 5 years ago

      Personally ive never owned a pit bull but its not the breed its self its how it was raised by its owners. Ive seen pit bulls that were the best dogs in the world.

    • profile image

      Sanchez 5 years ago

      Atrocious spelling in this article.

    • profile image

      cara 5 years ago

      i love my golden retriever it is a great dog for a family

    • profile image

      Kara 5 years ago

      I love golden retrevers they are so nice and gentle with children.

    • profile image

      NobiHitler 5 years ago

      First off, like Mackezie Said you spelt Rottweiler wrong... Secondly, no dog is born aggressive. Sorry, but youre ignorant and retarded. Another Thing, the only reason some pits turn aggressive is due to people not giving a shit about animals and doing backyard breeding "which inbreed and mutation" kicks in, but These people could give a shit less about what theyre doing. Btw, im missing Part of my hand from my neighbors Golden Retriever and Lab.

    • profile image

      Tinten 5 years ago

      With how ignorant you are, it makes me wish your father would have pulled out. All of your Information is false and your spelling is worse than a third grader. I sense a House wife who needs to stop believeing shes "smart." Get back in the kitchen and Get a hobby.

    • profile image

      Aly 5 years ago

      I own a pit bull now and she does great with my 11 month old son and my 11, 10, 8, 7, year old siblings. She is not dominate or agressive at all. she will let you know when she has had enough by walking away. Rocky, a past intact male pit I had, was the same way. He has lots of energy though which may not be very good for some families with small children.

      I agree with some of the statements on labs. I had a friend who had to give his lab up because his energy was too much for his family. He tried keeping him til he was 4 but his energy level was still to much and the dog kept jumping on everyone and knocking them down.

      Great Pyrenees are great dogs too if you have the space and time. I own one growing up and she was one of the best dogs you could ask for.

      I would advise doing you research and picking the best dog for your lifestyle. :D

    • profile image

      Hello 5 years ago

      Rottweilers passed and Beat Most of These Doge on the American Temperament Test as of Feb, 18 2012. Only ONE pitbull didnt do Great which was the English Pitbull. The Rottweiler got Tested for 5,000 dogs and 4,600 passed? lol. Such "horrible dogs, right? Heres the Page link

    • profile image

      lydia 5 years ago

      i think beagles are really gentle and nice with children

    • profile image

      Konelle 5 years ago

      I love my four Rottweilers, all are exceptionally big sweethearts around all seven of my children. Thats a true dog for anyone, especially having that many children lol. :)

    • profile image

      flickaiskool4u 5 years ago

      I do NOT agree what you have to say about Rottweilers! They are great dogs, it is not the dogs fault if they are aggressive it is the owners and trainers. Any dog can be aggressive. I have grown up wit Rotties all my life and they have been the best dogs I have ever had, since at the moment I do not have one. I was told when I was little when my mother was having a shower and my dad was out milking my mother would put me in the pen with our Rottie and her puppies and she wouldn't care if anyone took or touched her puppies but if anyone but my parents tried to take me away she would growl at them, that shows they are amazing with kids. They are great! But I do suggest you get them as puppies or know them really well before getting them, and find out their background.So please do not think they are bad and are super aggressive that is just one thing people say about them cause that is what they may have been used for. All of my dogs have been the SWEEEETEST dogs ever, they are one of the most lovable dogs ever and are amazing with children, and they also aren't to small are big and very easy to take care of

    • profile image

      Humhum 5 years ago

      Did you even read your links about your so called "worst breeds?" Its all positive things about those breeds... You puzzle me with how ignorant and acanide you are. Btw, in the link you posted about Rotties, i know they're amazing with children and are very easy to train, they're also huge titties. They are the WORST breed for a watchdog, a good Rottie will roll on its back and possibly pee itself. Im just puzzled on how much of a moron you are...

    • profile image

      Georgia 5 years ago

      I almost took this article seriously until i read the part about pitbulls...obviously the author of this article has never owned one. From personal experience pits are one of the best family dogs all around, not only for protection, for a family who raises one from a puppy around their children will will never find a more patient and tolerating dog! I had one that my 2 year old could pull around by her ears and sit on and she'd just wag her tail!! that kind of shits on your theory about them tearing your throat out as soon as look at you i guess

    • profile image

      KatCap 5 years ago

      All I have to ask? How does it feel to make everyone on the internet know how ridiculously ignorant you are? Just wondering. Also, there is no such breed called a Pitbull.

    • profile image

      Rachael 5 years ago

      By the amount of people claiming the pitbull is a fantastic pet vs the couple people who have had bad experiences, or just plain judge the breed, we should clearly see that the positive outnumbers the negative LARGELY... They are a fantastic dog. Our family (which includes 3 chilren six and under) sadly had to say goodbye to our pitbull (old age) and we are all devestated. He was a great family member, loyal, trustworthy, gentle, loving and funny. Irreplacble. The kids miss he terribly as do I. They make wonderful companions for anyone, as much as any other breed.

      I will buy another, the second ontario lifts its rediculous pitbull ban. I would now if I knew it would never be taken from me.

    • profile image

      5 years ago

      People on here talkin crap about. Pitbull they r the best dogs I got a pitbull and I got a daughter and my dog loves her my dog always sleep with her when she up set my dog who a pit bull lays on her and licks her and cuddle her it only the divie media chatting crap about pit bull they ain't a dangous dog it there owner that make them like that but if u bring it up right it is the mosh loyal dog when my mum died my dog didn't leave my side u lot talking crap about pit bull are just c''t

    • profile image

      Brian 5 years ago

      Guys, I think that you are missing the overall point that the article writer is trying to convey. Are all pit bulls bad? Of course not! I had my first bad experience with one last year, when I knocked on the door of a friend that I was picking up to drive to church. When she opened the door, the dog charged by her and bit my arm hard enough to penetrate two layers of clothing, and left a full upper and lower set of bite marks on my arm. I was just standing still, with my hands in my pockets because it was so cold outside! That still doesn't mean that all pitbulls are bad, but it means that the tendency of being unpredictable is definitely more with these type of breeds, as opposed to a beagle, or a retriever. True that any dog can bite when provoked, but the concern here is the likelihood of being bitten without provocation! It's not a question of stereotyping, but there is a reason that the pit bulls and rottweilers constantly get a bad rap. When you have any owner that doesn't know how to train them properly, combined with their unpredictable behavior, disaster can strike. By the way, if anyone in this conversation were to chose which breed of dog that they would rather be bitten by, I'm sure the conversation would be different. It's one thing to have your ankle bitten by an annoying small dog, and quite another to have one go for your throat, with or without cause. I just hope that it doesn't take another small child being hurt/killed to change a person's mind about which dog breed is safe to have around their small children.

    • profile image

      cam12 5 years ago

      I have a rottie and he is lovely and wants to please all the time, i have four children 9,7,5,2 yrs. I have found that he will let people stoke him but as soon as they stop he nips them and also he has nipped my 5 year old twice, not bad but has made her bleed, it just comes out of the blue and she could just walk passed him and he has her. we have not let the children hurt him or be constantly touching him and we have also mixed him with dogs and he is great, loves to run in the fields with all types of dogs but he is just over 1 now and the problems with the children and my friends or family are getting worse. I think all dogs have a tender to bite, i don't think he intends to hurt my 5 year old but i do need to nip it in the butt before it gets worse. otherwise he is fantastic with my other children and you can see the love in his eyes when he stares at you.

    • profile image

      Cisco 5 years ago

      Look i've had pit bulls, chows and Rottweilers and i think it all depends and how the owners raises them and treats them but again that is your personal opinion and i respect that.

    • profile image

      shobhit sharma 5 years ago

      rottwiller and pittbulls are not depends on the owner

    • profile image

      J in the NW 5 years ago

      As someone who works at a shelter on regular basis I will tell you there is no dog worse than the dacshund. I'm not so sure the badger was the bigger problem.

    • profile image

      Mikayla 5 years ago

      I think Pit Bulls make great family pets. I have 2 of them and they are the best dogs to have around kids. I have had them my whole life and I have only had one bad one out of my whole life(I'm 33). They are great dogs to own around children, big or small.

    • profile image

      Katie 5 years ago

      I was raised with a Golden Retriever and I believe they should be number one, any golden I've met was the sweetest dog. Mine was just amazing and was so tolerable of our other pets. Our two Yorkies used to sleep on him. Another dog we had used to chew on is ear once in a while.

      However, I do disagree just like everyone else about the Pit Bull being on the top 5 worst list. My best friend had a Pit who was so lovable and whenever I slept over he slept on me(not with me lol). He thought he was a lap dog and her family had about 2/3 younger children who he was great with. The only problem was how hyper he got and would sometimes knock the kids over by accident. Pits have such a bad reputation and it's not fair. They're actually talking about banning them in Connecticut which is absolutely ridiculous and I'll be so mad bc after meeting my friends dog I definitely plan on adopting one someday.

    • profile image

      Brian 5 years ago

      Katie, I hope that if you do adopt one, that you get one that is as friendly as your friends dog. Very loyal to it's family. Just don't invite any friends over. It only takes about two seconds for a dog like that one to do real damage if it decides to. They can sometimes be very unpredictable.

      Your golden retriever isn't on the top 5 worst list, because when it gets mad it doesn't try to kill you!

    • profile image

      Clancy 5 years ago

      Did you know that the pit bull was actually considered the nanny dog because they did so well with children? It wasn't until people started turning them into fighting machines that they ever became people aggressive. They aren't breed mean they are made mean. Plus chesapeake bay retrievers should be on the top 5. i had one when I was little and I could do what ever I wanted to that dog and it never hurt me. That dog did save my life when our neighbor's dogs broke through the fence she barley made it out of the fight. They are lovable dogs who will protect their family to the death

    • profile image

      Gemma 5 years ago

      I have always had mixed breed dogs around me growing up. The only ones we had problems with were the ones we rescued and had been abused.

      I now have a Pug x Australian Silky Terrier that we have had since she was 8 weeks old and she is the BEST dog ever (She is now 16 months old). I have 3 children 5, 2 and 13 weeks. She is fantastic around all of them and the cat. She gets one especially well with my heavy handed 2 year old!(people always joke about how those 2 were made for each other) She is a loyal, obedient and well bahaved dog. She has never snapped at the kids. I would definitely recommend this particular mixed breed to anyone who has children.

    • profile image

      tyler 5 years ago

      I grew up with pittbulls and rottweilers sinc i was a baby. When you own these dogs, you tend to make a lot of friends that have the same breed. never once has a pittbull or rottweiler bit me or my friends. most fighitng dogs are kept off the streets so people cant see them anyways. because they dont want to get in trouble. any and all dogs can be bred for the wrong purposes. What makes me mad, is that you are getting your information from some pretty crappy places, i dont know where from, but you do realize that without proper training poodles are actually some of the most agressive dogs? they are great as long as you train them, any dog is. but please dont make a list of the worst dogs, because it isnt the dog that is the problem, its the owner. and pittbulls and rottwielers are some of the best.

    • profile image

      shelly 5 years ago

      I think you missed a really important one on your top list for children. Everywhere else I've read says that teh newfoundland is the #1 best dog for children, especially very young children. despite it's large size, it has infinite patience (and the little tugs and leanings of a child don't hurt it because it's so big. It's so well-known as being good with children, all the way down to toddlers and babies, that it's nicknamed the nanny dog. I think it really needs to be on your list

      Also, if your kids are couch potatoes, the newfoundland is happy to lay around quite a bit of the day as well. They're very laid back.

      But the biggest upside is safety. These dogs, while almost never agressive, will insist on keeping themselves (physically) between their family and a stranger. And if your kid falls in a pool.. this dog is known to fish people out of water even without being trained to. They're a natural lifeguard.

      Downside, grooming is proably not a walk in the park and they drool.. big-time.

    • profile image

      lenka 5 years ago

      If you don't agree with this then write your own article!! I do believe that pitbulls shouldn't be kept as family pets. It is in there blood to attack (hence people use them for fighting, cant amaging them using a lab )and certainly wouldn't be leaving my children with ever they are brought up!! Great advice,as we wanted a Dalmatian but after slot of research have changed our minds lol x

    • profile image

      a dog trainer 5 years ago

      i enjoy how one opinion ridden this article is. truth is pit bull and rots are actually recognized nationally for their great behavior with families. And have been for many years. In my opinion, you know very little about dogs. Beagles are a pack hunting dog and tend to follow a nose much more than eyes. I grew up with a beagle breeder in the family and they have no problem plowing over a small child. they are nice but not so much a top 5 dog.

      its in all dogs blood to attack. They were all once wild pack animals. it all depends on the person raising them and on how stupid they decide to be.

    • profile image

      Abby 5 years ago

      I was attacked by a lab/chow mix. It was my friend's dad's dog. It bit my leg and luckily my back and nothing else. It had attacked my friend before. It was on a liesh

    • profile image

      angie 5 years ago

      I don't agree with Chris beagles are the NICEST dogs EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      Abby 5 years ago

      It was on a liesh but it broke off.

    • profile image

      Ty 4 years ago

      This list is bullshit put bulls should be on the best list I have a 3 year old daughter and a 4 month daughter. And 2 pitbulls they are the nicest dogs ever they just get a bad rep cause they look mean. There so harmless they cower down to my dads lab. I know many families with pitbulls

    • profile image

      tina 4 years ago

      I have a 3 yr old male pitbull and a 3 yr old son and my dog is the best and sweetest most loving dog in the world he doesn't show any dominance at all and he's so gentle he wrestles with my son and they even sleep in the same bed so for someone to say they are the worse dog they need to re evaluate cuz I've seen on plenty of other sites that pitbulls are in the top 10 dog to have with children

    • profile image

      girltggggg 4 years ago

      you are way wrong ! Retreivers are the best because they are loyal, smart, loving, and playful. they are not hyper so woever thinks that is wrong.

    • profile image

      brc999 4 years ago

      This is insane! If you actually did your research you would know that pitbulls are very GOOD with humans. They HAD to be when they were fought, so that the humans could handle their dogs. Yes, they can be dog aggressive but it is a complete MYTH that the DNA in these dogs make them aggressive toward humans. Oh and by the way - they score higher on the American Temperment Test than Beagles and Golden Retrievers. DO YOUR RESEARCH.

    • profile image

      Everyone is always wrong 4 years ago

      Look at all those people defending pit bulls. Has anyone seen pictures of mauled babies and children? Or even adults? I'm talking about babies, children, and adults actually mauled by pit bulls and not a pit bull look a like. If people are ruining this breed, then we need to ban this breed, and then the next and then the next until it is illegal to own any large breeds. Hey, people ruin good things for the rest of us. Thats just how it goes. Look at how aggressive people get defending certain dogs! No wonder why they're mis bred and have a bad name! Solving violence with violence is not the answer! I wouldn't want to chance my children getting mauled by anyone's stupid dog! Especially a pit bull! Anyone who has an excuse on why a dog would maul or kill a baby or child is seriously effed in the head!

    • profile image

      Turkey 4 years ago

      It is so sad that this many people own pit bulls and still believe the myth that it's all how you raise them - and we wonder why there are so many attacks. All the name calling and insults in the world do not change the facts that pit bulls are genetically dog aggressive, they kill more people than all other breeds combined, they are responsible for over half of all severe attacks, and in many places are now the top biter. Even previously nice pits with good owners raised right from a puppy have attacked. Sure, some don't, but since none of us has a crystal ball, taking home a pit bull is a huge risk to your family and your neighbors.

    • profile image

      Carrie 4 years ago

      You definitely need to do your research before writing another pet article! I have raised five children from birth around pit bulls, and other breeds. You know who has shown aggression towards my kids? The other breeds. Never once a pit bull in the 18 years I have been raising kids. And to the person who commented above me, do your research as well. Pit bulls are not the top biters...golden retrievers are!

    • profile image

      Chris 4 years ago

      As a nurse that works in a pediatric intensive care unit, I have to say that the kids who are injured badly enough by a dog attack to end up in my unit are always the ones who are attacked by pit bulls. They go for the throat and their jaw locks in a way that is unique to the breed.

      Also, the CDC has published a report on every fatal dog bite in the US in the last 20 years, listed by breed and pit bulls are #1 followed by Rottweilers and German Shepherds. Not only are they #1, but there are twice as many fatalities each year from pit bulls than from Rottweilers (#2).

      Most of these attacks were kids under 10. 2nd highest group to be fatally injured is the elderly. It is also astonishing to me how many of those attacks were attributed to the family dog or neighbor's dog.

    • profile image

      Draka 4 years ago

      It all depends on the temperament of the individual dog and the amount of socialization with children they've recieved. I've had two Rottweilers that were great with kids and one who wasn't (because he was rarely around children). And none of them were as bad as my Pomeranian (and we think a previous owner abused her). The same could probably be said about pit bulls. Teach the dog to be aggressive and it will be. Be aggressive to the dog (hitting, kicking, etc.) and it will be aggressive back. Treat the dog kindly and teach it kind manners, and it will recipricate.

    • profile image

      Nigel 4 years ago

      what about staffys?

    • profile image

      casey 4 years ago

      I coud'nt disagree more. It is all about how you raise your dog. I have friends that breed pit bulls and they are great with the kids. They are protective and I have no problem with my child playing with them.

    • profile image

      jeff 4 years ago

      i a very upset with this article it is ignorant people like you who are the reason pitbulls are being killed and wiped out. PEOPLE get a clue pitbulls are known as the nanny of dogs because of how well they do with kids. i hate this i am at a loss for words that you could just put "vicious breeds" up here when they are all pretty good dogs if they are raised to be but the pitbull is the most forgiving dog in the world and last thing they need is another human putting them down.

    • profile image

      A dog behaviourist 4 years ago

      Totally wrong info. pitbulls have been bred to be non-aggressive to people and aggressive to other dogs instead, however this is VERY easily trained out of them given the right owner and training. This is so that when they were in dog fights (which was what they were originally bred for) handlers could remove the dog even when it is what the dog whisperer calls 'red zone' level 10 mode. They were in fact so good with people and children that they maintained the reputation of 'the nanny dog' from 1800's right the way through to 1980's when a media campaign focusing on attacks on children tried to ruin the breed. The reason you will hear about pitbulls behaving badly is because the size and body type of this dog attracts the wrong owner who often does not want this breed as a pet but as a status dog or a fighting dog and therefore poorly socializes the animal, which would cause a dog of any breed to attack. DO NOT JOIN IN WITH WHAT IS ESSENTIALLY THE HOLOCAUST FOR THIS BREED IN SOME COUNTRIES (in the U.K. they are banned and routinely destroyed when discovered) BY WRITING 'OPINION' PIECES LIKE THIS YOU HAVE BECOME AN AGENT OF DISINFORMATION AND PROPAGANDA. Please do your research more thoroughly in future.

    • profile image

      hotpot 4 years ago

      Your article was quite irritating to read, you need to sort out the grammar and typos!

    • profile image

      Arron Barringer 4 years ago

      Sorry, NickieE does not know the first thing about Pit Bulls. Maybe she should try researching her articles prior to writing them. Rather than fact-check, is content to spread hearsay, rumor and falsehoods as if they were fact. This is quite sad.

    • profile image

      aj 4 years ago

      my friend has a chuwawa and she is 10!!!! she is really nice too

    • profile image

      Val 4 years ago

      The 'worse' list is so OFF!

      How ab you do some better research.

      I had a rotweiler from the age of 2 till 17 when

      she passed from old age. The SWEETEST animal alive.

      Never even Barked! Never licked or bit. Ever!

      And now (for two years now) I've had a pitbull.

      Another one of the SWEETEST animals ever. I'm

      sick of them being categorized as vicious!

      It's how you raise an animal. It's the OWNER not

      the breed. Get it right!

    • profile image

      Sally 4 years ago

      This is absolute bullshit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really? Because last time i checked pitbulls were TRAINED to be aggressive and during the first pitbulls they were slaughtered when they showed any aggression to humans. Actually pitbulls were ranked the highest for children because they are TERRIBLE guard dogs and are friendly to all humans. This breed is DOG aggressive, they have absolutely no human aggression, and if they did, then how would dog fighters be able to train them if they lunged at the trainers huh? And hey guess what pit bulls have a normal jaw and cannot lock it, they arn't a damn shark! Get your facts right before you say complete rubbish on a breed knowing jack shit!

    • profile image

      Sick of Unprofessional Advice & Opinions 4 years ago

      A lot of uninformed opinions here. You really should NOT print information if you are not an expert in the area. There are plenty of resources out there written by people with actual knowledge and experience. You should do the internet a favour and delete this page.

    • profile image

      ESS fan 4 years ago

      I think that some of the dogs on the best list might need to swapped around and that the "worst list" should be changed. Any dog can b good with kids if it is used to them and is trained properly. There are some breeds that are more well known for being good with kids and some that are more tollirent but any dog can still be good.

      If any one wants a dog that is good with kids they should get a puppy to train. Bigger dogs should be supervised with kids because the might knock them over without meaning to but that dose not mean the rant good with kids. I have an English springer spaniel and he is so sweet all he wants to do is get cuddles. He is soooo tollirent and kind and I love him :D

    • profile image

      amanda 4 years ago

      this is crap. i own a pitbull and he is a big baby. he plays with children and has never once been agressive. its how you train them. pitbulls are one of the best dogs to have

    • profile image

      Vee&Lana 4 years ago

      Here is what I disagree with you on and a few little tips for all of you :3

      1. ANY child should NEVER be left alone with any dog. Especailly if you don't trust the dog or the breed.

      2. Pitbulls have been called the Nanny for a reason, They are gentle with kids and can be like another "parent". Yet, like I said above never leave a child alone with any dog. "Blame the deed, not the Breed" It is known by people that there are two "different" type pitbulls, those who have fought in dog fighting and have been breed for that, and those pitbulls who are the loving dogs we had know them as in the past.

      3. You clearly did not reserch very well, or very long...As I have researched dogs for years, and trust me. I did NOT learn eveything about even just 2 or 3 breeds in just a few days. It can take a few days two learn ll there is to know about a dog. I also think you should have included more information on the health of these breeds, clearly pointing towards not enough information looked into.

      4. If you had done such a "diverse" search, you would have found The Great pyrenese, or Leonburger. Both breeds I had when I was young and such Loyal and Gentle "giants". Just becuase a dog is big doesn't mean they are bad for kids. My younger brother was 4 when we got them both as puppies. I would say like most big dogs, they are not the healthiest, and don;t have a long life span. Both are know for hip dproblems and have been know to be barkers. Also, our Male Leonburger was quite skiddish. But, I am not saying they should've made the list but, that you had no clue about these breeds, you clearly had no looked well in your search.

      5. Last but not least, just because a few families had that breed, does not make it a good dog. There could have been problems you may have never heard about. There may have been tons of Health problems, and scaring the family half to death. when getting a dog, health is the KEY to think about, not popularity..

    • profile image

      aDogBreeder 4 years ago

      This is the worst article ever. I have spent extensive time around pits and rots, some of which were the most loving dogs I have ever been around.

      Do you know why? Because they were properly trained.

      The research done in this is horrible. If we're going to talk about health issues, why not mention great danes, or (although rare) a white doberman? Hell, any doberman (as I have raised several) can be prone to various health problems.

      Delete this monstrosity of an article, or do some better research.

    • profile image

      Ockert 4 years ago

      I have a labrador that doesn't like to be hanged on and don't like getting wet.

    • profile image

      Lindsey Mansfield 4 years ago

      What about German Shepard in worst

    • profile image

      Deb 4 years ago

      I would just like to say we have just lost our beloved rot Rottweiler Kahn he was the cleverest dog and the most softest gentle dog you could ever meet he hadn't got a Nasty bone in him it gets me very angry when people say they are nasty my granddaughter could do anything with him you make the dog how you want it to be rest in peace my lovely gentle kahn

    • Tommy Garrett profile image

      Tommy Garrett 4 years ago

      You guessed it another bothered Pitbull owner

      I understand this is just blog page where people base their opinion but thats no reason to post things in print based on ignorance ! If you would like honest Information go to the ATTS American Temperament Test Society Or MSPCA and search Pitbulls Or you can see a video made by a Tuffts University Animal behaviorist of over forty years by searching youtube for The Pitbull hoax.

      Stop Bad Mouthing my Dog's

    • profile image

      vman 4 years ago

      This is crap. Any dog is good with kids if you raise it to be patient. I know some very sweet rotties and pitbulls.

    • profile image

      Kevin 4 years ago

      I think you need to do more research because pitbulls happen to do REALLY good with kids and familys, for that matter all humans even stranger. That is why the are considered BAD gaurd dog.

    • profile image

      martellawintek 4 years ago

      yous ok macaulay it took me ages to find it here is there contact

      and details ,check out there great prices, mention martellas said you would get him sorted

    • profile image

      Shvana6 4 years ago


      If a lab was to kill someone, it would get less publicity than a pit bull biting someone!

    • profile image

      sno0ks 4 years ago

      Whoever wrote this should never be involved in any kind of journalism whatsoever. You, sir/madam, need to go back to middle school.

    • profile image

      Parker 4 years ago

      So, after your exhaustive research this is your well-reasoned judgment? You're a total idiot.

    • profile image

      Jrod 4 years ago

      Two words you need to learn.. SPELL CHECK, this is very poorly written and I just wasted about ten minutes of my life reading this garbage.

    • profile image

      yellowme 4 years ago

      ALL dogs are good dogs. It's just how you TRAIN them. Stop being mean to pitbulls as well. I've meet some very nice and sweet pitbulls. And what about Rat terriors and Boston terriors? They are great dogs to have around young childern! And another very good dog for young kids is an American Tunnel Terrior. It's a mix of a boston terrior and a rat terrior. I have an American Tunnel Terrior and she is very good with kids. You barley know she's there because all she does is sit around on the couch. American Tunnel Terriors are also very cute, and good family pets.

    • profile image

      shitzu 4 years ago

      Oh boy! everyone of you! of course you`ll say good thing of the breed you have ! that`s what each of you have! everybody has their own opinion and of course if are breeds of dog that we love is on the notty list, hell break loose! we get so offended !And yes you should read on each breed because each has their caractors and yes there is some that could be more aggressif! we are the jugde of what we pick and well, good luck on what we have! Depends all on the person that traines the dog! So good luck with what we have and be patients!

    • profile image

      Dog Breath 4 years ago

      Go back to school and learn how to write or at least read what you have written before you post it.

    • profile image

      Breeder 4 years ago

      You really need to do some research before posting such damning information about dogs that you clearly know nothing about.

    • profile image

      BS 4 years ago

      This is the ridiculous, and I hope that no one reading this article ever accepts it as factual information. Poodles actually are not known for being great with children. Not the worst, but not the best. Pit bulls are known for LOVING children, and are very patient with children. They may not have patience for other dogs, but that is not the point of this article. They passed temperament tests done by the ATTS, with flying colors, and had a score very close to Labs. The fact that this article is even in existence, let alone shows up at the top of a google search, is infuriating. The author of this article should not be a dog owner, because they obviously have no real knowledge of dog mentality.

    • profile image

      Melissa 4 years ago

      Your information is COMPLETELY incorrect and the morons on here telling you good job are an example of the blind leading the blind. I HIGHLY suggest you erase this and go back and do some REAL research. You information is wrong and you are endangering the children of morons who come to your uneducated page for information. You are endangering the lives of children with your ignorant and incorrect information.

    • Roger USveteran profile image

      Roger USveteran 4 years ago

    • profile image

      gjfhfyu 4 years ago

      I do not agree at all about what you said about Rotties they are amazing dogs, very loyal and loving. Very trustworthey, intelligent, and they are NOT viciuos.

    • NickieE profile image

      Nickie 4 years ago from Hernando

      The facts posted to this blog where researched and links were posted to backup the statements made. I also understand that not every person will agree. I have had pitbulls and rotties growing up and for the most part all of them were good dogs. But training is a major part in any animal. This blog was also geared towards people with extremely young children. As always I appreciate everyone's opinions and thoughts. Thank you for reading my blog

    • profile image

      Mailysenillo 4 years ago

      I like Labrador because they are lovable ad I have also

    • profile image

      Emily 4 years ago

      I had rottweilers my whole life, not one of them ever hurt anyone and they are great dogs to have. with the right training they are wonderful. as long as you have them from when they are a puppy they are great family dogs

    • profile image

      njdoglvr 4 years ago

      I am sorry. I am not trying to attack the author, but you cannot go around saying which dogs are the worst and the best without having personal experience with each breed. Training can change the way a dog acts around people. I feel upset when people badmouth dogs that I hold dear to my heart, and I hope others can see that no dog is bad, it just depend s on how you train them. Also, with rottweilers, I was born into a family with two very big rottweilers, and they are the only type of dog I have ever owned. They are very sweet and great family dogs.

    • profile image

      hi 4 years ago

      I had a pitbull as a family dog. He loved kids and other dogs. He was the wimpiest thing you would ever meet.

    • profile image

      ElifAtes 4 years ago

      Chinuahua's are the cutest thing ever I used to have one and they were good as gold and good with children

    • Pet Artist profile image

      Pet Artist 4 years ago

      With kids around, it's always important to choose the right pet and breed.

    • profile image

      Crystal 4 years ago

      I really could not agree less with your list. I don't find you the least bit credible. What information are you going on? Temperament, health, or reputation? If you are going on reputation alone, I don't even need to waste my time on your obvious ignorance. If you are deciding which the best family pet is by temperament, then I should point out that the American Pit Bull Terrier passes with a higher percent than the Beagle AND the Golden Retriever. It's people like you, claiming they have some knowledge on dogs, that encourage the ridiculous stereotyping of dog breeds. I'd have to advise that you leave the determination of "best and worst dogs for children" to a professional because you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.

    • profile image

      Jacob Daugherty 4 years ago

      You are going off of reputation alone. I would like to point out that pitt bulls were bred to take care of kids. That is their soul purpose, and that is what they were meant to do. Rottweilers also have incredibly good temperaments, and are good dogs with kids. It's assholes that abandon these dogs that give them a bad rap, when they will guard kids with their life, and will never harm them (except maybe as puppies, but only in jest, never on purpose) unless trained very improperly, which I would like to state that Pit bulls, and Rottweilers are extremely intelligent, rottweilers being ranked as one of the top ten intelligent dogs, and train very easily.

    • profile image

      I love pit bulls 4 years ago

      I don't like the top worst And good dogs that was terrible how you were talking about the dolmatian it was terrible how you said ( stupid voice ) that dolmatian will always bite you even if you don't see it bull crap and my moms friend rescues pit bulls and has a 3 an 7 year old at home an dosent bite them an don't bother textin me back

    • profile image

      fred 4 years ago

      This is a stupid ass review. I have a rottie and I got him when my daughter was 3. To say they aren't good with kids I have to question your judgement. That is ridiculous and you shouldn't be allowed to write reviews like this.

    • profile image

      HannahM 4 years ago

      Pit bulls go for the throat? My gosh this article needs to be taken down before any more uniformed idiots read this and believe what you are saying.

    • profile image

      Sam 4 years ago

      Oh my god, I really don't understand how someone can write such a bulls***. The worst thing about this is, that there are people who really think that this "facts"are true!!! How can a person write such a crap without having any knowledge of dogs?!

    • profile image

      Roar 4 years ago

      Only reason the pitbull is actually on there, is because A) The owner is incapable of providing the dog with the mental stimulation and exercise any dog needs. Every dog, from Great Dane to Chihuahua needs leadership. B) When the pitbull does attack, it has the power to hurt someone. A Chihuahua attacks people left right and centre, yet no one reports it as it needs no medical attention. The pitbull only wishes to please. Growing up with mastiffs, Shepherds, and bullies, I found that smaller dogs tended to be snappy and aggressive, whilst my 60 kg Mastiff x accepted new dogs straight away. It's just a matter of the owner, and the not the breed. When a dog attacks, it's showing it's anger, or dislike of the situation. Perhaps the victims of the dog attacks treated the dog how it should NOT be treated, or approached it without knowing how to properly approaching the dog. Dog language is different to human communication, and people who are inexperienced treat dogs like humans and then their precious pooch develops behaviour issues. And also, aggression. Just give your dog, what it needs, and you could shove 50 babies infront of it without a problem.

    • profile image

      shelly 4 years ago

      I find it odd that you didn't put the Newfie in the top 5 because everywhere elese I read list them as practially the #1 best dog with young children...100% reliable, gentle, extremely patient and tolerant. And they double as a lifeguard to boot. What more do you want for your kids?

    • profile image

      steve 3 years ago

      you wrote:

      "Must of thoughts are from... "

      Please spell check your articles.

    • idigwebsites profile image

      idigwebsites 3 years ago from United States

      I agree about the Rottweiler and pitbulls but I'm surprised about chihuahuas and chowchows. Anyway, it gives me a new insight on having dogs while kids are around. Thanks for posting.

    • profile image

      Brittany 3 years ago

      While You do give a lot of good information, there is also a lot of misinformation in there regarding Pit Bulls and Rottweilers. After all the Pit Bull was labeled as the "nanny dog" for a reason.

    • profile image

      ck 3 years ago

      Working in the veterinary field, I think this list is pretty accurate. When I see the breed listed on the paperwork and have to go into a room with it, I know that a pit bull type dog can go either way. They are either a lunkhead doofus sweet and drool all over or a questionable character who has the capacity to do some serious harm.

      I think that any dog with a child should be very closely monitored. Any breed can hurt a child.

    • profile image

      johan 3 years ago

      labrador are best and pitbull is the worst

    • profile image

      Caitlyn 3 years ago

      There were so many typos in this article. It makes me question the information.

    • profile image

      kelley inman 3 years ago

      Might I suggest doing so research before writing such articles? Your information about pit bulls is absolutely ignorant, wrong and sounds completely based on opinion. It is bred in them to be mean? Wrong. They don't have patience with children? Very wrong. Dominance is not a "big thing" with this breed. All dogs need to know where they stand in the pack, it is no different with pit bulls. It's fine though; anyone who believes your opinion based junk, doesn't deserve the love of a pit bull anyway. Very disappointed that people base there opinions on media coverage (which is very skewed and more often then not call a dog a pit bull only to find out it was not) and fear.

    • profile image

      Babin 3 years ago

      This is a great read but I am afraid that some of your information is wrong.

      Pit bulls were bred and called nanny dogs for the fact of how protective they are of children and the family they belong too. I personally would choose a pit bull over a golden retriever any day. Pit bulls have a better temperment than golden retrievers do.

      Also I have 2 small children and I have a dog who is mixed with chihuahua. I have never once had a problem with her around my children or any other children.

      It is all in how the owner treats the dog and trains the dog. Like I said though I would pick a pit bull over a golden any day.

    • profile image

      Kassie 3 years ago

      I both agree and disagree with this post. I completely agree with you about chihuahuas. I have had a chihuahua, and have been around them my whole life. My aunt, grandmother, and best friend are all chihuahua owners as well. They are seriously the most vicious dogs I have ever been around! Not to their owners, but to everyone else. I have never met one who didn't bite when someone new walked in or tried to pet them. I don't think you would even be able to tell if one had rabies, because thats just how they act! When I was a kid I had a chihuahua and a pit bull mix. My chihuahua would literally hang from my pit bulls lip when my pit bull tried to eat! My pit bull never tried to hurt her though, she would just try to shake her off. And thats where I disagree with your post. Pit bulls and rottwielers. I have had two rottwielers and one pit bull mix. I had the rottwielers when I was little, and both were very gentle and easygoing (and trust me, I was a hyper kid.) I got the pit bull mix when I was about 10. I am 24 now and will tell you that to this day she was the best, most well behaved, gentle dog that I have ever had. While she was very protective of me, she never once even acted like she was going to hurt me or anyone else. My dad and I were wrestling one time and she thought he was hurting me She got in between us, put both paws on his shoulders, and pushed him back against the couch with her face inches from his and sit there and stared him in the eyes until I got her off of him. She didn't snap at him or act aggressively, she was just warning him. Of course he was terrified, but she was just doing her job of protecting me, and she did it in such an un aggressive way that I will always admire. Maybe this is why pit bulls were once deemed the "nanny dog."

    • profile image

      Meurant 3 years ago

      Great Danes are awesome family dogs. Why are they not on the list?

    • profile image

      Tara 3 years ago

      What a joke. Pit Bulls are not dangerous unless you train them to be.

    • profile image

      Jasmine 3 years ago

      Pom is a good family dog too

    • profile image

      Hi 3 years ago

      I do not agree with your choice Rottweiler are good with kids if you train them right and if you give them education

    • profile image

      M.T. 2 years ago

      I had a chow that I grew up with that dog was extremely protective of me. he was the sweetest dog I have ever met. My husband grew up with a pit that was a wonderful dog and protected his family. That is what we look for in a dog; great with kids and protective. Just because a dog is PROTECTIVE doesn't mean its a bad dog. I would choose a bigger dog over a small dog any day. I have been bit by a small poodle, chihuahua, and a pomeranian.

    • profile image

      PLH 2 years ago

      I don't even remember that last time I saw such ignorance. Pit bulls (and similar breeds) were never "Nanny" dogs. What makes them and Rottweilers so dangerous is their size and strength. Chihuahuas can be nasty little brutes but they can't do any damage - ditto a lot of other breeds.

      The number of deaths by dog has skyrocketed since pit bulls, in particular, became popular. Many of the deaths involve children and a family "pet," and nearly all involve unprovoked attacks. Look it up.

      Insisting on having a "pet" that is potentially truly dangerous to anyone is unnecessary and weird. Having a "pet" you have to be sure to train so it WON'T be a danger is truly questionable. Why?

      There is no reason, and no justification. And don't think, pit bull owners, that nobody notices what you're like. I live in L.A. , and merely having a pit bull, a pit bull mix, or a Rottweiler reads "low life" and everybody knows it. I often hire people, and wouldn't hire anyone who had one of these dogs, or tried to justify having one. Bad judgement, period, and and that carries over to everything else in their lives.

      And learn to spell (spellcheck is automatic, for God's sake) and use proper sentence structure. Like I said, I never saw such ignorance.

    • profile image

      A81 2 years ago

      I spent the first seven years of my life with a Chow Chow that was the most loyal, protective and loving dog. It used to follow me around constantly when I was a toddler, keeping an eye on me. Once my brother wandered out of the house when he was only two and our Chow Chow stood and blocked him from walking onto the road to protect him from the traffic until my mother came out of the house and found him! I used to try and climb on it's back and ride her like a horse as a small child, and she would just gently move out of the way. She was never aggressive towards us and never aggressive towards other people that I can remember. A beautiful dog, with a very protective lovely nature. Nothing like the description above.

    • profile image

      Jake 2 years ago

      Pitbulls are terrorists. People are so quick to defend the monsters that they might as well go join ISIS. Just look at the bite stats. Over 75% of all fatal bites in the US are done by pitbulls, and they are the most likely to bite. These are facts. If you don't like it, leave America.

    • profile image

      David51 21 months ago

      Well in my view there is nothing like best dogs or worst dogs. Dogs are the most faithful animals, if they are trained properly and cared properly they will not cause any harm.

    • profile image

      Nilesh09 20 months ago

      I believe in give and take policy, if you grow your pet with a lot of love, it will not cause any harm to others.

    • profile image

      jayda 13 months ago

      Any dog can be good with kids just depend on how there raise by there owners I am a kid and Iove weirmaners and lab plus German short hair pointers those I am scared of dachshund I think weirmaners should be on the best dog with kids

    • profile image

      Cindy 11 months ago

      I agree with most of your statements, however as others have mentioned Labs can be much too boisterous for small children until they r 4 or 5 yrs old . Also ,you left out one of the most loyal intelligent and highly trainable breeds there is ...the German Shepherd Dog. Pugs might not be the best idea as they tend to have breathing problems and if it's a very active family searching for a dog to take hiking in hot weather for example it would not b a good match .

      You hit the nail on the head with the Chow . Whole the puppies r hard to resist this breed should not be owned by anyone but a very responsible experienced owner . Their poor eyesight and sense of smell adds to the danger of a less than friendly personality .

      And a stern warning of no tiny dogs for small children and Only purchasing from a responsible breeder who does health testing on their specific breed is a good place to start when searching for a kid friendly pet .

    • profile image

      Gabriella 10 months ago

      Yep agreed, but not to sure about poodles being good pets, usually known as aggressive dogs.

    • profile image

      Kaleastob trama 10 months ago

      I agree with the Rottweiler facts caus I just got out of the hospital 24 bites with 4 long rips down my leg and a good dog is a shitsou dog I have one named purl and another one is a golden-doodle so one for therapy and hounds great dogs and don't bite and toy puddles are good to saw one of them to well that's it.

    • profile image

      MizVixi 8 months ago

      I've only known three people who have been badly bitten by a dog, and all were bitten by a Chow Chow. Although these attacks happened decades apart, all the victims were in middle childhood, the dog in each instance was tied outside, and none of the children knew the dog well. Yes, the Chow Chow has long hair children might pull, but they also have that black tongue, which like the Siberian Husky's blue eyes, are irresistible to a curious child. I think being tied on outside is a factor in many dog bite cases, because being tied on makes a dog aggressive. A dog that is tied on can also not get away from unwanted attention.

      Another dog you should put on your list for avoiding if you have children is the Cocker Spaniel. These dogs have long ears which are susceptible to infection and which are irresistible to young children. The dog can be well-groomed and still have sensitive ears. Cockers are prone to congenital cataracts and other eye issues which can also make them testy. For many years the Cocker Spaniel was America's most popular AKC registered dog. Today, there a fewer of them. One reason you don't see many Cocker Spaniels any more is because of poor breeding. Some Cockers exhibit a type of epilepsy called Rage Syndrome that causes them to snap unexpectedly. A dog that has this syndrome may normally be sweet and mild mannered, and then suddenly lash out and snap at whatever or whoever is closest because they are having a seizure.

    • profile image

      Samantha Stevens-Clay 6 months ago

      We have a beagle and also a 13 year old son (the beagle is his dog). He is completely indifferent to his little owner and loves me because I'm the one that fed, played and walked him when he was a pup. Our son gave him 5 min of attention everyday so of course he prefers me!

      As for a good dog breed for kids I'd say Rough Collie. We had two when our son was a baby and even though he sometimes pulled their hair (like babies do) they never even thought of going for him. WARNING--make sure you get them from a good breeder though. Bad breeders make bad collies that have all sorts of temperament problems.

    • profile image

      Goldenretievergirl 5 months ago

      My favorite was the cute goldenretriever

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