Top 5 Best and Worst Dogs for Children

Updated on February 22, 2016

Finding the Right Pet

I am writing this article based on my own experience searching for the right dog to adopt with small children. While researching online, I quickly realized that not only was there a lot of information to go through, but there was a lot of different dogs. So after researching what felt like a hundred sites, this is the list that I have come up with. I hope that this article will help you in your search for the right pet for you and your family.

To start, I will go through the best dogs and then the worst dogs. In the best dogs, I will discuss the temperament, health and grooming of each breed. I will also include other sites that will give you more information on each breed. In the worst breeds of dogs I will tell you about their temperament and why I think that these dog make bad pets for kids. I will also include other sites so you can make a more informed decision about your next family member.

5 Best Dogs for Kids

These dogs are great with kids because they are kids at heart. They all have loving personalities and are loyal. They will please you in more ways than you can imagine. Please do remember, though, that this my personal opinion. I am basing this off my research, but you should also do some of your own.

Beagle portrait.
Beagle portrait. | Source
Muddy beagle.
Muddy beagle. | Source

5. Beagle

The beagle was originally breed to be a hunting dog, but with its friendly, happy-go-lucky attitude this breed is hard to resist. Beagles love to play as well as work and are happiest when with its human. With a life expectancy of 10 to 14 years, you will have a life-long partner in this dog. This dog will work well with new pet owners or experience ones. The beagle's playful but loving nature is what makes it a great kid dog, but there are some things that you need to watch for:

  • Beagles are hard-headed at times and training is a must.
  • You should also make sure that you are consistent with your training. If there is a gray area, the dog may become confused and will act accordingly.
  • This breed should also be put on a tight feeding schedule, because it loves to eat and will act like it is starving just to get what it wants. Beagles are prone to obesity because of this behavior.
  • They take food seriously so you might want to teach children not to mess with this dog while eating or feed it outside just to be safe.
  • The beagle is also a scent dog, meaning that its nose was meant for tracking. Its nose can get it into more trouble. Once they get a scent they are hard to detour from it, so it is usually best to leash walk them.
  • This dog will also dig and climb fences when left to their own devices or become bored. Regular playing and walks can help keep this behavior to a minimal.
  • Grooming this animal it is pretty simple. Beagles have short hair that should be brushed a least once a week. The down side is that they shed year around. This breed is also prone many health problems.

All an all, this is a well-rounded breed who is always eager to please its owners. It has a great temperament and is fairly easy to care for.

A black pug.
A black pug.
Tan and black pug.
Tan and black pug. | Source

4. Pug

This outgoing animal is a great kid’s dog that is just as loyal as can be. With its small size you won’t have to worry about this breed knocking your child to the ground. You will have to watch and make sure that your little one doesn’t play to rough with this dog, though.

  • Pugs are extremely smart animals that respond well to positive praise. There are times when this breed can be willful during training, but if you're determined and calm and this dog will excel.
  • This is also a lazy breed, so it is important to exercise it often or you will have an obesity problem on your hands.
  • Pugs will often get irritated when they feel ignored, and is very sensitive to the tone of your voice. A lot of yelling will only make this breed nervous.
  • Grooming the pug is fairly simple job. With their short coat, they only need to be brushed once every two weeks. The folds in there face and their ears need to be cleaned regularly.
  • With a life span of 12 to15 years, this will be a loving pet for a long time.
  • There are some health problems associated with this breed. The biggest is breathing problems because of their short snout. There are some cancers with this breed but that is better discussed with the breeder or your vet.

Overall, this is a great compact dog that has the loyalty you would expect from a larger breed. With its eager-to-please attitude and loving disposition this little dog is sure to hold a big place in your family.

Yellow lab.
Yellow lab. | Source
3-month-old black labrador.
3-month-old black labrador. | Source

3. Labrador

This is a familiar breed that almost everyone has heard about. It's has been the favorite dog in the United States for about 10 years, and with its versatility it is easy to see why. Labs are patient by nature, and will tolerate being hanged on by little kids. This dog is loyal to the bone. Its only goal in life is to please its human.

  • Training needs to start early in this animal, or training will be more difficult. Consistency is a must with this breed along with a firm stand on the rules. This dog is happy knowing its place in the pack.
  • You must be careful on how you discipline this dog because it will get its feelings hurt and they don’t forget.
  • Labradors come in three basic colors: black, chocolate, and yellow.
  • They are relatively easy to groom but do shed year around. They are mostly short-haired so brushing once a week should cut down on the hair being shed. Bathing should only take place when it is needed so as not to lose the undercoat.

This is a great companion that is smart, loving, loyal, and easy to care for. They do have some genetic health problems to check for. Overall, though, this is a fairly healthy breed.

Golden retriever puppy.
Golden retriever puppy. | Source
Golden retriever.
Golden retriever. | Source

2. Golden Retriver

This is another breed that is familiar to most people and is often compared to the lab. The two breeds are a lot alike, but there are some difference between them.

  • This breed is very high energy, so training is a must to help control it. This dog can become over-excited around other dogs if it is not well socialized from a young age.
  • With this breed you want to watch play time because its pleasing attitude will cause it to over-exert itself.
  • Training this breed is a real treat, some dogs have been known to learn up to 240 commands, words, and phrases.
  • This breed also does not do well as a back yard dog, as it prefers to be with the family.
  • Grooming this dog is relatively easy even with its long hair. Bathing should only be done when it is necessary so you don’t risk losing the undercoat. This breed does have long hair so you will want to watch and make sure that your little ones don’t pull on it.
  • This breed is also prone to skin allergies and other skin problems.

This is another breed that has a lot of energy and will want to play for hours on end. Golden retrievers are intelligent, loyal, and with a life span of 10 to 12 years will be a long-time family member.

Black poodles.
Black poodles. | Source
White poodles.
White poodles. | Source

1. Poodle

Did she say poodle? Yes, a poodle, but not just any poodle, the standard poodle. This intelligent dog that excels in training, is hypoallergenic, and is very patient. This dog is also very easy to potty train on either a pad or outside.

  • This dog is likely to take up with everyone in the family instead of just one person like many other breeds.
  • It is a people-oriented dog so will not do well as an outdoors pet.
  • This is a very active pet so be ready to take long walks and to play ball for as long as you can. If not properly exercised, this breed is known to become destructive and high strung.
  • Grooming of this pet can get expensive because of the need to be professionally groomed. The up-side is the hypo-allergenic coat that cuts down on allergies. This does not mean that they won’t shed some.
  • Bathing can be done once a week or as needed.

All around the standard poodle is a great dog. With its pleasing attitude, loving disposition, an amazing patience this dog makes a great kids dog. You also will have this pet for a long time with a life span of 10 to 12 years. Even with its size this breed will be right by your side and gratefully so.

German shepherd, husky, and chow mix.
German shepherd, husky, and chow mix. | Source
Terrier mix.
Terrier mix. | Source

Mixed Breeds

This is a dog with mysterious ancestry, particularly because little is known about the father or fathers. A single little of dogs can be fathered by more than one dog. Sometimes where you live and the type of dogs that are popular can give you some idea of what it might be mixed with. The only way to tell for sure though is a blood test. Still, even knowing this information you probably are not going to get a good look at this breeds temperament. There are some things that make mixed dogs tempting. First, they don’t come with that pure breed price tag. Second, when gotten from a shelter they are usually already ready spayed or neutered.

When considering this type of dog it is important to have its temper tested by a professional. They may be able to determine if you are going to have problems in the future. So this breed is a toss-up: some dogs can be the best and some can be the worst.

5 Worst Breeds for Kids

Now I’m going to talk about the worst breeds to have around small children. I’m not saying that all these dogs are going to make good family house pets. I’m just stating what my research has determined. Most of these breeds probably make good pets if you go to a breeder who is dedicated to keeping the breed to exact standards. Most of these dogs are mean due to bad breeding and poor treatment.

Dalmatian on the beach.
Dalmatian on the beach. | Source
Dalmatian from the side.
Dalmatian from the side. | Source

5. Dalmatians

Yes, these beautiful dogs can be dangerous to your little ones. Even the best-behaved dog has been known to bite without notice. Must of these incidents are from dog who was going deaf and was startled. This breed is very known for deafness which can make it jumpy. It will also respond negatively to harsh training, so calmness is a must. Most of their aggression comes from its breeding to get those lovely spots.

Chihuahua lying down.
Chihuahua lying down. | Source
Chihuahua head tilt.
Chihuahua head tilt. | Source

4. Chihuahua

Not only is this breed bad for young kids, young kids are bad for it. This is a small breed, and, lets face it, kids want to pick up small things. It's just what they do. This is also a nervous breed that could nip at anything. They're territorial and may even attack the adults in the house when they try to sit in a spot the dog has deemed it own.

White pit bull hiking.
White pit bull hiking. | Source
Brown pit bull.
Brown pit bull. | Source

3. Pitbull

Breeding is the only reason this dog can be aggressive. Add that to the fact that when they bite they go for the throat an don’t let go. Yes, this dog has a high tolerance for pain but it has little patience for kids. Dominance is a big thing with this breed, so you must always hold that spot or this dog will walk all over you. You can get lucky, though. There was a reason this was the most decorated dog during World War I, also at that time a popular dog to own. This is a loving breed that loves to please, and it now has bad reputations because of what humans have done to it.

Rottweiler | Source
Rottweiler. | Source

2. Rottweiler

Between the years of 1979 and 1998 this breed held the number-two position in fatal human bites as reported by the CDC. This breed can be completely unpredictable. One minute it’s laying there being part of the family, the next it has bitten someone. So it is best not to have this dog around young kids. Once again, though, breeding has lot to do with its bad attitude.

Chow chow puppy.
Chow chow puppy. | Source
Chow chow in autumn leaves.
Chow chow in autumn leaves. | Source

1. Chow Chow

This breed is number one because of its quick temper and the enjoyment it gets out of bullying. If you show any fear, this dog will act on it. A strong hand will not work on this dog and it will not hesitate to give you a bite to let you know that is not acceptable. This dog has long fuzzy hair that young kids might pull and cause an unwanted response.

Please remember that this is my own personal opinion based on research I did. This does not meant that all dogs are good or bad. The most important thing to remember is to find a respectable breeder who is dedicated to keeping their dogs to the highest standard. Training is a must; a good dog is a well trained dog.


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    • profile image

      Me 2 weeks ago

      I do think Pitbulls are great with kids

      And Dalmations.Also sometimes it depends on the dog itself.

    • profile image

      Jamie 4 weeks ago

      The Pitbull is actually a great dog for kids. It was in fact once reffered to as "the nanny dog". Very loving and loyal and would die for their owners. I'm sorry but you missed the mark on this one big time. How much "research" have you actually done? They're also one of the breeds with the best temperament. There is no evidence to support your statement that a pitbull goes for the throat more than any other dog. Also, the whole "lock jaw" thing is just a big myth. They just have really strong jaws. I think the only thing you got right was the pain tolerance.

    • profile image

      Jasmine 5 weeks ago

      We are looking for a family pet. I have been researching the numbers of bites and fatalities. FACTS.The fact that pit bulls are top of the list, even considering the population of them, should make them a pet that nobody with kids should want. If they care more for children than dogs. Apparently some people don't. Even if pitbulls are good with their owners, look out for neighbor kids please. You people that are criticizing the author for putting them on a top 5 list are delusional, in denial and ignorant. And hopefully not parents. People may have made pitbulls this way, does not change the fact they are still this way. Commonsense


    • profile image

      sami 5 weeks ago

      I think pit bulls are really good family dogs. They really become active family members instead of just some pet you feed and walk. They are protective, caring, and loyal to your houshold. Treat them like one of your children. Caring about their manners, keeping them fed and clean, teaching them normal household rules, and making sure they are healthy.

      This comes with treating the dog as a family member and not neglecting it like a goldfish. The reason is- pit bulls are too intelligent and sensitive to human emotions for their owners to treat them like blockheads who belong outside to graze like cows.

      If you want a dog that will be a positive additon to your family and give you a more fulfilling lifestyle, pit bull is the way to go.

    • profile image

      Aaron 5 weeks ago

      Great my dog is a chow chow

    • profile image

      Arden 2 months ago

      I was doing research for a project at school and I really used this a lot great job thank you for posting it you are a life saver

    • profile image

      Katelin 3 months ago

      I really do NOT think Chow Chows are the worst Breed. On no other website have I seen it even in the top 5. My red mini-Chow chow is my Service Dog. She is always complimented on her beauty, tricks & talents. Most people do not even know what a “chow chow” is. Every single dog breed acts based on training & is they have any mental disorders. I dislike these lists.

    • profile image

      Tony Richards 4 months ago

      I do not know you, but can only surmise that much of your "researched" informtation came from clearly biased sites that have an unnatural fear of rotties and pits. Pitbulls especially are noted for their temperment around children as being one of the absolute best available.

      Your top 3 are well deserved entrants, as is number 5, but a pug, like any small dog, is not the best pet for small children.

    • profile image

      TJ 4 months ago

      I find parts of this article to be crap. I grew up with a chow chow and he was the best dog I have ever had. Growing up my house was always full of kids and he never once even growled at them or me. We bought him as a puppy and socialized him with everything, that's why he turned out so well. I have also worked with dogs since I was 17 (30 now) and a firm believer that ANY dog can be aggressive if not trained or socialized enough.

    • profile image

      Kitta 4 months ago

      Hey pitbulls are one of the best guard dog and its good with toddlers too....


      PITBULL's are the BEST DOGS forever...

    • profile image

      Sandy irwin 5 months ago

      Nooo pitbull around any child around me nooo

    • profile image

      Luke 7 months ago

      I have a pitbull and it is by far the best dog I've ever had around children.

    • profile image

      A young child 7 months ago

      Hey im 11 i have a rottwiler hes the sweetest best dog and hes great with me and my 7 year old sister him or my other rottwiler have never hurt or even growled at me or my sister even when my younger sister has pulled our dogs tail. this is not a very good page and rottwilers are brilliant for kids, with the right owners they can be the best dogs in the world, its people who use them for bad that are making them bad for kids, not the dogs. the only one i agree with here is the beagle. i know chuawawais and yet again ITS THE OWNERS. not the dogs, people need to make videos about what dog not to buy if your a horrible owner. im not trying to be rude. but i believe dogs are never truly bad owners are.

    • profile image

      LC 7 months ago

      My pitbull was always very sweet to my infant/toddler/any small dogs and my 2 cats. Actually he was at the bottom of the totem pole with the cats. So stating that they are bad with kids is ridiculous and part of the problem.

    • profile image

      Prii 8 months ago

      wtf are people talking about.. pitbulls are one of those most loving and protective dogs with kids

    • profile image

      bachaus 9 months ago


      Dogs are individuals! Stating that one breed is better than another with children Laughable -

    • profile image

      So_Surprised 10 months ago

      I was shocked to read this article - Poodles are a terrible dog for families and are known to bite their owners.

    • profile image

      Matthew Paul abrams 10 months ago

      While I do value your opinion I must say you are WRONG!!!! &not horribly wrong but wrong about pit bulls not being good dogs with children.I just turned 40 in January &growing up we meaning my family that consists of my mother father & my brother &sister had nothing but full blooded pit bull dogs as pets & every one of them was 100'/, loyal 2say the least &never had one incedent were anyone of us was bitten or even groweld at. The so called pit bulls you hear about in the media attacking people 9times out of 10 are not 100./' full blooded pit bulls we're breed specifically 4-the purpose of fighting other pitbulldogs they are not at all human aggressive.. being from South Carolina when our late roscoe our red nose pit bull passed away our father got us a Boykin spaniel puppy &that little son of a bitch bit everyone of us kids so what you are saying about pit bulls &I'm reffering 2 100./' American pit bull terriers is not true I now have 4 children of my own &they have had 3 pit bull dogs so far & every one of the dogs been nothing but a loyal protector of my children no aggressiveness what so ever but I also dare ANYBODY 2 be aggressive forwards my children while their dog is present my opinion is that u probably never owned a dog of this statue your just giving a opinion by what bs u have heard so stick with your poodles & shitzoo's we will stick with our pit bulls

    • profile image

      Jo 11 months ago

      The beagle is a teoublesome pet, as seen in the writeup. Labs bite, all the time, pitbulls are actually one of the safest around children of all dogs, rottweilers actually became the breed of choice for inner city gang members following the cocaine rage of the disco 70's. So the author is correct that at one moment it was a great family pet and then the drug dealers began training them to be violent with daily beatings. The author is wrong at least 50% of her suggestions. Shame.

    • profile image

      Anonymous 11 months ago

      LOL dont understand why pits are on the worst breeds for kids we have a pit and a 5 year old and they get along just fine he is very careful with her never once bit her its not the breed its the owners! he is very protective over her even sits outside with her while she plays and lays next to her

    • profile image

      Ruth Story 13 months ago

      I agree with your list all the way except for the pitbull as being bad for kids. Just like any other medium to large sized breed that is bred properly and raised properly they make great family dogs!

    • profile image

      Brittney 10yersold 14 months ago

      I just want to say that I just saw a dog's purpose on 1-27-17 and it was great! Any of those dogs on this page should get all of the love and respect that it can get. But remember that you are the leader. Don't be afraid of any dog...

    • profile image

      Hannah 15 months ago

      My daughter wants a maltipoo, are they good with children?

    • profile image

      Goldenretievergirl 15 months ago

      My favorite was the cute goldenretriever

    • profile image

      Samantha Stevens-Clay 16 months ago

      We have a beagle and also a 13 year old son (the beagle is his dog). He is completely indifferent to his little owner and loves me because I'm the one that fed, played and walked him when he was a pup. Our son gave him 5 min of attention everyday so of course he prefers me!

      As for a good dog breed for kids I'd say Rough Collie. We had two when our son was a baby and even though he sometimes pulled their hair (like babies do) they never even thought of going for him. WARNING--make sure you get them from a good breeder though. Bad breeders make bad collies that have all sorts of temperament problems.

    • profile image

      MizVixi 18 months ago

      I've only known three people who have been badly bitten by a dog, and all were bitten by a Chow Chow. Although these attacks happened decades apart, all the victims were in middle childhood, the dog in each instance was tied outside, and none of the children knew the dog well. Yes, the Chow Chow has long hair children might pull, but they also have that black tongue, which like the Siberian Husky's blue eyes, are irresistible to a curious child. I think being tied on outside is a factor in many dog bite cases, because being tied on makes a dog aggressive. A dog that is tied on can also not get away from unwanted attention.

      Another dog you should put on your list for avoiding if you have children is the Cocker Spaniel. These dogs have long ears which are susceptible to infection and which are irresistible to young children. The dog can be well-groomed and still have sensitive ears. Cockers are prone to congenital cataracts and other eye issues which can also make them testy. For many years the Cocker Spaniel was America's most popular AKC registered dog. Today, there a fewer of them. One reason you don't see many Cocker Spaniels any more is because of poor breeding. Some Cockers exhibit a type of epilepsy called Rage Syndrome that causes them to snap unexpectedly. A dog that has this syndrome may normally be sweet and mild mannered, and then suddenly lash out and snap at whatever or whoever is closest because they are having a seizure.

    • profile image

      Kaleastob trama 20 months ago

      I agree with the Rottweiler facts caus I just got out of the hospital 24 bites with 4 long rips down my leg and a good dog is a shitsou dog I have one named purl and another one is a golden-doodle so one for therapy and hounds great dogs and don't bite and toy puddles are good to saw one of them to well that's it.

    • profile image

      Gabriella 20 months ago

      Yep agreed, but not to sure about poodles being good pets, usually known as aggressive dogs.

    • profile image

      Cindy 21 months ago

      I agree with most of your statements, however as others have mentioned Labs can be much too boisterous for small children until they r 4 or 5 yrs old . Also ,you left out one of the most loyal intelligent and highly trainable breeds there is ...the German Shepherd Dog. Pugs might not be the best idea as they tend to have breathing problems and if it's a very active family searching for a dog to take hiking in hot weather for example it would not b a good match .

      You hit the nail on the head with the Chow . Whole the puppies r hard to resist this breed should not be owned by anyone but a very responsible experienced owner . Their poor eyesight and sense of smell adds to the danger of a less than friendly personality .

      And a stern warning of no tiny dogs for small children and Only purchasing from a responsible breeder who does health testing on their specific breed is a good place to start when searching for a kid friendly pet .

    • profile image

      jayda 23 months ago

      Any dog can be good with kids just depend on how there raise by there owners I am a kid and Iove weirmaners and lab plus German short hair pointers those I am scared of dachshund I think weirmaners should be on the best dog with kids

    • profile image

      Nilesh09 2 years ago

      I believe in give and take policy, if you grow your pet with a lot of love, it will not cause any harm to others.

    • profile image

      David51 2 years ago

      Well in my view there is nothing like best dogs or worst dogs. Dogs are the most faithful animals, if they are trained properly and cared properly they will not cause any harm.

    • profile image

      Jake 2 years ago

      Pitbulls are terrorists. People are so quick to defend the monsters that they might as well go join ISIS. Just look at the bite stats. Over 75% of all fatal bites in the US are done by pitbulls, and they are the most likely to bite. These are facts. If you don't like it, leave America.

    • profile image

      A81 3 years ago

      I spent the first seven years of my life with a Chow Chow that was the most loyal, protective and loving dog. It used to follow me around constantly when I was a toddler, keeping an eye on me. Once my brother wandered out of the house when he was only two and our Chow Chow stood and blocked him from walking onto the road to protect him from the traffic until my mother came out of the house and found him! I used to try and climb on it's back and ride her like a horse as a small child, and she would just gently move out of the way. She was never aggressive towards us and never aggressive towards other people that I can remember. A beautiful dog, with a very protective lovely nature. Nothing like the description above.

    • profile image

      PLH 3 years ago

      I don't even remember that last time I saw such ignorance. Pit bulls (and similar breeds) were never "Nanny" dogs. What makes them and Rottweilers so dangerous is their size and strength. Chihuahuas can be nasty little brutes but they can't do any damage - ditto a lot of other breeds.

      The number of deaths by dog has skyrocketed since pit bulls, in particular, became popular. Many of the deaths involve children and a family "pet," and nearly all involve unprovoked attacks. Look it up.

      Insisting on having a "pet" that is potentially truly dangerous to anyone is unnecessary and weird. Having a "pet" you have to be sure to train so it WON'T be a danger is truly questionable. Why?

      There is no reason, and no justification. And don't think, pit bull owners, that nobody notices what you're like. I live in L.A. , and merely having a pit bull, a pit bull mix, or a Rottweiler reads "low life" and everybody knows it. I often hire people, and wouldn't hire anyone who had one of these dogs, or tried to justify having one. Bad judgement, period, and and that carries over to everything else in their lives.

      And learn to spell (spellcheck is automatic, for God's sake) and use proper sentence structure. Like I said, I never saw such ignorance.

    • profile image

      M.T. 3 years ago

      I had a chow that I grew up with that dog was extremely protective of me. he was the sweetest dog I have ever met. My husband grew up with a pit that was a wonderful dog and protected his family. That is what we look for in a dog; great with kids and protective. Just because a dog is PROTECTIVE doesn't mean its a bad dog. I would choose a bigger dog over a small dog any day. I have been bit by a small poodle, chihuahua, and a pomeranian.

    • profile image

      Hi 3 years ago

      I do not agree with your choice Rottweiler are good with kids if you train them right and if you give them education

    • profile image

      Jasmine 4 years ago

      Pom is a good family dog too

    • profile image

      Tara 4 years ago

      What a joke. Pit Bulls are not dangerous unless you train them to be.

    • profile image

      Meurant 4 years ago

      Great Danes are awesome family dogs. Why are they not on the list?

    • profile image

      Kassie 4 years ago

      I both agree and disagree with this post. I completely agree with you about chihuahuas. I have had a chihuahua, and have been around them my whole life. My aunt, grandmother, and best friend are all chihuahua owners as well. They are seriously the most vicious dogs I have ever been around! Not to their owners, but to everyone else. I have never met one who didn't bite when someone new walked in or tried to pet them. I don't think you would even be able to tell if one had rabies, because thats just how they act! When I was a kid I had a chihuahua and a pit bull mix. My chihuahua would literally hang from my pit bulls lip when my pit bull tried to eat! My pit bull never tried to hurt her though, she would just try to shake her off. And thats where I disagree with your post. Pit bulls and rottwielers. I have had two rottwielers and one pit bull mix. I had the rottwielers when I was little, and both were very gentle and easygoing (and trust me, I was a hyper kid.) I got the pit bull mix when I was about 10. I am 24 now and will tell you that to this day she was the best, most well behaved, gentle dog that I have ever had. While she was very protective of me, she never once even acted like she was going to hurt me or anyone else. My dad and I were wrestling one time and she thought he was hurting me She got in between us, put both paws on his shoulders, and pushed him back against the couch with her face inches from his and sit there and stared him in the eyes until I got her off of him. She didn't snap at him or act aggressively, she was just warning him. Of course he was terrified, but she was just doing her job of protecting me, and she did it in such an un aggressive way that I will always admire. Maybe this is why pit bulls were once deemed the "nanny dog."

    • profile image

      Babin 4 years ago

      This is a great read but I am afraid that some of your information is wrong.

      Pit bulls were bred and called nanny dogs for the fact of how protective they are of children and the family they belong too. I personally would choose a pit bull over a golden retriever any day. Pit bulls have a better temperment than golden retrievers do.

      Also I have 2 small children and I have a dog who is mixed with chihuahua. I have never once had a problem with her around my children or any other children.

      It is all in how the owner treats the dog and trains the dog. Like I said though I would pick a pit bull over a golden any day.

    • profile image

      kelley inman 4 years ago

      Might I suggest doing so research before writing such articles? Your information about pit bulls is absolutely ignorant, wrong and sounds completely based on opinion. It is bred in them to be mean? Wrong. They don't have patience with children? Very wrong. Dominance is not a "big thing" with this breed. All dogs need to know where they stand in the pack, it is no different with pit bulls. It's fine though; anyone who believes your opinion based junk, doesn't deserve the love of a pit bull anyway. Very disappointed that people base there opinions on media coverage (which is very skewed and more often then not call a dog a pit bull only to find out it was not) and fear.

    • profile image

      Caitlyn 4 years ago

      There were so many typos in this article. It makes me question the information.

    • profile image

      johan 4 years ago

      labrador are best and pitbull is the worst

    • profile image

      ck 4 years ago

      Working in the veterinary field, I think this list is pretty accurate. When I see the breed listed on the paperwork and have to go into a room with it, I know that a pit bull type dog can go either way. They are either a lunkhead doofus sweet and drool all over or a questionable character who has the capacity to do some serious harm.

      I think that any dog with a child should be very closely monitored. Any breed can hurt a child.

    • profile image

      Brittany 4 years ago

      While You do give a lot of good information, there is also a lot of misinformation in there regarding Pit Bulls and Rottweilers. After all the Pit Bull was labeled as the "nanny dog" for a reason.

    • idigwebsites profile image

      idigwebsites 4 years ago from United States

      I agree about the Rottweiler and pitbulls but I'm surprised about chihuahuas and chowchows. Anyway, it gives me a new insight on having dogs while kids are around. Thanks for posting.

    • profile image

      steve 4 years ago

      you wrote:

      "Must of thoughts are from... "

      Please spell check your articles.

    • profile image

      shelly 4 years ago

      I find it odd that you didn't put the Newfie in the top 5 because everywhere elese I read list them as practially the #1 best dog with young children...100% reliable, gentle, extremely patient and tolerant. And they double as a lifeguard to boot. What more do you want for your kids?

    • profile image

      Roar 4 years ago

      Only reason the pitbull is actually on there, is because A) The owner is incapable of providing the dog with the mental stimulation and exercise any dog needs. Every dog, from Great Dane to Chihuahua needs leadership. B) When the pitbull does attack, it has the power to hurt someone. A Chihuahua attacks people left right and centre, yet no one reports it as it needs no medical attention. The pitbull only wishes to please. Growing up with mastiffs, Shepherds, and bullies, I found that smaller dogs tended to be snappy and aggressive, whilst my 60 kg Mastiff x accepted new dogs straight away. It's just a matter of the owner, and the not the breed. When a dog attacks, it's showing it's anger, or dislike of the situation. Perhaps the victims of the dog attacks treated the dog how it should NOT be treated, or approached it without knowing how to properly approaching the dog. Dog language is different to human communication, and people who are inexperienced treat dogs like humans and then their precious pooch develops behaviour issues. And also, aggression. Just give your dog, what it needs, and you could shove 50 babies infront of it without a problem.

    • profile image

      Sam 4 years ago

      Oh my god, I really don't understand how someone can write such a bulls***. The worst thing about this is, that there are people who really think that this "facts"are true!!! How can a person write such a crap without having any knowledge of dogs?!

    • profile image

      HannahM 4 years ago

      Pit bulls go for the throat? My gosh this article needs to be taken down before any more uniformed idiots read this and believe what you are saying.

    • profile image

      fred 4 years ago

      This is a stupid ass review. I have a rottie and I got him when my daughter was 3. To say they aren't good with kids I have to question your judgement. That is ridiculous and you shouldn't be allowed to write reviews like this.

    • profile image

      I love pit bulls 4 years ago

      I don't like the top worst And good dogs that was terrible how you were talking about the dolmatian it was terrible how you said ( stupid voice ) that dolmatian will always bite you even if you don't see it bull crap and my moms friend rescues pit bulls and has a 3 an 7 year old at home an dosent bite them an don't bother textin me back

    • profile image

      Jacob Daugherty 5 years ago

      You are going off of reputation alone. I would like to point out that pitt bulls were bred to take care of kids. That is their soul purpose, and that is what they were meant to do. Rottweilers also have incredibly good temperaments, and are good dogs with kids. It's assholes that abandon these dogs that give them a bad rap, when they will guard kids with their life, and will never harm them (except maybe as puppies, but only in jest, never on purpose) unless trained very improperly, which I would like to state that Pit bulls, and Rottweilers are extremely intelligent, rottweilers being ranked as one of the top ten intelligent dogs, and train very easily.

    • profile image

      Crystal 5 years ago

      I really could not agree less with your list. I don't find you the least bit credible. What information are you going on? Temperament, health, or reputation? If you are going on reputation alone, I don't even need to waste my time on your obvious ignorance. If you are deciding which the best family pet is by temperament, then I should point out that the American Pit Bull Terrier passes with a higher percent than the Beagle AND the Golden Retriever. It's people like you, claiming they have some knowledge on dogs, that encourage the ridiculous stereotyping of dog breeds. I'd have to advise that you leave the determination of "best and worst dogs for children" to a professional because you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.

    • Pet Artist profile image

      Pet Artist 5 years ago

      With kids around, it's always important to choose the right pet and breed.

    • profile image

      ElifAtes 5 years ago

      Chinuahua's are the cutest thing ever I used to have one and they were good as gold and good with children

    • profile image

      hi 5 years ago

      I had a pitbull as a family dog. He loved kids and other dogs. He was the wimpiest thing you would ever meet.

    • profile image

      njdoglvr 5 years ago

      I am sorry. I am not trying to attack the author, but you cannot go around saying which dogs are the worst and the best without having personal experience with each breed. Training can change the way a dog acts around people. I feel upset when people badmouth dogs that I hold dear to my heart, and I hope others can see that no dog is bad, it just depend s on how you train them. Also, with rottweilers, I was born into a family with two very big rottweilers, and they are the only type of dog I have ever owned. They are very sweet and great family dogs.

    • profile image

      Emily 5 years ago

      I had rottweilers my whole life, not one of them ever hurt anyone and they are great dogs to have. with the right training they are wonderful. as long as you have them from when they are a puppy they are great family dogs

    • profile image

      Mailysenillo 5 years ago

      I like Labrador because they are lovable ad I have also

    • NickieE profile image

      Nickie 5 years ago from Hernando

      The facts posted to this blog where researched and links were posted to backup the statements made. I also understand that not every person will agree. I have had pitbulls and rotties growing up and for the most part all of them were good dogs. But training is a major part in any animal. This blog was also geared towards people with extremely young children. As always I appreciate everyone's opinions and thoughts. Thank you for reading my blog

    • profile image

      gjfhfyu 5 years ago

      I do not agree at all about what you said about Rotties they are amazing dogs, very loyal and loving. Very trustworthey, intelligent, and they are NOT viciuos.

    • Roger USveteran profile image

      Roger USveteran 5 years ago

    • profile image

      Melissa 5 years ago

      Your information is COMPLETELY incorrect and the morons on here telling you good job are an example of the blind leading the blind. I HIGHLY suggest you erase this and go back and do some REAL research. You information is wrong and you are endangering the children of morons who come to your uneducated page for information. You are endangering the lives of children with your ignorant and incorrect information.

    • profile image

      BS 5 years ago

      This is the ridiculous, and I hope that no one reading this article ever accepts it as factual information. Poodles actually are not known for being great with children. Not the worst, but not the best. Pit bulls are known for LOVING children, and are very patient with children. They may not have patience for other dogs, but that is not the point of this article. They passed temperament tests done by the ATTS, with flying colors, and had a score very close to Labs. The fact that this article is even in existence, let alone shows up at the top of a google search, is infuriating. The author of this article should not be a dog owner, because they obviously have no real knowledge of dog mentality.

    • profile image

      Breeder 5 years ago

      You really need to do some research before posting such damning information about dogs that you clearly know nothing about.

    • profile image

      Dog Breath 5 years ago

      Go back to school and learn how to write or at least read what you have written before you post it.

    • profile image

      shitzu 5 years ago

      Oh boy! everyone of you! of course you`ll say good thing of the breed you have ! that`s what each of you have! everybody has their own opinion and of course if are breeds of dog that we love is on the notty list, hell break loose! we get so offended !And yes you should read on each breed because each has their caractors and yes there is some that could be more aggressif! we are the jugde of what we pick and well, good luck on what we have! Depends all on the person that traines the dog! So good luck with what we have and be patients!

    • profile image

      yellowme 5 years ago

      ALL dogs are good dogs. It's just how you TRAIN them. Stop being mean to pitbulls as well. I've meet some very nice and sweet pitbulls. And what about Rat terriors and Boston terriors? They are great dogs to have around young childern! And another very good dog for young kids is an American Tunnel Terrior. It's a mix of a boston terrior and a rat terrior. I have an American Tunnel Terrior and she is very good with kids. You barley know she's there because all she does is sit around on the couch. American Tunnel Terriors are also very cute, and good family pets.

    • profile image

      Jrod 5 years ago

      Two words you need to learn.. SPELL CHECK, this is very poorly written and I just wasted about ten minutes of my life reading this garbage.

    • profile image

      Parker 5 years ago

      So, after your exhaustive research this is your well-reasoned judgment? You're a total idiot.

    • profile image

      sno0ks 5 years ago

      Whoever wrote this should never be involved in any kind of journalism whatsoever. You, sir/madam, need to go back to middle school.

    • profile image

      Shvana6 5 years ago


      If a lab was to kill someone, it would get less publicity than a pit bull biting someone!

    • profile image

      martellawintek 5 years ago

      yous ok macaulay it took me ages to find it here is there contact

      and details ,check out there great prices, mention martellas said you would get him sorted

    • profile image

      Kevin 5 years ago

      I think you need to do more research because pitbulls happen to do REALLY good with kids and familys, for that matter all humans even stranger. That is why the are considered BAD gaurd dog.

    • profile image

      vman 5 years ago

      This is crap. Any dog is good with kids if you raise it to be patient. I know some very sweet rotties and pitbulls.

    • Tommy Garrett profile image

      Tommy Garrett 5 years ago

      You guessed it another bothered Pitbull owner

      I understand this is just blog page where people base their opinion but thats no reason to post things in print based on ignorance ! If you would like honest Information go to the ATTS American Temperament Test Society Or MSPCA and search Pitbulls Or you can see a video made by a Tuffts University Animal behaviorist of over forty years by searching youtube for The Pitbull hoax.

      Stop Bad Mouthing my Dog's

    • profile image

      Deb 5 years ago

      I would just like to say we have just lost our beloved rot Rottweiler Kahn he was the cleverest dog and the most softest gentle dog you could ever meet he hadn't got a Nasty bone in him it gets me very angry when people say they are nasty my granddaughter could do anything with him you make the dog how you want it to be rest in peace my lovely gentle kahn

    • profile image

      Lindsey Mansfield 5 years ago

      What about German Shepard in worst

    • profile image

      Ockert 5 years ago

      I have a labrador that doesn't like to be hanged on and don't like getting wet.

    • profile image

      aDogBreeder 5 years ago

      This is the worst article ever. I have spent extensive time around pits and rots, some of which were the most loving dogs I have ever been around.

      Do you know why? Because they were properly trained.

      The research done in this is horrible. If we're going to talk about health issues, why not mention great danes, or (although rare) a white doberman? Hell, any doberman (as I have raised several) can be prone to various health problems.

      Delete this monstrosity of an article, or do some better research.

    • profile image

      Vee&Lana 5 years ago

      Here is what I disagree with you on and a few little tips for all of you :3

      1. ANY child should NEVER be left alone with any dog. Especailly if you don't trust the dog or the breed.

      2. Pitbulls have been called the Nanny for a reason, They are gentle with kids and can be like another "parent". Yet, like I said above never leave a child alone with any dog. "Blame the deed, not the Breed" It is known by people that there are two "different" type pitbulls, those who have fought in dog fighting and have been breed for that, and those pitbulls who are the loving dogs we had know them as in the past.

      3. You clearly did not reserch very well, or very long...As I have researched dogs for years, and trust me. I did NOT learn eveything about even just 2 or 3 breeds in just a few days. It can take a few days two learn ll there is to know about a dog. I also think you should have included more information on the health of these breeds, clearly pointing towards not enough information looked into.

      4. If you had done such a "diverse" search, you would have found The Great pyrenese, or Leonburger. Both breeds I had when I was young and such Loyal and Gentle "giants". Just becuase a dog is big doesn't mean they are bad for kids. My younger brother was 4 when we got them both as puppies. I would say like most big dogs, they are not the healthiest, and don;t have a long life span. Both are know for hip dproblems and have been know to be barkers. Also, our Male Leonburger was quite skiddish. But, I am not saying they should've made the list but, that you had no clue about these breeds, you clearly had no looked well in your search.

      5. Last but not least, just because a few families had that breed, does not make it a good dog. There could have been problems you may have never heard about. There may have been tons of Health problems, and scaring the family half to death. when getting a dog, health is the KEY to think about, not popularity..

    • profile image

      amanda 5 years ago

      this is crap. i own a pitbull and he is a big baby. he plays with children and has never once been agressive. its how you train them. pitbulls are one of the best dogs to have

    • profile image

      ESS fan 5 years ago

      I think that some of the dogs on the best list might need to swapped around and that the "worst list" should be changed. Any dog can b good with kids if it is used to them and is trained properly. There are some breeds that are more well known for being good with kids and some that are more tollirent but any dog can still be good.

      If any one wants a dog that is good with kids they should get a puppy to train. Bigger dogs should be supervised with kids because the might knock them over without meaning to but that dose not mean the rant good with kids. I have an English springer spaniel and he is so sweet all he wants to do is get cuddles. He is soooo tollirent and kind and I love him :D

    • profile image

      Sick of Unprofessional Advice & Opinions 5 years ago

      A lot of uninformed opinions here. You really should NOT print information if you are not an expert in the area. There are plenty of resources out there written by people with actual knowledge and experience. You should do the internet a favour and delete this page.

    • profile image

      Sally 5 years ago

      This is absolute bullshit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really? Because last time i checked pitbulls were TRAINED to be aggressive and during the first pitbulls they were slaughtered when they showed any aggression to humans. Actually pitbulls were ranked the highest for children because they are TERRIBLE guard dogs and are friendly to all humans. This breed is DOG aggressive, they have absolutely no human aggression, and if they did, then how would dog fighters be able to train them if they lunged at the trainers huh? And hey guess what pit bulls have a normal jaw and cannot lock it, they arn't a damn shark! Get your facts right before you say complete rubbish on a breed knowing jack shit!

    • profile image

      Val 5 years ago

      The 'worse' list is so OFF!

      How ab you do some better research.

      I had a rotweiler from the age of 2 till 17 when

      she passed from old age. The SWEETEST animal alive.

      Never even Barked! Never licked or bit. Ever!

      And now (for two years now) I've had a pitbull.

      Another one of the SWEETEST animals ever. I'm

      sick of them being categorized as vicious!

      It's how you raise an animal. It's the OWNER not

      the breed. Get it right!

    • profile image

      aj 5 years ago

      my friend has a chuwawa and she is 10!!!! she is really nice too

    • profile image

      Arron Barringer 5 years ago

      Sorry, NickieE does not know the first thing about Pit Bulls. Maybe she should try researching her articles prior to writing them. Rather than fact-check, is content to spread hearsay, rumor and falsehoods as if they were fact. This is quite sad.

    • profile image

      hotpot 5 years ago

      Your article was quite irritating to read, you need to sort out the grammar and typos!

    • profile image

      A dog behaviourist 5 years ago

      Totally wrong info. pitbulls have been bred to be non-aggressive to people and aggressive to other dogs instead, however this is VERY easily trained out of them given the right owner and training. This is so that when they were in dog fights (which was what they were originally bred for) handlers could remove the dog even when it is what the dog whisperer calls 'red zone' level 10 mode. They were in fact so good with people and children that they maintained the reputation of 'the nanny dog' from 1800's right the way through to 1980's when a media campaign focusing on attacks on children tried to ruin the breed. The reason you will hear about pitbulls behaving badly is because the size and body type of this dog attracts the wrong owner who often does not want this breed as a pet but as a status dog or a fighting dog and therefore poorly socializes the animal, which would cause a dog of any breed to attack. DO NOT JOIN IN WITH WHAT IS ESSENTIALLY THE HOLOCAUST FOR THIS BREED IN SOME COUNTRIES (in the U.K. they are banned and routinely destroyed when discovered) BY WRITING 'OPINION' PIECES LIKE THIS YOU HAVE BECOME AN AGENT OF DISINFORMATION AND PROPAGANDA. Please do your research more thoroughly in future.

    • profile image

      jeff 5 years ago

      i a very upset with this article it is ignorant people like you who are the reason pitbulls are being killed and wiped out. PEOPLE get a clue pitbulls are known as the nanny of dogs because of how well they do with kids. i hate this i am at a loss for words that you could just put "vicious breeds" up here when they are all pretty good dogs if they are raised to be but the pitbull is the most forgiving dog in the world and last thing they need is another human putting them down.

    • profile image

      casey 5 years ago

      I coud'nt disagree more. It is all about how you raise your dog. I have friends that breed pit bulls and they are great with the kids. They are protective and I have no problem with my child playing with them.

    • profile image

      Nigel 5 years ago

      what about staffys?

    • profile image

      Draka 5 years ago

      It all depends on the temperament of the individual dog and the amount of socialization with children they've recieved. I've had two Rottweilers that were great with kids and one who wasn't (because he was rarely around children). And none of them were as bad as my Pomeranian (and we think a previous owner abused her). The same could probably be said about pit bulls. Teach the dog to be aggressive and it will be. Be aggressive to the dog (hitting, kicking, etc.) and it will be aggressive back. Treat the dog kindly and teach it kind manners, and it will recipricate.

    • profile image

      Chris 5 years ago

      As a nurse that works in a pediatric intensive care unit, I have to say that the kids who are injured badly enough by a dog attack to end up in my unit are always the ones who are attacked by pit bulls. They go for the throat and their jaw locks in a way that is unique to the breed.

      Also, the CDC has published a report on every fatal dog bite in the US in the last 20 years, listed by breed and pit bulls are #1 followed by Rottweilers and German Shepherds. Not only are they #1, but there are twice as many fatalities each year from pit bulls than from Rottweilers (#2).

      Most of these attacks were kids under 10. 2nd highest group to be fatally injured is the elderly. It is also astonishing to me how many of those attacks were attributed to the family dog or neighbor's dog.

    • profile image

      Carrie 5 years ago

      You definitely need to do your research before writing another pet article! I have raised five children from birth around pit bulls, and other breeds. You know who has shown aggression towards my kids? The other breeds. Never once a pit bull in the 18 years I have been raising kids. And to the person who commented above me, do your research as well. Pit bulls are not the top biters...golden retrievers are!