10 Interesting Facts about Greyhounds

#10 Greyhounds Are a Breed of Sighthounds

Greyhounds actually rely more on their vision than they do on their sense of smell; hence the term "sighthound." Surprisingly though, the greyhound breed does not have great eyesight when it comes to seeing stationary objects. They exhibit incredibly keen eyesight for moving objects but aren't so adept at recognizing objects which stand in place. This is because these ancient canines have been bred for hunting fast-moving animals like hares. Greyhounds are bred to run at top speeds while still being able to visually spot the moving wild game.

#9. Greyhounds Are Not the Fastest Breed

Although many believe they're the fastest, they're not, although they are arguably the second fastest. Truth be told, the whippet (another sighthound) surpasses their greyhound cousins in speed by just a hair.

#8 They Can Run 43 Miles Per Hour

Many greyhounds that are bred as racing dogs can sprint up to outstanding top speeds that range from 39 to 43 miles per hour! Talk about fast!

#7 Greyhounds Are Healthy

Out of all the purebred dog breeds today, many animal experts have come to believe that the greyhound is perhaps the healthiest breed of dog when it comes to hereditary health issues. It's truly amazing how a breed as ancient as the greyhound can have a practically perfect health record.

#6 Greyhounds Haven't Always Raced

As well known as they are for sprinting on racetracks, the sport of greyhound racing wasn't even established until the early 20th century.

#5 Greyhounds Are Gentle

Greyhounds are considered to be in the top ten most gentle dog breeds. Because of their naturally kind temperament, greyhounds make perfect canine companions for children, other dogs, and cats, too.

#4 Greyhounds Have the Highest Red Blood Cell Count

Red blood cells carry oxygen to the muscles. The more red blood cells an animal has, the quicker the oxygen is carried throughout the body. Because the greyhound breed runs so quickly and is highly active, their high red blood cell count is a vital feature.

#3 Greyhounds Are Related to Herding Dogs

Although they may not look like it, herding dogs are more closely related to greyhounds than any other breed of dogs. Herding dogs descended from greyhounds.

#2 There Are Greyhounds in the Bible

Greyhounds are the only purebred dogs that were ever referred to specifically in the Bible by name; these sighthounds were individually noted in the book of Solomon.

black greyhound and retired racing greyhound
black greyhound and retired racing greyhound

#1 Many Greyhounds Need Homes

When these racing dogs become too old for competitive dog racing, they are abandoned and brought to animal shelters where they live the rest of their lives in loneliness, and oftentimes have their lives ended through euthanization. In more recent years, greyhound adoption has thankfully become a growing trend within the canine community. Now people are beginning to take interest in getting the word out about greyhound adoption and how it can change the life of an innocent abused racing dog for the better.

Are you looking to get a new dog? Well if you are, consider giving a loving and loyal canine your helping hand by adopting a retired racing dog. Trust me— you won't regret it.

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BevsPaper profile image

BevsPaper 5 years ago from Central Indiana

Great points about the Greyhound! My boss has 3 that he adopted through Greyhounds of America and they are just the most delightful dogs! He also fosters new hounds when they come from the track to get them ready for their new home.

These dogs just eat up loving attention...they didn't get much of that at the race track.

Eiddwen profile image

Eiddwen 5 years ago from Wales

Great hub on such a beautiful dog.

Thank you for sharing this one.

Take care


The Knowledge 4 years ago

Intersting fact... Number 11

Greyhounds... are dogs

greyhoundz are cool 4 years ago

Interesting fact #12

Greyhounds... are fluent in the majority of East African languages and dialects, including Eygptian, Flemish and South Mongolian. And French.

Greyhizlle Dizzle 4 years ago

Interisting fact numbro 13

Snoop dogg himself purchased 30 greyhounds last year, but had to pop a cap in 3 of they asses because they was actin' up, G.

gro dog 4 years ago

Interesting fact #1706

Greyhounds are considered gods in Croydon

on a greyhound flex ting 3 years ago

Interesting fact #1707

Greyhounds... were responsible for the Wall Street Crash because of their poor investments ideas and they spent too much time licking their own genitalia.

victor 7 months ago

I'm babysitting a G.H for the weekend. he is one of the best dog I have ever seen and he learns very quickly and he learned to open the back door from observation....these dogs need to run .... and it's cruel to not let them run. I'm not talking about racing or coursing them. I have a large garden (fenced) and we just let this one run and he loves it. He had a few accidents with our chickens... but that's greyhounds...I think it's a beautiful thing to watch. when he is winding up and stretching

aubrey 4 weeks ago

cool dog

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