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Home Remedy for Canine Urinary Incontinence: Corn Silk

Margaret's dog, Miracle, developed urinary incontinence at a young age.

Corn silk for dogs with urinary incontinence.

Corn silk for dogs with urinary incontinence.

Can Young Dogs Develop Canine Urinary Incontinence?

I thought that canine urinary incontinence was a problem found only in older dogs, but last year I learned that it's quite common in young dogs as well—especially spayed females.

Our 4-Year-Old Spayed Female's Story

I was quite alarmed when I found my Old English Sheepdog, Miracle (only four years old), lying in a small puddle of urine while she was sleeping. Previous to this event, I had been detecting the smell of urine on her and noticed wet spots on her fur. My husband and I took her to the vet to determine the cause of her incontinence, thinking that it was probably a urinary tract infection.

Miracle started to have urinary incontinence when she was only four years old.

Miracle started to have urinary incontinence when she was only four years old.

The Causes of Urinary Incontinence in Dogs

Our vet explained to us that canine urinary incontinence can occur for a number of reasons. The most common reasons are listed below.


A bladder or kidney infection is usually the first thing to consider. The main indications are frequent, perhaps painful urination and cloudy urine with an abnormal odor. A urine culture is taken to rule this out.

Birth Defect

An ectopic ureter means one or both ureters bypass the bladder and connect to an abnormal location such as the urethra or vagina. A dog that has an ectopic ureter displays constant dribbling from birth. Surgical intervention is required to fix the problem.


Partial blockage of the ureter from a stone or a tumor can cause incontinence. If your dog's urine is cloudy or bloody or your dog is having trouble or pain while urinating, it may have a blockage caused by a bladder stone, kidney stone, or a tumor.

Spay Incontinence

Also called hormone-responsive incontinence or urethral sphincter mechanism incompetence (USMI), this problem occurs mostly in neutered dogs, particularly spayed females. After a female dog is spayed, there are changes in the hormone levels that help to keep the sphincter muscle strong. The resulting weakness causes the dog to release urine, usually while sleeping. A surprising 20% of neutered dogs are affected by this problem. It may not show up until years after the spaying.

Miracle had urinary incontinence problems only when she slept.

Miracle had urinary incontinence problems only when she slept.

How Is It Diagnosed and Treated?

Our vet took a urine culture but told us that she thought Miracle had spay incontinence and recommended the drug Proin. She also told us that Miracle would have to be on this drug for the rest of her life. I bought the pills but had reservations about the drug because of the side effects. Proin's active ingredient is phenylpropanolamine, a drug that increases the tone of the urethral sphincter.

Proin Side Effects

The side effects of the drug Proin include restlessness and irritability. (Miracle is a high-energy dog to begin with, and we certainly didn't need her to be more wired or nervous.) Other side effects include increased heart rate, hypertension, and loss of appetite.

I decided I didn't want to give my dog such a drug, especially since she would have to take it for the rest of her life. However, it was important for her incontinence problem to get corrected because it could lead to urinary tract infections, vaginitis, and even skin ulcers caused by the scalding urine and her licking herself. I needed to find an alternative solution.

Corn Silk for Urinary Support in Dogs

Corn Silk for Urinary Support in Dogs

Corn Silk: A Natural Remedy Used in Urinary Formulas

When I got home, I did some research on the problem and discovered that corn silk is a commonly used remedy for human and canine bladder problems. Its first use for resolving urinary problems can be traced back to the Incas in South America.

The Health Benefits of Corn Silk

It is a natural diuretic that is effective at soothing inflammation and irritation in the bladder. Corn silk is also high in calcium, B vitamins, vitamin K, iron, zinc, potassium, magnesium, silicon, and phosphorus. According to WebMD, it also contains tannins, which act as drying agents, and cryptoxanthin, which acts like vitamin A.

Safety and Use

One study on mice that was conducted to evaluate extract toxicity reportedly "showed no abnormality related to the administration of corn silk extract at 500 mg/kg." A similar study in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology confirmed that no adverse effects with the use of corn silk could be determined in female rats—suggesting a high margin of safety for humans. However, because corn silk supplements are not regulated by the FDA, safe use in dogs may vary.

In addition to corn silk, common urinary support formulas for dogs include:

  • Pumpkin Seed
  • Rehmannia
  • Wild Yam
  • Marshmallow Root
  • Cranberry
  • Saw Palmetto
  • Olive Leaf
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin C

How Natural Urinary Formulas Resolved My Dog's Incontinence

After reading success stories by several people that had tried urinary support supplements on their dogs, I bought a couple of bottles of a natural product that contained corn silk. The price was right at less than $4.00 for 100 capsules. I broke open the capsules and sprinkled them directly on Miracle's food (1 capsule in the morning and 2 at night). She didn't seem to mind the taste at all and ate her food with her usual enthusiasm.

I noticed after only two days that her dribbling was much less, and after a week, her incontinence had completely resolved.

Success With Supplements

I've been keeping Miracle on this supplement for a year now, and she has had only four accidents in that time period. Miracle tends to drink lots of water right after dinner, and the accidents happened when I didn't let her out to urinate after her evening meal and she fell into a deep sleep. All in all, I consider the corn silk remedy to be a great success. It worked for Miracle, and hopefully, it will work for your pet as well.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. It is not meant to substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, or formal and individualized advice from a veterinary medical professional. Animals exhibiting signs and symptoms of distress should be seen by a veterinarian immediately.

Questions & Answers

Question: How much corn silk should I give a 30 lb dog?

Answer: I give my 75 lb dog two capsules daily, so I think one capsule would be enough.

Question: How did you determine the dosage? For ease of administration, I've found corn silk drops, but I don't know how much to give my 70-pound Doberman. We want to supplement her failing Proin prescription for now.

Answer: The serving size for humans for 400 mg of corn silk is three capsules per day, so I started out with that since my dog is large (75 lbs.). I reduced the daily dose to two capsules after she stopped leaking.

Question: How long did it take for you to start seeing results when treating canine urinary incontinence with corn silk?

Answer: After two days that her dribbling was much less, and after a week she had completely stopped. She occasionally has some leaking if she over-drinks and falls into a deep sleep, but that hasn't happened at all for quite a long time (probably a year now).

Question: How much does Miracle weigh? What is the dosage for a dog?

Answer: I give Miracle two, 400 mg capsules of corn silk daily, and she weighs about 75 lbs.

Question: Would this help my 15-year-old male dog? His back end is weak due to a tumor on his leg.

Answer: If your dog has some incontinence, it may help since it is a natural bladder strengthener. It can't hurt to try it.

Question: Do I sprinkle a capsule in their food?

Answer: Yes, I just open up the capsule and sprinkle it into Mirra's food.

Question: Did you only use Corn Silk to treat canine urinary incontinence or did you couple your treatment with natural remedies? How long did it take for you to see results?

Answer: I only used corn silk and could see results after two days.

Question: How much corn silk should I use for my 10 lb Doxie?

Answer: I give Miracle two 400 mg capsules of corn silk daily, and she weighs about 75 lbs, but I started her off on 3 capsules then reduced it after a few weeks. Since your dog is so small, I'm thinking that if you start off with about 100 Mg that might be enough, and then increase it if it isn't working.

Question: My dog is 135 lbs. What is the correct dose for a dog this size? How many times a day?

Answer: Mirra is about 75 lbs, and I started her out on 3 400 Mg. tablets once a day, then reduced it to two tables once a day. Based on this, I would think that you could increase this by 1 400 Mg tablet/daily, and give your dog 4 tablets daily to start, and 3 tables daily for maintenance.

© 2012 Margaret Perrottet


Margaret Perrottet (author) from San Antonio, FL on May 04, 2018:

Kathi - when I started Mirra on cornsilk it took a week to work, and I was giving her 3 capsules a day. Mirra's leaking didn't get better before it got worse. If it doesn't work in a week or two I would try some other natural remedies.

Kathi Sterling on May 03, 2018:

I just started my shepherd mix Macy on the cornsilk. She weighs about 68 pounds. I have started with 2 capsules a day, one at breakfast, one at dinner. It has seemed to make the puddling a lot worse. Is it normal for it to get worse before getting better. She has been taking it for 3 days now. I want this to work since she had issues with Prion. I'd appreciate any advice anyone has to offer.

Margaret Perrottet (author) from San Antonio, FL on February 19, 2018:

Some readers have left comments saying that it took awhile for the corn silk to work, and others have said that it worked immediately. For others, it didn't work and they tried other natural remedies. Vetsource's Incontinence was mentioned as having worked for one reader , and Simlex-F was mentioned by a couple of readers as having worked. You may want to try the corn silk for a bit longer, as some comments have stated that it took awhile to work, and to be patient. It took Mirra about a week before I saw results. Good luck - I know how frustrating this problem can be. Hope you find something that works for you.

Pat Wolfe on February 18, 2018:

I have just started trying the corn silk and my girl started leaking immediately. I had to put her back on proin. Doesn't seem to work for mine. She is around 55lbs. I gave her 3 capsules for the day with no luck. How long does it take to work. 2 days and not helping.

Jackie N on January 02, 2017:

Sorry it has taken me so long to update my experience using corn silk for my 35-pound Aussie mix's incontinence. If you'll recall, my vet put her on Proin, which made her vomit and her anxiety and restlessness went through the roof. One whole capsule of corn silk still made her anxious, so I cut it to 1/2 capsule. She would still get a little restless with 1/2 capsule, so I finally cut it to 1/4, which helped, but didn't completely eliminate her dribbling. I kept experimenting with over-the-counter products and finally found Vetresource's Incontinence, which does NOT cause stomach upset OR anxiety and it has completely eliminated the dribbling. I still give her 1/4 capsule of corn silk just in case it IS part of the solution and I can't see where it does any harm. Anyway, just wanted you to know about Incontinence, in case you weren't already aware of it. Amazon carries it, but the best price I found was at Entirely Pets.

Pooja Stanslas on November 28, 2016:

hi everyone, i have put my almost 7 year old female labrador on corn silk last one month; she is about 40kgs, and takes one capsule in the morning and one in the evening; she leaks once a month (very little) and i am happy despite that. Before Nature's way corn silk, she was leaking every 2 days. I believe with alternative therapy one has to be patient as it sometimes takes up to 8 weeks to show result. dont give up easily. Namaste. Pooja

Brittany on October 30, 2016:

Hi Mperrottet, you are so local to me.. I would love to really talk more about Corn Silk with you. We have a 2 year old pit mix who has been having issues.. we fostered her 5 days after she gave birth (and we fostered her 8 pups) and she became our foster fail. =) Thank you!

Margaret Perrottet (author) from San Antonio, FL on October 23, 2016:

Jackie N - Thanks so much for the update. It's really helps me and other readers to get this feedback, and I really appreciate it.

Margaret Perrottet (author) from San Antonio, FL on October 23, 2016:

Denise - sorry the corn silk didn't work as well for you as it has for many others. I never heard of Simplex-F, but after researching it a bit, it seems like another natural cure for hormone based urinary incontinence that homeopathic vets recommend (they also recommend corn silk). I would give it a try if the corn silk isn't doing the job, but talk it over with your vet since it does involve bovine estrogen, and I would think you should be careful to get the right dosage. Please let me know how you make out with this.

Jackie N on October 22, 2016:

Hi, Margaret. Wanted to bring you up to date with the corn silk therapy I'm using for Hannah. The first three days I put the contents of one capsule in her dinner. About an hour or so, she would get restless and show signs of discomfort. On Tuesday I started using only 1/2 capsule with her meal and she has shown no signs of discomfort since then. I washed all four of the throw rugs I had put down in places where she liked to nap or sleep on Wednesday. It's been three full days now using 1/2 capsule per day, and when I checked the rugs this evening there was only ONE very small stain about the size of a 50-cent piece on one of the rugs. So far, so good; for now, there is no discomfort, no excessive licking, and the leakage seems to have stopped. I'll keep an eye on her, and will report back with the results in a week or so. Thank you for your advice, it is greatly appreciated.

Denise on October 22, 2016:

Hi loveD the corn silk it worked for about 6 days. Then she started to leak so I upped my 85 pd. Newfoundland to 3 caps in am one in pm. After success for 4 days she got the same reaction she got on Proin, diareahea. I tried the tea method this am, but each tablespoon (4) total of Nature's way looks as if it had a quarter teaspoon in i. I am trying to find right dosage. She leaked on 3, and my vet wanted her cut down to two a day in a couple weeks...she also mentioned Simplex F. Anyone have this happen?

Margaret Perrottet (author) from San Antonio, FL on October 12, 2016:

Jackie - I don't think that the licking is from the corn silk as much as the leakage which is perhaps causing irritation and scalding. I've noticed Mirra licking herself off and on, and suspect that when she is doing that there is some slight leakage but not enough to see on the rug where she is lying.

When I first started giving Mirra cornsilk, it took about a week for the leakage to stop. I was giving her 1 capsule in the morning and two at night and she is 72 pounds. I now have her down to two capsules in the morning. However, sometimes she goes through spells where she is leaking again, and I increase the cornsilk by one extra a day until it stops. Sometimes she leaks because she tends to over-drink, and I haven't been diligent in letting her out. I also need to make sure that if she is leaking, it's not from a urinary tract infection (which she is apt to get). I can usually tell if the leakage is from an infection from the odor. Good luck - I'm really hoping the cornsilk helps.

Jackie N on October 12, 2016:

Have started giving my Hannah (43 pounds) one capsule of corn silk mixed in with her dinner each night four times now. She's fine during the day, but in the evening she seems unable to relax and is constantly licking herself. Could that have anything to do with the corn silk? The leakage seems to have lessened somewhat, although it's hard to tell since she's been on the corn silk for such a short time. I have put throw rugs with rubber backing every place in the house that she likes to snooze, which makes it easy to tell if there was any leakage. I was curious how long it was before you saw any results with respect to leakage. Thank you for any advice/suggestions you can give.

Margaret Perrottet (author) from San Antonio, FL on October 07, 2016:

Jackie - I hope this works for you - good luck!

Jackie N. on October 06, 2016:

A couple of weeks ago I took my 12-year-old Aussie mix Hannah to the vet because she was dribbling when she was at rest. I had had this problem several years before with an akita, so I wasn't concerned because the small pill the vet prescribed solved the problem with no side effects at all. This vet prescribed Proin for Hannah; the first one I gave her (in her dinner) was vomited up within a half hour and, for the rest of the evening, she was restless and irritable. I have not given her another pill. Since then, I've tried Canavid U/T, which she loves, but without any results. I just wanted to say that I am ordering Corn Silk today, and hope that it will solve my dog's problem.

Margaret Perrottet (author) from San Antonio, FL on August 05, 2016:

You can buy the corn silk capsules on Amazon - that's where I always get it from. I'm not sure about the other ingredients in the Solaray blend. Thanks for reading the article - and good luck with whatever you decide to go with.

LeighAnnH on August 04, 2016:

After reading the article and most of the comments, I went shopping. I can't seem to find Nature's Way Cornsilk, but I did find Solaray Kidney Blend. The first ingredient is cornsilk, followed by parsley, etc. I will look up the other ingredients to be confident that it's safe for my Lucy girl, but thought I'd ask you for your thoughts as well. Thanks for sharing.

Carolyn on July 18, 2016:

So glad I found this info. My girl is 4 yrs old and spayed. She doesn't leak often, but has had a few episodes of wet spots and has always washed herself a lot! Going to try the corn silk, hoping it does the trick!

Margaret Perrottet (author) from San Antonio, FL on September 03, 2015:

Jackie - Mirra is about 75 pounds, and I give her three 400 mg capsules a day (1.2 grams). If the powder you bought is the same strength, that would probably be about 1/4 tsp a capsule. Since your dog is a bit larger, probably a full teaspoon a day would be about right. You really need to know what strength the cornsilk is that you bought. Good luck, and hope this helps.

Jackie on September 01, 2015:

I started using the corn silk tables on my 6 year old Doberman named Teagan. We had tried other natural remodies previous to the corn silk, but nothing seemed to help. The corn silk was a miracle for her! We went from lots of leakage to hardly any. I was using the capsules and decided to buy the organic corn silk powder, thinking that she's going to be on it forever so I could just buy it in a bag. Problem is, I don't know what dosage to give her. She's 99 pounds. I tried emailing the company for dosage information, but no help there. Any suggestions?

Margaret Perrottet (author) from San Antonio, FL on May 03, 2015:

I'm sorry that your dog is sick. I would check with the vet on this, since anything you give your dog at this point could possibly affect him.

Margaret Perrottet (author) from San Antonio, FL on March 10, 2015:

Ashley - Sure hope this works for you - good luck!

Ashley on March 09, 2015:

My rot mix has been on proin for years and although it does help her incontinence, it's never been totally gone. She has the side effect of anxiety from it also. Thank you so much for this article. I'm going to try to switch her and hope it helps :) wish us luck!

Margaret Perrottet (author) from San Antonio, FL on January 01, 2015:

Sorry it didn't work - perhaps it works best with females who have spay incontinence like Mirra.

Toby on December 26, 2014:

Hello-Toby has been on CornSilk now for three weeks and we haven't noticed any improvement in his incontinence, we have decided to now stop the supplement.

Margaret Perrottet (author) from San Antonio, FL on November 30, 2014:

Toby - I was wondering about that too. Mirra's problem is specifically female. Since the corn silk strengthens bladders, it would think that it may work with male dogs.

Toby on November 29, 2014:

Has anyone had any success using this product with a male dog?

Margaret Perrottet (author) from San Antonio, FL on October 12, 2014:

Roz - sure hope it works for you. Good luck!

Roz on October 11, 2014:

I bought another brand of Corn Silk and it didn't work (450mg). Yesterday I bought Nature's Way and gave to my baby this morning. I sure hope it works... I want to wean her off Proin as she's been on it for almost a year.

Margaret Perrottet (author) from San Antonio, FL on September 28, 2014:

Probably she's over-drinking and her bladder is too full. Mirra tends to drink lots of water also.

Barbara on September 27, 2014:

Butterscotch only does it when she comes home from the dog park. While there she does a lot of running and drinks lots of water. Sometimes it is puddles! Other times dribbles. This is the only time it happens.

Margaret Perrottet (author) from San Antonio, FL on July 15, 2014:

jean - I'm so glad that it worked for you, and I hope you have continued success.

jean on July 14, 2014:

Thank you so much! I got the corn silk caps(450 mgs) and sprinkeled 1 on her breakfast along with some flax meal....After 4 days,,,no more leaks or accidents! We still use a diaper at nite for safety,but she has stayed dry for a week now.again,,many thanks

Margaret Perrottet (author) from San Antonio, FL on July 05, 2014:

Jean - I've only tried the capsules, so I don't know if the tea is better. The capsules seem to work just fine, and I just open them up and sprinkle the cornsilk on Mirra's food. She doesn't seem to mind the taste at all. Mirra weighs about 72 lbs, and I was giving her three tablets a day for quite awhile. Just recently I reduced it to two tablets a day - one in the morning and 1 at night. Each tablet is 400 mg. I never read of any bad side effects from the pills, but maybe you should start your dog off with 400 mg a day - 200 in the morning and 200 at night. Use your better judgement - and good luck. I hope this works for you.

jean on July 05, 2014:

I tried Proin with my ancient poodle.It worked but she started vomiting..I would like to try corn silK but at what dose? Her weight is 11 lbs.Which is better the pills or the tea? Thanks

Margaret Perrottet (author) from San Antonio, FL on April 21, 2014:

Adam - I haven't noticed any weight loss with my dog. That's great that you got results with just one capsule. Thanks for stopping by!

Adam on April 21, 2014:

This worked for us too with our GSP. She had spay incontinence and since starting on just 1 400mg capsule of Corn Silk her incontinence has disappeared. Thanks for the heads up.

She has drop a few kgs on it though. Not sure if others have notices this also.

Margaret Perrottet (author) from San Antonio, FL on October 24, 2013:

NiaG - I'm so glad that it worked for you, especially since the Proin was having such bad side effects. It's good to hear about success stories - thanks for the follow-up!

NiaG from Louisville, KY on October 23, 2013:

Just wanted to say that the Cornsilk really does work. I've given it a shot and really happy with the results. Thanks again!

Margaret Perrottet (author) from San Antonio, FL on October 18, 2013:

Lori - No, I haven't given her a break from the corn silk, although it may be a good idea. Thanks for stopping by!

Lori on October 18, 2013:

I have a GSD who once every few weeks leaves a wee puddle after a nap. She is on Pred for allergies, so hopefully that is the cause but if it continues I will start her on the Corn Silk. Question, do you take a break every so often so she doesn't become immune? With human supplements it is suggested take the weekend off or stop one week out of every month.........

Margaret Perrottet (author) from San Antonio, FL on April 29, 2013:

NiaG - Sorry to hear your dog had such bad side effects from the Proin. I really hope that the corn silk works for your dog as well as it has for Mirra. Thanks for reading and commenting.

NiaG from Louisville, KY on April 29, 2013:

Wow! I'm going to try this for my little one. My dog was on Proin and had episodes of severe diarrhea and vomiting. I tried lowering the dose but still the same outcome. It definitely works but may come with side effects. I recently bought a natural version from Only Natural. I have not received it yet but think I will try the cornsilk first. Thanks so much for this!

Margaret Perrottet (author) from San Antonio, FL on April 25, 2013:

Thanks so much, Peggy - I really appreciate that!

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on April 25, 2013:

Came back to say that I am going to pin this hub. Hope it draws more traffic to this informational hub. So glad that your Miracle is doing well.

Margaret Perrottet (author) from San Antonio, FL on April 17, 2013:

Sara - I read another article on the Internet concerning the subject. I believe the article said four capsules, but I thought I'd try three, and see how it worked. I still give her three capsules daily, and she's doing really well. Miracle weighs about 72 pounds, so probably a smaller dog would need less. Thanks for reading and commenting - I really appreciate it.

Sara S on April 17, 2013:

Hi, thanks for posting your experience with Corn Silk and your baby. Where did you get the correct dosage from? Thanks in advance!

Margaret Perrottet (author) from San Antonio, FL on March 14, 2013:

Peggy - Lots of people do use corn silk for bladder problems, apparently with some success. It sure has worked with Miracle. Thanks so much for sharing - greatly appreciated!

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on March 14, 2013:

Hi Margaret,

This is wonderful news should we ever have a dog with an incontinence problem. I noticed that Rajan stated that it has been used successfully on humans also. Wonder how many people know that? With our aging senior population and many of the aisles in drug stores filled with pads for incontinence, I wonder if corn silk would lessen the need for such things? Obviously you purchased a product probably intended for human consumption. So some people must know of it. Voted UUI and will SHARE to get the word out...whether for dogs or humans. Thanks for sharing this with us!

Margaret Perrottet (author) from San Antonio, FL on March 13, 2013:

torrilynn - That's what I like about it too - that it's natural. The side effects from the drug the vet was going to give Mirra were pretty awful. Thanks so much for reading and voting - I really appreciate it.

torrilynn on March 13, 2013:

interesting article

i didn't know that you could treat a urinary problem with corn silk

i like the fact that it is natural and that there are no adverse side effects

thanks for the information

Voted up

Margaret Perrottet (author) from San Antonio, FL on March 13, 2013:

Thelma - I never heard of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. I just looked it up on the Internet, and they're adorable. Glad you stopped by - thanks for reading and sharing.

Thelma Alberts from Germany on March 13, 2013:

I love reading health remedies of pets as I have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog. I will keep this in my mind in case I might need it. Voted this up and shared;-)

Margaret Perrottet (author) from San Antonio, FL on March 07, 2013:

rajan - Yes, corn silk has been a natural remedy for years, and seems to be successful in humans as well as dogs. Thanks so much for sharing this.

Rajan Singh Jolly from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar, INDIA. on March 07, 2013:

Margaret, corn silk has been used in humans for urine incontinence issues with success. I'm glad you tried it for your dog. Really useful info here and I'm sharing this hub for the benefit of others who may be facing the same problem with their pets.

Voted up, useful and shared.

Margaret Perrottet (author) from San Antonio, FL on March 01, 2013:

wetnosedogs - Glad you found your way to this hub, and thanks so much for reading and commenting.

wetnosedogs from Alabama on March 01, 2013:

I love reading about such remedies. I will keep this in mind in case this happens. Thanks for sharing this great information.

Margaret Perrottet (author) from San Antonio, FL on February 23, 2013:

Cathy - I'm still faithfully giving Mirra 3 corn silk capsules daily, and she hardly has any problems at all. Thanks so much for commenting, voting and sharing - I really do appreciate it.

Ms. Immortal from NJ on February 22, 2013:

Great information, I am glad you found a natural remedy good for you and great for your dog.

voted up and shared.

Margaret Perrottet (author) from San Antonio, FL on November 18, 2012:

Thanks so much for the share - It's much appreciated. I believe in trying to avoid as many medications as possible for both myself and Miracle. I think it's so much better if you can use natural remedies.

Michelle Liew from Singapore on November 18, 2012:

Margaret, I am glad that Miracle is better. I think this natural remedy should be shared with all pet owners! WIll share this enlightening hub.

Margaret Perrottet (author) from San Antonio, FL on November 16, 2012:

I agree, lindacee, the medicines can really have some bad side effects. I've been so pleased that this treatment has worked so well for Miracle. It's been a year since I've been using it, and she hasn't had any accidents for a very long time now. I just hope that it keeps working. Thanks so much for reading and commenting.

Linda Chechar from Arizona on November 16, 2012:

I have not had this problem with my dog, but I'm keeping this in my memory bank for future reference. Veterinary care is so expensive -- and prescription drugs can cause such adverse side effects that I am hesitant to give them to my girl. I'm open to trying natural remedies to treat her. Thanks for sharing this successful treatment!