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What to Do When Your Dog Bites Someone

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Dr. Mark is a veterinarian. He also trains dogs, mostly large breeds and those that suffer from aggression problems.

What to do if your dog bites someone.

What to do if your dog bites someone.

Out of a total of about 4.5 million incidents of dogs biting per year, there are more than 350,000 that end up in US emergency rooms. Only a small percentage of those bitten sue the dog's owner. While the risks are low, do you want to be one of the few who loses your dog, loses a home, or even goes to jail as a result of a dog bite?

Why Do Dogs Bite?

  • Some dogs bite because they have been trained by their owners to be aggressive; the owner may not even be aware he is teaching this behavior.
  • Some dogs bite because of previous incidents of maltreatment, like being subjected to misguided “trainers” practicing alpha rolls, being sprayed in the face with a water bottle, or being slapped with a rolled-up newspaper.
  • Some dogs bite because they feel trapped by a human's inappropriate attempt at affection.

It doesn’t matter why he does it, though, because if your dog ends up biting someone, you are in for a lot of headaches.

Some dogs only bite once.

Some dogs only bite once.

What to Do if Your Dog Bites Someone

  1. Take him to a kennel or crate and lock him up, immediately. I have read numerous accounts of people who have lost their dog when the police showed up to investigate. Police might shoot the dog on sight or might haul him off to an animal shelter. But if you take your dog and lock him up in your house, it's less likely that the police will open fire. (This is not what the lawyers recommend, of course, but they are not concerned about your dog's welfare.)
  2. Talk to the person who was bitten and tell them that you will cover all their expenses. Have a first aid kit on hand and offer it to them. If they want to go to an emergency room, offer to drive. Do NOT tell them it was your dog's fault.
  3. After you secure the dog and do what you can for the person who was bitten, call your insurance company. (Of course, you should have homeowners insurance that covers your dog. If you do not, and you are sued, you could lose it all. If you own a dog that others consider vicious, you will have to pay more and will have trouble finding a carrier. The insurance company might not want to continue providing coverage after the first bite, but at least you'll be protected for that first incident.)
  4. Make an appointment to see your veterinarian and tell them you need a referral to see an animal behaviorist who deals with dog aggression. Even if your dog bit because he was trapped and being abused, his actions are still not normal and need to be addressed.
  5. If the police show up, just tell them the situation is being dealt with. You do not need to let them into your house without a warrant and do not need to surrender your dog. If they continue to harass you, tell them to call your lawyer. If the police become involved, you will need a lawyer. (Police and animal control officers hate this part of the article. They cannot bust into your home if they do not have a warrant. I have heard hundreds of people tell me stories about not being able to get their dogs back, and their dogs end up dead.)
  6. Purchase a muzzle for your dog so that if you are ordered to buy a muzzle, you will already have one if ordered to use it by the court.
  7. If the person who was bitten by your dog decides to sue, it is up to you to prove that your dog is not dangerous. You will want to get your dog into a canine good citizen program and follow advice on how to prove that your dog is not dangerous immediately.
These collars look painful, but it's important to keep your dog under control in public.

These collars look painful, but it's important to keep your dog under control in public.

Dog-Biting Tips for Dog Owners

  • Some articles make claims about which breeds are more likely to bite, but these articles are full of misinformation, and articles that scare people are part of the problem. Any dog has the potential to bite, but larger breeds can do a lot more damage. A visitor might laugh off a ferocious little Chihuahua but get really upset if your Rottweiler growls at them.
  • A word of warning: some states have a “one-bite” rule and allow a dog one free bite before it is determined he is aggressive. If your dog has already bitten someone in one of those states, or if you have been stupid enough to train your dog to be aggressive, the penalties are going to be a lot harsher.
  • Even if you have the mildest, most mellow old dog that would never bite anyone, you should make sure you have a secure place to put him in the house, have an insurance policy that covers him, and make sure you know of a lawyer you can work with if a bite occurs.
  • Sometimes, bites happen to the nicest dogs. People can do the most annoying things, and sometimes it is just more than even the best dog can bear.
  • Protect your dog's life. After all, she is always there to protect yours.

What Is a "One Bite" Rule?

Some states have a rule that says that the dog owner will be held liable for injuries caused by the animal only if the owner knew (or should have known) about the animal's dangerous or vicious propensities. In other words, if the dog bit before, then the owner is responsible.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. It is not meant to substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, or formal and individualized advice from a veterinary medical professional. Animals exhibiting signs and symptoms of distress should be seen by a veterinarian immediately.

Questions & Answers

Question: The little boy next door jumped into my backyard my pitbull bit him on the thigh and now the city and the police department are asking for so many restrictions. Now I have to euthanize my dog because of the health department and police department don't want him around my children. They deemed him dangerous. Can I sue the neighbors because their son was a cause of this my dog never bit anyone before?

Answer: I am not sure that you could win, but yes you could try to sue if you find a lawyer willing to represent you. For further information you need to contact a local lawyer.

Question: My dog had a scuffle with another dog. Their owner put her foot between them, and got bit. She totally understood that it was an accident, and told me not to worry about anything, but I have a neighbor that just hates us that I believe called animal control. Now they're asking questions, and want a picture of my dog. What do I do?

Answer: They are probably trying to put your dog on a dangerous dog list. I am not sure if you are legally required to allow them to come into your house and take a picture of your dog. If this were my dog, I would want to consult an attorney before letting them invade my house.

Question: My dog nipped someone while he was on leash. Am I responsible?

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Answer: Yes, but the potential penalties vary state to state. If the person has medical expenses, you should pay. You should also consider consulting a lawyer before they sue.

Question: Can I have my dog assessed and get a certificate to state she is not vicious? I have been reported but all my dog did was sniff at her dogs which then started yapping and some lady started screaming.

Answer: There is no certificate that states that your dog will never bite, but you can get a canine good citizen certificate from the AKC. I have written this article to give you more details:

Get something done immediately.

Question: What happens if my neighbor gets bit by my German shepherd trying to get their ball from my yard without asking?

Answer: You are considered responsible for your dog. The neighbor may still try to sue you. Even if you had a lock on the gate and the neighbor climbed over a fence, they might sue.

They might not win, but it has happened in the past. Get a lawyer now.

Question: My dog was on a leash in my yard and jumped on a high school runner and scratched her; they said that since skin broke, it was considered a bite. Unable to find shot records he was quarantined; the parents refused any further medical. I live in Mississippi. What should i do ?

Answer: Since you do not have any records to prove he was vaccinated for rabies, you should contact a local lawyer as soon as possible. They may release your dog after the quaratine period since it was not even a bite, but if animal control gets a letter from a lawyer they will be unlikely to kill your dog before returning him to you.

Question: My dog bit my two-year-old niece in the face. He has never shown any signs of aggression, and has been nothing but sweet to her especially. Even though paramedics and law enforcement is labeling it as an accident and not requiring anything to be done, my stepbrother who is my niece's dad is demanding I put my dog down. Even with it being deemed an accident, will animal control order me to put him down because my brother demands it?

Answer: Toddlers get bit in the face because they crawl around, get in the dogs face, and then usually do something like pulling the dog's ears. The dog gets annoyed, and since he would not put up with it from a puppy, he will not usually put up with it from an infant. Unfortunately, toddlers are delicate, so the bites are usually pretty bad.

Animal control cannot require you to put your dog down unless a judge demands it. This will probably not happen if this is the first time your dog has bitten someone. If you need more help, especially if your brother pursues this in court, you need to consult and hire a local attorney.

Question: My dog nibbled on someone that was riding by. First aid was offered, but no further attention was wanted. Days go by and “the parents and child” come back asking for $600. What do we do?

Answer: If that is what they want, and they never came back again, it would be worth it to avoid any legal problems with your dog. Unfortunately, they might come back again, and again.

If I were in your situation, I would contact an attorney. When the people come back, refer them to your attorney and when they get the money, they will have to sign a letter stating that they will not seek any further damages.

Question: My dog bit a little girl. I'm in Missouri and didn't see it happen; He is nine-months-old. Will they put him down?

Answer: If this is the first time that your puppy has bitten someone he will most likely be released after a quarantine period (as long as you have kept his vaccines up to date). He will not be declared a vicious dog unless he has bitten before.

Question: My dogs jumped the fence and mauled a dog, and the owner of the other dog is claiming that he was bitten. What should I do?

Answer: Is that person asking for financial damages secondary to the bite? If you are not sure it happened, and the person did not get any medical attention after, a lawyer might be able to show that it did not even happen. If so, your dog would not be deemed dangerous, and you would have a lot fewer headaches down the road.

The best thing you could do now is contact an attorney so that you can hire them before this proceeds. An attorney might be able to write a letter to that person, and this will all be over.

Question: My dog bit someone, but that was taken care of. Today, my dog was on a leash. We were hiking, and as a biker went by, he nipped the guy but barely cut through the skin. Will my dog be put down?

Answer: This depends on the state you live in, so if you really want to know, you will have to consult with a local lawyer.

If your dog has already bitten someone in the past, and now has bitten someone again (no matter how minor), he will likely be declared a dangerous dog even if he is not euthanized by animal control. If you are able to take him for a walk in the future, you need to walk your dog with a basket muzzle. A basket muzzle allows him to breathe normally, but he is not able to bite.

This muzzle might save his life.

Question: I have a friend that is a vet tech that cuts my dogs nails at my house. She has cut my dog's nails before, but this time he wasn't having it and bit her. He is not up to date on his rabies vaccine. Whats going to happen to my dog? I am in California.

Answer: If the vet tech has reported the bite and gone to the hospital, then animal control will take your dog and keep him for a quarantine period. He may be declared a dangerous dog. For more info, you need to consult a local lawyer that deals with dog bite issues.

Question: My sister had a classmate over to do a project. My mom left them alone in the house for less than 20 minutes while she ran to the store to get supplies for their project. During that time, my sister brought our dog inside, and he attacked the classmate. He usually just barks at strangers; this is his first time biting someone. What could happen to him for biting her and to my mom for leaving them unsupervised? We live in North Texas.

Answer: It depends on the age of your sister and the child that was bitten. I do not know what the child protection laws are in Texas, but she could potentially get in trouble with them. She needs to consult a lawyer on this before the issue becomes more serious.

As far as the dog biting the child, it will likely be declared a dangerous dog. Since this is his first bite, his owners will probably get off without paying too much, but if it happens again, this will be very bad. Again, you need to consult a local attorney now before things get out of hand.

Question: I live in Georgia. I was parked in a public parking lot and had my 8-year-old Labrador with me that has never been aggressive before. He was in the back of my 4-runner. I left the window half down and ran to drop a package off at the UPS store. When I came out a gentleman told me my dog had bitten him. There was a small nic on his arm that was not bleeding. Should I be concerned?

Answer: I do not think so. If the person reports that the dog was being aggressive you should have him reported since he was breaking into your truck. If this were my dog I would wait and see if anything happens, but if it does you will have to hire a local lawyer familiar with the laws in your area.

Question: Will my service dog be traumatized by a ten-day quarantine? Will it affect his training?

Answer: The training will be set back for ten days, but there is no reason to expect him to be traumatized.

Question: Someone came into my property and harassed my child and dog, so my dog bit him. Can he sue me?

Answer: Anybody can sue anybody over anything. Yes, he can sue you, but will he win? I do not know what state you are in, but I recommend you go out and find a lawyer right away. The lawyer can defend you if you are sued, but if I were in your shoes, I would ask the lawyer if I could sue that person who was in my yard.

Do you have any proof that he was harassing your child? If you do, the court will be a lot more likely to support you, and not that person.

Question: My sister's puppy bit me while playing; not knowing any better. I was forced to fill out a bite report. What will happen?

Answer: It depends on the age of the puppy and the severity of the bite. If it were just a little puppy nipping, nothing would happen. I do not understand your comment about being forced to fill out a bite report. Was the bite severe enough that you had to have medical care? Did you fill out the bite report at the hospital?

If the puppy is older, over 16 weeks, he is legally required to have his rabies vaccination. If this has not been done, your sister will probably be visited by animal control.

Question: My one-year-old pitbull (who has never shown signs of aggression) reached over our front yard fence and bit a passerby walking on the sidewalk! We immediately caged him up and went to the victim's house to show legal vet papers of his shots required. It is possible that I can be sued and my dog be put down? I don't have insurance for him. He isn't even aggressive to other dogs! I have a five-year-old, and they are best buddies.

Answer: Yes, you can be sued. The judge will probably declare him a dangerous dog, but it is unlikely they will force you to put him down after a first bite. (Check and find out if you live in a "first bite" state.) It does not matter if he has been aggressive in the past. The court will probably find you culpable because the dog could reach over the fence to bite a passerby. You should consult a local lawyer before this proceeds any further and then if they do file a lawsuit you will have someone able to help you immediately.

Question: Do I have to put my dog down because he bit a family member? Is there a place I can call to help work with the dog and his behavioral health.

Answer: Ask your vet for a referral to a local animal behaviorist. That person will assess your dog's mental health and help you determine what his future should be within your family.

Question: My dog's on house quarantine since she bit, and I can not find the rabies records. She is an inside dog and it was the first time she got out. After quarantine can I get a blood test, or should I just get her shots?

Answer: You should just update her rabies vaccine since you do not have any proof of the last vaccination and the titer will not protect your dog from the legal system.

Question: Can a dog be put down legally for not having a license?

Answer: Not in most areas that I am familiar with. If the dog has bitten before, he may be declared a dangerous dog and can be put down. You need to consult a local attorney to find out if animal control or a shelter is planning on killing your dog without permission.

Question: My brother's dog jumped on to the mailman and scratched her leg a bit, but no skin was broken. I took the dog into the house again afterward. Should I be concerned?

Answer: This will depend on the mail carrier. If the dog was just jumping up to say hello, she will probably not even worry about it. If the dog was jumping up to bite, then the mail carrier might report it, and your mail service can be cut off. If that happens, you have to go to the post office to pick up the mail.

She should not call animal control so the dog will not be in any jeopardy.

Question: Is the one bite policy in Washington state?

Answer: Your dog is not considered vicious unless he has previously bitten someone. Washington state does allow the one bite policy.

To prevent any problems, you should contact a local lawyer.

Question: My vet refused to vaccinate my dog because he says that according to NYC law, a dog can't be vaccinated after a bite for ten days. Is this true?

Answer: If you have questions about the legality of vaccinating your dog after a bite, you will have to consult a local lawyer. I can only refer you to a site: This will give you details of the law.

Your vet is probably correct. If your dog's rabies vaccination is expired, city law allows them to take your dog away and charge you for quarantine.

Question: Our Dachshund, that has bitten two times (nothing major) bit my two-year-old granddaughter on the face requiring 10 stitches and plastic surgery. Her mom is a personal injury lawyer. None of us, including the lawyer, felt the dog was dangerous. We have homeowners insurance, and offered to pay for everything but we think she wants to sue big. Should we hire an attorney? I understand the one bite rule but if the child's own mother thought the dog was safe enough to be around how can it be considered vicious?

Answer: You should consult an attorney as soon as possible. You already knew that the dog was dangerous since it had bitten in the past, even if it was not reported, and the woman might sue because of the damage to the little girls face.

I do not think a court will accept that last argument. Just because the mother allowed the dog around her child does not excuse the dog's owners from culpability. To get more info on this, however, you need to consult an attorney.

Question: My 8 month puppy nipped an 11 year old who made a rapid movement in our home. What will happen?

Answer: It depends on where you live and who the child is. You did not explain if he is family, if he is a child of friends, if he is just a neighbor, etc. I explained in the article what you can try to do, but if the parents are interested in suing you should consult a lawyer now before they start their suit.

Question: My one-year-old dog bit my nine-year-old cousin yesterday, requiring him to have stitches. My dog has never been mean, and didn’t show any warning signs before the bite. He was happy and playing. Any idea on what might’ve happened?

Answer: There are a lot of possibilities. Dogs are often scolded when they growl, so they are less likely to growl and warn before they bite. They still try to warn, but a nine-year-old probably did not see anything going on.

It is possible that the child was playing too rough, touched a part of the dog that was painful or sensitive, and of course, it is just possible that the dog got too worked up and bit like he would another dog. Kids can be very fragile, so he may not have even meant to bite so hard.

The first thing I would do, if this were my dog, is to take him to his regular vet and have a thorough exam. He may have a painful bladder, early arthritic pain (joint degeneration), or something else that the vet picks up. If your vet does not find anything, and you are in a city that has a behaviorist, it would be a good idea to have a consultation.

If your dog were to bite again, the victim might win if they chose to sue you.

Question: My dog is overdue on her rabies shot as she had surgery, excessive tests, and medicine to take. Now, she has bitten a nine-year-old that has been threatening her right before getting her rabies shot. What happens now if

I live in Massachusetts?

Answer: Your dog will be declared dangerous. Since her rabies vaccination was not current, animal control will take her and lock her up in an animal shelter for quarantine.

You need to ask your vet for some sort of proof that he did not give the rabies vaccine because of the surgery, testing, etc. Take whatever paperwork he gives you to the animal shelter to show why she was not vaccinated.

Question: What will happen to my dog if he was in an enclosure, but some kids let him out and then he bit them?

Answer: In most states, you are still going to be responsible for the medical care of the kids. Hopefully, you have homeowners insurance that covers your dog.

As far as what will happen to your dog, this depends on the state you live in. If the parents of the kids have come to see you about this, you need to contact a lawyer that deals with dog bite cases. Some states allow a dog one bite without consequences; others will condemn your dog as dangerous even after an incident such as you describe.

Question: My mom and uncle were breaking up a fight between my pit bulls, and my uncle was bitten. If he goes to the hospital, will my dog be put down?

Answer: In many states, dogs are allowed a first bite, but after that incident, they are considered dangerous dogs. If you are not in a state that allows dogs to bite once, it will depend on how hard your uncle pursues this. If he just goes to the hospital, it will not be a problem. If he hires a lawyer and sues you over this bite, it can be a lot more serious.

Question: My godson asked if he could play with my dogs outside with his cousin. My dogs jumped on his cousin, and they ended up scratching up the kids' legs, and now they're taking him to the hospital. What should I do?

Answer: If your dogs scratched the boy because of being poorly trained, then animal control will not even get involved. I cannot tell you if his family will try to sue you or not; that really depends on your relationship with them. You need to teach your dog not to jump up, though, so read for some simple and sure methods to teach your dog not to jump up on kids.

Question: Our pet sitter got bit opening the front door, and they will not sign a release. What can I do to get her to sign a release?

Answer: Your pet sitter might be thinking about suing you in the future, so they do not want to sign a release. All you can do is ask and offer to pay for medical expenses; there is no way to force a person to sign a release.

Question: My half Akita shepherd bit the Veterinarian when he came out to administer a rabies shot. He grew impatient, picked the dog up from behind and slammed him into the dirt. No wonder the dog bit. What can I do?

Answer: It is unlikely a vet is going to try and sue you over a dog bite, and even less likely that you will be able to sue him for animal abuse. If you do not hear from him again, that is probably for the best. If your dog is aggressive with everyone, I'd consult an animal behaviorist, and get another vet next time your dog needs a rabies vaccination.


Dr Mark (author) from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil on August 15, 2020:

Rachel, since the skin was not penetrated there is not even any chance of rabies so unless the animal control in your city are a bunch of idiots your dog will not be taken away. If this happens again, however, he may be declared a dangerous dog and your chances of losing him are much worse. If you have a minute take the time to read this article:

Rachel McArthur on August 14, 2020:

We had pizza delivered (contactless). Went outside to get pizza and as i was trying to get back into the house, my dog got out and approached the delivery girl. She started to scream and kick her feet (as if she was running in place) and this spooked my dog. Dog started to nip at her shoes... all the while screaming at the top of her lungs. I got my dog in house and me and my neighbor checked her out. 1st foot no marks. 2nd foot she had a bruise with some swelling.There was no broken skin or bleeding. Her shoes didn't have any holes either. We calmed her down and called her employer to advise what happened (they only cared about the money from delivery) and called her boyfriend to pick her up. She was very upset at in some pain. I apologized 1000 times and offered to pay med bills. My question is this, do i need to worry? Are they gonna take my dog? Do i have to quarantine her?

She has never shown aggression and is a very good dog (just hyper). Super anxious fur mom here. Also, my husband wants to crate her all night over this. Any feedback would help.

Dr Mark (author) from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil on August 14, 2020:

Shelly, if your dog has a current rabies vaccination, since this is the first bite most states will excuse this. You can call a lawyer about this to be sure where you live but it is unlikely you will lose your dog. If this happens again though your dog will be taken away.

If your dog was not current on his vaccinations the police and animal control will probably come to your house to take your dog to a shelter.

Shelley on August 14, 2020:

My dog bit my step daughter after an altercation with her father raiswd voices and pushing and dog ran out of his cage and punctured her leg 4 times 2 deep 1 with fat hanging out.she went to the hospital they cleaned wounds paper stitched them and she had a tetanus dog was secured in his cage straight aftet incident never hurt anyone before apart from playful nipping hes an american cross english bulldog boistrous but loving .ahe had no problem with y dog before and been around children from day one and adults no problem now ahe is bacl up hospital thinking she has an infection the bite was 2 days ago she had antibiotics aswell .will i lose my dog or be put doqn i dont know what to do

Dr Mark (author) from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil on August 14, 2020:

Freaking out--hopefully your dog is currently vaccinated for rabies. If she does call the police, just show the paperwork and even if it is animal control do not turn your dog over to them.

Freaking out on August 12, 2020:

My dog ran out of the house. Not on purpose allowed out. He was barking at another dog. The owner of that dog claims he bit her dog but if I not believe that happened from what I and another neighbor witnessed. She was screaming at me that she was going to call the cops and to get my papers in order. What should I do?

Dr Mark (author) from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil on July 21, 2020:

Dave, not really. It sounds like you are being a responsible owner, which is what judges are most concerned about if something like this happens.

Dr Mark (author) from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil on July 21, 2020:

Jacqueline Nava--I would definitely talk to the dogs owners first. It is their legal responsibility to cover your daughters ER costs, and if you do have to sue to get them to pay it is going to cost them a lot more and they may end up losing their dogs. Explain that to them and maybe they will understand and take care of your daughter.

Dave on July 20, 2020:

I have a German Shepard that accidentally bit my waiter. I told the waiter not to pet him near his neck or face area, but she proceeded to do so. I have setup appointments for the vet and a trainer to hopefully train this behavior out, but I'm afraid of the legal ramifications. My parents can take care of him but they live in a different state. I have purchased a muzzle for him and will follow all steps to train this behavior out.

Is there anything else that I could do?

Jacqueline Nava on July 19, 2020:

I just relocated to Texas about 3 weeks ago && I’m staying with a close family member

Who has 2 poodles in the home. She normal puts them away in the (laundry room)& will only let them out when they are not eating cause dogs will beg & get aggressive. they love human food and will steal food from plates and will even jump up on the tables looking for food they do have a doggy gate on all the time cause of my 2 special needs toddles.

But this day that my 3 year old daughter got bit in the face near her lip it was because of my fault I left the baby gate open and the dog ran upstairs to the room where we were staying in and my daughter was sitting on the bed watching TV eating her fries I didn’t visually see it because I was downstairs washing my sheets that the dog had pissed on when he was up their. but when I heard her cry I ran upstairs and saw that her face was blooding. Her lip was gushing out. & she had bit marks on her face and I Had them rush us to the ER where she was but an anabiotic‘s and had stitches.

After we were ok to go home

When we had arrived Their was a sheriff already waiting for us.

Sheriff only spoke to the homeowners I’ve only saw him when he came upstairs to take pictures of of my daughters face.

The husband bought the meds The dr prescribed at the hospital.

& told me not to worry. Since I just relocated & don’t have insurance at the moment.

But Now I’m stressing cause I have a $5000 dollar ER bill.

& to honest you guys I feel so angry & don’t want to live with them

I feel my kids are not safe even though it was an accident.

And I’m technically living here can I still sue her?

Dr Mark (author) from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil on June 09, 2020:

Pam, this is serious enough that you need to contact a lawyer familiar with dog bite law in CT. There is no way that they should make a dog wear a muzzle all the time but if you let that woman in your yard again, and it happens again, animal control will come and kill your dog.

Pam on June 08, 2020:

My pitbull mix was in our yard, my daughter in law and granddaughter came into the yard. My daughter in law said the kids would never come in the yard as long as I had the dog. I had the dog on a leash and she said no he doesn't need that. All was fine until my grand daughter came over and hugged me, the dog jump on her and knocked her down. My daughter in law jumped on my grand daughter thinking the dog would attack. My grand daughter was

screaming and crying so the dog tried to pull my daughter in law off her. He kept pulling on parts of her body and finally got her arm and she had to have stitches. She demanded I put the dog down, I refused so she reported him. The dog warden says I have to muzzle the dog in my fenced in yard. I live in Ct can he legally do this?

Dr Mark (author) from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil on April 11, 2020:

Julipp, normally I would say that they can use that opportunity to seize your dog. With the coronavirus situation, however, I have no idea what is going to happen. If I were in your situation I would call animal control and ask them.

Dr Mark (author) from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil on April 11, 2020:

Laia, if your dog has bitten for a second time you are more likely to be sued since your dog is a known biter. If you are a renter it will be difficult to find a place, and if you own your home insurance will be more expensive.

Julipp on April 10, 2020:

While at work my aunt took my dog for a walk and she ended up jumping on a kid and scratching him she is overdue for her rabbies shot and I'm worried about what is going to happen. The police where called and the kid is fine but the police requested paperwork to prove she's up to date on vaccination and a vet visit which I've already scheduled for tomorrow and they said that would be the end of it but what happens when i show up tomorrow without the proof of current rabies vaccination?

Laia on April 07, 2020:

My dog bit a boy this morning. This is the second time she bites..The first time was just after her labor...and since then she never bites..but today surprisingly she bites... do I have to euthanized?

Dr Mark (author) from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil on March 22, 2020:

Leo--if you are in the UK there is no chance of rabies. If you are in the US there are more cases but still very little. The vet center you mention will not be able to help you with a vaccine. You would have to go to your local health care provider, and in most places they will have to report that bite to local animal control. I do not know the friend so cannot tell you whether it is a good idea to rely on them for info or not.

leo Jorolan on March 21, 2020:

hello Doc, I was bitten today by a Dog my friend dog. I little bite only with some blood , Im thinking that the dog is healthy and well and clean. but my question is do I need to go to Vet center to have a shots of Vaccine or I relie on my friend says that his dog is Safe and vaccinated. I need your advices and what is the best way to do

Dr Mark (author) from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil on March 14, 2020:

Kathy Avalos--it is still going to be considered a bite, even if it was not hostile in intent. Go ahead and find a lawyer now, so if they do proceed with this you are ready to save your dog´s life.

Avalos Kathy on March 12, 2020:

What if my dog was playing with my neighbors basketball and my dog jumped up to grab the ball with his mouth (teeth) and accidentally but the side of one of the kids , but it was an accident. My dog is the best dog ever . All my neighbors love him even the mail lady isn’t afraid of him , nor the fedex guy . My dog is afraid of big trucks passing by . What do I think can happen . Yes they called the cops and did a police report . Child was taken to Hospital . Then I went to check on him they said he was ok . But I don’t know what their thinking of doing now .

Kelly just on December 13, 2019:

Hello my dog bit a lady at a apartment complex that my husband an i was living at in January of 2018....the dog is a pit an lab mix but at the time we had got him we wasnt sure what he was mixed with so all his vet papers say lab mix(the apartment complex doesnt allow pitbulls or pitbull mixes) he was up to date on shots! When the bite happend i was taking the dog outside for a potty break.....and i was getimg somethimg out of the. Passenger side of the truck and this lady came out and was parked right next to the driver's side of my truck. The dog seen her come out and started running around the truck to the drivers side where this lady (the dog was on a retractable leash) was and that's where the bite took place.we go to court for this matter on feb 4th and this lady is suing both me my husband an the apartment complex...shes asking for 80,000$

Dr Mark (author) from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil on November 30, 2019:

Jeremiah, call your local animal shelter. If you cannot afford to euthanize your dog that is your best option.

Jeremiah on November 27, 2019:

My dog is nine years old and has had a long history of biting people and recently my dog has been one of my family members and we want to put the dog down but we don’t have lots of money to euthanize. Is there a way for us to let the dog go or to be put down?

Dr Mark (author) from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil on November 10, 2019:

Nelly, since your dogs already have a history of biting there is not much you can do. If you are in an urban area I am surprised some animal control officer has not arrived and taken them away. I do not know there is anything you can do to help at the time since you already have warnings up.

Nelly ponce on November 06, 2019:

Hello, I have two German Shepherds a girl and a boy, one of them is aggressive than the other. The boy dog has bit 2 people and attcked multiple people as well. One day my sister decided to bring her boyfriend to the house, both of the dogs were chained up, the guy wanted to pet them and the aggressive dog attcked him and bit his hand unfortunatley we had to take my sisters boyfriend to the ER because the wound was severe. This was the guys fault. My dad wants to put the dog down. This is really sad because they just want to protect us. They are super sweet and playful. We have multiple signs all over our house saying "BEWARE OF THE DOG" I'm honestly worried that someday my dog is going to bite someone and they are going to sue us. Other thing is that when our dogs need their shots we asked them if we can be last patients because of the dogs. Is there anything we can do? Please help

Dr Mark (author) from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil on October 23, 2019:

Mrs Clark--if you want to try and save her you need to consult an animal behaviorist in your area. Call your regular vet and ask for a referral to someone who works locally.

Mrs Clark0526 on October 21, 2019:

Last week for the 2nd time my pittbull/german Sheppard bit my husband the first incident we were in the middle of an argument this time we were not my dog has recently become more aggressive and barks really load when we leave out of the house I took her to the local shelter of course my husband does not want her back in the house I'm not sure I even feel safe I visited her in the shelter for the third time today and she finally didn't growl at me. any suggestions would be really helpful.

Dr Mark (author) from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil on September 22, 2019:

Joshua, if you are a renter the landlord can make you get rid of the dog. If he has bitten twice you really are not going to be able to fight this. Yes, it is what a gaurd dog needs to do but, in our current legal system dogs are not allowed to defend their property from someone teasing them.

Joshua Walker on September 21, 2019:

My dog has bitten 2 people so far on our side of the property. First one, that person was teasing multiple times before he finally got bit. Mind you my dog is usually chained or caged. He was chained for both incidents. Second incident, was the landlord who lives on property, he came from the back of the house, and was carrying a long large stick, I feel my dog reacted in defense to it. Now the landlord wants to get rid of my dog. He was only protecting himself and the property. Isn't that what guard dogs do and are for?

Dr Mark (author) from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil on April 26, 2019:

Jennifer, you need to call your homeowners agent and inform them that your dog has bitten a neighbor. Your rates will probably go up. You also need to contact a local attorney that deals with dog bites. Even if finances are tight (since you mentioned the cost of the fence) you must do this, as the potential is going to be much worse if you do not get an attorney.

This is going to cost you a lot more than the fence would have. If the woman decides to sue, your lawyer can handle that immediately.

Jennifer Schneider on April 25, 2019:

My dog was outside playing today the neighbor behind us was working on putting dead sod grass behind our fence that is rotting coming down what she knows about the last five years she reached in and my dog grabbed her hand supposedly I think she or her hand off of the fence instead of my dog biting her she can run a house with her husband ask for paperwork for my dog give it to him which we have everything rabies everything for him it was the hospital it came home and we have not heard back from them since 1 this morning and it's already told at night I'm very nervous and what's going to happen to my dog he's never bitten anybody before he is overprotective with me yes but these people have known about this fence and they're supposed to help us rebuild the fence but they did not want to spend the money do it the state of Colorado you share The Back Fence she did not want to help and see what happens I'm very worried about my dog please help me

Dr Mark (author) from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil on April 10, 2019:

Karen, he can still have your dog declared dangerous.Depending on where you live, your dog can even be euthanized if the court declares against the dog. I would recommend you contact an attorney who deals with protecting dogs.

Dr Mark (author) from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil on April 10, 2019:

Karen, he can still have your dog declared dangerous.Depending on where you live, your dog can even be euthanized if the court declares against the dog. I would recommend you contact an attorney who deals with protecting dogs.

Karen cuomo on April 10, 2019:

My mini Aussie bit a man on someone else’s property. He works for a air conditioning co. This was over a wk ago and now he’s claiming medical. We helped was it with peroxide and he said he was fine , hardly broke skin but bruised. The property is completely fenced . I’am not a homeowner ,what can happen?

Dr Mark (author) from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil on March 19, 2019:

Ciroc, if you took the dogs into the shelter to be put down, and signed a waiver, there is probably nothing you can do. All I can suggest is that you find a lawyer that practices in NM and would be willing to write the shelter and perhaps sue them for the value of the dog and emotional distress.

Ciroc on March 19, 2019:

My pitbull killed a little dog that crossed into my yard she was very territorial and before I got her she was abused and was trained to kill little critters like mouses. They told me to put her down I had 24 hours to do so. But the shelter kept both of my pitbulls and instead of putting them down they adopted them out, I've been fighting them for years. How can I go about getting my pitbulls back? This happened in NM

Dr Mark (author) from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil on March 17, 2019:

I cannot give you legal advice. If this were my dog, however, and my mom was nice enough to not report the bite, I would not report it to animal control and get sucked into that "dangerous dog" spiral. Please read this article and see if it helps.

If your dog has bitten before he will almost certainley be declared dangerous, unless the court orders him to be seized and euthanized immediately.

There are many small dogs that bite and the bites are never reported. (Yorkies, Doxies, Cocker Spaniels, etc) I am not sure what kind of dog you have, but if you are willing to train him not to bite that is a good first step.

Dr Mark (author) from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil on February 27, 2019:

Texas mom, yes, he can still sue you. He probably would not win. Your state has the one bite rule but he could still be declared dangerous if animal control decides to pursue this.

Here is a link to some more info that may be helpful

Texas mom on February 25, 2019:

A neighbors brother came into my fenced yard and said he forgot something and started to run towards the back (which is where the neighbor lives). My dog has bitten him before since he is a stranger, this time he bit him and broke skin. Could I be sued since it is private gated property and my husband was outside when it happened trying to get my dogs in?

USMCMomAndWife on February 18, 2019:

You and this site have been amazingly helpful and have taken some of the stress off of me - thank you so much!!

Dr Mark (author) from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil on February 18, 2019:

Glad to hear that. Since you are in the US this is the best site I have found for looking for an attorney for animal law

Also in the US, dogs are considered property, so if you are looking for an attorney any of them that deal with property law can handle this (although personally I would want an attorney that is more familiar with dog bite law.)

USMCMomAndWife on February 17, 2019:

Thank you so much! I got a call from Animal Control and they will not be declaring my pup a dangerous dog, so that is good news. Any tips on how to find an attorney who knows animal law? All I seem to able to find on internet searches are personal injury attorneys who want to represent human victims of dog bites.

Dr Mark (author) from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil on February 17, 2019:

USMCwife--yes, you can be sued but that person will have little chance of winning. Unfortunately you will have to get an attorney, even if the dog was at a boarding facility. Your only alternative, if they were given damages, is to have your owner sue the boarding facility for those damages.

A letter to that person, telling them to sue for damages to the boarding facility, might take care of it. It will not take care of the dangerous dog label, which I agree your dog does not need.

USMCMomAndWife on February 16, 2019:

My 4yo pit mix was being boarded through a major in home referral service. According to the boarder, a small dog tripped up a larger dog, and the larger dogs reaction panicked my dog, who grabbed and threw the little dog. Because my dog is so strong, it killed the smaller dog instantly. The boarder said there was no blood, and no "attack" or aggression before or after the incident, but the owner's attorney is demanding our homeowners ins. info. The referral company paid all expenses, but the owner wants my dog declared a "dangerous animal" and $$ for pain and suffering/loss of work/therapy etc. I TOTALLY understand she is grieving, and my heart is still broken for her and her dog, but I don't want my sweet pup declared a dangerous animal (Animal Control said it sounds like a natural dog reaction, and not aggression, so they don't think this will happen) or for insurance rates to go up/lose coverage. I took our pup to our family vet, then made an appt with a veterinary behaviorist to help with his anxiety, and am searching for an attorney, but can't find online info on the legalities of this situation. Can I be sued for my dog's actions (our vet will testify there is NO history of aggression) while he was in a licensed and insured boarding facility and not under my control? I live in Maryland. Thank you so much for any help you can give me!

Karen on February 15, 2019:

My dog bite someone one, I don’t know who it’s is and she’s being held at the shelter for 10 days. I can not find a copy of her rabies vaccine so they have to hold her. Has anyone experienced this?

Dr Mark (author) from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil on February 03, 2019:

Jennifer, it depends on where you are. Animal Control in some areas will not accept a home quarantine, even though it is as valid as being quarantined in a shelter.

You would need to call your local animal control to get a definitive answer on this.

Jennifer on February 01, 2019:

I was curious if I heard that if I were to leave town with my dog for duration of a pound quarantine about 14 days then and keep my dog with me and out of the pound that it would go away cuz the quarantine would have passed is this true

Dr Mark (author) from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil on October 11, 2018:

Laurietta, personally I would not do what he wants. It sounds like he does not like your dog.

Laurietta on October 10, 2018:

My neighbor said my dog bit him and if i get rid of my dog he will not report it .What should i do ?

Dr Mark (author) from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil on October 02, 2018:

Brenda, that one is probably going to have to be decided in a courtroom. I personally feel like the small dog on the lap was starting a fight, but a judge might decide differently. I would definitely recommend that you get a lawyer now before this proceeds any further. It would help if the lawyer wrote a letter to the woman offering to pay any of her medical bills.

Brenda Dunlop on October 02, 2018:

I walked around a group of people and a woman had a dog on her lap and it was on a lead.

My dog was also on a lead. The womans dog growled and was aggressive so my dog lunched towards it and dragged me under a table causing me to be injured and attacked the womans dog because I couldnt hold the lead because of the pain. Who is at fault? Also the woman got bitten trying to breake up the fight.

Dr Mark (author) from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil on September 19, 2018:

Zach, I cannot tell you if the Lab is just dog agressive, or worse. If you are interested in taking him you should consult with an animal behaviorist (get a reference from your vet). If you are not willing to do that take a pass.

Zach on September 19, 2018:

Ive been offered a Chocolate Lab, 3 years old for free. The issue the owner says is that this dog was gotten from a home that had young kids who treated this dog horribly when he was a pup. The dog was removed and this man adopted it but he then bought another Lab Pup. A few weeks ago, the older dog he wants to give away, attacked the puppy and he said "violently". So he thinks that as long as the dog has a home where there is no other dog he will be OK. What do you think? Should I pass on this beautiful boy whom looks so gentle but has issues that is for sure. I thank you.

Dr Mark (author) from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil on September 09, 2018:

Tracey, little kids tend to do that when no one is looking. It is always those dogs that get blamed though!

If the child did not need any medical attention, since the skin was not even broken, I do not think so. The bite was not reported to animal control? It would still be a good idea to call around and find an attorney you can call if the parents of the child do decide to sue. I doubt they would have any chance of winning but you would still need some help in court.

Tracey on September 08, 2018:

My dog bit a child my daughter was babysitting,

My dog was sleeping on the floor and the child jumped on my dog, and my dog raised his head and went to bit her

When he relized it was her he pulled back leaving welts no broken skin, can we be sued?

Dr Mark (author) from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil on September 06, 2018:

Katrina, do you mean you want to claim on your own homeowners or renters insurance? You might be able to, but then later the insurance company is going to raise your rates or not renew your policy. I do not think it is worth it.

Katrina Peter on September 06, 2018:

My dog accidentally bit my mouth while playing with a ball result 12stitchesand bad scaring dog fully insurance cover can I claims

Dr Mark (author) from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil on July 17, 2018:

RM, why does he feel so protective of you? Does he believe that he is in charge and feels like he needs to protect you? If this were my dog, I would want to start with obedience classes so that he will start to obey me. As soon as a visitor comes over, tell him "down". Make him stay that way until the person has been around for a while, sitting down, drinking coffee, etc.

If you are still having problems after the obedience training, you need to take him to see an animal behaviorist. Your vet can refer you to someone local.

R. M on July 17, 2018:

my dog is a maltese and very sweet, he never bites, only when im around. he is extremely protective of me. what can i do to make him used to other people touching or hugging me and entering my space???

Dr Mark (author) from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil on July 14, 2018:

Kris, it depends on the state or locale where you live, but yes, you and the dog are still responsible. I even read an article by a home security expert last night that recommended not putting up "beware of dog" signs since if the thief is bitten he can say that you knew you were keeping dangerous dogs.

Kris on July 13, 2018:

If someone enters my home knowing I have a dog that made bite them and they get bit requiring stitches am I responsible and what could happen to my dog after all it was inside her home

Dr Mark (author) from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil on July 10, 2018:

It depends on what state you are in, but since she had to go to the hospital this will be reported to animal control. The dogs will most likely be taken away from you to quarantine, and rabies vaccinations status will have to be proven to get the dogs back. In some states they will be declared dangerous dogs, and if a bite happens again the dogs will be taken away and euthanized.

If your niece lives with you, seriously consider whether you should allow the new dog to be in your house. You may be setting yourself up for a lot of heartache.

Ash on July 10, 2018:

My niece just got a rescue pit bull who is two. She was over bread and malnurished. We have another dog and also two cats in the home. But she for some reason went after our dog and had a hold of his mouth. She caused a lot of bleeding and he tried to protect himself. But one person got bit trying to break them up. And had to go to the hospital. Why and what will happen to the dogs now?

Dr Mark (author) from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil on June 23, 2018:

Agent, unless that person is a licensed dog sitter, and has insurance to cover this, you are responsible. Can your dog get into trouble for this? Certainly. If the person who was bitten received medical care, offer to pay the expenses. That may help.

If the person is still angry and wants to sue, you really need to consult a local lawyer ASAP.

AgentProvcatuer on June 22, 2018:

Our dog bit someone while we were on vacation, and someone else was caring for him. He is 9, and has never done anything like that! Are we responsible, or would the caretaker be?

Dr Mark (author) from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil on March 28, 2018:

Lisa, go to this site and see if you can find information that will help you and your dog.

You might have to get a lawyer involved.

Lisa Azzano on March 28, 2018:

I live in Lake County, IL. Animal control will not release any information that medically my dog bit this person. They are saying I must surrender my dog for 10 days because his rabies shot expired on 3/14/18. Don't I have a right to receive proof before I surrender my dog ?

Dr Mark (author) from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil on March 22, 2018:

He is trying to keep your dog at his own home? As far as I know he has no legal right to do so in any state. Tell him to get a court order. If he does not you should not release your dog to him. (He could take your dog to a vet, tell them that the dog belonged to him and request that the dog be euthanized and his head cut off and sent for a rabies test.)

jessicalynnborders on March 22, 2018:

can someone talk to me I'm not sure what to do the boy that got nipped his dad is trying to keep my dog for 10 days to watch to see if he has rabies he said I cant bring him home hes my dog what can I do

Dr Mark (author) from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil on March 04, 2018:

LA, as long as your dog did not bite her, and only her dog, you should have no trouble. If that is the case I would sue the woman who stabbed my dog!

LA on March 04, 2018:

Some girl was walking her dog out without a leash! Her dog started chasing my cat and my dog ran outside to defend her! Both dogs got in a fight! The lady walkin her dog stabbed my dog in the back so he would let go of her dog! Any suggestions on what should I do? I offered to pay half of the vet bills as long as she payed for half of mine but she didnt want to come to an agreement!

Jonathan on February 05, 2018:

Why can a police dog bite a person and have ZERO consequences?? But god forbid one of our dogs bite someone...seems a little unfair?? Just saying

Dr Mark (author) from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil on January 06, 2018:

Jessica, personally I would not want that person as a friend. You probably do need to pay medical bills, but other than that? The problem would be if he tries to sue--according to the law the dog is always wrong. If you need to, you will need to get a lawyer where you live.

jessica on January 06, 2018:

my friend saw that my dog and his dog were fighting. He came running from the bathroom chasing my dog around, at this point he wasn't even aggressive at this point because my dog was terrified of him. My friend then tackles my dog, you can hear him yelp and my dog bites him on the face. My friend got a little cut on his lips and got two stitches. But after that he punched my dog and bragged about how his hand was bruised from it. I don't want to compensate this guy. but am wondering if im in the right because my dog was provoked.

Dr Mark (author) from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil on January 04, 2018:

Angie, it depends on where you are. You should contact a lawyer if her lawyer contacts you. if you are visited by animal control, I recommend you follow the procedure I outlined in the article here.

angie on January 04, 2018:

I left my gate open and my neighbor got to close to my chained pit bull. he bit her leg and I am afraid if she tries to sue us. She knows my dog barks at her and knows he's dangerous. what do i do?

Jam Santos on October 12, 2017:

My vaccinated (Anti Rabies) puppy (3 months old) bit my sister.Will my dog die? on September 14, 2017:

I have just moved to Michigan and staying with my daughter and one of my dog's, a jack Russell bit my granddaughter and I don't know what to do because My Daughter want's to take my dog to the pound and I'm afraid that they will put him to death. My granddaughter was playing around with him and then I did not know what happened to cause him to bite, but I think she has been teasing him all day . I live in Michigan USA and don't know what the shelter will do to him, will they do to him. What are they going to do to him ,does anyone tell me please. My granddaughter has been playing with him and even leading him around with her outside. Help me please. We live in Iona country in Michigan. I don't want my dog killed.

Dee on September 13, 2017:

A ups driver went into the yard of a good friend who has 4 puts. Unfourtntly no one was there and all 4 came out and attacked the driver. He had serious injuries and taken to hospital. The 4 dogs were taken to shelter. Now the driver knew not to go in so what happens now?

Deane on August 03, 2017:

I was at a dog run. A man unknown to run brings a aggressive dog. His dog attacked my dog. The man refused to intervene. I Pulled my dog away. And. Left. 3 hours later Police came to my house and accused my dog of bitting him when he tried to break up dog fight. The man had no visible injuries when we left park.

Pinkelephant on July 09, 2017:

Has anyone been thru a dangerous dog hearing (los Angeles)? I am worried sick and i just can't find people who have gone. Would love to know what its like, what to bring/ show, etc. thanks.

Dog on June 24, 2017:

On my way home from work get a call from city police saying my dog was out .i had just put new door locks on my house i had the only key. 8 to 10 cops on the street come toward my truck acusing my dog of biting i sad bs my house is locked im the only one that can get in they tell me the party that was bitten said they were my dog. And that if i dodnt take them to a vet animal control will take them how is that when im the only one that can get iin my home, and there is witnesses stating my dogs were never out. on June 14, 2017:

if you have kids picking on your dogs and bugging them a lot of the time and one of your dogs bite them and you have camera video is that enough to keep you and your dog out of trouble

Dr Mark (author) from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil on March 04, 2017:

Tien, my only advice would be to get a lawyer to represent you. It is going to end up costing you, but maybe a lot less than if you went against that guy and his lawyer alone.

Tien on March 03, 2017:

Hello, my dog bit someone last year May of 2016, and they went to a lawyer and now they're asking for a compensation of $10k. When the incident happened, I offered helped and also assure them that I would pay any medical bills needed, but instead of responding to my request, they went to their lawyer. What should I do now? I am still a student and would not be able to compensate for that amount beside slowly paying for the medical bills.

Dr Mark (author) from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil on March 03, 2017:

Lawyers will put anything in a letter.In fact, since they get a cut of the money from a letter and from suing, they will sue whenever they can. The safest thing is to hire a lawyer in the state where you live and have him write a letter stating that it is not your dog and you are not liable. A hassle, and an expense, I know, but this is a bad situation she has gotten you all into.

Mother trying to be helpful on March 03, 2017:

Last year, when my son and his family returned from oversees, my husband and I agreed to take in their dog until they were able to purchase a home. While the dog was living with us, my son and his wife would drop by and take their dog for the weekends. In April last year my daughter in-law came and got the dog for a few days while she visited her parents in Oregon. While there, my daugher in-laws older brother got too rough with the dog and it bit him in the face. Yesterday, my husband and I received a demand of compensation letter from an Oregon attorney that the brother hired. This attorney says that I am financially responsible. Is this true?

Dr Mark (author) from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil on March 02, 2017:

I really, really hope things work out for you all. Boxers are sweet dogs and she is lucky to have a good home. I hope this was just a once in a lifetime event.

Ann on March 02, 2017:

Thanks. We are seeking out a behaviorist.... I am getting a couple referrals. I know that she was stressed out from the storms the night before and that morning, so I think that might have had something to do with it. We are going to put her in her kennel when other people are at our home and take any other suggestions from the behaviorist. Thank so much for your response. I really don't want to get rid of her - she is such a positive part of the family

Dr Mark (author) from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil on March 02, 2017:

Ann, I am not sure what to tell you. Some dogs will only bite one person, some dogs will only bite a person who invades their personal space (like your boyfriend) but kids do this a lot so they are at risk. It is hard for me to tell you without a thorough exam. If you have a canine behaviorist in the area, it would be worth taking her to visit. If not, I would talk to the shelter and see if they have any other alternative homes for her.

Ann on March 01, 2017:

Our dog bit my boyfriend this morning when he was trying to give her a kiss. She was awake and he spoke to her prior to leaning down to give her a kiss on the top of her head, but she bit him on the mouth and it drew blood. She is a boxer and we got her from the pound about a year ago. She was a stray, so we are not sure as to her history. We are both heartbroken and are not sure what to do. We have young children at the home and now we worry what else could happen.

He thinks we need to get rid of her and take her back to the pound to turn her over. I want to try to find an alternative but I also don't want to put my children or their friends at risk.

Not sure what to do

Dr Mark (author) from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil on February 25, 2017:

Jesse--are you referring to his vaccination certificate to prove he was vaccinated against rabies? If you do not have this, you can go to your vet, have them look it up and give you a copy.

Jesse on February 23, 2017:

My dog bit my neighbors son and i dont have his papers what should I do please let me know immediately i have 10 days or they will take his life.

Dr Mark (author) from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil on January 12, 2017:

Grace, if you are in an area where a dog behaviorist is available get in to see one as soon as possible. There is no way anyone can help your dog without a full series of questions and an exam to watch his reactions.

Grace on January 09, 2017:

My dog cant stop biting what do i do

lisa gadd on September 01, 2016:

my dog bit my daughter but the dog didn't drew blode

Kennedi on August 15, 2016:

What if it is a minor bite

Dogwalker on May 11, 2016:

Can someone help. I am a dog walker and one of my clients dogs bit a lady on a walk she had stopped to say hi and one of the dogs was sniffing her and then she started to turn away and he bit her ankle. She went to urgent care and saw that it broke the skin but I wasn't told if she received stitches or not. when we were standing on the sidewalk there wasn't any blood and from what I could see it just looked red and irritated where he bit her.

She contacted someone because they called our business asking for the shot records and the owners info.

This was the first time walking these dogs and the owners did not make me aware of an aggressive behavior towards people. They said that this was new to them. Im in the sate of California, can someone tell me what grounds I stand on liability wise??

Patricia on April 29, 2016:

My dog bite the pizza man my friend new my dig bites I told him put my dog in the room before the pizza guy comes will he didn't he open the door and bit the pizza man not serious hard but animal control came for my dog but the dog left the house faint find him what do I do

wanda on March 19, 2016:

My neighbor dog was killing a puppy so me and my friend went to help the puppy.We got the puppy but it bite her we call the police they said nothing they could do privite property.She went to the emeremy room and they still said we could get in trouble for being on his property.

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