Why Does My Puppy or Dog Eat Rocks?

If your dog eats rocks, you may be wondering why they are so interested in them when there are so many better (and safer!) things to chomp on. Turns out, dogs have several good reasons for eating rocks (from their perspective), although they may not much make too much sense to us.


Why Do Dogs Shake Their Toys?

Many dogs shake their toys during play, and dog owners often wonder about what's going on in their dog's brain when they do that. What gives? To better understand the behavior, it helps to take a closer look into a dog's past history.


Why Does My Dog Lay on My Feet?

Many dogs lie by their owner's feet and dog owners may wonder what this behavior is all about. Until dogs can talk, we can only make assumptions as to why they do the things they do, but by carefully observing our dogs, we can often make some educated guesses.


How to Stop a Dog From Attacking You

To prevent a dog from attacking you, it's important to take some steps to stop a situation from becoming worse. There are many behaviors we may instinctively perform that can put us in very vulnerable positions when we encounter unfamiliar dogs that may potentially bite.


Which Dog Breeds Bark the Loudest?

Which dog breeds bark the loudest is something dog lovers may wonder about out of pure curiosity or as part of research before opening their homes to a new companion. If a loud bark is one of your main criteria for selecting a dog, it's important to keep in mind several important considerations.


Help! My Dog Won't Potty When It's Cold Outside

Potty training a puppy or dog in the winter when it's cold outside can be quite a challenge. Your dog doesn't want to be in the cold and you certainly don't want to either. Fortunately, there are strategies to expedite the process, and if worst comes to worst, you can always use some handy tools.


Help, My Dog Is Aggressive When Woken Up

If your dog is aggressive when woken up, you are right to be concerned. Your dog may act out of character when startled from a deep sleep even if during the day he is the sweetest dog. The aggression may lead to bites, and you may be put in a potentially dangerous situation.


How to Prove That Your Dog Is Not Dangerous

If your dog has already bitten someone there is a chance that the court will declare him a dangerous dog. If your dog is large and looks fierce, you may want to prove that she is not dangerous before anything happens. Here are some steps you can take to protect her.


How to Introduce a Puppy to an Older Dog

Knowing how to introduce a new puppy to an older dog is important considering that resident dogs may not be too enthusiastic about sharing their household with another dog, especially a puppy with little manners. The process takes some time, but there are strategies to make the process smoother.


Signs of Healthy, Normal Play in Dogs

The signs of healthy, normal play in dogs are the result of good socialization and the dog's ability to communicate amicable intentions. Good dog play involves dogs who are having fun and look forward to the interaction. Learn how dogs use signals to emphasize their intent to do no harm.


How to Make a Neighbor's Dog Stop Barking

It's enough to drive a sane man crazy. The incessant, never-ending barking and yapping of the neighbor's dog can spoil the peaceful enjoyment of your home and make you want to retaliate. But wait! When the neighbor's dog won't stop barking, take a breath, then take some action.