What to Do if Your Puppy Thinks He Is Alpha Dog

If your puppy thinks he is an alpha dog, you are likely imagining all sorts of scary scenarios and wonder what to do. Relax, your pup is not going to eat you. In most cases, what looks like a puppy acting alpha is simply a puppy who is anxious, confused or needs some gentle guidance.


Helping Dogs Cope With Fireworks

Every year, as the nights grow darker, dog owners are presented with the challenge of fireworks and how to help pets cope with the loud noises and flashes of light that accompany them. Many dogs are terrified of fireworks, but there are ways to help minimise their distress.


How to Stop My Dog From Chasing Lights and Shadows?

A dog chasing lights and shadows may seem like a cute behavior initially, but it can easily get out of hand if not tackled early. The fact is, obsessive-compulsive behaviors in dogs are not unheard of, and they can be a pain to get rid of.


Exercises to Prevent Separation Anxiety in Puppies

It's important to prevent separation anxiety in puppies as this behavioral problem is very widespread and can be challenging to treat. There are several ways puppy owners can start their pups on the right paws by fostering their independence through simple exercises.


10 Signs Your Dog Misses You When You're Gone

Are you wondering if your dog misses you when you're gone? Look for these tell-tale signs that your dog is sad that you're gone. Learn what you can do so that they are less lonely.


Why Does My Dog Run Like Crazy After a Bath?

Many dogs run like crazy after a bath, leaving dog owners to wonder what this behavior is all about.


Why Does My Dog Pee off the Pee Pad (or Right Next to It)?

If your dog pees off the pee pad, you likely feel very frustrated. What's the purpose of the pee pad if your dog strategically pees right next to it? Aren't dogs supposed to pee on top that thing? As odd as this behavior may seem, give your pup some credit, apartment living is not easy for dogs.


What to Do If Your Dog Doesn't Like Your Boyfriend

Does your dog hate your boyfriend? Are you wondering how to change this? Is it even possible? Find out why this might be happening and what you can do about it.


How Do I Get My Older Dog to Stop Attacking My New Puppy?

Did you get a new puppy but now your older is attacking them, and you don't know what to do about it? As upsetting as this can feel, older dogs often have a hard time adjusting to the changes that can occur when bringing a boisterous puppy home.


How to Stop a Puppy or Dog From Eating Rocks

If your dog eats rocks, you may be wondering why they are so interested in them when there are so many better (and safer!) things to chomp on. Turns out, dogs have several good reasons for eating rocks (from their perspective), although they may not much make too much sense to us.


Why Does My Dog Sneeze When Playing?

Many dogs sneeze when playing and dog owners may wonder what all that sneezing is all about. The behavior is sure interesting considering that it's mostly observed in canines and play is a common trigger for it.


12 Tips for Dogs That Get Too Excited in the Car

Many dogs are too excited in the car, and dog owners may wonder about how to calm down these fellows. Short of giving your dog some soothing chamomile tea, what is left? Fortunately, there are many strategies to help your dog out.


20 Tips to Potentially Stop Separation Anxiety in Dogs

To stop separation anxiety in dogs, you need a good level of determination, patience and time. This is a behavior issue that requires a multi-faceted approach.


Why Do Dogs Shake Their Toys?

Many dogs shake their toys during play, and dog owners often wonder about what's going on in their dog's brain when they do that. What gives? To better understand the behavior, it helps to take a closer look into a dog's past history.


Why Does My Dog Lay on My Feet?

Many dogs lie by their owner's feet and dog owners may wonder what this behavior is all about. Until dogs can talk, we can only make assumptions as to why they do the things they do, but by carefully observing our dogs, we can often make some educated guesses.


12 Ways to Calm Dogs During Fireworks

Looking for ways to calm your dog during fireworks? You've come to the right place. These tips were created with dogs fearful of fireworks in mind and several come from the experts in the field.


Whale Eye in Dogs: Why Dogs Show the White of Their Eyes

Whale eyes in dogs is a term used to depict when dogs show the whites of their eyes. Dogs are masters in body language and use their bodies to communicate. It is up to us dog owners to decipher what they are saying by learning a little bit more about the messages they try to convey.


Crash Course on Dog Peeing Positions and What Studies Reveal

Dog peeing positions may appear to be a rather boring subject, but there is loads of information we can deduce from this. Discover what new and old studies reveal about your dog's peeing habits.


Why Does My Dog Attack My Vacuum?

Many dogs attack vacuums, but if you really want to know why, you'll need to see the world from your dog's perspective. Once you know why, it's much easier taking steps on stopping dogs from barking and attacking Mr. Hoover and Mr. Dyson.


Why Does My Dog Pee on My Car's Tires?

If your dog pees on your car's tires, you are likely frustrated by this behavior and may be wondering what it is all about. Learn why car tires attract dogs so much and what steps you can take to stop it.


Why Does My Dog Pee on My Bed?

Dogs pee on their beds for various reasons, and no, in most cases, they're not doing so out of spite of revenge. To get to the source of the problem, grab your investigative hat and let's go through a journey of possibilities.


How to Calm an Anxious or Stressed Dog

Many dogs, just like their owners, suffer from stress and anxiety. What can you do to calm an anxious dog or relieve stress triggers? Here are some helpful tips!


10 Reasons Dogs Get Stressed During the Holidays

Holidays can be a stressful time, and this can be especially true for dogs. Disruption to their routines, extra guests and unusual objects in the home can all lead to anxiety and behavioural changes. Understanding what causes stress can help you to manage your dog's behaviour.


How to Stop a Dog From Biting When Taking Something Away

A dog that may bite when taking something away is a dangerous situation, especially when the biting causes damage. This is certainly something that requires intervention because if left untreated, the behavior tends to get worse rather than better.


How to Stop a Dog From Attacking You

To prevent a dog from attacking you, it's important to take some steps to stop a situation from becoming worse. There are many behaviors we may instinctively perform that can put us in very vulnerable positions when we encounter unfamiliar dogs that may potentially bite.


Which Dog Breeds Bark the Loudest?

Which dog breeds bark the loudest is something dog lovers may wonder about out of pure curiosity or as part of research before opening their homes to a new companion. If a loud bark is one of your main criteria for selecting a dog, it's important to keep in mind several important considerations.


Help! My Dog Won't Potty When It's Cold Outside

Potty training a puppy or dog in the winter when it's cold outside can be quite a challenge. Your dog doesn't want to be in the cold and you certainly don't want to either. Fortunately, there are strategies to expedite the process, and if worst comes to worst, you can always use some handy tools.


How to Walk a Dog That Is Aggressive Towards Other Dogs

Walking a dog that is aggressive towards other dogs may seem like a daunting task. Fortunately, there are strategies to tackle this issue to help both the dog and the handler succeed.


12 Signs Your Dog Loves You and How to Be the Person Your Dog Loves

Have you ever wondered if your dog loves you? The bond of the owner with the dog explains a lot behind dog behavior. If you find that some of these don't apply, don't worry! Tips are provided to give your pet the best possible life (and become the person your dog loves).


How to Stop Your Dog From Barking in a Hotel Room

A dog barking in a hotel room can be a big problem that can cost you your hotel stay. Management may ask you to leave if your dog is disruptive to other guests. Fortunately, there are several ways to stop or significantly reduce your dog's barking.


Puppy Stages: Seven-Week-Old Puppy Behavior and Development

What important developments take place when puppies are seven weeks old? Understand the various changes in their minds and bodies to become a well-informed puppy owner.


Help, My Dog Is Aggressive When Woken Up

If your dog is aggressive when woken up, you are right to be concerned. Your dog may act out of character when startled from a deep sleep even if during the day he is the sweetest dog. The aggression may lead to bites, and you may be put in a potentially dangerous situation.


Why Does My Dog Sit Like That? The Lazy Sit Explained and When You Should Be Concerned

Ever noticed your dog sitting with his legs kicked to one side or his knees flopping outwards? Maybe he rolls onto one hip like he is about to lay down. That is the 'lazy', 'sloppy' or puppy sit, and it is something every dog owner should be aware of because it could mean your dog is in pain.


How to Prove That Your Dog Is Not Dangerous

If your dog has already bitten someone there is a chance that the court will declare him a dangerous dog. If your dog is large and looks fierce, you may want to prove that she is not dangerous before anything happens. Here are some steps you can take to protect her.


Exercises for Preventing Resource Guarding in Puppies

Preventing resource guarding in puppies is a fundamental process that is often overlooked. There are countless puppy owners looking for ways to stop puppies from resource guarding and countless resources on how to do just that, but there's little literature covering prevention.


Canine Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or C-PTSD in Dogs

Canine PTSD (C-PTSD) is a syndrome that may affect both military work dogs and dogs abused by previous owners. Previously abused dogs can be very hard to handle, and a prospective owner should be aware of the disorder.


How to Stop a Cattle Dog Puppy (Heeler) From Biting

If your heeler puppy won't stop biting, rest assured, you are not alone. Due to their ancestry, these puppies have a reputation for being quite a handful in the biting department. Teaching a heeler puppy to stop biting requires patience and determination.


How to Introduce a Puppy to an Older Dog

Knowing how to introduce a new puppy to an older dog is important considering that resident dogs may not be too enthusiastic about sharing their household with another dog, especially a puppy with little manners. The process takes some time, but there are strategies to make the process smoother.


Can an Aggressive Dog Be Rehabilitated After Biting?

Can an aggressive dog be rehabilitated after biting? The long answer is that there are many factors and variables to take into consideration in order to have an idea of what to expect prognosis-wise. The short answer is that it all ultimately depends on a combination of these factors.


Signs of Healthy, Normal Play in Dogs

The signs of healthy, normal play in dogs are the result of good socialization and the dog's ability to communicate amicable intentions. Good dog play involves dogs who are having fun and look forward to the interaction. Learn how dogs use signals to emphasize their intent to do no harm.


Should Dogs Be Allowed to Sleep in Your Bed? All You Need to Know

Should you allow your dog to sleep on your bed? Read on to learn about the diseases you may get from allowing your dog to sleep in the bed. We'll also talk about the interesting benefits of sharing the bed with your dog as well as behavior issues that may arise from the situation.


How to Help a Dog Recover From a Dog Attack

It's very important to know how to help a dog recover from a dog attack so that you can heal those emotional scars that may insidiously set in and affect your dog's future social interactions. Learn several ways to help your dog heal.


How to Stop a Dog From Eating Shoes and Slippers!

How to stop a dog from eating shoes requires putting ourselves in our dogs' shoes (pun intended). Discover why dogs are so attracted to shoes and what you can do to prevent and treat this problem before your shoes and slippers are destroyed irremediably.


Help! My Dog Gets Too Excited Around Other Dogs

Many dogs get too excited around other dogs. This behavior is often seen in overly friendly dogs who want to just meet and greet other dogs and mingle with them. Fortunately, there are several ways to tone down their excitement a notch, but it may take some time to see calmer behaviors.


8 Ways to Help a Rescued Dog That Is Scared of Everything

Gaining the trust of a fearful dog is not an easy endeavor, but it is one of the most satisfactory experiences of owning a dog. Learning how to get a scared dog to trust you is important so to expedite the process and prevent mistakes that can cause costly setbacks.


How to Make a Neighbor's Dog Stop Barking

It's enough to drive a sane man crazy. The incessant, never-ending barking and yapping of the neighbor's dog can spoil the peaceful enjoyment of your home and make you want to retaliate. But wait! When the neighbor's dog won't stop barking, take a breath, then take some action.


How to Successfully Introduce a New Dog to Your Current Dog

Introducing a new dog to your current dog requires the implementation of some basic tips to heighten the chances for success. Caution is always needed to prevent squabbles which may deteriorate into serious fights.


Is My Puppy Being Playful or Aggressive?

Puppy play can get pretty rough at times, and sometimes owners even describe puppy play as aggressive. So is rough or aggressive play normal? Let's take a deeper look at common canine behavior.


How to Help a Dog With Separation Anxiety

If your dog whines, barks, or pees on the carpet when you leave, he or she may be suffering from separation anxiety. Learn more about how to help your dog deal with being apart from you.


How Do I Stop My Dogs From Fighting? Effective Methods to Stop Dog Aggression

If your dogs are fighting instead of just playing, you need to figure out the trigger that is causing the aggression and implement methods to help them get along.