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Care & Feeding


Taking Care of Your Dog After They Are Spayed or Neutered

Spaying or neutering is a common procedure that many of our pets will go through. However, not everyone realises the post-surgery care a dog will need after undergoing the procedure. In this article, you will learn how to help your dog heal and the signs of something being wrong.


The Beginners Guide to Having a Puppy

Having a puppy can be fun and exciting but a lot of work as well. Read on to find out more about raising a puppy!


Do Dog Dental Sprays Work?

Here's a discussion about dog dental products on the market. Are they effective and safe?


German Shepherd Dental Care Guide

Dental care is very important for the active German Shepherd since it's closely related to his overall health and ability to play. Here's a short guide on how to take care of your dog's teeth.


Easy Cheesy Dog Treats

This cheese dog treat recipe is so simple to make. There are just four basic ingredients: flour, an egg, cheese and water! They are perfect as training rewards or as a gift to your dog pals! So why not pamper your little furry friends today?


Benefits of Duck Feet for Dogs: Natural Dog Treats

Looking for safe and healthy dog treats? Dogs love to chew, so give them duck feet, a good and safe choice for dog chews and treats. Duck feet also have many benefits and are a good alternative if allergic to chicken.


How to Choose the Right Dog Food For Your Dog

Wondering which dog food to pick? Trying to find the best dog food to give your dog its best life? Look no further. Here's a guide to help you choose.


Should You Leave Food Out for Dogs All Day? Free-Feeding Versus Scheduled Meals

Many dog owners wonder whether or not they should leave food out for their puppies and dogs; therefore, it's important to know about the pros and cons of this feeding method.


Help, My Dog Won't Eat Food in the Morning

A dog who won't eat food in the morning can be a frustrating ordeal. Let's face it: watching our dogs not wanting to eat can make us worried. Is the dog sick? Is the dog eating their full caloric intake of the day? These are all important questions.


Best Front-Attaching Harnesses for Dogs in 2021

There are so many different types of front-attaching harnesses for dogs on the market nowadays that your head may be spinning. Which one will work best for you and your dog? The answer will vary based on several variables, but here are a few harnesses that consistently receive positive reviews.


Is Raw Food Safe for German Shepherd Dogs?

Serving your dog raw food can be beneficial, but you have to take some precautions. We mostly give kibble, but cooked meat and, sometimes, a little raw food is also on the menu.


The Best Drinking Bowls for German Shepherds

Looking for a good water bowl for your dog? This article examines some excellent drinking fountains and water bowls for German Shepherds.


Is Turmeric Good for My Dog?

You may have heard how the Indian spice turmeric has health benefits which could aid your dog, but is this true and is turmeric safe to feed to our pets? This article reveals the benefits and also the potential side-effects of turmeric and includes easy recipes for making tasty turmeric treats.


What Is the Natural Diet of a Dog in the Wild?

This is what your pet dog would eat if it were a free-living, "wild" animal. The answer may not be what you think.


What Are the Best Veterinarian-Recommended Dog Foods?

If you're in search of the best dog food that is recommended by experts and veterinarians, this is a task both simple and complex.


10 Ways to Tire Out Your High-Energy Dog (Before You Lose Your Mind)

Several years ago, I adopted a very high-strung dog. Here's what has worked to keep his energy levels manageable and maintain my sanity.


7 Tips to Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer

I recently moved back to a very humid climate after living in a very dry state for many years. Here's what has worked to keep my dog cool and comfortable on hot summer days.


8 Reasons Why Veterinarians Are Against Feeding Raw Diets to Dogs

Many dog owners assume veterinarians are against raw feeding because they are after the money and ultimately want you to buy the food they sell in their offices. How true is that, though? Let's take a closer look into why your vet may be reluctant to suggest raw food for your dog.


Why You Should Never Trust Dog Food Advisor

Is Dog Food Advisor legit, reputable, or a credible source to get information about your dog's food?


Dangerous Dog Treats and How They Could Make Your Dog Sick

There are thousands of dog treats on the market. Many are inexpensive and designed to be attractive to dog owners, but beneath the surface, some of these treats contain dangerous components that could harm your dog.


How to Find a Good Dog Food (Or Make Your Own)

Finding a good dog food can be difficult. In this article, I'll show you how to break your choices into categories in order to compare equivalent products. I will also show you how to make your own dog food.


5 Safe Dog Foods That Have Never Been Recalled

Looking for safe dog food? A handful of grain-free dog foods were recalled by the FDA as reports of dilated cardiomyopathy have risen. The problem lies instead in the ingredients in these foods and low taurine levels which are linked to DCM in dogs and cats.


How to Check for Ticks on German Shepherd Dogs

Ticks on German Shepherd dogs are a nuisance at the best of times. For humans, fortunately, ticks are pretty easy to see on the body. When your dog gets a tick, it can be hard to tell.


Homemade Peanut Butter Dog Treats (With Honey)

This is a basic peanut butter dog treat recipe that you can adapt to suit your dog (and his favorite tasty ingredients). It uses wheat flour, milk, and coconut oil, so please make sure your dog isn't allergic to any of these ingredients before you make these!


The Best Dog Food for German Shepherds

This topic is more about the right food for your dog than about the best dog food for German Shepherds. Things to consider are health, time, budget and sometimes personal preferences.


How to Make Virgin Coconut Oil for Your Dog

Antioxidants and fatty acids found in coconut oil can help many dogs suffering from skin conditions. Learn how to produce high-quality coconut oil at home and how to use it.


German Shepherd Dogs and Ticks

They can be a small nuisance for you and your German Shepherd, but ticks can carry fairly dangerous diseases. Clean and fast tick removal is paramount. Prevention is an option, but be careful with most products.


Fostering a Rescue Dog

This article will hopefully answer any questions that you may have about the subject of fostering rescue dogs. It is a wonderful, worthwhile experience, and by fostering, you can really make a difference in the life of an animal in need!


Is It Cruel to Keep a Blind Dog? 21 Tips for Caring for Your Visually Impaired Pet

Are blind dogs suffering? Should they be put down? Learn how to take care of a blind dog and how to make its life as happy, safe, and stress-free as possible.


How to Cut Up a Deer for Dog Food: An Illustrated Guide

Have you acquired a deer that is either intended for dog food or is not fit for human consumption? In this article, the pictures and text show you how to easily cut a carcass into parts to make it suitable for a dog to eat.


Chicken Feet for Dogs With Osteoarthritis

Chicken feet, rich in glucosamine, are a good, natural treatment for dogs with arthritis and joint issues. They're also good for dental health.


BarkBox Review: Classic and Super Chewer Subscription Box

Find out if BarkBox is the right subscription box for you and your dog. Learn about the toys, treats, and chews that come in the box. This is a review for the Large Dog and Super Chewer subscriptions.


German Shepherd Coat Care and Grooming Tips

German Shepherds can have a variety of coat types. Some of them are easier to groom than others. Here we cover coat care and general grooming tips for your dog.


The Facts About Vitamin and Mineral Supplements for Dogs

Up to a third of all dogs in the USA are fed dietary supplements. But does your dog need added vitamins and minerals? Do they even work? This article examines the facts about vitamin and mineral supplements for dogs based on information from the Food and Drug Administration and scientific research.


The Best Dietary Supplements to Keep Your Dog's Skin and Coat Healthy

Changes in diet are the long-term solution to your dog's skin problems, but giving the right dietary supplements can boost him back to health in the short-term. This article explains when to give dietary supplements to your dog, and which supplements to choose.


How to Read and Understand Dog Food Labels

You must choose a healthy diet for your dog. By law, dog food labels must list ingredients and the relative amounts of protein, fat, fiber, moisture, and nutrients. This article explains in detail what everything on the nutritional label means.


German Shepherd Teeth Cleaning Guide

German Shepherds use their teeth for everything. Having healthy and strong teeth is vital for your dog. Here we will cover dental cleaning for your German Shepherd.


How to Make Homemade Dog Food: 5 Important Guidelines

Many dog owners like to know exactly what their pooch is eating. While commercial dog food should provide a healthy, complete, balanced diet, you may want to prepare your dog's meals from scratch. This article explains everything from choosing a good recipe to food preparation and health checks.


How to Choose Healthy Snacks for Your Dog: With Simple Dog Treat Recipes

While dogs enjoy snacks and treats, it's important to avoid over-feeding your dog or damaging its health. This article discusses the pros and cons of giving snacks and treats to your dog, which foods to avoid, how to choose safe store-bought treats, and healthy alternatives to manufactured snacks.


How to Choose the Right Dog Food

Dogs do not have one-size-fits-all dietary needs. Their needs change with breed, size, age, and health. This article offers guidelines for each stage of your dog's life.


Which Collar and Leash Should You Get for Your Dog?

Leashes are a training tool and keep your dog and other animals safe. This article discusses different kinds of collars and leashes to help you make the right choice for you and your dog.


The Pros and Cons of a Raw Food Diet for Your Dog

People in favor of a raw food diet for dogs claim it's more natural and healthy. Those against it say it's dangerous because of the risks of poor nutrition and bacterial infection. This article examines the scientific evidence based on recent studies of raw food diets for dogs.


Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe at the Beach

Pristine-looking beaches are rarely pristine these days. Sharp objects lurk underneath the sand, and the shoreline's waves bring their own brand of trouble. There's no need to ban your pooch from the beach. Here are the best tips to keep them safe.


Best Dog Toys for Chewers

Looking for a dog toy that your dog won't destroy right away? Here's my list of the best toys for dogs who chew everything, and the toys to avoid completely.


Dog-Friendly Treats: Ice Cream for Our Yorkie

Our five-pound Yorkshire Terrier is a fussy eater. We joke and say that she’s picky because she’s watching her figure. All jokes aside, though, our Yorkie doesn’t eat well. We often spoon-feed her just to make sure she gets food in her belly, so we make treats for her as a supplement.


Must-Have Products If Your Dog Won’t Stop Peeing on Your Carpet

Do you have a dog that won’t stop peeing on your carpet? Here are some basic items that will make life easier and take away some of the stress.


4-Ingredient Peanut Butter Dog Treats

A super quick and easy recipe for treats that any dog will love!


How to Save Money on Dog Food (for Dog Owners on a Budget)

Find ways to save money on dog food every month. Give your dog quality, grain-free, high-protein food and keep them healthy while saving money.


7 Easy Tips to Increase Your Dog's Lifespan

Did you know that there are some things you can do to increase your dog's lifespan? Here are easy steps that you can follow at home to help your dog live a long and happy life.


How Much Should You Pay Dog Sitters?

Vacations are exciting times, but not always the best time to have your dog around. That’s why many dog owners chose to pay a dog sitter. What is a fair price to pay for this service?