Do You Know These Seven Symptoms Of Canine Diabetes?

Updated on December 30, 2016
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Know the symptoms of diabetes in dogs to protect her from canine diabetes.
Know the symptoms of diabetes in dogs to protect her from canine diabetes.

Are you ignorant of the symptoms of diabetes in dogs? Canine diabetes is on the rise, and it results in blindness, infections, kidney damage, and even death. Being ignorant about diabetes in canines could cost your pet his life. Here are seven symptoms of a diabetic dog that every pet owner should know.

1. An Extremely Thirsty Dog

If your companion is suddenly drinking a lot more water than he did in the past, this should be a red flag for you. High blood glucose levels will cause your pet to be very thirsty, as her body attempts to flush the extra sugar out of her system.

2. Urinating Very Frequently

Even if you managed to miss the amount of water your canine companion is drinking, it's hard to miss her asking to go out more often. She may even have accidents in the house because she just can't "hold it" until she can get outside.

3. Weight Loss

She may have a ravenous appetite, but she's still losing weight. Her body isn't able to use the nutrition in the food she's eating. This is a symptom of many different illnesses, but weight loss is often seen in diabetic dogs.

4. No Pep

Your pet seems to have lost interest in life. All she wants to do is lay around. When you do manage to get her up, she may be weak and unsteady on her feet.

5. Shivering or Shakiness

Your pet may be hypoglycemic. This happens when her blood sugar falls to dangerously low levels. Get her to the vet as soon as you can.

6. Repeated Infections

She may have one urinary tract infection after another. Or recurring fungal infections may be a problem. Dogs with diabetes are often unable to resist infections.

7. Sweet Breath

Your pet's breath should smell like, well, dog breath. If it suddenly gets a sweetish smell about it, she could have become a diabetic dog. If you smell acetone on her breath (smells like nail polish remover), she could be going into ketoacidosis. This is a life-threatening emergency that requires immediate veterinary care.  

Canine Diabetes Is A Silent Killer

Sometimes dogs with diabetes show no symptoms at all. This may happen if the disease is progressing so slowly that symptoms aren't really noticed.

Is it possible to prevent diabetes in dogs? Yes, it is. The best way to reduce the risk of your pet becoming a canine diabetic is to keep her weight under control. You'll want to feed her a high-quality canned food that's high in fiber and low in carbohydrates.  

Regular exercise is essential to regulate blood glucose levels naturally. You should also have her spayed, as high estrogen levels can interfere with insulin production.

Natural remedies for dogs contain herbs and dietary supplements that have been proven to regulate blood sugar levels. In combination with a healthy diet, and plenty of exercise, these remedies can help to prevent diabetes in canines.  

If your pet is already a diabetic, you may be able to reduce the amount of insulin she needs to take by using one of these remedies. Always consult your vet before making any changes in her treatment plan.  Most vets are quite open to natural remedies for dogs, and he or she will probably be happy to work with you.

Don't let ignorance harm your canine companion. Learn more about diabetes in dogs to protect her health.


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      Diana 6 weeks ago

      What are these natural remedies?

    • profile image

      Brandy Banks 20 months ago

      I have no money for a vet, my puppy just turned 6weeks old and all the sudden it smells like she ate nail polish remover please help

    • profile image

      Davidurface 7 years ago

      Wow thank you very much for this my puppy has all the symptoms and I thought it very odd her breath smelled like acitone I'm calling an after hours vet now!

    • chicamom85 profile image

      chicamom85 8 years ago

      Good article, good info. Thanks