The Best Seven Dogs That Look Like Wolves

Updated on January 26, 2019
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Dr. Mark is a veterinarian. He has been working with dogs for more than 40 years.

Alaskan Malamute /Siberian Husky cross: like a wolf
Alaskan Malamute /Siberian Husky cross: like a wolf | Source

Like a Wolf

These seven dog breeds have wolflike markings but predictable temperaments like most dogs. While it is possible to go out and buy a wolf or wolf hybrid (some hybrid breeds, such as the Lupo Italiano, Czechoslovakian Wolfdog, and Kunming Wolf Dog, have actually been crossed with wolves for generations), doing so is not recommended.

There are a lot of problems with keeping wolves and wolf hybrids in a household. Some become difficult to deal with as they become older, some cannot be trusted with kids and small animals, and some are even illegal to own in certain cities and other areas.

In my opinion, if you desire a wolflike dog, the best choice is to own a breed that looks like a wolf but is actually a dog. Take a look at these seven great choices before you make your decision.

1. Tamaskan

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The Tamaskan dog.The Tamaskan, a dog breed developed to look like a wolf.
The Tamaskan dog.
The Tamaskan dog. | Source
The Tamaskan, a dog breed developed to look like a wolf.
The Tamaskan, a dog breed developed to look like a wolf. | Source

This rare dog breed from Finland has actually been bred to look like a wolf. The Tamaskan is smaller than a timber wolf, usually weighing about 30 to 40 kilograms (around 65 to 90 pounds). However, their grey coats, non-blue eyes, and straight tails together create a strong wolflike appearance.

As is the case with many rare breeds, there is still not much information on common Tamaskan health problems. One in 10 males of this breed is likely to be a cryptorchid (have an undescended testicle, which means the dog should be neutered). Additionally, as is the case with all large breeds, Tamaskans might be prone to hip dysplasia.

These dogs have only been around since about 2006, so their life expectancy is still not known. They may be shy, but many of them are intelligent, obedient, and agile. Tamaskans are known for their search-and-rescue abilities and are also good sled dogs.

Although some fanciers claim Tamaskans are good with small animals, these dogs sometimes have a strong prey drive and should not be left alone with other small pets. They are also known to be diggers and are likely to have behavioral problems if not given something to do.

There are still only about 400 Tamaskan dogs around the world, but they are gaining in popularity and may very well be available in your area.

2. Northern Inuit

The Northern Inuit, a breed of dog but meant to look like a wolf.
The Northern Inuit, a breed of dog but meant to look like a wolf.

Like the Tamaskan, the northern Inuit dog is a relatively new breed designed to look like a wolf. It looks so wolflike that the North Carolina State wolfpack uses one as its official live mascot. The breed was developed in the UK from Siberian huskies, German shepherds, Alaskan malamutes and some of the Inuit breeds.

Northern Inuits are medium sized, weighing around 25 to 40 kilos (about 55 to 85 pounds) with a double coat and a straight tail.

Since the breed is relatively new, no reliable data about its life expectancy is available. They are probably prone to hip dysplasia, cataracts, and epilepsy, like many of the northern breeds, but there is still not enough information to be sure.

Northern Inuits, like Siberian huskies, were bred to be friendly but are sometimes stubborn.

They are good with kids but do not like to be left alone. If they are not given sufficient stimulation (a play companion will often help), they will probably dig holes in the yard and maybe even escape.

3. Alaskan Malamute

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A full-grown Alaskan malamute.Some Alaskan malamutes have markings and colors similar to those of a wolf.An adult Alaskan malamute, one of the dog breeds that looks like a wolf.
A full-grown Alaskan malamute.
A full-grown Alaskan malamute.
Some Alaskan malamutes have markings and colors similar to those of a wolf.
Some Alaskan malamutes have markings and colors similar to those of a wolf. | Source
An adult Alaskan malamute, one of the dog breeds that looks like a wolf.
An adult Alaskan malamute, one of the dog breeds that looks like a wolf. | Source

This great dog is similar to a timber wolf in both size and coloring. Most Alaskan malamutes weigh about 35 to 40 kilos (around 75 to 85 pounds), but some can get as large as 45 kilos (around 100 pounds).

Alaskan malamutes have a double coat, often part white and part sable or gray. Their eyes are brown and their tails are fluffy and usually carried up.

Like the other sled dogs, these dogs have some eye problems like retinal atrophy (PRA) and cataracts. Like a lot of other big dogs, they are prone to hip dysplasia.

Alaskan malamutes usually live about 11 years. They are well known for their ability to resist training, so make sure to take him to obedience classes and socialize him from a young age. Like Siberians, Alaskan malamutes have a lot of energy—too much for most people. While most people cannot run them on a sled, there are several alternative exercises available for them. They are strong, so they do well in bikejoring, skijoring, and weight-pulling.

4. Siberian Husky

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The Siberian husky is a popular dog breed with well-known markings.Some Siberian huskies look more like wolves than others.
The Siberian husky is a popular dog breed with well-known markings.
The Siberian husky is a popular dog breed with well-known markings. | Source
Some Siberian huskies look more like wolves than others.
Some Siberian huskies look more like wolves than others. | Source

This breed of dog is now so popular that many people will recognize a Siberian husky when they see one on the street. Some Siberian huskies look more wolflike than others.

Huskies were bred by the Chukchi tribes in Siberia to pull their sleds over long distances. They have been a domesticated breed for thousands of years but have not changed much from their wolf ancestors and still have a thick double coat, a heavily furred tail, and erect ears. Siberian Huskies are smaller than most wolves, usually only about 25 kilos (55 pounds) and sometimes even a lot less.

This breed does not typically have too many health problems, though some huskies have sled-dog problems like retinal atrophy (PRA) and epilepsy. Hip dysplasia is almost never found in Siberians, and the normal life expectancy is usually 12 years or more.

If a Siberian Husky is the wolflike dog you want, be careful to avoid some of the common behavioral problems. They are not big dogs, but they require a lot of exercise, and families that do not provide it end up with a dog that digs holes, tears up fences, and runs off when given the chance.

They look like wolves, and sometimes they act like it!

5. Canadian Eskimo Dog

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The Canadian Eskimo dog.The Canadian Eskimo dog, another sled dog that looks like a wolf.
The Canadian Eskimo dog.
The Canadian Eskimo dog. | Source
The Canadian Eskimo dog, another sled dog that looks like a wolf.
The Canadian Eskimo dog, another sled dog that looks like a wolf. | Source

The Canadian Eskimo Dog is another tribal sled dog that has probably been bred with wolves. The dogs weigh between 30 and 40 kilos (roughly between 65 and 90 pounds) and have a thick coat like that of the Siberian Husky. They have the powerful, athletic build of the Alaskan Malamute and are very similar to wolves.

Like a Siberian, they can be pets, but they need a lot of exercise. Walking just won´t do it—they are used to pulling sleds, pulling carts, and skijoring. In Canada, they were originally used as sled dogs and for hunting polar bears.

With their thick coats, Canadian Eskimo dogs are prone to heatstroke. They usually live for about 12 years.

Like many sled dogs, they have a strong prey drive and are not a suitable dog to get if you have small animals.

The breed is very rare, even in Canada, and if not for a breeding program that has been in place since 1972, the dogs would probably be extinct. Part of the reason for the breed’s decline is the fact that snowmobiles replaced the need for sled dogs. Over the years, they have been crossed with Alaskan malamutes, Siberian huskies, and maybe other breeds. Some of these dogs were used in the development of the Northern Inuit Dog.

6. Utonagan

A Utonagan dog looks similar to a wolf.
A Utonagan dog looks similar to a wolf.

This is another dog breed that was developed in Great Britain just to look like a wolf. Alaskan malamutes, Siberian huskies, and German shepherds were used to develop the Utonagan.

The name is Native American, a Chinook phrase that means “Spirit of the Wolf.”

These dogs are said to live for up to 15 years and have few health problems.

Fanciers claim that the dogs are good tempered even with cats, but there are still so few of them around that most of these claims cannot be verified statistically.

7. Finnish Lapphund

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The Finnish lapphund is one of the dog breeds that looks similar to a wolf.Some Finnish lapphunds have markings similar to those of a wolf.
The Finnish lapphund is one of the dog breeds that looks similar to a wolf.
The Finnish lapphund is one of the dog breeds that looks similar to a wolf. | Source
Some Finnish lapphunds have markings similar to those of a wolf.
Some Finnish lapphunds have markings similar to those of a wolf. | Source

This wolflike dog is actually a shepherd used for herding reindeer by the Sami, a people of Finland.

They are a spitz, popular in Finland but not seen in many other countries outside of Scandinavia. A Finnish lapphund only weighs about 17 to 18 kilograms (about 35 to 40 pounds) and has a long thick coat and a wolflike face.

Some of them are black or brown, but some others have a sable coat. The tail is often carried over the back but may hang down when the dog is standing.

Finnish lapphunds are not associated with too many health problems, but some are prone to retinal atrophy (PRA) and cataracts. Very few have hip dysplasia.

An average lifespan is about 13 years. If you are looking for an active dog that never minds the cold, this is a great choice. Finnish lapphunds are one of the few breeds of dog allowed to legally live outside in Finland.

They are now registered by the American Kennel Club (AKC) in the US.

Honorable Mention

  • Some solid-black German Shepherd dogs are also wolflike in appearance.
  • American Alsatians also look like wolves, but they have been bred to look like the Dire Wolf, an extinct species.

Where to Look If You're Interested in a Particular Breed of Dog

If you are looking for some breeds listed in this article (like the Siberian husky and Alaskan malamute) you might be able to find a dog at your local animal shelter. If you are in a tropical area, your chances are slim, since most of the wolflike breeds are from the Arctic. You can also try to see if any of these dogs are available in nearby cities.

If you want to look for a breeder, try visiting a dog show and looking at some of the dogs you are interested in. Whatever you do, do not buy your dog from a pet shop or an Internet puppy wholesaler, since you will be supporting a puppy milland will end up with a dog difficult to house train.

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      • profile image

        Northwind Tamaskan 

        5 months ago

        Tuffy, the N Carolina Wolfpack’s mascot, is actually a Tamaskan dog. His breeder is Tarheel Tamaskan in N Carolina. ;)

      • JenniferWilber profile image

        Jennifer Wilber 

        10 months ago from Cleveland, Ohio

        There is a puppy I often see walking near my house with its owner. I swear it is actually a wolf cub. Maybe it's really one of these breeds.

      • DrMark1961 profile imageAUTHOR

        Dr Mark 

        19 months ago from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil

        Wardog 175, look at my article on American Alsatians, a breed that looks similar to the dire wolf.

      • profile image


        19 months ago

        A dire wolf

      • DrMark1961 profile imageAUTHOR

        Dr Mark 

        23 months ago from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil

        S, dog/wolf hybrids are not dogs.

      • profile image

        23 months ago

        What about the Saarloos Wolfdog?

      • profile image

        2 years ago

        I love huskys

      • profile image

        2 years ago

        Would add Swedish elkhound to this list...

      • profile image

        Caca face 

        2 years ago

        I like your dogs but they look like caca. I like a full grown alaska malamute.

      • profile image

        Ed of Ct. 

        2 years ago

        American Indian dogs are very wolf-like in appearance. They have been revived recently. Beautiful animal with a solid color coat.

      • profile image


        2 years ago

        The person who wants a Canadian Eskimo Dog. Which country are you in?

      • profile image


        2 years ago

        I am a dog lover . i love siberian husky n tibetiyan mastiff.

      • profile image

        Dog lover987 

        3 years ago

        I want a Canadian Eskimo dog but I have no idea where to get one and unfortunately I don't live in a city can u please tell me where to get one???

      • charleswtaylor11 profile image

        Charles W Taylor 

        3 years ago from United States

        A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.

      • profile image


        3 years ago

        I found that really interesting seeing all the wolf-like dogs .... to be honest with you I am a dog lover. If I could I would take all the dogs I can. I would like to follow you.

      • tillsontitan profile image

        Mary Craig 

        3 years ago from New York

        All beautiful, powerful animals, but certainly ones that create specials needs. Not everyone is capable of caring for these beautiful dogs. We had three huskies as neighbors but they were such escape artists, two were returned to the breeder. So sad, but at least they went back to the right place.

      • profile image


        3 years ago

        Why aren't Shiba Inu's on this list? Not only are they very closely related to wolves, but look like a mini fox/wolf hybrid.

      • profile image


        3 years ago

        Great article! Didn't know about some of those breeds all very beautiful. I raised Alaskan Malamute show dogs 20 years ago and loved them. Not for everyone.Very intelligent. You have to be the master to train. But each one has a different personality. Some more active, some lazy. Very loving and the way they talk and use their paws and howl are more like the wolf than other dogs. Had a mixed Husky before. He was beautiful but had a strange personality and liked to climb and jump the fence to run. Malamutes don't jump but they can dig! Thanks for article.

      • profile image


        3 years ago

        Wow. You guys have been around some small Malemutes. That's the weight of most of the Females, but most of the males I've come across have gotten between 150 - 200lbs

      • profile image


        3 years ago

        I have a siberian huskie. They are intellegent and can be stubborn when it comes to training. Its a good thing my odin is eager to please. Hes not interested in escaping yet. But does enjoy letting his st bernard sister out of her kennel and freeing the rabbits. Hes a handfull of fun. Loves small children . Always research before getting any pet. just cause theyre cute and you want one doesnt mean you can handle one.

      • PNWtravels profile image

        Vicki Green 

        3 years ago from Wandering the Pacific Northwest USA

        I had never heard of many of these wolf-like breeds. They are beautiful, but I would fear for their life if I had one and it somehow got out of the yard since there are so many in the western US who are paranoid about wolves. Now that they have been de-listed from the endangered species list in several states, too many people will shoot them on sight.

      • livetech profile image

        Paul Levy 

        3 years ago from United Kingdom

        All majestic examples of the canis lupus familiaris. One would aspire to own one of these gentle beasts, with a proper loving home they can all make astounding dogs!

      • profile image


        3 years ago

        I've always loved Alaskan Malamutes, maybe I'll own one someday.

      • DrMark1961 profile imageAUTHOR

        Dr Mark 

        3 years ago from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil

        Yes Zain that is correct, it is a wolf mixed with a dog, not a breed of dog.

      • profile image


        3 years ago

        Czechoslovakian wolfdog is the best out of these...Its real Wolf with dog, and looks totaly like Wolf.

      • profile image


        3 years ago

        What about the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog? It is a recognized breed that originates to former Czechoslovakia where it was bred from the Carpathian Wolf and German Shephard. Its look are identical to a wolf.

      • Chriswillman90 profile image

        Krzysztof Willman 

        4 years ago from Parlin, New Jersey

        A great collection of interesting wolf like breeds that are not actually wolves at all. The Siberian Husky is my favorite out of all these because I had neighbors that used to own a couple. They were for the most part gentle though they could get rambunctious at times, but I still enjoyed them.

      • DrMark1961 profile imageAUTHOR

        Dr Mark 

        4 years ago from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil

        Hi Jean thanks for those great comments about the Sibe.

        I think that running system that you had set up for your Husky is one of the best around. Unfortunately, people in the US really are "down" on tying dogs up, by whatever means, even though if they saw a dog on one of those runs they would see that they get more exercise than a dog just stuck in a pen or back yard. Like you point out, though, Sibes will eventually get away no matter what!

      • Jean Bakula profile image

        Jean Bakula 

        4 years ago from New Jersey

        I loved watching the video of the escaping Siberian Husky. I once had one, and he lived to be 14. I live in a wooded area, so was able to keep him on a large run and attached to it with a cabiner, so he really had a lot of space to run around. But he escaped so many times, I should have named him Houdini. Huskies are great pets, very gentle. They aren't the most intelligent of dogs, it's hard to teach them how to do stuff, and they shed like crazy. But they are lovable and I would consider getting another one.

      • profile image

        some one that knows 

        4 years ago

        do your research before buying any of these breeds,the tamasken is not a breed its beeing crossed with anything to try and get a wolfy look,the health is bad,and was started by crossing northern inuits to czech wolfdogs and gsd

      • profile image


        4 years ago

        Nice article

        The NCSU Mascot Tuffy is however a Tamaskan not a Northern Inuit :)

      • justthemessenger profile image

        James C Moore 

        4 years ago from The Great Midwest

        I've heard the issue with wolves is that one day your wolf might decide he wants to replace you as the alpha. So, I guess a wolf look a like dog is the best option.

      • colorfulone profile image

        Susie Lehto 

        4 years ago from Minnesota

        These are some beautiful dog breeds. I have a cousin who has a Alaskan Malamute and Siberian Husky mix, and it is one of the most beautiful dogs I have ever seen.

        Interesting article.

      • JoyLevine profile image


        4 years ago from 3rd Rock from the Sun

        Interesting article. I love Siberian Huskies, so lovable and affectionate (though they have a strong prey drive, so unless they grow up with other small animals, you may need to watch them). Wolves are actually one of my favorite creatures. So intelligent, extremely observant and gorgeous creatures. The breeds represented here are beautiful.

      • peachpurple profile image


        4 years ago from Home Sweet Home

        wow, these dogs really look like wolves, amazing

      • profile image

        cat leathem 

        4 years ago

        I have a Utonagan and shes wonderful shes calm gentle and is always listening shes great on a lead and also off and will happily snuggle up to my cat (even letting him suckle from her) her temperament us by far the best ive ever seen in a dog.

      • profile image


        4 years ago

        'Have you seen the Alaskan Klee-kai?' Yes, just researched, and they are apartment sized wolves, markings are incredible. So, cute

      • DrMark1961 profile imageAUTHOR

        Dr Mark 

        4 years ago from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil

        Have you seen the Alaskan Klee-kai? They are tiny, like the Pomsky. An apartment sized wolf!

      • profile image


        4 years ago

        Didn't realize there were so many wolf looking breeds. Interesting article. Somewhere just recently, I saw a Pomeranian-Husky mix. Beautiful markings and cutest little wolf-looking dog I've ever seen. Wolves should be wild and free.

      • Katherine Franke profile image

        Katherine Franke 

        4 years ago from Indiana

        Excellent post. I love that you advised people to get a dog that looks like a wolf rather than an actual wolf hybrid. Awesome!

      • profile image


        4 years ago

        I got my two dogs from a couple who bred German Shepherds with Malamutes for a number of generations. The first one I got from them, Luna, looked like a black and tan wolf and the second, her younger brother by a different mother Baldr, looks like a big old artic wolf in fact I had to prove they weren't wolves to the local animal control officer by calling the breeder and having them show them the records. Baldr especially has people scared when they first see him, but once they get close he shows his goofy, somewhat mentally challenged self. He has never acted aggressively and loves everyone he meets. His sister is a little more defensive but shows promise as a drug dog, she hates the smell of marijuana and growls when she smells it. (this stems from a bad experience she had with a neighbor who 1 smoked a lot of the stuff and 2 scared the lvijgn daylights out of her for fun when I wasn't home. Caught him at it one day and had him arrested for trespass and animal cruelty( he had her in a head lock and was biting her ears))

      • daxamite profile image

        James Livingood 

        4 years ago from Seattle, WA

        I heard a piece of advice from a vet-tech who now helps sell dog health insurance; never claim your dog is part wolf, unless in jest. (Looking like a wolf is fine, being part wolf is different) Many vets and pet insurance locations will deny service as wolves are wild animals. I know this sounds exceedingly silly, but my vet-tech friend assured me that this happens way more than it should.

      • Ilonagarden profile image

        Ilona E 

        4 years ago from Ohio

        I once owned a siberian Husky and she was beautiful, but not really the best dog for my family. Then we owned a long line of labs. My most favorite dog was a Great Pyrenees - which is about as far from a wolf-like dog (in temperment) as you can get.

      • DrMark1961 profile imageAUTHOR

        Dr Mark 

        4 years ago from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil

        Thanks for reading and following me, KnowWhatImean. I hope you do really well here!

        If you want to see one of the other new breeds that I think is really interesting, check out the American Alsatian. I have a few articles about the breed but the pictures over at flickr are a lot better than I have in my hubs.

      • KnowWhatImean profile image


        4 years ago

        That tamaskan is a beautiful dog. These new breeds are super interesting. Thanks for making a point about the inherited dispositions of each breed. Most people pick on looks and not temperament which is almost always a mistake.

      • DrMark1961 profile imageAUTHOR

        Dr Mark 

        4 years ago from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil

        Animals that have been crossed with wolves are wolf hybrids, not dog breeds. This article is about dogs that look like wolves.

      • profile image


        4 years ago

        You forgot Saarloos Wolfhound and Czechoslovakian Wolfdog, I think they look the most like wolves :p

      • profile image

        Pastor Wolfe 

        4 years ago

        I love this hub!

      • DrMark1961 profile imageAUTHOR

        Dr Mark 

        4 years ago from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil

        Hey Brooke, there is actually a hub by habee called "Lazy Dog Breeds"! Not everyone wants to spend all their time walking a Husky. I had them when I was younger, but my lifestyle is a bit more sedate now and I am a lot happier with a mellow old Pitbull. I am sure the Huskies out there are happy about that.

      • profile image


        4 years ago

        I love these animals! I have always wanted a Siberian Husky but, after reading this article, I probably shouldn't get one. I can be a bit lazy. I wouldn't have the energy to keep up with him!

      • DrMark1961 profile imageAUTHOR

        Dr Mark 

        4 years ago from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil

        Not that I know of, Jayden. I am attaching the link to Lois Schwarz´s facebook account and you can leave her a message there and ask about the closest puppies available. She is the founder/creator of the American Alsatian and keeps track of the breed, of course.

        Good luck finding one of those amazing dogs!

      • profile image


        4 years ago

        would love to get one as its charactieristics and behavioural habits seem greatly suited for me

      • profile image


        4 years ago

        Are there american alsatians in singapore?

      • DrMark1961 profile imageAUTHOR

        Dr Mark 

        4 years ago from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil

        Ari, when I was a teenager I lived in the upper midwest (US) and my Siberians did fine in the summer--all they did was lie around a lot, of course. I am not sure if the Canadian Eskimo Dogs are more heat sensitive or not, since they are still rare even up in Canada.

        Thanks for leaving a comment.

      • profile image

        Ari VK 

        4 years ago

        Those Canadian Eskimo Dogs are so cute!! I would be worried about having one considering the hot summer days here though.

      • sam777777 profile image

        Satvinder S. Sihra 

        4 years ago from Queens, NY

        wow! I did not even realize that there were more wolve-like dogs other than the siberian husky. You have enlightened me. :) I will definitely follow you since I love animals.

      • Madison Resare profile image


        4 years ago

        Will do :) I don't think it will happen for a while so at least that gives me plenty of time to get ready for one! lol

      • DrMark1961 profile imageAUTHOR

        Dr Mark 

        4 years ago from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil

        Thanks, Madison. If you decided to get a Siberian Husky make sure you do plenty of reading about them first, especially about how much exercise they need! Good luck.

      • Madison Resare profile image


        4 years ago

        Great article and awesome pictures! I love huskies, I hope to get one someday, I think they are adorable.

      • bodylevive profile image


        4 years ago from Alabama, USA

        My son and his wife have a Siberian Husky, he is so very sweet and loves to play with my granddaughter. He also likes to talk back, it's the funniest thing I've ever seen.

      • joween18 profile image

        Joween Flores 

        5 years ago

        Wow.. I wanted some of these, I really love dogs.. but unfortunately I live in a tropical country so its a no-no.. :/

      • DrMark1961 profile imageAUTHOR

        Dr Mark 

        5 years ago from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil

        I am not sure, but I do not think I would want to try. There are a lot of dog breeds that do not do well in the tropical area I live. (One of my neighbors bought a Siberian Husky and she spends all day in the air conditioning!)

      • PaoloJpm profile image

        John Paolo B.Magdaluyo 

        5 years ago from Philippine

        Finnish Lapphund was s cute.I wonder if it could survive here in the Philippines.

      • theBAT profile image


        5 years ago

        Yes, the Siberian Husky is getting popular. Even here in this tropical country, it is common now to see Siberian Huskies on the street. I think however that the Alaskan Malamute, because of its size, looks more like a wolf. Great hub.

      • luvtoowrite profile image

        Luvtoo Write 

        5 years ago from Chicago, IL

        Great list, but I am surprised that the Akita Inu was not included. I am always told, my Akita looks like a wolf, will even howl like one.

      • natural holistic profile image

        D. Lemaire 

        5 years ago from Arizona

        A mini version that is a tiny wolf like dog is also the Swedish Vallhund. They look like mini wolves on short legs! They're the ancestors of the Corgi. Interesting article !

      • Rae Saylor profile image

        Rae Saylor 

        5 years ago from Australia

        Interesting list -- thanks for writing this, pal! I have a husky -- a big yet cuddly one, but I'm looking to have an Alaskan Malamute! Not sure if that's a good idea, though, as huskies don't really go well with new pets because of their strong predatory streak. I don't know. We'll see!

        Thanks again :)

      • profile image


        5 years ago

        I would prefer a snow wolf(brilliant white and black)

      • Cristale profile image

        Cristale Adams 

        5 years ago from New York

        The dogs listed are beautiful and do resemble wolves very much. The content of this hub is laid out perfectly with useful information that is very informative. Great job!

      • torrilynn profile image


        5 years ago

        Thanks for these photos and the information of the dogs that look like wolves. I've always thought the Siberian Husky looked like a wolf. Great information. Voted up.

      • profile image


        5 years ago

        I knew most of these. Some of them I didn't. My step brothers mom has a German Shepperd that looks like a wolf. Thank you for this!

      • LisaKoski profile image


        5 years ago from WA

        These dogs are so gorgeous. I had a dog I adopted that (according to where I adopted her) was a malamute/wolf mix. Not sure if it was true or not but she was definitely a handful. Unfortunately, I had to find her another home when I ran into some money problems and had to move back in with the parents. I miss that dog. She was so much fun and definitely got lots of attention when I'd take her out because of her looks and personality.

        This was a very informative read for me. I've never heard of most of these breeds and I loved all of the pictures and videos.

      • Bob Bamberg profile image

        Bob Bamberg 

        5 years ago from Southeastern Massachusetts

        Very interesting hub and great advice. This introduces a lot of us to breeds that we haven't known previously.

        As you mentioned, some jurisdictions don't allow wolf hybrids and the Peoples' Republic of Massachusetts is one of them.

        I had a customer who owned wolf hybrids. He never revealed his source, but when one would pass, he'd get another. Only once, in the early 90's, did he bring one into the store. It was just a quick visit, so I could see her. He held her by the collar the whole time.

        I think he was a responsible owner and kept his animals from the public, although he talked freely about them in the store. I cautioned him because we were inspected by USDA and the MSPCA, and had several animal control officials as customers. If any one of them had overheard him, the animals would have been confiscated. I think wolf hybrids could be problematic in densely populated regions such as where I live.

      • rebeccamealey profile image

        Rebecca Mealey 

        5 years ago from Northeastern Georgia, USA

        It was so interesting to read about these awesome dog breeds. They are probably not for me, but they sure are handsome. Thanks for sharing!

      • Suhail and my dog profile image

        Suhail Zubaid aka Clark Kent 

        5 years ago from Mississauga, ON

        What beats me is that their is love for wolves so much so that we want our dogs to look like wolves and then we have those who have an innate hatred for wolves so much so that they have to torture them before putting them down.

        With gray wolves of the USA about to be de-listed from endangered species act, the unethical hunters will have a field day. The battles are drawn between wolf lovers and wolf haters.

        Hate mongers don't realize that if it weren't for wolves, we wouldn't be having our furry friends.

      • DrMark1961 profile imageAUTHOR

        Dr Mark 

        5 years ago from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil

        There is also another breed available, the Utonagan, but in my opinion they look a lot like an Alaskan Malamute.

      • DrMark1961 profile imageAUTHOR

        Dr Mark 

        5 years ago from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil

        Hi Marion. I agree, Norwegin Elkhounds look like they should be on here! (I also needed to add the German Shepherd Dog and the Canadian Eskimo Dog,but then this hub would be about 3000 words!) I appreciate your kind words.

      • marion langley profile image

        marion langley 

        5 years ago from The Study

        wow I'd only heard of half those breeds. Great pictures! In my family we are big fans of the Norwegian Elkhound...also double coated shepherd/sled/hunting dogs with grey coloring and upright ears. Like your last entries also from the spitz family. Thank you for directing people away from the wolf crosses and promoting regular exercise for these breeds. Makes a world of difference. Thanks for writing!

      • DrMark1961 profile imageAUTHOR

        Dr Mark 

        5 years ago from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil

        I agree some of them can be really great, especially when younger, and definitely when crossed with a Siberian Husky. I would still rather have a Tamaskan or Northern Inuit--actually I would rather have one of your Goldens around my house since I have chickens, geese, etc.

        Thanks for the vote!

      • epbooks profile image

        Elizabeth Parker 

        5 years ago from Las Vegas, NV

        Very interesting hub. I love the pics. I used to know a woman who owned a wolf hybrid and it was the sweetest dog. Thanks for posting. Voted up!

      • Dreamhowl profile image

        Jessica Peri 

        5 years ago from United States

        These breeds are stunning. I didn't know so many dog breeds looked like wolves, and I agree that these dogs are a lot better than wolf hybrids for many pet owners.

      • DrMark1961 profile imageAUTHOR

        Dr Mark 

        5 years ago from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil

        Hi Suhail thanks for leaving that comment. If I do not reply to some comments, I have to blame it on my computer. It keeps going offline, will sometimes allow me to approve but not reply,etc.

        I had to smile about your comment about theTamaskan. That sounds like something a Siberian would do!

      • Suhail and my dog profile image

        Suhail Zubaid aka Clark Kent 

        5 years ago from Mississauga, ON

        A good hub once again. I know of a friend in NYC who has a Tamascan and he took it and another dog, a Karelian Bear Dog, to a hike across America. He failed in his hike, because the Tamascan kept getting quilled by porcupines.

        On another note, there is a wolf in every dog and a fair bit of dog in almost every north American grey wolf. Reason is that the American Natives' dogs intermingled with local wolf populations, thereby contributing to gene pools along the divide till the settlers and the army destroyed all the natives and their dogs in most tragic of the world events.

      • ologsinquito profile image


        6 years ago from USA

        Very interesting article. I'm going to pin it on Pinterest.

      • TheKatsMeow profile image

        Katee Shew 

        6 years ago from Canada

        I had heard about all of these breeds before except for the Tamaskan. What a beautiful dog and a very interesting Hub.

      • wetnosedogs profile image


        6 years ago from Alabama

        Years ago, I knew someone who had an Alaska Malamute. She had lots of trouble with training it and she said the dog was crazy (no matter, she loved that dog). What she needed was a guard dog as they owned a business. Wrong dog, unless that dog thought it was right for acting on the crazy side. LOL

      • tillsontitan profile image

        Mary Craig 

        6 years ago from New York

        Another informative hub Dr. Mark. I know there are people who want dogs that look like wolves but most do not know the inherent problems. Your hubs provide information to help people make informed decisions.

        Voted up, useful, and interesting.

      • weestro profile image

        Pete Fanning 

        6 years ago from Virginia

        Great info here Dr. Mark! As you stated, be sure you can give a husky plenty of exercise or else you will find yourself in for some problems! Enjoyed reading, voted up and awesome!

      • grand old lady profile image

        Mona Sabalones Gonzalez 

        6 years ago from Philippines

        Very nice article and videos. Your advice about getting a dog that looks like a wolf, rather than a mixed dog-wolf is excellent advice.


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