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Why Do Dogs Smell Bad?

Find out why your dog stinks and what you can do to get rid of the odor once and for all.


Should I Shave My Dog's Coat in Summer to Keep Them Cool?

When the heat goes up, dog owners look for ways to keep their canines cool. Those with long-haired or thick-coated dogs may consider shaving that coat off in an effort to keep them cooler. However, shaving a dog may not always help them to cope with heat. In some breeds, it can make matters worse.


Grooming Your Dog's Paws Stress-Free

Whether it is clipping claws, trimming fur, or treating a cut, at some point we all have to look at our dog's paws. Many dogs are sensitive about their paws being touched, and this can make grooming them very difficult. Luckily, there are several easy and gentle ways to overcome this problem.


German Shepherd Nail Trimming Tips and Tricks

Taking good care of your dog's nails is very important. If you don't clip your German Shepherd's nails, he could get seriously hurt.


Tips for Trimming German Shepherd Nails

German Shepherds can grow some seriously long nails if you don't trim them. Nail care is essential if you want to avoid tears and even issues with the alignment of their paws. Cutting dog nails is fairly easy if you know how to do it without causing stress or hurting your friend.


A Review: How Bravecto Cost Me $1,000 in Vet Bills

Bravecto is a new oral chew for dogs that provides 12 weeks of flea and tick prevention. While it may be effective, Bravecto has a few nasty side effects that might make you think twice before trying this medicine on your beloved pet.


How to Groom Your German Shepherd

Grooming your canine friend is very important. German Shepherds aren't high maintenance, but they need some basic care. With a simple brush and by cleaning the ears, you are halfway there.


Expert Advice on How to Groom Your Dog

Grooming a dog can and should be simple and enjoyable for both the dog and the groomer.


How to Get Rid of and Prevent Bulldog Wrinkle Infections

Bulldogs are adorable, but their wrinkle infections are not. Here are ways to resolve an infection and prevent them in the future.


Top 5 Stinky Dog Grooming Tips

Whether your dog likes to roll in smelly yard finds or simply has a naturally less than pleasant scent, use these tips to help with dog odor control.


What Are the Benefits of Electric Toothbrushes for Dogs?

Why you should consider using an electric or battery-powered toothbrush for your dog, and how to train a dog to accept it.


What Kind of Brush Should I Use on My Dog?

There are many dog brushes and grooming tools on the market, and each has a specific job. Choosing the right tool for a specific type of hair is important for a job well done.


How to Prevent Dogs' Nails From Bleeding When You Cut Them

There is a hidden vein called "the quick" inside a dog's nail. Cutting the nails too short and cutting into the quick can cause bleeding. Here's how to cut a dog's nail the right way.


How Do I Get Rid of Fleas?

Declare war on the flea for the sake of your pet's health and happiness.


Does Tomato Juice Get Rid of Skunk Smell on Dogs?

Are you wondering if tomato juice will magically remove skunk odor from your dog? We have investigated the effectiveness of tomato juice for skunk smell and are happy to report our findings.


5 Ways to Stop Your Long-Haired Dog From Shedding

If your dog is shedding excessively and you are trying to control it, these five methods are sure to help.


Grooming Your Bichon Frise

This is a step-by-step article for those who would rather cut costs and groom their Bichon Frise themselves.


Should You Shave Your Dog in the Summer?

Naturally, we want to shave our dogs when summer is around the corner, but should we? Here are some important considerations before you grab those clippers.


How to Get Dead Fish Smell (and Other Odors) off Your Dog

We love our dogs, but they love to roll in things that smell horrible. Here are ways to get the smell of rotten fish (and other nasty odors) out of your pet.


Common Dog Grooming Issues

Grooming a dog can be an owner's challenge in many ways. This article addresses dog grooming concerns, from tips and safety to choosing a pet groomer.


How to Clip a King Charles Spaniel

Grooming your dog yourself is a great way to spend time with them and give a quick health check. Here are detailed instructions on how to to clip a King Charles Spaniel at home.


How to Dry a Dog the Right Way

Just like there are certain ways to wash a dog—no matter what breed—there are also proper ways to dry a dog. Here are some tips.


How to Make a Dog's Nail Quick Recede

When you allow your dog's nails to grow too long, the quick grows out with the nail. Be careful when you decide to trim those nails to make the quick recede. Trimming overgrown nails may require extra help from your groomer or veterinarian!


How to Dye a Dog's Hair at Home Using Kool-Aid

This easy-to-follow, DIY technique will help you safely dye your dog's hair or fur at home.


The Secrets of Dental Care for Dogs

This article contains insider secrets by Dr. Cathy Alinovi about dental care for dogs. It includes tips for proper tooth brushing as well as recommended dental care products and diets.


During Which Months Do Dogs Shed the Most?

When do dogs shed the most? The answer to this question is that it varies on several factors. Learn when to expect peak shedding season and how to control it.


How to Give a Shih Tzu a Bath

If you are the proud owner of a Shih Tzu, you already know what a delightful breed this is. Though they do need to take a bath occasionally to keep their hair looking smooth and beautiful, this guide will help you do so with great care for your beloved furry friend.


How to Naturally Remove Tear Stains From the Fur on Your Dog's Face

There are several things you can do to stop or reduce tear staining without resorting to harsh chemicals and antibiotics.


All-Natural Homemade Dog Shampoo Recipe

Homemade dog shampoo and dog wash can be less expensive and gentler on your dog than store-bought brands. Here are several great recipes made with easy-to-find, natural ingredients like oatmeal and apple cider vinegar.


Nail Trimming for Dogs: How Can I Cut My Dog's Nails?

Clipping dog nails is one of the most challenging parts of taking care of a dog. Many prefer to bring their pup somewhere, rather than to do it themselves. Here are some great tips to help you learn.


How to Groom a Siberian Husky

The Siberian Husky is a beautiful, energetic dog that can also be a challenge to groom because of their constant shedding. Here is what I have found to be the best way to groom a Siberian Husky.


How to Groom an Alaskan Malamute

Learn how to groom an Alaskan Malamute—from bathing to the tools needed to properly care for this double-coated breed's coat.


How to Remove a Tick From a Dog

Ticks are small blood-sucking insects that can carry a host of diseases, including Lyme disease. Learn how to safely remove ticks from dogs using a tool that is made for the job.


Home Remedies for Dog Dandruff

Is your dog's coat itchy, dull, and full of dandruff? If so, you may need to help your canine companion. Learn some natural home remedies for dog dandruff.


How to Bathe Big Dogs That Are Afraid of Water

Is your dog scared of water? Wondering how to give your big dog a bath? Make it fun by using this step-by-step guide and tips!


How to Prevent Red Tear Stains on a White or Light-Colored Dog

After trying many things, I finally learned how to prevent red tear stains on my little Maltese. You can, too.


How to Trim Your Dog's Nails Using a Dremel

Probably about the hardest part about using a Dremel to trim a dog's nails is getting started. Once you and your dog are used to the routine, using a Dremel is a breeze.


How to Get Rid of Your Dog's Tear Stains

If your dog has tear stains, here is a step-by-step solution from a dog owner who tried everything else that didn't work!


How to Bathe and Shampoo Your Newfoundland Dog

A large, heavy-coated dog like a Newfoundland can be a challenge to bathe. Learn some tips from the experts on getting the job done right!


How to Bathe a Poodle Mix

Here are some tips on how to bathe and groom a Poodle mix.


Shih-Poo Puppy Grooming: How to Care for Your Poodle Mix Puppy’s Fur

This article will offer tips on how to care for the hair of your Shih Tzu/Poodle mix puppy.


Remove Skunk Smells From Your Dog With Apple Cider Vinegar

Does your dog smell like a skunk? If your dog was sprayed by a skunk, learn how to get rid of the smell in a natural way here.


Lessons From a Groomer: How to Dry Your Pet Correctly

How to dry your dog's hair, which tools to use, and professional grooming tips.


Lessons From a Groomer: Clipper Tips and Tricks

Learn how to groom your pet like a pro by learning these tips and tricks from a professional.

Cross section view of nails

Lessons From a Groomer: Nail Clipping, Ear Cleaning, and Baths

Learn how to safely clip your dog's nails, clean their ears, and techniques for bathtime.


How to Choose the Best Dog Shampoo (For Fleas, Dandruff, & More)

How to choose the shampoo that's best for your dog. What types of shampoo are out there, and when, why, and how should you use them? This article is a guide to which shampoo is best for your purposes.

Austrailian shepard with a kennel clip using a #7 blade

What Is a Teddy Bear Cut? (and Other Lessons From a Groomer)

Dog groomers can give simple haircuts or fancier ones upon request. Learn how to describe various cuts, such as the adorable teddy bear cut, to your groomer so your dog will come out looking sharp!


Lessons From a Groomer: How to Use Scissors and Clippers

Here we will be discussing different types of scissors and clippers. I hope you learn a lot about choosing the correct tools for your pet and what is worth your money. Read on to find out how to properly use scissors and clippers.


9 Myths About Dog Ear Cropping

This article will cover the many misconceptions about ear cropping in dogs, including that it improves dogs' hearing, doesn't hurt, and prevents ear infections.


The Truth About Dog Tail Docking

Tail docking should be only justified if backed up by medical reasons. Having a puppy undergo a tail docking procedure for just cosmetic reasons is unacceptable. Learn more about tail docking and why it has been banned in some countries.