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Mating & Pregnancy


How Do I Know If My Dog Is in Season?

Female dogs go through a season or heat cycle approximately every six months. It is a natural part of life if they have not been spayed, and it is the time when they can become pregnant. Knowing when your dog is coming into season is very important to prevent unplanned pregnancies.


How to Prevent Intact Dogs From Mating

Explore these experienced-based tips on how to prevent intact dogs from mating.


How Long After a Dog Loses Her Mucus Plug Does Labor Start?

Dog owners often wonder when their pregnant dogs will whelp after losing their mucus plug. This article focuses on what to expect once your pregnant dog loses her mucus plug.


Understanding Dogs' Maternal Instincts: How to Know If Your Dog Is a Good Mother

What if your dog doesn't take good care of her puppies? What makes certain dogs better mothers than others? Let's delve deeper into a dog's maternal instincts and the recipe for good parenthood.


How to Set Up a Whelping Box and Whelp Puppies Successfully

Information for dog breeders whelping their first litter of puppies. From preparation to delivery: videos and instructions for whelping puppies successfully. These tools and techniques will ensure a successful whelping!


How to Help a Dog Produce More Milk for Her Puppies

If your dog whelps but does not have enough milk for her puppies, there are a few simple things to try.


How to Feed a Pregnant or Nursing Dog a Natural Diet (Raw Dog Food)

If you are feeding a pregnant or nursing dog, you should be doing it naturally. Find out why, and what you should be giving her.


Is There a Morning-After Pill Available for Dogs to Stop Pregnancy?

Is there a morning-after pill available for dogs? If you don't want your dog to get pregnant, here are your options.


How Long Is Canine Gestation? Signs and Stages of Dog Pregnancy

How to recognize pregnancy in dogs: the signs, stages, and duration of canine pregnancy and the available testing methods.


How to Tell If Your Dog Is Pregnant and How to Help It With Gestation

This article will explain the signs of canine pregnancy and teach you how to help a pregnant dog through her gestation period.


What Determines Litter Size in Dogs?

Whether you're breeding and want to know how to have a large litter of pups or your dog is pregnant and you're wondering how many pups she's expecting, dog litter size determination is important.


Why Is My Dog Panting After Giving Birth?

Why do dogs pant after giving birth? There are several possibilities, but it's always best to consult with your veterinarian if something doesn't look right.


Understanding a Silent Heat in Female Dogs

Have you ever wondered about silent heats in female dogs and why they happen? If you have noticed that your female dog did not go in heat or isn't bleeding, a silent heat may be a possibility.


How to Dry Up a Dog's Milk and Help Mom Stop Producing

How can you dry up a mother dog's milk? After nursing for the appropriate amount of time, the time comes to wean those puppies and help stop their mother's milk supply. How should you proceed?


Understanding False Pregnancy in Dogs

What exactly is false pregnancy in dogs, and why does it happen? What are the signs and, most of all, what is the treatment?


When Should You Start Weaning Puppies From Their Mother?

This article tackles when puppy weaning starts, how to start the process, and how to help the mom dog produce less milk.


How to Help a Dog Whelp or Deliver Puppies

Are you expecting a litter of puppies anytime soon? This article will give you some tips on how you can help.


7 Ways to Tell if Your Dog Is Pregnant

Do you know what to look for if you think your dog is pregnant? Sometimes, it is easy to tell, and sometimes, you will need tests for confirmation. Learn more here.


How to Breed Your Female Dog Successfully

Do you know how to breed your dog? This article will tell you the signs to watch for, what you need to do in preparation, and how to handle the breeding procedure.


How to Tell When Your Dog Is in Heat

This article will describe the signs that a female dog is coming into heat, as well as when it is best to breed or not breed!


Common Questions About Canine Pregnancies

In this exclusive interview session, Dr. Cathy Alinovi, owner of Hoofstock Veterinary Services, talks about how to care for a pregnant dog and answers the most common questions that pet parents ask her about this topic.


What Time of the Year Are Most Puppies Born?

When are puppies born? Is there a puppy season for dogs and what time of the year are they mostly born? Learn when canines used to reproduce in the wild and when they reproduce in a domestic setting.


How to Take Care of Your Pregnant Shih Tzu

Shih Tzus are beautiful toy dogs who are very sensitive, especially when pregnant. This article aims to help would-be Shih Tzu breeders to breed their pets successfully.


Why Mother Dogs May Kill Their Puppies

Learn the possible causes for mother dogs killing their puppies and how to prevent this from happening again.

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Risks of Removing Puppies Too Early From Mother and Litter Mates

Learn why puppies should be kept with their mother and litter mates until they are seven-weeks old. Learn what to do if your puppy was removed too early.


The Chihuahua Heat Cycle: Breeding Considerations and Risks

Learn about signs suggesting your Chihuahua is in heat and important considerations about breeding Chihuahuas.


Signs Your Dog Is in Heat (and Basic Pregnancy Prevention)

Learn how to distinguish your female dog's heat cycle as well as tips and tricks from experienced breeders on preventing canine pregnancy.


Understanding the Stages of Dog Labor

Learn symptoms of the stages of labor in your pregnant dog and potential signs of problems. A comprehensive guide on the several stages of dog labor.

Is my dog pregnant? Signs your dog may be pregnant, nestor4u2,

Signs of Pregnancy in Dogs

Is my dog pregnant? Signs your dog may be pregnant, and a description of the phases of a dog's estrus cycle.


What to Expect When Your Pregnant Dog Is Expecting Puppies

This article discusses the signs of pregnancy in dogs, the week-by-week development of puppies in the womb, and the canine whelping or birthing process.


Top 6 Reasons to Neuter or Spay Your Jack Russell Terrier

There's a lot of controversy when it comes to the subject of neutering animals. In fact, neutering is good for both your pet and society in general. Explore the top 6 reasons why neutering your Jack Russell terrier is a good idea.


How to Care for Orphaned Puppies

This article contains useful information about caring for newborn puppies when the mother can’t. Original photos are included.


How to Prevent, Recognize, and Treat Fading Puppy Syndrome

Fading puppy syndrome affects puppies under the age of 12 weeks. These puppies, known as "faders," basically fail to thrive and are unable to survive.


The Dog's Heat Cycle Explained

This article provides an overview of the stages of a dog's heat cycle and what to expect from each.


How to Keep Male Dogs Away From Females in Heat

Is your dog in heat? Here are six easy ways to keep the male dogs away!


False Pregnancy in Dogs: Signs, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Learn how to tell the difference between a false pregnancy and a real one. Recognize the signs of false pregnancies in dogs.


How to Help a Dog in Heat

If your dog is in heat you may wonder what you can do to make her more comfortable. While canine heat is not a disease or a condition that needs treatment, there are several small things you can do.


When Do Dogs Go Into Heat?

At what age do dogs go into heat? The answer is that it depends. Small dogs and large dogs have different timeframes when it comes to their first heat. Knowing the age is helpful.


Pregnancy and Labor in Dogs

Pregnancy can usually be detected in dogs by palpation (a veterinarian carefully feeling the dog's belly) 20 to 30 days after breeding, by ultrasound 24 or more days after breeding, and by radiographs (x-rays) 40 to 45 days after breeding.

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Tips for Caring for a Female Dog in Heat

Personality-wise, there is really nothing different from a female dog and a male dog. But what about when your female dog goes into heat? Here are some tips on how to manage.

Prevent an unwanted pregnancy  Flickr Image by Somerslea

Spaying Your Female Dog: Timing, Process, and Myths

Here's a complete explanation of the spay process. Generally, when you adopt a dog from a shelter, the dog is already spayed or will be shortly after adoption.


How to Help Your Dog Give Birth

How can you help your dog give birth? Great question! Some may say let nature run its course, but you definitely want to be there on the big day in case of complications and to help as needed.


All About Dog Pregnancy

All you need to know about your dog's pregnancy, what to expect, the birth process, and possible complications that could require fast action.


How to Tell If Your Dog Is Pregnant: Signs and Home Pregnancy Tests

How can you tell if your dog is pregnant? Is there such a thing as a pregnancy test for dogs? If you're a dog owner or breeder hoping for a litter, learn about dog pregnancy tests and how they work.


Signs Your Dog Is Pregnant

Is your dog pregnant? Learn potential signs and symptoms of dog pregnancy and how pregnancy can be diagnosed.