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250 Western Cow Dog Names

Find over 200 name ideas for cow dogs from classic Westerns, history, and cowboy culture. While you're here, meet some of the best cattle working dog breeds from the real range.


85 Country Dog Names That Start With the Letter B

Find your perfect country dog name, starting with "B." From classic Country and Western names to redneck nicknames to unique Nascar-themed names, we have all the classics covered plus their meanings.


75 Country Dog Names That Start With R

75 Unique names for boy and girl dogs that start with the letter "r" plus their history and meanings.


40 Country Names for Dogs That Begin With W

Here are 40 unique country and Western-inspired names for dogs, along with their special meanings.


150+ Country Dog Names

This article has over 150 country names for dogs. Whether you are looking for southern country, cowboy, redneck, working dog, or down-home companion names, this list has it all.


275+ Hunting Dog Names (With Meanings)

Finding the perfect hunting dog is difficult. There are breeds of dogs that are pointers, flushers, and retrievers. This list will help you match a name to that perfect hunting companion. In addition, we'll go into the hunting dog history and have an additional video as well.


125+ Charming Names for Miniature Schnauzers

Here is a list of 125+ names for miniature schnauzers, including multiple name choices for males and females for every letter of the alphabet. You will especially like this list if you like "people" names for pets!


300+ Big Dog Names (With Meanings)

Big dogs are wonderful companions, and they make a wonderful addition to nearly any home. Everything they do becomes cuter because they are so large! I've rounded up over 300 big dog names and meanings to help with the perfect name for your newest family member.


140+ Greek Dog Names (With Meanings)

It is easy to see why Greek dog names have started to gain popularity. Greek culture is known for famous political structures, philosophers, mathematics, and much more. Take a look at this extensive list, with meanings, to find which name fits your new family member.


200+ German Dog Names (With Meanings)

So many different dog breeds have their roots in Germany. Why not honor that lineage with a Germanic name? This list includes hundreds of potential dog names along with their origins. The hope is that this list will give you an excellent resource for your new canine.


175+ Irish Dog Names (With Meanings)

Lucky and beautiful are two words you may feel when visiting Ireland. It is no wonder then that so many dog owners feel that same way when staring into the eyes of their canine companion. In that spirit, here are a lot of Irish dog names that can fit your new companion.


300+ Husky Dog Names (With Meanings)

Husky dogs are most well known for pulling sleds. However, these wonderful canines can make great additions to your family. Take a look at this list of names and find the husky dog name that fits your new canine friend.


350+ One-Syllable Dog Names (With Meanings)

There are many advantages to one-syllable dog names. From helping with retrieval commands to building custom doggie swag, the advantages are numerous. This article has over 350 unique one-syllable dog names, with meanings, to help you choose the best name possible.


200+ Best Girl Dog Names

A comprehensive list of the best female dog names that are unique, cute, and strong, along with their meanings.


250+ Fun Bulldog Name Ideas

A list of cool, interesting, and unique name ideas for your new bulldog pet.


500 Perfect Puppy Names

Here are 500 perfect puppy names to choose from for your new best friend.


450+ Pitbull Dog Names (With Meanings)

Pitbulls are wonderful additions to families! They are not only wonderful deterrents from potential bad guys but they can also have gentle natures. Here are over 450+ names to use for your new canine!


550+ French Bulldog Names (With Definitions)

French Bulldogs are adorable and bred to be companions to humans. They also look great in everything and require the pictures to prove it. Here is a giant list of French Bulldog names (with definitions) to help you name your new family member!


110+ Norse Viking Dog Names (With Definitions)

The simple truth is that Norse Vikings loved their dogs. Some dogs were so big that they used them to hunt elk, moose, and bears. As you start your relationship with your dog, honor them with a strong Viking dog name!


300+ Badass Dog Names (With Definitions) for Your Pup

Our dogs deserve as much respect as we can give them. To that end, here is a list of the most badass dog names (with definitions). Dig through this list and find the name that fits your canine.


400+ Disney Girl and Boy Dog Names (With Movie Origins)

Disney is full of classic movies that the entire family loves. Here are over 400 girl and boy dog names to help name your new family member.


100+ Cute Japanese Dog Names for Your Pet

Choose from this list of cute Japanese pet names for your dog. Find the perfect name for your new best friend.


Female German Shepherd Names for Inspiration

From Arwen to Xena, this list will help you find a unique name for your female German Shepherd. Use these lists and topics as inspiration and find a name that fits you and your dog.


Unique Male German Shepherd Names for Inspiration

From Alfie to Zeus, this article is full of examples and inspiration on where and how to find the right name for your pup. Choosing your dog's name doesn't have to be difficult!


170 Clever Caribbean Dog Names

Over 100 clever names for male and female dogs from Caribbean islands, tropical beaches, and Caribbean superstar singers and actors.


Puff! 200 Unique Fluffy, White Dog Names

200 unique name ideas for white dogs from the Arctic to the angelic to the alcoholic, for all sizes and breeds of fluffy white dogs.


200+ Awesome Names for Labradoodles

Find over 200 awesome names for your new Labradoodle. You'll find popular ones, silly ones, and a bunch in between.


10 Worst Dog Names

Picking a perfect name for your new dog can be pretty tough. Pick the wrong name and you could spend the next 10 to 15 years regretting it. Before you come to a decision, here are some of the worst dog names and why you should avoid them.


100+ Punny and Funny Dog Names (With Steps to Create More)

A light-hearted, funny dog name can help be the best introduction of your canine friend to others. In addition, this method can pay homage to your favorite TV show, movie, song, or more! Here are 100+ funny dog names, steps to build more, and a video.


360+ Cute Small Dog Names for Girl and Boy Dogs (With Meanings)

Small dogs make excellent companions. The only problem you might encounter would be picking out the perfect name. Here are 360+ small dog names (both male and female) to inspire you. Also included are name meanings, tips, and a video for even more inspiration.


96 Cute Names for Multicolored and Split-Face Dogs

Here's a list of unique name ideas for dogs with multicolor coats. Discover names for dogs with masks, split faces, brindle coloring, parti and tri-color pattern coats.


140+ Most Popular Dog Names for Your Male or Female Puppy (With Meanings)

Tried and true names can often speed up the hunt for the perfect dog name. Here are 140+ of the most popular dog names (with meanings) for your newest puppy. In addition, we've listed the top 10 most popular dog names, naming tips, and a video.


50+ Unique Dog Names From Movies With References

Everyone loves going to the movies, so it makes sense to name your dog after your favorite movie or movie character. Not only does this show that you are a fan, but it helps you remember that wonderful piece of cinema long after the credits roll.


220+ Cute White Dog Names (With Meanings) for Your Puppy

There are many cute dog names for your white puppy. Some names the dog will grow into, while others will be perfect right from the start. In either case, the perfect name comes from a moment of inspiration. Here are over 220+ names to help inspire you. Also included are tips, tricks, and videos.


250+ Unique Black Dog Names and Meanings

When it comes to finding a unique black dog name, there are many approaches. Inspiration can come from cute dog names, cool dog names, or just an odd one. Here are 250+ black dog names and meanings to help inspire you, plus tips/a video to help you decide.


100+ Rough and Tough Boxer Dog Names

If you're adopting a boxer and need a great name for your new pal, here are 180 great boxer dog name ideas to consider!


100+ Unique German Shepherd Dog Names With Meanings

Looking for a unique German Shepherd dog name that is cool or cute? Look through this list of over 100+ names (with meanings) and determine the right fit for your new family member. Tips, tricks, and videos are also included in this article.


150+ Names for Dogs With Different Colored Eyes (Heterochromia)

Odd-eyed dogs or dogs with two different colored eyes (heterochromia) are absolutely stunning. Looking for a perfect name for your special friend? Here are 150+ creative names to choose from.


200+ Lucky Irish Dog Names and Meanings

Looking for a lucky name for your dog? Look no further. Irish names are lucky, magical, mystical, and exceptionally beautiful. Here are 200+ male, female, and unisex dog names to choose from.


150+ Beautiful and Uncommon Flower Names for Dogs

Are you looking for a beautiful name for your canine companion? Here's a list of 150 unique, common, and uncommon flower names for your new best friend.


50+ Scientist Dog Names for Smart, Nerdy Pups With Descriptions and Tips

Finding the right combination of homage and classification is not a radical shift for canine name selection. However, here are 50+ scientist names, with descriptions, for your consideration. There are also some helpful tips covered about this subject.


70+ Video Game Dog Names With Descriptions (Plus 5 Naming Tips)

Finding the perfect dog name can be hard, unless you look to your favorite video game. These characters have all the makings of a memorable name for your canine companion. Here are 70+ video game dog names for you to choose from.


200+ Delicious Food Names for Dogs (and Foodies)

Looking for an adorable and delicious food-inspired name for your dog or puppy? You're in luck! If you're a foodie, you've come to the right place. From names like Kale to names like Meatloaf, there is sure to be something for every type of dog.


100+ Unisex or Gender-Neutral Dog Names

Are you looking for a gender-neutral dog or puppy name? Unisex names are unique and work for both male and female dogs. Pick from cool names like Ryan, Tyler, of maybe even Sloan—here are 100+ to choose from.


150 Pokémon Names for Dogs

Looking for a fun name for your dog? Are you a Pokémon fan? Well, you're in luck. Here are the names of all 150 original Pokémon, their species, and cute nicknames to follow!


100+ Beautiful Hawaiian Dog Names

Looking for a beautiful Hawaiian dog name for your beloved pal? Choose from this list of 100 incredible names. From names from the sea to names about love and the stars—you are sure to find something special here.


125+ Beautiful Dog Names Inspired by Jewels and Gemstones

The ultimate list of over 125 dog names inspired by jewels and gemstones. Included are ideas based on precious and semiprecious stones, colors, jewelry, and even birthstones. If bling is your thing, then your new pup deserves a gem of a name.


100 Best Disney Pet Names for Dogs and Cats

Are you a Disney fan? Would you like to find the perfect Disney character pet name for your beloved dog, cat, puppy, or kitten? Take a look at these 100 names and get started! Happy searching!


200+ Unique Brown Dog Names: Chocolate and Golden-Brown

Congratulations on your new canine companion! Whether you're caring for a tan Shiba Inu or a Chesapeake Bay Retriever, find the perfect name for your new best friend. Choose from classic or creative names, cool or cute names . . . there are 200+ to choose from.


200+ Holiday and Seasonal Names for Dogs

If you love a particular holiday or season and are looking for a dog name inspired by it, then check out this list of over 200 of them. You'll find names inspired by all of the major holidays and the four seasons.