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Cues, Cues and Pressure Too

Here are some helpful techniques for success in nosework.


The Channel and the Pooling Hides

Tips on channeling and pooling hides for Nosework.


What Is Source and the Inaccessible Hide in Nosework?

What is source in Nosework? What is the inaccessible hide?


A Beginner's Guide to Nosework Organizations

This article explains some of the more well-known canine nosework organizations and offers a run-down of the types of training/trial environments.


K9 Nosework: An Up and Coming Dog Sport

Read an overview of the up-and-coming dog sport, Canine Nosework.


What Is Schutzhund? The IGP Exam in Detail

Schutzhund is a German word that means "protection dog" and was developed in Germany as a breed suitability test in the early 1900s. Learn all about


Is Playing Fetch Bad for My Dog?

Did you know that your dog can face hidden dangers from playing fetch? Learn how you can safely play fetch with your dog.


How to Train an Agility Dog to Run With a Physically Limited Handler

Training an agility dog to distance is hard! This article gives ideas and tips to both train and handle your dog at distance.


The Truth About Distance Handling and Today's Agility Challenges

This op-ed piece examines whether or not the newer challenges in the sport of dog agility can be handled at large distances and if these challenges are excluding those with physical challenges.


Showing Your Dog in AKC Conformation Shows

Looking to get your dog into an AKC show? It requires discipline, dedication, and above all, patience. Here is the process on how to enter your dog into one!


Dog Agility Tips for Beginners: Surprising Things Handlers Should Know

This is a different sort of "what every agility newbie should know" list. Whether you're new to the sport of dog agility or you have several Agility Champions, this odd list will have you thinking.


How to Memorize a Dog Agility Course and Stop Getting Lost

Do you get lost on agility courses? This article will give you six tried and true memorization tips to keep you and your dog on course. Stay on course and earn more Qs!


Why Do Dogs Have Dewclaws? (And How Active Canines Use Them)

Dogs' dewclaws aren't the useless toes many people assume. Read how the active canine uses these unusual claws and how removal of these claws might cause injury in this photo-filled article.


2013 Iditarod Winner Mitch Seavey and His Team of Dogs

Considered the "Last Great Race" on earth, the Iditarod takes place each March in the great state of Alaska. These amazing athletes are in their element as they retrace the historic Iditarod Trail.