Schutzhund: Dog Sport in Europe and USA

Schutzhund is a German word that means "protection dog" and was developed in Germany as a breed suitability test in the early 1900s. This evaluation determined if a dog displayed the appropriate characteristics of a working German Shepherd.


Is Playing Fetch Bad for My Dog?

Throwing balls or sticks for our dogs is a common game played all over the world by dog lovers, but there are hidden dangers to this much-loved game which could put your dog's well-being in peril. Fortunately, there are ways to keep your dog safe while enjoying fetch.


The Unsung Champions of the AKC Agility National Championship

Who are the Champions of the annual AKC Agility National Championship? You may be surprised to find that blue ribbons aren't what it's all about.


Why Winning Isn't Even Close to Everything in Canine Sports

Is winning the biggest achievement in canine sports? What is the most important benefit dog sports provide the human partner? This blog examines why winning isn't even close to everything.


How to Train an Agility Dog to Run With a Physically Limited Handler

Training an agility dog to distance is hard! This article gives ideas and tips to both train and handle your dog at distance.


The Truth About Distance Handling and Today's Agility Challenges

This op-ed piece examines whether or not the newer challenges in the sport of dog agility can be handled at large distances and if these challenges are excluding those with physical challenges.


Are Your Emotions in the Agility Ring Hurting Your Team?

Learn why feeding your dog the right emotion in the ring can make your agility team more successful. Are you feeding the right emotions?


Showing Your Dog in AKC Conformation Shows

To show a dog properly requires much more than simply buying a pure-bred dog with papers. It requires discipline, dedication, and above all, patience. And not just a bit of expendable cash!


Dog Agility Tips for Beginners: Surprising Things Handlers Should Know

This is a different sort of "What Every Agility Newbie Should Know" list. Whether you're new to the sport of dog agility or you have several Agility Champions, this odd list will have you thinking.


Lost No More: How to Memorize a Dog Agility Course

Do you get lost on agility courses? This article will give you six tried and true memorization tips to keep you and your dog on course. Stay on course and earn more Qs!


Why Do Dogs Have Dew Claws? (and How Active Canines Use Them)

Dogs' dew claws aren't the useless toes many people assume. Read how the active canine uses these unusual claws and how removal of these claws might cause injury in this photo-filled article.


Why the Tail Is Important for the Active Dog

A dog's tail is used for more than just nonverbal communication. It's a balancing tool as well. This article uses pictures and text to show how active dogs use their tails to balance and turn.


Why Is Requesting Safer Agility Competition Surfaces for Our Dogs Controversial?

The idea of safer competition surfaces for our agility dogs doesn't appear to be controversial, but it is. Is it important to push for safer surfaces, or should we continue as we always have?


Can the Disabled Handler Be Competitive in Dog Agility?

The exciting sport of dog agility can be played by everyone—from the athlete to the handicapped. With proper training of the dog, a handler with disabilities can be competitive.


Listening to Music Before Dog Agility Trials Can Help You Focus

Music can give an agility handler's mental game a boost. This article explains some of the science behind this theory and also recommends a few song ideas to add to your dog agility playlist.


How to Focus to Increase Your Qualifying Rate at Dog Agility Trials

Focusing on qualifying in dog agility can be detrimental to a handler's mental game. This article will teach you how to ignore the Q, increase your focus, and sharpen your mental control skills.


2013 Iditarod Winner Mitch Seavey and His Team of Dogs

Considered the "Last Great Race" on earth, the Iditarod takes place each March in the great state of Alaska. These amazing athletes are in their element as they retrace the historic Iditarod Trail.


Goals vs. Dreams: How to Set Goals for Agility and Other Canine Sports

Do you know the difference between goals and dreams? Knowing that difference can sharpen your mental game in dog agility and other canine sports. Learn about setting goals and the importance of dreams.


"Carry On" Competitors of the 2016 AKC Dog Agility National Championships

A motivational article to the championship teams attending the 2016 AKC Agility National Championships based on the song "Carry On" by Fun.


Are Handlers With Competitive Attitudes Good for the Sport of Dog Agility?

Negative emotions can plague overly competitive dog agility exhibitors. Learn what the best agility handlers understand about the true definition of "competitive."


How to Find the Right Agility Instructor for You and Your Dog

Finding the right dog agility trainer can be a daunting task for a new agility enthusiast. This article will give the agility newbie seven fantastic tips on how to find the right agility trainer for them!


What Is Dog Agility? Information for Newbies

What is dog agility? What are the rules, equipment, levels, and rules of etiquette? This is an all-around, general summary of dog agility for a newbie.


Deciphering the AKC's Lifetime Achievement Titles in Agility: The Metallics

This is an explanation of the American Kennel Club's new Lifetime Achievement Awards. Learn the Kennel Club's alphabet soup for these new titles.


How to Make a MACH or PACH Bar: The History Behind Dog Agility's Famous MACH Bar Trophy

An examination of the history of the MACH (Master Agility CHampion) bar will make you appreciate this unusual trophy even more. Also included are ideas for making MACH bars.


One Dog's Championship Journey: Our Road to Earning the AKC's Agility Championship Title

The story of how we overcame health challenges to achieve the American Kennel Club's agility championship title.