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5 Really Cute, Small, White Dog Breeds

Dr. Mark is a veterinarian. He has been working with dogs for more than 40 years.

Cute, small white dog breeds

Cute, small white dog breeds

Top 5 Little White Dog Breeds

Are you looking for the perfect small accessory? A small, white dog can make a great pet, match the carpet (sometimes), and when she sheds, you might not even notice her hair in your pasta. So, what are the five best small, white dog breeds, anyway?

  1. White Miniature Schnauzer
  2. West Highland White Terrier
  3. Toy Poodle
  4. Bichon Frisé
  5. Maltese

1. White Miniature Schnauzer

Hundreds of women have told me that they like my white mustache. Well, actually not even one. If I had a white beard to go with it, like the Miniature Schnauzer, I would probably be a lot more popular. It works for this little dog—they are cute.

Miniature Schnauzers aren´t the smallest on the list since they usually weigh between 5 and 9 kilos (11 to 20 pounds), but they are pretty small and are perfect for an apartment, a small house, or for anyone that is looking for a dog big enough to put his feet up on and small enough to sleep under the bed.

They don’t shed much and make great watchdogs since they like to bark a lot. They are good around the house with family and kids. They are also great dogs for sports like agility. They can have some serious health problems (like diabetes and pancreatitis), however, and should be taken to the vet for regular check-ups.

Most Miniature Schnauzers are sold with salt and pepper coats. Do you know they are also white? The American Kennel Club does not accept them in dog shows, but they can be registered like all other Miniature Schnauzers.

White Miniature Schnauzers are not accepted by some kennel clubs because they think the color is due to crossing with another breed. Since the breed was developed by crossing Schnauzers with smaller dogs, what does it matter?

Are there any pure dogs? Almost all dogs, and all humans for that matter, were crossed at one point or another. It doesn’t really matter, anyway. The Miniature Schnauzer is small, white, and a great companion. What more could you want? Barking is available at no extra charge.

2. West Highland White Terrier

No, not all small white dogs bark constantly. Yes, this breed does bark a lot. They are terriers, and they see it as part of their job. They bark when they are acting as small watchdogs, they bark when they chase toys, they bark when they run around the garden digging, and they bark when they play with kids! They are great with kids that treat them with respect.

This is another of the white breeds that do not shed much. They only weigh six to eight kilos (12 to 17 pounds), do well around the house as long as they are exercised, and are fun and challenging to train.

West Highland White terriers do have some common and a few unusual health problems. Like many small dogs, they will sometimes have abdominal hernias. About a fourth of them have allergies, and some will have severe dermatosis (skin disease). Two serious diseases are “westie jaw” and “white shaker dog syndrome,” which both are inherited. If your Westie is healthy, she will live about 14 years. She might bark from time to time.

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3. Toy Poodle

I probably should put a poll at the end of this article and find out how many readers have been ankle-bitten by a Toy Poodle. If I did that, of course, I would have to explain that it is not the dog's fault. They are not high-energy dogs, but they do need a little exercise every day. If they are just shoved out to the backyard when it is time for their potty break, they are probably going to become neurotic biters.

Poodles are such good dogs that there are all sorts of white Poodle “designer dogs” available. There is the Maltipoo (Maltese and Poodle), Peekapoo (Pekingese and Poodle), and the Bichapoo (Bichon and Poodle cross). They are all smart, don’t shed, and need exercise to keep from being bored and malicious.

If you are willing to walk your dog and are looking for a small white dog that loves to learn new tricks, the intelligent Toy Poodle is a good choice. They are small, usually less than four kilos (10 pounds), do not shed much, and make good companions in an apartment if they are allowed to burn up some of that intense energy.

They do have some health problems, like luxating patellas (trick knees), epilepsy, diabetes, and some others. If your Toy Poodle is healthy, they are one of the dog breeds with a long life expectancy, and during that time, they make a great companion. They do bark, however.

4. Bichon Frisé

Besides being the proud owner of a nice little bark, Bichon Frisés love to show their teeth and smile. They are happy little dogs, and since they only weigh three to five kilos (about 7–11 pounds) are perfect for an apartment or a small house.

They are great with kids. Bichon Frisés do not shed much. If they are kept groomed, they have little dander and are one of the best dogs for anyone suffering from allergies.

Since they like to smile a lot, you do need to keep their teeth brushed every day. Yes, it is also because they are prone to periodontal disease, but except for that, they are mostly healthy and long-lived.

They are cheerful companions, so don't expect them to serve as guard dogs. They might bark, but Bichons don't mean any harm; they are just small white dogs. Everyone has heard the song. Small, white dogs just wanna have fun.

5. Maltese

The Maltese is the perfect small white dog, except for the fact that they actually need their own web page on tiny white dog breeds. They are not a small white dog; the Maltese is actually tiny, usually only three or four kilos (6–9 pounds).

Maltese are super because they don’t shed much, are calm most of the time, are one of the cleanest dog breeds, and look good sitting on the back of a leather sofa! First-time dog owners will do okay with a Maltese, but yes, they do bark. You can learn to live with it. Neighbors in the next apartment may not feel that way, however.

Some of the fun facts about Maltese: The dogs have low prey drive so get along with cats, they do okay with most dogs, and if you brush his teeth every day and keep him out of drafts, most of them are pretty healthy.

They live a long time, so you get to enjoy an extra cushion on your couch, an extra toy for your cat, and yes, a bit of barking.

Adopt Don't Shop

If you are looking for one of these small white dogs, be sure to call your local humane society and find out if anything is available. After my Maltese passed away recently (at almost 15 years of age), we found a small white dog when just passing through to drop off a donation!

Nothing available locally? Check and also search for rescue organizations through your search engine. Reputable breeders will allow you to visit their facility and take a look at your puppy´s mother before leaving a deposit.

Do not buy from a pet shop or from a puppy mill or virtual puppy mill operating on the internet.

A small white dog is not for everyone, but if you are lucky enough to make this choice, you should have a lot of fun!

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Take a bow, small white dog.

Take a bow, small white dog.

Do You Understand Small, White Dogs?

For each question, choose the best answer. The answer key is below.

  1. Most Bichon Frisé sleep at least 24 hours a day.
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  2. Researchers have found the gene that causes white hair and barking.
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  3. All small white dogs are purebred, of some sort.
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  4. The best small dog matches your carpet.
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© 2013 Dr Mark


Marylee on October 20, 2018:

Love Little Dogs we have a Schnoodle He is a Doll!!

Dr Mark (author) from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil on April 05, 2013:

Baby sounds like a lucky little dog! She´ll still have a yard to play in plus be spoiled twice as often.

Glad to hear everything is going okay. I´ve only lived in this part of the country for about five years and am amazed at times at all the clutter I have already built up.

Mary Hyatt from Florida on April 05, 2013:

Oh, yes, the moving/relocation project is going slowly but surely. It is nice to declutter my house! Yes, my Baby has to have a safe place to run and play. Her yard won't be as large as the one she enjoys here, but she will be happy in it, I'm sure. She is like me in that she adjusts well to new environments. My daugher spoils Baby just like I do!

Eiddwen from Wales on April 05, 2013:

What a wonderful hub and voted up. Now looking forward to so many more by you.


Dr Mark (author) from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil on March 30, 2013:

Hi Mary I hope all is going well with your moving/reorganizing project. Make sure to keep your Baby white the whole time--no chance, right? Are you going to have a yard for her at your daughter´s house?

Having had a Maltese, I can appreciate how easy it is for them to get dirty. It gives us a chance to become good groomers.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

Mary Hyatt from Florida on March 30, 2013:

Well the Queen of our House is a white Miniature Schnauzer who weighs 10 lbs. I've written several Hubs about her! My only criticism about her is that I cannot keep her white. She loves her front yard and likes to roll in the dirt!

I had the sweetest little white Maltese one time and I'd like to have another.

I also love the Westie. Good choices, here.

Dr Mark (author) from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil on March 30, 2013:

About Animals--it sounds like you have a fun house (or is it a "FUN HOUSE"?). Bichons, a Poodle, and a snooty little Maltese mix! I have a calm Pit Bull mix now that I am older, but if you get that Labradoodle you can expect anything BUT calm, at least for about 8 years! More to look forward to.

Thanks for leaving that great comment.

Nettlemere from Burnley, Lancashire, UK on March 30, 2013:

Thank you for highlighting my hub DrMark - you've certainly had a very interesting and varied life between Ireland, Brazil and elsewhere!

Dr Mark (author) from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil on March 30, 2013:

Thanks for sharing, bdegiulio. No Shih tzus on here, but still a nice selection, right? Those Bichon smiles are really great.

Dr Mark (author) from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil on March 30, 2013:

Hi Nettlemere they do look pretty good in white, don't they?

I worked and studied Gaelic in Co. Kerry as a young man, so I just wanted to point out how much I enjoyed your interesting hub on Irish dog breeds.

Anyone interested in dogs from that part of the world should take a look.

Bill De Giulio from Massachusetts on March 30, 2013:

Hi DrMark. Great hub. Really enjoyed learning about these small, white breeds. A neighbor of ours had a Bichon who was a great little dog. The photos and video are wonderful. Voted up, shared, etc.. Have a great weekend.

Nettlemere from Burnley, Lancashire, UK on March 30, 2013:

Well your first entry certainly surprised me - I've never seen a white schnauzer, but it quite suits them.

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