Health Problems


The Dangers of Alcohol Poisoning in Dogs

While most people would never consider giving alcohol to dogs, accidental cases of alcohol poisoning are seen far too often by vets, especially during holidays. Alcohol is highly toxic to dogs and it is important to know the symptoms to ensure your pet is swiftly and effectively treated.


Can Dogs Catch Colds or the Flu?

We all catch colds or the flu from time to time, but what about our pets? Dogs, like any animal, can suffer from viruses and infections similar to humans. They can also suffer complications from illnesses, so knowing how to spot when they have a cold is important to keep them healthy.


Does My Dog Need a Diet?

Obesity in pets is on the rise, but sometimes it is easy to overlook when a pet is just a bit overweight. In fact, many people are unsure of what a dog at a healthy weight looks like. Even slight excess weight puts pressure on a dog's heart and joints, so knowing when they need a diet is vital.


Is Xylitol Dangerous to Dogs?

Xylitol is a type of sweetener found in numerous food products. Over the last few years, growing concerns have emerged about the toxic effects of xylitol in dogs. With an increasing number of products using this sweetener, it is important you know the risks and what to do if the worst happens.


What Are Dewclaws and Do Dogs Need Them?

Have you noticed that extra digit on your dog's leg? Or, maybe you have read a puppy advertisement that says "dewclaws removed" and wonder what that means? This article explains the purpose of a dewclaw, why your dog has them, and why you should be careful when considering having them removed.