52 Irish Dog Names: Male & Female

Updated on July 18, 2019
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Pups come in all shapes and sizes, and each one deserves a perfectly Irish name!
Pups come in all shapes and sizes, and each one deserves a perfectly Irish name! | Source

Just like people, dogs come in many “races,” or breeds from all around the globe, and this includes Ireland.

Now, when you think of an Irishman, you may be picturing someone dressed in a kilt with a bagpipe draped around his shoulder, or you may be picturing an overly-festive group of person dressed in green and drinking lots of green beer (perhaps falling off of bar stools).

This is where dogs are different, or should be, at least! There are many a dog breeds that come from Ireland, and you certainly won’t find them falling off of bar stools!

Most Common Celtic Canines/Irish Dog Breeds

  • Irish Setters: Originally bred in white and red, but now more commonly a “red-headed” breed, it is an Irish breed, indeed! With their beautiful, soft fur and their slender, tall stance, this rather gentle breed makes for a wonderful family pet! These dogs are great sport dogs and also great entertainment during play, as they are known to have clown-like personalities!

  • Irish Wolfhounds: This large breed was originally bred during wartime to be a guard dog, and what a guard dog they would make! Don’t be fooled by their rugged, wire-haired appearance though because although they make for great body guards, they tend to be very loyal to their masters and mild-tempered. Fully grown, they can stand as tall as you, or taller, on their hind legs!

  • Kerry Beagle: Like other Beagles, this Irish lad was bred to track game while hunting using their extraordinary noses. They have long ears, and most commonly a short, black and tan/red fur coat.

  • Kerry Blue Terrier: These beautiful terriers were bred originally for an ugly job; vermin control. These dogs get their name from their gorgeous fur coat; they are born black, but gradually turn different shades of black, grey and blue throughout their life. Unlike most dogs, the Kerry Blue doesn’t shed and requires haircuts just like you!

Irish Dog Names

If you have decided to adopt an Irish breed, you should definitely consider Irish dog names suitable for the puppy-lad or puppy-lass! Here, we have created a list of great Irish dog names divided by gender.

Beautiful Irish Setters
Beautiful Irish Setters | Source

Female Names

Your little Irish puppy-lass deserves an Irish dog name as cute and as sweet as she is. Some of the names are actually Irish, while others are inspired by things often associated with being Irish:

Female Names for Irish Dogs

Female Names for Irish Dogs
Female Names for Irish Dogs
Alby (Ailbe)
Orla (Orlaith)
Eva (Aoife)
Anya (Aine)
Sheila (Sile)
Lady Luck
Keva (Caoimhe)
Davina (Daimhin)
Eveline (Aibhilin)
Rori (Ruari)
Irish Wolfhounds are the tallest of all dog breeds!
Irish Wolfhounds are the tallest of all dog breeds! | Source

Male Names

Whether you are seeking out a more rugged male name, or just something with a hint of Irish, we have compile quite the list of Irish dog names for the little lad. Check out this list of names:

Male Names for Irish Dogs

Male Names for Irish Dogs
Male Names for Irish Dogs
Aidan (Aodhan)
Kane (Cian)
Patrick (Padraig)
Neil (Niall)
Killian (Cillian)
Seamus ("Shay-muss")
Owen (Eoghan)

Deciding on an Irish Name

Alas! The end of the list. Anything Irish can be turned into a name for an Irish dog, even if it needs to be tweaked a little bit. The majority of the names listed above had to be spelled the “American” way as their native language, Irish Gaelic, is quite different from English in terms of syllable articulation.

If you would prefer the original, Irish spelling of the name, that shouldn't pose any issues, except for at the vet, but they, too, will eventually get it right, and learn a little piece of the Irish language! For this very reason, any names that were altered to be more “American” have the original spelling in parenthesis.

If you are having a hard time thinking of Irish dog names on your own, why not try celebrating like the Irish do? Sip on some green beer, eat some corn beef and cabbage, listen to some good, celtic tunes. Inspiration for a name will be found, whether it’s because of your efforts, or luck of the Irish!


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