Non-Shedding Dogs: A List of Small, Mid-Sized, and Large Dogs That Don't Shed

Looking for Dogs That Don't Shed?

Looking for dog breeds that don't shed? We have both good and bad news for you:

  • The good news is that there are dogs breeds that shed very little. These are commonly known as hypoallergenic dogs. They are going to leave very little hair around your house, and usually not set off your allergies (at least not too badly).
  • The bad news? The dogs that don't shed outwardly will shed inwardly. Dogs that don't shed outwardly actually shed into their undercoat. More on that later.

A hot recent trend for some dog breeders in marketing their dogs is to advertise them as non-shedding. We have seen countless ads for "Goldendoodles" (a designer dog "breed") and other breeds that are being labeled as hypoallergenic. The problem with this label is that actually all dogs will leave varying degrees of dander around your house—dander is the cause of dog allergies, not the hair itself. Now, many of these designer breeds do not leave a lot of dander, but there is still enough that your allergies could be affected.

So, in this article, you'll find a list of dogs of all sizes that shed very little (as well as some bonus information and media, including a list of dogs that are prone to shedding a lot). But, keep in mind: an actual non-shedding dog doesn't really exist.

Non-Shedding Small Dog Breeds

Shih-Tzus are a small dog breed that don't shed that much.
Shih-Tzus are a small dog breed that don't shed that much. | Source

Here is a list of small dogs that don't shed, or shed very little:

  • Chinese Crested
  • Silky Terriers
  • Cavachons
  • Shih-Tzus
  • Border Terriers
  • Boston Terriers
  • Miniature Schnauzers
  • Miniature Poodles
  • Malteses
  • Australian Terriers
  • American Hairless Terriers
  • Scottish Terriers (Scotties)
  • Welsh Terriers
  • Norfolk Terriers
  • Havanese
  • West Highland Terriers (Westies)
  • Yorkshire Terriers (Yorkies)
  • Cairn Terriers
  • Bichon Frises
  • Italian Greyhounds
  • Miniature Goldendoodles

Non-Shedding Medium and Large Dog Breeds

Greyhounds are a mid/large-sized dog breed that don't shed that much.
Greyhounds are a mid/large-sized dog breed that don't shed that much. | Source

Here is a list of mid-sized to large dog breeds that don't shed or shed very little:

  • Kerry Blue Terriers
  • Bedlington Terriers
  • Wire Fox Terriers
  • Airedale Terriers
  • Soft-Coated Wheaten Terriers
  • Basenjis
  • Irish Water Spaniels
  • Greyhounds
  • Standard Poodles
  • Bergamasco Shepherds
  • Standard Schnauzers
  • Bouvier des Flandres

What are Designer or Hybrid Dogs?

You may have noticed that our list(s) include some designer or hybrid dogs, such as the Cavachon or Miniature Goldendoodle. So, exactly what are designer dogs or hybrid dogs?.

"Designer" dogs were created in the latter part of the last century in an attempt to breed out undesirable hereditary traits and to create hypoallergenic dogs. Up until recently, the Poodle was involved as one of the parents. Now, all different kinds of breeds are used, like Beagles and Pugs that make a "Puggle," or Cavaliers and Bichons that make "Cavachons." These new breeds, or "hybrid dogs," are not recognized by the AKC or any other major canine governing body. However, they could make a great dog for you if your main concern is owning a hypoallergenic dog.

Grooming Tips: How To Brush Your Dog

The Final Word on Non-Shedding Dogs

You are probably asking yourself: "what will I have to do if I get one these 'non shedding' dogs?" That's a good question. The answer is, you will have to brush it. Ideally, you will brush it every day, or every other day.

  • Matting: If you don't brush it a lot, the hair that the dog sheds goes into the undercoat. The undercoat builds up. Very soon, your dog will turn into a matted mess. Matted hair can be painful for a dog, as it sticks to the dog's skin and can pull the skin when the dog moves. Soon, the dog will be so matted you can't do anything with it. So, you take it to your local grooming shop if this happens. Unfortunately, getting matted hair off a dog isn't easy, and it can be painful for the dog. Sometimes, the dog is so matted that all it's hair has to be shaved off, which sometimes leaves you with an ugly dog!

So, fellow dog owners and seekers of non shedding dogs, remember this: When you get that new puppy, look into purchasing a new vacuum or brush immediately.

A List of Dog Breeds That DO Shed a Lot

Labradors are a dog breed that do shed a lot, unfortunately.
Labradors are a dog breed that do shed a lot, unfortunately. | Source

If you don't care about shedding, the dog breeds listed below will make great pets. However, if you are allergic to dog hair (or to a vacuum cleaner), you might want to steer clear of these dogs:

  • German Shorthaired Pointers
  • Labrador Retrievers
  • Dobermans
  • Rottweilers
  • Dachshunds
  • Beagles
  • Golden Retrievers
  • Huskies
  • Samoyeds
  • Malamutes
  • Corgis
  • Collies
  • Shelties
  • Dalmatians
  • German Shepherds

If you choose one of these, good luck!

Not Relevant But Still VERY Useful for All Dog Owners: How to Brush Your Dog's Teeth

Last Things to Consider: Thinking of Getting a New Dog?

Consider Rescuing a Homeless Dog!

If you are considering a new pet for your home, then consider the fact that there are literally millions of homeless dogs and cats that need a good home. If you are looking for a certain breed, or a designer dog, they are available too. Yes, adopting a pet can be a serious pain in the patootie, and the process you have to go through might make you think you are applying for a job at the CIA, but the good folks at your local dog rescue are just trying to assure that once adopted, the dog will stay adopted and in a loving home. No, you can't just walk in and pay your money like the pet store at the mall, but then again, you won't be supporting your local puppy mill.

Adopt a pet!

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I would have to add Pomeranian to the list of dogs that shed a lot. Great information, and the furminator works wonderfully!

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I like the idea of a non-shedding dog. Our German Shepherd sheds worse than any dog we have had.

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I have a cock-a-poo that doesn't shed, ( I didn't see it on the list) and she's a terrific dog! Great lens-5 star!

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I have a black standard poodle named amos, he is such a beast. Its so nice having a dog that doesn't shed, hes like a big teddy bear.

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mrsm54321 6 years ago

I have a smooth coated lurcher and a cairn and neither of them shed excessively! Our old dogs were both Jack Russells and they used to leave white hairs (and sometimes tan ones!) all over the place.

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We have to sweep our floors daily with the 2 dogs we have as they shed constantly.

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my dog has become a real pain -hairs everywhere

local goomers

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Great information...I have a pug and he is the worst shedder of any dog I've ever owned but I love him! These furminator's are great highly recommended - used to sell a ton in my doggy daycare

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Well thought out lens.

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Our Leonberger sheds a LOT - there's hair everywere - it blows down corridors like those plants you see in Westerns - LOL. Never mind - he's gorgeous, and well worth a bit of extra vacuuming.

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This is great dog information! This is a topic that I have researched myself and you have a great resource here.

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Important information for those who need to know dogs that don't shed. I can understand their concern. However, I have three cats and one dog and they all shed, yes it is a problem, but not as much as I love them.

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DawnMathisenakaC 6 years ago

Great and very comprehensive list! I have allergies to some dogs and currently have a Chinese Crested Powder Puff. He doesn't shed and is great for people who have dander allergies. On the flipside, I have owned three Siberian Huskies, which believe it or not are good for people with allergies (less dander) but they definitely shed a lot! I love the Siberian Husky though and my furbabies were worth the extra vaccuming. Great lens!

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Airinka 6 years ago

i love animals especially dogs, i dream about bulldog they are so cute

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The Akita is awesome for non-shedding. They'll blow they're coat twice a year but it comes out in clumps.

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Max_Allen 6 years ago

My dog needs to read this. He is an Akita German Shepherd and sheds like mad.

Thanks, good info and lots of breeds to learn about.

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I am almost ready for a new dog and having one that doesn't shed is looking pretty good to me right now! Thanks for the list

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Lee Hansen 6 years ago from Vermont

Thanks for the lesser-shedding dog breed insights - I think I've narrowed my list down to a Bichon or a Silky when I'm ready for a new canine companion.

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@Lee Hansen: If you are having problem stop your dog from barking then please visit my lens. Thanks

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@anonymous: Don't know the age of your kids, but if they are old enough to be gentle with a dog, get an Italian greyhound. They don't shed and they don't smell. They are the perfect house dog as long as you have a yard they can run in. They need to run, but watching them is fun in itsel.

martialartstraining 6 years ago

Im not a fan of poodles, and i thought they were one of the main (and only) dogs that didn't shed. But i love greyhounds, Im really happy that they're nonshedding too. I don't have allergies but hair everywhere can be a hassle.

BooJeeBeads 6 years ago

It's a pity but most of the dogs i like are big time shedders, though i have to say that i had no idea so many dogs were low shed

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Angelina Gherna 6 years ago from California

I have pet allergies and have a Cairin Terrier mix...they are awesome dogs...this is a really informative lens...thank you

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Thanks for all the useful information. I have two Bedlington terriers and they are great! They don't moult at all and are such friendly dogs. I completely recommend people to get one if you are looking for a family dog. Just don't give them a silly hair cut!

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RosegardenAdvic1 6 years ago

What I hadn't known is that dogs that don't shed outward shed into their undercoat. Just have to make sure I keep my dogs well-brushed. Thanks for the info.

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mrsquidoo 6 years ago

We grew up with a poodle since my mom would only let us get a dog that wouldn't shed. My brother now has a labradoodle (who looks more poodle than labrador) who also does not shed.

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kateloving 6 years ago from Lancaster PA

My dog sheds--a Golden Retriever--But I love everything about him!!

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girlfriendfactory 6 years ago

I love this lens! We have a spaniel who sheds like crazy but I wouldn't mind getting a dog that didn't shed so much, especially since our dog is getting up there in age. We had a doberman growing up, but I don't remember him shedding too much ~ but the hair is short so it's not such an issue. Thanks so much for this great lens and the different choices in dogs!

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good lens

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free ebooks onl 6 years ago

I have a toy Poodle. I keep her hair cut short and I only have to brush her about once every week, or even less than that. She gets groomed every 8 weeks. So, dogs won't necessarily get matted without a lot of brushing if their hair is kept fairly short. That's easier all around.

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Wow -- this was really helpful! I want to get a dog at some point and I was thinking about a dachshund because I love that breed. Since they have such short hair, I thought that would be a good choice -- I had no idea they were heavy shedders! Now I'm leaning towards an Italian greyhound, which was also high on my list.

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My Jack Russel was constantly covered with clay. She loved to dig for mice. No shedding there...ever

discusfishguy 6 years ago

I have a bichon frise and don't have much of a problem with matting. She's a great dog and great with our 2 year old. The one down side is there are some difficulties with potty training. We have headed that off by having pee pads on the kitchen floor and having her sleep in a dog bed in the kitchen

Attention_Getter 6 years ago

It's amazing that miniature schnauzers don't shed but they don't! Ours has more hair on him that stays on him then any other hairy dog we have seen.

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Lovely lens, I love it!

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GoPoochYourself 5 years ago

Thanks for posting. I have mild dog allergies so I wanted a less-allergenic dog. I ended up with a Maltese and she doesn't bother my allergies at all! She hardly sheds as well.

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Sarah Switalski 5 years ago from Iowa

Interesting lens. Unfortunately, our Westie sheds everywhere! I think her grandpa must have been a different breed or something! lol Blessed by an angel and added to my angel lens :)

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My dog is a poodle cross and doesn't shed.

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Great page on the shedding of dogs. I never even thought of it until my latest dog, but I think people really need to know :)

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Akitajitsu 5 years ago from California

Great list of non-shedding breeds. Personally, I'd add Akitas to the list. They tend not to shed except for two or three times a year when they blow their coat. Of course, when they blow their coat, you end up with enough fur everywhere to make 5 or 6 more dogs!!

kimark421 profile image

kimark421 5 years ago Author

@Akitajitsu: We have groomed Akitas when they are blowing their coat, and after drying one it takes us two days to clean the hair out of our shop!! Okay, I'm exaggerating a little bit there...

Tagsforkids profile image

Tagsforkids 5 years ago

My favorite dog was one we thought was an adopted Terrier Mix, but she did not shed. We found out a few years after having to put her down that she apparently was a Lowchen. Wouldn't have known but found her twin and were told theirs came form a breeder in Germany!

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MargoPArrowsmith 5 years ago

What about Chihuahuas? I am getting a part one.

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@MargoPArrowsmith: Short hairs, not so much...but watch those long hairs!

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Great lens. I enjoyed reading this. As you can see by the above comment, I have a lab/husky mix that is an excellent pet. He just sheds sooo much that I don't understand how he has any fur left. I wouldn't trade him for anything though.

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BarbaraCasey 5 years ago from St. Petersburg, Florida

Good clarification about the non-shedding thing. People shed skin cells all the time; why wouldn't dogs?

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RBUK 5 years ago

I have always wondered which dogs don't shed, but there aren't many useful guides online. This was of course until I found this Lens provides all of the information one could need! Thanks for sharing and keep up the excellent work. All the best, Ryan: My Blog

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pixelposy 5 years ago

Very informative lens. I never knew that a dog that sheds very little actually sheds into their undercoat. We have a corgi mix and he sheds onto everything, but the furnminator does work wonders.We use it on our cats too to help prevent hair balls.

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A great lens on dogs that don't shed. I love them all whether they shed hairs or not.

Sojourn 5 years ago

We have a Goldendoodle and sure enough, he doesn't shed. No clumps of dog hair show up on our clothes or our furniture. So much easier!

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Wonderful lens. I have an English Mastiff and noticed that you did not cover the huge breeds. I agree about brushing, and it is a wonderful way to connect with your best canine friend!

dreamtravelvacation 5 years ago

I enjoyed reading your lens. I have a mixed breed, poodle/boxer. When I first got her, I thought she would not shed bec of her being part poodle. Boy, was I wrong! She sheds! That doe not matter. I still love my furry baby! :)

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gezzyka 5 years ago

Alas, my Lab hated the Furminator--I was really looking forward to getting to vacuum less! But, for a dog who doesn't mind it, I'd imagine they're great for heavy shedders.

dukethepcdr profile image

dukethepcdr 5 years ago

I think one of the worst shedders is the Chesepeak Bay Retriever! My dad loved those dogs and we had one on our ranch all the time when I was a kid. Dad is an avid hunter, especially of waterfowl like Canada goose and ducks. So, he loved the almost waterproof and cold resistant hair of the Chessy. Unfortunately, with great hair comes great shedding! Those dogs shed year round, especially if they spend any time indoors. But the worst is in the spring! At that time, you can't pet them without getting handfuls of hair! Even though they shed, you've still got to brush them to keep that wonderfully insulating undercoat of fine wooly hair from matting. The overcoat is wavy, long and oily. At times, its almost like petting sheep. You get a lanolin like substance all over your hands. They are usually the color of dead grass (the ones dad got anyway, there are also "Chocolate" ones that are darker) and have pink noses and green eyes. Very striking looking and very big dogs. I loved their protectiveness and fierce loyalty but hated their hair! When they got older, dad would keep them in the house in the winter, getting dog hair in everything.

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I had a wonderful Old English Sheepdog (she was murdered). I can't have dogs where I live now, but would like a GoldenDoodle.

andiamo83 profile image

andiamo83 5 years ago

You could add Bouvier des Flandres as non-shedding dogs.

kimark421 profile image

kimark421 5 years ago Author

@andiamo83: Good point, and added...but be sure to have a brush handy. Bouviers shed into their undercoat and not brushing properly and regularly will result in a matted dog. Thanks for your comment!

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iamradiantrose 5 years ago

wow, you could have saved me a lot of work if I'd found you before I got my dogs....

blueangel85 5 years ago

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Amelia7410 5 years ago

Thanks ! Now i know there are more dogs that do not shed. :) I always thought only poodles and maltese do not shed

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JeremiahStanghini 5 years ago

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Othercatt 5 years ago

I have a chihuahua and a jack russell and they both shed all over the place.

NiedersJobs 5 years ago

I was wanting to get a German Shepherd to, I hate dog hair all over the house more

Susan300 profile image

Susan300 5 years ago

Nice page. I learned a lot! :)

sabinamiller 5 years ago

Thanks for sharing good info about dogs...

Sheryl Polomka profile image

Sheryl Polomka 5 years ago

Thanks for a great lens! I have a Rhodesian Ridgeback - doesn't shed too much but it does a little. I really only notice it in the car because of the short hair it spikes into the car seats and it really hard to get out.

LeroyNiederhofer 5 years ago

Love your lens, love dogs, love it all

sabinamiller 5 years ago

lovely dogs..thanks for sharing

anonymous 5 years ago

Great lens! Very informative. Thanks for sharing the info.

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TheresaAnn LM 5 years ago

This lens is a lot of fun to read. Thanks for posting it.

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greetingcardsinfo 5 years ago

In my childhood I had poodle called lucky she was a lovely dog very loyal

vohraaish 5 years ago

Thanks for posting this lens.. I'm planning to buy a dog.. this info would be helpful:)

UKGhostwriter profile image

UKGhostwriter 5 years ago

It's funny, in the UK we call it 'malting'. - why? I don't know!!

shandigp profile image

shandigp 5 years ago

@UKGhostwriter: In the U.S. when birds "shed" feathers we call it "malting." So that makes sense to me!

dmcgowan7 5 years ago

The bichon frise is a nice choice.

2woofs 5 years ago

Great lens on shedding.

I've got a couple of labs so it's shed city at our place. Tumbleweed fur on the tiles anyone? I will vouch for your review of the furminator. I found this helps reduce the amount of fur quiet a lot. I've done a little review of the furminator at my site 2woofs if anyone is interested.

anonymous 5 years ago

I have got a Schnauzer and she is non shedding. Great dog!

charliefern 5 years ago

hey i like your lens

ScottE LM profile image

ScottE LM 5 years ago

I have two labs and they shed a ton.

Gypzeerose profile image

Gypzeerose 5 years ago

I think it is important that people choose dogs that work with their lifestyles. It is too important that you do not fail at this choice - there are too many dogs in rescue organizations because of this. Also, if you decide to buy a purebred dog, either check out a rescue society for the breed or visit the breeder yourself - that will help you from avoiding puppy mills.

Positivevibestechnician 5 years ago

great lens this important for families with highly allergic children

anonymous 5 years ago

Very interesting lens. thank you for taking the time to put this information together in one spot.

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grannyann lm 5 years ago from Enid, OK

Thought I'd let you know we have added your site to our Dog Name website. You can find it under:

This is an informative lens you have and we are glad to share your facts.

greytdogz 5 years ago

Kudos on creating a great comprehensive lens on non shedding dog breeds. Very well done.

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spritequeen lm 5 years ago

Great lens!! I have two Yorkies, and LOVE that they don't shed much at all! Lensrolled to my "Dog Slobber" lens (as that's ANOTHER complaint with dog owners!

Wheelie34 5 years ago

Good advice! Thanks:)

desdemony profile image

desdemony 5 years ago

Very useful information, thanks! Even if you're not allergic. I mean, it's not much fun having to clean dog hair out of your house every day either. We had a boxer when I was a child, and he just shed like crazy. Couch, carpet, clothes, all full of hair! I loved that dog though.

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AshleyBretting-MS 5 years ago

Woof Woof we luv this stuff at Houndsville lens :)

anonymous 5 years ago

Thank you. Very helpful!

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LondonWanderer 5 years ago

Fabulous lens

anonymous 5 years ago

great job

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OrganicMom247 5 years ago

Great information, I found it really useful.

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sushilkin lm 5 years ago

thanks for sharing here!!

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Titia 5 years ago from Waterlandkerkje - The Netherlands

All dogs with a coat shed one way or other, but also one more than others. I have two Border Collies, sisters from the same litter. One sheds terribly and the other almost not at all.

kimark421 profile image

kimark421 5 years ago Author

@Titia: We actually see that quite often in our grooming shops with our customers who have litter mates. Many times their coats are completely different. Thanks for your comment!

momsfunny 5 years ago

Thanks for sharing this very vital information. I love dogs and been wanting to get one for years but my niece is allergic and so I can't have one. Now I know what to get in the shelter,I didn't know that Welsh Terrier doesn't shed, I simple just adore these cute little muts and some also need a home too so this will be perfect. This is great!I just love this informative lens of yours.

ChelseaGold 5 years ago

Wowww!! Nice info! I didn't knew that... but now I knows! =p

Thank you!

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crazy4pets 5 years ago

Thanks for posting all this information. I didn't know all about this, but it is very useful information.

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grandma deal 5 years ago

Steve and I have a Chihuahua and a Papillon. Compared to the Pug we had, these two shed hardly at all. Nice info here. Good job.

SandraKS 5 years ago

It's amazing to know that poodles don't shed even though it have a lot of hair like the other dogs and also long too. Great informations. Thanks.

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squid-pinkchic18 5 years ago

Helpful lens, thank you!

anonymous 5 years ago

I would add bullmastif. This is my favorite.

pistachio 5 years ago

What a great lens! ...very well written and presented. I am one of those people who is interested in non-shedding dogs as well as healthy happy doggy/master relationships. I've been writing mostly on HubPages (under the name Green Lotus) and have a few dog related Hubs that merit a link to yours on Squidoo, so I'll link them today. Cheers!

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RetroMom 5 years ago

Very helpful lens. And beautiful dog pictures. :)

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lexica lm 5 years ago

Great lens!

scoots729 5 years ago

Really a good and informative lens. Well written and wonderful pictures. Dogs are the best pet.

djroll 5 years ago

Great lens for any dog owner.

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the12frets 5 years ago

This is a really useful lens for people who are allergic to dogs.

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achraf lm 5 years ago

I can't wait for my little baby daughter to get a little bigger and get her (actually it's for me) a dog ;)

seradis 5 years ago

Great lens! Very useful information as my daughter is allergic!

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iijuan12 5 years ago from Florida

Great lens!

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BLouw 5 years ago from France

One of the reasons that I chose my dog, Molly, an English Pointer is because she has a short coat, but I had no idea that there was such a long list of non-shedding dogs to choose from. I'd only heard about poodles. Many thanks for this excellent information.

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quickcutterss 5 years ago from Midwest

Great lens and learned a lot.

geendayrox 5 years ago

Im a huge dog lover and very awesome lens I enjoyed reading it!!!!!:D

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pimbels lm 5 years ago

Our dogs shed a lot (5 Rottweilers) but we love them. Great lens.

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nucmed lm 5 years ago

Nice lense. I love the content. Would you give me feedback on Denver - The Guilty Dog

anonymous 5 years ago

Nice job and very informative. I didn't know that non-shedding dogs require so much maintenance.

Janet-Lee 5 years ago

Wonderful Lens.

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Cari Kay 11 5 years ago

Our American Staffordshire Terrier is not a shedder. Our black lab, especially now that he is really old, sheds all the time. Great lens!

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CarynJSwift56889 5 years ago

that's good looking dog, i like~

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phworks 5 years ago

Great - just added your lens as a Featured Lens at

anonymous 5 years ago

Great Post! I really love the video with that of how to brush your dog's teeth! Very hekpful! :)

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millerc507 5 years ago

Great lens. Unfortunately I have 3 dogs that all shed a ton. I have to vacuum every other day. They are great dogs though.

jphillips777 5 years ago

Thank you for the very helpful information.

Serj 5 years ago

Cool lens, I didn't realize Schnauzers don't shed, that'll probably my next dog.

jphillips777 5 years ago

Thanks for the great information. Great Lens

vydyulashashi 5 years ago

Very good info. Beautiful lens.

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geekologie 5 years ago

Doberman Pincers shed like crazy, especially when they are stressed. I have one and I spend lots of time cleaning up.

smithlights profile image

smithlights 5 years ago

Awesome lens! All of my dogs are on the "shed a lot" list!

SheltiePictures 5 years ago

Great lens! What about the sheltie? Does he shed?

mgs249 profile image

mgs249 5 years ago

I have a dachsund/pomeranian mix. He doesn't shed much. I think that cats shed worse than dogs. I have a cat too. Even tho' she is short hair, her hair is everywhere and very fine so it sticks to your clothes and even eyelashes. Oh well. Yes the dog and cat get along pretty well. Both are indoors too. Thanks for your interesting lens. Mary

Obscure_Treasures 5 years ago

I love pets and specially dogs.I used to have a German shepherd and loved it like my baby.great lens.....plz keep creating such wonderful lens.

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sunshine646 5 years ago from Jakarta, Indonesia

thanks for this great lens! I wish i could have a dog.

moniekbol 5 years ago

Very very great lens. Life ain't nothing without a dog..

puppy opvoeden

adamwilliams 5 years ago

lol ,,,R they real ??

purpleslug 5 years ago

Great lens! We are planning on getting another dog, so this was a very helpful lens. Thanks!

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mountainstevo 5 years ago

This is good to know.

holidayjoy162 5 years ago

I love dogs but the shedding is annoying.

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mytone 5 years ago

Brilliant works and nice photos too. I really love dogs....

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bestgiftz 5 years ago

This is very helpful. My husband wants a Rottie but the shedding is a problem.

successwithpaul 5 years ago

really informative content about dogs and shedding i like german shepard dogs

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DogWatchColumbus 5 years ago

Great info!

mathewdawsonpetmemorial 5 years ago

If you chose the above mentioned list of dogs that shed a lot, make sure you don't have any expensive carpets at home.

JoshK47 5 years ago

Excellent list - great for those with allergies and those who want to avoid having to clean up after their pups.

sugardaddy_sky 5 years ago

I'm so glad my dog doesn't have this problem! Great lens!

Frischy profile image

Frischy 5 years ago from Kentucky, USA

My pug is so loveable, but the amount of shedding is amazing. Never have to worry about a matted coat though.

sheafferba 5 years ago

My cats shed way more than our Boston Terrier. I should get the Furminator for cats.

anonymous 5 years ago

found this very useful thanks!

EpicFarms profile image

EpicFarms 5 years ago

Great topic for a lens; I didn't realize there were so many breeds that didn't shed!

wayne_luvinlife 5 years ago

fun lens!

HeatherTodd1 profile image

HeatherTodd1 5 years ago

Great post...Thanks

AngelDey profile image

AngelDey 5 years ago

Terrific information. Thanks. I love my shedding dog and have no problem sweeping and vacuuming. She's family and we all have to put up with our family members' quirks, right?

kayelex 5 years ago

Labs definitely shed a lot. I have one and it is a carpet everyday on the floor.

davidcam 5 years ago

Nice :)

anonymous 5 years ago

Had to come back and leave an Angels Blessing this time.

ProsperityNow LM profile image

ProsperityNow LM 5 years ago

Great Lens! My 3 babies tend to shed a lot that is why grooming is extremely important! Please feel free to visit my lens at and leave a comment.

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SandyMertens 5 years ago from Frozen Tundra

Angel Blessings! Please add your lens on the Not Zazzle Lens plexo on my August 2011 Zazzle Sales and Blessings

TIRMassageStone1 profile image

TIRMassageStone1 5 years ago

My Cavalier King Charles Spaniels shed like crazy. They are beautiful but they need a large amount of grooming on an almost daily basis.

ChihuahuaClothesInfo 5 years ago

I have a few chihuahuas and they shed like mad. If it weren't for their cute chihuahua clothes and their designer puppy collars, I swear, all I'd have is a put lump of golden hair! :)

MargoPArrowsmith profile image

MargoPArrowsmith 5 years ago

@ChihuahuaClothesInfo: I have a black chihuahua (with brown spots, looks like a mini Doberman) and he hardly sheds at all, at least I don't notice

MargoPArrowsmith profile image

MargoPArrowsmith 5 years ago

Great list.

shivnagsudhakar 5 years ago

good work

JannaB 5 years ago

The sweetest dog I ever had was a German Shepherd named Amy, but she did have what we referred to as "an unfortunate shedding problem". For 20 years she and my husband shed their hair. Hers grew back. His, unfortunately, did not. Thanks for the list of non-shedders. I'll keep it to reference before getting the next sweet pup.

KiwiSanet profile image

KiwiSanet 5 years ago

I enjoyed the clip about brushing the dogâs teeth. I just am just starting to brush my dogâs teeth. But he is a clever little dog. He likes the toothpaste so he stays still more or less until he manages to get the toothpaste off the brush. Then takes off with great speed and refuses to come anywhere close to me again until I put the toothbrush away.

tebor79 5 years ago

Im looking for a no shed dog.This lens has ben helpful.

TIRMassageStone1 profile image

TIRMassageStone1 5 years ago

cockapoo's are also great dogs that don't shed

ShellyTurner profile image

ShellyTurner 5 years ago

v informative - thank you

Rankography profile image

Rankography 5 years ago

Great idea for a lens. nice job.

anonymous 5 years ago

All dogs shed, some more than others. These suggestions are great! Another option it DoggyHairNets - they control shedding dog hair. Really. And they look great!

EndeavourToys profile image

EndeavourToys 5 years ago

Good, honest info.

quickcutterss profile image

quickcutterss 5 years ago from Midwest

Nice lens. I breed Yorkshire Terriers and i know for fact that yorkies do shed. Some of your better blood lines seem not to as much or no more then us. But my first yorkie he is what i call a yorkie that i bought from a back yard breeder and they are like the bottom of the line yorkies. My Sketter sheds so bad that i can take a pet roller anywhaer on the floor or carpet and one sweap across the carpet the roller is so full you can't see the white under the hair. It is very very bad.

Heather426 profile image

Heather426 5 years ago from Wexford, Ireland

Love the lens! I have 2 little non shedders now, a teacup Yorkie, and a Bichon Frise. Never have any problems with either one of them.

charity7 5 years ago

Nice Lens. Cute dog pictures too. I have a non shedding dog that wasn't mentioned; a pompoo (part pomeranien, part poodle). You can see his picture here

Brandi Bush profile image

Brandi Bush 5 years ago from Maryland

It's great to see that there are so many non-shedding dogs! Maybe I'll consider getting one for the kids now. :)

memetammyflieger3 5 years ago

I own a Shih Tzu. My boyfriend owns a Yorkie. Together they made Shorkies. No shedding here, except for the dog my daughter gave us. She's a cross between a Border Collie and a Heinz 57. She sheds so much we sweep up an entire dog everyday! But, we love them all.

Thanks for the heads up!

Joan Haines profile image

Joan Haines 5 years ago

Gotta love those westies. I didn't realize they don't shed!

TIRMassageStone1 profile image

TIRMassageStone1 5 years ago

The Scottish Terrier is a fun dog that doesn't shed... although most of the ones I've come across like to bark.

ThatsYourPeople profile image

ThatsYourPeople 5 years ago

I have my first non-shedding dog - a Goldendoodle - and it is the best thing ever. She does get matted easily, even with daily brushing, so we've done the next best thing and just keep her hair short.

gamecheathub profile image

gamecheathub 5 years ago

furminators are so fantastic. My aunt's dog seems to shed hourly and I brush the dog when I house sit. It's amazing how thorough those things are! Great lens! I enjoyed the read.

tomtaz517 profile image

tomtaz517 5 years ago

Very useful stuff! I'm convincing my roommates to let me keep a dog in the house. This helps :)

amylock 5 years ago

They are so cute! Thanks for sharing!

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NidhiRajat 5 years ago

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NidhiRajat 5 years ago

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anonymous 5 years ago

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anonymous 5 years ago

Good lens , now I know what dog to buy , if I decided

bosieboy profile image

bosieboy 5 years ago

I currently have a labradoodle (lab X poodle), he sheds very little,but I have to keep his undercoat especially well groomed otherwise tangles & knots appear . Many years ago I bred Afghans, despite having such long coats they too shed very little outwardly.

Great lens. +1 from me.

lessardsgutters 5 years ago

Great information! I have lots of allergies but love pets. Thanks for the tips. I really enjoyed your lens :)

ShellB 5 years ago

Nice lens! We have 4 shedders and 1 dog that needs to be clipped. If I'm wearing black, I'm definitely more likely to pick up my non-shedding dog.

thedancebuzz profile image

thedancebuzz 5 years ago

Very informative lens!

aussieremovals 5 years ago

Great lens!

kyhillbullies 5 years ago

Great Lens! I have english bull terriers which shed moderately.

kelli320 5 years ago

Goldendoodles rule! They are the best dogs ever. Little hair, sweetest and best disposition. Good lens!

ananimoss2 profile image

ananimoss2 5 years ago

woof woof great lens woof

tuliprose lm profile image

tuliprose lm 5 years ago

Wow, I had no idea there were so many dogs that don't shed. I don't mind shedding dogs, but I have family members with allergies.

legaleze 5 years ago

Such cute dogs. Interesting lense

SusanDeppner profile image

SusanDeppner 5 years ago from Arkansas USA

Our vet has a Goldendoodle, such a wonderful dog. We were just talking last night about the fact that they don't shed. If Daisy ever needs a brother or sister, we would definitely consider a Goldendoodle.

shahrukh021 5 years ago

love the dogs they are extremely adorable ^-^

Diana Wenzel profile image

Diana Wenzel 5 years ago from Colorado

Great lens (found it on RedGage). Love the humor (dogs that don't poop... wow!). Thanks for all of the excellent information. Glad we don't get rejected when we shed.

doginformation 5 years ago

Hi there ... good lens! I am a dog walker and owner of a poodle cross cocker spaniel, he doesn't shed at all, and he has a very happy nature. These dogs make perfect pets because they are great with children and small dogs as well as retaining their hunting instinct - so they aren't just an ornament!

plrsource profile image

plrsource 5 years ago

Great lens.....

rainshowers77 5 years ago

good lens very helpful

jeffn516 5 years ago

Hurray for the Furminator! One of my favorite deshedding tools

WildWilliams profile image

WildWilliams 5 years ago

Wild Williams was here.

lc_online 5 years ago

Nice lens, especially the explanation about the matting of the hair. Guess that's why our chihuahua loves being brushed! (Some really adorable pictures here, too.)

SIALicenceUK 4 years ago

I was here 2011 BARK!

anonymous 4 years ago

We have two beagles running around our home. This is a great lens and for that I voted a thumbs up for ya!

Julia Morais profile image

Julia Morais 4 years ago

Great lens. I feel better about my dogs shedding a lot now.

markettrol profile image

markettrol 4 years ago

Great Lens....listened to the vet about brushing dog just had a very real problem with his teeth......Vet said I need to brush his teeth this was very helpful.....Thanks....Judy

DogsEatingGrass 4 years ago

Great Lens. I use the FURminator de-shredding tool on my Siberian Husky, there great.

flycatcherrr profile image

flycatcherrr 4 years ago

I see you have the little Italian Greyhounds on your list of dogs that don't shed very much, but you forgot to put Greyhounds on the list too! Lots of people with allergies find that Greyhounds' fur doesn't bother them, and as short-haired smooth-coated breed they need very little grooming, just a rub-down with a hound mitt or a soft cloth...

On the other end, that FURminator is the world's greatest invention for long-haired, thick-coated dogs like my Golden Retriever who runs into every burdock and thistle she can find!

Thanks for a lens chockful o' readables! :)

marlene3 profile image

marlene3 4 years ago

Nice lens- You have created very helpful & informative lens. Keep up the Good work. Thanks

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bames24 lm 4 years ago

very informative lens... love it :)

desa999 lm profile image

desa999 lm 4 years ago

Very nice lens on an interesting topic. Well done

flycatcherrr profile image

flycatcherrr 4 years ago

I have to agree, that Furminator is a wonderful tool. :)

TheGreenHornet 4 years ago

Great Idea! A dog that sheds takes so much extra work especially in a carpeted home.

Philipuk1983 4 years ago

cool i didn't know there were any non shedding dogs, mine would be top of the shedders list :-P

LiliLove profile image

LiliLove 4 years ago

Amazing lens idea! Very interesting. Thanks for sharing :).

KathyMcGraw2 profile image

KathyMcGraw2 4 years ago from California

I have a little cockapoo that supposedly doesn't shed, at least as you say "not outwardly". After owning several shephards this little guy is a dream when it comes to not having to vacuum a bunch of hair :)

goo2eyes lm profile image

goo2eyes lm 4 years ago

i believe labradors shed some of their fur in autumn(?).

thedailysatire profile image

thedailysatire 4 years ago

I must remember to read this again before I get a dog next time :) thanks for the info!

revenue4u 4 years ago

Thanks for publishing this authoritative resource. I want a house dog but hate finding dog hair everywhere. Squid-liked.

squidoopets profile image

squidoopets 4 years ago from Abbotsford, BC

Roof! (that's woof in Canadian eh)

flashgordontags1 profile image

flashgordontags1 4 years ago

How about a woof and a wag!

myminitabletpc 4 years ago

Nice lens, the non-shedding dog is for those who don't want to handle all the aggro that comes with that. Personally I like the terrier dogs.


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squidrocks 4 years ago

Not sure that the Border Terrier could be classed as non-shedding as my parents dog always leave hairs all over the place! I have a Cairn and she hardly looses any hair and neither does my Whippet.

My old Jack Russell's on the other hand ... well I had to make sure my clothes weren't black if you understand what I mean!

Todayhaspower LM profile image

Todayhaspower LM 4 years ago

Great lens! I allergic to dogs, but my children really want one, so I have been looking into getting a 'non-shedding' dog, this is a great list! Thanks for the help!

queenofduvetcover profile image

queenofduvetcover 4 years ago

Very helpful lens. I have a shih tzu and I agree, she does not shed hair even though her hair is extremely long =)

geneblair1968 4 years ago

Non-shedding dog breeds, also called hypoallergenic dogs, are great for people who have allergies. Dog fur, or animal dander, would be the triggering factor of all those sneezes and stuffy noses. That is the reason why some people do not get dogs at all.

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itgraphix profile image

itgraphix 4 years ago

Nice lens. Dog is the best animal.

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jadehorseshoe 4 years ago

USEFUL lens!

anonymous 4 years ago

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TolovajWordsmith profile image

TolovajWordsmith 4 years ago from Ljubljana

Astonishing animals and beautiful lens!

gottaloveit2 profile image

gottaloveit2 4 years ago

I'm a huge fan of the furminator. Out of my 6 dogs, 5 shed like crazy. My littlest girl, a rescue poodle mix, is the only one I can take anywhere. I've never seen a hair come off her. Great lens. Blessed.

Stacy Birch profile image

Stacy Birch 4 years ago

We have mexican rat dogs, the one who is a long haired dog only sheds in the winter, the mix breed who has medium length hair, sheds all the time. Good lens, you've been blessed.

nyclittleitaly profile image

nyclittleitaly 4 years ago

love dogs.. great lens

krakensquid profile image

krakensquid 4 years ago

Lovely lens, dogs are the best.. shedding or no shedding :)

sarahrk lm profile image

sarahrk lm 4 years ago

Great list. I am looking for a non shedding dog.

VigilantChef LM profile image

VigilantChef LM 4 years ago

Very helpful. Thanks

ElizabethJeanAl profile image

ElizabethJeanAl 4 years ago

I love my Otto, but if I ever get another dog it will be one that does not shed.

anonymous 4 years ago

Apparently all the dogs I've ever had are heavy shedders. If I'm able to get a dog where I live again, your list will come in handy for less vacuuming and its nice to be able to wear black without getting dressed at the door!

JackieSonia profile image

JackieSonia 4 years ago

Very informative lens. Thanks. I have a snall, long-haired chihuahua. She doesn't shed that much for being long-haired. Do standard size poodles shed?

kimark421 profile image

kimark421 4 years ago Author

@JackieSonia: Poodles (Standard or Miniature) shed little if any. Thanks for visiting!

Edutopia 4 years ago

Helpful lens. I have a pug and they are pretty much the textbook example of the exact opposite kind of dog that would go in this list, haha

MartieG profile image

MartieG 4 years ago from Jersey Shore

Lots of interesting facts about dogs and shedding - will be looking for a dog soon (it's been two years since our 13 yr old pup left us) so this is very helpful!

anonymous 4 years ago


greenmind profile image

greenmind 4 years ago

Is there a list like this for cats? I have four and I just found out I'm allergic...

kimark421 profile image

kimark421 4 years ago Author

@greenmind: I haven't started that lens yet! But seriously, just Google non-shedding or hypoallergenic cats and see what pops up. I'm not familiar enough with cats to know if there are some who don't shed. Thanks for visiting!

anonymous 4 years ago

We love airdales - just writing a lens about our - she was called Tilly

ViJuvenate profile image

ViJuvenate 4 years ago

Learned something new today! I figured the 'doesn't shed' line had to be wrong somehow, but didn't know what was truth. I like the Furminator tool. I may have to get one of those the next dog we get. Ours passed about a year ago.

HJtheNightOwl profile image

HJtheNightOwl 4 years ago

Great lens! My Jack Russell sheds 24/7/365 as they don't get that fuzzy undercoat in the winter - just more hair to shed!!

CNelson01 profile image

CNelson01 4 years ago from California

My daughter has a german shepherd, it only sheds once a year but it takes 365 days. After she visits with the dog we vacuum up enough hair to assemble two small dogs. This lens will help for the next dog.

LindaFoster LM profile image

LindaFoster LM 4 years ago

I have a collie and he sheds a lot of hair lol, great lens :) lots of very useful and informative information will help a lot of people choose which breed is best for them.

myamya 4 years ago

amazing lens! thumbs up

VTsquared 4 years ago

My husband and I love our dogs, but hate the fur that we are constantly cleaning off of the floors. Thanks for the tips on non-shedding breeds (for the next time we are looking for a pet at the local shelter) and the review of the FURminator (I've been reluctant to buy one because it's a rather pricey dog brush, but if it works, I'll try anything)!

waldenthreenet profile image

waldenthreenet 4 years ago

valuable topic. Thanks for the info. We may be in the market for a small non-shedding soon. Congrads on your Squidoo level 56. Am going for my next level. What is creativity ? thanks.

MUMMYB profile image

MUMMYB 4 years ago

Fantastic lens! We have two dogs, a Jack Russell and a Cairn Terrier. They have great little characters and give us so much pleasure. You've provided some really useful info for people considering which breed to get. Thank you.

mantele11 4 years ago

I love dogs! Great lens.

Steph Tietjen profile image

Steph Tietjen 4 years ago from Albuquerque, New Mexico

This is great information! I have a Furminator and it really is good, but you do have to use it every other day at least. I also shave my dog in the hot summer. Thanks!

normandes profile image

normandes 4 years ago


iPadGeek profile image

iPadGeek 4 years ago

Great lens mate. Thanks for the compilation :)

kerbev profile image

kerbev 4 years ago from Upstate, NY

My cockapoo doesn't shed!

CarolynPile profile image

CarolynPile 4 years ago

I have always admired the Bedlington Terriers. They are so cute, they look like lambs!

mellie4 4 years ago

great lens!! great resource.

pyngthyngs profile image

pyngthyngs 4 years ago

My lhasa apso is not a shedder. Thank goodness.!

alexaa7x profile image

alexaa7x 4 years ago

great lens! check mine out?

Rebeljohn profile image

Rebeljohn 4 years ago

Very nice lens and great info thanks for posting it

MATTHEWO1234 4 years ago

nice lens

MATTHEWO1234 4 years ago

nice lens.

jade_s_unabia 4 years ago

very informative lens.

JackRussell LM profile image

JackRussell LM 4 years ago

Great informative lens! Thank you :D

anonymous 4 years ago

Tibetan Terriers do not shed but are not on the list. These are a great breed but difficult to find. The perfect pet if you are looking for a companion and great with children.

athena2011 4 years ago

Excellent lens. Thanks for this great information. I notice that the older I get the more allergic I am becoming to dog fur so this is very handy stuff. Gave you a Squidlike.

MelonyVaughan profile image

MelonyVaughan 4 years ago

What a great and helpful lens!

oceansky lm profile image

oceansky lm 4 years ago

A great lens. It would be nice to have a dog that did not shed.

TTMall profile image

TTMall 4 years ago

nice lens!

transcriptioncity 4 years ago

I should have read this before I got my dog!

ifuturz 4 years ago

Nice Lens

mohamedm 4 years ago

@oceansky lm: Amazing Lens

DIY Mary profile image

DIY Mary 4 years ago

Great lens! Although I'm not a dog owner, I know what a problem shedding can be for many breeds.

anonymous 4 years ago

It is usually the DANDER that people are allergic to, not the hair itself. So really, if you are allergic to animals then you probably should not get one. There is no such thing as a Hypoallergenic dog nor a NON-shedding dog as was stated above.

Also, please note that the GoldenDoodle is NOT A BREED !! it is a Mixed bred dog, aka mutt

kimark421 profile image

kimark421 4 years ago Author

@anonymous: Very true on the dander. My main concern on this lens is Non-Shedding dogs, and I believe I address the fact that there is no such thing...they either shed out, or in. As far as Goldendoodles and other designer dogs not being a "breed", I address this in my designer dog lenses. They are mutts in the eyes of AKC, but there are hundreds of thousands of people who consider them "breeds", and they are willing to spend purebred dog money to get one. Personally, I think those looking for a dog should adopt.

Thank you for your comments!

kimmanleyort 4 years ago

Great resource for people looking for non-shedding dogs. We have a cairn terrier for just that reason. I could have used your advice earlier for how to prevent matted hair. Blessed.

claudiatuli 4 years ago

Great lens!

Lee Hansen profile image

Lee Hansen 4 years ago from Vermont

As Rose mentioned. it's generally the dander and not the hair that trigger my allergies. The hair shedding or matting is a cleaning and pet care task that comes with having a lovely doggie family member. I have the dander allergy issue but I've found that I can get myself desensitized if I spend time with the same pet on a regular basis. I'd love a smallish to mid-sized mixed breed lab or golden.

goo2eyes lm profile image

goo2eyes lm 4 years ago

just coming back to share the blessings for these cute dogs.

kevingomes13 lm profile image

kevingomes13 lm 4 years ago

Great lens. I love dogs and this was a great read.

SimilarSam profile image

SimilarSam 4 years ago from Australia

A great lens, I enjoy Dogs but can't stand (and am slightly allergic) the hair.

MGuberti profile image

MGuberti 4 years ago

My Shiz Tzu doesn't shed. I wonder how it would be to have a dog that sheds?

jordanmilesbask profile image

jordanmilesbask 4 years ago

Such a lovely lens..Very informative!

please come and visit my lens -

anonymous 4 years ago

I just lost a boxer to cancer and I want to get a different breed.I want a medium size dog that gets along great with kids, cat and other small dog.Also one that doesn't shed bad. I know it will shed some just don't want a lot of shedding.

puppyprints profile image

puppyprints 4 years ago

This lens really caught my interest today because my dog has started her annual "shedding of the winter coat". Hair everywhere for a few weeks...

Rosaquid profile image

Rosaquid 4 years ago

Portuguese water dogs are considered hypo-allergenic. We raised a wonderful PWD, along with our children, through the 1980s and '90s. He required regular grooming, but he was perfect for our allergic household. He was a challenge to train but a joy to have. We loved him.

We had a standard poodle until he died of old age last year; also great for allergic homes, and so lovable and easy to train.

Thank you for the lovely lens.

cao2fine profile image

cao2fine 4 years ago

Very fun and upbeat, and love your sense of humor!

biminibahamas profile image

biminibahamas 4 years ago

Maltese are the BEST non shedding dogs! Of course I am partial because I am owned by one, LOL!

anonymous 4 years ago

What a helpful lens for people with dog allergies! Well done!

PennyHowe profile image

PennyHowe 4 years ago

Great idea for a lens. Thanks for the info. My pup, Josito, is a mix of Bichon and Poodle. He does not shed much and is very mild tempered. Of course he is my baby and so I am on his side! I think he is a sweetheart, but sadly getting old and losing his hearing. Still love him!

AlokaRuwanpathi profile image

AlokaRuwanpathi 4 years ago

Sweet doggies!

mel-kav profile image

mel-kav 4 years ago

Thanks for the very informative lens.

HalloweenRecipes profile image

HalloweenRecipes 4 years ago

Nice lens, but you are too late! I have had a white German Shepherd for 12 years and wouldn't recognize my self without some white dog hair somewhere on my!

kayla_harris 4 years ago

Thanks for sharing! Great Lens!

rpmweb 4 years ago

Thanks for the list of dogs, lots of good info!

-Ryan from Fish oil for dogs

tifebrown 4 years ago

Great info! I didn't know there were that many non-shedders. I have a Miniature Pinscher and a German Pinscher, I swear they shed their own body weight every day.

aquarian_insight 4 years ago

Excellent info, but I have to admit, I love GSDs to mind the shedding too much.

jordanmilesbask profile image

jordanmilesbask 4 years ago

Wow, I learn something new again..I'm glad I found this lens..Thanks for sharing it!

Great lens!

orangewho 4 years ago

I have a welsh terrier and from experience he sheds but very little :) especially when compared to a golden retriever! I have really bad allergies but I'm able to hug him tight whenever I want!

christie11 4 years ago

here's all of em shout, bark arf!!! woof - my italian greyhound sheds just a wee bit, but you don't notice it at all - ever, ever, ever!!!

apuppyslife 4 years ago

Miniature daschunds do shed but not bad. We have had this breed of dogs for years. They are woth every little bit of shedding! Great lens btw!

lauragreene97 4 years ago

It's awesome that several terriers are on this list! I've been considering getting another dog, and I want a terrier after reading the book "The Nose Knows" by Holly Lewitas ( The main character is a terrier mix, and it was so full of personality that I want one, too. Good to know that they don't shed, because I don't want to constantly be covered in fur!

Scotties-Rock profile image

Scotties-Rock 4 years ago from OREFIELD, PA

I can vouch for Scottish Terriers, they do not shed very much at all.

Fcuk Hub profile image

Fcuk Hub 4 years ago

This is reasonable list of dog that don't shed :)

jholland profile image

jholland 4 years ago

All the breeds I love are shedders - guess I am stuck living in a world of hair.

CorkFlooringTips 4 years ago

Wish my dog didn't shed its like having a spare dog lol

lunaspuppiesparadise 4 years ago

Thanks for the useful list! Hair brushing is an important part of dog grooming. Feel free to visit my lens that talks more about it!

How To Keep Your Dogs Coat Healthy and Shiny

Thank you!

dogsrspecial profile image

dogsrspecial 4 years ago

Nice lens. Good information to have before you get the dog. Lots of dogs end up in shelters because owners didn't understand how much was involved in being a dog owner. Please check out my new lens on adopting older dogs. They are my special passion but I love all animals. Thanks for the good info!

Kathleen Hiler profile image

Kathleen Hiler 4 years ago from Mountain Home

Love the lens !!!

faber80 4 years ago

Beautiful animals... I love all breeds.

Millionairemomma profile image

Millionairemomma 4 years ago

Awesome lens! Great job!

candidaabrahamson 4 years ago

Thanks for this helpful information. I wonder if in the end it would even make a big difference to my daughter, who's allergic--or if it's more about the dander. Either way, nice not to have dog hair all over onesself after a visit to doggie-lovers!

trendydad 4 years ago

this is great my ;ab sheds a lot

GRM 4 years ago

Sure this list is very useful for many people. We have a Golden Retriever who we absolutely adore, but she does shed -- don't think Goldens are going to make it on this list! :-)

JonTempleton profile image

JonTempleton 4 years ago

We just rescued a Cairn! Such a nice little pup. He is great with kids and was already potty trained!

tinypawspuppies 4 years ago

Good lens. A lot of people need to know which breeds are hypoallergenic.

LynetteBell profile image

LynetteBell 4 years ago from Christchurch, New Zealand

There is a lady in our neighbourhood who has a miniature and standard poodle. They look so funny out on their walks. I must say the standard poodle looks very regal!

Doc_Holliday 4 years ago

Outstanding lens. I love it

dream1983 4 years ago

Amazing lens, well done!

mary-humphrey profile image

mary-humphrey 4 years ago

awesome lens great job

AnimalHouse 4 years ago

Great lens. For people who are allergic but want to have dogs, these non-shedding dogs would be good for them.

anonymous 4 years ago

WE had a carin terrier and a westie and they both SHED.....

anonymous 4 years ago

@lauragreene97: WE had a carin terrier and a westie, and both of them did shed...

jakealoo 4 years ago

Standard poodle here!! Love the hypoallergenic, non shedding coat!!

sheezie77 4 years ago

Great lens! love it!

JonTempleton profile image

JonTempleton 4 years ago

Great lens! Big ups!

petsworld 4 years ago

@JonTempleton: big upssssssssssssssssss!

IQplusone profile image

IQplusone 4 years ago

Canine Kudos - Great info

leibwood profile image

leibwood 4 years ago

Very informative and useful lens indeed! Now, I know which breed to give my youngest son for his 5th birthday.

alina nicoleta92 profile image

alina nicoleta92 4 years ago

Such cuties and love the lens.

samuelp 4 years ago

Great information and list! I have a Cocker Spaniel and they are really a great breed of dogs that do not shed.

anooptu 4 years ago

dog it

WriterJanis2 profile image

WriterJanis2 4 years ago

Love this. It can be really helpful to people with dog allergies.

ansruthi 4 years ago

thanks for sharing this valuable information.....

CristianStan 4 years ago

I have a French Bulldog and though it sheds, not excessively though, is so fun to have it around the house!

steph-naylor profile image

steph-naylor 4 years ago

Great lens

cynthiannleighton profile image

cynthiannleighton 4 years ago

Thanks. Enjoyed your lens.

OliviaDaughter LM profile image

OliviaDaughter LM 4 years ago

What a lovely lens. Thanks

Melissa Miotke profile image

Melissa Miotke 4 years ago from Arizona

Great info for a family that has animal allgergies!

poorwendy lm profile image

poorwendy lm 4 years ago

Great lens. I'm partial to the Australian Terrier myself.

Find-Online profile image

Find-Online 4 years ago

Great resource for anyone researching about non-shedding dogs.

anonymous 4 years ago

You might know...all my favorite breeds are on the 'sheds-a-lot' list. Oh well, I love them just the same. Nice lens - lots of good info.

Background-Check-Lenses 4 years ago

I was here :) Nice list of dogs :)

TK2012 LM profile image

TK2012 LM 4 years ago

This was a great lens!

webnaturally lm profile image

webnaturally lm 4 years ago

Great lens! I didn't see Labradoodles on the list. Maybe I just overlooked it! They are great non shedding dogs. I have had standard and mini sizes.

HomeDecorKnight profile image

HomeDecorKnight 4 years ago

Great resource of dog shedding, I like this lens.

anonymous 3 years ago

Woofie says that German Shepherds need a lot of patience time and love.

DeborahDian profile image

DeborahDian 3 years ago from Orange County, California

Great info about non-shedding dogs!

Sylvestermouse profile image

Sylvestermouse 3 years ago from United States

My pups shed, but they are worth it! I do know a lot of people though who want non shedding pets only.

paulgrossman profile image

paulgrossman 3 years ago

Great lens! Dogs are so awesome so please make more dog lenses! Love to read about them! Quick story...I've got a toy poodle and even though he doesn't shed, he loves to dig around the house so when he's done digging, he always leaves a little fur behind....But it's cute because it's like evidence at the scene of the crime when I wonder how the bathroom rug got shredded! :)

kimark421 profile image

kimark421 3 years ago Author

@paulgrossman: Haha! I love that story!

AstroGremlin profile image

AstroGremlin 3 years ago

The bichon frise really does not shed. They have hair. They still require substantial brushing and get black crud in the corners of their eyes. But they do not shed.

anonymous 3 years ago

i have pretty bad asthma, but my kids want a dog so bad...this has been a very useful read to help me decide which dog is best for us. thank you

SteveBuilding profile image

SteveBuilding 3 years ago

The poodle should definitely be at number 1! ;)

You can always link to my lens on Poodles as it is informative - Everything you need to know about Poodles. I included a link to this lens in there :)

kabbalah lm profile image

kabbalah lm 3 years ago

My Siberian husky doesn't stop shedding

PrepareToGo profile image

PrepareToGo 3 years ago

My favorite breed is the Tibetan Spaniel but they shed in the spring. I have a long haired chihuahua now and it doesn't shed much at all.

anonymous 3 years ago

Just a warning to everyone who gets a Yorkshire Terrior (Yorkie) they get excited over just about anything and as puppies they will accidentaly pee in random places.. so it is wise to potty train them as fast as possible!!!

Michelllle profile image

Michelllle 3 years ago

Drool is almost as good as hair.

Teddi14 LM profile image

Teddi14 LM 3 years ago

Nice lens. I am allergic so I think this list is great. I have a Westie. Our Westie, Dudley

Margot_C 3 years ago

I can attest to Basenjis being dogs that don't shed much. I've had a red/white and a black/white. We barely even knew the red/white was in the house. He did shed, but you couldn't see his fur unless you looked very closely. The black/white not so much. We can see her fur everywhere, but it's still not like a long haired dog.

lamontcranston profile image

lamontcranston 3 years ago

Shedding is a big issue - people who have allergies are much more likely to be okay with a non-shedding dog. Thoroughly researched.

socialcx1 profile image

socialcx1 3 years ago

Hi just found your lens that I really enjoyed .Thanks

davenjilli lm profile image

davenjilli lm 3 years ago

we had a bichon frise for many we have outside dogs

Ann seabolt 3 months ago

Don't let anyone tell you Cairn Terriers don't shed. I have one and she sheds quite a bit. You can minimize it by keeping them clipped and brushing them daily but they do shed.

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