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Panda Dog—A New "Hybrid Species" or a Cruel Joke?

Updated on January 08, 2015

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A panda dog—the new species of hybrid panda-meets-dog found in Japan and China! Get this new designer dog while they're hot!
A panda dog—the new species of hybrid panda-meets-dog found in Japan and China! Get this new designer dog while they're hot!

The Mysterious Panda Dog—What Is It (And How Can I Get One?)

Obscenely cute and somewhat controversial, the panda dog has taken Japan by storm!

Is it a new hybrid species born from an innocent but forbidden love affair between a panda and a dog? (That's a mental picture that's difficult to erase from my mind.)

Or is it a Photoshopped image some cruel and bored person created to pull our legs? (If so, will it one day be categorized under "mythical creatures" along with the Loch Ness Monster and Bigfoot?)

Oddly enough, it's not so much a mystery as it is a tale of love, passion, rescue, and a big bottle of black (doggie-safe) hair dye...

Meet Columbo


Named after the quirky detective in the hit TV series Columbo, this maltese-poodle mix is the talk of the town in Tokyo. His owner, Kensuke Hirakawa, is a former beautician and pet shop owner who adopted Columbo after his previous owner abandoned him (reportedly due to his ugly looks).

Although Columbo was a bit aggressive and barked non-stop at first, Kensuke saw potential in this little droopy-eyed fur ball and took him in. Columbo soon warmed up to his new owner. Poor Columbo had been through a lot and had the marks to prove it—a stiff back leg, tear-stained eyes, and removed canine teeth (to prevent biting). It didn't take long for Kensuke, given his background styling hair, to hatch a crazy little plan for an Extreme Doggie Makeover!

Using completely safe, non-toxic black hair color meant for dogs, Kensuke dyed parts of Columbo's dingy white fur to mimic a panda's striking patterning.

And boy did he stand out! Once a mixed breed mongrel tossed aside because of his looks, Columbo is not only the most talked about and adored dog in the neighborhood (and probably all of Asia as well), he's also now the poster dog and mascot in a campaign to save the abandoned and abused dogs of Tokyo. Kensuke only hopes that this will help teach others how to be responsible and love their pets. (I know there's a moral in there somewhere...)

Columbo Photo Gallery

Columbo is now a relaxed and carefree dog star.
Columbo is now a relaxed and carefree dog star.
Columbo looking demure.
Columbo looking demure.
Columbo going for a walk through Tokyo.
Columbo going for a walk through Tokyo.

Kensuke said that dying Columbo's hair just made sense—the dog had always had stains around his eyes. And the good news is that the dye isn't permanent. Since it only lasts about a month, Kensuke can change Columbo on a whim! Who knows—maybe the dog will show up as a tiger or leopard next month!

At the end of this article, you can see a short video clip of Columbo and Kensuke in action!

But Wait! There's More!

It seems Columbo started a hip new trend—now Panda Dogs are popping up everywhere!

Take a look at these über chic panda-wannabees:

Panda Chow and Shih Tzu Photo Gallery

Click thumbnail to view full-size
A chow and his panda brother.Panda dog side shot.This panda dog has a black tongue.A relaxing panda.A panda shih tzu.
A chow and his panda brother.
A chow and his panda brother.
Panda dog side shot.
Panda dog side shot.
This panda dog has a black tongue.
This panda dog has a black tongue.
A relaxing panda.
A relaxing panda.
A panda shih tzu.
A panda shih tzu.

It would appear chow chows are prime panda-dog material As you can see below, even chow puppies look just like, well, unpainted panda dogs!

An unpainted panda-like puppy. Awwwwhhhh!
An unpainted panda-like puppy. Awwwwhhhh!

Here's the Video of Columbo I Promised You

Of course, it would make a lot more sense if you understood Japanese. But the message of the clip is clear in any language!

Meet Kensuke and His Sidekick Columbo, the Amazing Panda Dog!

Share Your Thoughts in the Comments

So come one and come all—share your thoughts on this strange-but-true oddity from the East that we all know will soon sweep the States. It's only a matter of time, my friends; only a matter of time.


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    • pgrundy 8 years ago

      So cute! Thanks Michelle! I'm so glad you found HubPages. I love it here. I hope they were careful around the eyes with the dye though. Thanks for this!

    • koncling profile image

      koncling 8 years ago from Nice Winding Room

      is it true...?

      or just hair coloring dogs..?

    • mandy  8 years ago

      do you not realize how cruel and horrible this is? I am totally disgusted by this. sure, make designer dogs bred in cruel puppy mills while thousands are euthanized daily. that's a brilliant idea. remember..THESE ARE REAL CREATURES WITH REAL FEELINGS AND NOT JUST AN ACCESSORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Vinh 8 years ago

      im not against genetic hybrid evolution, but doing it just for show is rather cruel.

    • CFS 8 years ago

      koncling, mandy, and Vinh-

      It's just a dog painted to look like a panda. Read the blog. If you still don't get it, you should know that-sadly-you are-doomed, because you "can't fix stupid."

    • lame 8 years ago

      this is lame

    • wow 8 years ago

      this is ridiculous. even know it may not seem cruel to dye someones hair but they're not like us humans. they can't tell us what they like or don't like. i don't think you'd like it if someone dyed or cut your hair without permission. yeah dogs need care but if you don't like your dog the way it is then don't get one in the first place.

    • dragon fire spirit 8 years ago

      know what?

      it is a freakin dog!

      dogs don't care how they look, and it doesn't hurt them!

    • Kari Crow 8 years ago

      I don't think it's so cruel if they don't mind getting a bath. They said it wasn't permanent dye, so it was probably just a cream. I had a white cat that needed to be bathed on a regular basis and I used to just throw a packet of kool-aid into her tub of water and change her colors all the time. She was purple, and blue, and green, and yellow, anything kool-aid made, she was. Because it would wash out in a matter of days. And you know what...she didn't care at all! She was the same cat she always was, just a different color. It didn't even bother the other cats, they didn't even notice! If she would have known what I did, she probably would have thanked me, seeing as she got more attention over it when people came over. Our other two cats are naturally designed, and they used to get more attention because she was just plain white. If they don't mind bathing, then it's not cruel.

    • Emma Lester 8 years ago

      I completely agree with Kari Crow. It isn't cruel at all. Aslong as you are careful around the eyes and your pet doesn't mind bathing then you are fine. And to everyone who says 'You don't know if your dog likes looking like that, how would you like it if we did that to you without permission?'; Well you should be grooming your pet anyway, cutting its claws and such. If you have a long haired dog then it would need shaving slightly in the summer.. but you don't know if your dog likes it? And as for the colour, well dogs are colourblind anyway. Does this dog above look at all unhappy to you?

    • phfft 8 years ago

      A doggie cut and color. I wish I thought of it first.

    • bspilner profile image

      bspilner 8 years ago from Altanta, Ga.

      ok that really is adorable. I figured it was some photoshopping, but the dye really is a great idea. I know several friends who have adopted dogs and have the stains under their eyes due to a terrible previous owner. I bet they haven't thought about dying their hair. Interesting - learn something new every day!

      What Cinderella story - now a poster dog. Nice to hear happy endings every once and while! GREAT HUB!!

    • liquid 7 years ago

      i'm all for using safe products but the problem lies in the fact MOST people will not do the right thing. they will look for shortcuts or $$ saving products which will lead to health problems for the dog. with raising costs becuz of animals health people will either euthanize, abandon, ignore, or get a new dog. thus the cycle continues. but i hardly expect a government (china) that can't keep toxic ingredients (melamine and lead) out of products to care about animals being dyed for the fancy of the owner.

    • DurTahar 7 years ago

      As long as the dye is safe, there is nothing at all wrong with doing this. Those of you who are complaining about it being cruel are missing a very important detail: the dog was abandoned for being 'ugly'. Now, the dog doesn't care at all what it looks like, but most owners do. If anything, this is a very POSITIVE trend. Sure, everyone should judge a dog based on the dog, not on its looks, but until people are willing to do this, then why not make the dogs look more interesting and desireable? The only thing that's doing is making dogs more likely to find homes, and if you think that's cruel, you've never seen the face of a dog with no home.

    • becky 7 years ago

      I'm glad you have this page believe it or not in cincinnati Ohio someone posted the exact same picture of columbo for sale on kijiji and I was going to buy it for my daughter but I decided to look up dogs that look like panda's because I had never seen one before so now I now it was just a scam for money.

    • SpacePrawn 7 years ago

      Mandy said "do you not realize how cruel and horrible this is? I am totally disgusted by this. sure, make designer dogs bred in cruel puppy mills while thousands are euthanized daily. that's a brilliant idea. remember..THESE ARE REAL CREATURES WITH REAL FEELINGS AND NOT JUST AN ACCESSORY WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

      Someone call the WAAAMBULANCE

    • kittycatmeowmew 7 years ago

      okay i hate people that say oh that is so cruel to animals, you don't make any scene. and trust me i should know i love animals so much but hello, uh why do you buy a pet um to pet, to care for the last time i check that's an accessory. isn't it?? safe hair die is like giving your cat or dog animal food that is processed, in a factory instead of giving them meat. do they tell you that the food is good?? do you know that they maybe want i don't know beef or lamb. no you don't, why because they don't care they just care if you are their, food, bathroom and sleep. they don't go into the bathroom and stare at them selfs and say god i hate my fur it makes me look fat, i am pink today i look gay. no they dont yes they have feeling but they arent hurt unless you go on vaction or at work/school.

    • Fort Woof 7 years ago

      This dog was to put sleep by his previous owner because he was ugly. His back leg is stiff. His hair around his eyes got brown from eye mucus. His new owner is a former barber who rescued this poor dog. The new owner decided to dye his hair black using dog safe dye and made him looks like a panda to hide his brown spot from eye mucus. Now, once ugly abandoned dog turned into a famous panda dog everyone notice. The current owner is using the public attention to tell his dog's sad story to prevent dog abuse.

    • Fort Woof 7 years ago

      Some people paint their dogs nail, give them lion cut, dress them up like a doll. I didn't think nothing worng with what the current owner did :)

    • Sam  7 years ago

      um... who cares if they dye the dogs??? there are plenty of dogs that work in hollywood and broadway that get dyed for their parts all the time. if youre allowed to shave your cat to look like a lion you should be able to dye your dog like a panda.

      theyre color blind anyway, they wouldnt notice if they were freaking neon green. who cares?

    • lbk 7 years ago

      to be honest with you, there is nothing wrong with this. these animals are bred to be domestic creatures, so they technically would not even need their natural color anyways. Anyways most "designer" dogs are bred to be so frail that if they were left out in the wild for a few days they would most likely die, because the natural and physical characteristics that they would need to survive in the wild have been bred out of them. compared to all the other things that could have been done to this dog, this is the least horrible

    • Rachel 7 years ago

      HOW INHUMANE!!!!!!!

    • Whitney Steinberg 7 years ago

      Of course....something like this is done in Asia.

    • Lace 7 years ago

      Wow - that's definitely crazy! Surprised it hasn't hit the US like a storm - just like everything else from Japan :D

    • nicole 7 years ago

      i'm thinking about the kool-aid idea for a friend's cat and it doesn't mind baths so i should be fine. I would like to do this to my dog, but she isn't white but if I ever get a white dog I'm totaly going to dye it with doggie-safe dye

    • Lexi 7 years ago

      I think everyone's made their point so can we stop arguing?

      Dude, I totally want one. :] but my dog's a blue healers, so she's black, white, gray, brown, ect. lol.

    • sgw555 7 years ago

      Everyone who's complaining about 'designer dogs' needs to do some research. Humans have been 'inventing' dogs for centuries - heck, German Shepherds didn't even exist until 100 years ago. WhatEVER. The people who are REALLY cruel are the ones who get dogs, then don't bother to walk them or pay attention to them or feed them food full of corn syrup and wonder why the poor things bark all the time and chew the furniture (I have a secondhand dog who was put out to pasture for so-called bad behaviour; it's amazing what some training and a 60-minute walk a day will do - now we take her everywhere and everyone loves her).


    • Ashley 7 years ago

      These dyes are completely safe for the dog, its not the same kind that your hairdresser uses on you. Its pure pigments that are non toxic and vegitable based. You could eat tubs of it and it won't do anything to you...well maybe turn your poo into a rainbow...but other then that its fine. As for how the dog dog rolls in the mudd, she trys to dive into the garbadge, she often rolls in the goose poo that is laid fresh in the yard at our condo each morning. She would be completely happy bathing in pond sludge. So why would she care to have her fur dyed? Well the truth is, she doesn't mind. I sometime dye the tip of her tail with non toxic vegitable based pure pigments, it washes out in no time and she comes running when i say tail time to her, she sits patiently while i apply the dye and stays sitting until im done blowdrying it into her fur. It lasts about 3 bath times and then we do a different color...usually i match it to the color that i dye my extensions. She gets tons and tons of attention which she loves. Now whats the harm here? I bet half of the people out there screaming abuse on this matter shampoo with hartz shampoos which are extremely bad for dogs, or maybe you feed your dog a commercial dog food and god knows what goes into those...should we scream abuse at you? Or maybe your one of the many pet owners that uses cheap flea and tick collars or topicals rather then the pricey safer(but not completely safe) topicals. half of these dogs that get dyed get better treatment then any dog i know and they use top of the line shampoos to keep their dogs health tip top since alot of the dogs that are dyed are show dogs. There are so many other inhumane things that are over looked from day to day that this i think is the least of our worrys. Sure maybe it looks strange and maybe it seems a little show offish or even selfish but at the end of the day your dog is happy just to be around people and having people giving them attention. Its just not something people are used to seeing so automatically its "not right" . please people lets be a little more open minded i think that there is much worse going on in this world

    • em 7 years ago

      Doggie safe hair dye is not cruel.....but the brown stains on around a dog's eyes is an infection caused by excessive tearing. Treat the eyes, then dye your puppy. My friend and I used Kool-Aid to dye her poodle worked great. Its cheap, safe, and fades or washes out quickly.

    • lovedogs 7 years ago

      omg to the person who thinks grooming a pet is cruel, i think you are cruel, because a dog is like a baby. They can't ask for a haircut but we know when they need one, they cant ask u to clip their nails but we do it for their own safety and they cant tell u to put clothes on them but i'm pretty sure they appreciate being clothed. They can't communicate with us but damn, it doesn't take a scientist to tell me what they need. You wouldn't go to a mother and tell her not to dye her kids hair, so who are to say anything about this man dying his dog.

    • PandaDog 7 years ago

      I think it looks cute!

      And for all you that think this is "cruel" or "disgusting" one really cares because YOU can't do anything about it.

    • URLoptional 7 years ago

      anyone who says this is cruel either cant read or is too lazy to (looks at Mandy). This dog was treated horribly by his previous owner because he was deemed 'ugly'. Kensuke took the poor dog in and masked his scars with DOGGY SAFE dye. Now Kensuke is using Columbos new found attention to raise awareness of mistreated animals. How is that cruel? Kensuke wasn't hurting any dogs, in fact he was HELPING dogs!

    • SamB 7 years ago

      First of all, for those of you saying that it's so great how the owner is promoting adoption, I invite you to look at this from another perspective. The promotion seems to be, "Go To a Shelter, and You Too Could Adopt a Cute Dog". Think about this for a sec. For those who decide to adopt BECAUSE they saw a nice looking dog, don't you think their focus will be to also find a nice-looking dog? I hate to say it, but too many people adopt (and that includes buying from a breeder) without considering whether their family, lifestyle, and financial situation is suitable for this particuar dog.

      THIS is the education that needs to be spread to potential dog owners (and current ones, too!). Not to tempt people to go check out their local shelter to go on a treasure hunt for the next cute dog...

      Is the swearing necessary? It's hard to get past it and read what you're trying to say!

      Here's a few new questions: Why do we think the dog looks cute? Because it looks like a panda. Why do we think a panda is cute? Because it looks like a baby it's whole life.

      Right? I mean, we LOVE baby things. I love baby things. Puppies, kittens, squishy little adorable faces and big eyes and cuteness.

      Here's where the problem comes in, and here's where I see the cruelty of admiring this dog's looks. Adopt a cute, baby animal and it's all wonderful and lovely. Until reality sets in and the animal stops being "cute" and starts being "real". Real poo, real barking, real scratching and biting. Dogs/cats have personalities and attitudes; they don't (and SHOULDN'T) remain dolls forever.

      When I watch The Dog Whisperer or all those other dog shows, the main theme seems to be (1) people treat their dog like a "baby" (dress it in clothes, talk to it like it knows english, put it in a purse, say "oh, no, let me save you" - which creates fear in most dogs), or (2) people ignore their dog's real needs (don't let it socialize, don't seek to learn what the dog's true nature is - hunting, tracking, running, pulling- and then they don't let the dog practice it's natural state of being).

      I mean, the chihuahua, the smallest dog, is becoming SO popular! When bred well, these dogs can be great! Unfortunately, there ARE unscrupulous breeders out there who don't care about the quality of the breed; rather, they prey on potential owner's "cuteness-radar" and breed and sell these poor puppies at astonishing rates!

      So maybe when people say that this is cruel, what they're talking about is the focus on the looks of the dog, rather than what's best for the dog. You all keep saying that you KNOW the dog is happy that it's getting so much human attention. Yes, that's better than if it were being ignored or abused, but why do we automatically assume that this dog WANTS to be around all of these humans? Have we all studied the dog's breeding to find out what it's natural instincts are? Plenty of dogs are happy being around their family, but they actually become annoyed with too much attention and stressed with the presence of strangers. An argument here should not be that the dog is necessarily happy to be surrounded by strangers.

      Okay, again with the education thing... people, DOGS ARE NOT COLOR BLIND! Geez. Go ahead and look it up. I'm not saying dogs notice what they look like. (Did you know that the dog in the petsmart commercial that looks at itself in a mirror is doing that ON COMMAND?). Dogs don't check themselves out like humans do. They notice themselves, but I've never met (and will never meet) a dog jealous of another's looks. The humans owners get a bit green with envy, tho!!!

      Oh, the reason dogs are not color blind? They see in two colors (blue & yellow). Humans see in three colors (red, green, blue). Think about that. They see with only 1/3 less color than we do. Now, they don't see color as vibrantly as we do. What we see as a bright yellow tennis ball, they see as pale yellow. But it IS yellow to them (of course, they don't have a word for yellow, but they could tell a yellow ball from a red one, since they wouldn't see a shade on the red one.

      But I digress.

    • krs1 7 years ago


    • SummerLove 7 years ago

      A dog's not a toy. People should like the dog for what it looks like naturally and not because someone dyed its fur. And these pets aren't "just dogs" you haters.

    • Alissa 7 years ago

      Haha All I know is that I love Pete ^

    • Beautysmoothie 7 years ago

      My god people are self-righteous.


      . Ergo all dogs have been designer dogs.

    • beautysmoothie 7 years ago

      That means that your dog is a product of Designer dog. your precious "buster" the perfect family dog,a labrador, is made from years and years of inbreed, cuz people did not know better back then, cuz back then a dog was still a dog.

    • thepetblog profile image

      thepetblog 7 years ago from La Porte

      I tend to think this is bull crap. I'm sorry to be rude and to the point but I have done a lot of research with this type of stuff.

      See my article on hybrids and dogs. I spent countless hours researching this and communicating with experts in this type of stuff. It all boils down to genetics.

      I truly feel the genetics of the two would not work out, sorry but that's the facts. Anyone that does a bit of research will see the genetic differences of these two animals will not allow a pregnancy.

      Sorry folks but this is simply not a true story.

    • The the truth teller:) 7 years ago

      Just like thepetblog says it's not a panda dog.I have done research on this and I have seen a dog that looks 100% the same in u.s.a. and I found out it is either some kind mix breed or a portuguese water dog.

    • tenshi 7 years ago

      I don't think it's such a bad idea. :) He rescued a dog and decided to use some HARMLESS doggy HAIR DYE. What's the big deal? The dog seems to love him a bunch and he's absolutely adorable.

    • Jasmine  7 years ago

      There so QUTE

    • Dye-ing to Meat You 7 years ago

      I like to dye my dogs wiener.

    • GT 7 years ago

      Good lord... Think about all the unwanted animals that are destroyed each year because they can't find homes, yet people come on here and piss and moan because someone gives a dog a dye job? Think some people need to get a clue.

    • Crazii Rabbit 7 years ago

      If this will make people adopt forgotten throw out dogs, why not? As long as the dog doesn't get hurt I'm sure it doesn't care what color it is. Actually, when you color it, it will get MORE attention and absolutely love it!

    • daniel rhodes 7 years ago

      they just paint the dogs totaly not real. I meen come on. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.....

    • spaceman 6 years ago

      LMAO.....I was looking at dog breeds and i some how came on this and i couldn't believe my eye i am a HUGE DOG LOVER AND PANDA BEARS and i thought how cool if this was part dog and panda but i read more and it wasn't but i still didn't care i still LOVE IT i dyed my dog i have now blue (i used manic panic safe on dogs) and i got a lot of rude looks and some would say to me why would you do that to your dog and i told them i paid for him he is mine and fuck off...i guess the point i'm trying to make is good for her to save this dog and add some color in his life and if is anything like my dog he loves to get pampered and have people make all over him he eats that up...well thank you for this pic and a wonderful story best of luck.

    • spaceman 6 years ago

      LMAO.....I was looking at dog breeds and i some how came on this and i couldn't believe my eye i am a HUGE DOG LOVER AND PANDA BEARS and i thought how cool if this was part dog and panda but i read more and it wasn't but i still didn't care i still LOVE IT i dyed my dog i have now blue (i used manic panic safe on dogs) and i got a lot of rude looks and some would say to me why would you do that to your dog and i told them i paid for him he is mine and fuck off...i guess the point i'm trying to make is good for her to save this dog and add some color in his life and if is anything like my dog he loves to get pampered and have people make all over him he eats that up...well thank you for this pic and a wonderful story best of luck.

    • Rylie  6 years ago

      wow. that is so cruel. i wish ppl would just stop animal cruelity. of corse its in japan and china, cuz their, they slaughter dogs!

    • Lilly 6 years ago

      this is crazy. and to really think i wanted to get a panda dog. and thinking they were actually real! :( just an upset.. just doggy hair dye! like WTF! lol.

    • girl 6 years ago

      some of you people are overreacting its not that big of a deal and do you know wat your debating about? your debating about using doggy hair dye lol wow am i the only person who finds this funny

    • Stella 6 years ago

      relax, IT'S a dog, my dogs and cats love any thing that gets them attention,

      They live to please humans and to get that praise. My dog will sit, dance, lay, speak, and roll over just to please me, getting their hair done can make alot of dogs feel special! Think of the extra attention this dog gets!

    • websclubs profile image

      websclubs 6 years ago

      WOW how did they do that?

      very interesting what will they do next?

      now that would be some pet to have running around the house.

      taking him for a walk would be eye opening conversation.

      this is a timeless hub thank you for doing this research.

      I sure enjoy looking at this one.

    • YamiPanda 6 years ago

      I don't think it's cruel I mean it's just dye and it's safe for dogs I mean I dye my hair all the time whats the diffrence...also If people are so upagainst sogs being treated as accessories then would you rather watch them die on the streets so just drop it it's not cruel no animal is dying....except their hair

    • YamiPanda 6 years ago

      (sorry bad spelling i meant dogs)

    • YamiPanda 6 years ago

      AHAH!!Chow Chows used to be bred for food in China,now they are bred to have as panda dogs, hasnt the world gotton so cruel?

    • PandaBear 6 years ago

      OMG! I Love Pandas! This is PERFECT seeing as how it's illegal to have a real panda! :-) Amazing idea! I so want one!

    • marty 6 years ago

      its real people have made it possible i heard it was in China

    • Paige 6 years ago

      I just want a king charles spaniel

    • Jaudue 6 years ago

      ok PEOPLE SAYING THIS IS CRUEL.. if u ACTUALLYY read the article, you would understand why he did this to the dog, and that it only lasts for about a month, and u can tell the dogs living a much happier life then he use to so im ok with!

    • Jamie Hoang 6 years ago

      where can i get one?

    • sarah 6 years ago

      its cruel even if it is asafe dye for dogs the dogs dont get to decide

    • jajsdfjkla 6 years ago

      I. Want. A. Panda. Dog.

    • Lola 6 years ago

      Actually, I was a little disappointed that this wasn't a real breed (Obviously not really a mix between a panda and a dog, of course, but selected breeding to get a dog to have such a patterned coat). BTW, all dogs breeds came to be by selective breeding to match their needs or coat colors. Try watching Dogs 101 on Animal Planet. Quite interesting.

      Really, it's not cruel to the dogs, everyone. I've dyed blue and purple spots on my cats before during Easter. They were quite cute and didn't care. They still got their special kitty food and my warm bed that night, and that's all they really care about.

      Really, it's a nice way to raise awareness on neglected and abused animals. However, as someone has already said, not all people are aware of what different breeds need (activity levels, attention, grooming, etc). If a person wants to adopt an animal, great, but please do your research first. :)

    • Tay 6 years ago

      This is an inhumane act, which should not be inflicted on a helpless animal. Rather it should be done to its owner instead.

    • lucy  6 years ago

      i agree with would the owner like it?

    • Sam 6 years ago

      You all need to stop transposing human emotions on to a dog. The argument that the dog has feelings and will be upset that it looks like a panda is completey irrelevant and ridiculous. The only possible distress it would be facing is having to go through the process of being all sheared and dyed and stuff and to be honest, I'm sure that's fairly minimal too.

      Then there's the idea that it's wrong because the dog didn't consent to it and make the active choice to look like a panda. Quite frankly, do you think that hundreds of years ago when dogs were wild creatres (an still are wild creatures by nature, I hasten to add) that they "chose" to be taken up by men and kept as domestic animals?? No, that was all human intervention. So, by the logic of many of you, keeing a dog as a pet in the first place should be viewed as being similary "cruel".

      That being said, I don't understand the want or need to make a dg look like a panda. . .But hey, if that's what people wanna do then - big deal?

    • lol 6 years ago

      Cruel? it is an animal, we are humans, some of us even eat dogs... Call it the food chain if you will, humans are on top of it!

    • lol 6 years ago

      Where in the article does it say this takes place in "cruel puppy mills?" We get bored with doing the same old fetch game. Why not mix things up a bit? As long as it doesnt do physical harm, I dont see anything wrong here.

    • ur mom 6 years ago

      Wow these r really cute ^_^ make sure Michael Vick doesn't get a hold of one

    • Raya 6 years ago

      Hm... I wonder if my mother will let me dye our Shih Tzu's brown fur black? :3 (He's already cute enough, though.)

      I found the article informative! And the dog is so cute! :D As an animal lover, I'm so glad this man took in a poor dog, helped him, and his trying to help others using the dog's story! :)

    • jetskier 6 years ago

      It is better than them eating the dog as some countries do.

    • Alida 6 years ago


      1. this dog is adorable. with or without panda dye.

      2. making your dog look like a panda is not cruel because: the dye is safe and non toxic, you are not actually crossbreeding, and the dog does not give a shit - dogs don't have vanity

      3. this dog's publicity promotes the adoption of 'rescue dogs' - dogs that have been abused and left to die. the panda coat helps promote this cause

      4. its true that dogs should not be treated as accessories, but this man and this video aren't promoting that. you can't control what other people will take away from media. people who are getting a dog as an accessory are just as likely to get a freaking chihuahua or something.

    • o u o 6 years ago

      I want one. ?

    • Sam 6 years ago

      To the above comment -

      What you said was a total contradiction. There was a time when dogs weren't bred at all, actually. They used to be wild animals. Humans took them in and made them domestic - no doubt at first as a "fashion accessory". Breeding dogs is as much a fashion statement as dying them to look like a panda.

      You coud argue that they weren't BORN to be fashion accessories but then again if you do that you would have to amdit that they weren't born to be domestic animals either.

      Basically - anyone arguing against this whole doggy dying craze (as pointless as it is) needs to get off their high horse :)

    • Pisha 6 years ago

      I have to think that the people calling this "cruel" haven't really thought through their position...

      I've spent a lot of time around dogs. Some dogs, like some humans, can be quite extraordinary - police dogs, for instance, or service dogs. They dedicate themselves to something that doesn't immediately benefit them in any way, something that by all rights they shouldn't be able to understand. Even regular dogs can have their moments of greatness - I've seen the dumbest mutts out there suddenly turn into Lassie when a poisonous snake enters their family's yard.

      But in general? Dogs are simple creatures with simple desires. Anything that increases playtime, petting time, or food is good. Anything that decreases the above is bad. Anything with no effect on the above is indifferent. In general, then, a dog having its fur dyed - to look like a panda or anything else - ranges between indifferent and good. At the absolute worst (assuming the owner is using a safe dye that won't harm them), the dog is not going to care one way or the other. At best, it gets them more positive attention, which most dogs enjoy. (Not all, but hopefully the owner of a shy or previously abused dog will know enough not to draw more attention from strangers to their pet. It doesn't make the dye job intrinsically cruel, it just means dog owners need to be sensitive enough to guess whether the extra attention will be welcome.)

      As for the dog not having a choice - know what else a dog doesn't have a choice about? The color collar it wears. The kind of food it eats. How often and where its owner walks it. Who its owner is. Where it lives. What kind of music and tv shows play in its home. Humans expect to have a choice over all these things (or the human equivalent of these things.) Dogs don't. So you can't judge something like this by saying "You wouldn't like it if someone dyed your hair without permission!" It's an irrelevant comparison. Sovereignty over the color of its fur is not something a dog expects to have. Therefore it's not going to be hurt or upset if the color is changed unexpectedly.

      In short? Dogs aren't people. It's great that you're so concerned about their feelings, but to actually understand what a dog feels about something you have to stop expecting them to act like humans.

    • 420bound 6 years ago

      not sure if this has been posted, but the pandog isnt colored Bears and dogs have a similar genetic makeup which allows the geneticist to extract the genes which provide the color of the panda and place it into a dog...simple as that and its mostly found in china.

    • Hannah 6 years ago

      Actualy... "doggy safe dye" contains cancerigenous chemicals and veterinary authorities in Beijing are outraged by all this...

      and 420bound, that is not the case of most "panda-dogs", there is a colouring craze in China to create panda dogs.

    • spongebrooke 6 years ago

      I think it's cruel to remove a dog's teeth to make its bites less damaging (and making it 'ok' for it to exhibit aggression) instead of actually addressing aggression issues.

    • spongebrooke 6 years ago

      My mistake, I misread the article. I thought SHE removed the teeth because he was aggressive. I'll go get some coffee now.

      I don't think dying is any more cruel than general grooming is. As long as the dog isn't stressed I don't see the harm in it.

    • yrtfvbnmi 6 years ago

      Its JUST a dog safe DYE! Dogs arent like people. They dont feel predjudce!

    • jelly belly 6 years ago

      I think its quit sad and they should be appreciated for how they look and they shouldn’t change that every dog has its own look and personality and changing it is like changing everything and why do people do that if they wanted a dog to look like a panda they should have found a breed that looks like a panda … a may be cute but its not them and I honestly think that a dog likes the way they look and wouldn’t want to be changed so if people want something to look like a panda they should have changed themselves than there dogs

    • azgr 6 years ago


    • not cruel 6 years ago

      Take in a dog from a shelter that otherwise would be killed. Think it would be cute to give the dog a completely safe hair dye. How is it cruel?

    • Genius 6 years ago

      Hmmm. A dog is naturally a pack animal that spends all of its time exploring, hunting, traveling, and playing with its family. You take its natural habitat and habits and stick it in a backyard (or let's say you're a "good" owner and you let it in the house), you've now for no reason other than your own pleasure, taken this creature and placed it into captivity (a.k.a. slavery). Oh, but it's not an accessory is it? You're not getting this dog because it's cute, because you want it, because you want to play with it like a child would a toy. You're "saving" it from itself. If you don't think the simple fact that you OWN a dog is cruel, you shouldn't be arguing that breeding, euthanizing, or dying its freaking hair is cruel! Do you think people are evil for having their own children? There are a LOT of orphan babies out there with no homes, but you aren't campaigning for people to stop breeding. Are you saying that dogs, animals capable of surviving on their own if you throw them outside with no provisions, are more important than human children? We should never buy a bred puppy but let all the foster kids rot. As for "if they wanted a dog to look like a panda they should have found a breed that looks like a panda"... how about because their ISN'T a dog that looks like a panda? So you've never cut your own hair? You've never worn makeup, shaved, or worn clothes? All of those things change how you look and how you're perceived by others. Should we all "appreciate" each other for how we are on the inside without making any changes? Because, quite frankly, I don't think I could handle seeing everyone naked and being forced to enjoy it because it's "who they are." Morons. Think through your arguments before you post them for the world to dissect.

    • cali  6 years ago

      they ARE really adorable.and my opinion is that if it doesn't hurt the dog,it really doesn't matter if dye it or not.but if the dye was permanent or it hurt the dog in any way,i'd be TOTALLY against it

    • Selphie 6 years ago

      The dog is cute.

      The dye is non-toxic and safe. Also temporary.

      The dye was used to cover up his tear stained fur(NOT FOR FASHION), the result of abuse from his previous owner.

      Dogs don't care what they look like, as long as they're happy.

      Columbo is clearly happy.

      It's a great story. (:

    • Ashamed 6 years ago

      Im ashamed and disgusted at myself for spending my tym reading your comments and in turn commenting bt iv spent time here i feel i owe it to myself to say something. All this nonsense over a dog that is halfway across the world. Probably thinking abt mating. Oh the dogs feelings. Boo hoo. When i was a kid my mum says cut your hair its cut. I had no feelings then? The next day id have long forgotten. All the dog thinks abt all day is food. Have u seen documentaries where cubs get killed n they just watch it happen? Thats nature. If this dog's feelings were hurt because of some stupid black die spots then dalmatians would be commiting suicide left right n centre. The dog doesn't care go spend ur sympathy on something that matters.

    • Samantha Quinones 6 years ago

      I think this pandadog is cute.

    • JeAnS:) 6 years ago

      it looks relly cute but even if it is "doggy safe" it could get in their eye and irritate it i would love for my dog to look like a panda except for that reason

    • Panda Dog 6 years ago

      Some sweet photos here. Great content too. It's a shame it's not really a dog, otherwise I'd get one for sure.

    • Rachel 6 years ago

      Do you think his collie is jealous?

    • Chase 6 years ago

      This is just something that occurred to me while I was reading is. For all those who say, "Thats so cruel, how could you do that to a dog?" first of all. The dog is NOT being harmed. Second of all, how do you know the dog doesn't think it has always looked like this? And second of all, how do you know the dog doesn't think it out of the ordinary. I mean, know dogs aren't dumb, but they aren't overly smart either. I'm pretty sure they can't have a train of thought and think, "oh, I look stupid." so honestly, I'm thinking that the dog either thinks it always has looked Ike this(assuming it even sees itself in a mirror) or they think it's completely natural(again, they might not even be aware they look Ike that)

    • Katt 6 years ago

      Im pretty sure the dog couldnt care less as long as it has a loving family and yum food :) although I cant stand genetic mutation and iinbreeding to get a certain look just leave them alone

    • chowchowlover 6 years ago

      omg so cute!!!!! i have a chow chow and i know she would be a cute panda!!!

    • pandaas 6 years ago

      I just read all the comments and I don't think this is cruel at all I would frecking love to be rescued from a horrible place and get my hair dyed :D and I'm a human! XD

    • emily 6 years ago

      they are cutie

    • megan  6 years ago

      their are cuite. iwant one like now

    • lilzz 6 years ago

      they are cuite and weird. :):):):):):):):)

    • chelsie 6 years ago

      They are so cutie and soft.If I had one a would sleep with it!!!!!!

    • cassie 6 years ago

      I want one very bad. They are sooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • kaklaye 6 years ago

      They're the funniest thing in the world but they are the cuite.Why would someone do such a thing like posting pictures that aren't even ture. That is very cruel.I would love to have one of my own.they look very soft and cudly, I would want to sleep with one of them one day. They are so weird.

    • cow 6 years ago

      I want 1.

    • awesomecourt 6 years ago

      it is a chow chow dog dyed!!!

    • Jeneve 6 years ago

      Wow Columbo looks amazing. guys stop complaining. The owner clearly loves Columbo and that's all that matters!

    • Emily 6 years ago

      Just because a dog is a dog and because it's your dog, doesn't mean you can do whatever you want with it. It may be a hair dye that doesn't hurt dogs, but some dogs may be allergic, and they CAN'T tell you if it's uncomfortable for them.

      So all in all, it's cute, not really cruel, but just stupid.

      Your dog is supposed to be your friend, companion.

      Not just some makeover doll.

    • anonymous 6 years ago

      ...its just a chow chow dog, right? not some special hybrid. thats the way i understood this. you could even just get a chow chow from a shelter.

      to get it these colors, you just use dog-safe hair dye. people dye their hair and live, so why can't you dye your dog's hair?

      i dont think this is cruel

    • starry nightss 6 years ago

      The doggy safe dye is actually manic panic. Its non toxic, it doesn't heat up, has no smell and doesn't hurt the eye(I've had it in my own eye). Its not truly a dye at all its just a vegetable based stain, and there are no carcinogens in it. The only cruel part is giving a dog an extra bath, but as any good responsible pet owner knows, you should be bathing/grooming your pet regularly.

    • Syraeth 6 years ago

      I think people misunderstand the cruelty that this kind of thing causes.

      No, the dog being dyed is not being harmed, nor is it cruel in my opinion, as long as the dog isn't mistreated, although I do think that it sends a very poor message about how to treat animals.

      The problem is that people often see animals that become popular for things like this and go out to get this as a pet for themselves without giving the proper thought about each animals temperament, exercise needs, potential growth size, possible medical needs, and other responsibilities of pet owners.

      Often times you will see huge spikes in what dogs are being over-bred and dumped in shelters depending on what is popular at the time. Animal related movies and stars are a huge influence and publicly adored animals are often sought after, then dumped, once the owner decides that they no longer like the animal, the animal doesn't meet their expectations, or they tire of the work or are overwhelmed by taking to care of the animals needs.

      I think it's great that he rescued this dog and is helping other pets by promoting adoptions of abandon animals. It is very important that people become more educated about animals and the care they need and deserve.

      We need to change how people see animals and make sure they are treated with the love and respect that they deserve. Animals are not lifeless toys, they are not devoid of emotion, and they are not here solely for your entertainment and to do as you please. They have free wills and personalities of their own, they are smart and capable of learning and understanding us, and they are full of an amazing amount of love, joy and loyalty.

    • Wawat 6 years ago

      to Mandy:

      Cruel? How can u say it's cruel..U're not hurting them.. It benefits them also. Like me, if I will have that kind of panda~chow i would LOVE him more than a regular chow.

      Besides, it's just a hair. Dogs are like babies, and children and we are their parents. We know what's good to them, if i see hair dyeing will harm them, then i would stop.

      Just like our parents, do you argue with your mom during your kindergarten days. Whenever she brings you to the barbershop and decides on her own what kind of haircut she would like?

      Just like peoples coloring their puppies, we know what's good and bad for them.. Color dyeing wont harm them. unless they eat it!!

    • Wawat 6 years ago

      to Mandy:

      Cruel? How can u say it's cruel..U're not hurting them.. It benefits them also. Like me, if I will have that kind of panda~chow i would LOVE him more than a regular chow.

      Besides, it's just a hair. Dogs are like babies, and children and we are their parents. We know what's good to them, if i see hair dyeing will harm them, then i would stop.

      Just like our parents, do you argue with your mom during your kindergarten days. Whenever she brings you to the barbershop and decides on her own what kind of haircut she would like?

      Just like peoples coloring their puppies, we know what's good and bad for them.. Color dyeing wont harm them. unless they eat it!!

      It's Fashion!

    • no name 6 years ago

      I don't think this dog is mad at his owner because he put hair dye on his fur. I'm pretty sure that the dog doesn't look in the mirror every day and get mad, that's absurd. This guy obviously loved and cared enough about this dog to take him in when the former owner did not want him. Look what happened, he turned the dog into a celebrity. That is why you get a dog, so you can do what YOU want with it. Obviously nothing cruel like abuse, dog fights etc. But honestly do you really think that the dog is mad or "Heartbroken"? Please don't feel like I am trying to be a jerk, I just want you to see my point of view. You can take it or leave it, it's fine with me :)Have a Blessed Day

    • ..... 6 years ago

      Why do people always have to take something so simple as this dog is friggin cute and turn it into an argument over animal cruelty or not. Let me hear one of you not say something negative about how you look. You should complain about how you look if a dog doesn't care how it looks. Just be loving and not judgemental. It is the civil thing to do.

    • Screwmommy 5 years ago

      You're all retards

    • Grace. 5 years ago


      "(Columbo)is also now the poster dog and mascot in a campaign to save the abandoned and abused dogs of Tokoyo. Kensuke only hopes that this will help teach others how to be responsible and love their pets."

      "Using completely safe (non-toxic) black hair color for dogs, Kensuke dyed parts of Columbo's dingy white fur in the striking pattern of the panda"

      obviously its for a good cause and not hurting anything or anyone.

    • Eve Munroe 5 years ago

      I want 1 now. they r so cute. where can i get 1. I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ryan.h 5 years ago

      culte ugly

    • charbear 5 years ago

      LOL - to the people who keep referencing dogs being eaten in China... first of all its only certain regions. SECONDLY, it's only certain breeds... just like we only use certain breeds of chickens for eating (some lay eggs, and some are for pets)

      Shoot... in Guatemala those cute little Guinea pigs you see @ your local pet shop - they're bred for eating there. just because a food is uncommon to you doesn't mean that it's disgusting. I personally don't eat dog...

      but my point is the FEW regions of China that do eat dog only eat very.specific dogs that are specifically bred as food... like our chickens or cows. It's not like a Chinese person sees some random dog and says "hmmm, I'm having bbq dog tonight"

      how ignorant and racist can you get!!!!

      Also - to the person who said chow chow were bred in china for food... you so do not know what you're talking about! Chow chows were bred for the purpose of gaurding a young child out in a field as a parent worked said field. This is because Chow's typically favor one person over all others and are known to be one family dogs. So said child could safely be reared with the dog as the guardian, and typically only the children's parents were allowed close by the Chow. when chows are put into a community setting that community is allowed access to the children, but if a child is fearful in.anyway the chow will attack the threatener to protect child/children.

      Chow's are very smart, loyal, and protective dogs... i have owned 3 in my lifetime... that's as to why i know the original purposed breeding - i actually had the audacity to RESEARCH rather than make assumptions that made me look like a racist know-it-all.

    • cherry07 5 years ago

      I find that they removed some of columbos teeth much more disturbing than the fact they died his hair.

    • lala 5 years ago

      AWWWWWW!!! how cute!!>.< i want one!! lol

      if the prouduct their using is safe who the hell cares

    • Love 5 years ago

      PPL complain about everything just for attention! Its doggy safe dye and it looks much better than a beat up dog (READ THE ARTICLE before you judge and if you didn't read all way through then that speaks for itself)

      The dog doesn't notice if its not harmful AND its getting ppl to love it more and give it affection that it well deserves after being abused! I didn't think it was so great of an idea till I read why they did it. I mean if you saw a sick person you'd hesitate to go near them..its mean but true about this world. Plus the dog looked super happy with ken!! Im sooooo glad he found a great owener to love him like he deserves!!!!and he looks effin adorable!! Its NOT accessorizing him its not like hes changing him into an earring or something cruel as heck like putting him in a purse ...ffs look how happy he was.

    • brianne 5 years ago

      awe so cute

    • Animal lover 5 years ago

      People are stupid if the dog isn't uncomfortable our stressed and the stuff is made with vegetable oil where is it ok for you to complain about the dog our for the dog. Hes cute and looks so happy leave it be

    • hannah 5 years ago

      okay to all who are bitchin about how cruel this is thnk about this he is doing waaaaaaaay better than he was with the previous owner who fuckin abandoned him so you guys really need to just get over your pity party for one and enjoy the dogs new happier life like im sure he is...k bye :)

    • alecia 5 years ago

      i wish i had a panda dog lol id be the coolest chicka on the block

    • yo mama 5 years ago

      it's so cute

    • girl 5 years ago

      it's so so so cute

    • panda do girl 5 years ago

      oh i wish that i could have one!

    • catherine 5 years ago

      oh my god SO cute

    • littlewitch 5 years ago

      They removed his teeth because he bites? What if I glued your mouth shut because you talked too much?

    • Diamondbuck 5 years ago

      I am a dog groomer, and this is called creative grooming. It is safe, and causes the dog less discomfort than a standard haircut. The only problem is that because it is non chemical dye the dog will sometimes turn out purple. Many grooming salons offer dog dyes. The people who say this is cruel have absolutely no idea what they are talking about. But this article is wrong about one thing, the dye IS permanent and will last until the hair sheds out or is cut.

    • Maggie Jo 5 years ago

      I thought it was real haha kinda sad its not they were the cutest things. I have a chow ive had two one i grew up with he was my best friend. Sadly my chow is black so ill never have the joy of trying this haha unless i wanna hold my dog down for six hours and paint him wight. Haha but yeah maybe not the nicest thing to do all the time but once in a while forsure! Its adorable and harmless. But good luck getting your doggy to hold still and be patient for you haha

    • Roseanne 4 years ago

      What is the big deal? It's just non toxic dye which isn't permanent. It's just like dressing your dog up with those doggy clothes. And of course they can't tell us what they like or don't like. They can't talk. As long as you love them, feed them, give them shelter, and play with them then there shouldn't be anything wrong with dying their hair color with something that ISN'T PERMANENT. Why is people making such a big deal? And they make the dog look even cuter!

    • piffiii 4 years ago

      yeah protect the pandas!

    • squirel 4 years ago

      i think their so cute

    • Dewee 3 4 years ago

      Their so cute and puffy

    • AVS student 4 years ago

      dogs are colorblind, so they really don't care as long as they don't mind being bathed

    • Wolfie 4 years ago

      To those who say this is cruel: Honestly, dogs never asked to be domesticated either. How do you know they don't think that's cruel? How do you know they like being on a leash? Or told to stop doing something they want to do? Maybe the dog thinks its cruel because you won't let it pee on your carpet? Just think about that one for a second...

    • Jinny 4 years ago

      This is a heart warming story. I really think that the whole spray paint panda bear idea is cool.

    • jamie 4 years ago

      it is not cute... IT IS CRAPPING ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 MY FRIEND WILL DIE TO HAVE ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!or just to see one.

    • GoVegan 4 years ago

      Agreed with SamB.

    • Nia 4 years ago

      Oh yeah, it's sooo cruel....


    • Patricia 4 years ago

      There is NO black dye that is safe to place around an animals eyes or ears. So it is cruel placing these animals in danger from carcinogens. Do people read anymore?

    • chassity 4 years ago

      they are cute i love dogs

    • Brittany 4 years ago

      HAHAHAHAHAHALOL, wow, this must be a senitive subject...let's get judge judy on this! i love pandas, everything about me is panda! love them, and i'm going to do this tomy dog, so yeah!

    • Michelle 4 years ago

      some of you people really should read. It says its doggie dye and its safe. What's so cruel about that? She adopted a dog that was going to be put down and gave it a makeover. To me, she seems to really care and some of you are just ignorant.

    • mel 4 years ago

      it is NOT cruel at all if it's doggy safe then what is the problem? Do no argue that the dog isn't able to tell us what he wants, because I'm sure dogs would LOVE to tell us that they want to defecate in the middle of the living room and eat ANYTHING that smells good to them OR is available when we aren't around, they probably will tell us to throw the leash and collar in the garbage and if it was up to any dog in the world VETS would have no open businesses.. I think that what this person did was brilliant, I'm so happy he rescued a pet and found a creative way to get rid of his fur stains, and MADE SURE THAT THE CHEMICALS IN THE DYE WOULD NOT HARM HIS PET. If he takes care of his dog, and loves it, and gives it attention, what more could you ask for?

    • john 4 years ago

      I can't believe I just read ALL the comments, that is reason enough to post.. I think. What could I have done better with that time? Ill never get it back. damn.

    • Justine 3 years ago

      ^ I just read through all the comments too, and I'm feeling exactly the same way.

    • poopoo 3 years ago

      love it! want 1 lllllllllllllllllooooooooollllllzzzzzzzzzz

    • lily 3 years ago


    • i am panda 2 years ago


    • listen 2 years ago

      First of all. The people that think this is cruel are unaware of the meaning of the word. You are so used to the word cruel in the stories of dogfighting and the like. Now after you have read the definition im just assuming as I would do the same to make sure this is not causing pain to my animal. And on top of that does anyone that is against this have a dog? And if so is their a collar on him/her? Surely your pet loves that thing hanging around its neck for ever. Also is your pet chipped? If so did you not just put it through a surgery and pain for your own selfishness???. Now I love all animals, however if I see a stray I let it be. And if im confronted about it as to why I didn't take it in and give it shelter ( oh my god you're so mean and cruel) my response to that is always "what did these animals do before their were houses?" Surely they are doing something right because their not extinct... good day.

    • hlhay 2 years ago

      I wish the dogs were born looking like a panda. SO CUTE!!!

    • Hishay 2 years ago

      So cute I won't one

    • shelby 2 years ago

      i like your dog

    • Jesper 2 years ago


    • annaweirdo 2 years ago

      I don't think its right!!! Animals have feelings too. think about when u take ur dog to the groomer they get scared! I don't agree with this.

    • Karin Johansson 8 months ago

      Now we know more. This trend is going over in China. And then they kill the dogs. No dog colour are harmless so when it has had this black in the fur, refreshed every six weeks it can't be like a usual dog again. So then the owners don't have same use for it! And they kill them! Don't use dogs as accessoar. And dogs have more feelings than humans.

    • Cadence 2 months ago

      I think it's sweet that this man took a old abondoned dog deemed ugly and cared for it and I don't find that theirs anything wrong with dying the dog as long as it's not harmful, I mean if your not hurting the dog their shouldn't be anything wrong with it.

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