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How to Choose a Pug Puppy: Male vs. Female Differences


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Male vs. Female Pug Pups

You did your research and found a reputable pug breeder to purchase your pug pup from. Now, it’s time to make a choice on whether to choose a female or male pug. These adorable little pug puppies have their own unique personalities regardless of gender. However, male versus female attributes can be slightly different.

Characteristics of Male Pugs

  • More laid back: The male pug tends to be more laid back. This little guy has a go-with-the-flow attitude. Whether your activity is low key, like sitting on the porch, milling around the garden, watching the tube—or higher key, like taking a brisk walk, surfing the big waves, or even sky diving—this little snuffly bundle of pure pug cuteness will joyfully wag his curly little tail and be content to either sit on your lap snoring away when you’re in a stationary position or will happily take a casual stroll through the park with you.
  • More affectionate: Male pugs lean towards being more affectionate than the female pugs. They’ll climb up on to your lap, put their little paws up on your chest, look at you with their squished up faces and bulgy eyes and lap up a few doggy kisses all over your face with their wet little tongues.
  • Obedience training may be more challenging. Their attention span seems to be shorter than the females and will quickly lose interest and rather go find something else to entertain himself with that doesn’t include the words “sit” and “stay" or even “that’s a good boy." The trick to getting this compact little bundle of energy to learn commands is enticing him with yummy doggy treats and keeping it short, simple and most importantly, fun.

Note About Neutering

If you don’t plan on breeding or entering your purebred pug in shows, you should consider neutering or spaying your canine friend. Neutering the male pug is less expensive than spaying the female and their incision heals a little faster because it’s less abrasive.

A male pug that is not neutered is usually more aggressive and will have more of an impulse to lift his leg and pee on objects in the house to mark his territory. You probably can count on that when you have company over, your unneutered male pug will probably cause a little embarrassment by humping your leg or better yet, take a liking to your company’s leg instead.

Characteristics of Female Pugs

Now let’s look at the female pug’s personality traits.

  • Big attitude: This little diva of the pug world has a big attitude in a compact little stocky body. She prefers to rule the roost and if you don’t enforce your doggy rules right away and show her who’s the boss, this feisty little princess will have you wrapped around her little paw in no time.
  • Protective of you: Since the female pug believes that you are living in her doggy queendom she will most likely feel she must protect her territory, which includes her humans, and ward off anyone that may come on to her domain by barking fiercely. Although the female pug is fiercer, more independent and more stubborn than her male counterpart, don’t let these little traits fool you. This little girl can suddenly go from standoffish to loving and sweet within a matter of minutes.
  • Very affectionate: Regardless of the female pug's mood swings she will be smothering you with lots of love and affection on her own terms. When she feels that you are deserving of a little puppy love, she’ll come climbing upon your lap and smother you with puppy kisses and signature snorkels that only pugs can do so well.
  • Easier to train: The female pug gets the reputation for being more obedient and easier to train. All pugs, however, have a stubborn streak but with a little persistence and patience you will have her following your commands and showing off how well she behaves in no time. Use the trick I stated above with the male, make it fun. Keep the lessons short but consistent and reward her with treats and praise.

Note About Spaying

As stated earlier, if you do not plan on breeding or showing off your pug in competitions, you should consider spaying your female pug. If you don’t spay a female she will go through a seasonal heat every six months and can last up to three weeks. During this cycle there would most likely be a bloody discharge that will become messy if not contained by using special pants designed for female dogs during their heat cycle. Spaying your female pug will keep her from wandering off looking for a male canine to mate with. Spaying your female pug is a sure way to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

Differences Between Male and Female Pugs

Okay, so now we have a little bit more information on the difference between the male pugs versus the female pugs. Males seem to be a little more laid back, adaptable to whatever your lifestyle may be, a go-with-the-flow type dog. On the other hand, the female pug seems to be a little more dominant, the protector of her domain. A female pug marches to her own tune and is a little smarter when it comes to training. Spaying a female pug is more costly and more abrasive than neutering a male. They both have their own way of showing aggression if not neutered. Male pugs can be a little more affectionate and eager to please. Female pugs prefer to hold back on their affections until they think you’re ready to receive it.

In the end, the decision is up to you. In one corner you have your male pug puppy and the other corner you have your female pug puppy. The way I see it, either gender is a winner. Male or female you will be sure to get a devoted, bright, intelligent, playful pug puppy that will be a wonderful addition to your family.


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