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What To Expect When Bringing Home a New Puppy

You excitedly bring home a new puppy, sometimes as young as six weeks. This is a new adventure for both you and the puppy. What you can expect and how best to deal with the new challenges facing you and your new family member will be provided in this article.


Pros and Cons of Slip Leads for Dogs

Slip leads for dogs aren't a very popular option among dog owners, but shelters and rescues tend to rely on them because they offer some advantages for particular situations. Before investing in a slip lead, it's important knowing the pros and cons of them.


What Leash to Buy (Pros and Cons of Different Dog Leashes)

From materials to types and use cases, this guide will break down everything you need to know about dog leashes.


Help, My Puppy Is Pooping in the Crate!

When a puppy is pooping in the crate, owners are often desperate to find a solution. A lot of cleaning will be involved, and there are also risks of the puppy regressing in his potty training progress.


Why Does My Dog Not Respond to His Name?

Dealing with a dog who doesn't respond to his name can make you feel unworthy and unimportant, especially when you are ignored by a dog you have cared about and loved. Don't take it personally though; there are many reasons why dogs don't respond to their name.


How to Train Your Dog to Hike/Walk Off-Leash

If you want a safe, leash-free hike with your dog, here are ways to train your dog to go off-leash on the trail and in the outdoors.


How to Stop an Off-Leash Dog From Approaching Your Dog

To stop an off-leash dog from approaching your dog, you will need to utilize some astute strategies to deflect a possible threat. Sometimes, all it takes is outsmarting the approaching dog, but in order to succeed, you often need to intervene quickly.


How to Train Your Small Dog With Treats Without Spoiling Their Appetite

Many owners of small dogs struggle to train with treats because their small dogs get easily filled up. On top of this, some small dogs may start refusing their normal meals because their appetites are spoiled. Here are some strategies to train small dogs without overfilling them.


7 Tips on How to Walk Two Dogs Together

Walking two dogs together at once may seem like an easy task, but there is more than meets the eye. Putting two dogs together often means that they will both feed off each others' emotions, leading to pulling that can easily get out of control.


Help, My Puppy Can't Hold Their Bladder Overnight!

A puppy who can't hold his bladder overnight is something that requires some troubleshooting. Most young puppies cannot hold their pee overnight, but as they mature, they should start to attain better bladder control. Here are some reasons why and what you can do about it.


The Problems With Training Your Dog to Ask to Go Out

Many dog owners are eager to train their dogs to ask to go out to go potty, but this behavior can get out of hand and sometimes backfires. Dog owners are often stuck with dogs who are always by the door because they want to go out to sniff and explore more than a true need to go potty.


How to Introduce a Dog to Your Rabbit

To introduce a dog to your rabbit or vice-versa, safety needs to be your top priority. Not all dogs are created equally, and whether a successful introduction is possible depends on a variety of factors such as your dog's breed and his level of training and responsiveness to you.


Teaching Puppies to Tolerate Touch: 9 Body-Handling Exercises

Did you know that puppies require training to create positive associations with a human touch? Here are nine body-handling exercises you can use on them so they can get used to being handled by the vet or for grooming purposes.


How Can I Keep My Dog Outside Without a Fence?

Many dog owners wonder whether it's possible to keep a dog outside without a fence. The fact is that keeping a dog free to romp comes with many potential dangers. In some places, it's even illegal. Learn what options you have to keep your dog contained.


Guide to German Shepherd Service Dogs

German Shepherds make for excellent service dogs. They have mental and physical abilities to help people with all kinds of tasks and provide emotional support.


10 Impulse Control Games for Dogs

Impulse control games should be fun and pressure-free activities for dogs and their owners. A gradual, lighthearted approach is important to ensure your dog doesn't get frustrated in the process and that you don't feel pressured in attaining quick results.


Australian Cattle Dog: Tips, Tricks and Training Advice for Raising Your Crazy Heeler Into a Good Boy

I wrote an article about my ACD about six years ago. Since that article, I have received countless emails, questions and requests for updates over the years. So I wanted to answer some of those publicly and also give an update on Yusuke. (Original article linked at the bottom of the page).


How to Pick up and Hold a Small Dog or Puppy Correctly

Knowing how to pick up a small dog or puppy correctly is important considering that you may need to reach down for your companion on several occasions. Make sure to keep the process fun and rewarding and involve your dog in the learning process too!


Why Are Small Dogs Harder to Potty Train?

Are small dogs really harder to potty train or is it just a matter of training them the right way? Is a smaller bladder really the main reason why smaller dogs seem to have accidents in the home more often? Let's take a closer look at whether small dogs are really harder to potty train.


Indoor Activities for Your Dog

Dogs like to get in trouble when they're stuck indoors. Here are some ways to keep your home (and your sanity) intact on those rainy days.


How to Train a Dog to Bark on Command or "Speak"

Learning how to train a dog to bark on command can come in handy. It's a cute trick that will impress family and friends and can serve as a starting point to better control your dog's barking.


The Best Training Method for Dogs According to Research

Learn about all the different methods for training dogs and how they compare. A recent study has finally confirmed the best training methods for dogs. Interestingly, these methods prioritize welfare above all else.


Tips for Training a Herd Dog

Learn how positive reinforcement, repetition, commands, and other skills can help you train your dog to herd.


How to Train a Dog That Is Not Food Motivated

Training a dog that is not food motivated can be a challenge for many dog owners. A vet visit is always in order if your dog has little interest in food, but some dogs are simply picky. Take the time to find the right treats or try a new training technique if your dog is not motivated by food.


Dog Won’t Come When Called? Teach This One Effective Trick

Noticing that your dog doesn't come to you when called? Learn more about the best way to get your dog to immediately come when called. It's always worked for me!


Will Dog Pee Kill Grass and Plants?

Yes. It is entirely possible that your brown-spotted lawn is caused by your dog’s urine. As for the why, that will take a bit longer to explain. Let's discuss why dog pee is lethal for most plants and what you can do to stop, treat, and prevent damage from happening.


German Shepherd Schutzhund Training Benefits

"Schutzhund" is a very intensive form of dog training that many people associate with police dogs. However, it’s not just police dogs that can benefit from this training practice. Anyone who owns a German Shepherd could experience immense benefits by having their dog learn these skills.


How to Train a Deaf Dog Recall or to Come When Called

Did you know that it's possible to train a deaf dog to come when called? Learn about effective methods and strategies to train a deaf dog "recall" along with important management solutions to protect your deaf dog from any lurking dangers.


Clicker Training for German Shepherd Dogs

Do you want to obedience train your German Shepherd? Have you tried clicker training dogs? Let's have a look at this effective and dog-friendly practice.


How to Start German Shepherd Obedience Training

German Shepherds are very active and bright dogs. They need a handler that likes to train and play with them. Let's look at obedience training for German Shepherd dogs.


What Are Service Dogs? Breeds and Duties of These Fantastic Dogs

Services dogs have different types of training depending on the needs of an individual. There are dogs that can detect cancer due to their sense of smell, dogs for veterans that have PTSD or traumatic injuries (through non-profit agencies), and dogs that are used by the police and in the military.


How to Potty Train a Beagle Puppy

Many dog owners wonder how to potty train Beagle puppies, considering these dogs have a reputation for being difficult to potty train. By better understanding Beagle puppies, it is possible to overcome several potty training difficulties and help these pups succeed.


How to Organize a Puppy Socialization Party

If you got a new puppy, then time is ticking on the puppy socialization clock. Make sure you do not miss out during this critical window of opportunity. Learn how to organize and host a puppy party.


How to Teach a German Shepherd Not to Bark

Does your dog bark a lot or at inappropriate times? Let's look at the causes of barking. German Shepherds are protective, but sometimes too much is too much.


How to Housebreak a German Shepherd Puppy

Nothing can be as frustrating as coming home and having to clean the floors. You'll want your German Shepherd to be housebroken ASAP. Here we provide an easy and peaceful guide to crate training your German Shepherd, and other housebreaking tips.


How to Train a Dog to Use a Ramp

A time may come when you may need to train your dog to use a ramp. Whether it's to get your old dog to climb up into a car or an SUV, training them to use a ramp will require that you take baby steps and use lots of positive reinforcement.


How to Potty Train Your Puppy if You Work All Day

Learning how to potty train your puppy if you work all day requires knowing how long puppies can hold it. If you won't be able to take your puppy out as often as needed, potty training may also take a little bit longer. There are different options for busy pup owners.


How to Train Your Dog to Wear a Muzzle

Training your dog to wear a muzzle is important no matter how friendly and nice they are. Any dog that is painful or nervous can bite. Dogs can also be anxious at the vet's office due to scary procedures and the presence of other fearful dogs. Here's a guide to positive muzzle training for dogs.


Breed-Specific Dog Training for Malamutes

All dogs need training, but it is especially important to train any dog with its particular breed in mind. Every dog breed has strengths and weaknesses when it comes to training. This article focuses on the art of training an Alaskan Malamute or other Northern breeds.


Paper Training Your Puppy to Pee on Newspaper

There are some pros and cons to paper training your puppy to pee on newspaper. It's important to evaluate them to determine whether paper training is the right method for you.


How to Train a German Shepherd to Stay

Teaching a German Shepherd to "stay" can be very handy. Many dogs find staying where they are more difficult than following commands like "sit" or "lie down."


How to Train a German Shepherd to Sit

Teaching a German Shepherd to sit is very important. Often, you'll want a well-behaved dog when going outside, but you'll also want an obedient dog in your home that enjoys training with you.


Dog Facts: The Amazing Powers of Working Dogs

This article explains the history and biology of working dogs. I'll show why they have the remarkable strength and stamina which have made them so important to humans over the millennia.


Help! My Dog Only Listens to Me When I Have Treats

Does your dog only listen whenever you have treats? No worries, there are several solutions to prevent your dog from developing an over-dependence on treats.


How to Become a Dog Trainer: From Certification to Apprenticeship

Have you always wanted to train dogs? Becoming a dog trainer is very exciting and fun for those who absolutely adore dogs. Here are a number of steps to take to transform the skill of training from just a pastime with your own canine to a full-time occupation.


How to Get Your Puppy to Stop Biting

Puppy won't stop biting? Puppy dog training is the perfect time to start the process of teaching bite inhibition. As with any other behavior problem, prevention is key. Here is how to get a puppy dog to stop biting. It's easy!


How to Train a German Shepherd to Lie Down

Teaching your dog the basic commands such as "lie down" is an excellent way to train appropriate behavior and encourage bonding. Find out what steps to take to train your German Shepherd to lie down on command.


Mastering Dog Training Hand Signals

Combining dog training hand signals with normal training can emphasize commands and make your dog more compliant. Instead of relying on verbal commands, which can fluctuate in tone, hand signals show a more rigid request. This article covers what you need to learn about hand signal training.


Freedom Through Off-Leash Dog Training

Off-leash dog training will give you (and your dog) the right to fully enjoy the benefits of freedom. Just make sure you understand the basics before you start.


How to Stop Dog Aggression With Training

The human-animal bond can easily be damaged by the onset of dog aggression. Here are several techniques to help resolve this problem.