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What You Should Know About English, Victorian, and Olde Tyme Bulldogs

Abigail adopted her mixed bulldog, Melman, thinking he was a Victorian bulldog. Since then, she has become passionate about these breeds.

All about the history of Old Tyme Bulldogs, Victorian Bulldogs, and English Bulldogs

All about the history of Old Tyme Bulldogs, Victorian Bulldogs, and English Bulldogs

The History of Bulldogs

Okay, so you’ve heard of English Bulldogs before, and you’re pretty sure they all have flat, wrinkly noses and that they snore worse than your father does. You’re even pretty sure that there are a number of different types of bulldog breeds, but what more is there to know? Well, that plump, wrinkly little canine that spends his time passing gas on your couch was a lot different two centuries ago. In fact, that little guy used to bait for bulls and bears. No, seriously!

Years and years of over breeding and inbreeding are to blame for the poor physical structure and health of the American Kennel Club recognized English Bulldog that most of us are familiar with. As a result of their large chest and small hind end, bitches can’t even give birth to their own puppies, but instead endure cesarean sections at the end of their gestation (now you know why English Bulldog puppies are so expensive)!

Fortunately, we live in a world full of helpful, inventive creators that are dedicated to a better quality of life for our four-legged friends. Steve Barnett and Ken Mollett are two breeders that have played an incredibly important role in the genetic makeup of our world’s bulldogs.

Steve Barnett's Dorset Olde Tyme Bulldogs

In the 1980s, Steve Barnett began his breeding program in the British Isles, breeding the strongest, healthiest bulldogs with a solid bone structure and a bounty of energy. Today, these bulldogs are known as Olde Tyme Bulldogs, and although they are not recognized by the American Kennel Club, Barnett received an achievement award from the National Kennel Club for his unparalleled accomplishments. Breeders of Barnett’s bulldog lines can be found worldwide, even in North America.

Boatswain owned by Ken Mollett. Photo Courtesy of The Victorian Bulldog Society.

Boatswain owned by Ken Mollett. Photo Courtesy of The Victorian Bulldog Society.

Ken Mollett's Victorian Bulldogs

Likewise, Ken Mollett set out to create a bulldog in the 1980s, much the same as Barnett’s dogs, even using some of Barnett’s bloodlines registered with the Kennel Club of Great Britain in his own breeding program in the United Kingdom. He has worked hard for over 20 years to study the making of bulldogs during the Victorian Era and recreate those features in his dogs today.

As a result, Mollett’s bulldogs are known as Victorian Bulldogs, a society all its own, and although gaining an incredible reputation, are not currently being bred in North America. All of this is very interesting, but I’m sure you’re probably wondering what the real difference is.

What's the Difference Between the Two?

It’s hard to mistake an English Bulldog. As I mentioned before, they have short, stubby legs, a difficult time breathing, and tire in a matter of seconds. However, the Olde Tyme and Victorian Bulldogs must meet a very specific set of standards.

Ranging from 55 to 75 pounds, and up to 20 inches tall, these bulldogs have long legs, a muscular body, straight feet, and generally a stubbed tail. They still have their wrinkles, too, just not so many because these bulldogs have longer noses with clear, unobstructed nostrils, allowing them to breathe clearly, unlike their English cousins. Don’t worry; despite their differences, Olde Tyme and Victorian Bulldogs still retain the loving bulldog characteristics and make wonderful family pets.

My bulldog, Melman.

My bulldog, Melman.

Bulldogs Are Often the Subject of Breeding Scams

Be aware of breeding scams associated with these breeds. Especially in the United States, people are breeding certain dogs and calling the puppies Victorian Bulldogs, but keep in mind that Victorian Bulldogs are only available in the United Kingdom!

Olde Tyme Bulldogs are available in the States. If you are not confident that the breeder is being honest with you, then it is likely that they are not selling a true bloodline. Always get references and referrals when looking for a new four-legged family member.

I am familiar with these scams because that is how I got my bulldog. Long before I had any idea what Olde Tyme or Victorian Bulldogs were, I was told I was buying a Victorian Bulldog puppy. Once I brought him home, I did some research and discovered that despite the fact that my puppy looked like a Victorian Bulldog, he was likely just the result of a breeding between an English and an American Bulldog.

Nonetheless, I became thrilled by the work of Ken Mollett and Steve Barnett and decided that I wanted to learn everything that I possibly could about these dogs. I even went as far as creating a Facebook group dedicated to breeders and owners of these lines, and I discovered a very close-knit, helpful group of dog owners that all want to share these great dogs with the world.


Gemmamarie123 on February 04, 2019:

Hey guys can anyone tell me the difference between an old Tyme and an old English bulldog ?

Dean on March 10, 2018:

When you breed a old tyme bull dog with a British bull dog do you get any papers to say the pups are pedigree dogs

Dean Lamkin on March 10, 2018:

When you cross a British bull dog with a old tyme bull dog do you get any paper work as a full pedigree

Brenda Kraft on January 18, 2018:

I'm so sorry to hear of your loss, its never easy when we lose a member of our family. Remember the good times, they will stay with you forever. on January 17, 2018:

Just last week the best wee dog that I've ever had the pleasure to live with passed away and my heart was broke right there, so I fully understand you when you talk about how loving these wee dogs are, mine was a Victorian brindle called Ozzy who passed away suddenly last week leaving a massive big hole that will be hard to fill and I thank the likes of Ken Mollet for putting such a beautiful breed together, all the best, Alexander Forsyth.

Brenda Kraft on September 24, 2017:

Are you in the states or the UK? It will make a difference what country you're in and the breeder you choose.

Angmar on September 23, 2017:

What is the price of a Victorian bulldog?

neil gerrard from Wigan UK on December 01, 2016:

Hi sarah

If you are in the UK i use E&L pet insurance they are a lot cheaper than rest.Most insurance companies put the price up when you mention bulldog.I have been unfortunate enough to have used them twice this year for crucial ligament surgery at a cost of £2800 per leg.They have paid out with no problems a little slow may be.I rang them yesterday as my otb leg has gone again (the pins in his leg have snapped)They said just goto the vets and they will pay.

sarah bister on November 29, 2016:

hi - im getting a OTB and wondered if anyone could recommend any pet insurance. Also what do you put if the breeds not listed, crossbreed or mixed ?



carla on September 24, 2016:

thank you. I have tried all the tricks in the book to show I'm higher then her but she is getting worse. not sure if its because she was hand reared. I adore her and this is so hard but I cant cope with her anymore. :-(

Yoodhorite on September 14, 2016:

I have a Alestone old tyme bulldog he's 6months old and so good with my 7month baby and so protective over us :')

Brenda Kraft on September 09, 2016:

Carla if you want to to keep the dog you can learn to handle her correctly by finding a trainer who can teach you to be her pack leader instead of her trying to be yours. She sees you as weaker so she is trying to dominate you. Is the dog allowed on the furniture or bed? If so get her off. Higher positions are seen as dominate to dogs with control issues. Also she needs professional obedience training, and you should be the one to take her so she learns you are higher in the pack than she is. Dogs have a hierarchy in their packs and you need to be above her in that pack. If she's learned you are afraid of her them she will continue to take advantage of that. God luck in whatever decision you make.

neil gerrard from Wigan UK on September 09, 2016:

Carla i am sorry to hear about your dog,but there is a place near liverpool that specialises in rehoming bull breeds.They are very good they don’t put any well animals to sleep.They have a experienced team of dedicated staff who help correct bad behaviour in dogs.

They are called Carla Lane animals in need they are just outside liverpool in Melling

carla on September 09, 2016:

HELP. I have a 14mth old old tyme bulldog. problem is she is becoming dominant over myself and showing mild aggression towards myself. she is ok with my partner and listens to him. I would like to know of anywhere in the UK that specialises in rehoming of these breeds. She needs someone who can take lead and I cant do that. :-(

Kevin blacker on September 08, 2016:

Hi everyone am looking for some helpful information. I don't know if any of use heard about the record breaking litter in Glasgow Scotland 14 Victorian Bulldogs. I am an owner of one of the litter. The breeder has dune a disappearing act and not one owner has the dogs papers. Just looking for some information to help me go in right direction so I can obtain papers. I have pictures of mum and fathers papers and mothers hip score with her Victorian bulldog reg number. Any help would be so grateful thanks.i

Kev on September 08, 2016:

Hi everyone am looking for some helpful information. I don't know if any of use heard about the record breaking litter in Glasgow Scotland 14 Victorian Bulldogs. I am an owner of one of the litter. The breeder has dune a disappearing act and not one owner has the dogs papers. Just looking for some information to help me go in right direction so I can obtain papers. I have pictures of mum and fathers papers and mothers hip score with her Victorian bulldog reg number. Any help would be so grateful thanks.i

Brenda Kraft on August 21, 2016:

How old is your pup? There are a couple of ways to potty train a pup. One is to watch the pup very closely. Learn the cues your pup will give when it needs to go post. Generally they will start sniffing around and sometimes whine or circle before they go...learning the pups behavior before going is important. The other method to use is to crate the pup. This is the method I use and if done correctly is much faster then letting the pup roam the house and trying to watch its every move. Here are some tips I give all my puppy owners...

Potty Training Tips

I always use a crate when potty training…Make it cozy.

When potty training never punish the pup for making a mistake on the floor or in its crate. Clean it up promptly.

Never use the crate for discipline. The crate is supposed to be a safe place for your puppy/dog.

Your puppy will need to go outside after it wakes up, within 15 minutes of eating, and after it plays.

Watch your puppy closely. Learning its behaviors when it needs to go potty is key.

When you take your puppy outside give it a key word like "go potty", or whatever phrase or word you want to use.

When potty training, Do Not play with your puppy when you take it outside. Puppies are easily distracted and will forget about going potty in order to play, then when you take it in the house it will potty.

After your pup does its business make a really big deal about it and bring the pup straight back inside.

If you want to go outside to play, stay in the house for a couple of minutes after bringing it in from pottying then take it back out to play.

Give playtime outside a different phrase like "want to play" or "lets go play". This will teach your pup the difference between going out to do its business and going out to play.

The major job for you is consistency and using patience.

Good luck with your pup

Vicky on August 06, 2016:

My son just bought an English X old English bulldog but the toilet training is taking a while and he has chewed one of my chairs. Do u have any advice to help me? X

Steve on July 06, 2016:

So after reading most. I probably have fallen for this, however love my beautiful little dog to the end of the earth. The male was a registered Victorian Bulldog with the ICA in FL. The mare was just wrote as Victorian bulldog. Still waiting on papers. We were told both parents for Victorian Bulldogs.

Brenda Kraft on July 05, 2016:

I'm so sorry Bronty has to go through another surgery, but unfortunately once a dog has to have the first leg repaired, its almost always followed by a repair on the opposite leg. I'm wishing you and Bronty much luck with the next surgery and recovery.

neil gerrard from Wigan UK on June 28, 2016:

My wonky donkey update

Bronty has just about recovered from his operation and has good movement in his leg.The surgen is pleased with his recovery.

But on Friday we were on our way down to the local park when suddenly he became lame in the other leg.As it was Friday evening and the vets was shut we took him in on Saturday morning,He was referred back to the animal hospital on Monday.His ligaments had ruptured and he needs the same operation.I did not see the same surgeon as last time as he was away in Australia lecturing on this injury.I had a good hour talking about the the injury to his colleague, to which i asked about screening for this type of injury.To which he said sadly there is no screening for this and no way of knowing in advance.He has performed this operation on Cruffs champions that have gone through the most rigours screening possible.He said it was like telling which kid in school will break his arm this term.

Luckily i am still covered under the insurance as they said it is a direct result of the other leg.

Just feel sorry for my big baby missing out on the long summer walks.

Brenda Kraft on April 09, 2016:

I'm glad to hear your boy is doing well. And yes there is a genetic component to knee injuries and hip problems in dogs. Here in the states a breeder we can have the hips, knees, and elbows evaluated and rated to help reduce the occurrences of these problems from happening. The problem is many breeders aren't willing to take the loss and not breed that dog if problems show up. Nothing can ever prevent them completely as exercise routines, environment, nutrition and genetics all play a role.

Your vet was right in the fact that between 30-50% of dogs who've had one knee surgery done will down the road need the other repaired due to compensation stress. There are a few things you can do to help lessen the chances a bit. First, remember it tales about 6 months for a complete recovery from the surgery. I'm sure they told you to restrict his exercise for 8-12 weeks but there is information to back up it can take longer, so don't let him run off leash to soon. Then keep him lean. One problem I see in bully breed owners is they keep their dogs to heavy, they have the notion that bullies are supposed to be round and rolly-polly. You should be able to run your hand down his sides and feel his ribs through a thin layer of skin and fat but not see them. Avoid letting him jump on things, then put him on a good balanced joint supplement with Glucosamine and Chondroitin in it. All the best and I look forward to hearing how his progress is going

neil gerrard from Wigan UK on April 08, 2016:

Brenda,We just got him back from his operation,the surgeon is pleased with the operation.He had a tibial tuberosity advancement,I asked how i could prevent this from happening in the other leg.He said there was no way of preventing it, as they are not sure what cause it.He did think that the bulldogs build dose not help.Most cases are of dog over 2 years old.He also told me he had done over 7000 tibial tuberosity advancement personally and in the USA they perform 600,000 operations a year.It is also common in police dogs.I asked "was it common in victorian and old tyme?”

He said he see it about as often in both breeds, but it could be genetic. To which unfortunately there are no screening available for this type of injury.

The problem with adopting bronty from a rescue centre there was no way of seeing his parents.

Just looking forward to getting bronty back to full speed for summer.

Brenda Kraft on April 08, 2016:

Simon, what does N.E.B.B.R. stand for. I'm not familiar with a lot of the registries in the UK. My Mollett Victorians are registered through the Mollett family registry but I do know there are a couple of others over there the Victorians are registered through.

bogbarush, I too am sorry to hear about you dog :-( I've been raising the Mollett Victorians here in the states for almost 6 years, I get them directly from the Mollett family and have never had a problem with them. I also PennHip score them before I breed them to cut down as much as possible on any possible issues. I wish you much luck with your dog..sad he's having this problem

Simon Ellsmore on April 07, 2016:

Brenda, I am in the UK. I have spoken to a gentleman associated with N.E.B.B.R and sent him photos of my beloved bitch and has mentioned I will be able to get her registered on with their organisation.

bogbrush, gutted to hear about your old tyme dog, would hate to see mine suffer something like you are going through.

neil gerrard from Wigan UK on April 07, 2016:

My Old tymme is a wonky donkey.He became lame on his walk over the field.So i took him to the vets after some steroid injections and x-rays, she referred him to the University animal Hospital.It has turned out that he has ruptured his Cruciate Ligament.

I have just dropped him off for his operation.Its quiet a big operation that will have him stuck in the house for 10 day then limited exercise for 4-6 weeks.

It has cost me £3200 plus £300 vet fees so far,luckily i am insured and can hopefully claim it back.

The surgeon told me its not uncommon in old tyme,victorian,British and american bulldogs.The worrying part is that when one leg goes the other normally follows a few months later.The good news is they normally make a 100% recovery and lead a full life.

So if you are think of any bulldog please get full life cover insurance with at leat £7000 per annum cover

Brenda Kraft on April 06, 2016:

Are you in the states or the UK? Sounds like she's an Olde Tyme Bulldog mix. I know of none in the states.

Simon Ellsmore on April 05, 2016:

Hello, I have a wonderful old tyme bulldog bitch, it was sold to me as 3/4 old tyme and 1/4 english. I am slightly confused now as to the actual name of breed I can call the dog, with talk of all the various breeds being mixed.

Same as everybody on here I have developed a love for the whole bulldog breed and I'm researching everyday. Is there a register I can sign up too to legitimate the dog?

Brenda Kraft on December 21, 2015:


There is no need to worry about my Mollett Victorian Bulldogs as I import new dogs when I add a dog to my lines which are quite diverse in the UK. I am not being a snob with Steven but offering him a proper way to register his dog if he wants to breed her. I'm sure you aren't familiar with the half ass breeders here in the states, and there is a registry he will be able to legitmately register his dog here if she is the mix of dogs most commonly used to create what these breeders use here.

neil gerrard from Wigan UK on December 20, 2015:


As long as you have got a good dog that you love, its papers are irrelevant unless you want it for a money making machine.And to to be honest i would be more worried if it was a genuine Victorian Bulldog from the moll let family. If there is only one breeder in the whole of the USA( 78 million dogs) the gene pool would not be very diverse for a good breeding line.

But on the other hand It is not to hard to import a Victorian Bulldog with papers from the UK (were there are many breeders) to the US,To my knollage the victorian bulldog is not copyrighted or recognised by the kennel club US or UK. So if you wish to breed her in 2 years time you would not be able to register the pups by the kennel club.So with out the kennel clubs backing the paper you got with the dog is only worth the paper its written on.

I would just enjoy one off these wonderful dogs and not worry about the snobbery of it lines and extremely limited gene pool.

Brenda Kraft on December 19, 2015:


Are you in the states? I am the only person with permission from the Mollett family to breed their Victorian Bulldogs in the states, so you will not find any here to breed your dog with. What registry is your dog's papers from, and where did you buy her? Also can you tell me the breeds the breeder used to create their so called Victorian Bulldog? (the breeds will be listed on her registration)I may have a correct way to register her instead of playing off the name of another breed, and using your friend's English Bulldog would be appropriate if the breeds used to create your dog fit in the registry I'm thinking of.

steven on December 18, 2015:

Looks like i fell into this trap myself. I have a so called victorian bulldog i purchased about a month ago. She does have papers from the breeder. Love her to death already. 2 yrs from now id like yo breed her in some way. If theres no true victorians available what can i breed her with? My buddy has a english bulldog he said he would stud out for me. Is this something i can do or not?

Craig on November 19, 2015:

I'm located in Toronto, Canada . I was wondering if anyone on here knows a reputable breeder for a Victorian or old tyme bulldog . I would like papers . I want to be 100% sure it's the real deal

neil gerrard from Wigan UK on October 07, 2015:

The girls at the rescue centre where on about that particular victorian bulldog not the breed in general.Like a lot of dogs at rescue centres they may not had the best of start to life.The poor victorian bulldog was kept in a back yard and kept more as a status symbol then a loving family member.It was tormented by idiots and had little interaction with other dogs. Unfortunately her in the UK there is a small minority of village idiots who want an alternative type dog to the band pit bulls, the most popular seems to be STB or american bulldogs.This is sadly why they bought a victorian bull dog.

Where as with bronty he had been brought in because the owners daughter had become allergic to him.

Brenda Kraft on October 07, 2015:

I am happy you found the right fit for you with an Olde Tyme Bulldog but I must say the people at the rescue were sadly mistaken about the Victorian Bulldogs. If bred correctly the Victorian Bulldog is a very loving breed that bonds closely with their family. They will let you know when a stranger is around and they get along well with other animals. We have chickens, 2 cats, sheep, and a small dog as well.

Enjoy your many years to come with Bronty, dogs are such a wonderful addition to almost any family :-)

neil gerrard from Wigan UK on October 05, 2015:

I have the pleasure of sharing our life with a 2 year old Old tyme dorset bulldog called bronty we have now had him 1 year.We got bronty from a rescue home after losing our SBT after 19 wonderful years.We want a bull breed but not another staffy(nothing wrong with staffs but it was time for a change)

after reading up and looking around we had come to a choice of a victorian bulldog or an old tyme dorset.We had decided to get a rescue dog so we went to a home that specialises in bull breeds.They had both types of dog in there home at the time.

We fell in love with the old tyme bulldog his personalty looks and gentleness.Plus the girls in the rescue home said the victorian bulldog was not as good with people as the old tyme.

Bronty is the most wonderful dog, gentle never any aggression towards other dogs ,cat, people in fact his only real dislike is Ladders.He is very athletic cant go on a 5 mile walk no problems then out on my field for 1/2hr ball chasing.But he can be very stubborn half way through a walk if he wants to go the woods and i turn the other way he will just stop dead and sit down then lie down!

As for a guard dog completely useless once he goes to sleep nothing will wake him up.I have had the mother in law walk in the house past him and back out with out waking up.He is very intelligent you only need to show him something once and he has learned it.He is extremely gentle with children and loves all women.

I would not recommend one for someone who is away from the house for long periods we never leave him alone for longer than 2hrs.Ever where we take bronty we get stopped even in the car you see people smiling at him as he goes past.I have owned a staffy a golden labrador and old english sheepdog but this dog is amazing.

Brenda Kraft on March 25, 2015:


An update or note should be added to your scam alert section of the article. I completely agree with the scam alert and appreciate you tellkng people in the states about your experience of getting one of the so called "Victorian Bulldogs", I get calls all the time from others who have purchased one of these dogs. I inform these people of the truth about their dog but also let them know that even though they were mislead with the purchase of their dog, that at the end of the day they love their dog and that's what really counts. However, in the article it states that the true Mollett Victorian Bulldogs are only available in the UK. This part is no longer true. I work directly with the Mollett family and have had the Mollett Victorians in the states since 2010. I however am the only person allowed to export them to the states and breed them here. This is a great page...keep it up :-) and i love your FB page as well.

Michelle on March 25, 2015:

Wow I love this site!! I have an old tyme bulldog, he's 19 months old named Albert, I am so in love with my dog it's untrue! They are amazing dogs so so loving and loyal and very strong and stubborn!! And although his stubbornness drives me insane at times it's also what makes him who he is, I honestly couldn't imagine my life without Albert!! Amazing dogs

Brenda Kraft on March 22, 2015:


Have your vet do an ultrasound on your dog's bladder, it sounds like he could have crystalized urine or bladder stones. Also go online and check out "Hyperuricosuria in Dogs" it is caused by high uric acid in the dogs urine. Blood tests usually do not show any results. A urine test and ultrasound should help determine what is up with your dog. Are you in the UK or the states? This condition is genetic and some breeds are predisposed to it...bulldogs being one.

Robert on March 19, 2015:

I'm having troubles with my victorian bulldog. He has some kind of spine troubles every time he pees he shakes and lies lies downer had been goin on a couple days took him to vet . They gave me a steroid to help now he's been on then 6 months they at first worked but now no really fair to see him like it's he is only 4 years old . Dog man help or give me some advice bout him

Brenda Kraft on February 05, 2015:


I'm not sure where you would go to have DNA done in the UK....I'm assuming you are from the UK since you own a Mollett Victorian bulldog. I have inquired about gettting dogs DNA'd and the responses I got are varied. Most will say unless you have DNA on record from the original dogs used to create the breed its near impossible to prove lineage. There is a DNA test you can get for mixed breeds to send in but it will give you a number of breeds and the supposed percentage of each breed in your dog, however my vet says they are pretty inaccurate. Where is your dog registered? Your registration should have a pretty good record of your dogs lineage.

kevin fletcher on January 09, 2015:

i have a seven month old victorian mollet called sonney. he is a beautiful dog with an excellent temperament, i have two children under the age of 2 and although sonney has all the usual qualities of a bulldog, stubborn, bullish, clumsy etc, he is so gentle with them it makes me smile every time i see him with them. i was recently told that you can have your dog dna tested to prove their breed. is this true ?

Brenda Kraft on October 24, 2014:


I'm assuming by the description of your pup you live in the states. Your pup is a bulldog mix, not a Victorian Bulldog. Do you know where he is registered? The true Victorian Bulldog are from the UK only( mainly England where the Mollett family lives), and are registered through registries there. There are numerous people in the states breeding English Bulldogs with just about any other type of bully breed and calling them Victorian Bulldogs…they are not. These breeders will argue to the end of the earth that they are but the truth stands for itself…Mollett Victorian Bulldogs are the true Victorians, and are recognized as such. The English/Olde is the most common of the mixes. These breeders are in many cases registering these pups with bogus registries. You can look up "list of bogus dog registries" online to see if yours shows up, even if it doesn't there are increasing number of these registries popping up. The breeders of the so-called Victorian Bulldogs use these registries so they can technically call their pups registered. I recently had a Facebook conversation with one breeder who breeds the exact same mix of dogs as your pup. She registeries them with the International Olde English Bulldogge Association (IOEBA) because they are considered F1 foundational Olde English Bulldogges through this registry, and this is what shows on her pups registrations but she admits to selling them as Victorin Bulldogs. I told her is is very missleading to do this…her pups should be sold for what they are, she got mad but the truth hurts. Anyway Aaron, I'm sure you love King very much and although you were mislead I'm sure you love your boy very much and at the end of the day that's what counts….hope this helps.

Aaron carter on October 23, 2014:

I was wondering if someone could help me. I have a 4 month old puppy name king, when I bought him I was told that he was a Victorian bulldog but after reading this I'm thinking he's not, not having any knowledge on this I bought him anyway the guy told me his mom was English and his dad was oldye like I said I didn't have knowledge at the time so I bought him I was just wondering if someone could help me find out if he's even a bulldogge at all I can send pics if need be

Stel on September 27, 2014:

Hi I have a Victorian bulldog and I am looking to stud him but I will only stud him with a pedigree Victorian bulldog bitch can anyone help!!!

My dog is a pedigree Victorian bulldog with papers he is a well natured and is fantastic with my kids his loving

lyndsey on September 27, 2014:

Thanks for the reply. Had a look and it has shed some light :)

Brenda Kraft on September 20, 2014:

I would suggest going to

I looked on there and there's the breed standard, history and other info. Congrats on your new puppy

lyndsey on September 19, 2014:

Hello. I have just got a puppy. The breeder said that ozzy is 3/4 English bulldog and 1/4 aylestone bulldog. We did a lot of research on English bulldogs before we got him so were quite happy that we knew what we were doing. Now ozzy is home I'm trying to look into the aylestone breed more as he's not your typical English bulldog. However I'm finding it very hard to find anything on line on the breed. I was wondering if you knew of a site or could shed any light on them?

Brenda Kraft on August 17, 2014:

Anita Rone, where are you located?

anita rone on August 17, 2014:

I was given a victorain bull dog five months ago he is now nine months i have papers on him he was bought for almost three thousand dollars he is a good looking dog i was wondering if i vould stud him out

SteveBarnett on June 12, 2014:

Hi steve Alan Moffat, i have just read your post regarding Bison, that is sad to hear he has Epilepsy and that he is on medication twice a day, i have gone through my registeryseveral times and am having dificulties placeing your name and details, would u mind emailing on here the unique set of registration nu bers so that i'm able to look up the dogges blood lines, this is ery sad to hear and we would like to check out the actuall breeding, also what area the dogge came from b/r

Dayne on May 11, 2014:

I don't believe for a second my old tyme is pure I didn't believe it when I seen him advertised online I didn't ask too many questions when I went to buy him because the young lad that had him was in no position to look after him with 4 other dogs in the "kennels" (sheds) in the garden he's a great loyal pal my dog and I wouldn't change him for the world but I do just want to confirm what he is, how would I go about this?

Steven Allan Moffat on April 28, 2014:

Hi , I have an Olde Tyme Dorset Bulldogge ( Bison ) , pure black with four white socks and a white chest , bison is one character , everyone loves him and knows him well , Bison has epilepsy , he is on Epiphen 60mg n 30mg first thing and the same again 12 hours later , Bison still has a very good and healthy way of life , i think the Bulldog breed r very stubborn , but very loyal indeed , i woudnt change anything about him except for his Epilepsy , ive come to understand a lot about the fits and can now tell before he takes a fit which is really good as he can do a lot of damage to hiself and anything in the house surrounding him , Bison has endless amounts of energy and that's after his 5 mile walk everyday , he is so affectionate and sits and grunts like were having a conversation , Bison means the world to me and has helped me throw an illness which i doubt i coud"ve got throw without him ! Bison !

Brenda Kraft on November 04, 2013:

Dogman....Did you buy an Olde Victorian Bulldog (OVB) or what being called a "Victorian Bulldog"? There are some sure fire ways to know. With the popularity of the Victorian Bulldog's created in England by Ken Mollett people became interested in this healthy breed, however these dogs were not being exported, so breeders in the states started creating alternative bully breeds and played off the name, and called them Victorian Bulldogs. Many of these dogs are first or second generation crosses. I know your Victorian Bulldog does not have the true lines from England because I am the only person allowed to import and breed them in the states, there are only 12 of these dogs in the states and I either own them or have placed them and know exactly where they are. You could have an Olde Victorian Bulldogge though but I would have to know the lines. Here's how to find out exactly what you have. OVB's are only registered with the Victorian Bulldogge Association, owned and run by Carlos Woods, creator of the breed here in the U.S.. If you had a true Victorian Bulldog its registration is shipped to the owner straight from Tony Mollett and his registry in England, the "Mollett Victorian Bulldog Society." If your dogs are registered through any other registry they are from one of the breeders I've mentioned mixing dogs to create their so called Victorian Bullogs. Look at your dogs registration papers and look at its ancestors...are they all the same breed or are there numerous breeds in its lineage? OVB's and true Victorian Bulldogs do not mix in (outcross) any other breeds into their lines, they are breeds unto themselves and have been for years. Hope this helps you.

Tracy on October 09, 2013:

Hi-im new to all the Bully thing!! Ive just put a deposit on a pup that's a staffie X old tyme bulldog-we want him to be part of the family ie-daytrips n holidays but ive read somewhere that bulldogs don't like lots of exercise n prone to breathing problems-heeeellpp have i made a mistake with my pup!!!!

Kerry Brown on July 24, 2013:

I am looking for pet insurance for my olde tyme and am struggling can anyone help

Dogman on May 09, 2013:

I bought two different Victorian bulldogs this past year from two different bloodlines. I'm in the U.S. how do I know that they are fake. They have papers that goes years back

sophie on April 22, 2013:

I want to make sure I am buying from the best breeders in the UK, does anyone have any recommendations? any help would be much appreciated -I will travel anywhere in the UK. Thanks

sophie on April 22, 2013:


wondering whether you can help me?

I am based in the UK and looking to find a good breeder of dorset old tyme puppies.

Brenda Kraft-Mollett Victorian Bulldogs America on January 31, 2013:

Hi Abigail....Your scam alert is correct. There are many people breeding English Bulldogs to Olde English Bulldogges, American Bulldogges, and about any other bully breeds together and calling them Victorian Bulldogs. I get calls from the buyers all the time. The only part of your alert that is no longer correct is that I do breed Mollett Victorian Bulldogs in the U.S. I got my dogs directly from Tony Mollett (as you know but some may not is Ken Mollett's nephew). I am the only person with permission from the Mollett family to breed their dogs in the states. This can be verified with Tony Mollett.

Tony on August 04, 2012:

How are you connected with Dorsets?

Epiphany pages on May 30, 2012:

Thanks for the info. I adopted a 5 yr. old English Bulldog three mths ago and I fell deeply in Love with him!! If all Bulldogs have the same temperment , gosh I waited way to long fom Macs.

Amy Millar on May 16, 2012:

iv got an old time victorian bulldog and would just like to no what ther life expentancys are

Abigail May (author) from Maine on March 30, 2012:

That's my bully! Always pushing his way through, rather than going around =]

Nettlemere from Burnley, Lancashire, UK on March 30, 2012:

Melman makes a very cute snow plough!