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Exotic Pets


Exotic Pet Ideas: A List of Weird Pets to Be Wary Of

Always use caution when thinking of choosing an exotic pet for a companion. Weirder does not always mean better (or safer).


Is It Dangerous to Own a Pet Fox?

Many people want a pet fox but are they dangerous to own and care for?


Do Finger Monkeys Make Good Pets?

Tiny pet monkeys can be seen all over the internet but what are they, and do they make great pets?


The Rarest Exotic Cats That Are Kept as Pets

These exotic cat species are rare and unique.


How to Buy a Pet Lemur

Lemurs are non-traditional pets and owning them comes with its own sets of challenges.


Giant African Millipedes as Pets: Care and Feeding

Giant African millipedes are super interesting creatures, and they are one of the easiest bugs to keep as pets! This article will go over their care and feeding requirements.


Can You Own an Owl as a Pet and How Do You Care for One?

Can you own an owl as a pet? The answer may surprise you. This article covers the legality of owning a pet owl and their basic care requirements (food, enclosures, health and safety), and answers questions many people may have about what it's like to own one of these raptors.


5 Weird but Normal Axolotl Behaviors

Axolotls are aquatic salamanders with some funny habits. There's not as much information about them available as other species, so it can be hard to tell if their quirky behaviors are normal. Here are 5 axolotl behaviors that seem weird but are totally not.


The Truth About Pet and Domesticated Foxes

Where can you find a seller of Russian domesticated foxes, and what is it like to own and care for them? Are they different from other foxes?


Introduction to Bush Babies as Pets

What is it like to own a bush baby as a pet and are they even available in the pet trade? Read on to find out.


10 Venomous Pets That Are Legal to Own

Some exotic pets are venomous, but how safe are they to own? Can they cause human fatalities? Here is a list of venomous—not poisonous—species kept as pets, including the Gila monster.


6 Pets That Look Like Cats but Aren’t

Did you know that there are some pets that look like cats? Here are six of them that resemble our feline friends.


A Beginner's Guide to Owning/Caring for a Leopard Gecko

Owning a gecko is amazing but you must know the particulars of your lizard's specific species or subgenus. If you want to learn how to take care of a leopard gecko—from terrarium setup to diet to basic care—this guide will teach you how to be an informed and caring gecko parent.


Pet Wallaby Care: A Comprehensive Care Guide for Beginners

This article discusses basic care requirements for a pet wallaby. Consider this your go-to exotic pet care sheet for domesticated wallabies.


7 Reasons Owls Make Great Pets

Pet owls can make good pets for the right owners. The purpose of this article is to address the influx of misleading information as well as the double standards that people tend to have when discussing alternative exotic pets.


10 Exotic Pets That Are Legal in Indiana

Which exotic pets are legal in Indiana? Can you own a monkey or fox in this U.S. state? Find out in this article.


Fennec Foxes as Pets: Are They Right for You?

Fennec foxes are cute, but can they be kept as pets? This article discusses the basics of what it takes to own the smallest member of the canine family.


Every Pet Fox "Breed" and How to Care for Them

This article includes a list of types of pet foxes and a profile of their care, temperament, legality information and what it's like to keep them as pets.


Ferrets: Digestive System, Nutritional Needs, and Tips

Learn more about how your ferret's stomach works so you can start properly keeping them healthy and choose the right food.


Is a Ferret the Best Pet for You?

It's easy to see why ferrets are appealing. They're smart, unusual and small enough to live inside the home. These adorable mammals are kept as pets, but they come with caretaking needs and legal caveats.


Ferret Husbandry 101: Behavior, Diet, and Medical Care

This article will discuss the basic care and husbandry of ferrets, including behavior, diet, housing, preventative care, and common medical conditions.


Are Ferrets Banned in Your Country?

Every country, state and province has different regulations on ferret ownership. Find out if you are legally allowed to have a ferret in the U.S., Canada, Japan, or wherever you live.


Can You Own a Raccoon Dog as a Pet?

Raccoon dog ownership has been banned in many countries, including the United States.


How to Bathe and Groom Your Ferret

Did you know that bathing and grooming your ferret has a few unique requirements? Here's how to properly clean them.


Basic Ferret Care and Facts

Owning a ferret is rewarding, but there are also challenges. Here are some basic facts you should know about ferrets before buying one!


10 Exotic Pets That Are Legal in Arizona

Here's a list of exotic pets that are legal in Arizona. Learn about the rules and regulations, as well as which animals are banned as pets.


9 Pets That Look Like Rodents but Aren't

Did you know that there are animals that look like rodents but belong to other groups? Here are nine of them.


15 Pets You Can Own That Look Like Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animals

Certain animals resemble dinosaurs and can be owned as pets. Discover how these species are related to prehistoric creatures and learn some interesting facts about them.


8 Exotic Pets That Smell Bad

Not all animals smell good. Here are eight of them that emit the stinkiest droppings and will make you cover your nose!


Are Exotic Pets Legal in Pennsylvania?

Which exotic pets are legal in Pennsylvania? Can I own a monkey, fox, or a hedgehog in the state?


Types of Squirrels People Keep as Pets

Is it legal to keep squirrels as pets in your area? If so, here is a list of squirrel species people are allowed to own and raise.


7 Cuddly and Affectionate Exotic Pets

Some exotic pets make better and more affectionate companion animals than others. Here is a list of the most popular examples. If you're knew to exotic animals, make sure to confer with a veterinarian or animal expert before taking an animal home.


10 Exotic Pets That Are Legal in Florida

Learn about the legalities of caring for an exotic pet in the state of Florida. There are both good and bad aspects of the regulations. For the most part, exotic pet ownership is logically regulated.


5 Exotic Pets That Are Like Dogs

What other pets are similar to dogs? Find out which "exotic" species also make wonderful household companions.


7 Exotic Pets That Can Live Indoors

These exotic, "wild" pets are smaller versions of larger animals and can live inside your home. These exotic pets are easier to care for than their larger relatives.


10 Exotic Pets That Are Legal in Texas

Here are 10 exotic animals that are legal to own in the state of Texas.


Guinea Fowl Are Useful Exotic Pets

Guineafowl are excellent watchdogs. They spend their days eating ticks and other insects around the property and will produce enough eggs to pay for their upkeep.


The Tamandua: A Unique Anteater and a Special Pet

Did you know that tamanduas face several challenges in the wild? If you live in a suitable location where keeping this species is legal, you will find that tamanduas make for a loveable, engaging companion.


20 Real Pokémon You Can Own as Pets

Here is a list of Pokémon you can own as pets in real life. There are some pets that look like Pokémon, such as the springhare (Pikachu) and the yellow-collared lovebird (Chatot)!


Sugar Gliders: General Information and Pet Keeping

Sugar gliders are fascinating creatures in the wild and amazingly fun pets to keep domestically. In this article, we will discuss the husbandry requirements and special characteristics of this species.


How to Take Care of a Pet Fox

Did you know that foxes are quickly becoming one of the most popular exotic pets? Here's a look at their behavior, care, and more!


40 Rare and Unique Exotic Pets

Looking for rare and unique names for your exotic pet? Here is a list that best suits them. Perhaps you've never heard of them before!


How to Care for Your Angora Ferret

Looking for information on how to care for an Angora ferret? Learn more about the proper care and maintenance of this uniquely exotic pet.


10 Cheap Exotic Pets

The price range of exotic pets can vary tremendously, from as low as $5 to thousands of dollars for rare or high-demand species. Here is a list and discussion of inexpensive exotic animals and their prices.


6 Deer Species That Are Kept as Pets

Here is a list of deer that people can own as pets in the exotic pet trade, such as the muntjac deer.


17 Pets You Can Legally Own That Look Like Dragons

Fantasizing about having your own pet dragon? Make your dream come true with these exotic pets that are dragon lookalikes.


Keeping Owls as Pets: Is It Legal?

This is a discussion of the legality and care of pet owls in the United States.


7 Reasons Why Exotic Pets Are Illegal and Why They Shouldn’t Be

Here are a few reasons why exotic pets are banned in some states, and why I disagree with these laws and regulations.


How to Care for Maras as Pets

How to care for pet Patagonian and Chacoan maras, also known as dwarf cavies.


Names for Pet Hedgehogs, Porcupines, and Tenrecs

Here are some potential pet names for hedgehogs, porcupines, and tenrecs.