How to Build a Proper House for a Hedgehog with Ideas for a Proper Housing

Updated on October 26, 2016

Every pet in our home needs a proper house, bed, exercise area and a suitable cage/house. in this article I will explain what are the needs of a hedgehog and how to create a perfect house for our hedgehog giving you many ideas and tips to fulfill the requirements in housing a hedgehog. I will explain What I used for the old house and How I made the new home for "Erik" my hedgehog and what material I required, and How fast and easy it was to build it.

I will leave you several ideas and photos of many types of houses that you can opt to if you like, every one has a level of difficulty.

Always have a sketch.
Always have a sketch. | Source


The first thing you must do before building your hedgehog house is sketch your ideas. You can have many material in your home that can be used and in that case the House can be cheaper and easier, just be creative and don't lock yourself in, be open minded and this will help you with the brainstorming for your hedgehog.

In my case I made a really basic sketch just to don't lose the track of my work in the past days, so I drew this quick sketch and this reminded me what was next. In my idea I had a three floor house, with stairs and a nice space for my hedgehog to walk around, leaving me a lot of space for imagination and add some more things.

Easy Idea for a House.
Easy Idea for a House. | Source

Easy model.

The easy ideas can be really really easy to made and adaptable to your hedgehog needs, at the beginning when my hedgehog arrived, I made a list of all the thins that I needed to fulfill everything.

  1. House: I used a 30x12 inches hard plastic box.
  2. Bedding: UV cleansed sawdust.
  3. Nest: two pieces of fleece to make a nice bed.
  4. Feeding: Cat food low in fat, with a water bowl and a food bowl.
  5. Wheel: A Giant Silent Spinner.
  6. Toys: A plastic hedgehog, tubes, and little noisy balls.
  7. Potty: I leave in front the wheel a circular plate with a different type of bedding I use Carefresh, that's why he recognize that spot as the potty.

In the photos you can see that this house was really easy, I already had the hard plastic box and that was the beginning, I built a "fence" in the open are in case that the curiosity of my hedgehog tried to escape, thankfully my hedgehog don't have that tendency but I leave it there.

This idea is easy because you don't have to worry about air system or to disturb your hedgehog when you have to clean the house, because I leave an open area for the air, and to clean it easier, really easy and nice idea for one hedgehog or even two.

I recommend the plastic over the cardboard because of the easy way to clean it with soap and water, and you don't have to worry for your hedgehog to bite the house making a hole and running away in the middle of the night.

Medium idea House.
Medium idea House. | Source

Medium Model.

This kind of houses depends on the beginning, if you already have a wooden box or cage, then you already made this type of house, this houses have better style, with wooden essence, and with better quality.

You can start making a wooden box or buying one, whatever is best suited for you, maybe you like to craft it with tools and your hands or you rather prefer to buy one and just add the toys, wheel, bedding and nest.

Either way is acceptable, it just need to have:

  1. House. In the example of the picture, the owner used a pre-fabricated wooden box.
  2. Bedding. Fleece piece.
  3. Nest. hedgehog Igloo.
  4. Feeding. Bowl of food and water.
  5. Wheel. A wider wheel than the Silent Spinner, possibly a Comfort wheel.
  6. Toys.
  7. Potty. with the wheel.

This things are the MUST of any hedgehog house, without any of this elements your hedgehog can become stressed provoking mood changes, alteration in the poop, and even worst trigger a tantrum. A hedgehog tantrum is when something is awfully bad with him/her and it's required to restore it just the way it was, in the tantrum they tend to poop in the water bowl or bite more.

A more elaborated hedgehog house.
A more elaborated hedgehog house. | Source

Hard Model.

This idea is the one I just finished, it's the new house of my hedgehog, I made it in a week and all I needed were really cheap and easy to made, but I recommend to have experience using heavy duty tools.

For this House I required:

  1. House: I built a wooden mansion of 10x30x50 inches, with three floors, with wooden stairs and a wooden nest. I treated the wood with a wood sealer and waterproof liquid, making the wood perfect for a trained hedgehog.
  2. Bedding: UV cleansed sawdust in the lower floor to make it the perfect lair, in the medium level just fleece, in the upper section I plan to use synthetic grass, for a new sensation with absorbent bedding under the wheel.
  3. Nest: wooden nest with fleece in the inside and sawdust in the floor.
  4. Feeding: Cat food low in fat, with a water bowl and a food bowl.
  5. Wheel: A Giant Silent Spinner.
  6. Toys: A plastic hedgehog, tubes, and little noisy balls, extra exercise with the stairs.
  7. Potty: I will leave the upper level as a giant potty and exercise level, with easy to clean synthetic grass with replace every 6 months.

I loved this house, because I made it from the sketch to the whole final product, It wasn't really hard but I have experience with heavy duty tools and it was really fun to make it, I feel proud because my hedgehog also loved it, it still needs some things, like the plastic glass doors for each level, but I will be finishing it this week and I hope to have it ready for Erik soon, but I wanted to show it to you all before it was filled with hedgehog stuff.

In this video thanks to RiddlesHedgehogs we can see how to build an easy house for our hedgehog without any difficulty or excess time or money, it's easy and very quick to make. A nice option for your first hedgehog or if you don't want to spend to much in a bigger cage or house.

I leave you another video from RiddlesHedgehogs on How to make an easy wheel, useful for people that wants to make everything for their hedgehogs, or are looking for a cheap substitute for a wheel.

Give it a try to see how easy to make this wheel is. You just need to spend a little of time and you can also use many more thing, use your creativity and imagination.

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      • Dvd Zermeno Perez profile image

        David ZermeƱo 4 years ago from Mexico

        Yes, the hedgehog can be a really cute pet, but be careful there is another type of hedgehog called "european hedgehog" and they're illegal to keep as pets, but you can feed them and give them some water, and later let them continue. Thanks for reading my articles.

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        Writer Fox 4 years ago from the wadi near the little river

        These are such cute animals! I often find them in my garden. I never knew they could be pets, though! Enjoyed and voted up.