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Updated on January 21, 2018

Exotic pet ownership has flourished in many parts of the world, especially since the widespread use of the internet has enabled people to locate and purchase almost anything. One of the most popular searches on Google is about pet sloths, and the most common questions I’ve come across are...

Where can I buy a sloth?

Can I legally own a sloth?

What special care does a sloth require?

Below, you'll find answers.

Can I legally keep a sloth as a pet?

The answer to this question depends on many factors, the most important of which is locality. Each country, state, and city have their own laws that govern which animals can and cannot be legally possessed as pets.

BornFreeUSA is a great website that I found which can tell you what exotic animals are legal and prohibited in each state. Follow the link to find your state and check your local laws.

When I checked my state laws, I saw that the sloth was not explicitly listed as prohibited or legal, so I had to dig deeper. Since I live in Missouri, I went to my state’s official website, searched for “pet laws,” and came up with a page that detailed the proper importation and permits needed to purchase and keep exotic animals. Again, sloths were not listed as prohibited. This doesn’t necessarily mean that pet sloths are legal in Missouri, so a last step would be to call the number listed on the webpage to find out if sloths are legal to import and own in your city and state.

How do I care for a sloth?

Like any other animal, sloths need particular food and shelter in order to survive.

First, you’ll need to find a cage, preferably a spacious aviary type, with branches put inside that are strong enough to support the sloth's weight to provide the animal with a place to hang upside down.

Next, you’ll need to stock up on sloth food. In the wild they eat mostly leaves and buds with the occasional insect or rodent. The San Diego Zoo lists Dipteryx panamensis, Sapium caudatum, and Terminalia amazonica among the sloths’ favorite trees. But the animal will eat different food in captivity than it would in the wild, and the diet it needs depends on the species of sloth. The San Diego zoo feeds their sloths "leaf eater biscuits, yams, dandelion greens, Romaine lettuce, apples, carrots, and some eugenia browse." Special treats at the zoo include grapes while the women from Too Cute! Baby Sloths Discovery channel show say that hibiscus flowers serve as a special treat for the animal, likening it to “sloth chocolate.” More research must be done consistently to ensure you're providing the sloth with the proper diet.

Another thing you might want to give your pet sloth is a stuffed animal. The pros at the Aviarios Sloth Sanctuary recommend one for baby sloths to cuddle with and cling to since in the wild they will stick close to their mothers for up to a year after birth.

Familiarize yourself with sloth habits. For instance, certain sloth species climb down from their trees to defecate once a week, in the same spot, and then climb back up. I was told by a friend who cared for three sloths that they only went to the bathroom when it rained, so she had to take them out to her backyard once a week, put them on her laundry lines, and sprinkle the hose above them to help them relieve themselves. Remember: Ignorance breeds misery, so make sure you know what you’re signing up for.

Finally, you need to find a vet who can properly care for your exotic critter. Check this site that can show you where there are vets for exotic animals in your area. Just call the numbers you find and ask about the care they can provide you with.

Where can I buy a sloth?

There are many websites dedicated to filling that hole in humans’ hearts that can only be filled with the purchase of an exotic pet. Exotic Animals for Sale is one of the most comprehensive I encountered on my quest for information. They provide a place for individuals to list animals they have for sale and post wanted ads for animals they’d like to buy. I saw everything from zebras and fruit bats to sugar gliders and marmosets listed for sale. They have a lot of animals you cannot find for sale anywhere else.

Final Thoughts:

Remember, just because an animal is cute doesn’t mean it will make a good pet. Caring for any pet is a big responsibility, but looking after an exotic animal that requires a huge commitment of time and money. Before you jump into a purchase you may regret (and make a living creature completely miserable), please take a moment to consider the quality of life you are going to be able to give this animal. If you cannot take care of a sloth adequately, don’t get one. If you aren’t well informed (though you’re researching the subject first which is great), you stand a very good chance of causing the premature death of an animal. On the other hand, if after all your extensive research you find that you’re up for this 40 year commitment, I wish you and your new sloth friend luck!

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      • profile image

        Gemma 2 months ago

        sloths are my favorite animal in the world. but, unless the sloth is hurt and needs help you should leave it in the wild. evn if they would make a great pet.

      • profile image

        TArnoldin 3 months ago

        Why are exotic animals being bred and sold.. With the millions of domesticated animals in shelters needing homes - who will be put to sleep if they don't find one, and people will spend $1000 on an exotic animal that doesn't even belong on this continent. The breeders should all be shutdown. Making money off the exploitation of animals.. it's sickening.

      • profile image

        Rox 3 months ago

        I think they are really cute

      • profile image

        Rhiana 4 months ago

        I think that is a very to-your-self opinion I believe that if the sloths can adjust they can but if not they should be returned

      • profile image

        Erin 4 months ago

        If you get a sloth as a pet, you are doing it for YOU, not for the sloth. The sloth would never choose that. It's very selfish. They are indeed wonderful, precious, beautiful. Please don't do this to them. Leave them in the wild where they belong and are happy. Do you really love them, as you say. Prove it. Don't make one your pet. That has nothing to do with love. Just the opposite.

      • profile image

        Nina 4 months ago

        Why would you want to own a sloth? Can't you see making a market to own exotic animals creates dangerous situations for them in their home lands. I can't believe anyone would think it is ok to take animals out of the wild. Fuck that

      • profile image

        April Bailey 7 months ago

        I have a bobcat and African Serval as pets.They are not for everyone they are a big responsibility. But I love them. They are healthy and we'll fed. Yes they are exotic animals

        I respect that .You get what you give.

        You get out what you put in. They never have to worry about where their next meal comes from. They have it made. They are happy cats!

      • profile image

        Allison 10 months ago

        Id like to know where you guys are finding sloths for sale!

      • profile image

        Luna Gonzalez 10 months ago

        I now have my very own baby sloth. Her name is Kinka! I love her very much and thanks to this article and many others, I can now successfully take care of her! Thank you

      • profile image

        Damiko 11 months ago

        I need a sloth asap

      • profile image

        Maggie 11 months ago

        I need a sloth

      • profile image

        Lara 11 months ago

        I realy love sloths and I realy want one

      • profile image

        Hi 12 months ago

        I WANT A SLOTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • profile image

        GAILYN GREEN 13 months ago

        Years of EXPERIENCE says EXOTICS wild unpredictable dangerous animals NEED I SAY MORE ?

      • profile image

        Bayley A Gleim 14 months ago


      • profile image

        Tyra Bridges 15 months ago

        I really want a sloth

      • profile image

        Mari 20 months ago

        I'm looking to buy a sloth, but it's so expensive just for the sloth itself. Anyone know a site that sells CHEAP sloths so I can a lot of food to stock up?

      • profile image

        Brohdi 21 months ago

        So cute

      • profile image

        I really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really re 21 months ago

        And when I say really I mean really

      • profile image

        simplysmart 23 months ago

        I want one really bad

      • profile image

        lee 2 years ago

        they are sooooo cute!!!!

        (update I now have one they are alot of work but it is so worth it)

      • profile image

        Carter 2 years ago

        Oh my god so cute!!!!!!!!

      • profile image

        Bridget Irving 2 years ago

        Under no circumstances get a sloth or any other wild animal as a pet. They experience life long distress and anxiety following the unnatural separation from their mothers, no human can fill this void. Treatments such as this one for the wholly avoidable mange will cause more distress - they can not display their fears as humans do but they experience them. After about one year they will become unmanageable - and ownwrs always end up having to give them to animal sanctuaries.

        I emplore the owner of this site to tak eit down or remove the information. Please - if you care one iota for baby sloths then do nothing - nothing, even with caveats of precautions and risks - do nothing to encourage the normalising of the abduction and captivity of wild animals. I know it is not your intention to be reckless with wild anilas lives but you are - Please remove this information - or alternatively write about how no human has the right to inflict this on wild animals - they do not cope with it.

        Please read up and remove this information.

      • profile image

        LPS Cooldog105 2 years ago

        My mom REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY wants a sloth.

      • profile image

        me 3 years ago

        I love sloths. I would love to have one but I don't want to deny any animal a right to live in the wild..I don't think its fair to them but so cute!

      • profile image

        Şevval Kefelioğlu 4 years ago

        I want sloth :(

      • orderedchaos profile image

        Brittany 5 years ago from Kansas City, MO

        always exploring- thanks for reading, and your comment! This video was one of my favorites when I started looking at sloths on YouTube- I had to post it! Glad you thought the hub was interesting, and I agree that I do not want a sloth, too much work for me as well-I'll just continue to oogle them on the internet.

      • always exploring profile image

        Ruby Jean Richert 5 years ago from Southern Illinois

        The video was precious. Sloths are adorable, but i wouldn't want one, too much work. Thank you. Interesting...

      • orderedchaos profile image

        Brittany 5 years ago from Kansas City, MO

        Melissa, thanks so much for your comment! I agree that these animals are extremely difficult to care for, and unlike other domesticated animals people are familiar with. I tried to illustrate that in the "final thoughts" portion of the hub, maybe some additions are needed. I'll revise the hub to include more detail about cage types and look into adding a nutritional guide as a starting point for the sloths' diet. I appreciate your feedback!

      • Melissa A Smith profile image

        Melissa A Smith 5 years ago from New York

        The irony is that the 'born free' website is dedicated to making sure that no one keeps non-domesticated 'pets' or in any form of captivity at all. Sloths require a pretty complex diet that requires the owner to do continuing research. They don't eat the same thing in captivity that they do in the wild (are you recommending to grow those trees?). They get a prepared diet with supplementary fruits and veggies that again, are specific types for long term health. You should specify that the large cage you mentioned should be a large, spacious aviary-type enclosure. They get much larger than is depicted in the video and photo. I'd say that sloths, husbandry-wise are a high-maintenance animal, and I'm just cautioning against the over-simplification of their care. Most of the animals on are older animals, and should probably be purchased with 'exotic animal' experience. They certainly are unusual.