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10 Great Reasons to Get a Ferret

I am the proud caretaker of 3 awesome ferrets. I like to write about why ferrets are simply awesome.

Why ferrets make great pets

Why ferrets make great pets

10 Positive Things About Ferrets

1. They have a high sense of curiosity and playfulness that is very entertaining to watch.

  • Give a ferret a plastic supermarket bag or large tube or box, and it will have hours of fun.
  • They also love to explore new items in their territory and notice right away if anything has changed.
  • Ferrets love water, snow, leaves, or sand to play in. Anything they can dig or splash in is fun.
  • They also love squeaky toys or other small animal toys bought at the local pet stores.

2. They get along with dogs and cats with proper care and introduction.

  • Ferrets can get along great with other house pets if given patience. Start out with a small introduction with limited time together. New introductions should be monitored at all times.
  • If your larger pet exhibits predatory behavior instead of interest and playfulness, you will have to rescue and defend your ferret. Be careful not to reward rough play.
  • Supervision will go a long way in teaching different animals to be nice to each other.

3. They are very loving animals if given the attention and care they need.

  • Ferrets need about 3–4 hours out of their cage each day to play. If they don't get enough love and attention, they won't be happy. They are not the type of animals you can leave in a cage all day and night. They have a curious heart and need room to play and explore.
  • They are prone to accidental deaths, so a safe environment is a must. Keep them away from electrical cords, anything that might fall on them, houseplants (because they like to dig), and pools. Think of baby-proofing a room like you would for a two-year-old.
  • Keep their nails trimmed so they do not get caught on fabrics or carpets. If a ferret's nails get caught in fabric or carpet, they tend to get panicked and pull their nails off too far down, which might cause bleeding.

4. They look so cute dressed up in an outfit.

There are cute outfits you can make or buy that will show off your ferret when you have friends over or company and want to have them looking their best.

Ferrets are communal creatures: Joey, Al, and King are all piled in a house sleeping soundly together.

Ferrets are communal creatures: Joey, Al, and King are all piled in a house sleeping soundly together.

5. They are quiet and only make sounds walking around, playful squeaking or chirping.

  • Ferrets do not make much noise. They make happy squeaks and chirps to their friends during playtime. No barking at the door and no howling. They are quiet pets and your neighbors won't even know you have one.
  • They might try to get into your shoes to play and sit inside them. They have been known to nibble on toes, but it is very easy to train them not to. Every animal goes through a teething stage; it is usually not a problem.
  • Positive reinforcement works the best. Give them lots of attention if they do something good. Focus on rewarding instead of punishing. They can be taught to use the litter box outside of the cage with repetition, treats, and patience.

6. They are relatively inexpensive compared to a large dog. Owning a ferret is similar to owning a small kitten.

  • Ferrets are generally less expensive than dogs or cats, and they don't eat much. They eat maybe as much as a small kitten. They use a water bottle much like a hamster or rabbit.
  • Wood chips should not be used as bedding because of the oils in them and allergies ferrets have. Puppy pads work very well and can be purchased online. The best ones to get are called Pee Pee pads by Pet Select, and they are quilted. They are very absorbent and can be easily rolled up and sealed into a plastic bag, taking away the odor. Baby wipes also work well to clean the plastic under the pads during changing. Ferrets like a clean cage and the pads should be changed every 2–3 days for one ferret and daily if you have more than one.
  • Pet stores carry bedding, but it can be quite messy. So if you have hammocks for your cage or a soft sweater for your ferret to tunnel into and sleep, the pads work fine for the bottom of the cage and are easier for clean-up.

7. They interact with humans well and can be taught tricks.

  • Ferrets are smart and can learn tricks. They can learn to roll over, shake hands, stand up, and other fun tricks with the use of rewards. They have special ferret treats in the pet stores that work well. Bandits Brand ferret treats are good ones. They also love the taste of creamy peanut butter on a spoon or baby food bananas.

Ferret Diet

  • High-protein ferret food
  • Ferrivite vitamins
  • Plenty of fresh water
  • Ferret treats flavored with protein, bananas, or peanut butter
Shiva is sleeping in her favorite spot, a big green frog. She collects green plastic bathtub frogs as well as earrings and money in her stashes.

Shiva is sleeping in her favorite spot, a big green frog. She collects green plastic bathtub frogs as well as earrings and money in her stashes.

8. If you buy them from a pet store, they may have their scent glands removed.

  • Those bought in US pet stores are mostly Marshall ferrets and they will usually have their scent glands removed during a sometimes controversial procedure called descenting. This makes them smell the same as any other house pet.
  • They can be bathed once a week or two with ferret shampoo. Be careful not to get soap/water in their ears or eyes.

9. They are great pets for children when the kids are able to spend enough time at home playing with them (3-4 hours daily).

  • Twelve is mature enough in most cases to be able to handle carefully and take care of an exotic pet with supervision.
  • During the teenage years, they will be able to learn the responsibility of feeding and cleaning after a pet.
  • It is hard to have an indoor pet like a ferret if the children are outside most of the time. Ferrets do not have a homing mechanism like a dog or cat and will be lost because they are always onto something new.
  • They should be trained immediately upon ownership to come to a squeaky toy sound in case of a fire or emergency. If they accidentally get outside, they may be able to hear and come back to the sound.

10. Ferrets stash their favorite things and are collectors.

  • Ferrets love to collect their favorite things. Each has its own unique personality and will love to collect different things such as shoes, foam slippers, rubber things, squeaky toys, shiny keys, money, and jewelry.
  • They usually put it in a stash under a bed or dresser or in a closet.
Three ferrets (Joey, Al, and King) in a hammock. They like to twist into comical sleeping positions.

Three ferrets (Joey, Al, and King) in a hammock. They like to twist into comical sleeping positions.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. It is not meant to substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, or formal and individualized advice from a veterinary medical professional. Animals exhibiting signs and symptoms of distress should be seen by a veterinarian immediately.

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remi kay on November 29, 2019:

what if i don't have enough money to get two ferrets then do i just forget about ferrets and not get one.

Nope. on December 13, 2018:

Size of kitten, requires attention of puppy and destroys all it sees. Love mine, but HUGE responsibility.