60 Cute and Funny Ferret Names

Updated on June 25, 2017

Ferrets are terrific pets to have for many ages. I mean, seriously, who can resist that cute, little, furry face as it runs by you at the most awkward of angles, back hunched and ready to play? I know I can’t!

All About Ferrets

People commonly consider a ferret as a member of the rodent family, but this is far from scientific truth; they are actually a member of the weasel family, which far more makes sense.

Ferrets are Carnivores

Weighing in at a whopping one to five pounds at maturity, did you know that ferrets are meat eaters? Well, you might want to brush up on their diet requirements if you plan on befriending one!

Ferrets are Playful

When you have a group of ferrets, they mean business! Literally, a group of ferrets is referred to as a “business” of ferrets. Having just a single ferret may make you feel like you have more pets because it is like having a dog and a cat in one single pet! They are quiet and small like a cat, but playful, loveable and sociable like a dog.

Ferrets are Smart

Much like a dog or cat, ferrets are pretty intelligent and learn their names, they can learn tricks, and they can potty train to a litter box! Imagine being able to have the furry little fellow run around without worrying about cleaning up after it or needing to confine it to a cage forever. Beware that ferrets are excellent hiders, though! It’s probably not a bad idea to invest in one of those huge ferret balls to let them run around it; at least they can’t squeeze themselves into trouble!

Naming Your Ferret

Ferrets are very silly animals, full of energy, attitude, and personality. They are most deserving of a name that will bring their personality forth, and there’s plenty of names that will be suitable for your new pet ferret! Here’s some tips to consider when thinking of ferret names:

  • Assess personality: Your ferret’s personality might come out right away, or it may take some time for it to adjust to it’s new surroundings. Ferret names should not be rushed, so it won’t hurt anything to wait to see your furry friend’s personality!

  • Use color or pattern: Different breeds of ferrets will have different colors and markings, and these can help with coming up with ferret names. Anything that generates name ideas is worth your time to consider.

  • Ferret qualities: Think of qualities that are common amongst ferrets such as behaviors and personality traits. Such qualities can make it easy coming up with ferret names!

Boy Names


Girl Names


Cute Names

Gummi Bear

Funny Names

Fuzzy Wuzzy

Deciding on a Name

Coming up with good ferret names should not be a hard process. I think, the hardest part is choosing between the many good names that you will come up with! But don’t worry, there’s ways that you can choose when you are stuck between two or a few names, and here’s how:

  • Coin toss: If you have two names that you like, this problem can be solved with a simple coin toss. With this old-fashioned method, assign name A to heads, and name B to tails, and whichever side the coin lands on will ultimately become the ferret’s name!

  • Index cards: In this game, let your ferret have fun picking its own name! What you do: Write a different name on each index card placing them in a big circle, place a piece of food on each one and then place the ferret in the middle of the circle. Whichever piece of food it eats first will determine the name.

  • Ask a kid: Kids say the darndest things, don’t they? They are just very honest beings! Take advantage of this quality and ask their opinion on a name; who knows, they might even throw different (and interesting) ideas at you!

The most important thing is not that the ferret has a name, but that it has a loving home! So love that ferret; the name will come!

Pets 101 - Ferrets

Questions & Answers


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      • profile image

        RedJay 7 weeks ago

        I'm thinking about getting one and naming it Vix

      • profile image

        MrzSandy 5 months ago

        I just named ours pepper and he's sooooo friendly he kisses and wags his tail he doesn't even nibble bite I'm very pleased with him I'm glad I got him ..love the name bandit very cute name but my son likes Pepper so Pepper it is my oldest liked Ozzie but its my yougest sons ferrit he got him for Christmas so he gets to name him and i like Pepper i said it and he liked it so that was that!

      • profile image

        Madi 5 months ago

        My ferret is an albino he is so much fun and full of joy so I came up with Oscar or Finley and those are the names I chose before I saw this paige but I liked Finley more so Finley it is right now Dec. 29 2017 Finley is exactly 7months old

      • profile image

        Cheyanne 6 months ago

        I really want a ferret and want to name it " Dory" is that a good name?

      • profile image

        The Ferret Guy 6 months ago

        Hi I am getting a ferret very soon and I want to call him Gizmo. Is this a good name?

      • profile image

        Deb 7 months ago

        My girls are called Izzy she is crazy hard at times but can be loving and loves to play she is also super protective over her sister Cleo who is loveing all the time she is literally a lap ferret and alway wants cuddles and my boy is called Charlie who is skatty loving and dopy. I wouldn't change my fuzzbutts for the world.

      • profile image

        Bob 7 months ago

        I love the name snickers

      • profile image

        i am not gonna put my real name on here 8 months ago

        I LOAF THE NAME SKIT!!!!!!!

      • profile image

        Daedyn Roachell 8 months ago

        How about Swiper or Pretzil

      • profile image

        Krista 8 months ago

        Ferrets are amazing. My son and I just adopted one yesterday. Hes mostly white with a little gray in him. It's been one day and we are already so in love. We have named him Oscar. He has the best personality. It's nothing like owning a hampster or rat. Ferrets are incredibily smart and playful.. Very energetic and sometimes mischevious but you can't get mad because they're just so darn cute. Another good thing about it is..if you remt and can't have a dog or cat..you can have a ferret and the landlord can't say anything about it. It's perfect. Oscar keeps my 8 year old entertained for hours. He hasnt even wanted tovuse an electronic device. Oscar is the perfect pet for us. I highly recommend a ferret as a family pet.

      • profile image

        Cynthia 9 months ago

        I named my two ferrets ,Chocolate and Cotton Candy,they are just adorable.

      • profile image

        liz 9 months ago

        how bout rocko

      • profile image

        Abbie 9 months ago

        yeah Im hoping to adopt a ferret. The one I'm looking at is a male named Oscar, but if i were to change the name, what should it be? i was thinking Scout was pretty cute!

      • profile image

        Savannah 10 months ago

        Loll love these names....

      • profile image

        Delaney 10 months ago

        i love all of these ferret names, they are all so great and helpfull to lots of ferret lovers like myself, but i think in the girls names there should the name "Kiwi" i just think that would a good name for a ferret. :)

      • profile image

        Hanna 10 months ago

        I am getting two girl ferrets a Champagne and a panda I have no idea what to name them! Plz help

      • profile image

        trayton 11 months ago

        i will be getting a ferret very soon and the name bandit settled the deal .thans SOOOOOOOOOOOO much!!!


        hegon (hay-gen) baycon

        marley may clampot


      • profile image

        Sandi 11 months ago


      • tutta profile image

        Tatiana 12 months ago from Florida

        That is a fantastic suggestion!

      • profile image

        HP Trash 12 months ago

        Why isn't Draco one of these.

      • profile image

        Jayme Hogan 12 months ago

        This is so helpful. Thanks!! I named my ferret Sly and he absolutely loves it so far.

      • profile image

        asdfghjkl 13 months ago

        thx you

      • profile image

        Kiki 13 months ago

        Do a hundred more ferret names

      • profile image

        faith 14 months ago

        the names are great

      • profile image

        Veronica 15 months ago

        Im getting a ferret soon I have a name for if its female but am having trouble with some for a guy.... Any ideas that are also human names?

      • profile image

        Confused 16 months ago

        Dear author. I need help in about a week i'm getting my first ferret & i don't know what to call it i really like bandit but a little while ago i gave my brother a kitten i named bandit after my grandmas cat that died a few years ago & the kitten was stolen & everyone really misses bandit & every time we name a animal bandit something bad happens i don't know what to do. Please help me pick a name for my first ferret. Please help me.

      • profile image

        Maggie 16 months ago

        I'm going to get too ferrets & i was thinking of tink & bella. I got my inspiration for Bella from bell & i really liked tink ya know like tinker bell. So thanks for all the great ideas.

      • tutta profile image

        Tatiana 18 months ago from Florida

        Hi Kaylee! I'm really glad I could help you out. I'm sure you and Spot will have a lot of fun together! :-D

      • profile image

        Kaylee 18 months ago

        YES i named my ferret Spot,I was inspired by your names...THX!!

      • profile image

        Lexie 18 months ago

        This name wasnt on here but i've had my ferret for about 4 months and his name is bear

      • profile image

        Xelia and Alan. 2 years ago

        We will be getting a ferret very soon. I (Xelia) have had ferrets before, and they're so loving, fun, Adorable, very intelligent animals, I spoiled mine like babies, lol! It's gonnabe so AweSome to get another one, they're funny, yet beautiful. And since we like 'Nascar' alot, that's what we're going to name him.

      • profile image

        Trevor M. 2 years ago

        Ew, who would name their ferret frodo? I think I like gandalf so

        much better. Stupid Lord of the Rings.

      • profile image

        Sophie Devereux 2 years ago

        Just got a female ferret and I named her Kiki.

      • profile image

        Olivia 2 years ago

        This really helped thanks! I named my ferret Oscar he seems to like it so far :-)


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