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Ferrets: Digestive System, Nutritional Needs, and Tips

Knowing how your ferret's stomach works is a great start to keeping them healthy and choosing the right food.


Is a Ferret the Best Pet for You?

It's easy to see why ferrets are appealing. They're smart, unusual and small enough to live inside the home. These adorable mammals are kept as pets, but they come with caretaking needs and legal caveats.


Ferret Husbandry 101: Behavior, Diet, and Medical Care

This article will discuss basic care and husbandry of ferrets, including behavior, diet, housing, preventative care, and common medical conditions.


Are Ferrets Banned in Your Country?

Every country, state and province has different regulations on ferret ownership. Ferrets are not welcome in some areas, no matter how cute they are. Find out if you are legally allowed to have a ferret where you live.


How to Bathe and Groom Your Ferret

Bathing your ferret can be an adventure, depending on how your ferret feels about water!


Basic Ferret Care and Facts

Owning a ferret is rewarding, but there are also challenges. Here are some basic facts you should know about ferrets before buying one!


How to Care for Your Angora Ferret

This article is for current and future angora ferret owners who want to learn how to take care of their unique pets.


Is a Ferret the Right Pet for You?

Ferrets can be great pets. They are fun, inquisitive, and intelligent. But are they right for your family?


60 Cute and Funny Ferret Names

Coming up with good ferret names should not be a difficult process. The hardest part is choosing between the many good names that you will come up with!


10 Great Reasons to Get a Ferret

Ferrets can be great pets and companions. Here are some positive reasons to think about owning a ferret as a pet.


Are Ferrets Hypoallergenic? My Experience Owning Ferrets

Learn about my experience with ferrets and my husband, who is seemingly allergic to everything.


Why Ferrets Are the Happiest Pets

The domesticated ferret is undoubtedly the cheeriest pet you'll ever own.


Five Ways to Make Your Ferret's Cage Smell Less

Advice on keeping your ferret's cage from smelling too much.


5 Ways to Reduce Ferret Odor

This article discusses five methods for eliminating ferret odor and why the stench occurs in the first place.


Problems With Keeping Ferrets as Pets

If you're thinking about keeping a ferret as a pet, read about these problems first before you purchase any!


How to Pet a Ferret

Ferrets can make for adorable pets, but you have to be careful with how you handle them. You have to take certain steps while petting them to avoid making them feel uncomfortable and flip out.