Cute and Funny Hedgehog Names

Updated on July 7, 2015

Hedgehogs are adorable little spiky balls of love! If you’ve ever held one in the palms of your hands, you understand the joy that they can bring, with those tiny, hopeful eyes and little button noses! Oh, and watching them swim and run on the little wheels, how could you ever get bored with that?

It’s so funny to watch them go into defense mode when they feel threatened, which might happen a lot for the first few weeks after you bring one home. They roll into a little ball and begin to huff and puff with their sharp quills poking outward; they basically morph into a breathing pin cushion!

Naming Your Hedgehog

With the purchase of any animal comes the need for a name, and a hedgehog needs a name as sharp and cool as he is! Not many animals are as spiky as a hedgehog, so this is one factor that should be considered when thinking of hedgehog names. Here’s a few other tips that may help you come up with good names:

  • Color: Keeping the hedgehog’s color in mind may help you to think of a fitting name.

  • Personality: What is it about that little guy that you absolutely adore? If your hedgehog has an unforgettable personality, use it in the name.

Just in case you need a little inspiration to come up with good ones, below you'll find categorized lists of many names you will love.

Boy Names


Girl Names


Cute Names


Funny Names

Pin Cushion

About Hedgehogs

Ever wonder how the hedgehog got its name? It stems from their foraging nature in the wild where they eat all kinds of bugs, from caterpillars to slugs, which also means they are great to have in your garden! They won’t mess with your plants but they sure want to eat the bugs that will ruin your plants!

Hedgehogs come in a variety of blacks, browns, beiges and whites so if you found a blue one, it is likely a stuffed animal named Sonic. They are naturally nocturnal but hedgehog owners can change those sleeping patterns and get the hedgehog to be a diurnal, or a daytime creature. Warning: You may get pricked a few times if you attempt to change their sleep schedules.

Although there are 15 different species of hedgehogs, the most common domesticated hedgehog is the African pygmy, which is likely the ones that you will find at the pet store. They may be little and appear to be on the chubby side, but this doesn’t stop the hedgehogs because they can actually run up to an impressive six feet per second!

Prickly ball of fun!
Prickly ball of fun! | Source

Hedgehog Fun Facts

Great hedgehog names are as abundant as the spines on their back, so it shouldn’t be hard to find just the right one for your little hedgie. Still need some inspiration? How about a few fun facts about hedgehogs to inspire you?

  • Hedgehogs have poor eyesight but excellent hearing and a great sense of smell!

  • Some hedgehogs love to swim and it helps them go to the bathroom. If you have a hedgehog that likes swimming, make sure he has an easy way to get out of the water when he's tired and always supervise!

  • There are about 5,000 spines on a hedgehog. Each spine lasts about a year, when it will fall out and be replaced by another spine.

  • They are referred to as “hoglets” when they are born. (How is that for an adorable name?)

  • They are typically solitary animals, only pairing up for mating, where the male will circle the female, mate, and then leave the female to rear the hoglets.

  • A hedgehog can have up to 11 hoglets in a single litter!

  • The gestation period for hoglets is only 32 days!

  • Hedgehogs are lactose-intolerant.

  • Their long snouts help them to forage for food, just like a regular hog.

Now that you know all about hedgehogs, you have a name for yours, right? If not, it will come to you eventually, just curl up into a little ball like a hedgehog and sleep on it!

Cute Kitten Meets Hedgehog

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      • profile image

        Harper 12 days ago

        This is a very cute name

      • profile image

        Pine boy 3 weeks ago

        My hedgehogs name is Fernando

      • profile image

        kristine 3 weeks ago

        they cute i love hedgehogs and unicorns hegucorns

      • profile image

        Maddie 6 weeks ago

        i names mine Mochi

      • profile image

        Little lolly 7 weeks ago

        I love hedgehogs awww

      • profile image

        Emma 7 weeks ago

        I named my male hedgehog hershey

      • profile image

        Addie0406 2 months ago

        I named mine piper so cute

      • profile image

        kella 2 months ago

        so cute i named my hedeghog thorn

      • profile image

        Trinity 2 months ago

        Hedgehogs are so cute

      • profile image

        Zoey 2 months ago

        We have a hedgehogs and your babies so if they hurt you watch should you do

      • profile image

        Nadia 2 months ago

        I ant a hedgehog sooooo bad!

      • profile image

        Addie 2 months ago

        I really want a hedgehog

      • profile image

        Claire 3 months ago

        Hi Sophie! I think that both Merlin and Muffin are super cute names, but if it were my choice I would probably go with Muffin. Good luck with your hedgehog and I hope this helps!

      • profile image

        Sophie 3 months ago

        I have been asking my parents for a hedgehog for a year now, and finally they said yes! It's going to be a boy and I was thinking on Merlin and Muffin, which one do you prefer?

      • profile image

        hello 3 months ago

        this has made me want to get a hedgehog, i'm getting mine in 5 mounts

      • profile image

        Bonnie 3 months ago

        My little boy is named: Sir Poops A Lot, and he lives up to his name,

      • profile image

        Bonjour 3 months ago

        I named my hedgehog Delilah because Hey There Delilah one of my favorite songs. And it totally matches her personality too!

      • profile image

        Hedgehoger 3 months ago

        I saw brownie a good hedgehog name?

      • profile image

        Rosie Bertha Counts 3 months ago

        omgeezles that's soooooo cool! Thank you sooooo much! i'm so happy because if i get straight C grades, i can get a hedgie! i'll name her pretty pickles! Wow! this is so exciting! BEST DAY EVAAAA #livingthehedgielife! I bet that it would be so supes pretty. ok bye hedgie lovers! Peace out girlscout!


        Rosie Bertha Counts

      • profile image

        no namer 3 months ago

        i want a hedgehog

      • profile image

        :) 3 months ago

        Willow is really cute

      • profile image

        Hedgehog lover 3 months ago

        thank you very much..... also I think Douglas is a good name!!

      • profile image

        Elyse 3 months ago

        I keep Begging, and, Begging, and Begging for a Hedgehog, mabey someday my parents will let me get one.:)

      • profile image

        logs 3 months ago

        Gilbert is a good name too

      • profile image

        Jordan 4 months ago

        I am getting an headhoge tomorrow and I am naming it flower

      • profile image

        Allie 4 months ago

        I’m gettting one for my birthday and naming him ozzy

      • profile image

        Francesca 4 months ago

        My girl Hedgehog

      • profile image

        Ani 4 months ago

        I am getting a hedgehog for my birthday

      • profile image 4 months ago

        May I have a hedgehogs. Because I love hedgehogs.

      • profile image

        Emma 4 months ago

        I'm getting a hedgehog in around 2 weeks and I'm getting so excited! Naming it Samoa.

      • profile image

        Genesis 4 months ago

        Got a hedgehog for Christmas naming cocoa.

      • profile image

        hedgehogs 5 months ago

        i'm getting a hedgehog on january 1st and it will be named winston!!!!!!!!!!!!! any hedgehog names that have to do with quills i HATE!!!! so winston it is!! (no, his last name won't be WINSTON CHURCHQUILL!)

      • profile image

        Kenz 5 months ago

        I'm getting a hedgehog maybe for my birthday and I think I might name it ozzy

      • profile image

        abibibib 5 months ago

        calling mine cocoa :)

      • profile image

        Brooklyn 5 months ago

        Thanx im going to name my hedgehog Quilliam

      • profile image

        Danyelle 5 months ago

        I’m hopefully getting a hedgehog

      • profile image

        Tex and Kirra needs a hedgehog 6 months ago

        i want a hedgehog sooo bad ahhhhh

      • profile image

        Rebecca 6 months ago

        I choose cocoa and button

      • profile image

        daniela 7 months ago

        i chose zuri and fermando

      • profile image

        Aidah 7 months ago

        I want a white\beige hedgehog this Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • profile image

        carter 8 months ago


      • profile image

        Brianna 8 months ago

        I need a name

      • profile image

        Violet 8 months ago

        I love heggies I have one names Tiffany

      • profile image

        Faith 8 months ago

        I am going to be getting a hedgehog in a month or so and I love the name Periwinkle, so I am going to name him that but I will call him Peri.

      • profile image

        leah 9 months ago

        omg i just died when i saw quilliam,hilarious

      • profile image

        Kamden 10 months ago

        Another name u could add to the list is pip

      • profile image

        Bununu 10 months ago

        Add the name "bununu" and say it in a sweet way like "BINUUUUNUUU"

      • profile image

        Potato 10 months ago

        He cute and new but scared and he only will me to pick him up bare handed anybody else will get poked by quills. But he is in all a good pet so fare

      • profile image

        Hailee 11 months ago

        I have two hedgehogs. My girl is named fluffy. My boy is named Little Boy even though he is very large for a hedgehog.

      • profile image

        Coreen jessica 12 months ago

        I am a new hedgehog or hoglet owner I should say and he seems to only want to sleep. He is eating and drinking seems o.k that way . But seems to not have any use for his wheel yet either. Is there any way to intice him to use his wheel more?

      • profile image

        meghan lake 12 months ago

        the name hedgehog in German is eagle

      • profile image

        Nacho 13 months ago

        Best name for hedgehogs

      • profile image

        Erica 13 months ago

        How About Naming Your Hedgehogs Thelma And Louise Or French Toast And Waffles PB & J Sonny And Cher

      • profile image

        Juli 13 months ago

        These names are cool!: )

      • profile image

        HaileeRising 13 months ago

        I am going to get a hedgehog and I am going to name it PORKEY!

      • profile image

        Brooke 15 months ago

        once i had a fish name Snackelberry Junction. He is no longer with us... But i know in my heart that he is up there in lil' fishy heaven. But he was a good ol' lad, and if i got a hedgehog i will name it Snackelberry Junction in memory of my deceased fish.

        Snackelberry Junction 2/14/09

      • profile image

        15 months ago

        I have a boy hedgehog named Yuri! I love him

      • profile image

        1LUVhedgies 15 months ago

        my sister paints my hedgehog phoebe's nails her favorite color. Can you guess what it is?? Purple!!!

      • profile image

        cyra 17 months ago

        I got one for Christmas and I called her Thistle.

      • profile image

        Christine 17 months ago

        Love those little hedgehogs, does anyone now where I can get one.. I live near chester...

      • profile image

        Laine 17 months ago

        My female hedgehog, Burlap, turns 2 this Sunday!

      • profile image

        CaptainKawaii33 20 months ago

        Mines is ClutterFunk But i call him Clutter

      • profile image

        Hedgehog lover 20 months ago

        Mine is Stella she's a girl and hedgei he's a boy

      • profile image

        nick 22 months ago

        I had a pair I named Boris and Natasha.

      • profile image

        person 22 months ago

        i looked up Porcupine names for my Webkinz, then it went to this, HEDGEHOG names, i got to say they are cute

      • profile image

        talsi mcorminc 24 months ago

        i want one soooo bad!!!

      • profile image

        Sophie 2 years ago

        Yes I've got one for £10 pounds it's a female

      • profile image

        morgana 2 years ago

        is anyone selling a hedgehog?

      • Georgie Lowery profile image

        GH Price 2 years ago from North Florida

        Great name ideas! I recently got a breeding pair and named them Boris and Natasha from the old Bullwinkle cartoons!

      • profile image

        heggielover220 2 years ago

        im geting one and im going to name her quentin said quee-tin girl

      • profile image

        Frank 2 years ago


      • profile image

        Sid 3 years ago

        I have had 4 hedgehogs that I personally owned and about 14-20 that I rescued and rehomed. My four were Berko (boy) Puddin' (Girl) Freya (albino girl) and Dragomir (albino boy). One thing about this article and a misconception about hedgehogs in general - not all of them can swim- most of them in fact can't and don't enjoy it! when bathing a hedgehog please put no more than half a finger of lukewarm water in the tub, you don't want to plop a hedgie in a full bath and have them sink and drown!

      • profile image

        Nicole 3 years ago

        I have two hedgehogs, Loki and Gimli. Loki is named that way because he crawled out of the box I had him in and into my lap. I was driving about 70mph down I-57 in IL. Gimli was renamed from Ghibli because the rescue people accidentally told me his name was Gimli, not Ghibli. The name stuck. Both boys are about 2.5 years old.

      • musictunes profile image

        Kris Weber 3 years ago from Saint Cloud, Minnesota

        I had a heck of a time naming my hedgehogs! I found that if you own them for at least a couple of months that it makes the name process a whole lot easier because you can view their tendencies and call them something related to how they act. This is a real good site if you are looking for breeders and such. I like these hubs made on hedgehogs.. I think maybe I might make my own.. or maybe I'm too lazy haha.


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