How to Housetrain a Pet Monkey

Updated on August 12, 2019
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Dr Mark is a veterinarian. He works with small animals, exotics, horses, and livestock.

Housetraining a Capuchin monkey? Oh NO!!!
Housetraining a Capuchin monkey? Oh NO!!! | Source

Can You Housetrain a Monkey?

Many websites and “experts” will tell you that monkeys cannot be housetrained. This might be true for some species. The housetraining technique I describe here may work on many species but, since I have only worked with Capuchin and Spider Monkeys, I cannot tell you that for sure. (I have worked with Marmosets and this technique does not work with them.)

With a lot of effort you can housetrain some monkeys.

Keep in mind that monkeys are intelligent but not as easy to housetrain as dogs and cats. They are not den animals and do not look for a special area in which to urinate. Monkeys are used to urinating and defecating anywhere they happen to be and do not have a natural inclination to pick a bathroom area.

Running around outside the cage should be interesting and something your monkey looks forward to.
Running around outside the cage should be interesting and something your monkey looks forward to. | Source

Housetraining an Adult Monkey

In order to train your monkey, you need to rely on their intelligence. Build a large cage, something that they will enjoy spending time in, but when they are out running around your house or yard, you need to make sure that you play games with them, give them treats, and make sure they enjoy being outside of the cage.

  • Every day, you need to take the monkey out so that they can enjoy your house or yard.
  • Allow the monkey to spend several hours outside.
  • When the monkey urinates on you, playtime is over. Take them and put them back in the cage and take out all of their loose toys. It is not really punishment, more of a “time out,” so make sure they are in there for at least a half-hour, enough time for them to get bored with those surroundings.
  • Take them back out after this period and play with them again. If they urinate on you again, you must put them back in the cage.
  • Within a few days, the monkey will figure out that they are not to urinate on you or their playtime will be over.
  • Once your monkey is housetrained, they will need to have the ability to run off and urinate once in a while. If they jump off you and runs up a tree, you will have to let them. After they are finished, they will want to come back to see what you are doing.
  • If you are not willing to let your monkey jump down and find an area to use as their bathroom, you will never be able to housetrain your monkey. Keeping the monkey in a cage all of the time is cruel and, since diapers are not a good option for many animals, you should have a different type of pet.

A monkey that is not yet weaned probably cannot be housetrained.
A monkey that is not yet weaned probably cannot be housetrained. | Source

Housetraining a Young Monkey

Housetraining a very young monkey is almost impossible.

Like a small child still in diapers, they will need to urinate often, and they have very little control of their bladder and bowels. The best way to deal with a monkey too young to be housetrained is to use small diapers made for children. (When young they are very tolerant of diapers. As adults, they are more likely to tear them off.)

A monkey of any age may have an accident, and if you are not able to deal with this, you should consider caring for a different pet. For example, recently, a monkey was resting on my shoulder as he watched the village children playing on the plaza. One of the kids set off fireworks and the monkey, frightened, urinated on my shoulder.

Since I live in the tropics, it was easy enough to take the shirt off and rinse it. If you think this is a terrible thing, and not something you can ever put up with, do not get a monkey.

Dont forget that your monkey is looking up to you and expects you to do the right things.
Dont forget that your monkey is looking up to you and expects you to do the right things. | Source

Are All Monkeys Able to be Housetrained?

Not all monkeys can be housetrained, and not all people are going to be able to teach their monkeys.

If you are not able to follow through with this technique every time, your monkey will probably never become housetrained. Some people live with this issue, and even their adult monkeys wear diapers when outside of the cage.

Monkeys like that usually end up spending most of their lives inside of a cage.

I do not think a monkey in that situation makes a good pet. Unless you have plenty of time to spend with your monkey and are willing to accept some failures, you are better off with a pet that is easier to train.

Shelters are full of good dogs looking for homes.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. It is not meant to substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, or formal and individualized advice from a veterinary medical professional. Animals exhibiting signs and symptoms of distress should be seen by a veterinarian immediately.

© 2016 Dr Mark


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    • DrMark1961 profile imageAUTHOR

      Dr Mark 

      7 weeks ago from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil

      Daddy pig, there are so many variables that no one can answer this. What species, what kind of food are you giving, what size of environment, veterinary care, etc. At the very least, plan on US$1000

    • profile image

      Daddy pig 

      7 weeks ago

      How much is it per year to own a pet monkey for the basic food and home things.

    • profile image

      Errol Sperling 

      8 months ago


    • AliciaC profile image

      Linda Crampton 

      4 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

      I will probably never have to housetrain a monkey in my life, but I still found this hub interesting! I love your photos. Thanks for sharing the advice. It should be very helpful for a person who has a pet monkey and for the monkey as well.

    • profile image

      Bob Bamberg 

      4 years ago

      Well I'll be a monkey's uncle! Should we expect follow-up articles like "The Seven Best Monkeys That Look Like Your In-Laws," "Set An Extra Plate At The Table - Don't Give Your Simian Monkey Chow," and "Cool Old Names For New World Monkeys?"

      Interesting article, Doc. Quite a departure from your usual canine stuff. Here in the US most states ban, or require a permit for, monkey ownership; and the permits are usually given only to zoo's, research facilities, etc. I think the states that allow ownership of monkeys draw the line at great apes and baboons. Do you have a monkey or were you just treating one?

    • jodarling profile image

      Joanna Darling 

      4 years ago from Jupiter

      Love it!


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