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Five Rare Sheep Breeds for the Hobby Farm

Rare and endangered sheep are a great choice for small farmers who are preservation-minded. In this article, I recommend five breeds that do well on hobby farms.


Rotational Grazing With Portable Electric Net Fences

Rotational grazing is good for your animals and good for your land. Learn how to use an electric netting fence for your sheep, goats, pigs, and more.


I Love Wool Sweaters, but Are They Ethical?

Nothing keeps you snug on a cold day like a good sweater. But with the wool industry blemished by questionable practices, what should a vegan farmer do with his sheep's wool?


15 Best Sheep Breeds for Meat

While the meat of some sheep breeds does not lose taste with age, others grow pretty fast, saving you time and money. The quality of meat sheep breeds offer varies and the ideal breed for you will depend on the goals you have for your homestead or farm.


25 Best Dairy Goat Breeds: Goats for Milk

There are around 570 goat breeds in the world, but only 69 of those are truly identified as "dairy breeds." Some of the best goats for milk include Saanen, Nubian, Alpine, Toggenburg, Sable and Nordic.


15 Best Goat Breeds for Meat

Meat goats are very easy to care for. They can be raised with little supplemental grain and minimal shelter. Their small size, adaptability to drastic environmental conditions, huge productivity and excellent fertility make them ideal for anyone looking to raise farm animals.


200+ Lamb and Sheep Names (From Amos to Velvet)

Planning on owning sheep or growing your flock? Here are over 200 sheep name suggestions to consider for your new fluffy friends!


How to Introduce a New House Pig to Your Home

What should you do when you first bring a new pig home? Here's how I introduced and acclimated my new house pig at home and to other pets living there.


How to Care for Your First Pet Donkey

Donkeys make amiable pets and are independent, amusing, and inquisitive. If cherishing one is appealing but you don't know where to start, read on!


The Pros and Cons of Bottle-Feeding a Baby Goat

I have raised my fair share of bottle-fed baby goats. I own goats as personal pets and as members of our petting zoo. I want my goats to be as friendly and people-oriented as possible. There are definitely pros and cons to raising a baby goat on a bottle. Here are my thoughts.


350+ Pet Goat Names for Your New Goat (From Angus to Waffles)

Thinking about adopting a goat and need some help thinking of good goat names? Here are over 350 goat name ideas to graze through!


How Much Hay Do My Animals Need for Winter?

"How much hay do I need for the winter?" In this article, I'll discuss how I calculate how much hay to buy each winter for your goats, sheep, horse, or other livestock to avoid buying too much or too little.


How to Raise Chickens in an Incubator

Ever wonder what it is like to raise chicks but think that it would be too hard? Read on to see how easy it is to start your brood from an incubator.


Goats Are Farm Animals That Make Great Pets!

Goats make good pets on a small farm, ranch, or homestead. These friendly, funny creatures eat weeds and play tricks!


Hypothermia in Lambs: What to Do If the Lamb Is Cold or Hypothermic

Discover crucial information that could save the life of a lamb that is cold, chilled, or has hypothermia. Hypoglycemia and starvation are addressed, as well.


How to Decide if a Pet Pig Is Right for You

So you want a potbellied pig as a pet? Before you sign on the dotted line, make sure you know what you're getting yourself into.


5+ Best Breeds of Sheep for a Small Farm

Here are my top five picks of sheep breeds for the small (or hobby) farm, plus bonus material!


75 Classic Cow Names (From Annabelle to Sampson)

Cows have some of the biggest personalities on the farm, so have fun in the process of naming your cows and bulls. Read through this list of names for ideas and be sure to let us know what you choose!


The Best Names for Your Pet Goat

Perfect pet goat names, how do you find them? What makes a good name? Whether they're male or female, there is nothing wrong with being creative when naming your pet goat. There are too many Buckys and Nannys out there!


Living With Miniature Pigs on Our Small Farm

I was given two miniature pigs, strangers to each other until they met on my small farm. Now Mr Pig has given up his bachelor flat and moved into the honeymoon suite with the lovely Peppa.


What Donkeys Can Teach Us About Being Human

Donkeys can provide human friends with important life lessons on the value of hard work, maintaining a sense of humor, and how to treat others. He-Haw! Let the off-color jokes begin.


The Best Chickens for the Backyard

Did you know that the three types of chickens include the egg layers, the meat birds, and the dual-purpose birds? Find out why dual-purpose birds are the best for raising in the backyard, including Barred Rock and Rhode Island Red.


Adopting and Caring for a Domesticated Pot-Belly Pig

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a pet pig? This is the story of our family's adoption of a pig we call Wilbur.


Dairy Farming in Wisconsin: Feeding a Herd of Milk Cows

From personal experience on my sister's farm, I examine the feed needed for dairy cattle and describe how it is fed every day. The small farmer's life is very hard due to the high cost of feed.


How to Breed Sheep and Care for Pregnant Ewes

Whether you're planning on breeding your pet sheep or are interested in trying to earn some extra money getting into the markets for lamb, mutton, or wool, this article will provide you with the information that you'll need to get started breeding sheep.


How to Raise Chickens and Pigs for Meat and Self-Sufficiency

Looking to achieve a little more self-sufficiency in terms of raising meat livestock? Here is what you need to know about producing your own chicken and pork.


How We Built Our Pet Pygmy Goats Pen

Welcome to our goat pen! Meet Oliver and Delilah, our pet Pygmy goats, and see how we built our new goat pen to provide shelter from weather and predators.


The Complete Guide to Caring for Sheep as Pets

Aside from being an important agricultural commodity, sheep are often kept as pets. This article offers tips on caring for pet sheep, whether you already have them or would like to know what it takes to look after sheep as pets.


Raising Goats: Breeding and Kidding

How to breed your goats, and what to do before, during, and after kidding, from the first signs of being pregnant, through gestation, labor, birth, and aftercare.


How to Raise and Care for Goats

Goats are pretty easy to keep. Find out how much space and food they need and how to provide basic care for these friendly and curious animals.


Miniature Farm Animals: A Guide to Miniature or Small Livestock

Don't have much space for a large farm with large farm animals? Well, I have gathered information on many species of livestock that are smaller than your average breed, or they are just small in general.


5 Common Myths About Raising Pigs

Are pigs dirty? Do they smell bad? Are they difficult to take care of? Learn more myths and facts about raising pigs.


6 Best Dairy Goat Breeds for the Homestead

There are 6 common breeds of dairy goats. All of them could be used on the homestead.


The Best Way to Take Care of a Rejected Lamb

Taking care of lambs that have been rejected by their moms is a time-consuming job. Here are some signs of maternal rejection to look out for and detailed directions to bottle-feeding lambs.


Types of Hog Pens: Pigpens From Farrowing to Finishing

To build a pigpen that's right for you, start by figuring out which type of pen you need. Here are the basic types of pigpens, as well as considerations for humane livestock handling.


How to Build a Pigpen: Essential Elements of Hog Pens

The basic considerations for building a pigpen start with knowing what it's going to be used for, the size of the breed you plan to raise, and the number and age of animals it's intended for.


How to Raise and Care for Nigerian Dwarf Goats

This article is a guide to Nigerian Dwarf goat care. Housing tips have also been included.


Do Pygmy Goats Make Good Pets?

Find out why goats may or may not make good pets. Learn more about the pros and cons of owning Pygmy goats.