How to Properly Feed Chickens

When owning a flock of poultry, one needs to consider what to feed them. This is a general guide to feeding poultry and picking feed that is right for your budget, needs, and availability.


Keeping Chickens in the House

With backyard poultry becoming an ever-increasing trend, some chickens are bound to end up inside as "not-so-exotic" pets. But is this a good idea? Let's find out!


Raising Baby Ducks

Learn how to take care of baby ducks, or ducklings, using this step-by-step guide. From what a baby duck eats and drinks to what it needs to thrive, this guide covers everything.


The Pros and Cons of Letting Chickens Free-Roam

The topic of letting chickens free-range vs. keeping them in a chicken run is frequently debated. This article will list three pros and three cons of both sides to help you figure out which option is best for your animals.


Make Your Own Egg-Grabber Tool

Eggs don't have to be out of reach with this handy tool made from common household items.


6 Ways to Keep Chickens Cool in the Summer

Six easy and inexpensive ideas to keep your chickens from overheating in the summer.


Raising Chickens: Getting Started With Just the Basics

If you have been thinking about raising chickens, read this to get started in a simple and cost-effective way. We are talking just the basics.


The Pros and Cons of Owning Chickens in the Suburbs

Owning chickens in the suburbs might not be for everyone, but please consider it. Here's a long list of both the benefits and detriments of keeping chickens in a not-so-rural area.


10 Reasons Muscovy Ducks Make Great Pets

Are you excited about the world of waterfowl but just don't want a regular old duck to keep up with the Joneses? Prepare to learn the reasons why you should get out there and find a Muscovy.


Preparing Your Coop for Severe Weather

How do you get your chicken coop ready for blizzards, tornadoes, thunderstorms, flooding, or hurricanes? Don't wait until severe weather is imminent to prepare your flock for the storm.


A Beginner's Guide to Raising Ducks

A fun but messy alternative to chickens, ducks can bring great joy given the proper care.


An Expert's Guide to Raising Healthy Chicks (and Surviving Chick Days)

Here is everything you'll want to know before purchasing chicks for the first time.


250+ Duck Names for Your Feathered Friend (From Aflac to Xerxes)

Who doesn't want to own a pet duck!? Here are more than 250 duck names for your feathered friend!


Why Dog Trainers Have an Interest in Training Chickens

Raise your hand if you've never heard about training chickens. If your hand is up, you are in good company as not many people realize chickens are actually trainable.


Everything You Need to Know About Pekin Ducks

Pekin ducks have been around for over 2000 years. These beautiful birds grow extremely quickly and produce a lot of meat and eggs. They also make great pets and show birds due to their unique personalities and social skills. This article includes information about diet, habitat, breeding, and more.


100+ Creative Names for Your Chicken

Whether you raise chickens or just received a baby chick for Easter, you'll find a name in this list for every breed and personality.


DIY Automatic Chicken Watering System for Under $10

Build an automatic watering system for your chickens for less than $10.


What Is a Domestic Duck?

Domestic ducks are ducks that are cared for and/or raised by people. People typically raise ducks for pets, eggs, meat, and show. Domesticated ducks rely on people for food and shelter.


How to Build a Homemade Chicken Egg Incubator for Less Than $20

Incubators are expensive, and they aren't always trustworthy. Read on to find out how to create one yourself that works.


How to Start and Raise Backyard Chickens: Building a Foundation Flock

So you've decided you want to keep chickens, but where to start? What breed of chickens? How many do you need? Read on to find out.


The 5 Best Chicken Breeds for Your Homestead

What are the best breeds of chicken for your homestead or backyard flock? Read on to find out!


First Aid: How to Care for an Injured Chicken

Here are some tips on what to do if your hen is injured, from someone who has been through it and was completely unprepared at the time. Learn about basic chicken first aid.


The Best Ducks for Laying Eggs

With so many breeds, it is difficult to choose the best for egg production. The type of duck you choose will depend on your needs. Let's take a look at what the different breeds have to offer.


Mistakes to Avoid When Raising Chickens: Our Story

This is our story about beginning to raise chickens. Learn from our mistakes about what to do and what not to do when raising chickens.


The 10 Best Natural Snacks and Treats for Ducks

Ducks are foraging omnivores that love to eat things, especially snacks. With so many options, which foods make the best treats?


10 Excellent Insider Tips for Raising Backyard Hens

New to raising hens? Unsure how to begin? Here are some important tips for raising hens in your back yard.


12 Most Common Chicken Predators in the U.S.

This list will help you get an idea of what threatens your flock and how to guard against predation, but it is always good to discuss the subject of predators with other chicken owners around you.


What to Do When Your Hen Is an Egg Eater

Learn how to identify and remedy egg-eating in your flock.


Which Chicken Breeds Are Broody? (And How to Care for Mother Hens)

This article offers tips on how to utilize the natural instincts of a broody hen to incubate, hatch, and raise your chicks naturally.


A Guide to Keeping Chickens in Confinement

Keeping your chickens in confinement doesn't have to be a prison sentence. If you can't let them go free range, here's how to do it in the most healthy and humane way possible.


The Terrible Truth About Raising Turkeys

You may think you're raising your own turkey for Thanksgiving, but you probably aren't... here are the facts about raising turkeys.


Great Reasons to Raise Geese in Your Back Yard

Why raising backyard geese may be the next endeavor for your micro-farm.


10 Different Types of Food to Feed Your Chickens

If you're new to raising chickens, picking out the right feed can be quite a challenge. Learn the differences so you can feed your flock only the very best!


6 Reasons to Keep a Rooster in Your Yard

If I want a few hens to provide eggs, do I need a rooster? Why should I have a rooster? Aren't they mean, noisy birds?


Raising Chickens (the Pet That Pays for Itself)

We all love pets, but some are more expensive and difficult to keep successfully than others. Chickens are an economical and easy alternative to the traditional pets like cats and dogs.


Raising Chickens in a 21st Century Eco-Village

My family helps raise chickens as a member of a community where the work is shared and the blessings are many. We raise our chickens for the eggs, which are delicious, and we learn so much from them.


Chicken Addiction and the Urban Chicken Owner

The dangers of owning chickens and why you can't own just a few.


How to Make Your Chicken Coop Predator-Proof

Prevent predators from entering and killing your chickens by creating a predator-proof chicken coop and chicken run.


The Best Backyard Chicken Breeds

The best backyard chicken breeds are friendly and provide a sufficient quantity of eggs. Breeds such as the Silver Gray Dorking and Buff Orpington are excellent choices for a backyard flock.


DIY Chicken Coop: It's Not as Hard as You Might Think

Here are some tips and tricks on building your own chicken coop cheaply and also a basic design plan to get you started.


The Best 10 Dual-Purpose Chicken Breeds for Eggs and Meat

Keeping chickens is an extremely rewarding venture. Happy, healthy hens will lay eggs nearly all year round and will also provide you with delicious meat. However, certain breeds are better than others


45 Awesome Names for Chickens and Roosters

Chickens make great pets, and having a coop of chickens can help your family in so many ways! Check out our list of 45 rooster and chicken names!


How to House Chickens in Your Backyard

Want to house chickens in your backyard? When keeping chickens in your garden is not easy, it is time to build a hen house and a chicken run. Illustrated guide.


Everything You Want to Know About the Silver Laced Wyandotte Chicken

The Silver Laced Wyandotte chicken is one of the oldest American breeds. They are a popular breed for backyard flocks because of their beauty, temperament, and egg-laying abilities.


5 Lessons Ducks, Geese and Swans Can Teach Us About Life

Ducks, geese and swans are feathered philosophers, offering us humans useful tips on relationships, job success, stress management and staying healthy. You won't think of them as bird-brained again!


Information About Crested Polish Chickens

These chickens come in a variety of beautiful colors and are fun to raise. In this article, I share photos and basic information about raising them.


Bullying Is Becoming More Common Among Ducks

Bullying is an issue we all need to be aware of. Especially when it involves ducks.


How to Winterize a Chicken Coop

Knowing how to properly winterize your chicken coop is important for keeping your flock healthy through the colder months of the year.


How to Build a Movable Chicken Coop or Tractor

Chickens can be a great addition to your property because of the eggs they produce. If you don't have the desire to build a permanent home for them, there are movable options.


A Guide to Keeping Ducks as Pets

Includes suggestions about which duck breeds are most suitable for different purposes. Covers housing, feeding, stocking density, wing clipping, and health of pet ducks.