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Broken Aquarium Lid: DIY Repair and Fix

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Glass tank cover repair

Glass tank cover repair

Replace or Repair Cracked Hinge on Fish Tank

These covers look great but come with a plastic hinge that easily breaks within a year. The company could provide a silicone hinge that would not easily crack in half, or at least sell a replacement hinge for less than the cost of a replacement cover.

As of my search a new lid will run about $25, a replacement hinge from the manufacturer will be about $22 after shipping.

The hinge is a 3/16" plastic hinge and can also be found online from plastic manufacturers for about $2 a foot. Once shipping and minimum quantity is met you are still looking at about $20.

Now $25 a year is not a huge expense, but an unneeded expense for an item that would last decades if cheap plastic was not being used.

This DIY fix will cost around $10 to complete.

Tools and Items Needed to Replace the Hinge

Replacing plastic hinge on fish tank lid

Replacing plastic hinge on fish tank lid

Very simple household tools are needed and a few items that you may already have.

  • Ruler: Optional, but good if you want the hinges spaced a little bit more accurately than just eyeing it.
  • Boxcutter or scissors
  • Rubbing alcohol: Something to clean the glass so the tape will stick
  • Double-sided tape: If you have kids and a craft drawer, you probably have a roll of double-sided tape. I bought a 3mm huge roll years ago online for about $3.
  • Plastic piano hinges: After all of my research, I ended on plastic piano hinges (I've never seen a piano with plastic hinges, but whatever). These are about an inch wide and a 10-12 pack can be bought online for $8 including shipping and tax.


If your glass is nasty with hard water stains, you can soak it in white vinegar to make it like new. You just don't want any buildup where you plan on placing the hinges.

Wipe the hinges down with rubbing alcohol to get off any manufacturing and finger residue. At that point you can start applying your double-sided tape. I ended up using five hinges, but you could space out three or all 12, your choice.

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In the picture below, I stuck down the middle hinge and estimated where I wanted the others and marked the glass with a permanent marker. The lines can be wiped away with rubbing alcohol afterwards.

*I used 3mm double-stick tape and needed two lines, so if you are buying tape for this project, purchase 6mm.

Piano hinges on fish tank cover

Piano hinges on fish tank cover

Fix broken glass aquarium lid

Fix broken glass aquarium lid

Plastic hinge on aquarium lid

Plastic hinge on aquarium lid

Once you have the hinges aligned to how you want, peel off the tape seal and stick them down. Attaching them to the second piece of glass is as simple as lining up the glass, pulling off the tape seal, and sticking it down.

Plastic Piano Hinges For Aquarium Lid Repair

This is what worked for me, as I cannot justify buying a new cover every six months to a year only due to cheap products used by the manufacturer.

If the silicone in the tank failed every six months, no one would be keeping aquariums, as the lid is glass like the tank, I think the failure is known by manufacturers and guaranteed income as there are no replacement hinges less than the price of a new lid.

That being said, in today's day and age, why is the manufacturer still using cheap plastic when a silicone hinge could be designed? Stop paying for products that are made to fail.

If you have other ideas please let us know in the comments!!

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