Hermit Crab Names

Updated on July 16, 2017

Hermit crabs can make a great pet. They are a much lower maintenance pet than a cat or dog, and unlike fish you can interact with them and don't need to worry about things such as the pH level in the water. Once the initial setup is out of the way, they're cheap to look after too!

Taking care of your new hermit crab

What do hermit crabs need?

Warmth: hermit crabs are sensitive to the cold.
Fresh water: for drinking. This should be changed regularly.
Salt water: for cleaning them. To clean them, put them in a very small amount of salt water. They should be able to climb out, which they will do almost immediately.

'Hermit Crab' Translated

For an unoriginal name that sounds original, why not translate the word hermit or the word crab into different languages? Play around with Google translate until you find a translation you like. I've translated it into some languages for you already, which you can find below

'Hermit' in Different Languages
'Crab' in Different Languages:
Eremita (Italian)
Granchio (Italian)
Ermitano (Spanish)
Cangrejo (Spanish)
Pertapa (Indonesian)
Krabba (Swedish)
Pustelnik (Polish)
Krebs (German)

Famous Crabs

If it strikes your fancy, you could name one of your crabs after a famous crab. I honestly couldn't think of very many- if you can think of others, leave a comment below!

  • Mr. Krabs from Spongebob Squarepants
  • Sebastian from the Little Mermaid
  • Cancer, after the star sign and constellation
  • Tamatoa, the giant crab from Moana
  • Ms. Krabapel (okay, she's not a crab in the literal sense of the word. But she's got the word 'crab' in her name and being Bart Simpson's teacher has made her very well known. And she's crabby. So she's on the list!)

Sea Themed Hermit Crab Names

Scrab (sea crab)

General Hermit Crab Names


Hermit Crab Name Ideas That Come From 'Hermit Crab'


Cute Hermit Crab Name Ideas



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    • profile image

      Sarah 2 days ago

      I liked the names Sushi, Salty and Squirt. Those are very good names that I think that I should mention to you!

    • profile image

      Crabby 8 days ago

      Why not meshell (mishell)? Lol me shell

    • profile image

      wade 3 weeks ago

      i like sea-more

    • profile image

      maile 5 weeks ago

      Leonardo DaPinchi

    • profile image

      jnvfdjkhndvcjh cjkzdkjkcvzkjvc 6 weeks ago

      i like molly

    • profile image

      Blubbers 7 weeks ago

      Blubbers is an awesome name too

    • profile image

      Gale 7 weeks ago

      Gale and grey are good names

    • profile image

      Coral 2 months ago

      that is what i named my hermit crab

    • profile image

      Shell by 2 months ago

      Love the name

    • profile image

      My. Hermits-name skittles and Molly 2 months ago

      The Molly one help't me and I think of skittles

    • profile image

      Hermit & me 2 months ago

      I love the name jaws, it's so cute, and the name of my new crab, my old ones are Gabby, pepper, and finally sea-more (I got from here as well)

    • profile image

      sophia 3 months ago

      i have a hermit crab and it took off its shell and that was the only on left that he has.what should i do? P.S. my hermit crabs name is Abraham. his name was supossed to be Herman

    • profile image

      Hermit crabs 3 months ago

      I had alot their names were Angie,Lea and spot they are dead tho but i have three hermit crabs left Angel,cole and ab

    • profile image

      Hermit Crabs 3 months ago

      I have a crab, it's name is Cap. Jack Sparrow.

    • profile image

      Fjgcvbhvxf 3 months ago

      I have one crab and its name is squeezy

    • profile image

      Mckinzie caldwee 3 months ago

      I love the name sushi

    • profile image

      Hermit crab lover 3 months ago

      I just got 2 hermit crabs today and there names are jabby and pinchy

    • profile image

      Mr Karbs 3 months ago

      These name have help me name my hermit crab

    • profile image

      DD 4 months ago

      Awesome names I am getting hermit crabs soon

    • profile image

      Jnjajua 4 months ago

      Mine are called snippy and clipper. I could not think of many other names :D

    • profile image

      Ivan 4 months ago

      Name your hermit cracken

    • profile image

      123456 4 months ago

      I named mine Dobby, Winky, and Kreature, after house elves in Harry Potter. :)

    • profile image

      123456 5 months ago

      Another name is hermie

    • profile image

      lily 5 months ago

      need more names

    • profile image

      mya 5 months ago

      pluto, tamatoa and pascall.

    • profile image

      Brooke 5 months ago

      My crabs name is Claws! My friends name is Crabby!

    • profile image

      Popp 5 months ago

      This was horrible!!

    • profile image

      U don't need to know my name 5 months ago

      I named my crab pinchy-le

      And I also thought that pinchy is a good name

    • profile image

      #❤crabs 5 months ago

      I'm naming mine harmony

    • profile image

      Kenz 5 months ago

      I named my hermit crabs Señor Snuggles (Snuggs)

      And Señorita Cuddles (Rita)

    • profile image

      Mr.Creeper 5 months ago

      my hermit crabs name is atom and my sisters hermit crab is named jasmine

    • profile image

      Brian Newport 5 months ago

      I just got 2 yesterday I named mine big herm and my sister named hers pimp :D

    • profile image

      Alice 5 months ago

      Great names

    • profile image

      keiara hayes 7 years old 6 months ago

      I like the name pinchy

    • profile image

      Annonamus 6 months ago

      I recently got a hermit crab and I named it joe and I am soon going to bet another and name it bill

    • profile image

      Jenna 6 months ago

      I have 6 their names are cookies, cream,crackers,jade,pincher,and confetti

    • profile image

      Valentine Graves 6 months ago

      I currently have two hermit crabs named Statler and Waldorf, after the crabby old guys from The Muppet Show. I had a number of them as a kid. One of my favorites was Maynard G. Krabbs, named for Bob Denver's character on 'The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis'.

    • profile image

      Reyna_Maevi  6 months ago

      I love all of your names for hermit

    • profile image

      Alex 6 months ago

      My crab's name is Rocky and my sisters crab's name is Aerial.

    • profile image

      anonoms 6 months ago

      i'm getting a pet crab and id like to know if i should purchase more than one and if they can be in their own tank

    • profile image

      Sophia 6 months ago

      I think a nice name is shelly

    • profile image

      Bryan Shaffer 7 months ago

      How do you tell if your crab is a boy or a girl???

    • profile image

      ddddd 7 months ago


    • profile image

      Mel 7 months ago

      Leonardo dePinchi

    • profile image

      meggi 7 months ago

      herby, ali, jojo, arabella

    • profile image

      Mr crab 7 months ago

      I love these name

    • profile image

      sally 7 months ago

      i have a name Mr.crabbyPants and hermy

    • profile image

      Hughes 7 months ago

      Try Karinkos as a name; it's Hera's crab from Greek Mythology.

    • profile image

      haider 7 months ago

      how bout crab legs thats a good name no offense

    • profile image

      Jgirl 8 months ago

      Im getting a hermit crab today and im naming it tamatoa or shiny

    • profile image

      Hermit Crab Person!!! 8 months ago

      For a boy, Jax. For a girl, Jewel.

    • profile image

      you don't need to know 8 months ago

      I think sand saw is a great name

    • profile image

      you don't need to know 8 months ago

      there is no good names for mine!! I have a football hermit crab and a white curly shelled one so what is a good name for the 2

    • profile image

      Gavin Smith 9 months ago

      My boy is named Flash

    • profile image

      McCord 9 months ago

      If its a girl bb and if its a boy dax

    • profile image

      kate 9 months ago

      they are so cute i want to get another one

    • profile image

      Grace 10 months ago

      Sid is a wonderful name

    • profile image

      Person 10 months ago

      I would add tidel to the list of names. That is what I named my hermit crab. As in tide-l.

    • Doctor Kristy profile image

      Kristy Callan 10 months ago from Australia

      That's a great idea, thanks Natalia! Added Tamatoa to the list :)

    • profile image

      natalia 10 months ago

      i think this is so cute and another idea is Tamatoa its the crab from


    • profile image

      Cassidy 10 months ago

      Mine are named Big poppy, Meemaw,Horace, Joel, and Speedy

    • profile image

      cherish 11 months ago

      i have one named hermie

    • profile image

      MEEE 11 months ago

      Im naming mine Pistachio and Granchio... My little Chios

    • profile image

      Ghila 11 months ago

      I heart crabs

    • profile image

      CosmixFilm 2 years ago

      If it's a girl i'm naming mine Shellby but if it's a boy i'm naming it Bernie :D

    • profile image

      Kirsten 2 years ago

      I have names Hermione, hermie potter and herm grid

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