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Freshwater Aquariums


Betta Tank Mates

A Betta fish is one of the most popular freshwater species in the aquarium hobby. Their gorgeous fins adorn the aqua theme. It is possible to keep a Betta with a community of fish in a large aquarium! Here is a list of suitable tank mates for your Betta fish.


The Best Aquatic Plants for Shrimp

Live plants help keep the fish in your underwater world happy and healthy. This is a list of the best aquatic plants for the freshwater shrimp that help keep the aquarium clean. These little invertebrates will play and chew on those green leaves.


Do Betta Fish Get Lonely and Bored?

Find out what to do if your betta fish looks lonely or bored and whether or not you should worry when your betta lives alone.


Top Floating Aquarium Plants

Aquariums are excellent as a decoration for your living room, office, or store. Everyone likes looking at colorful fish as they swim around. There's something very relaxing about fish tanks, but you can't have a thriving ecosystem without the right aquarium plants.


Aquarium-Cleaning Fish

Algae is a normal part of any aquarium ecosystem, but it has to be kept in small quantities for other living things to thrive in the same environment. That's why you need to add some algae-eaters to your tank to make sure that the algae doesn't spread too much.


Do Tropical Fish Need a Heater, Filter, and Light?

Find out how important a heater, light, and filter are for your freshwater tropical fish tank. Learn about the different types of filtration, the best temperature for your tank, and more.


Tips for Keeping a Bare-Bottom Fish Tank

There is much debate over the pros versus the cons of keeping a substrate-free aquarium. Here are some tips to keeping a bare-bottom tank and still reaping the benefits of an aquarium with substrate.


How to Choose the Best Aquarium for Your Home

Learn how to choose the perfect freshwater tropical aquarium for your home. Beginners will get advice on the best tank size, location, stocking and more. Keeping a tropical fish tank is a rewarding hobby, and taking the time to plan and research your new aquarium will help you achieve success.


The Best Aquatic Plants for Goldfish

It can be difficult to keep aquatic plants with goldfish. Here is a selection of live plants that can be placed in the aquarium with goldfish. These water plants will help keep fins happy.


Top 5 Freshwater Aquarium Fish and Critters That Eat Algae

Check out five of the best algae-eating fish and invertebrates for your freshwater fish tank, plus one more that might surprise you.


Why One-Gallon Tanks Are Bad for Betta Fish

Learn why betta fish don’t belong in small, one-gallon tanks. There are better options if you want your fish to be happy and healthy.


How to Easily Clean Betta Fish Tanks: An Illustrated Guide

This article provides an illustrated guide to easily cleaning betta fish tanks. Review step-by-step instructions for properly cleaning your tank and learn how to do it in 15 minutes or less.


How to Control Pest Snails in a Fish Tank

Learn how to control or get rid of snails in your fish tank, plus discover the good and bad of these invasive little pests.


Peaceful Community Fish for a Freshwater Aquarium

Learn more about peaceful community fish that can live together in your tank and make great additions to your tropical freshwater aquarium.


Betta Fish Tank Setup Ideas and Advice

Learn about proper betta fish tank size and setup so you know the right and wrong ways to care for this beautiful tropical fish!


10 Best Fish for a 10-Gallon Tank Setup

Learn how to choose the best fish for your 10-gallon freshwater tank setup and make smart choices when stocking your aquarium.


Best Betta Fish Tanks: How to Choose an Aquarium for Your Betta

Learn how to choose the best betta fish tank and which aquarium size and style will best meet your betta's needs.


5 Tips for Starting a Freshwater Aquarium: Beyond the Setup Guide

Discover 5 tips for starting a new freshwater aquarium that go beyond the setup guide that comes with the tank, and can help you get off to a good start.


How to Safely Replace Aquarium Gravel

Whether you want a new look for your aquarium or a healthy alternative for your fish, gravel replacement can be tricky. This article will help explain how to go about the process.


13 Benefits of the Marimo Moss Ball

Learn about the Marimo moss ball, what it can do for your tank, and how to care for it.


How to Decorate Your Fish Tank: Dos and Don'ts

There are many different options for decorating a fish tank. How can you be sure that what you are adding is appropriate for your fish? This article should answer all your questions.


Setting up a Freshwater Aquarium: A Guide for Beginners

A comprehensive guide to help beginners wet up their first freshwater aquarium.


6 Easy Fish Tank Care and Maintenance Tips for Beginners

Learn how to care for a tropical fish tank the easy way with these 6 aquarium maintenance tips. Follow these guidelines for happy, healthy fish.


The Complete Betta Fish Care Guide for Beginners

Tips on how to care for your betta fish. This guide covers tank selection and management, lifespan,tank mates, feeding, betta diseases, behaviors, and much more.


How to Plant a Tiger Lotus (Nymphaea zenkeri) in an Aquarium

Some people prefer to grow these beautiful plants in ponds instead of aquariums because of their growth rate, but the difficulties of planting a red tiger lotus in an aquarium are easy to overcome.


How to Start a Freshwater Tropical Aquarium

Setting up a freshwater aquarium is not as hard as you might think! Need some helpful advice? Are you new to this hobby but need a few starter tips? Whether you're a beginner or an aquarium enthusiast, you've come to the right place!


How to Make a Cheap Homemade Betta Tank Divider

Get instructions for a cheap, practical way to divide your betta tank in half.


Practical Aquaponics: Maintaining the System

To keep your mini aquaponics setup running smoothly, you'll need to learn the basics of dechlorination, water changes, and other essential practices!


Aquaponics Setup: How to Build a Functioning System

After you've learned the basics of aquaponics, you may want to create a functioning setup! In this article, we'll cover what's needed to bring your aquaponic build to life.


The Basics of Small Aquaponics

Small aquaponics will change the way you look at your aquarium! With just a few modifications, any fish tank can produce fresh fruits and veggies!


Aquarium Algae Control: How to Get Rid of Algae in a Fish Tank Naturally

In this guide you will learn how to naturally get rid of algae in your fish tank once and for all. Algae growth in the aquarium is the bane of many a fish keeper!


Best Heaters for a 5-Gallon Freshwater Aquarium Fish Tank: Reviews

Looking for the best aquarium heaters for a 5-gallon fish tank? A review of two small aquarium heaters reveals the specifics of each based upon personal usage.


How to Change the Water in Your Freshwater Aquarium the Easy Way

Learn the easy way to change the water in your freshwater aquarium to avoid spilling, and ensure sure your fish stay happy and healthy!


How to Start a Freshwater Fish Tank

Learn how to easily and successfully start and keep a freshwater fish tank, as well as how to avoid some common mistakes that many beginners make.


How to Cycle Your New Fish Tank

Have your fish ever died in their new tank? It's probably because you need to cycle your new fish tank!


How to Propagate Marimo (Freshwater Algae)

Marimo (Cladophora aegagropila) is a variety of freshwater algae that grows into a ball. The spherical shape is caused by tumbling on lake bottoms. Propagating marimo is easy, and caring for the newly propagated marimo is simple as well.


How to Get Rid of "Brown Algae" (Diatoms) in Freshwater Aquaria

"Brown algae" in fish tanks are really diatoms. You can control them by cleaning them out of the tank and adjusting conditions to be less favorable to them.


Live Plants in Aquariums: A Fish Guide

Learning how to use live plants in aquariums will not only brighten up your tank, it'll also keep the water cleaner for your fish.


Sand in Aquariums: Benefits of Using Sand in Your Fish Tank

It's time to ditch your old colored gravel and use sand in your aquariums instead. It not only looks better, but it's much more natural for your fish.


How to Incorporate Driftwood Into Your Natural Aquarium or Fish Tank

Putting driftwood in aquariums is a great way to complete the natural tank you're looking to design. It is also beneficial for your fish.


How to Care for Neon Tetra and Cardinal Tetra Fish

Learn how to care for your neon and cardinal tetras.


How to Create a Natural Amazon River–Themed Aquarium

The Amazon is the second-largest river in the world. It's home to over 2,100 species of fish, with more being discovered each year. It is a very diverse habitat. Learn how to take a tiny piece of this magnificent river home.


Bettas or Betta Fish and Bamboo Living Together

Betta fish and bamboo plants are both very attractive. Here's how to successfully combine the two in a lovely environment.


How to Set Up a Perfect Freshwater Aquarium

Here's all you need to know to set up your freshwater tank just right to ensure that your fish survive.


How to Prepare a Tropical Aquarium for Winter Blackouts

Learn how to prepare your home aquarium to survive a cold-weather power outage. A few simple preparations and a kit of emergency supplies can keep your fish and coral alive during blackouts.


Aquarium Maintenance: Water Changes

Aquarium cycling is a very important first step to having a healthy tank and healthy fish! It is not that difficult and is worth the effort.

Dwarf Sag

Low-Light Aquarium Plants for Beginners

You've set up a new fish tank, and now you're interested in adding live plants. Here's a guide to aquatics plants that are easy to grow and care for to add oxygen and beauty to your tank.


Why Glass Fish Bowls Are Bad for Your Fish

Learn why a glass bowl or a vase is not a healthy home for your fish.


Plants for Fish Tanks: Fake or Live?

There is a lot of debate on whether it's better to use live or fake plants in an aquarium. Generally, live plants raise the water quality as they take in nitrates as natural fertilizer. But they can also worsen water quality if they die and decay.

Freshwater Clam Care

How to Keep and Care for Freshwater Clams in Aquariums

Clams (bivalves) are wonderful additions to the aquarium. Contrary to popular belief, they are not difficult to keep successfully in a properly maintained and aged home aquarium.