Freshwater Aquariums


Top Floating Aquarium Plants

Aquariums are excellent as a decoration for your living room, office, or store. Everyone likes looking at colorful fish as they swim around. There's something very relaxing about fish tanks, but you can't have a thriving ecosystem without the right aquarium plants.


Aquarium-Cleaning Fish

Algae is a normal part of any aquarium ecosystem, but it has to be kept in small quantities for other living things to thrive in the same environment. That's why you need to add some algae-eaters to your tank to make sure that the algae doesn't spread too much.


How to Cycle Your New Fish Tank

A new fish tanks needs to go through a cycling process to establish biological filtration before it can be stocked with fish. A slow source of ammonia, usually in the form of a starter fish, is provided to establish populations of beneficial nitrogen fixing baxter. The bacteria convert ammonia to nitrite, then nitrite to nitrate so that when the aquarium is fully cycled the two toxic fish waste products will be undetectable.