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Freshwater Pets


10 Best Tetras for a Community Aquarium

Find out which tetras are best for your community freshwater aquarium. Learn about tetras for 10-gallon tanks and bigger!


Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid as a Betta Fish Owner

There is more to your Betta fish than a 1.5-gallon bowl and a couple of decorations. Learn the mistakes that I made as a first-time Betta fish owner so that you won't make the same ones.


12 Ways to Increase Betta Fish Lifespan

Learn how long you can expect your betta fish to live and get some advice on how to increase the lifespan of your betta.


20 Best Tank Mates for Guppies

Discover 20 of the best tank mates for guppies in 10-gallon tanks and larger. Many fish are compatible with guppies, but you should choose their tank mates wisely.


How to Treat Nitrate Poisoning in Goldfish

This article is about how to treat nitrate poisoning in goldfish. Learn how to lower the nitrate level in your tank or pond and cure your goldfish.


Cory Catfish Care Guide: Tank Mates, Behavior, and FAQ

Learn how to care for cory catfish in your tropical aquarium. These energetic little bottom feeders make a great addition to your freshwater fish tank and even serve as part of the cleanup crew that keeps your tank clean.


Top 10 Betta Fish Facts and Tips for Beginners

Learn about important betta fish facts every new betta keeper should know before bringing their fish home. Find out why surviving is not the same as thriving for these beautiful fish!


How Big Do Endlers Get?

Pure male Endlers are smaller than pure female Endlers. Hybrid Endler males can grow to nearly the same size as females. Read more about these fish and learn tips on breeding them and how many to put in a tank.


Why Is Your Betta Fish Losing Scales?

This article is about the reasons for the loss of scales in betta fish. Read on to know how to deal with the problem and how to prevent it in the future.


Why Is Your Betta Fish Breathing Heavily After a Water Change?

In this article, I have described a number of reasons that might be causing your betta fish to breathe heavily or gasp for air after you change the water.


Is the Endlers Livebearer Really a Guppy?

Those who have had the opportunity to keep pure N class Endlers usually report that not only do Endlers have a different body shape and color patterns, but they also exhibit different behavioral patterns than guppies.


What Are Endlers?

Endlers were first discovered in Venezuela in 1937. This unique fish was forgotten until it was rediscovered by Dr. John Endler in 1975. Dr. Endler was first attracted to Endlers due to their beautiful, metallic green coloration.


20 Best Neon Tetra Tank Mates

Learn which tank mates are best for neon tetras in a 10, 20, or 55-gallon freshwater aquarium—or bigger. Neons can live with many compatible species, but some are better than others.


How Difficult Is It to Care for Axolotls?

It's important to know if axolotls are hard to take care of before you decide to get one as a pet. This article explains what you will need to look after an axolotl, including what aquarium, filter, and food to buy.


5 Common Misconceptions About Goldfish

There are many misconceptions about goldfish care that result in inadequate care and shortened lifespans. This article will go over five of the most common misconceptions in addition to providing examples of proper care.


5 Common Betta Fish Myths, Mistakes, and Misconceptions

These mistakes, myths and common misconceptions have helped make the betta one of the most exploited fish in the aquarium trade.


What Do Betta Fish Eat? A Betta Feeding Guide for Beginners

Learn what betta fish eat and how much and how often to feed your betta. Proper feeding is an important but often overlooked aspect of betta fish care.


10 Signs of Stress in Tropical Fish (And What to Do About It)

Here is how to find out if the fish in your freshwater aquarium are stressed out. Stress leads to death, so watch for these signs and learn how to help your fish live long, happy, peaceful lives.


10 Best Schooling Fish for a Freshwater Aquarium

Learn about the best small and large schooling fish for your freshwater fish tank and find out which are appropriate for 10, 20, or 55-gallon aquariums or bigger.


Why Are My Guppies' Eyes Black? Here Are 4 Causes

Have your guppy's eyes suddenly turned black? There are four reasons why this happens. Learn them all in this quick guide.


Common Plecostomus Fish Care, Size, Tank Mates, and Lifespan

The plecostomas, or sucker fish, is a popular freshwater catfish with special care considerations. Learn the facts before you stock this often misunderstood fish.


10 Best Large Fish for a Freshwater Aquarium

Here are the 10 best (and worst) large fish for your freshwater home aquarium along with recommendations for tank size and care management. Big freshwater fish look spectacular in the right tank setup, but choose wisely.


Can Guppies Have Babies Without a Male?

While a female guppy can't get pregnant without a male guppy, it may appear that it is possible. Learn why that is and read more about how guppies give birth and how to care for baby guppies (or fry).


13 Safe and Compatible Betta Fish Tank Mates

The Siamese fighting fish, or betta, is a beautiful, solitary creature that gets quite nippy with other fish. But there are some species of fish that can cohabitate with bettas in a community tank. Here is a comprehensive guide to finding other fish that can live with bettas.


Freshwater Angelfish Care, Tank Mates, and FAQ

Everything you need to know about freshwater angelfish including care, best tank mate recommendations, and tank size, as well as answers to many frequently asked questions.


Freshwater Aquarium Snails

Aquatic snails are a great addition to any freshwater tank. They work hard to clean the aquarium by feeding on algae, fish waste, and other debris. Snails are pretty to look at too, and you can't have a serious aquarium without them.


10 Types of Catfish for a Freshwater Aquarium

Check out the best types of freshwater catfish for the home aquarium, including small catfish for small tanks, and others that grow to several feet in length.


Why You Should Not Keep a Betta Fish in a Bowl

There are many misconceptions about betta fish, one of them being that a fishbowl is the best habitat for them. If properly taken care of, they can live from 3 to 5 years. This article will explain why bettas should not live in a bowl or vase and offer some other helpful tips.


How and When Do Betta Fish Sleep?

Learn how and when betta fish sleep and discover a few ways you can make your betta’s tank more sleep-friendly so he can get all the rest he needs.


How to Choose Your First Guppies

Guppies make wonderful pets. This versatile fish also provides a good challenge for people who want to breed for the show ring. Either way, the wonderfully complex world of guppies starts with picking out the right fish.


How to Feed Adult Koi Fish

The hobby of keeping koi can be complicated. Luckily, you don't need the skills of a French chef to keep your koi happy and healthy.


Baby Koi Fish Food: Feeding Suggestions for Newborn to Three Months

It's easy to hatch baby koi, but raising them is a different horse. The first-time koi breeder must consider the constraints of time, finances and culling. This article is an introduction to the realities of dealing with fry and their diet.


Koi Fish Breeding for Beginners: Tanks, Eggs, and More

Nothing compares to successfully breeding your own koi. This rewarding activity requires certain conditions. When you know the steps, have the equipment and the time, you'll soon have a bunch of adorable koi babies.


Can I Keep My Koi Fish Inside?

The indoor koi pond comes with several caveats. If taken into consideration, 'house' koi can give their owner a lifetime of pleasure.


Koi-Keeping Essentials: Your Quarantine Tub

A quarantine tub is critical, should you desire to keep koi fish. This separate living area safeguards fish that are new, sick or injured. It is important to choose the right size and install the proper equipment. This article will show you everything you need to know.


What You Need to Know Before Buying Your First Pet Koi

Koi are just fish—so all you need is water, food and some device that cleans the tank, right? Well, not entirely. Koi may be small, but they come with big needs. Here's a look at what you need to know before purchasing your first fish.


Top Five Benefits You'll Get From Owning Pet Koi

Koi fish move in their own watery world, unaware of how they affect the humans who gaze upon them. From soulful peace to mental strength, these fish offer their keepers an amazing array of benefits.


Should I Join a Koi Club?

Are you a novice koi keeper wondering if you should reach out to a club to learn more about your new pets? Here are the benefits and drawbacks of joining a koi clan!


Freshwater Fish That Eat Snails

Here are some of the best fish that eat snails you might consider adding to your freshwater aquarium. They may be able to help you clean up your pest snail problem, or they could just make cool additions to your tropical fish tank.


10 Types of Freshwater Tropical Aquarium Fish

Here is a list of the most common species of tropical aquarium fish, organized by type. Learning everything you can about freshwater fish needs and behaviors will help you better manage your aquarium and keep your fish happy and healthy.


21 Most Colorful Freshwater Aquarium Fish

Here’s a list of the 21 most colorful aquarium fish. Learn about vibrant community fish and large colorful fish so you can make the best choice when stocking unique fish for your tropical tank.


10 Best Fish for a 20-Gallon Tank (Plus Bonus Critters)

Learn how to choose the best fish for your 20-gallon freshwater tank and get some stocking ideas when it comes to which kinds of fish and aquarium critters to consider.


The Bare Basics of Betta Fish Keeping

When choosing a fish that's beautiful and easy to care for, the betta fish is a popular choice for all hobbyists. Read on to find out the care requirements, habitat needs, ideal tankmates, and more.


8 Fascinating Facts About Siamese Fighting Fish (Betta Fish)

The black belt of the fish world has more allure than just brawling. Bettas have unusual breeding strategies, physical abilities and individual personalities.


How to Care for Goldfish

Do you own a goldfish and wonder what the best practices are to care for one? Learn about the proper setup of a suitable living habitat along with the best techniques to ensure a happy and healthy goldfish for years to come.


Top 6 Reasons Betta Fish Die and How to Prevent It

It’s a bummer when your betta dies and you don't know why. Here are some of the common causes of premature betta death and what you can possibly do to prevent them.


Platy Problems: Dealing With a Bully

Praised as a gentle and friendly breed, the Platy is a perfect starter fish for anyone setting up an aquarium. But what do you do when one of your fish becomes aggressive?


Goldfish vs. Betta Fish: Care, Differences, and Which Is Better

Learn the difference between goldfish and betta fish and their care needs so you can decide which is better for you!


Green Spotted Puffer Fish Care, Feeding and Tank Setup

Learn about the Green Spotted Puffer, an incredible fish that requires some special care, proper feeding and the right tank setup.


15 Common Betta Fish Diseases (With Pictures): Prevention and Treatment

Betta fish (AKA Siamese fighting fish) suffer from a wide range of infections and illnesses. Learn how to prevent, diagnose, and treat common betta fish illnesses and diseases. See also the best medication and cure for sick betta.