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60 Funny Fish Names (From Aquarius to Zero)

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My name is Tatiana, but my friends and family call me Tutta. I love writing articles that bring a little creativity to everyday life.

Just because you don’t treat fish like the typical pet doesn’t mean that they don’t need a name!

Just because you don’t treat fish like the typical pet doesn’t mean that they don’t need a name!

Swimming around in a fishbowl with a bunch of fun-colored gravel, a little castle to hide and sleep in, free food, and no work: That’s the life! The wonderful life of a fish, of course. Wouldn’t that life be so easy?

Fish are beautiful and come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. If you’ve ever stepped foot inside of an aquarium, then you are well aware of the beauty and variety that water beholds. It’s like a party of colors!

Okay, not all fish are pretty and colorful, but the majority of the ones that you will find in a pet store are! Having something nice and relaxing to look at is one of the many reasons people keep aquariums at home.

Additionally, there are pet fish that serve other purposes, such as algae eaters, shrimp, and snails. They help keep algae under control, and although they cannot handle the entire job themselves, they do a great job, each handling certain types of algae.

You don’t really plan on calling it “Fish” or “Fishy” forever, do you?

You don’t really plan on calling it “Fish” or “Fishy” forever, do you?

Funny Fish Names

Now just because you don’t treat them like the typical pet doesn’t mean that they don’t need a name. Cute or funny fish names are as important as dog names, even if they can’t hear you. You don’t really plan on calling it “Fish” or “Fishy” forever, do you? I didn’t think so.

So, in case you were wondering what kind of fish names are out there, I’ve prepared a list of examples! Here is a list of 60 funny fish names.

Girl Names
















Boy Names



Pretty Boy













Cute Names







Rainbow Fin









Funny Names




Lil' SwimSwim











Cat Food

What special features set your fish apart?

What special features set your fish apart?

Choosing the Perfect Name

Now that you have some ideas about what to call a fish, it’s time for you to start looking into cute or funny names for your fish.

If you have multiple fish, especially of the same species, try to look for distinguishing features so that you can tell them apart. I know, it’s tough because the fish of the same kind definitely look alike!

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But if you can recall the movie Finding Nemo, a good example of a distinguishable feature would be Nemo’s small fin. Sometimes the fish may have a chunk taken out of a fin, a small tear, a spot somewhere on the body, etc.

You’ll be able to tell the difference between your fish before you know it.

If you don’t decide on a name right away, the good thing is that the fish won’t have hurt feelings!

Beta fish should be isolated from other fish. They aren't called Siamese fighting fish for no reason!

Beta fish should be isolated from other fish. They aren't called Siamese fighting fish for no reason!

Pet Store Fishies

When you go to a pet store, you will run into freshwater and saltwater fish. You can have one or the other, and it’s important that you are ready to take on whichever type you decide on, and not get them mixed up!

Also, be sure to check compatibility if you plan on buying multiple fish, because fish, like siblings, can fight, sometimes to the point of fatality.

If you are aware of betta fish, then you probably know about their aggressive behavior towards other fish, including their own kind!

So, in other words, be sure to consult the pet store peeps about your choices before you buy them.

Why Have Fish?

Aside from the relaxing aspect of having fish, they are relatively low-maintenance. Yes, you need to keep their tanks clean and keep them fed, but you would also have to do that for any other animal. Here are a few things that are great about having fish:

  • No walking needed
  • No potty training
  • No worrying about them jumping on your guests
  • No allergies (unless you plan on eating them)
  • No loud noises
  • They don’t stink (unless the tank is severely neglected, of course)
  • Cheap to feed
  • They don’t need much space

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Monet on June 22, 2020:

I like the name Ziggy! and I recommend the name Eli or shrimplet because I own pet shrimps!

The Fish Namer on March 06, 2020:

I just got 3 endler fish and will get a betta soon. I just now need a name for my last endler. didn't find a name here but the name Dinner was SO FUNNY. also, if you need more names, I named the betta River and the endlers Rainbow and Gypsy.

tunafish on February 05, 2020:

amazing the feeling while falling down the stairs while reading Lil'Swim Swim was amazing

skksksks on February 05, 2020:

amazing the way i read that when falling down the stairs was a dream come true

Boof on January 21, 2020:

Add the name bait

Boof on January 21, 2020:

You should add the name bait

Anonymous on November 28, 2019:

I have a fish named swim shady

Brooklyn Moriarty on November 23, 2019:

I have a fish that randomly passes out and bangs his head against the wall so I named him lil’swimswim don’t judge.

Lexi on June 18, 2019:

Just named mine Ying & yang ones black ones white and my two shark fish puff daddy and swim shady LOL

Ya yeet on May 18, 2019:

Add Swim shady

Taylor on March 17, 2019:

You should add the name freckles or Gwen or sunny

Yeet on March 02, 2019:

Slim shady

nuggs on February 26, 2019:

Master Betta

Katherine Betta Jones

swim Shady

Jasonbhayward on February 03, 2019:

You people got to do the name thing for types of fish not just all of them.

Heres your good coment because of your website you enspired me to get fish! :]

Izahia on January 17, 2019:

I used titan and jaws thanks

Monica on December 15, 2018:

What should i name my fish please help

Maddy on October 12, 2018:

I think maddy

vivian on October 01, 2018:

do i HAVE get my fish a buddy??

Betta owner on August 02, 2018:

Bettas DO NOT need to be kept alone! Please do your research before spreading false info. Male bettas should be kept apart, but they can share their space with so many other fish and shrimp and frogs........ it's not right to keep the poor fish alone. They need interaction with other creatures! Female bettas can live with other female bettas as well as everything else.

doglover on May 19, 2018:

I have two bettas, a boy and a girl. The male's name is Yingsheng,which I just came up with. And my little baby girl is named Pluviam, which is Latin for "rain".

I used to have other bettas. Sammy, Pinky-Sky, and Ming Ming.

Fish owner 21 on February 28, 2018:

I love Bubbles! Thanks!

The New Guy on January 06, 2018:

I've now found the perfect names for my fish: Koiyo, Puff-daddy, Confishious

Kass on May 21, 2017:

When me and my boyfriend need help finding a name for our 1st fish together .... Swimmerella Gilly brewer

FISH on April 14, 2017:

I will call my fish free after that video so cute

Richers on March 21, 2017:

Every name is so funny thx

aye on March 01, 2017:

that was funny

Ftygygyyyuy on February 15, 2017:


That was funny and cute

Ann1Az2 from Orange, Texas on April 22, 2014:

Interesting and somewhat from a fish's point of view! Finding Nemo is one of my all time favorite movies. I have a couple of bala sharks that I'm almost certain are male and female by the way the act. I named them George and Gracie.

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