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Saltwater Aquariums


How to Set Up a Saltwater Marine Reef Aquarium

This in-depth but layman-friendly article is intended to educate a first-time aquarium hobbyist on how to successfully set up and maintain their first working saltwater reef aquarium.


How to Set Up a Nano Reef Tank

Nano saltwater tanks require know-how and care. This article provides important knowledge for properly setting up and caring for a nano reef tank.


How to Build a "Finding Nemo" or "Finding Dory" Fish Tank

Is it feasible to keep the species of various "Finding Nemo" characters in a real aquarium? Find out more about the fish that this popular movie made famous.


How to Set up Your First Marine Reef Aquarium

This article will help you demystify the process of setting up your own marine reef aquarium. If you already have experience keeping a freshwater aquarium, then this guide will help you get ready for the ultimate challenge in fish-keeping.


How to Set Up Your Saltwater Fish Tank Aquarium

This covers all of the basics you need to know when starting a saltwater fish tank. Get information about sand, water, rocks, and equipment.

Possibilities of saltwater

Setting up a Self-Sustaining Saltwater Fish Tank Aquarium

Discover how to set up a self-sustaining saltwater fish tank aquarium. In this article, I contribute my own experience in the hobby.