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11 Best Betta Fish Tank Mates

Updated on April 21, 2017
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I am an accountant from Canada with a passion for fish aquariums. I have many years of experience with betta fish in particular.

What Fish Will Your Betta Get Along With?

So you've got a betta, and your tank is looking a little lonely. You have the urge to put more fish in the tank so your betta can have friends, but unfortunately, bettas or "Siamese fighting fish" are known to be territorial fighters. Males, especially, will kill other males and many other different types of fish if he believes they're a threat to his tank. You can keep two or more female bettas together, but aggression could occur. A male and a female betta sharing the same tank is not recommended because the male might be violent and kill the female to show dominance.

Fortunately, there are some fish that your betta will tolerate. Below, we'll discuss possible species of fish that your betta will likely get along with.


Please remember that the ideas below are suggestions. Your betta may get along just fine with all of these new tank mates, or he might kill and eat them. Every betta is different, and these are just general guidelines.

What Fish Can Live With Bettas?

1. Harlequin Rasboras
2. Loaches
3. Ghost Shrimp
4. Zebra Snails
5. Bristlenose Plecos
6. Neon Tetras
7. Ember Tetras
8. African Dwarf Frogs
9. White Cloud Mountain Minnows
10. Clown Pleco
11. Pygmy Corydora catfish

1. Harlequin Rasboras

Rasboras are the most ideal tank mates for your betta because the two naturally co-exist in the wild. Their feeding and water requirements are the same, so setting up a tank for bettas and rasboras should be a breeze.

Keep in mind that rasboras are shoaling fish that prefer to live in schools of five to six. They grow to about 1.5 inches and live up to five years. They love to swim, so make sure you get a large tank to give them plenty of room to zip around.

Harlequin Rasboras
Harlequin Rasboras | Source

2. Loaches

At one time, I had a bit of a problem with hundreds of tiny little white snails appearing in my tank. I wanted to get rid of them, but I hate the idea of using chemicals, so I tried to find a fish that eats snails but would not cause a problem for my betta.

Loaches are great for this task. Once your snail problem is taken care of, you can feed the loaches pellets, and they'll happily eat those as well. Depending on the type of loach you get, they can grow to be quite large. However, yo yo loaches (Pakastani), kuhli loaches, and zebra loaches stay around 2-5 inches in length. Keep in mind that they are schooling fish, meaning they instinctively swim together for safety. So when you buy loaches, you will need to buy a minimum of three.

In most cases, loaches will get along fine with your betta, but I have heard that they can sometimes be aggressive. My betta doesn't even notice they're there. The loaches happily go about picking snails off my plants and root through the gravel trying to find more. On rare occasions, they will attack a betta by eating his fins. If you plan on getting loaches of any kind, keep an eye on them and remove them if necessary.

Kuhli Loach
Kuhli Loach | Source

3. Ghost Shrimp

One really good tankmate for your betta is the ghost shrimp. These little guys are great for keeping the bottom of your tank clean.

Generally, your betta will leave ghost shrimp alone. There are, of course, exceptions to this rule. If your betta is overly aggressive, you might find that dropping ghost shrimp into your tank will only serve as a tasty snack. However, there is still a fairly good chance that your betta will leave them alone. Ghost shrimp don't pester other fish, so they might be able to live together.

The good news is that ghost shrimp aren't very expensive, so if your betta does pick them off every once in a while, it doesn't cost much to replace them. In a 3-gallon tank, you may keep eight to ten ghost shrimps. This will cost you about $5.00. Select the biggest shrimp at the pet store so they are more likely to survive. It's also important to know that female ghost shrimp do get pregnant very easily. So, unless you have a separate tank for them, your betta will eat the shrimp eggs.

The final issue that you'll want to know about is the temperature sensitivity of ghost shrimp. If you have your tank temperature too high, your ghost shrimp will turn pink and die, as they essentially cook to death. 78 degrees Fahrenheit is near their upper limit. I've personally had a number of ghost shrimp over the years, and some handle the 78 degree temperature of my tank quite well, while others die within days. The only way to find out whether your shrimp will survive is through trial and error.

Ghost Shrimp
Ghost Shrimp | Source

4. Zebra Snails

Snails are also great for keeping your tank clean. The zebra snail, in particular, is small and unobtrusive, but quite pretty for a snail. A single zebra snail will happily clean the algae from a 2 to 3-gallon tank, wandering back and forth in search of food.

Your betta will normally ignore zebra snails, and if not, the snails have decent armor to protect themselves. Zebra snails are not known for reproducing uncontrollably, as other breeds of snails do. You know that if you buy one or two, you won't come home one day and find a few hundred more.

I strongly recommend zebra snails if you can find them at your pet store. They're pretty and useful, and make a great addition to your tank.

Zebra Snail
Zebra Snail | Source

5. Bristlenose Plecos

Bristlenose plecos are great for betta tanks — for a while. I say "a while" because they eventually grow. That pleco you pick up at the fish store that's only an inch long can grow to seven inches within a year. Your betta may still get along with him, but you will need a tank big enough to handle his size. Other varieties of pleco get along with bettas as well, but grow even larger than the bristlenose pleco, sometimes to over a foot long.

Other than that, they make compatible tank mates because they're very shy and will tend to avoid your betta. They will also hide in whatever is available if you come near their tank. They are fairly drab in color, but still interesting fish. The pleco spends its time attacking all the debris and extra food that your betta drops to the bottom of the tank.

Bristlenose Plecos
Bristlenose Plecos

6. Neon Tetras

Neon tetras are beautiful fish, with a blue and red stripes that almost seem to glow. Believe it or not, these fish get along fairly well with most bettas. While your betta will spend most of his time at the top of the tank, tetras are mid-tank fish, so the two will not fight for the same space or collide into one another.

Neon tetras are omnivores, and will eat algae and most high-quality flake foods. Personally, I think that hikari makes a great food choice because your betta will probably eat it as well. Hikari floats on the surface of the tank for a bit,, and then slowly sinks after a couple of minutes, which is when your neon tetras will start picking at it. Of course, anything they miss will be picked up by the plecko sitting at the bottom of your tank.

I should remind you that tetras are schooling fish. You need an absolute minimum of six tetras in your tank (12 is better). This means that you will need a spacious tank. A one-gallon tank will not do. To give a dozen or more enough room, I would recommend a 10-gallon tank.

Neon Tetras
Neon Tetras

7. Ember Tetras

Like the neon tetras, ember tetras are peaceful schooling fish. They thrive in the same conditions as the betta and require water that is anywhere from 68-84 degrees Fahrenheit with a pH of between 5.0 to 6.5. They are also easy to feed, and like the betta, they enjoy foods such as brine shrimp, blood worms, and flakes.

They grow to about 2cm in length and are used to shallow water, so a large tank size is not necessary unless you have a large school.

It's important to note that tetras like swimming around plants because it gives them a sense of security. Be sure to include a lot of hiding spaces and plenty of vegetation to make them feel comfortable. Tall plants work really well because they are mid-level swimmers.

Ember Tetras
Ember Tetras | Source

8. African Dwarf Frogs

African dwarf frogs can make great tank mates. If your betta is not very aggressive, they can get along together for years.

There are a few things to consider though. Dwarf frogs are shy, and even more so with big fish like bettas in the tank, so make sure they have plenty of places to hide.

Dwarf Frogs are also passive eaters. They have their own food requirements, and cannot survive on a diet of pellets, so you have to make sure that your betta does not eat your frog's food.

Finally, your betta may get along very well with your frog, or it may choose to nip at and chase your frog. If this is the case, move your frog to another tank.

African Dwarf Frog
African Dwarf Frog | Source

9. White Cloud Mountain Minnows

This lovely fish is easy to care for and enjoys the same diet and water requirements as the betta. Generally, the betta likes warmer waters and the white cloud mountain minnow prefers colder temperatures, but 75 degrees Fahrenheit is a good middle ground that is ideal for both fish.

They are peaceful creatures that won't disturb their tank mates, and their discoloration will not make betta feel threatened.

These minnows are native to China and quite rare because they have been identified as an endangered species. Still, you can find them in high-end pet stores.

White Cloud Mountain Minnows
White Cloud Mountain Minnows

10. Clown Pleco (Panaque Maccus)

This type of catfish is hardy and lives well in a wide range of water parameters. Because they are bottom feeders and algae eaters, they will not compete with bettas for food. They also have a very docile nature and moderate coloration, which the betta will not see as threatening.

They grow to about four inches in length and will need a tank of at least 20 gallons because they like to swim around in spacious areas.

11. Pygmy Corydora Catfish (Cory Fish)

Cory fish are often called armored catfish due to the plates of bone-line material that covers their bodies. The pigmy variety grows to only 1 inch in length. They are bottom dwellers and feeders, and will actively scavenge underneath rocks for food. Because they are a dull grey, they blend in well with the sand and gravel, so your betta may not even notice they are there.

Cories do like to swim in schools of four or more, so ideally, you should get a group of corries, otherwise they will be very unhappy.

Cory Catfish
Cory Catfish | Source

Fish to Avoid Keeping With Betta

1. Other male bettas
2. Guppies
3. Goldfish
4. Clownfish
5. Cichlids
6. Tiger Barbs
7. Gouramis
8. Siamese Algae Eaters

Fish That Should Not Share a Betta Tank

I get lots of suggestions for tank mates. Some of those suggestions are great. Some are horrible. I'd like to put some of the bad ideas to rest. I apologize if any of these offend you, but when I receive suggestions from pet store employees that endanger a living creature, I get upset.


This suggestion is made about once a week in the comments section. Male guppies are flashy and colorful, a little smaller than a betta, and will very likely be attacked and killed. Female guppies are fairly drab, so they may work in a tank, but your mileage may vary.


Another bad idea that I hear almost as frequently as the guppy idea. Goldfish are shiny, gold, and (to a betta) very much a threat. Even if your betta does happen to get along with them, goldfish are a bad idea because they're dirty fish. They will upset your water pH very quickly and lead to a dead or diseased betta.


I received a comment from someone named Petco Fish Guy (not his real name), who told me a clownfish would go great in a betta tank. Let's make it clear. A betta is a freshwater fish. A clownfish is a saltwater fish. They don't go together.

While I'm normally a pretty easy-going guy, this one made me upset. This suggestion came from someone who works in a pet store, in the fish section. This is why I don't buy fish from major chain pet stores.

How Many Fish Should You Keep in Your Betta Tank?

Tank size is important. When adding fish to your betta tank, please remember an important general rule: your tank should have one gallon of water per inch of fish. If you have a 5-gallon tank, you can have up to five one-inch-long fish in it for optimal living conditions. If you want to keep more fish, you'll need a larger tank.

The reason for this limit is that fish soil the water they live in, and unless there is a very good filtration system, you'll quickly end up with sick or dead fish.

Dos and Don'ts of Setting Up a Betta Community Tank

Get a large tank. The bigger, the better! Your tank should be at least 10 gallons to keep fish from fighting for space.
Don't get a fish that resembles the betta.
Get dull and unobtrusive colored fish so they don't look like a threat to your betta.
Don't get colorful or fanciful fish with long, flowy tails and fins.
It is better to introduce your betta to an established community tank than to introduce other fish to your betta's territory.
Avoid fish that are nibblers. They will nip your betta's fins and cause damage, not to mention fights.
Provide plenty of place for your other fish to hide.
Don't get fast swimmers. Moving water will agitate your betta.

A Guide to Caring for Your Betta

If you're struggling to keep your new betta healthy, then I highly recommend a copy of Marcus Song's book Caring For Betta Fish.

I was in the same place a few years ago and kept killing bettas with my lack of knowledge. The betta I bought after I bought this book is still healthy. I can't recommend this book enough. It has everything you need to know to make your betta's life easier, happier, and much, much longer than you'd expect.

What tankmates do you have in your betta tank?

See results

Do you have any suggestions for betta tank mates I haven't listed yet?

Other Suggestions

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    • profile image

      Amir 6 days ago

      I had 2 gold fish in my tank. Now one is gone. Does any one know what happend.

    • profile image

      Patty 9 days ago

      I just added 2 Cory fish with my betta today, did everything right they looked good my betta didn't care much. I woke up at 345 am cause I could t sleep well and I decide to stare at my tank cause it's relaxing and I notice there was only 1 Cory fish and the other one was missing, I checked around checked all of the decorations around the plants all over the substrate and I didn't find it and honestly it's only been 5 hrs since I got them idk what the heck happen he just vanished any idea what may have happened?

    • profile image

      Sam 2 weeks ago

      I would not keep ANY of these fish with a betta, except snails or ghost shrimp. Except if you have a very large aquarium. I'm talking about 50-100g.

    • profile image

      Cmor8350 2 weeks ago

      I've had my Betta male in fish tank for a month and they get along well.

    • profile image

      2 weeks ago

      What size tank do you recommend for 1 betta, 2 or 3 ghost shrimp, and a zebra snail?

    • profile image

      2 weeks ago

      If I have just a Betta, should I put a filtration system? If not, do I need to add one if I put zebra snails and ghost shrimp?

    • profile image

      wolfman jenkins 2 weeks ago

      As a 20-0 champion fighter bettafish he will have a fight tank and a civil fishtank the civil fishtank is so he can be around and check on the neon Tetras and platy fish. And if there is a opponent fight he will go back to the fight tank to defend his champion title.

    • profile image

      kath 3 weeks ago

      thanks for the info

    • profile image

      mccormick 3 weeks ago

      thanks for the info

    • profile image

      Mary P 5 weeks ago

      I have had up to 3 bettas, each in their own gallon home with dechlorinated water and philodendrons. Currently, my problem is that I have 2 betas in their own environments, but algae are becoming a problem. I change the water 1/3 at a time + completely change the aquarium water as needed. I use the water to feed my land-bound plants, along with egg shells and tea water. The plants flourish and so do the fish. Now, however, algae has built up and I wonder how to control their presence in the 1 gal space per fish. I use tap water, allowed 8+ hours to dechlorinate, before putting the betas back in their homes. I think the plants have algae among their roots and that's the problem, though the homes get indirect sunlight most of the day, then lamplight when I feed them until I retire for the night, when the room is dark, til sunrise. Thought??

    • profile image

      eva 6 weeks ago

      Good idea , I love animal and fishs

    • profile image

      I am a HUGE fish lover 7 weeks ago

      I have had a Batta for a couple of months and I did some research on fish that can live with Battas. So I got some Neon Tetras,a Zebra Snail, and a African Dwarf Frog.My Batta gets along with the other fish and has never attacked them or shown any of agressive behavior to the other fish.I am thinking of getting him a bigger tank so I can put him into a bigger community tank.I hope it will work out for him and the other fish.

    • profile image

      betta love 8 weeks ago

      So this is my story. I know everyone says be careful with putting other fish with betta's. Well I have a 10 gallon tank and ended up buying a baby female betta. Well she had grown and I got some other fish for her tank. I ended up with a few glofish. One male (yellow) and one pink (femalle). Well my male glofish attacked and killed my betta who was bigger than him. I never thought that genetically mutated gold fish would kill a betta! I was very upset about it because I had adopted my betta when she was a baby and watched her grow up. So be careful!

    • profile image

      Anonymous 2 months ago

      I have a male betta named Bagel that is in a 5 gallon tank with soft fake plants. The only problem is that the tank gets a lot of algae and I don't have enough time to clean it 3-4 times a week and it desperately needs some kind of "cleaner fish" ( that's what I call fish that eat algae). I have done some research and I'm considering ghost shrimp although I have read on many different sites that large ghost shrimp sometimes nip the fins of slower-moving bettas. And most of the fish I have read about can't live in a 5 gallon tank. The snails however are nice but I'm worried about the snails breeding and some snail reproduce asexually.

    • profile image

      Gina 2 months ago

      I have 2 neon tetras, a bottom feeder, a male & a female betta, & 3 mollies.all my dishes play around & get along fine☺☺☺☺

    • profile image

      Amelie 2 months ago

      Right now I have a male betta named Xander. He's been living fine in a mason jar, but I can see he's extremely lonely. I wanted to get him some friends, and I'm considering moving him to a 15 gallon tank with either 4 Cory Fish or 2 Otocinclus Catfish. Does anyone have any recommendations for what I should do? And is a 15 gallon tank enough for the betta and 4 Cory Fish?

    • profile image

      Jonathan 2 months ago

      I have 2 male betta's and each one in a 3 gallon tank with artificial plants and they look really healthy and happy it's way better than the the mini cups they were in it in the shop

    • profile image

      Smurf 2 months ago

      I have a betta in a 25 gallon tank with live plants. As well as some of the fish mentioned above and others that weren't. He's super happy, when ever I stand in front of the tank he always swims back and forth showing off his beautiful colors.

    • profile image

      Chickadee 2 months ago

      I keep plants and nothing else in a 5 gallon with my betta. He is happy and healthy and does not seem to be lonely. At least he is out of the "cup of death" he was in at the pet store. I prefer to buy from vendors that show their bettas in tanks with the other fish even if in a separate screened in box, but sometimes you just see a fish you cannot leave in the store.

    • profile image

      Jan 2 months ago

      I have a 5 gallon tank with some live plants filter, heater and big rocks that provide a hiding space under them. Since i added two Otocinclus Catfish i havent had any problems. They clean the glass and gravel perfectly, they are small enough (he sometimes chases them but they have no problems at all)

      Hope this will help

    • profile image

      We just purchased a baby male betta we have a 1 gallon tank we also got the filter and we purchased the water cleaner that you do once a week if your water is dirty my problem is is I purchased marble 2 months ago

      we just purchased a tiny mil beta we put in a solid color marble for the bottom I noticed my betta was hiding or stuck one of the two in the marbles so for now on I'm scared was he stuck or was he just down there hiding because was he stuck or was he just down there hiding because an hour later I saw him doing the same thing we also have a filter that puts out quite a bit of air it's the smallest one you can buy but I do believe we are going to take a clip so it doesn't make the top of the water so wavy but I am still concerned with the marbles we bought from Michaels we cleaned them off really well but they also blend in with our beta there kind of aqua color when I found him this morning I thought he was dead stuck in between a marble but once I move the marble he got right up and swam around like nothing was wrong so what might be going on thank you Kellyi....

    • profile image

      BettaMomma 3 months ago

      PrincessAqua: In a 1-2 gallon space, I'd recommend shrimp but absolutely nothing else.

      I'd even recommend a larger space for your fish - places like Petco and Petsmart carry very stylish 2.5 gallon+ tanks with filtration and light built right in for less than $50! You can also get a full 10 gallon kit for only $30 or so.

      Just like a garden, the more you take care of and provide for your fish, the more beautiful and fascinating he or she will become.

    • profile image

      Fay 3 months ago

      My blue male betta name bluie love his tank and his fish he share with a big Chinese ground eater fish Keiko. I had fish Keiko first over 4 years and then I upgrade to a 29 gallon tank from a 10 gallon tank and I was new to big tank and the heater. The other fishes had die and I want to get a new fish for fish Keiko and they are good with eacher and look for more fish for them

    • profile image

      princess Aqua 3 months ago

      i need some suggestions on fish that can live with a betta, can live 1-2 gallon tank and does not need a filter

      i really appreciate your help. please answer quickly i have been resarching for weeks and no helpful links yet, please help me, i'm beggin you.

    • profile image

      3 months ago

      My Betta, Brian lives in a 5 gallon Tank with a Pleco, Ghost Shrimp and various live plants. They all get along great and I haven't seen any issues with nipping or fighting yet. I would like to add some more friends but I also don't want to overcrowd the tank. I am more interested in adding more live plants. Are there any variations of ferns that I can get that are red or purple to add some more color to the tank?

    • profile image

      The Betta Guy 3 months ago

      I have a male betta in a 3 gallon taank with two dorf frog a pleco and sometipe of catfish.

    • profile image

      TJ ThE Fish guy 3 months ago

      I have a 10 gallon with a Betta Gourami 2 tiger plattys and 4 tetras

    • profile image

      Brin 4 months ago

      I have also added three females into my rank who get along very well with my male. Neons and also piecos are in my tank and Shogun doesn't even notice them.

      Lots of bushy high plants are great for them all fish to hide in your tank as well

    • profile image

      Trcook 4 months ago

      I'm going to get some fish today and I don't know what to get. I have a 2.5 gallon tank and I want to get a snail to what kinds of fish can I put with the snail?

    • profile image

      Mk Goodwin 4 months ago

      I have a Betta in a 55 with an Angel, Blue Gourami, and Pearl Danios (3), neons (6).

      No problems thus far.

    • profile image

      Jayking104 4 months ago

      White Cloud Mountain Minnows are very good fish. I have 6 bettas, (One passed earlier this year from a disease) and 8 White Cloud Minnows (Schooling Fish) in a 15 gallon tank. They share basically the same specs as my female bettas need. Plus, they eat the same food but love frozen/dried bloodworms.

    • profile image

      Leon Rein 4 months ago

      I have a male Betta in a 1.5 gallon tank with 3 zebra danios and one small pleco. They seem to get along okay, but I am keeping an eye on them, since the danios constantly get in the bettas territory. Although, the betta is very shy and lets them, so I might get him his own tank.

    • profile image

      Anonymous 4 months ago

      My betta has lived alongside 4 female mickey mouse platys and 2 hatchetfish in his 30 gallon for about a year now. I guess you could say it's gone...swimmingly

    • profile image

      Kristal 5 months ago

      I have platy's in my tank with the betta. He's gone after all my guppies and I had to put them in a separate tank.

      Learnt the hard way before coming across this.

    • profile image

      Just some random 5 months ago

      Not sticking up for petco guy but there is a marine fish called a betta and there is a tropical called a clown fish

    • profile image

      Charlotte 5 months ago

      I just got three golden black yellow sakura shrimp!

    • profile image

      sadie rainbolt 5 months ago

      i have a 5 gallon planted tank with a male betta in it. i also have a 20 gallon tank with glofish in it i removed my bristlenose pleco from my 20 gallon becuase i read online that he has to have a peice of driftwood and my betta tank had one is it ok if theya re housed togther in a 5 gallon tank?

    • profile image

      Glenn R Beaver Jr. 5 months ago

      Armored catfish works well, and a mystery snail.

    • profile image

      MEEEEE! 5 months ago

      When Petco Fish Guy said clownfish, he may have meant clown loach, which would make more sense

    • profile image

      Chris 5 months ago

      What about cherry shrimp??

    • profile image

      Fish Keeper 5 months ago

      I have a half-moon betta with 2 neon tetras, one zebra snail and a albino Corydora Catfish. The fish live in harmony

    • profile image

      Ryan 5 months ago

      Cat fish and some thing like tetra fish

    • profile image

      Fish 5 months ago

      Cory catfish

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 months ago

      i have a male betta, male ghost shrimp (we learned his gender because i originally had two, the female got pregnant so we removed her from the tank) and as far as i know, two male mystery snails (genders are unknown, i just assume they're males). my betta gets along fine with the shrimp, they've been in the same tank (3 gal) for a few months now with no issues whatsoever. we just added the two snails just the other day. i think my betta likes them. he gets really close to them and occasionally pecks at their shells, but i'm hoping it's just because he's curious of these new guys and that he'll get over them, as he did with the ghost shrimp.

    • profile image

      Nicole :) 5 months ago

      I have had my beta for about two years now and I had him in a one gallon tank(no filter). A family friend just gave me a two gallon tank(with filters and heater). So I moved my beta to the two gallon tank and my mom brought home 4 neon tetras and 2 snails. 2 tetras and 1 snail for my brother. I put his snail and tetras in the same tank as my beta. So in total I currently have 1 beta, 4 tetras, and 2 snails in my two gallon tank. I came home from school today and 2 tetras were dead. I don't know if my beta killed them or not. All I know is they're dead. It is just now coming to my knowledge that I need a 10 gallon tank. I don't know. Please help me :(

    • profile image

      Bfrazier 6 months ago

      We have a fiddler crab in with my betta along with a mystery snail. We've had the betta for about 6 months and he has lots of personality. He comes when called and blows bubbles for food. In an attempt to keep from having to clean his tank as often we purchased a waterfall filter. This helped and even though we were warned bettas don't like current, Taco (the fish) enjoys riding it but also has places to hid from the flow. This helped but I wanted to do more so we got the snail and crab. It's been a little over a month since introduction and all three seem to get along great. Taco swims around exploring as usual. The crab climbs in all the plants. And the snail stays mostly in the back, but I catch him up on the front glass in the mornings. Thinking of adding a few ghost shrimp next.

    • profile image

      Vic 6 months ago

      I have male and female guppies that get along very well with my Betta and also a Plec. So far so good!

    • profile image

      Ramanan Naidu 6 months ago

      I live in Indonesia and you can get Bettas quite easily in where I live and recently I put 3 Black Ghosts in a small tank with Betta for almost a week now and so far they turn out to be good tank mates for Betta. I plan to add 1 more type of fish but since I have a small tank Tetras won't be suitable. Someone suggested Manfish to me but somehow I don't like them and tank size would also be a problem. Can you suggest other kinds of fish suitable for small tank.

    • profile image

      No name 6 months ago

      Harlequin Rasboras. Betta doesn't seem to mind them. He chases them every now and then but isn't quick enough to catch them.

    • profile image

      Sean 6 months ago

      I have a community tank with a betta and many other fish. It is a65 gallon tank though so some rules with smaller fish tanks don't apply, but I have some fish with him that would be a I have a heavily planted tank so this also gives me some leeway . But you can pretty much put in any fish (that isn't nippy or aggressive and can live in the same environment)with your betta fish, even goldfish and guppies . So the key is a large tank with lots of plants and research whatever you are putting in. My betta is also very docile so that helps . So another key is also knowing your betta's aggressiveness . Very aggressive Bettas don't need or shouldn't be placed in a community tank . But if you have a docile betta, expirement and do research and you can have a huge variety of fish with your betta in the right setting. Have fun

    • profile image

      d c 6 months ago

      I had loaches that got along great with my Betta.

    • profile image

      SickCat 6 months ago

      I have 4 goramis an 1 betta in a 20 gallon high the do perfect together

    • profile image

      anonymous25 6 months ago

      i have a 3 gallon tank and a was wondering what buddy i could get for my betta, my tank has many hiding spots and i was wondering if a african dwarf frog would be acceptable.

    • profile image

      Anonymous 6 months ago

      Can I put Plattys and Cory catfish in a tank with a betta fish and do ghost shrimp do good with a betta and Plattys?

    • profile image

      unknown 6 months ago

      you can add glass cat fish too and about the shrimp we used to give are betas gohst shrimp for a special treat

    • profile image

      Bob 6 months ago

      When I was a kid and didn't know squat about bettas, I used to go to the local pet store and buy fish. They didnt care just so long as I had cash. I had a tank with coreys and plecos, a couple of mollys and two big angels. I eventually got a beta and tossed him in (mind you I was only a kid and didnt know jack about fish). The funny thing now is that he did fine. He hated the loach I had in there but was totally passive with the others. They didnt mind him either in fact they all got along perfectly...except the loach. They all hated the loach.

    • profile image

      Pat 7 months ago

      I have a bristlenose pleco and five clown loaches with my betta who is three years old. Everyone is happy in the 48 gallon tank

    • profile image

      Crystal 7 months ago

      do bettas get along with mystery snails

    • profile image

      Sydney 7 months ago

      My betta fish Micah is a beautiful black betta with blue fins. I wanted to get something to balance him out because he blends into the background with the blue and green gravel. I looked online and found that neon tetras and white cloudfish go well with betta's. Micah attacked the tetras and I woke up to all 6 of them gone one morning, but he likes the white clouds. They stay out of his way and add a visible element to the tank. Ghost shrimp also work, but are not as visible, and Micah in particular seems to get annoyed by them after a few days.

    • profile image

      J-dude 7 months ago

      I have a 5.5 gallon tank with a betta fish (Aristotle), two Zebra danios (Artemis and Amos), and two ghost shrimp (Leon and Larry). Upgrading to a nice fluval tank soon that's a bit bigger. Aristotle gets along with everybody very well.

    • profile image

      animallover_101 7 months ago

      I am just starting a tank! i love all of the comments and this article. I want a male Betta. I will name him Bruce. I think I will put a snail in the bowl with it because they are adorable and good cleaners. I think that Bettas are the perfect starter fish because they don't need filter or heater and can live in a fish bowl not a huge $170 tank. I am going to shop at petsmart I think that is a good choice! Nobody will see this for another 7 years but thats ok! Bye and Thank You! :)

    • profile image

      Abe 7 months ago

      I have and otocinclus, and 2 bumble catfish which are in a 2.5gal atm because thats what the netta hase been in for a year but they are all going into a 35 gal so i can add tetras and corydoras

    • profile image

      Koda 7 months ago

      I have Pygmy corridors ! My betta is very aggressive and was killing everything I tried to put with him. Since corries are so small and fast he can't catch them and eat them.

      If you have an aggressive betta try these fish.

    • profile image

      Anonymous 7 months ago

      I have a Japanese Algae Eater Shrimp. Its worked so far.

    • profile image

      7 months ago

      Royal Blue Shrimp. They hide alot.

    • profile image

      Kathryn 7 months ago

      I tryed all of these at diffrent times and they work! it will make a beatiful and better place for your betta! females dont get along with these though! so make sure to get a MALE!

    • profile image

      Aquascaper2000 7 months ago

      Good tank mates for the Batta:

      ***GOLDEN RULE FOR BETTAS*** No fancy fish with long and or big brightly colored fins. They're mostly all unnatural fish anyway, and their colors often fade due to the fact that they were dyed unnaturally, and the long flashy flowing fins will be irrisistable to the betta. However, as long as u stick to that general rule, Betta's actually do very well with many MANY community fish, in a planted tank (the larger tank the better for anything slightly territorial fish).


      1. Platy's (NEVER had any probs)

      2. Rummy nose Tetras/most other smaller to medium variety of tetras too (need 6-12+)

      3. Malaysian Trumpet Snails/along w most other snails too. The betta may attack the long antanae of an apple "mystery" snail...but they eventually just keep them in for the most part. And it doesn't kill them; just bothers them at first. Also do great ramshorn snails. However ramshorn a are prolific breeders. But, there are many fish that would love to eat the babies (mainly loaches and puffers... And in a large enough tank, u could actually probably do well w a male and two or more females of pea puffers. They stay about a centimeter long, are FULLY FW, actually enjoying a ph on the low oppose to basically all other puffers in the trade who actually should be in Brackish water once they've grown outa being babies. If ur very experiences with brackish puffers, than u can probably keep them in freshwater their whole lives. But brackish, and then even full saltwater for some, is needed when "freshwater" puffers are adults. Pea puffers are the ONLY true exception in the pet trade. There are some very exotic, very foreign to the pet trade, fully freshwater puffers out there other than the pea puffers. But one that I'm thinking of gets over 2 feet long, lol. AND? Most puffers (especially as they grow) are EXTREMELY viscous nocturnal fin NIPPERS!!!

      4. All live aquatic plants (depending on ur light, additives, and possible Co2 situation), along w driftwood and rocks to break lines of sight and, in essence, make the tank bigger for the fish by providing tons of hiding places, caves, and broken lines of site from end to end of the aquarium.

      5. Other males and/or females if u have them in an 80+ gallon community tank with a lot of plants, wood and stones/caves.

      6. I've also kept my male OR frmale betas in my Aipstogrammas breeder tanks sometimes, when there's a lack of space, and they seem to do fine. But, that may just be Bc the apistos are in "protect the eggs" mode while the betta just stays at the top.

    • profile image

      Jennyjennjen17 8 months ago

      I have a betta in a one gallon tank and wanting to upgrade to a 5 gallon. When I do do you think 1 dwarf frog and 1 zebra snail would be a good addition. I don't think he's aggressive, but I've never had him with another fish before either. Or do you have another suggestion for him in this size tank.

    • profile image

      PetSmartKhaleesi 8 months ago

      To answer a few questions on here:

      Sam: your otto probably died because you either didn't have enough space, not enough cover, didn't have a heater, or he was stressed from lack of like- species. They prefer to school in groups of 3 or more, but sometimes they're okay being alone if they have enough hiding places to escape to.

      kinsadie kitten lover: no, blue tangs are marine (saltwater) and require a minimum of 40 gallons of space. 60 long is actually better. Bettas are tropical (warm freshwater 78-82°)

      Betta girl: the only friend he might be able to have in a space that small is an African Dwarf Frog. They require minimum 1 gallon of space. My sister's mother in law actually keeps 3 in an XL mason jar.

      Anon: there are no saltwater species of bettas.

    • profile image

      PetSmartKhaleesi 8 months ago

      Hey! I work at PetSmart and it doesn't surprise me that a PetCo employee would not know these things. In the past I've actually seen incompatible fish in the tanks together in the store. Part of me wonders if he was meaning a clown loach since they do *slightly* resemble clowfish... in that they have stripes.

      ANYWHO, I have 3 bettas, each in 5 gallon tanks. A black and silver half-moon, Thorin, who lives with a gold longfin zebra danio, nerite snail, otocinclus, and a lone neon tetra (a rescue who remarkably -and uncharacteristically- does very well on his own). Thorin is terrified of neon tetras, so no schools for him. He IS okay with Trooper, though.

      I have a red, gold, iron and black dragonscale veil, Durhnevir, who is too aggressive for friends. He has an assassin snail and I'm looking to experiment with a ghost catfish and amano shrimp.

      My third is a gold and smokey green veiltail, Hexxus. He has a school of celestial pearl danios, and an amano shrimp. The tank is heavily planted to allow for more fish without upsetting the nitrogen cycle. ;3

    • profile image

      Beta fish are cool 8 months ago

      I'm so sad because my mom told me I have to wait a month till I can get one even though I have the tank set up and everything ready for it (long story that no fair) so the toddler I babysit mom has a beta in a mason jar and the water is so gross you can't even tell what color the fish is (it's a betta) and my stupid mom won't let me rescue it :/ it's like she just doesn't care that it's suffering in pain

    • profile image

      Rachael. 8 months ago

      I actually have 2 male guppies in my tank with my betta. I know it suggests not to, but both my guppies are pale in colour & my betta doesn't really care that they are there. But I have noticed a change In his behaviour. He seems to be a lot more active since I put them in.

    • profile image

      Anon 8 months ago

      Having read the whole article on beta companions. The shop worker referring to clown fish and beta together. Could have been referring to a marine beta for the clown fish or even clown loaches for a beta splenden. He maybe should have explained himself better.

    • profile image

      thom 9 months ago

      I keep a gold weather loach with my betta in a 20 gallon tank they get along fine but I've read that the WEATHER LOACH will attack the betta if the tank is too small so if you don't have a banish tank I wouldn't keep them together.

    • profile image

      Timburrwulf 9 months ago

      Betta-Fett gets along beautifully with my 2 otocinclus. I'm slowly introducing live plants and have a lovely piece of driftwood in the tank, too.

    • profile image

      Betta girl 9 months ago

      I have a 2 gallon tank for my betta... what are some other fish/crustecia i could put in there? He looks lonely :/

    • profile image

      Lol 9 months ago

      I'm not kidding. I put a betta with cichlids. They were same size at the moment so yea

    • profile image

      Ash 10 months ago

      Are Pencilfish(Nannostomus Beckfordi) good tank mates for Bettas?

    • profile image

      Ally 10 months ago

      I have a female Betta with my male they follow each other everywhere it helps they've known each other since she was a baby I do know you have to be careful with this though cause if your male is highly aggressive he could kill her luckly all mine have been mild in temperament and love having the girl around.

    • profile image

      Alice 10 months ago

      I had a goldfish in with my betta and he did well with the fish....... The fish never died till 8 months later the water was fine the swam with each other and never really attacked each other but the goldfish wasnt really gold he was milty color red white black with a small dash of gold

    • profile image

      Justin Yeoh 10 months ago

      You should add cherry shrimp to the list. Similar to the ghost shrimp but more colourful and more fun to watch :)

    • profile image

      Bettagrl 10 months ago

      Albino catfish. Perfect tank mate.

    • profile image

      Vickie 11 months ago

      Not male betta but I have a 7 betta female sorority in a 29 gal with 7 celestial pearl danios and they get along fine, no flaring, nipping etc, the danios tend to do their own thing and are nimble enough to move if they feel the need

    • profile image

      LadyGanja 12 months ago

      I have female bettas with mollies in a 55 gallon for now but was downsizing to 30g and thinking of a different fish type to put with my bettas. They get along great I just want a fish that i don't have to worry about breeding as my only breeding focus is on bettas. I think having a non violent, non betta fish type with female bettas makes them less aggressive.

    • profile image

      Finnigan 12 months ago

      Will a male betta get along with a few platties in a ten gallon tank?

    • profile image

      mybettascarlet 12 months ago

      what about mystery/apple snail

    • profile image

      kinsadie kitten lover 14 months ago

      can i add a blue tang????????????

    • profile image

      Morgan 14 months ago

      I have my half-moon beta in a tank with red cherry shrimp. The cherry shrimp breed and the beta sometimes eats the babies but hey, natural food is the best right?

    • profile image

      BirdBug 15 months ago

      I have 3 Peppered Cory Cats with my male Betta. Cories are schooling fish who are low aggression. Sometimes they try to make Bug, my betta, school and it can be quite comical. Bug has never nipped and gets along rather well with my cories. Might add a couple neon tetras but that's tbd.

    • profile image

      ll 15 months ago

      Are corydoras good for bettas? I have a female halfmoon betta

    • profile image

      Sam 15 months ago

      I used to have a oto in my tank with my betta. Sadly, it died 2 days after I got it and I'm not sure why. The betta and the oto got along great but the oto just died. Do you know why?

    • profile image

      Tori 16 months ago

      I actually have another betta , separated of course . With two ghost shrimp(ones a pregnant female) . I'm thinking of going to get a few more . But wanna see how these two do . My first betta flares at the other , but the other truly could care less haha There in a 5 gal and I'm thinking of upgrading to a new 10 from Wal-Mart when I can (: I don't want to buy the petco sale ones due to they look like 5 gals not 10 . I wanted to make sure they'd be okay in the bettas tank with heat and glad to know so !

    • profile image

      Xavierthebetta 16 months ago

      My boyfriend and I recently decide to get our first pets together. We each brought a dog in so 2 was enough for us so we got a blue veil tail betta named Xavier. After a while we wanted to add something not see often to the tank so we got a single ghost shrimp. Our betta loves him. Every feeding day after he eats he swims down to our shrimp, now named kevin, and let's him clean him. He also keeps the tank cleaner. It's great. Looking into getting another one soon.

      Just keep in mind your shrimp will cook if the temp is too high. Just keep an eye on him. If she's tinted pink then it's too hot. About 76-77 seems to be a good spot for ours.

    • profile image

      BettaLoverXOXO 16 months ago

      Can you put a betta with glo-fish??

    • profile image

      Sydney79 16 months ago

      I have one make crowntail betta in a 22 gal tank with 2 mystery snails and several nerite snails (zebra, sun thorn, Tigers eye, black racer, zebra thorns) in all I have 11 snails with him and occasionally if he's irritated bc the snails are in his way he will tail bump it or nose butt, generally he's passive with the snails, as they are no competion for food. I did however make the mistake of getting 2 brightly colored Sakura shrimp (neocaridina davidi), and even with ample hiding places, (I have a spongebob pineapple and squid ward house as well as moss balls and driftwood weighted down) they were very curious little shrimp that became a snack over night

    • profile image

      Natalie 16 months ago

      I have a male betta and a tutti fruty frog in a 30 gallon tank together, and they get along without any trouble, but once I put any other kind of fish besides plecos he gets very defensive.

    • profile image

      breanna 16 months ago

      you can have a guppy and a betta as long as they arnt agressev

    • profile image

      Anonymous 17 months ago

      A few questions:

      -Can other types of freshwater shrimp than the ghost shrimp be kept with bettas?

      -Can 4 or 5 neon tetras instead of 6-12+ be kept with betas?

      -Can other types of tetras be kept with bettas?

    • profile image

      ARose 20 months ago

      3 Cory cats (1 albino), 6 dalmation mollies with my white/teal betta in a 98 litre (just over 25 US gallons) tank!

      And 6 cory cats (four albino) 10 cardinal tetras, 2 Clown loaches with my black/red Betta in a 190 litre (roughly 50 us gallon) tank. The corys work amazingly well in a community tank with Bettas! could not recommend it more, especially if it's early days for you with betta care in a community tank!

    • profile image

      Anonymous 2 years ago

      In response to Kim: You could put in a mystery snail. You could get up to 3. It's unlikely they will breed, for some reason they don't tend to breed in a freshwater aquarium. They will help to keep the aquarium clean.