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The 5 Calmest Horse Breeds

Are you looking for a calm horse breed to purchase for a beginner rider? This article discusses the five calmest breeds based on my experience as a horse owner, breeder, and trainer. Horse photos included!


150+ Great Names for Horses, Ponies, Donkeys, and Mules

This article provides hundreds of names for horses that range from classical to traditional to whimsical. You're sure to get some wonderful ideas!


A Beginner’s Guide to Horse Accessories

Decking out both your horse and yourself out is not only fashionable, but it's a way to feel like a true cowboy or cowgirl.


How Much Do Horses Cost in the UK?

Ever wondered what factors go into a horse's cost? If so, this post is for you. We've laid out the different factors and how to find the best price for a horse you're planning to purchase.


How to Care for Horses in Winter: Horses and Cold Weather

The cold days are coming, and equine owners may be wondering how to keep their horses warm in winter. The article reveals crucial aspects to consider when getting ready for the first frost.


4 Ways Becoming a Wrangler Helped My Horsemanship

After training and showing dressage for most of my horse life in high school with an occasional trail ride maybe once or twice a year, I accepted a position as a trail ride guide at a national park for a summer seasonal job. It was the best move I could have made for my horsemanship!


Summer Riding: How to Ride Safely in the Heat

Pro tips to keep you and your horse happy and healthy for summer riding!


Mounted Games in Horseback Riding Lessons for Fun and Learning

Mounted games are a way for students to improve their horseback riding skills and have a blast at the same time.


A Guide to Shopping for and Trying Horses

I recently was in search of the perfect horse to join our education program. I decided to share my experience in order to help others with what to look for and which questions to ask when shopping for a horse.


Will My Child Outgrow the Horse Phase? 20 Signs to Look For

Did you know that lots of kids are crazy for horses? If you are seeing any of the following signs and behaviors in your child, chances are their love of horses is here to stay!


Is It Warm Enough to Bathe My Horse?

Warm spring days make it tempting to bathe our horses. We need to make sure it is warm enough for them before we go ahead and do it, though! Here's some advice to help you decide if you should bathe your horse or just groom him when it's too cold.


Lunging Your Horse Before Riding

This article gives advice on lunging your horse before riding. When should you do it? When not to? (Another alternative!)


All the Encouragement You Need to Start Riding as an Adult

When people think of horseback riding lessons, they typically think of a bunch of children in a group riding lesson. Hopefully, this article is all the encouragement you need to start riding as an adult!


Pancho, My Peruvian Paso and Lifelong Companion

Once upon a time, I saved a starving yearling Peruvian Paso. We have since become best friends for life. Here is my story.


350+ Perfect Pony and Horse Names for Riders

Are you looking for a name for your beloved horse? Perhaps you have a Thoroughbred, an Arabian, an American Paint, or a beautiful grade horse—here are 350+ perfect names for your companion.


Activities and Ideas for Horse Owners in the Month of February

For some horses, February is an awful month—cold, dark, and wet. If you are a horse owner who is fed up with winter, here are some ideas to get you through the month!


What Is Horsemanship?

Learn about the definition of horsemanship and how to commit to it.


How to Properly Use a Riding Crop

The riding crop should be an "extension" of our leg. Learn how to properly use this important riding tool.


Quiz: How Confident of a Horseback Rider Are You?

Being realistic about your confidence as a horseback rider is important. Why? Having a firm understanding of your confidence level and skillset allows you to know what to work on and helps you to stay safe when interacting with horses.


30 Fun Activities to Do With Your Horse

Are you and your horse stuck in a rut? Are you looking for something new to do together? Check out this list for some creative ideas.


Keeping a Horse: Stall Board vs. Field Board

Where do you find a place to keep a horse after purchasing one? If you don't have your own place, you will need to research and find out what is available in your area. Learn about the differences between stall board and field board.


What to Do if Your Horse Hates Mane Pulling

Mane pulling can be a tedious and frustrating job. Here are tips to improve your technique and an alternative tool to use if you like the pulled mane look but your horses find the traditional process uncomfortable.


What Is a Grade Horse?

If you have ever read horse advertisements online or been to a horse auction, you may have heard the term "grade" horse used. What does it mean? Are grade horses better or worse than purebred horses?


A Beginner's Guide to Riding Helmets

Being a TBI patient recovering from a horse-related incident, I'm not even going to discuss the option of not wearing a helmet. In my humble, brain-bruised opinion, wearing one should be mandatory. Here's my advice for choosing the best riding helmet and which types to stay away from.


Your Visual Guide to Face and Leg Markings on Horses

Some horses are born with white markings on their faces and legs. Do you know the difference between snips, coronets and stockings? Correctly identifying them can be very satisfying for anyone who loves horses.


8 Qualities of a Great Horse Rider

In the world of horseback riding, what makes a good horse rider and a great horse rider comes down to a few simple elements. But trust me, these small things make a big difference.


Horseback Riding and Training: The Square Exercise

This square exercise came to me yesterday while I was teaching. I ended up doing it with all three of my students, who are at different levels, that night. It was a great help to all of them.


The Great Debate: Mares vs. Geldings

Horse owners, do you prefer mares or geldings? Time to debate and find out which horse type is right for you!


To Blanket or Not to Blanket Your Horse in the Winter?

To blanket or not to blanket your horse is always a question that is asked a lot this time of year. The weather is getting chillier, and we start to think about if our horses are going to be warm enough.


Do Horses Actually Like Being Ridden?

Horses enjoy being ridden when riding is fun. Here are my ideas for making riding fun for the horse and rider.


7 Tips and Tricks for Your First Horse Show

The top seven tips and tricks for your first horse show, including clothing, planning meals, and advice for after the show.


How to Care for Old Horses: 5 Senior Horse Care Strategies

Did you know that older horses need special care? Here are five tips to care for them according to a professional horse trainer and riding instructor.


A Guide for First-Time Trail Riders

With the beautiful fall weather setting in around the country, I bet a lot of riders are thinking about getting out of the ring and onto the trail. There is no better place to view fall foliage than from the back of a horse. If you are a new rider and considering a trail ride, here is some advice!


How to Ride a Difficult Horse: The Basics for Beginners

I have mentioned before that part of learning to ride is progressing to riding more challenging horses (or climbing the lesson-horse ladder, as I have been known to call it). It is hard to explain to students who love the old faithfuls that they have been riding that it is time to move on.


How to Treat a Leg Wound on Your Horse When No Vet Is Available

What is the best way to clean, disinfect, and treat your wounded horse? Learn basic first aid and correct treatment methods so that you can help in the event that a veterinarian cannot be reached.


An Intro to Horse Coat Color Genetics

Did you know that genetics determine a horse's coat color? All colors are produced by the action of only a few genes. This article will review the basics of equine genetics and how they influence coat color.


15 Astronomy and Space Names for Horses

These great names for your horse, foal, or pony were inspired by astronomical, celestial, star, and space terminology. Give your horse a stellar name so that you will soar together as a team.


What Is the Best Horse Breed?

There is not a black and white answer to this question. Shopping by breed for a new rider is not the best way to select a horse. New riders should look for a horse based on its behavior.


20 Legendary Names for Horses From Greek Mythology

Whether you've got a mare, a foal, a gelding, or a stallion, your horse is going to need a memorable name with meaning. Mythical horse names from ancient Greek literature are rich with history and legend. Explore these 20 ideas and find the perfect moniker for your equine companion.


15 Big, Powerful Horse Names

The following names from mythology and literature all feature strong, powerful horses for you to name your foal, mare, stallion, or gelding. Some names are great for a chestnut, black, bay, or grey horse, while others work for any large horse.


How to Lease a Horse (Plus Pros and Cons)

A common question I get asked a lot by my clients is what does it mean to lease a horse? Also, why would you want to lease a horse rather than buy one? Hopefully, I can help you understand what it means and if it might be a good option for you.


Horseback Riding: How to Be a Great "Barn Parent"

Here's some advice on how to be a good "barn parent" or "lesson parent"—whatever you prefer to be called.


Common Horseback Riding Problems and Solutions

Many riders deal with the frustration of their horse dropping its inside shoulder around turns and cutting in. Here are some exercises I use with my horses and students to correct this common problem.


20 Fiery-Red Names for Chestnut Horses

Look here to find great fire-related names for chestnut horses, mares, geldings, stallions, foals, and colts. These fiery-red names, which come from different languages and mythologies, will give you some great ideas for your new horse.


So You Think You Bought the Wrong Horse?

There is a lot out there about finding the right horse, but not so much about what to do if you bought the wrong horse! Hopefully, this article helps with solutions if you think you picked the wrong horse.


English vs. Western for New Riders

English vs. Western? This is a common question that I get quite frequently from people who are interested in horses and riding. Here are my thoughts on the matter.


Ten Misconceptions About Horseback Riding Clarified

These are just a few of the many misconceptions that I have heard floating around about horseback riding. I figured I would shed some light on them and help to add some clarification for those who may be wondering!


How to Create a Horse Training Plan and Journal (With Examples)

Having a goal, writing it down, and taking notes is a great way to accomplish your goals with your horse. Journaling also helps you to see how much progress you have made over time. If you keep a training log on all the horses you work with, you will be surprised how great a reference it can be!


Careers With Horses: Advice for Young Riders

I know many horse-loving kids who dream of a career with horses. Here is my advice for those who think they want to follow that path.


Helpful Advice for Shopping for a Pony-Ride Pony

There is a little more to shopping for a pony-ride pony than you might think. Here are some things to keep in mind that will hopefully help you find what you need!