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What to Do if Your Horse Hates Mane Pulling

Ellison is a professional horse trainer and riding instructor. She runs a summer camp program and offers kids a safe introduction to horses.

Mane pulling can be a tedious task!

Mane pulling can be a tedious task!

Why Not Just Give Your Horse a Haircut With Scissors?

When we pull our horse's mane, we want it to look tidy and natural. If you use scissors to cut your horse's mane, the result does not look natural at all (I'd say compare it to a little kid whose mom cut her bangs the night before school pictures). You know the look I'm talking about, and it's not a cute one. It definitely doesn't look natural!

The Traditional Method of Mane Pulling

The traditional method of mane pulling using a comb is a skill that takes time to perfect. Just like everything else with horses, the more you practice it, the better.

There are other facts that determine how hard it is to pull your horse's mane. For example, the type of hair they have.

  • If it is thick and coarse, it can take longer and be harder to pull than a thin, fine mane would be.
  • A thin and fine mane can be just as hard to pull just because it is hard for the comb to grip. Not to mention, if you have the technique down, it is really easy to pull a thin, fine mane too short and thin just because the hair comes out so easily!

Tips for New Mane Pullers

If you have never pulled a mane before, know that it is going to take some time to get the technique down. That being said, I would recommend not planning on pulling the whole mane at one time. Your fingers will get sore, and you will get frustrated. Plan on just practicing a little bit at a time.

Some horses don't mind mane pulling, others hate it.

Some horses don't mind mane pulling, others hate it.

Some Horses Hate It

Some horses don't mind mane pulling at all. Others are very disagreeable about it. You won't know until you try. If your horse is not good for mane pulling, definitely breaking it up and doing it a little bit at a time will make it less painless for both of you.

There Is an Easier Solution: The Solo Comb

If your horse hates mane pulling or you just can't seem to get the technique down, I have found a tool that is a great solution! I have been pulling manes for years the old fashion way. The two thoroughbreds that I have now both really hate having their manes pulled. Even though I'm good at it and can do it quickly, it was still a fight to get it done.

Knowing what a cut mane looks like, I refused to cut their manes with scissors, so I started looking for other options. That's when I found the Solo Comb.

The Solo Comb is basically a plastic pulling comb with a handle. It is easy and comfortable to hold. The technique with this is the same as the old fashion pulling comb. The only different thing that makes it so much better is that there is a blade in the comb. So instead of having to wrap the hair around the comb and yank it out, you just squeeze a button, and there is a blade that cuts the hair. Since you are still teasing the mane up like you would with a normal pulling comb, the result is a mane that looks just like one pulled with an old fashion comb.

It is easier on your fingers and also on your horse's neck. He will feel more comfortable since you do not have to yank out the hair. I have been able to pull my two horse's manes that are difficult with an old fashion comb really easily with the Solo Comb.

I would definitely highly recommend it to anyone!

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