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4 Ways Becoming a Wrangler Helped My Horsemanship

After training and showing dressage for most of my horse life in high school with an occasional trail ride maybe once or twice a year, I accepted a position as a trail ride guide at a national park for a summer seasonal job. It was the best move I could have made for my horsemanship!


Summer Riding: How to Ride Safely in the Heat

Pro tips to keep you and your horse happy and healthy for summer riding!


Mounted Games in Horseback Riding Lessons for Fun and Learning

Mounted games are a way for students to improve their skills and have a blast at the same time.


Lunging Your Horse Before Riding

This article gives advice on lunging your horse before riding. When should you do it? When not to? (Another alternative!)


All the Encouragement You Need to Start Riding as an Adult

When people think of horseback riding lessons, they typically think of a bunch of children in a group riding lesson. Hopefully, this article is all the encouragement you need to start riding as an adult!


Activities and Ideas for Horse Owners in the Month of February

For some horses, February is an awful month—cold, dark, and wet. It makes riders really wish for spring! If you are one of those horse owners who is fed up with winter, here are some ideas to get you through the month!


20 Questions to Ask When Shopping for Summer Horseback Riding Camp

As a person running a riding program, this is the time that we begin to plan for the summer camp season. The dates are being set and we are advertising for new and returning campers to sign up. Here are 20 questions to help you find the perfect program for your child!


What Is Horsemanship?

This is my true definition of horsemanship.


How to Properly Use a Riding Crop

The riding crop should be an "extension" of our leg. Learn how to properly use this important riding tool.


26 Reasons to Not Quit Horseback Riding Lessons in the Winter

The weather may not be ideal, but here are 26 reasons not to quit riding for the winter!


Quiz: How Confident of a Horseback Rider Are You?

Being realistic about your confidence as a horseback rider is important. Why? Having a firm understanding of your confidence level and skillset allows you to know what to work on and helps you to stay safe when interacting with horses.


30 Fun Activities to Do With Your Horse

Are you and your horse stuck in a rut? Are you looking for something new to do together? Check out this list for some creative ideas.


A Beginner's Guide to Riding Helmets

Helmets can be a topic of controversy in the horse world. To wear them or not to wear them? Being a TBI patient recovering from a horse-related incident, I'm not even going to discuss the option of not wearing one. In my humble, brain-bruised opinion, wearing a helmet should be non-negotiable.


8 Qualities of a Great Horse Rider

In my opinion, these are the main differences between a good rider and a great rider. Trust me, these small things make a big difference.


Horseback Riding and Training: The Square Exercise

This came to me yesterday while I was teaching. I ended up doing it with all three of my students that night. All of my students are at different levels, and it was a great help to all three of them.


How to Take Holiday Photos With Your Horse

If you are a horse owner, I'm sure you would love to include your horse or horses on your holiday cards. But sometimes, that's easier said than done! Here are some tips.


Do Horses Actually Like Being Ridden?

Horses enjoy being ridden when riding is fun. Here are my ideas for making riding fun for horse and rider.


7 Tips and Tricks for Your First Horse Show

The top seven tips and tricks for your first horse show, including clothing, planning meals, and advice for after the show.


A Guide for First-Time Trail Riders

With the beautiful fall weather setting in around the country, I bet a lot of riders are thinking about getting out of the ring and onto the trail. There is no better place to view fall foliage than from the back of a horse. If you are a new rider and considering trail riding, here is some advice!


How to Ride a More Challenging Horse: The Basics for Beginners

I have mentioned before that part of learning to ride is progressing to riding more difficult horses (or climbing the lesson-horse ladder, as I have been known to call it). It is hard to explain to students who love the old faithfuls that they have been riding that it is time to move on.


Horseback Riding: How to Be a Great "Barn Parent"

Here's some advice on how to be a good "barn parent" or "lesson parent"—whatever you prefer to be called.


How to Be a Good Horseback Riding Student

What makes a great student? How can you be one yourself? Having taught for almost 20 years now, I think I can give you some advice on how to be a superstar riding student.


Common Horseback Riding Problems and Solutions

Many riders deal with the frustration of their horse dropping its inside shoulder around turns and cutting in. Here are some exercises I use with my horses and students to correct this common problem.


English vs. Western for New Riders

English vs. Western? This is a common question that I get quite frequently from people who are interested in horses and riding. Here are my thoughts on the matter.


Having a Training Plan and Keeping a Training Journal for Your Horse

Having a goal, writing it down, and taking notes is a great way to accomplish your goals with your horse. Journaling also helps you to see how much progress you have made over time. If you keep journals on all the horses you work with, you will be surprised how great a reference it can be!


An Unmounted Horsemanship Lesson for Beginners

Not all horsemanship is learned while riding! Just as much is learned in the barn and on the ground. Here is another unmounted horsemanship lesson for instructors, camp, or 4H organizers to use for their groups.


Advice for Beginner Horseback Riders on Common Riding Challenges

There are so many different scenarios that can happen with new horseback riders. We will talk about typical lesson-horse issues and how to overcome them while in the saddle.


How to Plan an On-Farm Show for Your Riding Students

Planning a show for your students gives them a safe, low-pressure, first-time show experience, and it gives them a goal to work towards.


Riding Tips and Tricks: Posting on the Correct Diagonal

Posting on the correct diagonal can be a frustrating thing for new riders to learn. It doesn't have to be though! Hopefully, my article will provide some insight to help it go more smoothly for both students and instructors.


What Is Posting on a Horse? How to Do It and Helpful Hints

Learning to trot is an exciting time for new riders. Learning to post is part of that process. Here are some helpful hints for learning how to post.


How to Help New Riding Students Get Over Their Fears

Helpful advice for riding instructors on teaching fearful students. Even confident riders have scared moments—it happens to the best of us. As instructors, we need to be prepared to handle that. Here are some hopefully helpful hints!


How to Teach a New Rider the Proper Basic Balanced Riding Position

Learning the proper and basic balanced riding position from the very beginning will help riders to be more safe and confident. In this article, I hope I make it easier to understand and visualize for you, and provide some hints that have helped my riding students get it!


How to Teach Confident Riding With the Use of Your Lesson Horses

Learn how to use your lesson horses in the best way to encourage successful riding.


Here's to the Lesson Horses!

We are all in awe of the famous racehorses and Olympic jumpers, but the lesson horses of the world are owed just as much credit. The famous horses on television and in magazines get our attention, but the lesson horses are what make us fall in love.


Hitching My Miniature Horse: The Easy Entry Cart

Miniature horses! You can't ride them unless you are a miniature person, so for most driving is the way to go. In this article, we will look at the most common vehicle for minis: the Easy Entry cart.


How to Ride Bareback on a Bony Horse

Riding bareback is fun, but not all horses are built for it. How do you handle it when your horse has a bony spine and high withers? Read on to find out.


Top 5 Horse Breeds for Barrel Racing

The horse breed you choose to race can have a significant influence on how well you do in a barrel race. These are my picks for the best barrel-racing horses in the world.


How to Untack a Horse

Untack your horse in the reverse order that you tacked up: first the bridle, then the saddle. Read on for more important safety considerations!


Working With Draft Horses on a Small, Sustainable Farm

What's so great about working with horses? Learn about utilizing the horse as a source of power, based on my personal experiences using them to perform farm labor and other tasks.


Tools for Making Sure Your Saddle Doesn't Slip

How do you stop your saddle from slipping? This has been a problem for generations of horsemen, and all kinds of solutions have been invented over the years. Read on to learn about some tools you can use to make sure your saddle does not slip.


Equestrian Essentials: Horse Riding Equipment and Horse Clothing

Learn about English-style riding equipment, horse clothing, and the basics of caring for your equipment.


Horse Training Tips: How to Train for Barrel Racing (With Video)

This article explains how to train a horse for barrel racing. Video included.


Horseback Riding on the Beach

Here are some tips for horseback riding on the beach, including how to prepare your horse and what to pack.