Horse Safety Advice From a TBI Patient

We have all been guilty of taking the easy way out or doing things with horses the fast way instead of the safe way. After being left with post-concussive syndrome after an accident in March 2018, I feel it is my responsibility to remind others of the importance of safety with horses.


Social Behaviors of Wild and Domestic Horses

Horses, like most species of ungulates, are social animals with complex social structures and hierarchies. This article will discuss the basics of equine social behaviors within the herd, and how factors such as age, gender, and the environment play a role.


How to Stop a Horse From Bucking

Do you have a horse that is prone to buck? This little setup might just do the trick to make him stop, or reduce the buck in him.


How to Approach a Horse: Basic Horsemanship

Learning how to handle horses takes time. They are perceptive animals with a different set of sensibilities than cats or dogs. Here are a few guidelines that will make interaction more rewarding.


How to Calm a Nervous Horse (With Video)

The article offers horse training tips for calming a nervous horse, along with tips for preventing a hot horse. Discount calming supplements for sale, too. Videos included.


How to Stop a Horse From Biting (Nipping It in the Bud)

Horses bite? Sadly, they can and do. How do you keep from getting bitten? Read on to discover ways to handle a horse that is prone to nipping.


How to Train the Hard-to-Bridle Horse

Does your horse throw its head in the air when you try to bridle it or turn its back on you when it sees the bit? What causes this problem, and how can it be fixed?


Dealing With the One-Sided Horse

Some horses definitely prefer to turn to one side. If your horse is like this, then why? And how can you fix it?


Bucking: Why Does a Horse Do It and How to Stop It?

What do you do if your horse bucks? Why is he doing it? Is he deliberately trying to get you off or not?


Dealing With the Dominant Horse

Tips and tricks for working with extremely tough-minded and dominant horses.


How to Handle an Anxious Horse

A few hints and tips about dealing with anxiety and nervousness in horses.


Would Your Horse Make a Good Therapy Horse?

Being a therapy horse is hard work. Does your horse have what it takes to keep special riders safe, happy, and learning?